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Everything after "The Creeps" isn't really happening.
It's really all in the mind of Finn after The ghost brutally kills him. How else would you explain the Gainax Ending?
  • Considering this is a Post Apocalyptic world and these ghosts are probably dead people who may or may not have been alive before the Mushroom War, it probably wasn't a Gainax Ending .

Finn will be the next great evil.
When the Lich was still a human, some kind of evil took over HIS body, probably the same evil that was causing Ooos apocalypse. The Lich tried to possess Finn so he could pass on the evil power to someone else.

Princess Bubblegum created Finn
Humanity is extinct, so where did Finn come from? And which character plays god on a regular basis?
  • Humanity isn't's only underground, or hiding.

How else would he know Finn's favorite food, or Jake's inner feelings...he may have forgotten his past, being over 600 years old, but his attraction to Princess Bubblegum (and princesses in general) still remains. This also explains Ice King's motivation to be friends with his past self.
  • Because he spies on them constantly like a creepy stalker. Finn also has no nose whle the Ice King has a huge nose.
    • When the Ice King was human he didn't have a nose, either.

Finn is attracted to humans.
Princess Bubblegum is a half-human mutant. He is instinctively seeking out human DNA to repopulate the planet with humans.

Beautopia is the land where the last humans live in.
Take a close look at the title screen here, especially at the inside of each letter. Or alternatively, it was the place where people use to live, but something happened to them.

Marceline was human once.
Think about it: She has bite marks on her neck; Her mother could be one of the last humans (that didn't hide) before the Mushroom Wars and thanks to her half-demon parentage, she did survive the war, but didn't have her mother anymore. Her father, feeling sorry for not protecting his family while in the Nightosphere, bit her for her survival and vanished back to the Nightosphere. So all alone, with only the teddy bear her mom made, she grew up ultil all her powers manifest.Perhaps, that's why she's a bit complacent to Finn. Because of her Mom's side.
  • She'd only be half human then, because her dad is a demon.

Susan Strong is Finn's mother
That's what I thought the ending of Beautopia was implying, in any case.

Susan Strong is neither a hyooman nor a human.
The end of Beautopia implies that she doesn't have gills or fish-like attributes, but also remains ambiguous about whether she's definitely human. Since she has yet to fully remove her hat, it could be that she has some other growth/mutation on it and is a different species altogether.

The Hyoomans are decendants of the last Humans of Beautopia, only evolved a la Traits, the Transmetropolitan equivalent of plasmids.
Much in tone with the WMG about 4 above this one, it explains how the Hyoomans managed to evolve such advanced traits like gills, as well as supporting the theory that Beautopia was a last bastion of human ingenuity before the Mushroom War. Whereafter the war the "magic came back," this would also likely be how/when the Glub-glubs took control of the city, running the last advanced humans out, (all very rich, and reliant on technology now in an environment where ingenuity and survivalism stands through), likely devolving them to their current isolated, sub-human state of intellect. Susan would likely be the exception, but that's worth another WMG.

The whole 'Marceline the Vampire Queen & Princess Bubblegum' tryst is going to be a case of Ascended Fanon
According to
this, this troper might be more than just a Yuri Fan, or atleast a lonely Yuri Fan, because alot of people believe the 'What Was Missing' episode was really about Marcelines's and P.B.'s relationship, so it would only make sense for Penn Ward to market the idea secretly for more veiwers, calling it his own idea. It being a kids show will only make it more creative as their relationship is hidden amongst the words they use and disguised as a friend ship. As stated in an above WMG many youtubers also beleive that P.B. and Marceline need to get a little friendlier. according to this trope some of the authors read our wikis and bull ideas , so there is still some possiblity that the creator could just give in and give the population what they want.
Marceline and PB were/are NOT in a lesbian relationship.
Cause someone had to do it. To elaborate, another theory to their relationship is that when PB was younger, Marceline hung out with her the same way she does with Finn now, but as PB grew older she started to become more stuck up and Marceline got fed up with it. Either that or Peppermint Butler intervened...
  • For the record, I've interpreted them this way from the beginning.
  • So Marceline is slightly pedo friendly?
    • You can be friends with someone who is younger than you and be friendly to children without being a pedophile, kinda like how you can not ship Marceline and PB without being a homophobe.
  • I'm a lesbian, I'm all for openly gay characters in kid's shows, but I do NOT think that PB and Marcy were ever a couple, and they never will be a couple. They seem like they were really good friends who had a bad falling out. Not lovers. People are grasping for straws and trying to find text that isn't there. Natasha Allegri's artwork? Please... She draws pictures of girls making out all the time!
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  • I fully support this. I always saw things this way.
Finn was never asleep for six months
It makes sense. In six months Jake should have recovered from his headache, Finn's legs would have healed, and if the dear have had the candy people for that long, they would ether dissolve or starve. Also, if the candy people had been gone for that long, Finn would have starved from not having someone to feed him via a IV.
  • This actually seems to be true! Andy Ristaino has noted on his Formspring account that Jake would have been measuring in dog months, not human months, and Adam Muto has said that Jake's sense of time was unreliable when he made the claim that Finn had been out for six months, due to being kinda crazy and all.

Finn is going to have to deal with some serious Amnesiac Dissonance
Finn seems to easily be able to repress any unpleasant memories. What kinds of horrible things has he forgotten?

Party Pat and Party Pete are related somehow.
They're either parallel universe counterparts or, going by a previous WMG, Pat is a (mutant) descendant of Pete.

Ice King will become a permanent friend to Finn and Jake, as opposed to a weak-sauce villain.
Many episodes seem to hint at this, and it is a possibility we may just finally see come to light in the Holly Jolly Secrets special, judging by its description.
  • Likely the process has already started, rather than them just being "hints". Ice King will remain a somewhat pathetic character who is more often tolerated than straight-up loved, and will still have his villainous flaws that come out from time to time, but he will have far more roles as an ally in the future.

"Ooo" is a linguistic corruption of a currently-existing place name.
Note how in various episodes, people mispronounce "Mozart," "Beethoven," and "Groucho," and how God became "Glob." It's not that far a stretch that "Ooo" is derived from a location that contains that vowel sound, like the Ooo-S-A or Ooo-rope.
  • It could be that to the normal person's eyes. A world where everything is so fanatical all that yuo could muster to say upon your first sight is, well...

The Ice Kingdom is Russia in the future.

The Ice King is based off of a Dresden Files character.
This troper hadn't heard of the series or character Simon Petrovich until he saw Holly Jolly Secrets and looked up the name from the final video. Apparently, the similarly named character is, quoting from The Other Wiki: " expert upon vampires and sort of an emissary to them. It was also stated that the vampires trusted him." Also, it mentions that he is Russian, possibly helping the previous troper's theory.
  • Cruddity Cruddity Crud, I forgot: It's "Petro KOF", not "VICH". It still might be a typo on the creator's part, so I'll keep it up here, but take this troper's suggestion (meaning the WMG this is under) with a grain of salt.

All the objects in Simon's artifact collection are a Chekhov's Armoury with one or more item being a Call-Forward
  • The purple flag on the wall with a cross bears resemblance to the denizens of Lumpy Space
  • There looks to be a skull of either Death or the Lich.

Simon Petrikov's ex-fiance Betty is Princess Bubblegum
Or at least some past incarnation of her. Pen Ward's Series Bible stated that Bubblegum's first name is Betty.
  • The last picture we see of her also had her in a lab coat, surrounded by vials which looked very reminiscent of Princess Bubblegum...
  • This, of course, ignores the fact that Princess Bubblegum is only 18 years old. As well as the fact that her first name was changed to Bonnibel.
    • That could be justified with the idea that she could shed off a lot of gum to make herself younger, which could have also created the entire candy kingdom!
  • Pretty sure she's a Replacement Goldfish.
  • Considering how Princess Bubblegum looks in the long preview of Goliad, this WMG may be true.

Ice King was supposed to be The Hero
The crown turned him into the Ice King to protect him from the upcoming Mushroom Wars. Possibly Simon wasn't mentally stable in the first place and the crown unintentionally made him more insane.
  • Alternatively to this idea, Simon WAS the hero, but is now the ice king. He was the first person to find the Enchridion, and as such up until he became the ice king he was the hero for the world. If the season 5 promo is anything to go off of, he might have tried fighting and stopping the mushroom war even.

In the Fionna and Cake universe, the Ice Queen is not a gender-flipped Simon.
Rather, this is an alternative universe, where it was Betty who put the crown on instead of Simon.

The Ice King will eventually return to his senses.
This response on Natasha's formspring seems to imply that there is at least more to be known about his past or future, probably in the fourth season.

The Ice King and Princess Bubblegum will get together.
Princess Bubblegum may have already learned about Simon Petrikov's story, since she was perfectly willing to hang out with the Ice King during the Holiday celebration. Knowing this, it seems likely that she would use her scientific skill to develop a sort of "antidote" to the crown's effect on its wearer (both to end the trouble the Ice King causes by kidnapping her and other princesses, and out of a genuine desire to help the poor guy). It could take as long as the writers need it to, but if she were to succeed, Simon seemed to be a logical-minded man who would have similar interests to Princess Bubblegum. Putting them together could potentially result in a legit relationship between the two, since the Ice King's interest in Bubblegum seems to be based on the possibility that she subconsciously reminds him of his "princess" Betty.

Princess Bubblegum might be a bit older than we think...
Based off of this answer by Andy Ristaino...maybe her being Betty isn't too far of a stretch after all.
  • I've been wondering about this since "Too Young": After she re-aged, she remembered her 13-year-old experiences as though they happened a full five years ago, when it was really just a few hours. Also, logic (and the calendar) dictates we should have seen her celebrate a birthday by now, and yet ...

Simon Petrikov's cursed crown is a metaphor/parallel for Alzheimer's Syndrome in real life
Before anyone deletes this theory again, please be aware that this WMG is not meant to be funny, or even pleasant.
  • I can see your point there, considering what little he remembers, his hallucinations, and him instantly having no memory of going after Finn for the videos. It makes sense and it's downright tragic for sure.
  • This is actually further supported by Marceline's actions in I remember You. Her confusion and anger is very realistic for someone dealing with someone they love that has Alzheimer's or another disease that ruins the mind, especially considering her usual personality. She's so mad he can't remember her and deep down she knows it isn't his fault, so she chooses to distance herself as much as possible from him. She still can't keep herself from desperately trying to get through to the person she used to know when she does come in contact with him, though.

Though the Ice King survived the Great Mushroom War, he doesn't remember anything about it.
So if you're hoping to learn about it from him, don't get your hopes up. Curse those stanky old wizard eyes.

There is a legitimate (in-story) reason for the ambiguity over what exactly Susan Strong is.
For example, maybe if word got out about her lack of gills, she would be cast out of the Hyoomen world.

Princess Bubblegum was created by a royal scientist.
Just as Princess Bubblegum herself created Earl of Lemongrab to succeed her if something were to happen to her, every ruler of the Candy Kingdom is also a scientist who creates a successor by splicing human and confectionary DNA.
  • Maybe that scientist is Betty.

Beautopia is a rival city to Rapture.
Seriously,it has monsters,used to have"people',has things that look like there from the 20th century,and underwater?It has to be a rival to rapture.The rival really want to do the impossible,live in underwater.
  • So... it was built by those Dirty Commies? Because BioShock makes it fairly obvious that the US government only has a vague idea that Andrew Ryan was 'doing something under the ocean,' they probably wouldn't have the idea or the means to make something like Rapture. On the other hand, I suppose Lamb and her Red-leaning sympathies might have allowed some information to leak to the "right" hands before she went full-bore cultist.

Beautopia is the ruin of a 22nd-century shopping center a la the Fallout games
The title card for the episode is very similar to the Fallout's in-world advertisements, particularly those for the Vaults, many of which become home to mutants and mutated creatures. The Hyoomens were once normal humans who sought refuge in familiar surroundings during the Mushroom War, but nuclear fallout contaminated the the area and rising water levels forcibly mutated the survivors as it did Mirelurks/Lakelurks, leaving them mostly-human since they were originally humans rather than crabs or turtles. It's also possible that the shopping center was a Vault, explaining Beautopia being within a seemingly-natural cave-system: The experiment was meant to see how long consumerism would last in the face of more pressing matters, but the radiation left by the Great/Mushroom War (and possibly from a malfunctioning nuclear generator, which the inhabitants had forgotten how to maintain) turned the Vault-dwellers into mutated tribals, much like the tribal humans who populate the Fallout 'verse. It would also explain the Schizo Tech and why what we've seen of the pre-War world - which looks to be more-or-less like our present-day - also left behind technology far in advance of modern-day technology, such as holographic newspapers. We've also seen UFOs, which are known to have taken an interest in the Fallout version of Earth; and many shots of scenery and background settings are similar to those found in the similarly post-apocalyptic Fallout, such as the peeling billboard from Heat Signature's intro and the Diner from Marceline's past.

Everyone in The Creeps but Finn is now DEAD!
One by one, the ghost killed them all off, then made new copies to replace the real deal and made a duplicate Lady Rainicorn so that there is no suspicions. I mean come ON! When "Jake" explained it was all a prank, he obviously was trying to change the subject. Still don't believe me? When they went into the cellar to find the light, Jake asked Beemo if Finn was pranking him. Why would he ask that when, for all he knows, He and Beemo were the only ones there. Huh? Yep, Finns friends are all killed, except maybe for LSP who suffered a Fate Worse Than Death.
  • Why didn't Jake tell Finn anything about stuff that happened to him when he was alone, then? Like, the green lady, and all that weird crap? If he didn't want Finn to be suspicious, he would've made up something to explain that away.
  • He did, remember? He told Finn that he must've been so scared that he imagined those parts.

Simon Petrikov's cursed crown is a metaphor/parallel for alcoholism or drug abuse in real life
  • When he first uses it, he ends up doing something terrible and not remembering. He then goes on to continue using it, instead of destroying it or disposing of it like many people would. Like, in Simon's last two diary entries before he became the Ice King, you notice he's wearing the crown. His visions tell him that the crown will save him. That it is a good thing. That he needs it. This is reminiscent of someone who is physically addicted to a substance such as alcohol.

Jake's croak dream he witnessed was not of him dying, but the Banana Man.
  • Note how the Banana Man is awfully still after passing out.

The Ice King's mental picture of himself is still Simon Petrikov (minus the glasses and plus beard).
That's why he's so surprised when Finn calls him 'old' in Mortal Recoil and it seems to take a minute for it to sink in that everyone else does think he's old; even when he does realize they're serious he might still be seeing it as teenagers seeing someone who's... thirtyish, maybe? as old, instead of them really meaning that he's old.

Princess Bubblegum's similarities to Betty make Simon's real personality come a bit closer to the surface than it usually gets.
His line about being lost in the labyrinth of his emotions without her was foreshadowing, and on some level he's aware that she helps him regain a little stability. Unfortunately he's so strongly under the crown's spell by now that the difference isn't really noticeable to anyone outside of himself.

We'll eventually get an episode explaining how Finn was orphaned.
We've already seen parts of Marceline's backstory and Ice King'so origin, both of which are very dark stories. We'll eventually get Finn's and it'll be a MAJOR Tear Jerker.
  • According to Memories of Boom Boom Mountain, Finn was abandoned in a forest, stuck to a leaf covered in his own "boom boom" Then Jake's parent's find him and take him home with them. However, this does lead to some questions about who left him there 13 years ago and why, so you're on to something.

Ooo is another realm accessible only by Alduin, through The End

So Steve finally manages to land the final arrow on the Enderdragon, his Diamond Armour on breaking point, his Sword shattered on the last Enderman to trifle with his block breaking fists. However, The End, being the plane where Alduin dwells, filled with the shattered souls of his human Thralls, created from when he (almost) purged humanity though the Mushroom War leaving Minecraftia devoid of them, is under the influence of the mighty Enderdragon. The reason the Enderdragon makes not a single sound is due to him, Alduin, being so powerful in his own realm that he no longer requires entire phrases to use the Thuum. Due to him being one crazy Dragon, he decides that the best way to finally purge humanity, would be to send Steve back to the Overworld, using a few choice Dragon words (Including Force, which also explains Finn's use of a "Power Shriek" to knock out Abracadaniel), and deliberately drop him in a situation which allows the Lich, an extremely powerful Enderman Champion of his, to potentially posses him. Steve would have made an excellent choice as a powerful vessel for the Lich (Finn's current badassery shows this). Due to time passing unusually between planes of existence, a few million years have passed, allowing time for many evolutions to occur, causing many of the Ooo creatures to come to be (Creepers into Flame Wolves for example). Alduin's aim, even though he is so insanely powerful, sucks (As we've all saw in Skyrim), and so he missed dumping Steve/Finn straight into the tree in which the Lich was preserved, but onto the mountain. Steve/Finn is de-aged in the space/time anomaly created by Alduin that warps him between not just planes of existence, but realms of planes of existence, outside their plane group.

The Nightosphere is also the Shivering Isles, and Marceline's Dad is really named Sheogorath. Marceline is one of the few humans he saved, who was actually a companion brought by the player (Who was a vampire at the time) from Cyrodill into the Shivering Isles, and in the battle between the Player and Jyggalag, the companion of the player recieves a fatal wound as Jyggalag falls, and the player was forced to Vampirize his companion, before ascending to become the new Sheogorath.


When Marceline's naked, she looks like an Eldritch Abomination.
We saw her in her monster forms before, after all, and it would explain Finn's reaction so seeing her naked.
  • What's to explain? Seemed like a typical "Ooooooooops dang I just saw my friend naked" reaction to me.

When the Lich returns, his first reaction upon seeing the Ice King again will be to kill him on sight.
Because the Lich knows to learn from his past mistakes.
  • Either that, or destroy the Ice King's crown.

The entire series is just Simon's visions.
Maybe the Great Mushroom War never happened in the first place, or it wasn't a large enough war to destroy the world. Finn, Jake, and the other characters could be real people that Simon actually interacts with, or he could just be squirming in a confined, padded room wearing a straightjacket.
  • Thus the reason he fails at any attempt to do anything ever.
    The reason all of his enemies haven't demolished him yet.
    The reason he is still crazy in his delusion, to him they are the crazy ones and the way he acts is normal.

There will be a team of rivals for the main cast

Finn will begin trying to free the Ice King from the crown's influence.
Simon's last plea was for whoever found the tapes to watch over him until he could return to sanity. Marceline may have been human (considering what her father is, we can't be sure), but Ice King is one of the few beings in the world that Finn now knows was once human. He'll take Simon's plea to heart and try to find a way to save him.
  • That could be the plot of the upcoming episode "Another Way".
    • Unfortunately, it doesn't look that way. It's about clown nurses.
      • Plus, as of 'Jake the Dog', we know that the crown would really, really, REALLY not be seperated from Simon. And wouldn't take it well if it was.

There will be a Giant Robot themed episode.
The episode would begin with Finn and Jake uncovering a buried sentient giant robot. After the two reactivate him, The robot introduces himself as the mighty protector of the earth. Finn and Jake ask how the robot got buried. So, the robot explained that he was trying to end the Great Mushroom War, but failed in the process. Then all of a sudden, gigantic monsters were attacking the land of Ooo. So, Finn asks the giant robot if he wants to stop the monsters. The robot accepts and a climatic battle against the giant monsters took place. After the heroes won the battle, Finn asks the giant robot if he wants to stay in the land of Ooo. The robot refuses, saying that there are other parts of the world that might need his help. So, Finn and Jake wave good bye to the giant robot, hoping that they'll meet again.

The Ice King's crown is sentient and aware of what it did to Simon
When it was placed upon the shelf of penitence, it started to cry and state how sorry it was.. It was crying because the shelf made it sorry for warping a nice, mild mannered aspiring antiquarian into the deranged ruler of the ice kingdom that we know today.

Simon Petrokov killed Betty during one of his hallucination spells.
He supposedly never saw her again; the first time he takes off the Ice King's crown, he wonders what horrible things he may have done while consumed by the visions. If he thought she was some sort of vampiric monster or other dangerous thing when she came back while we was wearing it, he could have defended himself from the thing in his visions... and fatally harmed her, maybe even freezing and shattering her beyond recognition.note 
  • Her horrified reaction is what clued him in that something was wrong, so she was probably still alive at that point.
    • Fatally harmed her out of delusional self-defense when she came back, and he was even less in tune with reality. Not before he "supposedly" never saw her again.

The female who was on Ice King's tapes bares close resemblance to a certain female royalty he hounds after so often.
This troper is insinuating that princess Bubble Gum is the lady from the tapes. Due to another WMG the beleif that P.B. is ageless thanks to her ability to just lop off enough of her excess candy to bring her back to her prefered age, it is beleived that P.B. was made into gum at some point during I.K. crazifying, and she too is as old as him. The added fact that they are both scientists adds to the beleif that Penn Ward will make an episode revealing P.B. to be the mystery woman.//P.B. does a lot of tests involving DNA (i.e. the zombies, lemon grab, {potentialy Finn}), her tests ultimtely are to transform herself and I.K. back into humans.

Finn is actually a human from the pre-Mushroom War era, but accidentally warped to this time via a time machine or magic as a baby.
Which would explain why we can't find Finn's human parents, maybe.

The song Prince Gumball sang in the Ice King's fanfiction was a song that the Ice King originally wrote for Betty, but altered to use in the story
Since it was a real song with lyrics and everything, it's likely that the Ice King's story text itself actually included those lyrics. Some things related to Betty survived in the Ice King's memory, so he could've remembered a special song that he once performed for his soulmate. With this theory in mind, this line becomes a lot sadder:
"I won't let anything in this world keep us apart..."

The Ice King's crown is so powerful that after wearing it for as long as he has, he has Reality Warper abilitys.
The world is assunder because in Ice King's current state, that is the way he imagines things. The power ultimately lies in his crown, but he has being absorbing the magic non stop for so long that he could probably go an entire lifetime without it on before things even begin to go back to normal. As stated in an above WMG"The Lich's return will be marked by him killing the Ice king, or destroying his crown. If that does happen the worlds return to normal will be so quick and drastic that most people won't survive the ordeal.

The characters in "Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake" will try to escape the story.
Fiona, Cake, and the other characters will grow tired of having their lives and their world completely controlled by the Ice King, so they will rebel and try to take it from his control.

The series is a inspired by or at least a shout out to Wizards
Post apocalyptic world where magic returns after the event of a nuclear war? Robots, Mutants, and undead? The biggest bad is an undead looking wizard? The lead is a young warrior with a quick sword trigger and travels with a short wisecracking magical character? When will we get our Peace cameo?

"Donny" is a metaphor for the global financial crisis

Saw this elsewhere, and it seems so good I'm surprised it hasn't been done already.

Donny is the government, and at first, his actions are annoying and obnoxious to the house people (the public). His influence is thus removed with Finn and Jake enacting deregulation. Things are good for a while, but the bad debt/credit crises arrive in the form of the whywolves, which rapidly multiply - in particular, making the bottom fall off the bank house, which in term harm the main street house. The police house is powerless to stop the disaster. Without the return of regulation - the return of Donny, the bad debts would multiply until they consume everything, before being finally defeated by the cosmic owl in some form of market correction.

The kicker? The name Donny on the title card is written in the same font as the text on the US dollar bill.

Princess Bubblegum is related to Betty

Okay, this may take some episode rewatching. But when watching "Holly Jolly Secrets", something looked familiar about Betty. I thought about it a little, and I happened to remember one of the framed photos in PB's room in "The Duke." It was a woman with pink skin and orange-reddish hair, presumably a relative, most likely her mother. Well, both PB and Betty have been shown to at least be interested in science work, and after leaving her fiancee, Betty may have gone off and had kids of her own. Of course, this most likely would have been after several generations, the human DNA eventually mixing with candy people DNA down the line. It may be a far shot, but the resemblance seemed a bit too much for me.

  • It could be the drawing style, a lot of the characters share similar facial features. Though it is still possible, and I admit that would be a pretty good plot twist.
    • I will now bring up the fact that the main article says that Bubblegum's original name was going to be Betty. Let that sink in.

"True Love's Kiss" can either break the spell on the Ice King or put him at peace.
It's generally the trump card for breaking seemingly-unbreakable spells in fantasy series. This of course would work very similarly to Beauty and the Beast.
  • So -that's- why he's trying so hard to find a bride. O_O
    • No, it's because he's trying to find Betty. He wouldn't know that he's under a spell. This theory stands on Rule of Symbolism.

At some point Finn will come across a very powerful sword. Its name? Crystalis.
This would mean one of the disasters that struck Ooo would be the hero of that game using the Tower to wipe most of humanity from the face of the earth, or he failed to stop that from happening.

Betty never left Simon.
She was there the whole time. The crown showed her leaving, and while he's standing there, begging for her not to leave, Betty is standing right there, trying to tell him she's not going anywhere before relizing he cant see or hear her. And yet she still stays with him, trying to help him.
  • What if he froze her by accident? What if she's still somewhere in the world frozen in ice and he never realized it?

Ricardio will return in "Incendium"
George Takei was narrating the extended trailer for the episode, it's a valentine's day special, not too much left to add up.
  • Nope.

In season 4, Finn will have to fight the Fire King.
The Fire Kingdom's royalty, as of Incendium, is confirmed to be evil. And according to his alignment (as Finn himself would say), this means they're at odds. The cause of the conflict will have something to do with Finn's newfound love for the Flame Princess (also from Incendium).

When the Lich returns, the family sword Finn earned in Dad's Dungeon will be the one used to defeat him.
  • No, the Lich will break the sword (just like with the gauntlet) and Finn will then defeat him with his specialty, the most shameful form of magic. (Which is why the Lich shushes him, as that is his greatest weakness.)

Marceline's Dad is Dracula.
He's an uber-powerful vampire over 1000 years old, steals souls, has a snappy dress code, and is rather, well, horrific. Does this remind you of someone?
  • All good points, except that he's not a vampire.

Flame Princess will attack the Candy Kingdom at some point in Season 4
She's evil and a Tsundere/Yandere. It's almost inevitable that she'd overreact like crazy if she saw Finn hanging around with Princess Bubblegum.

Flame Princess will take on the Ice King.
This could be simply her lashing out, or she might learn that he's a long-time adversary of Finn and decide to take him out as a favor, unaware of all the Character Development he's gone through.
  • Or she might fight him because he didn't know better considering his Dirty Old Man nature with Princesses in general. Too bad he is unaware Flame princess is one princess who is packing heat.

Joshua's death from Dad's Dungeon will play a key role in the future of the series as a Thanatos Gambit.
As of right now, the details are unclear on the event of his death. If the demon coming back for his blade implied, Joshua must have had a lot of enemies in his time who could be potential foes for Finn himself. Also, despite knowing Finn is regarded as the hero of Ooo, he must have been taunting Finn because he knows it isn't enough and is toughening him up for the real threat.

Billy had unrequited feelings for Princess Bubblegum once.
It's pretty much confirmed that PB is older than she appears. It's not much of a stretch, then, to imagine Billy trying to win her heart back in his evil-fighting, theme-song-having days. His feelings were not reciprocated, and one day, it became too much. He wound up like Finn in the beginning of "Incendium," eventually reasoning that the violence he had been using was not impressing a smart woman like PB and giving up on the hero business altogether. He gave her his gauntlet, to be used when the Lich inevitably reappeared, then retired to his cave.

Finn and Flame Princess' love for each other will be the key to defeating the Lich in the next season.
The next season will build up on their feelings for each other, which will come to a head in the season finale, where Finn has to fight against the Lich one more time.

In the Ice King's next appearance, he will try to come up with a way to capture Flame Princess
Fire may melt ice, but the Ice King is usually desperate enough to try anything. He may even attempt to distract Finn by toying with the fact that he used to have feelings with Princess Bubblegum.

One of the next episodes will have Finn faced with the choice of sticking with either PB, Marceline, or Flame Princess
The only reason Finn gave up on Princess Bubblegum was because she told him to "stop being weird" after he tried to rest his head on her lap. Note that in the past, she has temporarily banned him from the Candy Kingdom and teased with him when she was restored to her true age.

Marceline and Finn mainly appear to be platonic, but she has kissed him a couple of times, and Finn thinks she is cool.

While Finn has recently fallen for Flame Princess, she is pretty psychotic and destructive. I expect the first few episodes with them to have her as a villain with Finn and Flame Princess having a few Dating Catwoman moments.

Finn having to choose which ONE girl he should stick with could even play a role in the Lich's eventual return.

  • I wouldn't mind a FLCL homage (either girl in either role).
  • Given Finn's popularity with the ladies, it's more likely he'll be forced to choose between EVERY PRINCESS IN THE WORLD! At first the sheer magnitude of the situation will weigh on him, then eventually he'll make a decision and it will look like he's about to pick the girl...then he'll start punching and kicking the miscellaneous guards meant to intimidate him into choosing and once he's all done beating the crud out of them, he'll state in no uncertain terms that he'll pursue his own love interests on his own terms and everyone had better back the math off!

Marceline's dad is Satan.
Think about it: he emerges from the Nightosphere, which seems like the Ooo version of Hell(complete flames), is Faux Affably Evil, is an abomination beneath his humanoid veil...not to mention he sucks up souls. Oh, and his true form has horns. This may explain how Marceline came to be during/before the Mushroom War: "Marceline's dad" is a powerful supernatural entity that existed long before it, so he could easily concieve her. Of course, this means that the Lich King is worse than Satan. The true name of Marceline's dad? Maleus. Part malus(the Latin term for evil) and deus(aka god).

Finn is Finn MacCool from Finnegans Wake
Or at least some Shout-Out.

Adventure Time is a comic.
Finn is just a kid who likes to make comic and lives with Jake his really awesome uncle who helps him the comiceach eip is based on event in Finns life

My Two Favorite People is Jake trying have finn get along with his girlfriend who will be moving in the near future.

The lich is finn's Dad who was real bad caused alot a pain to the family and Bill who stopped him was Finn's cool older brother who died protecting Finn.

PB was Billy's girlfriend who has high status in the school finn goes to and keeps him out trouble at school and Finn's first crush.

Marceline is goth at finn's school and babysitter , she likes to mess with finn but loves Finn like younger brother she hates PB due their social status in school.

Marceline's Closet is when Finn goes to Marceline's house to be babysat and snoops around in her and hides in her Closet and sees her strip for a shower and is in shock as Jake picks him up.

Ice king is teacher who dislikes and makes fun of.

Incendium is Finn realizing that due to the age gap between him and PB that they'll never be together and starts into a sad phase Jake goes to the fire kingdom which is a part of town near fastfood shacks which server spicy food, the flame king one the owners and good friend of Jake who has girl Finn's age who has a hot temper,Jake and the flame decide to set up a meeting between the two, Jake gives FP their address but Finn who still sad never comes out and FP lights PB's gift a bunch of fireworks to get Finn's attention and finn gets mad and the two get into a fight and FP falls into a puddle and passes out Finn helps wake her and the two share a moment but due shyness FP slaps Finn and runs off.

Ricardio wasn't the Ice King's heart, but his quite literal Heartless.
When you think about it, Ricardio is a much more evil Ice King. Both of them want princesses, and are sociopaths. However, while the Ice King is incompetent and generally sympathetic, Ricardio is quite cunning(expected from a sociopath) and far more ruthless(trying to cut out Princess Bubblegum's heart). This would go to explain why the Ice King didn't immediately die when losing Ricardio: it's either not his biological heart, or a second heart to prevent him from dying from hypothermia induced by his ice powers.
  • And if we're going by revelation that Ice King Was Once a Man, Ricardio is the corruption of Ice King's mind made manifest. This may mean that, during being seperated from Ricardio, Ice King began to regain his sanity and revert back to Simon. This is why he was suffering from the above speculated hypothermia: he was returning back to a human(or at least, close to one), and his extremely low body temperature was taking its toll.

Princess Bubblegum is actually Betty under a curse and trauma from seeing the world around her destroyed.
This could explain why she is apathetic towards Finn's affections along with neglecting the mentally ill (For they remind her too much of when Simon Petrikov went insane). Plus, it could explain her love of science as a way to create a formula that will ultimately turn her back into a human.
  • That's really ... wow. I just got in such a funk.

The existence of magic artifacts like the Ice King's crown seem to exist prior to the Mushroom War(just check out Holly Jolly Secrets), so the question is what happened to it. The answer? The Lich happened to it. In order to prevent the Lich from taking over the world/killing everyone, the people made the sacrifice of removing magic from the planet. The Lich we know and fear is actually a weakened version of the Lich when he first appeared. Without magic, the Lich became a corpse again, albeit one with a Soul Jar. And of course, he reformed when people brought back the magic, leading to the Mushroom War.
  • the season 5 premiere show that [[he was seemingly created by the mushroom war]]

Mankind survived, but on Mars.
This may explain where Finn came from, despite mankind supposedly being wiped out. Considering some of the lost tech seems to be more advanced, it could be possible that humanity managed to escape and live on Mars. It would be a nice Call-Back to the pilot episode. Penn is actually Finn's ancestor, and the individual who managed to bring humanity to Mars. I imagine a plot point, possibly the series finale, where Finn discovers the possibility that humanity survived on Mars, and will do what it takes to reunite with them. The Lich will reappear, determined to finish off what he started. Eventually, the Lich will be killed off, and Finn will reunite with his people. Heartwarming Moments!
  • Considering the show, it's not going to be that easy. Most likely, he could encounter the humans, but since the candy people have truly no idea of them existing, it could imply that the humans look down upon them greatly and are possibly even arrogant about themselves being superior. Or it could be that there are humans left, but they have been reduced to heads sitting in cybernetic bodies as means of keeping themselves alive (A Shout-Out and Deconstruction to The Bravest Warriors). Either way, leading to Finn having to decide on whether to join the humans in Mars or stay with his friends.

Lumpy Space People are biologically hermaphroditic.
They're space clouds with barely any universal difference between male and female. Personally, I think that they don't have a discreet gender...biologically speaking. Mainly because LSP's voice sounds somewhat masculine. Also, her father and mother seem to be part of the same body. I think that Lumpy Space People are [[Hermaphrodite hermaphrodites]] capable of breeding with themselves as well as others in order to have kids: Lumpy Space King/Queen are actually the same individual, who developed a split personality to serve as hir/their "daughter".
  • Actually, it has been stated by Word of God that Lumpy Space people permanently fuse together after getting married. So meaning that Lumpy Space King and Lumpy Space Queen were originally two seperate individuals.

Adventure Time actually does take place in a proper fantasy land that developed technology (maybe magitek or technomancy) alongisde magic. Nothing sinister, it's all a surreal universe of magic.
Dragons, monsters, vampires, candy people and like all existed pre-Mushroom War, but as technology started being developed like crazy, rivalry, envy and greed finally came to a head across the world and nuclear war broke out. But, this being a fantasy world, once the war ended, civilisation started to rebuild itself through generous use of magic, that's why no-one's going around coughing blood from radiation sickness or there's deformed children running around - magic.Science and technology are still known and practiced to a degree, evidence being PB's interest in (mad) science, Jake's remark that rocket ships hadn't been re-invented yet and the Bannana Man making a rocket ship in his back garden. And of course BMO, a home-use entertainment AI. After the war, the citizens of Ooo vowed to treat technology not unlike the way the Imperium does, but treat it less like inscrutable higher power and more like a potentially dangerous force that can cause mass destruction if not handled safely.
  • Word of God has been pretty clear that Ooo used to be plain ol' Earth. Sorry.
    • Well, then the Great Mushroom War in fact rekindled the power of magic on Earth through a dimensional breach and the new forms of life created from this are what we have now.
      • Something along those lines. Most of this has been addressed further up the page.

The episode titles for Season 4 have been posted on The Other Wiki. The last one on the list is "The Lich".
No real theory about this, just, you know ... booyah.

The episode "The Lich" won't feature the Lich.
Because you knever know with this show.

The ghost in "The Creeps" is Finn's mother.
This is based almost solely on the fact they both have similar hair. She never really tries to attack Finn, just reach for him. The house going nuts was because she was upset that her child ran from her.
  • She looked more like a young girl to this troper.
  • More evidence in "The Worm King", the ghost appears again and Finn is placed in a highchair. It is significant because the last memories Finn has of his mother are most likely from when he was a baby.
  • Maybe the mansion from the creeps is their old home.
  • More and more evidence for this is piling up. In the episode, there's a portrait of a woman at the top of the stairs in the mansion. She wears a dress similar to the woman partially seen at the end of The Lich. Reasoning for the ghost's appearance being so... frightening? She drowned at sea, giving Finn his devastating fear of the ocean.

Adventure Time doesn't take place on post-apocalyptic Earth - but in post-apocalyptic Earth's Dreamland.
The Hyoomans? Deep Ones. The Lich King? Nyarlathotep. And Finn? Well, he's Randolph Carter. The Ice King's Palace is Kadath in the Cold Waste.

Princess Bubblegum is a sociopath.
She's had more than one incidence of Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, and hasn't really shown much empathy. The reason why no-one else notices is due to her natural charisma. This may explain things like abandoning Lemongrab, and why she and Marceline broke up.
  • Am I seriously the only one who thinks PB and Marceline are now, and always have been, just friends?
    • Yes, yes you are. C'mon, the way they were talking to each other, the awkwardness, the blushing and the fact PB keeps Marceline's t-shirt as pyjamas? I can't say I know many friends who give each other clothes and one uses a favourite t-shirt as pyjamas. That's kind of a personal thing. And so what if they were a couple? This is Adventure Time, after all - anything goes. And it's cute, I'd be happy for them, and as ever, Girl-on-Girl Is Hot. As for PB as a sociopath, I don't know. She's certainly a few chips short of a single, but isn't everybody in Ooo?
      • Girls share/give clothes with/to each other all the time, and that goes double for BF Fs (Vitriolic Best Buds, in this case). It is possible for two people to have a close, deep relationship that doesn't include romance. (And before anybody gets all up in my grill, I'm only making the case that I just do not get a romantic vibe from the two of them, and that it bugs me when people insist that teasing has to mean flirting.)
      • As for PB and Marceline having once been a couple, it's the blushing and certain awkwardness that get most people, like this troper. And of course, one must remember that as ever, Girl-on-Girl Is Hot and memebers of fandoms will inevitably create a little Les Yay using whatever evidence they can muster. There's no harm in it, and it is a case of innocent till proven guilty, really, a sort of Schrodingers relationship if you will. Some may insist it's flirting, it may not be. But then again, it may actually be. Until Word of God states otherwise, people will believe what they want (and probably afterwards, too).
    • What was the timeframe for PB driving Marceline out of the treehouse? (It seems to have been when Finn was at most 2, which makes PB 7, assuming she hasn't been 18 for a long while.)
  • No, you are not alone with thinking that they were just friends. If you notice in the show, blushing happens when characters are embarrassed, flustered, or shy. It doesn't automatically mean anything romantic. When Finn saw all those old candy people naked and he blushed, that didn't mean anything. Please people, take the Shipping Goggles off.
  • I so agree with you, they were made for one another.
    • Sigh.
  • When did this turn into a discussion about P Bx M?
  • Let's leave all this Les Yay crap out of the discussion, and focus on the actual topic: PB is a sociopath. She tried to have the sweet Duke of Nuts killed, she tortured the Ice King, she killed a jellyfish for a sandwich, (a REALLY cute jellyfish!,) she smiled when she said the Tart Toter is insane and didn't bother helping him, and she outright abandoned Lemongrab, who is clearly unadjusted and "special," to put it nicely. Sure- Lemongrab is an asshole, but he's the real victim in the situation. He's only like that because Princess Bubblegum created him with a mental disorder of some kind, and had him locked up in an isolated castle with only servants to care for him. Yeah... Because physical isolation is TOTALLY great for one's social skills.

Relating to the above WMG, Bubblegum was a nice princess
She was, but in the season two finale, she was possesed by the Lich. And her next appearance, she was re-aged by her potion and parts of the candy people. Maybe the combo of Lich magic and her reaging affected her mind? She seemed to really care for Finn in the finale but in the next episode she cruelly dumps him. Think "The Return of Harmony" two parter to "Lesson Zero"

Ice King will be cured of his crown's madness
In the clown nurses episode, Finn discovered that there is magical tears that heal anything, anything, maybe even the magic effects on Ice King. Finn kept the head of the giant, and also kept some tears in a bottle. As seen when I.K. paralyzed Finn and Jake I.K. has a love for bottles and Gunter has a love for smashing bottles. Now I take it back to the dual episode where the old elephant lady was destroyed by the crystal apple then some episodes later she was not actually destroyed. I mention this because it sets the foundation to say the episodes dont go in any particular order, so Finn could have found the tears before being frozen, I mean how else did they get out of this conundrum, IF IT EVEN HAPPENED YET. Well Finn calls back his spirit beasts and Jake controls them into picking up the magic tears, the tears are spilled on the trio, whom are all cured of paralysis, and any other ailments including Ice Kings madness due to the crown. Ice king becomes a human again, and meets princess bubble gum and...
  • The episodes do go in order, and the Tree Trunks episodes weren't a two-parter. Go read The Bus Came Back.

Ice King will be returned to a human after meeting P.B. she will be reminded of her past as Betty
I argue that Betty or Princess Bonnibell Bubblegum are the same person and that as she aged and choped her body to un age and then aged some more, she forgot who she was, but eventualy remebered one letter, "the B". That is why noone ever sees her parents or even knows of them. She had became made of bubblegum during the war, a lil experiment she made, since bubble gum stands the test of time, as seen in the episode of Ben 10 when prof. parodox had to stop the time monster, and he used bubblegum to slow it down, she turned herself into Bubble gum for this reason, but before that she tested it on the candy people of today. They lost their memeory over time and looked up to the tallest smartest person in their same predicament, a life of permanent candiedness. Thus the candy kingdom was built by P.B. reenacting her experiment to become candy on the land instead of a person. She latter goes on to experiment with other things like fruit (lemongrab) and potentially humans (finn) you know just in case she ever wants to turn back. She can never love Finn becasue he is probably just an experiment to her, and any good scientist knows not to become attached to your work.
  • sigh

The next time we see the Ice King, it'll involve Finn and Jake trying to bring back Simon.
Given that Finn was joyous when he discovered Susan was (probably) human, he'll do whatever it takes for the Ice King to be cured. Given how much of a Woobie the Ice King is, expect a Bittersweet Ending.

The whole series is the product of a hallucinating and insane Simon Petrikov
.The reason why the series is the way it is is due to Simon thinking that he's in a fantasy game. He's currently in a mental institution, with the crown representing how trapped he is.
  • The setting is weird because of how much Simon has lost touch with reality. He may be a Dungeons and Dragons fan.
  • Finn, Jake and the Ice King are Simon Petrikov's Freudian Trio. Finn is obviously his superego, Jake's balanced nature would make him his ego and the Ice King is his id. Considering Finn's Chick Magnet status and Ice King's princess kidnapping, this would seem to hint at a Covert Pervert nature
  • Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess are avatars for Betty. Lady Rainicorn is Betty back when he was still sane, hence why she is dating his ego Jake. Princess Bubblegum is an approximation of Betty in the present. Finn's Unrequited Love symbolizes his inability to go back to Betty. Flame Princess is the embodiment of Betty's hostility towards him. She's a recent addition because Simon is trying to come to terms with this. Flame Princess Taking A Level In Kindness would suggest Betty is being more sympathetic to her former boyfriend. Bubblegum's candy nature hints to Betty having a sweet tooth. Rainicorn speaking in Korean is a sign that he can't talk with her anymore.
  • Many of the secondary characters are people/items Simon grew up with and/or worked with. Marceline was the sexy, popular Perky Goth. Lumpy Space Princess was a fat(in a good way) Valley Girl who thought she was quite popular, and while somewhat of a jerk she did get along with Simon. There may be some Parental Neglect. BMO is a nostalgic video game console(take your pick) that he's had since childhood, and has kept in the mental institution. Ash is Betty's new boyfriend, set up with Marceline for Plausible Deniability. The real Ash is much nicer, but has been demonized out of envy.
  • The Candy People represent both the other people in the institution and the people in charge. Peppermint Butler is one of the psychologists. Being Ambiguously Evil hints that he isn't popular with the patients. Starchie is in charge of determining what will happen to the patients, and thus is equated with being the gravedigger. The Banana Guards keep the asylum safe. Goliad is a sociopath who interrogates the patients, while Stormo plays the good cop to her bad cop. As for the mentally insane: Cinnamon Bun was once normal, but suffered a severe head blow, leading to his stupidity. The Tart Toter was the previous leader of the institution, who's gone mad from a severe bout of insanity. Princess Cookie was arrested for assault and bank heist, but was found legally insane and placed here. Lemongrab is naturally the craziest of all the patients. He's really Betty's brother, who she eventually came to peace with
  • Some of the deadlier villains are real-life dangers. The Magic Man is a deranged Faux Affably Evil Serial Killer who uses his charm to attract and later butcher people. Hunson Abadeer is leader of a mafia gang and, like in the show, Marceline's estranged father. Scorcher is an assassin. The Freak Deer was a rabid flock of deer that invaded the asylum. Ricardio is a psychotic would-be rapist. The Lich is not a person, but the negative emotions of Simon Petrikov. The Lich embodies the fear and self-hatred that he has. Should the Lich succeed in destroying all life, it would mean that Simon will either lose touch with reality completely, or give up on life in its entirety.

Natasha Allegri is a troll, and possibly a troper.
She is quite internet savvy, so it wouldn't surprise me if she liked to troll occasionally. She may have helped with the Shrug of God that is Bubbleine: she knows us on the internet are interested in homosexual subtext, and decided to mess with our heads by not confirming it. As for troping, while she may not know this site, she could know the basis of tropes. Who knows, maybe she has Wild Mass Guessing entries!
  • shhhh i don't want you guys to know i'm hereeee

The Werewolf Queen was Billy's equivalent to Marceline, and is likely to be similarly immortal and hanging around Ooo somewhere.
Considering the other similarities he's shown to have had with Finn, it seems like too obvious a theory not to have represented here.

Adventure Time is an alternate version of The Legend of Zelda. is what I mean:

Finn is like a non-magical version of Link.

Jake = Link.

Princess Bubblegum = Princess Zelda.

Ice King = Gannon/Ganon/Ganondorf.

And everything else might resemble some sort of deity from the Legend of Zelda. Or not. My guess.

And to me, the title screen seems somewhat LoZ-like.

Most will not agree.

Bonnibel is playing the same Kuudere game with all three neighbors.
  • Towards Finn: Hug, hug, hug, hug, kiss, hug, hug, hug, how dare you put your head in my lap?
  • Towards Marceline: "Why do I want to?" Why indeed?
  • Towards the Ice King: Oh look, undefended princess here, flashes ankle.

This way none of the other powers in Ooo can attack the Candy Kingdom, because they'd have to overcome one of Bonnibel's suitors first.

1001 Adventure Time nights
The truth is that Bonnibel has been captured by the Ice King and he's trying to consummate the relationship, but she is distracting him with the stories she tells of the Finn and Jake characters she has made up.

Jake will propose to Lady Rainicorn in season 4
As a dog of age 4 or 5, he'll feel like he can't waste too much time without her and she may be looking for more of a commitment. When Finn hears this, he'll be anxious about Jake never going adventuring again with him and or leaving the treehouse and just him mainly being an adventurer and living with Beemo and (whenever she feels like it) Marceline.
  • Given that he's gotten her pregnant, this is seeming more likely.

The Ice King will be turned back into a normal human...
With a normal 600-1000 year old human body, which will be too frail to support him, leading to his death. But at least he'll die as himself.

Jake got his stretchy powers from eating [One Piece|Devil Fruit].
  • Finn will learn how to wield all three of his swords at the same time.
  • Flame Princess' given name is Nami

All of Jakes family has powers
Jake got stretchy powers other members have other powers

The Lich will kill a major character in the season 4 finale
The Lich acts as Ooo's grim reaper of sorts that will destroy everyone that gets in the way of his ultimate goal of ruling over Ooo. The last time The Lich was featured, he nearly took Bubblegum's life by way of Demonic Possession. Finn, Jake, and the Ice King had their butts kicked trying to fight The Lich alone after he possessed Bubblegum and he nearly destroyed the entirety of the Candy Kingdom. Also, he destroyed Billy's gauntlet which Princess Bubblegum pretty much stated was the supposed only way to defeat The Lich. This time around, The Lich will stop at nothing to reach his goal, having being denied twice. Also, he will be fully powered. And when someone tries to fight back, he will ultimately kill them off so that he will be able to control Ooo once and for all. My guess is that Ice King will be the one, seeing as though he was the one that helped Finn defeat him before.

Finn will lose his arm in a battle
This one comes from the case that Princess Bubblegum's vision of the Lich came true in Mortal Folly. If Jake's vision (It's Lady Rainicorn riding a horse) also comes true, then it is only a matter of when it will happen, who will do it, and why?
  • Not to mention Train talking about bionic limbs, that's sure to come back at that point.

Finn's memory vault will be an episode
Expect to be dark as hell, as he stores all his unpleasant memories in there. Maybe Marceline and Jake go in there like in "Memory of a Memory" to help him store all of them back in.
  • There is a Lich episode coming at the end of the season and from what we know about him being mind controller, it isn't too improbable. We may even get some glimpses at why Finn was abandoned in the forest.

Flame Princess will somehow be magically transformed into human in a future episode

Marcie will achieve the ultimate sunblock with a ring that turns her invisible.
  • Unfortunately, this ring will be the source of the Lich's powers and they'll need to make a trip to the Fire Kingdom to destroy it.
    • I somehow doubt the writers will go as far as to completely rip-off Lord of the Rings. But if that were the case...the Lich will want it back and he'll need stand in Ringwraiths. Finn will be Gollum/Boromir, seeking to use the power for himself to fight evil, but it is still an evil source of power, so it may inadvertantly corrupt him and Ice King will be a weird Gandalf.

We will learn where Little Marcie heard "I'm hurting you because I love you".
And we won't like it one little bit.
  • Ditto for "Handel is my only friend." (Being said by a little girl by herself in a forest.)

Adventure Time is a tale about how Finn became a great Hero told in the future
Ever noticed those little angel wings Finn and Jake have in the first logo card? Or how Cuber (The big-headed character from "Five Short Graybles") talked about "days of old"? Finn and Jake are long dead, but died heroically and this is their story.

Cotton Candy Princess is the mother of Bubblegum Princess.
On the other side, Bonnibelle is the aunt of the Flame Princess because her father was the Fire Count?
  • Nope, Billy is her father. (And is also the father of her half-brother Finn and her half-sisters Flame Princess and Susan.)
  • Is an elderly CCP the gray haired woman in the picture with a younger seeming PB in the scene in Susan Strong when Finn is explaining his plan to scare off the fish folk? (If so she has moved from a princess style crown to a more royal one and would be the Cotton Candy Queen.)

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