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The Candy people came to life from the same process that Finn used on that poor sandwich.
The Cyclops has been around since the great mushroom war and his tears "heal" inanimate objects with the aspect of humanity. (The most humanoid of these, such as Bonnibelle, are the result of cross-breeding with humans.)
  • Humanity Ensues has also shown to be the work of the ice crown (Snowlems) and even simple thunderstorms (Neptr).

Finn is the alternate universe version of Kamandi
Blonde boy is the last hope for humanity? Dog best friend?

Finn's version of The Hero's Journey is at Road of Trials
  • The Shapeshifter: Jake
  • The Goddess: Bubblegum
  • The Temptress: Marcie
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  • Atonement With the Father: Billy
  • A Leave Your Quest Test: Coming up next

Lemongrab is somewhere on the autism spectrum.
In all seriousness, this WOULD explain a whole lot.
  • Lemongraspie?
    • Lemongrautism.
  • Either that, or he's just brain-damaged.
    • It would be easier noting the mental illnesses he doesn't have.

Lemongrab will be revealed to have an exceedingly depressing backstory that rivals the Ice King's in terms of Tear Jerker-ness.
From what's been implied via Word of God, and inferences from Too Young, his life is pretty damn sad and bleak.
  • This troper predicts that the upcoming episode "You Made Me!" will be just this.

Simon Petrikov was a musician, and this is one of the few things the Ice King remembers.
He's been shown to be an awesome drummer, plays a bit of piano, and has musical instruments lying around his castle- indicating his favorite pastime (aside from stealing princesses.)

Intentionally or not, Princess Bubblegum abused Lemongrab.
Either she outright abused her failed experiment, or she just handled the situation VERY poorly. After he was "born," he was shown to have panicked and screamed hysterically, and she wasn't shown comforting him. After this event, all we know is that "Princess Bubblegum stuck him in Castle Lemongrab," which indicates that he lived outside of the kingdom in isolation- which probably didn't do his naturally isolated, awkward self any good. After he came to claim the candy kingdom throne, Princess Bubblegum scolded him- even though she knows that he's "special," to put it nicely, and it's his job to take the throne whether he, or anyone else, likes it or not. After this, she makes his job even more stressful by pranking him- often using pranks that involve physical pain. Even though he's a terrible ruler, keep in mind that it isn't his fault he sucks at ruling the kingdom- it's PB's. It doesn't seem as if she's too willing to try to help him be a better ruler, or a better person. She essentially created him wrong, then set his whole life up for failure by isolating him, and blaming his problems on him. She also very rudely fired him, and he was clearly upset about that. Lemongrab MAY be the biggest asshole in Adventure Time, but Princess Bubblegum is the worst parent in Adventure Time.

Finn and PB were the "bad guys" in Too Young.
If we look at the episode from the perspective of the earl, he isn't a bad guy at all. He's just an inexperienced, immature jerkass who was assigned a job he was completely incapable of doing- ruling a kingdom. Despite despising everybody, he came to rule the kingdom anyway, by order of Princess Bubblegum and Candy Kingdom Law. He genuinely tried to rule to the best of his ability and get the castle cleaned up and orderly, but he was just too dumb to realize how obnoxious he was, and how he was harming people. He was trying to do the right thing, though. Instead of pulling Lemongrab aside and giving him some pointers on how to rule a kingdom, PB made him the "bad guy," and agreed to go along with Finn and prank him. At worst, Lemongrab was a Punch-Clock Villain; and he's not even a villain- just an unsympathetic nuisance. There really could have been better ways of handling the "psychologically disturbed idiot is ruling a kingdom" problem, but instead, PB and Finn decided to upset the guy- who was unstable and touchy to begin with- even more. And they made him cry, and caused him to fall out of a window and slam his head into the ground. The earl is an idiot, and a mean idiot, but by no stretch of the imagination is he a bad person or deserving of any abuse. The fact that he's mentally screwed-up should have been a red flag to Finn AND PB that, maybe, the guy isn't doing too well and needs some help.
  • On the other hand, Finn and PB were both 13 in that episode. What do you want from them, encyclopedic knowledge of the DSM-IV?

Muscle Princess is an MTF transsexual.
In all seriousness, that would explain the low voice, and other things.

LSP sounds like a stereotypically gay guy, because Pen is a man doing a lady voice, so Lumpy Space Prince will sound like a butch lesbian.
This troper predicts that Natasha Allegri will supply his voice.

Marceline's Dad was a good friend of Abraham Lincoln.
There is a photo of him and (presumably) Lincoln in "Return to the Nightosphere"

The mentally ill of the Candy Kingdom, led by Lemongrab and the Tart Toter, will start a revolution against Princess Bubblegum in retaliation for having their basic needs neglected. Lemongrab becomes something of a martyr for this cause, in a manner similar to Dorothea Dix. This will lead to Princess Bubblegum actually doing something about the issue of the mentally ill- she will build mental hospitals and employ therapists in the Candy Kingdom.
That would be pretty damn epic.
  • Could be part of "You Made Me".

Princess Bubblegum and Finn will be together eventually. When Finn gets older, and becomes an adult like Princess Bubblegum, the princess will become attracted to him, and her feelings for him will deepen.
  • It's been shown that Princess Bubblegum cares for Finn deeply, and possibly even loves him in the manner of loving family. She also has great admiration and respect for him. Her feelings for Finn could change when he becomes older. This troper has been holding out for Fubblegum ever since the pilot, many moons ago.
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  • Note that between Wizard Battle and Incendium, PB got a lot more leery of physical contact with Finn. As Finn hasn't changed all that much, what did she learn in the meantime? (Is her half-human from his side of the family? Billy?)

Finn and Flame Princess will end up together. The Ice King will grow up and stop being a butt, and stop kidnapping princesses. The Ice King and Princess Bubblegum will end up together, and live happily ever after.

Cinnamon Bun is brain-damaged.
This was shown on the Fridge Horror page of Adventure Time. In The Enchiridion, Cinnamon Bun is shown attempting a backflip. He fails, and hits his head really hard. Episodes after that, he's slow, speaks in slurred speech, and is extremely unintelligent.

The Lich will kill The Ice King at the end of season 4.
For the most part, except for the romantic plots which never really went anywhere, the end of season 3 (except for Holly Jolly Secrets), and season 4, have been pretty padded out with lighter episodes about comedy and love and general cuteness. They wouldn't bring back the Lich just so the Lich can fight and then be defeated. The creators have yet to kill off a main character, and they may just kill off the Ice King. The Ice King is not one of the main gang- he's an Ensemble Dark Horse in his own world. He isn't nearly as popular as Finn, Jake, Marceline, and PB, or even LSP. But he's still a beloved enough character that the fans will mourn his death, and still keep watching the show. The creators have been carefully saving the opportunity to kill a main character- and the Lich will do just that.
  • If this happens, he will become Simon Petrikov again for a brief moment just before the end, just to wring as much out of it as possible.
Pen Ward is suffering from a break up, or falling out with someone he loved more than family.
I offer this as 'my' explanation for the latest episodes and their veer from adventure to romance, and happy lovely endings.
  • However: Dream of Love was "Written/boarded by Somvilay Xayaphone & @younblo."
  • It's also worth noting that episodes as early as Season 1 dealt with romantic themes and Pen Ward himself rarely writes the episodes. Fans really need to do the research...

Ice King has been hiding his half-human daughter whom he sired off a snow golem.
This Snow Princess will then be kidnapped, which will teach him a lesson. Later she joins Finn's harem.

Marceline's Dad is a butthead.
Just look at him.
  • Note how it's somebody else who gets a head shaped like a heart-shaped bottom when she wields that power...

Lady Quiet-Bottom is all gummed up inside.
Hence her attitude. Heck, she can't even test her own sandwiches.

The Jiggler was attracted by the call of a related computer.
That is growing inside Finn.

"Rainy Day Daydream" was a thinly-veiled allegory for imaginative children with ADHD, Jake's "emotionless" state was a reference to the side effects of medications like Ritalin, and the moral of the episode was for parents: "Don't force meds on your kids."
The creators denied this, but this troper sees a very obvious theme in there. Especially with Jake's "That's bad parenting, Mama!" line.

At some point Finn will admit to being a powerful wizard.
He's learned spells in Wizard and Frozen Blades so at some point he's going to be sans sword and simply start casting spells. Most likely he'll be back to back with PB, who will also drop the act of being helpless and also be casting spells.

While I am doubtful this would happen, it is food for a thought since they're shifting the focusing more on Flame Princess and Finn.
  • I was right
    • Marceline didn't stay in the Nightosphere...
      • Though she did state a reason for avoiding Finn (and hence the focus of the show) for a while.

Flame Princess will be viewed by fans as a Replacement Scrappy for Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Ice King
One could argue that she "seems evil, but is actually sad" and has an evil royal father like Marceline, she is 13 and a love interest of Finn like Princess Bubblegum, and is a sociopath with elemental powers like the Ice King.

Lemongrab was born an alcoholic.
His name in the Italian dub is "Limoncello," which is a kind of liquor. Princess Bubblegum said he's an experiment gone wrong. What if he was accidentally created with an addiction to alcohol? That might explain his effed-up personality and mannerisms. But he has the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal, because, being a kid's show character, he isn't allowed to drink. Inversely, he may be drinking whenever we don't see him. This troper is not being serious at all, but it is an interesting thought. This is a sad and hilarious "explanation" for his.. er, "uniqueness."

BMO was The Football.
BMO was that football. He caused the Great Mushroom War.

The Nightosphere is a corrupted Superjail.
It was taken over by the Demons during the Great Mushroom War and was warped into a world of their liking.

Hunson is a Shipperon Deck.
He's pushing his candidate for his daughter's hand a little too hard, and so she's resisting it.
  • Or he's hopped up on crystal method acting (like treetrunks) and did all of these into further mind-raping his baby daughter into doubting her own feelings for Finn.

Marcie's mom is stuck in the Nightosphere.
Hunson found out about this AFTER the fries incident and so is determined that either he or Marcie MUST retain the power until mom can get unstuck.

The amulet does NOT grant Marcie any powers.
The amulet restrains her full powers. Marcie can go all One-Winged Angel without the amulet, but her dad cannot. After the fries incident, she went and did something so very very very bad that making her the lord of the Nightosphere is much much better than relying on her own considerable self control.
  • Hunson is shown wearing his current suit while holding baby Marcie. She was born with the connection and just needs to get her skanky ass down to Atlantis to restore the power source.
  • And Hunson is holding Hambo hostage. He'll hand Hambo to Marcie as a last resort, should she lose control of her powers and start destroying everything. (Who else would pay so much for an old doll?)
  • The Axe is also an instrument of power (triple pun intended) and this is why it causes the family to fight over it.

Marceline was raped by her dad.
This troper's theory is just a theory, but it's still pretty freaky, even if it is implausible. The Fry Song was a euphemism about her virginity being taken by her father after he was emotionally neglectful. Just replace "at my fries" with "raped me," and the song is terrifying. But what about Marceline's memory of her dad eating her fries, you may ask? Simple- her father brainwashed her and planted a false memory. But she still knows JUST enough, and remembers just enough, to feel uneasy around him. This makes Hunson Abadeer more than just a villain with a soft spot for his daughter- it makes him the complete monster his title indicates he is. And what is more evil than raping one's child?
  • "They weren't even very good. They were really cold."

In "You Made Me," Lemongrab will be de-ageified, in the same way PB was in Mortal Recoil.
Partially inspired by a funny doodle I drew of PB towering over a young Lemongrab, telling him "I'LL be in charge until you turn 18 again!" Also inspired by a recent piece of fanart on DA of PB holding a baby LG. Okay... My theory is that Lemongrab isn't crazy or weird. He's quite literally a very young child trapped in the body, and authoritative position, of an adult. That is where PB went wrong. She imposed an adult position on somebody who was only about a year old. My theory is that PB will realize this, and de-ageify Lemongrab, making him a lot younger; either as a young child, or as a baby, so his body will be the same age as his mind. She'll take him back to the Candy Kingdom and raise him properly, so he grows to be a well-adjusted person.

The Ice King and Marceline are friends/rivals that go way back, and they enjoy playing music together and teasing each other. And the Ice King performed the Fry Song bad on purpose because he was gently teasing Marcy.
He's been shown to be a decent musician.

Cotton Candy Princess is the mother of Bubblegum Princess.
  • An elderly CCP the gray haired woman in the picture with a younger seeming PB in the scene in Susan Strong when Finn is explaining his plan to scare off the fish folk. (At that point she had moved from a princess style crown to a more royal one and would be the Cotton Candy Queen.)

Ice King's pretend telephone is from the Nightosphere.
You know, the banana from Loyalty to the King.

Billys Song was prophetic about Finn's deeds.... kinda.
It seems that there are certent things that Finn has done in his time as a hero that parallels to Billys deeds. Yet, each one has a rather different outcome or way it comes to be than what Billy did.

Among other things, he has

  • Slayed a evil ocean (As in, his emotions about them.)

  • Casted down the Lich (With help each time: eventualy he will deal with it one-on-one.)

  • Fought Fire Kingdom nobility ( To be exact, Jake delt with the evil ruler proper: Finn fought with Flame Princess because of his mistake in letting her out of her cage/glass container.)

  • Gained a piece of Princess hair (In a rushed manner without much heroics involved.)

  • Oh, and he fought a bear (Verbally.)

"You Made Me!" will be about Princesss Bubblegum having to spend quality time with Lemongrab as a true mother.
Though not willingly of course.
  • Would the antisocial Lemongrab willingly spend time with anybody- let alone the person who made him, then pushed him down on the floor, made him cry, spice-bombed his meal, and called him a "butt" just after firing him?
    • Perhaps Finn, upon learning about their complicated relationship, decides to intervene, and MAKE them spend time with each other- like how he did with LSP and Breakfast Princess in "Bacon Fields."

The Lich will use The Enchiridion to find out Finn's weaknesses and be able to either possess his body or kill him.
  • However the Enchiridion's author, Billy, will show up to help Finn out.
  • Alternative to the above Flame Princess will show up to save Finn, because the weakness from The Enchiridion will only work on heroes, and as stated before Flame Princess is not a hero, meaning she'd catch the Lich of guard.

The family axe was hidden in the cave Finn and Jake took over in Evicted.
Hence Marcie's reaction to their taking of her cave.

Pen from the pilot, and the characters of the same name who had different voices, were real people imagined and made real by Jake... who were then turned into zombies that later wreaked havoc on the Candy Kingdom. The zombie Finn that a few eagle-eyed fans saw was actually Pen as a zombie.
Makes you think about the pilot a little differently, don't it?

The Electric Company network is a living thing.
It's been regrowing itself ever since the fall of man.
  • The other alternatives are A Wizard Did It. The Ice King assumes that there should be a utility network, so he simply sets one up wherever he goes.
  • Or goblins setup a phone at Finn's place just so they'd have a bat line to call when attacked by rampaging princesses.

Princess is not a term for royalty.
A thousand years in the future prince/princess is a term used to indicate Elemental Embodiment. Whomever best represents some element is called the prince or princess of it.

Based on the Came Back Wrong ressurection theory of Lemongrab mentioned above, Lemongrab is Pen from the pilot.

The Lich will take over the giant snails from Slow Love.
Snorelox will return possessed and or zombified for the win.

The Snail has something to do with Billy.
It just makes sense to me. I don't think that Bill and the Snail were brothers, but it was probably more like the Snail was his apprentice or the guy created weapons or he was a wizard or something to Billy. However, when Billy lost all hope for fighting evil and took up non-violent resistance, the Snail started looking for a new hero. He eventually found Finn and Jake, and was observing them, knowing that they would be the greatest heroes of their modern day. Sadly, he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and the Lich found the Snail and took control of his body, because only the Snail knows how to make a new Weapon to defeat him. — Dingo Walley

Lemongrab is the Dark Lord Inglip.
An eccentric, tyrannical, confusing dictator with extremely specific interests and a strange manner of talking? Princess Bubblegum's Frankenstein's Idiot is actually the living incarnation of Lord Inglip!

Ice King will eventually find someone who genuinely loves him without obtaining them through illegal means.
Finn and Jake will think he's got her in an evil way, but in the end, find out he didn't and, to his surprise, let him stay with her because it means he'll finally be happy. After this, he'll pull a full Heel–Face Turn.
  • And that person will be the reincarnation of Betty!

Goliad is a sort of clone of Princess Bubblegum, except pre-school age.
Which explains why she was voiced by Isabella Acres (thirteen-year-old PB's voice actress), and why Jake was at a daycare.
  • Goliad was voiced by someone else.

Princess Monster Wife is some kind of embodiment of Betty's spirit
It just really seems this way due to her line at the end of her episode: "Although my parts are scattered, I will always be your wife." Plus, there had to be some way that she has her own identity separate from the princess parts that make her up.

The bear from "In Your Footsteps" is related to the bear that Billy fought.
Well, Billy fought both the Lich and a bear.

Someday Bubblegum and Finn will have a child where their genetic alignments cancel out to unaligned.

The Lich will use one of the Candy Sphinxes' bodies as a vessel
Think about it, two perfectly good, ultra-intelligent, immortal, psychic-powered hosts. And if the Lich is as cruel as we can guess, he'll use Stormo's body to make Finn kill his own "son" and break him.

Candy people DNA is secretly evil
In "Golidad" we see Cinnamon Bun being used briefly as an ingredient and we know that PB is likely a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Maybe its just DNA for them, maybe something deep and disturbing lies in them...
  • The only candy person we know for sure is not evil is Lemongrab- and that's only because Word of God claimed "Lemongrab isn't evil. Just completely unadjusted to living." So if the ONLY non-evil candy person is an asshole and a douche... well, that kind of says something about the Candy People, doesn't it?

Finn will call out the Princess in "You Made Me!"
Both Finn and Lemongrab have abandonment issues. Finn could be open to hearing Lemongrab's side of the story after the "Holly Jolly Secrets" event and will be very pissed off at PB, maybe even calling her a monster.
  • I. Love. This. Theory!
    • Why would Lemongrab tearfully recount his Glob-awful life story to the unacceptable little brat who assaulted him for doing the job he was told to do? There would have to be a really good reason for Finn to interact with LG, because LG probably wants nothing to do with him.
  • Maybe even forcing Princess Bubblegum to explain why she is apathetic towards the mentally handicapped. Which, as I said in a previous WMG, I think is because she's Betty cursed and the mentally ill remind her of Simon Petrikov going insane.
  • Perhaps PB will see the error of her ways, and invite Lemongrab to live with her in the Candy Castle, so she can teach him the ways of a proper ruler and a civilized person, and agree to be nice to him as long as he doesn't act like a douche or yell at anyone. He'll accept the invitation. But once Lemongrab discovers that living with his mom in the Candy Castle will involve... nnnngh... social interaction, he'll get freaked out, panic, and flee- returning to his own isolated castle. With no hard feelings, he and PB will both have a "Well... I tried" feeling about the situation.

Princess Bubblegum will accidentally kill Lemongrab in "You Made Me!"
After they make up yadda yadda yadda etc..., PB will invite Lemongrab to the Candy Castle, where she tells him that she has invented a serum that could help balance the chemicals and correctly connect the neurons in LG's brain. Lemongrab will agree, glad that he will become normal for the first time in his life. However, PB's serum is ANOTHER case of Gone Horribly Wrong, and it ends up accidentally killing Lemongrab. Obviously, PB won't be happy about this, and the episode will be the saddest one since Holly Jolly Secrets II. The poor bastard's funeral, however, will totally be played for laughs, as everyone soon realizes that they have absolutely NOTHING good to say about Lemongrab, because even though he was the innocent victim of a terrible tragedy, he was still a jerk and a douche. PB will promise not to play God again, for fear of ruining someone else's life. Finn will feel slightly resentful of PB after this.

Lemongrab is neither an idiot NOR a jerkass- he's a troll.
Lemongrab isn't a stupid, inconsiderate jerk... He's actually a huge troll, and has been playing a cruel joke on everybody this whole time by pretending to be mentally unstable. He's now sitting in Castle Lemongrab, laughing his ass off and thinking of new ways to mess with Princess Bubblegum and the other Candy People.

Finn is a Papermaster.
Hence his huge skill with paper airplanes. The next girl he falls for will be Anita King, but she'll explain she doesn't swing that way.

"You Made Me!" will be a giant Take That! to the Lemongrab apologists.
PB will feel bad for her previous treatment of Lemongrab, and invite him to stay in the Candy Kingdom. This leads to Lemongrab annoying the candy people and ruining everything he is around and blames PB for all of it with the blanket term "YOU MADE ME!" as an excuse. The episode will then end with a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech from PB to Lemongrab, stating that his Ambiguous Disorder doesn't excuse his horrible behavior, and banish him from the Candy Kingdom.
  • Maybe we'll learn exactly WHY he was living in Castle Lemongrab in the first place. Maybe he was so rude to PB that he actually made her cry or something, so she gave him a massive time-out in an isolated castle, until he promised to behave better. Perhaps PB will see Lemongrab harassing the castle staff, and she'll slap him, and unleash an epic Take That speech to not only him, but also to his fanbase. Then she'll banish him, and we'll never see him again.

PB will use Finn and Susan's DNA to clone a young human girl, who will later marry Finn and begin the repopulation of the human race.
We saw that PB is capable of cloning using human DNA.
  • Given that Susan Strong has a lot of similarities to Finn, this has a lot of awkward implications written all over it.

"You Made Me!" will explore both sides of the Lemongrab issue- from his perspective, and PB's perspective. We'll finally see things from his point of view, and it will be sad. But he'll be even MORE of an asshole than he was in Too Young, because he's let his anger fester into full-blown misanthropy and mental illness. There will be a lot of grey morality- on one hand, we will feel very sorry for him, but on the other, he'll be even more rude and mean. All of the fan opinions of PB and LG will be touched upon to some extent, and the fans will be left to decide if PB was justified in treating him the way she did, or if LG is justified in being an angry jerk who despises everything.
Okay. We all know that fan opinions on Lemongrab are radically mixed. We have opinions from both sides of the spectrum- the "Leave Lemongrab alone!" ones, and the "I hate Lemongrab!" opinions. Most theories about "You Made Me!" are mostly biased to either one or the other. But this troper predicts that it will be a more or less unbiased episode with a lot of grey morality. In the same way we saw the Ice King's jerkass status AND his woobie status analyzed, toyed with, and explored, we will see the same thing happen to LG in "You Made Me!". All perspectives will be shown, and nobody in particular is painted as "the bad guy." The fans will be left to decide their own opinions and debate amongst themselves, in the same manner that they debate over whether the Ice King is an idiot but still a good guy, or an immature douche, or both. Hell- even the creators of the show all have different opinions about LG! This could make things very interesting and conflicting in an episode that apparently centers around the yellow weirdo and his complicated relationship with PB.
  • It's nice to read about a "You Made Me!" theory that isn't violently anti-Lemongrab OR passionately Hail Lemongrab. Can't there EVER be some neutral ground to interpretations of him? He's a jerk, but he's deeply troubled and not evil. He's deeply troubled and he may not be evil, but he's still a jerk. That's all there is to it. He may not be a psychotic monster hell-bent on imprisoning everyone and taking the throne for his own selfish reasons, and he may not be INTENTIONALLY mean, but he's still a butt. He isn't a saint. He's a big, round lemon butt. Sheesh... He's like the Ice King: we can empathize with him because of his (very serious) problems, but we can still laugh at him for being such a drama queen, and for failing epically.
Lemongrab is somehow related to the Lemongrab-esque Nightosphere demons.
People on this site have noticed the eerie similarity between Lemongrab and some of the Nightosphere demons- the dull almond-shaped eyes and lemon-shaped heads. That's probably more to do with Jesse Moynihan's esthetics and personal drawing style; note that he boarded Too Young and Return to the Nightosphere. It's uncanny at best, eerie at worst. Perhaps one of those derpy lemon demons somehow escaped from the Nightosphere and slunk into that vial of life serum PB poured onto Lemongrab. Maybe he has some kind of connection to the Nightosphere and those derpy lemon demons. Not the scary ones- the ones that were flailing on the floor like deranged babies. Perhaps Lemongrab himself is a minor, (relatively) harmless and stupid demon from the Nightosphere!

Doctor Princess is, in reality, BETTY
First of all, the two look quite a bit alike. Both have glasses, for instance. In one of the pictures seen in Simon's videos, Betty is seen wearing a lab coat of some kind, implying that she is a scientist. ...OR A DOCTOR. Dr. Princess wears a lab coat. Both wear a sweater-turtleneck thing. And, Dr. Princess really seems to be the only one in all of Ooo to actually be nice to the Ice King (until his interpretation of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride").I'm actually very surprised that no one else has ever thought of this.How could this have happened? If you look at Dr. Princess, she seems to be wearing an amulet or something on her head. Well, if Simon found a crown that turned him into the Ice King and destroyed his mind, why couldn't he and/or Betty have found an amulet that would have a similar, though less severe, effect on Betty, turning her into Doctor Princess?Really, it's FAR more likely than most of the other ideas on here...

Finn was sent into the future during the Great Mushroom War.
He was sent so that humanity would have a hope for the future.

The end of the series will be happy.
I'm a sucker for a happy ending, so this may come across as really cheesy. First of all, Finn will be older, since he ages in real time, and he will end up with Princess Bubblegum (not Flame Princess, it's personal preference). Princess Bubblegum and Marceline will make up for whatever caused a rift between them. Betty will be found frozen, and the Ice King will be freed from the crown's curse and revert back to being Simon, so they could be together. It will end with a sort of The Adventure Continues tone.
  • Perhaps there will be a sequel? "The Legend of Cinnamon Bun?"
  • I support that, but with Cinnamon Bun being Cinnamon Bun, it wouldn't last too long.
  • How about Adventure Time: The Legend of Shelby?
  • The Legend of Lemongrab!
  • The Legend of Sir Slicer!

Dogs were created to defend humanity
Well, Dogs are man's best friend, several magic and super natural creatures exist after the mushroom war, there is no evidence of functioning modern weapons. Sometime after the mushroom war humans genetically modified dogs to make them sentient and give them stretching/growing powers in order to help protect themselves from the various monsters and other new species in the world. Further evidence may be assumed by looking at the Raincorn/Dog war, raincorns eat humans, and they fought a war with dogs, which could potentially mean that they fought with dogs over some of the last remaining humans. Perhaps Jake's father and/or mother fought in the war and adopted Finn during it after all remaining humans were wiped out or simply became too dispersed to find Finn a human family.

Doctor Betty was deliberately designed to bear resemblance to Princess Bubblegum AND Betty, just to troll you guys.
Seems legit.

Finn is the son of Thor.
The unnatural strength, blonde locks. He is Finnegan Thorson.

The rogue cookie is working for Lemongrab.
That cookie is another one of PB's failed experiments, and he lives in Lemongrab (because LG apparently rules over PB's failures.) Lemongrab has resented PB for treating him badly. He couldn't care less about taking the throne. But he ordered the cookie to take the crown and take hostages as a means of getting the princess's attention. After The Reveal, the whole thing is shown to be Lemongrab's idea, and this will be what sets the plot of "You Made Me!" into action.
  • Do you seriously think Lemongrab smart enough to actually think of any kind of plan?
    • Jooooossed. A message to the Lemongrab Brigade: chill. He will be back in You Made Me!. Most likely, he isn't coming back before then.

The Lady and the Vamp.
During a montage sequence with Ode to Joy as the background music, Lady will fly around turning things red, that Marcie then sucks the life out of.

The episode "Help" will have to do with "helping" Ice King return to sanity.
Because c'mon, someone really needs to get on that!

Lemongrab isn't coming back until "You Made Me!".
Okay, Lemongrab fans. So far, you've predicted (incorrectly) that Lemongrab was going to be in every new episode so far. He isn't coming back until his Day in the Limelight episode. He won't be back before then. You can calm down now. Just imagine that you're in the ocean, and you're weightless, surrounded by tiny little seahorses... Shhh... There, there; he'll be back. Just be patient. It's only a few more weeks, a month or two at the most.

Lemongrab will probably be an unwitting pawn of The Lich.
This isn't a real stretch as the Lich has previously shown his manipulative side by by tricking the bear into giving him the Enchiridion, as probably Lemongrab might take something off of Finn, Jake, or PB and us, the viewers, will only believe it to be more of LG's jerkiness until the very end of the episode where he gives the object to the snail. Considering Lemongrab's inability to read social cues and his general idiocy, the guy's the kind of wreck can be manipulated like a lump of play-doh for someone with enough patience to deal with him overall, what better at patience than an undead fiend who can Body Surf into other people and who's ultimate goal is THE ERADICATION OF ALL LIFE. Worse yet, even if LG knows all about the Lich's plans, his mental handicap prevents him from understanding the sheer enormity of what the Lich is going to do.....and when he realizes it, he'll find that his Jerkass behavior made everyone prefer DEATH over him saving their lives.......
  • Holy shit. What if the Lich possesses Lemongrab next, and somehow uses Lemongrab's authoritative position to his own advantage? Lemongrab WOULD be the last person anyone would expect to do something catastrophic, being the idiot manchild he is...

Goliad is the show's Godzilla Threshold
When Goliad was explaining her reasoning for her Start of Darkness, she killed a bee and then resurrect it, perfectly normal, with only a thought. ALREADY this makes her possibly equal in power to the Lich, and since he's devious and intelligent enough to have precautions against everything that has bested him before, the only thing the heroes can do to beat him would be to risk braking out the insanely powerful psychic Lawful Evil Physical God out of its psychic battle against the other one made to entrap the first. And HOO BOY, the battle WILL be the most epic villain fight in the history of television cartoons.

The Ash that Finn, Jake, and Marceline attacked at the end of "Memory of a Memory" isn't really Ash.
But it's his duplicate.
  • Or this is just an illusion Ash made. Don't be suprised when it turns out that instead of Ash, it's someone they hurt Maybe it's Princess Bubblegum?

The Lich will form a a team of his own.
Well, he can't just fight the main characters just by himself.
  • Big Bad: Himself, obviously.
  • The Dragon: Stag
  • Evil Genius: Ash
  • The Brute: The Bear
  • Dark Chick: Lemongrab
    • Doubtful on Lemongrab because, while he is an obnoxious jerk, he would never stoop that low to joining the Lich.
      • Lemongrab, indeed, isn't a bad guy. But he IS painfully stupid and developmentally disabled. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that somebody could be capable of tricking him or manipulating him somehow. Also... Unless that lime on his belt protects him from the Lich somehow, he lacks mind-protction jewelry. This troper believes that Lemongrab is a halfway sort of decent person uderneath all those heaping layers of jerk, but he IS pretty stupid.
    • The events of "Too Old" show that Lemongrab has become a cruel tyrant, placing him solidly in the evil category. It's plausible that the Lich could recruit him with promises of power and sadistic fun.
    • An alternative could be with Ricardio as The Brute, Me-Mow as The Dragon (When her abilities are taken to consideration), and Abracadaniel driven to revenge as the Dark Chick.
    • The Bear seems to fit The Dragon or The Evil Genius more, given his performance. The Brute would go to the role of one of the many villains beaten and humiliated by Finn and Jake-Xergiok, perhaps? He's not too bright, given the earclops. Ash definitely fits the rule of Evil Genius, given his admittingly genius manipulation of Finn and Jake. Having a fellow undead would probably be easier to deal with for the Lich. The Magic Man would fit right in as The Dark Chick, given he's a psychopath who's also charming.
  • The Lich will also free Goliad from her eternal battle with Stormo and recruit her into his team. Given Goliad's sociopathic tendencies, she might eventually turn on him.

Ash is really responsible for turning Marceline into the way that she is.
He's a wizard, right? Maybe he has placed a mind control spell on her father to do the trick. Don't be surprised when you found out that everything Marceline did like in "What Was Missing" is entirely part of his master plan. Heck, when she found out she's suckered all this time, she'll be in shock.
  • There's a five hundred year (at least) gap between Dad and Ash.
  • Silly as this WMG is, maybe it could've been Ash's parents?

Princess Bubblegum actually tried, for a while, to help Lemongrab, but he was a lost cause, so she abandoned him.
Princess Bubblegum actually tried to teach Lemongrab how to be a good ruler and how to act like a person, but he didn't understand AND he hated being corrected. He lashed out at her (verbally) and countered every effort she made to better him. Every time she corrected him, he got upset, and every time she grew cross with him, he got angry. This led to Princess Bubblegum getting REALLY pissed off and frustrated, and "sticking him in Castle Lemongrab." Lemongrab, being as sensitive as he is, took all of Princess Bubblegum's anger and criticisms personally, as insults and attacks on him as a person. The plot of "You Made Me!" will revolve around this misunderstanding. Princess Bubblegum is actually frustrated with Lemongrab, but doesn't hate him. Lemongrab thinks that PB hates him and doesn't care about him- unaware of the fact that she spent a long time trying to help him.

Jake was the one who convinced Princess Bubblegum to create the mental hospital
Since Peebs has been apathetic to the mentally ill until the end of Cookie Princess, this troper with Asperger's Syndrome thinks that she at first believed he was just another nut to leave behind, but then she was told by Jake on what truly happened with Cookie Princess, which started to get to her and convinced her to approach the problem a better way and build the hospital.
  • Well... How could have an entire mental hospital been built AND staffed AND funded within the span of less than one episode?
    • Two options; one, you're right and I made a mistake... two, it wasn't in a day and the process was offscreen

Princess Bubblegum is beginning to improve her problems with the mentally handicapped.
Ever since The Lich affected her, she realized she was not going to live forever, so she made Goliad, but like with Lemongrab, that went horribly wrong. So after Jake convinced her to build the hospital (Continuing from the precious WMG), she realizes that she can no longer run away from her apathy of the mentally handicapped and must fix it before she dies. This will accumulate to her attempting to reconcile with Lemongrab and try to gain his forgiveness with whatever she can do. Finally, treating all of the mentally handicapped with greater respect.

"You Made Me!" will contain two MASSIVE Reason You Suck Speeches- one from Princess Bubblegum to Lemongrab, and one from Lemongrab to Princess Bubblegum.
Princess Bubblegum will call Lemongrab out on his assholeish behaviour towards her and her subjects, and Lemongrab will call out the princess on her neglectful and abusive behaviour towards him. Lemongrab's angry confrontation with his creator will be one of the biggest tear jerkers in the entire show, and may actually involve Lemongrab crying.

Lemongrab harbors a secret desire to be loved and accepted by people, and is honestly confused and frustrated as to why he is so despised.
In the Spanish dub, near the end when he is muttering to himself after being fired, he says: "Nadie me quiere. Todo el mundo me odia." That means: "Nobody loves me. Everyone hates me." In addition to this, we saw him trying (but failing) to take the pranks in stride, even though he was horribly offended. After Finn and PB beat him up, he reacted in the same way as a nerd who wants to be seen as "cool" by the jocks, in a "Ha ha! Oh, you guys are hilarious! Let's hang out later! Oh, my spleen..." sort of way. Perhaps Lemongrab has no idea how annoying and off-putting he is, or believe himself to be capable of changing or having friends.
  • What's really weird about Lemongrab is that he fell from a window and slammed his whole head IN to the ground- a fall that would have likely killed anyone else who didn't have his super thick skin. But he cried after a punch in the belly and a push to the ground? He was unfazed by a potentially severe injury, yet cried at a mild one. This troper believes that Lemongrab was crying because his feelings were hurt. I could be wrong.

Princess Bubblegum only likes Marceline as a human.
Another explanation of their falling out. Don't be surprised when you found out that she's secretly creating a potion that would turn her back into the way that she is.

Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess will merge to become Princess Carmel.

The upcoming episode "Burning Low" will have a Call-Back to "My Two Favorite People".
Since the synopsis of the episode has a similar premise to My Two Favorite People, Jake will talk to Princess Bubblegum about a similar situation he had when Finn was spending more time with Lady Rainicorn than Jake.

The Ice King's crown not only corrupts him
, but has a fully realised consciousness inside it.And that consciousness is the original Ice King, long before Ooo or even the proposed disapperance of magic. It was once owned by a powerful Scandinavian monarch who used its ice magic to be a grand ruler. The Original Ice King(let's call him the Frost King) had his own share of socializing problems preventing him from being happy and having friends, much like the Ice King. By the end of his life, these had progressed into him being full-on crazy and paranoid(but still tragic) Caligula. The Ice Crown unwittingly had so much power that it acted as a Soul Jar. Come centuries later, when Simon Petrikov decides to put on the Crown. The reason why Simon became the Ice King was because the Frost King/Crown was so powerful it transferred his/its insanity into Simon, either unwittingly or to get a new mortal coil. The ice powers were also given either so the Frost King was reborn, or an attempt to help Simon survive the Mushroom War Gone Horribly Right. When placed on the shelf of penitence, it showed that the Frost King, deep down, feels genuinely terrible about warping an innocent bystander into an undying Psychopathic Manchild.
  • This would explain why Ice King originally claimed to have made the crown ("with the magic I stole!"). It was the crown's actual creator speaking through him.

The series will have a sad ending.
I'm just saying. Finn will die by the hands of the Lich. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline will manage to make up for the rift between them, but they die together. The Lich will successfully annihilate all of the life in Ooo.

The series is a book created by Drosselmeyer.
The points he caused:
  • Finn, the last human.
  • The falling out of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline

The Lich will be destroyed once and for all in the upcoming episode of the same name
For the remainder of the series, the new Greater-Scope Villain will be Goliad (her "eternal battle" turns out not to be so "eternal" after all).

Plus, in his final body/form, the Lich will be voiced by Zack Shada.

  • Alternativley Goliad will [[manga/Naruto absorb the Lichs' remsins]] becoming an Lich enhanced version of herself

Card Wars will be Defictionalized
Either a Table Top game or an online game

Lord Monochromicorn's dad, if he ever appears, will be voiced by Aurelio Voltaire.
It's just too good to pass up.

The rotten, decaying body of The Lich is not his original body.

There won't be a love triangle in the upcoming episode with PB and FP
The Flame Kingdom is actually aiming towards the destruction of the Candy Kingdom. PB thinks Flame King is using FP to seduce Finn to either support them or just have FP distract him. Frankly i'm hoping for this because I don't think PB should be with Finn after the ending of "Too Young".
  • Completely confirmed from a preview with Princess Bubblegum herself stating that she is concerned about Finn, not because of a "petty love triangle", but something else.
    • So she says. For all we know, she could simply be in denial. Or she could be pushing her personal feelings back so she can focus on Finn's safety.

The show will go into Reverse Cerebus Syndrome once The Lich is Killed Off for Real.
Finn is a bullied and/or abused kid, and the Land of Ooo, Jake, Ice King, etc. Are all figments of his imagination.
Most likely scenario and best for the mind, bullied. No friends at school, he's ridiculed constantly. His adventures are just daydreams and whatnot. The other characters represent various people in his life:
  • Jake is his dog
    • Possibly his older brother, since he identifies as such in season 1.
  • Ice King is a Jerkass teacher
    • Or possibly a sleazy one, considering his predilection for young girls.
  • Marceline is his babysitter
    • Alternatively, she's an upperclassman who bullies Finn but is friendly about it, unlike the actual villains in the series, allowing her to remain a "good" character in Finn's fantasy.
  • Princess Bubblegum is a girl at school he has a crush on
  • Lumpy Space Princess is his semi-obese older sister
    • She hit on him in "To Cut a Woman's Hair", so it would be make more sense if she was his classmate. Unless you guys are into the former.
  • Tree Trunks is his grandmother
    • In lieu of this, perhaps her disappearance was her death via an exhaustion induced heart attack, her explosion symbolic of a violent fit and the last part a fading memory. After her death Finn simply tuned out the corpse from his perception, similar to Nectar in Haze.
  • Ricardio is a creepy janitor at his school
  • Lady Rainicorn is Jake's favorite dog toy
    • Or possibly Princess Bubblegum's own pet dog, from last week's episode's revelation.
  • Mama's supposed to LOVE baby! She's supposed to LOVE baby!
    • The entire Jiggler situation smacked of a kid finding an abandoned crack baby in an alleyway, almost kill it by feeding it drugs found near it (thus why he called the grape a purple thing, it was actually a capsule), nurse it back to health and try to return it to its mother, only for her to have a psychotic fit and nearly kill them, calming down once she'd had her fix.
  • The two dogs from "Memories of Boom-Boom Mountain" could be Finn's foster family.
  • The Duke of Nuts is the really nice but jittery classmate of Finn and Bubblegum's that always eats her pudding but tries to make it up to Bubblegum.
  • Donnie could be a bully who's a grade higher or less than Finn and he picks on the grade lower than him.
  • The Viking Marauders may also be in Donnie's class and the main viking's dad is the mountain that's too sensitive to the others rough-housing.
    • The girl mountain is his wife.
  • The Witch with the doughnut garden is the creepy old woman in Finn's neighborhood.
    • Or perhaps a baker.
  • Penny could be the little girl with a bad habit of stealing things.
  • The Magic Man is the town's con-artist.
  • Billy is an older cousin who is an incredible athlete.
    • More than likely an uncle or something similiar. His community minded methods are due to him watching Finn's father's downward spiral until he became what Finn sees as the Lich, leading to a violent confrontation with Lich and his own shame over hurting his own flesh and blood.
  • Depending on how the arc is played out, the Lich King could be Finn's abusive biological father and the "castle" he is sealed in is a prison or rehab center.
    • Perhaps the cold association is due to abuse by exposure, forcing Finn to sleep outside in winter, perhaps? His face being torn off could have been as a result of a confrontation with Billy (explained above) causing him dental and facial damage. His body surfing into a snail could imply that he slipped into a coma as a result of his fight with Finn, apparently dead to Finn, but in reality he still poses a threat.
  • Lemongrab could be Princess Bubblegum's annoying uncle or older brother.
  • Marceline's Father is either a Corrupt Corporate Executive, an organized crime boss or the Amoral Attorney who represented his father at trial.

Princess Bubblegum has Split Personality Disorder.
There are three: her 'normal' persona, 'psycho' persona, and the 'Marceline' persona. Her 'normal' persona is the usual kind princess that Finn and Jake usual interacted with. Her 'psycho' persona is when she goes all psycho on all the things that have went wrong to her. 'Marceline' persona is, you guess it, the brunette, mysterious, manipulative Marceline. PB herself may or may not realized that she has SPD, so Marceline's existence is either bleach her skin into white and dying her hair black, or an Enemy Without by some witch or wizard's spell.
  • Jossed. Marceline and Bubblegum have been shown onscreen together and have been simultaneously interacted with by other characters.

The huge crater in the earth was actually caused by a fire elemental as powerful as FP, not the War.
See the diagram of Earth on PB's hologram in "Burning Low".

Mars is populated by powerful Artificial Intelligences.
Some of them (such as Magic Man and Martian Abraham Lincoln, the King of Mars) can reprogram reality. Others can only reprogram each other or be reprogrammed, depending on their hacking skills.

Finn will eventually become immune to fire.
And he won't need to be all scarred to do so, as long as he stays on Relationship Tier 1 with Flame Princess and only gradually moves back up to smooching and sloppy makeouts. In "Burning low", he notices that being on fire doesn't hurt quite so much; this may come in handy for a battle against a fiery monster in the future (or even another Hulk Cooldown Hug Corollary event with FP), and not just relationshippy stuff. Similarly, it's possible that Flame Princess will slowly gain a partial immunity to being damped out thanks to all the hugs, tears, and crazy shenanigans that happens when she and Finn are together.
  • I had this same theory. My thinking is that his relationship with FB will end up being a Chekhov's Skill when he fights the Lich, who uses flame powers pretty regularly. Cue badass line, "You think this is hot? YOU SHOULD SEE MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Flame Princess doesn't get so fired up that she falls through the center of the earth... At least, not from kissing.
It's at most a mile or two down that she stops because of the intense pressure cancelling out her capacity to melt through the earth's crust. Other than occasionally leaving holes in the surface, she's fine as long as she doesn't flame-on in a lower-density realm.

John Wilkes Booth is considered the Martian equivalent of Satan
Since there's Abraham Lincoln as their equivalent of Jesus, surely John Wilkes Booth was mentioned and definitely despised for his actions.

The rest of Lemongrab's backstory and appearance will be entirely Played for Laughs, no matter how depressing and cringe-worthy it gets.
Ian Jones-Quartey said that Lemongrab's next episode would be a fun episode. Jesse Moynihan said that LG's next episode would be funny. Either they're totally lying, or they will never allow themselves to treat LG's depressing backstory with any of the sensitivity or pathos that was used with the Ice King's or Finn's, for fear of ruining the naturally hilarious nature of his character. Even if it gets genuinely sad from his perspective, it will still be played for laughs to some extent, at the very least Cringe Comedy or Black Comedy.

The king of Mars isnt the real Abraham Lincoln
It is infact a magically brought to life Lincoln memorial

Finn and Jake will go inside the Ice King's mind one episode.
Cause, come on, it would be totally insane, and the creators of this show love totally insane. Maybe they'd even meet Simon Petrikov, and learn just a bit more about Ice King's past.

The Lich is Skynet. Sort of.
Back during the Great Mushroom War, one country with some kind of nuclear arsenal was facing obliteration. To ensure their enemies did not escape unpunished, the country's top scientists created a computer system to determine who destroyed them, figure out how best to retaliate, and execute vengeance on their behalf. They called it the Logisitical Intelligence Counterattack Heuristic Program, or LICH. The program was given all the information it would ever need to destroy any kind of enemy, as well as the ability to procedurally integrate any kind of new discovery into itself as a weapon. It originally inhabited a supercomputer imbedded into a nuclear weapons silo. When the country that created LICH was destroyed, the program began its slow vendetta. Eventually it was able to create an ambulatory form for itself, nothing but a crude robot, but upon emerging from its silo LICH found that the whole world had been functionally destroyed and replaced with unfamiliar geography and civilizations. Magic itself had also returned. Unable to determine the final perpetrators of its masters' demise, LICH declared war on all life to ensure its mission was completed. Slowly, the LICH used its knowledge of chemistry, hate, and nuclear physics to dominate the local populations. It learned the ways of magic and integrated them into its ever-improving physical form, becoming a walking artifact of destruction. Even its core programming became electro-magical in nature to improve its endurance in the chaotic new world. Finally, LICH abandoned its restrictive former home and began its active campaign against everything, intent on categorical omnicide. Then Billy happened, and all was right with the world.

The episode King Worm will successfully integrate the animated short into the universe of the show.
Characters in the trailer look and act inconsistent with the series since much of the episode will, presumably, be a forced dream sequence. The episode will explain things that no longer make sense about the pilot, like how Finn was called Penn, Jake could hover while meditating, and Lady Rainicorn could only speak Simlish. The only supporting evidence for this is one shot of Rainicorn, whose face looks similar to how it appeared in the pilot (although even that is ambiguous.)

Marceline is not an earthling.
Marceline was a pre-war pointy-eared kid. That means she's an immigrant from either another world or another dimension, most likely the Nightosphere. Her mom doesn't look all that human herself.
  • Jossed. In "Finn the Human," the Season 5 Opener, she mentions off-hand that she's a half-demon.

Lemongrab is peeping on PB while she sleeps because he either wants spend time with her, talk to her, or get revenge.
The title of his next episode is "You Made Me!". The synopsis said that PB is upset because LG is being a creep by watching her sleep. Obviously, the guy has issues with Princess Bubblegum. They don't see eye to eye, and she hasn't exactly been nice to him. Either he desires her companionship, wants to discuss his beef with her, or he wants to get back at her for treating him like less than a person. His intentions, even if they are for revenge, are probably not malicious, and he probably isn't out to hurt her physically.

The Ghost Lady from "The Creeps" is Finn's birth mother.
In "King Worm" the last thing that Finn fears that he shows the King Worm is the Ghost Lady. And when she shows up in the dream, Finn has a more infantile appearance and is in a high chair with a polar bear paw (his bear hat was part of his pajamas). It's likely that Finn saw her die but was either too young when it happened to really remember it or he repressed the memory hence her distorted appearance. His negative reaction to her in "The Creeps" and "King Worm" is him subconsciously remembering her death. In addition, her hair looks an awful lot like seaweed. If his mother drowned at sea it would explain Finn's fear of the ocean. Her appearance in "The Creeps" means that her ghost is still around, probably looking to reunite with her son.

"King Worm" had several forshadowings to Future episodes.
Here are some examples.
  • The scene where the Ice King was being chased by humanoid Gunthers is a forshadowing to the upcoming episode "Reign of the Gunthers"
  • The part where Princess Bubblegum was having tea with the Lich maybe a forshadowing to the upcoming season finale, "The Lich".

The entirety of adventure time is a story being told to a child in a bunker after/during a nuclear war.
  • The whole thing is a fanciful story being told to a child by a parent while all the world is going to hell. It all takes place in the child`s imagination. Considering how dark the series is, I wouldn`t put it past them

Finn and Lemongrab will bond over watching people sleep.
  • This one's self-explanatory.
    • Lemongrab will bring the binoculars, Finn will bring the popcorn. Thus, a beautiful friendship is formed.

King Worm was originally intended to come after Evicted
I mean it was pitched as a sequel to Evicted. It deals with the Cliffhanger of Evicted, but I've gone over the time line and it doesnt add up if it takes place right after. SO it was originally planed to come after Evicted but put on hold till now.
  • This makes sense. Because of Flame Princess, it has to be recent, but the ending part with King Worm was EXACTLY THE SAME POSE.

Lemongrab secretly angsts about not being loved or cared about by Princess Bubblegum, and is angry at her, but still wants her affection.
We'll just have to wait and see.

Jake and Lady's children
Will be called corn dogs. Because if not, WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY.
  • Or puppicorns. Less humorous, but 20% more adorable.

The reason Lady sounded scared about her pregnancy
Its because she doesn't want her parents to know. Likely, they think that Lady is still a virgin. Granted CN might not do this, but it just explains as to why she was scared.
  • I assumed she was scared that Jake wouldn't love her anymore or would leave her. note  I don't think she was really thinking about how her parents would react at that moment. After all, Lady's parents explicitly approve of Jake.
    • Unlikely, considering all the research Jake attempted to do to prepare for this happening.
    • Lady's parents approve of Jake dating Lady but she might fear how they'd react to Jake mating with Lady. It is a different situation.
  • Maybe she's afraid of the hybrids not being healthy. Hybrids aren't well known for being healthy, especially dog-horse hybrids.
    • Also because she was seriously injured during the episode, so she was scared for the possibility of having a miscarriage.

Lady Rainicorn's nightmare is actually a vision of the future.
More importantly, a vision of what's to occur in the upcoming episode, "The Lich". Given that he is known for bringing armies of zombies and, with The Enchidridion, breaking heroes, he will probably terrorize Lady Rainicorn and her family to tear all of Finn's connections until he is left with nothing.

Ricardeo will wind up working for the Lich
The timing of his liberation from the Ice King is a little suspicious.

The season finale The Lich will involve Finn and Jake recruiting help from many of their friends and, reluctantly, some of their enemies as well in the final battle against the Lich.
I saw a picture depicting such a thing on deviantART and thought it would be awesome if such a thing happened in the actual episode. And something as big as the Lich returning would probably require a Gondor Calls for Aid moment.

Here's a link to the picture I mentioned earlier:

There's simply no way they would miss an opportunity that big.

  • I, personally, would love to see the Lemongrabs try and fight The Lich with everyone.
    • Me, too! It would be awesome to see Lemongrab using his Sound Sword again, and Lemongrab clone using whatever powers are in his wand- flying into battle on a Lemon Pegasus!
  • It says that "the Secrets of Ooo will be revealed", so unless said secrets are put as a major, but short, revelation at the end, (which, in all fairness, is typical of the show), there won't be enough time for a legion of bit characters. However, maybe in another episode.

Hunson was once human
In a similar vein to the Ice King, except he didnt go crazy. He went evil.
  • Given his powers come from an amulet of Chaotic Evil, it's possible. Regular demons seem to be red instead of his blue pallor...perhaps that's a result of being mutated into a demon?
    • But he said he grew up around chaotic evil...

The Lich used to be Betty.
When Simon put on the crown, he gave her necromantic powers, but then accidentally killed her, leading her to resurrect for the first time. Feeling utterly betrayed, she ran away. Going into seclusion, she began to resent first Simon, then all men, then humanity, then all living things. At the same time, she cast aside everything about her old life, from her name to her gender identity.

Lady will move into the treehouse.
And/or will marry Jake.

Jake will move out of the treehouse.
And in with Lady.
  • Thanks to Cerebus Syndrome , this is entirely possible, and would be dealt with sadly.

Lady and Jake will move into a new house just off screen of the standard treehouse shot

Someone will try to stand against Marceline for everything she had done.
And that would be Alex. If this could be an actual episode, it's nice.
  • What exactly has Marceline "done"? The worst thing we've ever seen her do is mess with Finn and Jake in her introductory episode.

Castle Lemongrab's citizens left during "Too Young"
One of the inhabitants told Lemongrab about his creator being turned thirteen and reminded him that the Candy Kingdom was his birthright. Not thinking his citizens hated him, he left them immediately and once he was over the horizon, they all ran for the hills.

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