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Through a combination of eyebrow-raising jokes younger kids might not get, a wide cast of unusual characters, and sheer absurdity, Adventure Time has many moments that will leave the audience giggling.

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    Original Short 
  • Pen's famous line regarding a certain piece of clothing that he wears on his head.
    Pen: Why're you always stealing ladies?!
    Ice King: I'm going to make one marry me! Hehehehe!
    Pen: That's... STUPID! (hits Ice King)
    Ice King: Your HAT is stupid!
    Pen: MY HAT!! IS AAAWWWEEESOOOME!!! (kicks Ice King)
  • The also-famous Abraham Lincoln scene:
    Pen: What's going on? ... A-Abraham Lincoln?
    Abraham: Pen. Your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars.
    Pen: Wh-What??
    Abraham: It doesn't matter. What does matter is you need to believe in yourself!
    (scene cuts back to Pen in Ice Kingdom)
    Pen: NEVEEEEER!!!
  • Jake connecting to the internet with his mind. He downloads a little dance, which Pen starts to do.
  • ALL of Lady Rainicorn's dialogue. She sounds like a screaming pigeon.
  • Jake and LR meeting for the first time, completely ignoring Pen's fight with the Ice King.
  • Jake casually defeating the Ice King after the blue doofus reveals the source of his power- he nonchalantly calls the Ice King a "sloppy milkshake" and punches the crown off his head, revealing a little dollop of white hair.
  • The ninjas stealing the old guy's diamonds.

    Season 1 
"Slumber Party Panic"
  • Princess Bubblegum's very first line in the episode is her saying, with a completely straight face, "Alright, let me just add three more drops of explosive diarrhea..."
  • Princess Bubblegum reminds Finn why the sugar-craving zombies are a danger to the citizens of the Candy Kingdom: "Beeecause the Candy People are made of sugar, you dingdong!!" PB's delivery was just genius.
  • Starchy takes Tempting Fate to all new levels.
    Starchy: I'll just stand here, with my back turned, and m' defences lowered.
  • "SLAMACOW! WHO'S not good at math?! I was all like 'FOOOUUUR!!'"
  • Finn learns the value of breaking a promise alright.
    Finn: Heck, yeah. If I break a Royal Promise, I get to fight zombies, throw slumber parties, awake Gumball Guardians, and - and-
    Princess Bubblegum: Alright, alright-
    Finn: (making a face, as a organ chord plays) AND REVERSE DEATH ITSELF!
  • It might be childish, but the very ending, with Starchy trying to bite Finn despite having been brought back to life.
    Finn: Starchy, you're not a zombie.
    Starchy: I can't help it! Flesh is delicious!
    Finn: YOU'RE delicious.
    Starchy: Ooh! Don't squeeze me, I'll fart!
    Finn squeezes Starchy and he farts.

"Trouble In Lumpy Space"

  • Lumpy Space Princess' argument with her parents (the way they yell helps).
  • Finn loses it after Jake starts to go full lumpy and yells "I'LL KILL YOU LUMPY SPAAAACE!!!" His facial expression makes it all the more narmy.
  • Finn imitating LSP over the phone.
  • "I'll never turn my back on you." [...] "Lemme just totally turn my back on this guy."
  • Lumpy Finn and Lumpy Jake arguing at the dance. Their voices are just hysterical.

"Prisoners of Love"

  • Everyone's Bad "Bad Acting" when they're pretending to throw a dance party in the Ice King's cell, especially Lumpy Space Princess.
  • The Ice King has just been beaten up quite badly by Finn. While unconscious, he dreams he is flying, and ponders why no one seems to like him:
    Ice King: (sighs) What's wrong with me?
    Cosmic Owl: Hoo. You're a sociopath.

"Tree Trunks"

  • Jake's Big "NO!"
  • "[If I could do anything] I would pick... AN APPLE." "... Lame."
  • When Finn starts to express doubts about bringing Tree Trunks along on an adventure, Jake manages to convince him to go with it by waving his arms around and repeatedly saying "It's fine, it's fine..."
  • This scene:
    Finn: What are you doing, Tree Trunks?
    Tree Trunks: I'm helping you by tempting this guy with... my body...
    Finn: It's not a guy, Tree Trunks! It's a snake-armed ruby brain beast!
    Tree Trunks: Even brain beasts get lonely, Finn!
    Finn: Jake! You were supposed to watch her!
    Jake: (covered in Tree Trunks's lipstick) She got past me, man. I tried to stop her, but she over-powered me...
  • The infamous ending where Tree Trunks explodes after taking a bite of the Crystal Gem Apple, complete with Finn's, Jake's, and the Crystal Guardian's shocked reactions.

"The Enchiridion!"

  • When Finn pushes aside one of the Candy People in his rush to catch Bubblegum, the Candy Person makes an over-the-top angry face while shouting "Watch where you're going!"
  • The Keeper gives a long explanation of the quest for the Enchiridion, and Finn easily solves the first "riddle," without even saying a word until asked how he knew what to do.
    Finn: I just thought you'd look cute stuffed in that lock.
    Keeper: Ah, yes. That's how most people get in.
    • Doubly funny because the Keyper very obviously has a giant key tied to his head.
  • An evil-looking cloaked figure tries to order Finn to slay an "unaligned ant".
    Finn: Never. Never. NEVER!! (Finn charges head-on at the evil guy.)
    Evil Guy: Uh-oh...
    • The fact that Finn kicking the Evil Guy in the crotch causes his body to dissolve into a cloud of red smoke and kill him is hysterical, given how the dude was powerful enough to send Finn into his brain world to fight a giant monster.
    • And then Finn gets a little carried away and accidentally attacks the Keyper in a blind rage:
      Keyper: Congratulations, Finn the human. Now you have truly reached the end—
      Finn: NEVER!!! (Punches the Keyper) Oh, no. Mr. Keyper, I'm sorry! W-why are you wearing that little Devil costume?
      Keyper: These are my pajamas. I was getting ready for bed.
  • After the gnomes destroy old ladies after Finn and Jake rescued them:
    Jake: HEY! That kid just saved you guys! You should thank him! Not destroy old ladies! Do you even know what I'm talkin' about? Say thank you! Saaay thaaank yoooouuu.
    Gnome: KILL IT!!
    Jake: (Jake dodges their zaps and grabs them) GET BACK IN THERE! (puts gnomes back in boiling puddle)
    • Hell, the gnomes destroying old ladies for anything Finn did or said.

"Ricardio the Heart Guy"

"Business Time"

  • One of the frozen businessmen gets promoted by Finn for "taking one for the team" (letting Hot Dog Princess, who "smells like old hot dog water", kiss him instead of Finn). Cue all the other businessmen trying to smooch Hot Dog Princess.
  • Throughout the episode, Finn and Jake have been gaining weight due to sitting around and eating junk food, instead of going out on adventures. When they decide to start being heroes again, Jake simply sucks his belly away via his shapeshifter abilities. Finn tries to do the same, but nothing happens, and the episode ends on his disappointed reaction.

"My Two Favorite People"

  • Lady Rainicorn's old voice is hysterical, especially with how oddly sexual her dialogue comes off with Finn.
  • How Jake plots revenge: he calls his friend Tiffany who is a boy.
  • At the end, when Finn and Jake reconcile:
    Jake: Let's never be stupid again.
    Finn: Wait, let's always be stupid, forever!

"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

  • "I'M NAKED! HIHIHIHIHIHIHI!" The Naked Wizard can appear only once and steal the whole show.
    • (puts a patch of cloud on top his head) "NOT NAKED!"
  • The flashback from when Jake's parents found baby Finn:
    Joshua: What you want, baby? Why you cryin'? Margaret, this baby won't tell me what's wrong with it and it's stuck to a leaf and it stinks.
    Margaret: Give it here, Joshua. This baby just needs some love and kisses to be happy! (kisses Finn's forehead and he laughs) There. See? Now it's happy.
    Joshua: You just kissed a boom-boom'd baby so don't expect any more sugar from me, sweetheart, until we wash your dirty, dirty face.
  • At the end, after Finn's helped everyone, Jake pipes up.
    Jake: I have a problem!
    Finn: What's that?
    Jake: This dolphin fell in love with me! (points to the dolphin standing next to him)
    Finn: That's the opposite of a problem!
    (cut to the two of them riding the dolphin like a jetski)
  • "Pigs on my knees! Pigs on my knees!"
  • After Finn explains why he wants to help everyone, Jake whispers to the marauders "He still cries when he poops. Thanks for being cool, guys."


  • "Woo yeah! Force that enthusiasm!"
  • "Dang it, Leonard! If we don't talk at the same time, nobody will understand us!"
  • When Finn and Jake get offered free wizard powers:
    Jake: Wait! Let's not be too rash! Just look at this guy! Check out the sunken, lifeless eyes... The foul stench of decay... You know what that means?
    Finn: Means he's evil, I guess.
    Jake: Well, evil, sure... but mostly, he's unattractive, and unattractive people are desperate. You should haggle with him!
    • The Grim Reaper-like figure snapping his arm off and giving it to Finn as a free keychain.


"City of Thieves"

  • The montage of citizens of the city of thieves stealing from each other.
  • The ending, where Penny convinces Finn and Jake that she's reformed... then somehow steals the clothes off Finn's back.
    Jake: Dude, why are you naked?
    Finn: (realizing he's been stripped to his underwear) Huh?! PENNY!

"The Witch's Garden"

  • This gem here:
    Gary: Which one of you mortals wants to mate with all THIS?
    Finn: Oh, um... how do I say, "You're the grossest thing ever" without offending you?
    Gary: AAAARGHHH!!
  • Jake's various conversations with his subconscious.
  • The witch forcing Jake to waltz with his subconscious while apologizing about stealing one of her doughnuts.
    • With flowers in his underwear. And he has to start over because the witch needed to record the dance (for her newsletter).
  • The witch getting angry at one of the doughnuts because it's really a bagel and cursing it in the same way she did with Jake.
  • When Jake gets his powers back, he comes up to thank the Witch, and ends up close enough to snatch her magic cane, making her fall to the ground, and allowing him to snatch another donut and flee with his subconscious.
    Witch: But didn't you learn your lesson?!
    Jake: NOPE!!
  • At the end of the episode, Finn asks if Jake got his powers back by apologizing to the witch, Jake, remembering what the witch did to him and his subconscious moments before, nervously denies it, saying he found the right mud puddle.

"What Is Life?"

  • After getting pelted with a garbage bag full of butter, Finn goes into a dramatic rant about Jake awakening his inner "pranking demon".
  • "To the Mesosphere!" "Finally, we can die!"
    • The fact that Finn had at some point earned a blood oath from a bunch of prankster, suicidal balloons.
  • "He could wake up from his nap at any second!" "I might wake up at any moment! ... Naaah I'm still asleep."
  • "Finn?! Ugh! Why can't you ever be a princess?!"
  • "I think I know just the dumbhole we can get some from."
  • The whole "sneaking" bit with NEPTR.
  • Ice King tries to convince NEPTR to stay with him by showing him a vision of Finn and Jake farting on him.
    Finn & Jake: Pootin’ on NEPTR to the max!

"Ocean of Fear"

  • Finn's reaction to getting a single drop of seawater on him is to make a completely ridiculous face while doing a Slow "NO!".
  • Finn conquers his fear in order to save Jake... temporarily, at least:
    Jake: Finn, you did it! You conquered your fear!
    Finn: What?
    Jake: You're at the bottom of the ocean!!
    Finn: (beat) (farts) AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!
  • When the Fear Feaster tells the hero spirits they know nothing, one of them retorts "Silence, Fear-Feaster! We know a lot!"
  • Normally you'd expect the reason for the absence of someone like a spirit to be something meaningful, such as waiting for the right moment. But here? The reason is amusingly mundane:
    Finn: Wait... Why did you take so long to tell me?
    Spirit: Because the limo driver's flaw is BEING LATE!
    Limo driver: Sorry. [rolls up window]

"When Wedding Bells Thaw"

  • Jake accuses Finn of not paying attention to his viola music, since Finn is sitting there with his mouth hanging open. Finn claims it's just how he looks when he listens to music.
  • When the Ice King starts to get cold feet:
    Ice King: Maybe I should go back to stealing girls. It's what I feel comfortable doing, y'know? Being free? With the wind at my back?... Lot's o' girls? Kidnappin' em?
    Finn: Alright... HERE COMES MY DOUBLE KICK!!!
  • "Even though the Ice King is a wad... I'm happy for 'im."
  • This exchange:
    Jake: Marriage is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to a jerk like you.
    Ice King: Oh, really? Why?
    Jake: "Why"?! (walks off, talking to himself) Poots, that guy is good! Why...
    Finn: Jake—
    Jake: NOT NOW! (to himself) Why, why, why...


  • This part:
    Jake: Ugh. I'd better go after him.
    Jake!Sandwich: No, Jake, stay here. With me.
    Jake: (deep voice) Oh, my. (makes out with sandwich)
    • LUNCH TIME! (spork!)
  • That giant cat trying to pounce on Finn. And constantly missing.
    Cat: I know exactly where you might be, Jim!
    • The demon cat's powers of approximate omniscience in general are pretty funny.
      Demon Cat: Hello, Frank the human boy.
      Finn: How did you almost know my name?!
      Demon Cat: I have approximate knowledge of many things.
    • "I'm going to unzip your skin and wear it like a little coat." "Unzip THIS! (armpit fart)"
    • "I choose...Sandwich!"
    • Jake's "key hand" bit.
      Jake: I'll get us out, with key hand! (hand turns into a key)
      Finn: I don't see any keyholes in this cage, though.
      Jake: Not a problem, man! Lock hand! (his other hand turns into a lock)
  • We see one of the trials Jake went through when separated from Finn. This includes a monster waving around a laser pointer. Which Jake chases into a wall.
  • Finn and Jake get saved by Princess Bubblegum, who asks if they've learned their lesson.
    Jake: That... you're a really intelligent princess?
    PB: You're darn right I am.

"The Duke"

  • Finn and Jake go to apprehend the Duke of Nuts. Finn angrily bursts in the castle screaming "Duke of NUUUUTS!" and Jake is a little more friendly.
    How are yoooou?!
  • Jake tells Finn that tons of people hate him. Cut to one angry red squirrel at a holo-computer...
    Red Squirrel: Why, Jake? Why won't you print my letters? I... I... I HATE YOU!!!
    • And again...
      Red Squirrel: Come on! Pick it up!
      (Jake walks right past the letter)
      Red Squirrel: You son of a blee-blob!
    • Not to mention when he and the Marquis of Nuts appeared at the council meeting at the end of the episode.
      Red Squirrel: Remember me, Jake?!
      Jake: (beat) ...Nope.
      Red Squirrel: (angrily foams at the mouth and screams)
  • Also when pursuing the Marquis of Nuts, Finn and Jake agree to split right and left. Even so:
    Jake: I went left tooooooo!
  • After Jake starts eating from a bowl of nuts belonging to the Duchess of Nuts:
    Jake: Ohhhh... Should've asked if these were like, her eggs or something.
  • The entire scene with the Duchess of Nuts is a scream.
  • "Bring him to justice! The justice of a cold dungeon! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"
    • "Heh heh. She's completely bonkers."

"Freak City"

  • "This homeless old man looks hungry, but all I have is this little piece of sugar. Man, I'm friggin' all about sugar, but I'm even more about FEEDING HOBOS!"
  • The Magic Man in all of his jerkassery. The best moment being him disappearing in a wave of fireworks that spell out "EAT IT".
  • This part, when Finn tries to order the parts-people to work together:
    Kim: No, man, please! I frickin' hate Trudy!
    Finn: Kim! I will DESTROY you!
    Kim: Okay, okay!
    • Pretty much any time Kim talks in "Freak City", but especially:
      Kim: Get his eyes! Cut him in the eyes!
  • “Think happy thoughts: little cute bees, little babies, tiny tiny bunnies.”
  • Jake finds Finn because he can always sense when Finn's about to cry, much to the latter's denial.
  • Finn singing again in auto tune.


  • The Whywolves, who switch from being bloodthirsty to sophisticated in a single sentence. They then proceed to give a lecture on why they attack the House People, all the while sounding like an education video, complete with fitting music.
    Whywolf: We're not werewolves, (generates a business suit from underneath its fur and dons glasses) we're whywolves.
    Finn: Uh, whywolves?
    Whywolf: Creatures possessed by the spirit of inquiry. (blows on a Bubble Pipe) AND BLOODLUST!
    Finn: WHAT!?
    Whywolf Please, save your questions until after the lecture.
    • And the ending of his lecture:
    Whywolf: We will devour the house people, and our population will rapidly swell until eventually we too are devoured by the Cosmic Owl. Such is the course of nature, but it'll be a pretty sweet ride up until that point.
    • And the abrupt switch after he has finished the lecture, as if his suppressed wild side has finally been set free:


  • Jake keeps chickening out and running away every time he tries to take out Marceline.
  • When Marceline is ordering Finn to hold down a man so she can feed on... the red from his bowtie.
    Finn: I'm sorry, sir. I'm bound by my code of honor to do what she says.
    Bowtie man: I understand, son. I was married myself once. (Single Tear)
    Finn: Wait, wait! I'm not married to—
  • Marceline embarrasses Finn by pointing out the pianist's bowtie "sort of looked like a bra".
  • When Marceline raises an army of skeletons:
    Marceline: Are you ready to lead an evil army of the undead?
    Finn: Uh, Never!
    (Half-risen skeleton grabs Finn's butt.)
    Finn: (Freaked out) Okay! I'll do it!

"Rainy Day Daydream"

  • BMO shows Finn and Jake a new game he invented called "Conversation Parade". Then he abruptly runs out of batteries and passes out.
  • Finn brags he doesn't need imagination, because "I'm a kick-butt reality master!"
  • Finn overcoming the Riddle Master with a missile... and then he and Jake get bit by imaginary snakes.
  • Jake tries flirting with some cute imaginary ladies. "DANG, girl, if you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd wanna have your baby."
  • The Imagination Man’s song. Especially when he shakes his “imagination cans.”
  • Finn accidentally imagines a mischievous fairy turning Jake's imagination into overdrive. When Finn gets Jake back to normal, Jake shouts "Aw, man! I imagined my mom naked! Yuck!"

"What Have You Done?"

  • Finn and Jake get the drop on the Ice King by hiding Jake in a can of peanut brittle.
    Jake: (snatching the Ice King's crown as he leaps out) SHOULD'VE STUCK TO YER DIET!
    Ice King: Argh! FINN! You have destroyed my faith in canned peanut brittle!"
  • Ice King makes a botched attempt at calling out Finn and Jake.
    Ice King: I'll show you the true jerks... (removing tarp from mirror) BEHOLD!! (wind blows candlelight out)
    Finn: Uh... it's too dark.
    Ice King: BEHOLD!! (accidentally cracks mirror) BEHOLD!!! (mirror shatters)
    Finn and Jake: (beat)
  • "These bars can't hold me forever!...hey, there's only like two of them!"
    Ice King: How 'bout you just hand me my crown? I'll create some ice bars.
    Jake: Okay!
    Finn: No, Jake! It's a trick.
    Ice King: I'm toying with you, ha ha. Psy-cho-logically hahahaha!
  • Finn objects to the Ice King insisting they're "bosom buddies". "I am no man's bosom."
  • "I can't beat up the Ice King for nothing. It's against my invokedalignment."
  • Finn "dies"
    Finn: (In complete monotone) Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo hoo.
    Ice King: (Looks around and sees Finn on the floor looking "distraught") Huh? Crying?
    Finn: (still in monotone) Boo hoo, you hit me Ice King. I don't think I can live anymore, knowing my best bosom hit me.
    Ice King: I was only saving you from poo poo palms!
    Finn: (Monotonously) I'm dying because I know, you care not for me. ("Dies")
  • And when the Ice King thinks he killed Finn:
    Ice King: No! bosom! What hath I done?! My friend! *Beginning to cry while holding a "dead" Finn in his arms* My only friend!
    Jake: Hey what about me?
    Ice King: WHY?! WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!
    • "...Ah, well. Gunter! Dispose of Finn's carcass!"
  • The scene where Jake examines the Ice King's crown;
    Ice King: Oh, this is a total rook!
    Jake: Settle down, prisoner! We gotta record your belonging. One magical crown... (To Finn) Probably stolen.
    Ice King: I didn't steal that item, I made it! Made it with the magic that I stole! So hand it over, or I'll strike menacing poses at you!
  • Bubblegum going into happy hysterics after the Ice King's pained howls cure the Candy citizens, causing her to try and flip over the bed while shouting Gratuitous German before fainting. It's just so random!

"His Hero"

  • Billy's theme song.
  • This part:
    Lumpy Space Princess: I need surgery to make my body hot.
    Finn: Yikes.
    Lumpy Space Princess: Yeah. I know I'm already pretty smokin'.
  • The fact that Finn and Jake were actually doing more bad than good.
  • "A fist raised in righteous anger? Oh no, it's my fist!"
  • This:
    Old Lady: (slurp) I didn't throw up! This gruel is very adequate.
  • "MY TUMMY IS BREATHING FIRE!" And the Funny Background Event that follows, with that guy running around screaming while his tummy is still breathing fire.
  • The hapless cobbler constantly getting injured.

"Gut Grinder"

  • Jake's reaction to Finn playing the former's viola in the beginning of the episode. This turns out to be a Chekhov's Gun when Finn's lousy playing snaps Jake back to his original self.
  • Jake makes one of the soft people go "wee wee". It apparently comes out their armpits.
  • "I'M HOT!"
  • Finn's reassurance of Jake that he's not sleep stealing is equal parts hilarious and creepy.
    Jake: What if I'm like, stealing gold in my sleep?
    Finn: You can't be stealing gold in your sleep. [Eyes widen] I watch you while you sleep.
    Jake: What? Yo, Finn, that is creepy, man.
    Finn: I can't help it. I take pictures.
    Jake: Well, when do you sleep?
    Finn: Justice never sleeps!
  • When Jake goes crazy and starts thinking he's the Gut Grinder, Finn's main complaint is "You never turn into a monster when I want you to! It's always 'Not now, Finn, I have a headache.'"
  • The dialogue between Spiky Mayor and his wife Sharon after finding the stolen gold. The mayor's overdramatic "Why?!" was gold.

    Season 2 
"It Came from the Nightosphere"
  • Black Comedy example: "Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries" falls victim to Cerebus Syndrome incredibly rapidly, going from the titular goofy premise to Marceline wondering whether her father loves her in less than a minute.
  • Marceline's dad finding out his axe has been converted into a bass guitar.
    Hunson: Woah! Is this the family axe? (Hunson takes the axe)
    Marceline: Hey!
    Hunson: Did you turn it into some kind of lute?
  • After Finn asks Marceline how he can kill her dad, Marceline admonishes Finn with "You can't kill my dad!". Finn apologizes for his words, but Marceline adds that she meant that her father is "deathless" and literally can't be killed.
  • The fact that Gunter the penguin is supposed to be the most evil soul in all of Ooo.
    Hunson: Of all of history's greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I've encountered. Offer your soul to me, dark one!
    Gunter: WENK WENK.
    Hunson: NO! You can't have my soul! I don't even— ...Look, just get in here.
    (Hunson tries to suck Gunter's soul, and Gunter slaps him. Hunson retaliates by kicking Gunther offscreen.) Keep your crummy soul!
    • Then again considering future events and Gunter's true identity...
    • "Gunter! Who told you you could fly?
      Ice King: No one sucks the life from my penguins except ME! And maybe polar bears, because that's just nature, Gunter...

      Ice King: (after being freaked out by Hunson) I've soiled my tunic! Completely by choice!
  • Finn is horrified to see Lumpy Space Princess in Hunson's "soul sac"... then he's confused to see she's in there physically and it's not just her soul.
    LSP: I totally saw Hot Dog Princess get sucked in here, and I wasn't invited?! I was all, "What the lump?!" So I'm crashing this party.
    • Then when Finn starts playing Marceline's song for her dad, LSP chimes in with "Oh my glob, you guys! DUH-RAMA BOMB!"
  • Marceline's dad sucking the souls from ants.
    "Stompin' on ants, souls souls souls."
  • This:
    Marceline: Finn, you're like an ant to him.
    Finn: Oh yeah? Well, this ant's about to get in his pants!
    Marceline: (bemused) ...What?
    Finn: Well... I... you know!
  • The part where Marceline catches her bass instead of Finn.
  • This exchange:
    Marceline: Stay out of my life, dad!
    Hunson: You're not even alive!
  • Finn isn't happy about Marceline's dad flicking him away like a bug.
    Finn: No one flicks me in the butt without my conseeeent!
  • Finn interrupting Marceline and Hunson's heartwarming reconciliation by banishing the latter.
    Finn: I'll see you in the Nightosphere, ya sick freak!
  • From the end:
    Marceline: I've been meaning to ask you: what's with that pocket on your shirt?
    Finn: Oh, Jake's in here. (looking inside pocket) Sup, Jake?
    Jake: (turns around and farts)

"The Eyes"

  • Jake plays his viola to try and lure the staring horse away, because "Everything brainless likes music!" When Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" has no effect, Jake tries Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". It just calls over a swarm of snakes. Then Jake tries to summon a mongoose with "Ride of the Valkyries", but Finn angrily throws Jake's viola away.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Finn and Jake's insomnia-derived descent into madness. But especially Jake's eventual plan to get rid of The Horse:
    Jake: Finn, let's kill the horse.
  • The Reveal:
    Finn: It's about time I showed that horse who's the man.
    Jake: What are you going to do?!
    Finn: Say that to me one more time.
    Jake: What are you going to do?!
    Finn: Do. Doo-doo. I'm going to kick that horse in the bottom!
    Jake: Oh, my Grod!
    [Finn kicks the horse, and out of its mouth comes...]
    Finn and Jake: The Ice King?!
    Ice King: I should go.
    • Followed by the Ice King, just packing up his horse disguise, politely saying goodbye, and leaving. He apparently thought he could just walk away after all that. Finn promptly kicks his butt.
  • Jake demands to know what kind of secrets the Ice King learned spying on him and Finn: "Did you find out I sleep in the nude? It's none of your business how nude I sleep, Ice King! None of your business!"

"Loyalty to the King"

  • "Did I tell you that I like the opera? But if you don't, I hate it!"
  • When the Nice King orders Finn and Jake to break it gently to Turtle Princess that he doesn't really like her that much:
    Finn: The Nice King isn't really looking for a relationship right now.
    Jake: Get outta here!
    (Turtle Princess runs off crying)
  • Lumpy Space Princess punching herself into a sphere to appease the Nice King.
  • When Finn glues the Ice King's beard back on and he gets found out:
    Ice King: Ladies! I can shave it off. And when you get fat, I can grow it back!

"Blood Under the Skin"

  • At the beginning, Finn and Jake's dramatic confrontation with... a tiny ladybug.
  • "Who is the one who bears the thimble?" "This dude."
  • Sir Slicer is hilariously jerky, not to mention Sophisticated as Hell.
    Sir Slicer: (To Finn) Good luck exposing your soft vanilla-strawberry skin to the elements, dork! Hah! Later, losers!
  • Finn repeatedly runs into people showering in the Swamp of Embarrassment, and they've understandably freaked out: "MY MOST PRIVATE PARTS! PEEPED BY A BOY!"
  • The guardian of the Armor of Zelderon turns out to be an awkward ghost guy obsessesd with a game he invented called "dropball", which seems to involve seeing how many times in a row you can pick up a ball with your butt-cheeks.
    Finn: Dude... let's just kill him and get the armor.
    Jake: How? He's already dead.
  • The Reveal of the Armor of Zelderon: "Dude! This is lady armor!"
  • We eventually find out why Sir Slicer's spent the whole episode on his horse: His armor is too heavy for him to stand up in. And when he tries to prop himself up with a stick, he gets a painful splinter in his finger.


  • Finn trying to be nonchalant while trying to find romance for his story for Jake: "Normal guy, forest guy, just like normal forest guy... (stumbles over a root)"
  • Finn trying to see if a couple of ants are in love, resulting in this:
    Finn: (checking under a rock) Hey, how bout you two? Are y'all in love?
    Ant: (while its companion is crying for some reason) Laba gina gooda dee da?
    Finn: Uh...
    Ant: (angry) Lana giga ralala!
    Finn: Um... (lowers the rock)
  • Immediately after, he asks a pair of sleeping squirrels if they're kissing. They respond by running around in circles and knocking into each other.
  • Finn's encounter with the Jerky Teenage Bear and his over-protective mom. "He's probably not dead! I'm sorry, though! That you think he's dead!"
  • When Forest Wizard decides to let Finn go: "Your cage is made of sticks, brother! Just kick it apart."

"Slow Love"

  • After Snorlock busts into Finn and Jake's house and tells them of his problems, Finn and Jake go into a "hero huddle":
    Finn: Jake, what do you think?
    Jake: I think our house is all jacked-up.
  • Jake pretending to be a girl snail, then a guy, and then both.
    "Say yes say yes say yes say yes!"
    • Complete with Finn's horrified reactions throughout.
    • The pec-flexing during the guy snail part.
    • "Girl, you smell good. Did you take a bath in rainbows and cupcakes?"
  • After Finn shows Snorlock how to use swords and Jake shows him how to beatbox, Snorlock's attempt at doing both at the same time... is awesome. He beatboxes the most hilarious Bow Chicka Wow Wow beat while hypnotically swinging the swords around, it's hilarious.
  • "Jake, no! You'll get slimed, or grinded on!"

"Power Animal"

"Crystals Have Power"

  • Jake's flashback:
    Flashback!Jake: I don't wanna hurt nobody!
    Flashback!Joshua: Well too bad, because you're going to hurt EVERYBODY!
    • It's the chipper way Joshua delivers this line that really makes it.
    • And later: "Punch them, Jake! Punch everybody! Why not? Come on! Why not?!"
    • Later still:
      Jake: But Dad, you said I'd hurt everybody!
      Spirit!Joshua: Yeah, everybody...
      Jake: I dunno Dad, that doesn't really help me.
      Spirit!Joshua: Everybody who is evil, Jake. Let me finish next time, hmm? Yeah?
      Jake: Oh. Well, I'm over it then!
  • "You didn't mash my potatoes! You didn't even make me cry silently into my pillow last night for... thirty minutes..."
  • The Crystal Guard. It's just too funny with his constant no-face/poker-face while he just stares at Jake.
  • Also:
    Crystal Guardian 1: Hurry up, guys. I've gotta take a crystal donk.
    Crystal Guardian 2: Aww man, I don't wanna hear that!
    Crystal Guardian 1: Hey, whatever man. I ain't ashamed.
  • Jake's controlled fighting, where he punches a Crystal Guardian very slowly.
  • The Crystal Men gushing over Queen Quartzion, AKA Tree Trunks.
  • Pretty much everything Quartzion says:
  • As Jake tries to wrestle Quartzion, he cries out "She's too sassy and powerful!"
  • Once Tree Trunks is back to normal, Jake reassures her that they don't hold a grudge for her going mad with power: "If I had a penny for every time someone went crazy hopped-up on magical energy... (Beat, aside glance) ...I'd be Abraham Lincoln!"

"The Other Tarts"

"To Cut a Woman's Hair"

  • Finn chewing up food to feed to baby birds.
  • The Tree Witch showing off her powers by... briefly turning her arms into tree branches.
  • "You're gonna have to spend the rest of your life in this witch's butt."
  • After Finn is caught cutting some of LSP's lumps, LSP thinks he likes her and starts hitting on him, which scares away Finn.
    LSP: I knew you liked me, Finn! That's why you're running! Get in touch with your feelings, babe!
    • Before that, we have this scene where Finn finds her talking in her sleep
    LSP: *talking in her sleep* Get away from my camp! I'll cut you! I'm never gonna go back home...
  • Finn digs up a grave of Princess Beautiful, hoping to find some hair. He finds the princess is already a skeleton (a live one at that!), but no hair. After Princess Beautiful as a skeleton walks away, Finn reads more of her epitaph and finds that she died of baldness.
  • When Finn gets fed up and tells off the Tree Witch, poor Jake can only moan "Duuude!" from beneath the witch's "bottomless bottom".
  • Finn showing off his truly epic hair for the Tree Witch.

"The Chamber of Frozen Blades"

  • "Three Jakes?! That's one too many!" Guess math isn't Finn's strong suit after all.
  • "The Ice King abducted me while I was distracted by the horrifying beauty of birth."
  • Jake's impression of the Ice King while going through his diary: "Dear diary...and you better write me back this time!"
  • "I was at the hospital, for it turns out that Gunter was preggers!"

"Her Parents"

  • "You know, I thought painting ourselves rainbow colors using condiments and stuff from the fridge so we could pretend to be rainicorns was a good idea when you pitched it to me five minutes ago, but now I'm not so sure, man..."
  • The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Rainicorn completely fall for Jake's Paper-Thin Disguise.
  • Finn's initially horrified reaction to Soy People... turning to delight when he tries it.
    Jake: Finn, you're delicious!

"The Pods"

  • "Uh-oh, someone's gonna do a quest for a frog."
  • Finn "testing" the piglets for evilness... with an actual pen-and-paper test.
    • And succeeding. Kind of.
  • "It's a wand that poops glitter! What's gooder than that?"
  • "Don't just lick stuff! It's evil!" Even funnier when you realize what the chocolate ice-cream oozing out of the vaguely butt-shaped pod is supposed to look like.
  • "Two of the beans are good, but one is horribly evil! I have no idea which is which." Especially the Gnome Knight's face.
  • This exchange, when there's one pig left:
    Finn: There's only one left, and I think he's surrendering.
    Jake: (dancing uncontrollably) KILL IT!
    Finn: But he's dressed as a construction worker. It's freaking adorable.

"The Silent King"

  • Finn's line when he and Jake are fighting the Goblin King at the beginning.
    Finn (singing): WANDS ARE FOR WIMPS!
  • The goblins randomly rioting without a king to tell them what to do.
    Goblin: With no king to tell me not to start a riot... I could start a riot!
    Other goblin: No rules, baby! Start that riot!
  • This little piece:
    Finn: Jake, you wanna stay up all night listening to rules?
    Jake: (immediately falls asleep)
  • Finn keeping the goblins fooled into thinking he's still on the throne by using a giant golem wearing a cardboard box with Finn's face drawn on it.

"The Real You"

  • "DON'T YOU SEE, PRINCESS? WE WERE ALL BORN TO DIEEEEE!" Just that something so nihilistic could be said in a children's show is amazing.
  • Near the beginning:
    Finn: [My present for Princess Bubblegum is] a scale model of the Candy Kingdom! Made out of my saliva!
    Jake: So this means you wanna give her your spit, huh?
    Finn: Yeah!... WAIT—NO!
  • The lecture on "Theoretical Fightonomics" deserves a mention:
    Worm Professor: And the great question endures: who would win in a fight between Nietzsche's Übermensch and Man-Droid? The answer is... Werewolf Queen! It's always Werewolf Queen!
    Worm Professor: And when I finally meet the Werewolf Queen, she will take me on as her Royal Consort and we will rule in blood!
  • The worm students trying to kill "Wormy" for truancy.
    Finn: Where's your compassion?
    Worm Professor: KILL HIM!
  • This exchange when Finn prepares to "slay" the fourth-dimensional bubble.
    Jake: Finn, don't do anything stupid!
    Finn: I can't help it, man. I'm all about stupid!

"Guardians of Sunshine"

"Death in Bloom"

  • This particular scene.
    Finn: More skeletons. We have to be really...really quiet!
    Jake: (Beat stare, before farting and causing the whole cave to echo and shake)
    Skeleton: (the many skeletons look behind them and see Finn and Jake) GET 'EM! (start running towards them)
    Finn: Jake!
    Jake: I thought it would be funny!
    Princess Bubblegum: I will be back on the Morrow. SCREEEE!
  • When Jake's memory is restored, Death kisses him on the lips:
    Death: Kiss of Death, baby. You've got your memory back.
    Jake: Aw, man! I wished I didn't.
  • The montage of Finn and Jake taking care of PB's flower, with them seemingly not noticing that it's slowly dying. The montage ends with them tucking it to sleep, and it's only after then that Finn goes "Ahhh...we killed it, man!"
  • I'm. Not. A. Banana!
  • The end of the episode, when Peppermint Butler reveals his terms.
    Pep Butler: I'd like your flesh.
    Jake: Quit being silly, Peppermint Butler.
    Peppermint Butler: (eyes glowing) I'm going to take it from you while you sleep!
    (Finn and Jake's smiles slowly vanish)

"Susan Strong"

  • From the beginning:
    Finn: Oh man, these guys are afraid of their own shadows!
    Jake: We could rule them like gods!...Angry gods...
  • The montage of Finn showing Susan Strong around the land of Ooo, and her initially freaking out over everything.
  • Finn shoving “sidewalk brittle” in Susan’s mouth.
  • This part:
    Princess Bubblegum: They shall see how terrifying the candy people can be... HA-BLOO-BLOO-BLOO... Hee-hee!
    Jake: (quietly, to Finn) They're doomed.
  • "Well... you killed her."
  • This:
    Finn: Quick, show me your scary face!
    Gumdrop Lass: Oh, uh... (kneels and turns on flashlight) Rawr.
  • "Aw, man! They've learned how to learn!"
  • "We not eat Red Stripe Man. Only everyone else."

"Mystery Train"

  • After Finn says the conductor is too obvious a suspect because he's "weird and creepy", the conductor randomly rides in on a skateboard and says this:
    "Hey, everyone... this is the conductor. I couldn't help but overhear someone here say that I'm, 'weird and creepy?' Heh heh, heh... I'm not weird and creepy. I'm cool and awesome... heh heh. Heh! HEHEH! HEHEHEHEHEH!!"
    • Extra-funny when you learn the Conductor was Jake in disguise, shamelessly shilling his character.
  • Also this, when yet another of Finn's suspects ends up dead:
    • Immediately after, the corpse falls over as if it was fainting.

"Go with Me"

  • The part where Jake calls Marceline. It cuts to a split-screen conversation between him and Marceline, until Marceline crawls out of the blankets next to Jake, still in split-screen, and scares him. Finn's response is simply:
    • It's a clever joke because viewers who have their eye on Jake won't notice what Marceline's doing at first.
  • "Soooo... HEADLOCK!!"
  • After assaulting Princess Bubblegum with wrestling moves and admitting to putting a pair of vicious wolves into her room, cue the Smash Cut to Finn being dragged out of the castle for the second time that night.
    PB: I'm sorry to do this, Finn. But until you stop acting like a psycho, you are forbidden from entering the Candy Kingdom.
  • When Finn decides he doesn't like the sappy romantic film being shown at couples' movie night: "Marceline, would you do me the honor of getting us the plop out of here?"

"Belly of the Beast"

  • Finn and Jake doing a corny blues song during karaoke:
    "All of our favorite foods are totally dead / They cannot procreate in little food beds."
  • The "Bears" song: "Bears bears bears bears bears bears bears BEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSSSSSSS!"

"The Limit"

  • After Finn, Jake, and two hot dog knights enter the center of a labyrinth, they are each given one wish.
    Finn: (to hot dog knights) So you guys should wish for your buddies back, right?
    Knight #1: I wish for a box! (gets cardboard box) Sweeeet!
    Knight #2: I wish to blow up! I mean, get big. (explodes)
    Finn: Wow... You guys are really stupid.
    Knight #1: What do you mean?


  • Jake wants to make a romantic comedy, so various scenes have characters awkwardly working the phrase "Nyeh, Check, Please!!" into the movie.

"Heat Signature"

  • Lumpy Space Princess freaks out when Finn knocks over the beans she was cooking.
    Lumpy Space Princess: Nooooooo! Mah BEEEEAAAAANS!!!
  • The ending, where Finn decides he'd rather have his guts sucked out by ghosts than sit on Marceline's rock-hard couch.

"Mortal Folly"

  • After Ice King gets kicked out a window in PB's castle:
    "No, not the latch!"
  • After Finn and Jake head off to confront the Lich, Princess Bubblegum starts eating nervously... from the head of an unfortunate ice-cream cone candy person.
  • While it was probably intended to be serious or horrifying, Finn's wide-eyed look of shock after The Lich catches his arm during the middle of a flying punch and smashes the one weapon that was meant to defeat him is somewhat hilarious, even moreso by how nonchalant he is about it.
    The Lich: Shhh.
    • Likewise, the Lich's Oh, Crap! face when Finn manages to shrug off his mind control.
  • Ice King's derp face after accidentally dropping Princess Bubblegum.
    "Whoops! I have the dropsies"

"Mortal Recoil"

  • The Ice King apparently sees things with his old, wizard eyes, what he sees when he admits this is just fucking hilarious.
    "Sometimes you see things that are real, and other times it's like crazy crazy crazy in your face all the time. (sighs) All the time."
    • Though this is Harsher in Hindsight now that we know that the crown that causes the wizard eyes made him see visions in the past that eventually made him go insane.
    • His reaction to thirteen-year-old Bubblegum:
      Ice King: Aw, dang it! Well, I'm outta here. Goodbye, everyone. (leaves hospital)
    • Pretty much everything he does in this episode is hilarious. Even when he's doing something awesome, like freezing an evil PB in ice, his face is hilarious.
  • When Jake peeps at PB when she's in the bathroom:
    Jake: I'm looking in!
    Finn: JAKE, WHAT THE HEY?!
    Jake: Oh, my GLOB!
    Jake: You don't even KNOW, man.
    Finn: DUDE!!
    • And when evil PB hurls the two through a wall, it crumbles…and it shows the Ice to have been listening in with a paper cup.
  • "I'm a cat! I'm an agile cat!"
  • The faces Finn and Jake made when the frozen evil PB topples backwards and shatters into a million pieces. And then there's Ice King's response.
    Ice King: Okay, I dind't kill her this time. Everybody saw that, right?
    Gumball Guardian: Dude.
  • The ending, shocking as it is, is also kind of funny because the Lich seems downright annoyed at being stuck in the body of the Waving Snail again.

    Season 3 
"Conquest of Cuteness"

  • The montage of Finn and Jake taking pictures of the Cuties while Cute King gets increasingly frustrated.
  • Jake thinks he sees a murdered goat after the Cuties break into his and Finn's house:
    Jake: Oh no! It's a dead goat, man! Its guts are all over the place! It's all chopped up and spread around and.. oh no, wait, it's just a blanket. I think I left it here this morning.
  • The Cute Army's first attempt at assaulting Finn and Jake, which consists of them charging blindly at the tree-house while getting themselves injured or simply falling apart or exploding.
  • When Cute King is addressing his troops after the failed assault:
    Cute King: How will we ever splash around in the brains of our enemies if you guys can't take two steps without exploding? Bliblob, I'm looking at you!
    Bliblob: *explodes*
  • When Finn decides to confront the Cuties:
    Finn: I'm gonna manhandle those guys' banandles!
    Jake: ...What?
  • Near the "battle" scene:
    Finn: Get ready, y'all! Together we fall!
    (Cinnamamon Bun falls over)
    Lumpy Space Princess: NOT YET, CINNAMON BUN!!
  • "Oh no, my blood!"
  • "Hey Finn, you think blood tastes better than ketchup?"
  • LSP's shtick is pretty hilarious.
    Finn: And hey, guys, let's keep the acting subtle. Less is more.
    LSP: No way. First, I'm going to fall in love with one of those little guys, and then I'm gonna fall out of love. And then, I'm gonna totally fake DIE! Of a fake heart attack! OH! MY HEART! MY HEART HURTS BECAUSE I FELL OUT OF LOVE! AND NOW I HAVE TO DIE, EEUUUGHHHH!
  • Cute King weaponizing Cuteness Proximity on the Ice King.
    Cute King: I command you to make me a sandwich!
    Ice King: What? Nobody commands the Ice King to make no sandwich!
    Cute King: (looking extra cute) Wad about now?

"Morituri Te Salutamus"

  • Finn and Jake realizing the Fight King's trap before they even went into the arena.
    Jake: We sniffed out that trap like CHAMPS!
    • And then they walk into the trap anyway.
      Finn: That sounds so dumb... ... and FLIPPING AWESOME!
  • When Finn and Jake are in the hollowed ground:
    Finn: Okay. I have a plan. We'll do what the fight king says and defeat his ghosts to earn our freedom. ...You're gonna follow my plan, right?
    Jake: Mm-hmm. But hey! If you replace me with a dummy, I could stay down here and dig for lava, then I'd forge a molten hula-hoop!
    Finn: ...That's an entirely different plan... than my plan...

"Memory of a Memory"


  • "Why?! I didn't DO anything!" The immature way the Ice King whines this.
  • "Foooour weeks?" Finn's Nightmare Face.
  • "Get outta here, Bubble-Butt!" Bonus points for having the Ice King's visible butt jiggle on his way out.
  • Finn and Jake have a Let's Meet the Meat moment when they eat food from someone called Meat Man. It doesn't bother Jake at first, but that night he has nightmares about eating him. Finally comes the punchline later in the episode:
    Jake: (wide awake, staring out with a cup of coffee) Hey, Finn... you awake yet?
    Finn: (Yawns) I'm tryin'...
    Jake: ... I had a dream about Meat Man...
    Finn: Yeah?
    Jake: ... I think I'm gonna stop eating Meat Man.
  • Several things Ice King says:
  • Scorcher curb-stomping Blastronaut, who turns out to be a naked goblin in a mechanical suit.
  • "You're grounded!" "I know, but shush!" (Beat, cut to Jake slurping coffee)
  • Jake: (sarcastically) "Good job, the Ice King!"
  • "WAAAAIT! You don't have to do this anymore! I killed them already! They're dead!" *starts slapping frozen Finn and Jake* "Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, DEAD! Yup, they're dead."
  • Jake's over-the-top reaction to Ice King ruining his sandwich.
    Jake: It's wasted, man!

"Too Young"

  • "This castle is... in... Unacceptabllleee... Conditiiiiiiooon!!! UNACCEPTABLLLLEEE!!!" - That's Lemongrab's first line. That's the FIRST thing he says, which sets the tone of what his character is like: loud, neurotic, and deranged, even if he doesn't know any better.
  • The way Lemongrab randomly raises his arms over his head and yells "MMLLUUUUUUUGH!" at Cinnamon Bun in the beginning. It's in these moments that the audience realizes that Lemongrab isn't a jerk- he's a "special" jerk.
  • After yelling at Princess Bubblegum, Finn jumps up and slaps Lemongrab's hand, reprimanding him like a mom would reprimand her bratty kid. Lemongrab's eyes suddenly widen, and he glares at Finn, shouting "HHHHHOOOOOOOOO?!" Finn cringes with the most priceless "What the hell?" look on his face. Lemongrab purses his lips and keeps glaring at Finn, then he gasps, and pretends like nothing ever happened. A lot of the things LG does without even saying anything are hilarious.
    • As LG is screaming "TOO YOUNG! TOO YOUNG TO RULE THE KINGDOM!", look carefully at Finn's face. That expression is priceless, too. It's like a combination of a grimace and a cringe. There was no better way to portray Finn's annoyance, confusion, and uncomfortableness.
  • From the end:
    Princess Bubblegum: YO, EARL!!
    Lemongrab: (from far away) WHAT!!!
    Princess Bubblegum: HEY... YOU'RE FIRED! YA BUTT!
    Lemongrab: (from far away) UUUUUAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!
  • Most of Lemongrab's dialogue is hilarious.
    Lemongrab: Huh? (puts on glasses) (reads quietly to himself) "You... really... smell... like... dog buns..." OoooooOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!
    • Especially with his voice—he sounds like an awkward teenager.
    • Even the most mundane things he says are hilarious, because of the odd enunciation and volume/pitch changes: "Aaaaaie am next in line too thee throne! Sooou... I will be in charge... UNTIL PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM turns... EIGHTEEN AGAIN!"
  • Lemongrab, after being pranked, tries to comprehend the concept of humor. He tries- really hard- but he fails... miserably. After mumbling to himself for a few seconds, he suddenly bursts into a large grin, and starts laughing an utterly joyless and creepy laugh that makes everyone cringe. When LG's done, he snaps out of it, and sends all of the castle staff to the dungeon for seven years.
  • Finn and Princess Bubblegum dress up as Bedsheet Ghosts to make Lemongrab leave. Do they scare him? No. They beat him up.
    • The way he whimpers on the floor, curled up in a Troubled Fetal Position, coughing pitifully. A hilarious contrast to the charismatic, screaming loony we previously saw. It's one of those scenes that's so unexpectedly sad that it's impossible not to laugh.
    • And the unsettlingly awkward way he tries to laugh it off, in the most broken, unnatural laugh, with the most ridiculous, big smile. "Ha ha ha!" *coughs a horrible-sounding cough into his fist and winces in pain* "GOOD ONE! KEEP 'EM COMING! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Hoo! Ha... Hahahoooow ow! OOOH!"
  • Lemongrab tells Peppermint Butler that he doesn't know where food comes from. Peppermint Butler begins to explain this, until Lemongrab FREAKS OUT, cuts him off, and says, "ATATATAT- NOOOOO! That is why I am royal, and YOOOU are SERVILE!" Actually, ANY scene involving LG and Pepbut is hilarious. They're such a great comedic duo.
  • Two words: "Rice cake."
    • There was an unused scene which takes place just after Lemongrab gets punched and pushed down. (No, it does not make any more sense in context.) Lemongrab takes a rice cake out of his pocket and smiles in a genuinely gleeful manner... then starts licking the rice cake all over with an overly-long, snake-like tongue. He says: "Jealous of my rice cake, little ghost pranksters?", then makes a face that's as close to Trollface as Lemongrab could make, and continues licking his beloved rice cake. As he's doing so, and giggling to himself, Finn and Princess Bubblegum look at each other. "I don't think that worked out too well, either," PB says to Finn.
  • The entire "spicy" sequence. Finn and PB drip spicy serum down into Lemongrab's food. They miss, and it lands in Peppermint Butler's eye. When he's done screaming, more spice is dripped down, and it lands in the mashed carrots. Lemongrab grabs a fistful of food, and eats it- only for his face to turn bright red, and he projectile-vomits it in the butler's face. Lemongrab SCREAMS, and walks out of the window in a blinded daze. Still screaming, he falls down to the ground below. Finn and PB spice the dirt he tries to eat, and he starts screaming again, and runs through the apple orchard to get an apple. Finn, PB, and Pepbut hide in the apple tree to spice the apple, but Pepbut falls into the mouth of Lemongrab, who sucks on him. Then comes the icing on the cake: "ONE MILLION YEEEAAARS!! DUNGEON!!!!!" (cut to everyone in jail)
    "He's eating the dirt! Spice it now!"
  • All of the jokes about Lemongrab's butt. "We'll spice-bomb him nonstop till his butt falls out!" "Maybe if we... set his butt on fire..."
  • Lemongrab's first sentencing of someone to DUNGEON.
    Lemongrab: Seven years dungeon!
    Starchy: Who're ya talking to?
    Lemongrab: You! Three hours dungeon! No trials!
    Finn: We'll see you in a few hours, Starchy.
    Starchy: Yeah, right. If Starchy lives that long...

"The Monster"

  • The episode opens with Finn and Jake randomly breaking out into a Boastful Rap, which ends with Finn yelling "PIZZA!" for some reason.
  • "This'll be as easy as... um..." "EASY AS CHILDBIRTH!" "Yeah, okay..."
  • LSP's wolf-story:
    Finn: So these were talking wolves?
    LSP: No, they were normal wolves. I knew what they were thinking because of their body-language. Stop interrupting, Finn!
    Finn: :(
    • Lumpy Space Princess trying to apply teen gossip drama to the family of wolves that was raising her.


  • This part:
    Ice King: Now I'm gonna dress like Jake! (starts undressing)
    Jake: NOOOO!! NO NO NO NO NO!!
  • The Ice King saying that Jake is afraid of real emotion.
  • "Aww man, he fell asleep with his eyes open."
    • The entire Astral plane bit.
    Finn: Astral beast come to meeee!!
  • "Aw, junk! Did I summon butterflies?"
  • Gunter's random dance at the end after he finally breaks the unfreezing potion.
  • This part:
    Ice King: Who's hungie? Jake, you hungie?
    Jake: (annoyed) I'm hungry.
    Ice King: Haha, fair enough. Well how about I make us some omelets?
    Jake: That... sounds pretty good actually!
    Ice King: I'm gonna put my foot in it!
    Jake: >:(
    • "Friends don't eat each other, Ice King. That's now how friends work."
  • Ice King showing his slideshow of various body parts of his penguins. Jake's ">:O" face sells it.

"Wizard Battle"

  • "I have powers TOO, you BUTTS!"
  • The wizard and his cats.
  • The Ambiguously Gay Abracadaniel. "Turn, and push! Turn, and push!"
  • "WHAT?! You turned me PINK, bro!"
  • Peppermint Butler singing.
  • From the end:
    Princess Bubblegum: (kisses Finn) That's for being sweet. (slaps him) And that's for cheating!

"Fionna and Cake"

  • Prince Gumball's memetic "SO. VERY. LARGE." line, complete with appropriate face expressions and hand gestures.
  • This exchange between Fionna and Ice Queen:
    Fionna: Ice Queen, why you always predatoring on dudes!?
    Ice Queen: Ha! You should talk! Keeping all the babes to yourself, totally ice-blocking my game!
    (Prince Gumball looks seriously squicked out)
  • This line of dialogue
    Fionna: Jeez, I don't know, I thought about it, but I think you could wear your pants as a shirt if you really needed to.
  • The Reveal:
    Ice King: So, what did you think of the fan-fiction I wrote about you guys?
    • The fact that the Ice King blatantly said "fanfiction" just made it twice as funny. Who would even think the show would get meta enough to use that word?
    • Let's not forget the end of his story:
      "I hope Ice King will sweep me off my feet, and take me to the farthest corner of Ooo, where we will do nothing but kiss and eat a whole bunch, until we get fat and die!" THE END!
    • Prince Gumball has a Flat "What" reaction to the above speech, even though he's a character in said fanfiction.
  • Cake's first meeting with Lord Momochromicorn. Her tail frizzes.

"What Was Missing"

  • When BMO gets his controller stolen:
    BMO: NOOOO! D:
  • Also:
    Jake: (cries) You've all forgotten 'bout the MUSIC! I QUIT THE BAND! (runs backwards until he's out of sight) I'm just pretending!
    Finn: Jake, you're back!
    Jake: Shut your face! I came back for the music!
  • The Aesop near the end.
    Marceline: I totally get it. He may have stolen our treasures...
    Princess Bubblegum: ...But by doing so he showed us...
    Jake: That the real treasure... was friendship!
    Door Lord: (happily) HMMM!! HM-HMM-HMMM!
    (cut to Door Lord tied up and beaten to a pulp while the gang retrieves their treasures)
  • This:
    Finn: Pasta...water...getting...hotter! A song about noodles?
    Marceline and Princess Bubblegum: NO.
    Finn: Bwam.
    (they all laugh}
  • "That guy must do crazy squats."

"Apple Thief"

  • At the beginning:
    Finn: What are you cooking?
    Jake: It's good, dude! I learned it from Rainicorn.
    Finn: I'm not eating that. It smells funny.
    Jake: Duude, this took me like—
    Finn: Let's go over to Tree Trunks' and get some apple pie! Apple pie! Apple pie!
    • The fact that Jake's obviously been slaving over it forever, and it actually looks pretty good, but he abandons it quickly enough as soon as Finn starts chanting.
  • The way that they just left Raggedy Princess in a hole after asking her how she ended up there.
  • The various references to Jake doing such things as snatching old lady's purses.
  • This. Just this:
    Tree Trunks: Does this mean... I'm innocent?
    Jake: As innocent as a baby's buttcheek.
    • Another one, just a few seconds later (are they trying to kill us?):
      Tree Trunks: Uh, you boys better stick around, if you want a bite of my apple pie. (pats Banana Guard with trunk)
      Banana Guard: She slapped my butt.
      Other Banana Guard: (thumbs up)
  • Mr. Pig revealing he can hear Tree Trunks's missing apples in her closet.
    Mr. Pig: I'm just telling you, I can hear apples in that closet. (extreme close-up) They sound scared.

"The Creeps"

  • When the gang announces their mystery names:
    Princess Bubblegum: But according to the invites, we're supposed to use mystery names. Mine is Lady Quietbottom.
    Lumpy Space Princess: My name is Duchess Gummybuns!
    BMO: I'm Professor Pants.
    Cinnamon Bun: I'm Cinnamon Bun!
    Lumpy Space Princess: (slaps Cinnamon Bun) What's the name on your invite?
    Cinnamon Bun: Oh yeah! Uh... it's Guy Farting.
    Finn: Prince Hotbod at your service.
    Jake: I'm... Randy Butternubbs.
    • Also: Cinnamon Bun coming on to LSP when he finds out she’s not dating.
    Cinnamon Bun: Now's my chance!
    LSP: No. Way.
    Cinnamon Bun: But I can make you happy.
    LSP: (punches Cinnamon Bun) Puke off, you big donut!
    Cinnamon Bun: Okay. (walks away)
  • "I don't have ghost-detecting equipment. I just like taking nice pictures."
  • When they look for LSP.
    LSP: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I'm dying!!!! (toilet flushes, LSP exits bathroom) Whoo! Oh, gross, ugh. My lumping body's all hollow now. I gotta put something in it.
  • "What kind of castle is this? It's a like a poor people's castle, with no lumping waffles for my dump truck"
  • Finn's dramatic accusation of Princess Bubblegum being interrupted by LSP's drama over her break-up with Brad.

"From Bad to Worse"

  • We have LSP trying to become beautiful by using a potion that turns one's lips gigantic.
    Lumpy Space Princess: I'm gonna be so hot! SO FREAKIN' HOT!
  • "Sorry, LSP... PB... Jake... LR... PP, Poo-poo, Doo-doo..."
  • End of the episode:
    Princess Bubblegum: And now I shall present the royal medal for Heroic Bravery! Finn the human!
    Finn: Yes.
    Princess Bubblegum: Would you please move out of the way?
    (Finn does so, revealing Science the lab-rat.)


  • Jake declaring that he's only going along with Finn in order to be "Disruptive and obnoxious!"
  • This scene:
    Susan: Hyoomans! I'll be back!
    Jake: Fish-people! I'll a dolphin! (head morphs into a dolphin's shape)
  • Jake's song is pretty awesome.
    Jake: Oh, I'm on a boat with a couple o' wackos
    Shakin' my hips and dipping my fat toe
    In the wateeeer, dippin' in the wateeeer
    This party's gettin' hotteeeer!
    It's so hot it's... (background music suddenly peters out) stupid.
  • "This is a crazy cruise! And Susan's our crazy captain! And I'm a crazy clamshell!"
  • When they zoom through the Clashing Gates which crush half of the raft, Susan Strong happily says "We still have some boat left!"
  • Jake's reaction to seeing the giant Lub-Glub.
    Jake: That reminds me of... my mother!

"No One Can Hear You"

  • "Paging Dr. Ice Cream... ice cream for my mooouth!"
  • Jake is initially convinced that everyone is off planning a surprise party for him, and he and Finn try to act unaware. Badly.
  • When Finn chastises the deer that broke his legs, the deer reacts by licking his groin in Finn's general direction.
  • Delusional!Jake is equal parts hilarious and creepy, from holding a puppet show surprise party to pretending to talk on the telephone with himself.
    Jake: (babbles incomprehensibly)

"Jake vs. Me-mow"

"Thank You"

  • The ice golem's "don't be noticed, don't get involved" expression while sneaking past Finn and Jake's fight with the Ice King.
  • This exchange:
    Ice King: You don't understand! If you were me, you would do things I would do!
    Finn: Yeah, and if you were us, you'd kick your fat butt!
    Ice King: I... Yeah, I would...
  • The numerous Amusing Injuries the fire wolf puppy accidentally inflicts on the poor ice golem.
  • The alarm clock bird, and the different ways it gets clobbered every morning.
  • Ice King's little freak out when Finn and Jake finally get the upper hand in their fight against him. "HELP! SOMEBODY HEEEEELP!"
    • Additionally, when all three of them are sleeping in the snow, Finn suddenly jerks in his sleep while muttering to himself and jabs at the Ice King's "ice armor" with a stick.
    • The mere fact that the Ice King's "invincible ice armor" is completely immobile.
  • "You know, maybe we could all learn a thing or two from those sandwiches."

"The New Frontier"

  • Finn's claim that they won't have to worry about the Banana Man, as he'll just hit the sun if he keeps walking toward the horizon.
    Jake: Finn, did you eat your breakfast?
    Finn: No, why?
    Jake: Because you forgot how the sun works.
    • "He built a house on the sun?! This guy's insane!"
  • The Banana Man doing aerobics.
  • After Finn saves Jake, he decides to stick to Jake "for the rest of their lives". He does this in a very Creepy Child-like manner.
  • Jake's random remark about making an ice cream pizza. Finn then notes he can cheat fate. Cut back to Jake, sloooowly putting an ice cream pizza slice in his mouth, before relenting.

"Holly Jolly Secrets"

"Marceline's Closet"

  • The note Marceline leaves for Finn and Jake.
    "Hey guys, I had to run out, but I'll be back in a few minutes. I had to run out to buy some ketchup. Is it possible to be allergic to tomatoes? My sleep patterns are always super weird when I eat tomatoes. Do you ever have those lucid dreams? Anyhow, DON'T GO INTO MY HOUSE."
  • Marceline calls Finn and Jake's treehouse and gets met with their voicemail, each one addressing himself as the other and laughing about it. Finn and Jake laugh silently in the closet, while Marceline is completely unamused.
  • Finn and Jake's disgust at Marceline picking her nose.
    • She flicks her booger into the closet and it lands on Jake.
  • Jake gets bitten by a spider and... starts silently screaming, dramatically posing with tears in his eyes.
    • There's a scene earlier where the spider is apparently strong enough to shove an entire lamp off Marceline's nightstand, causing it to shatter.
  • Finn sees Marceline naked. His reaction is priceless.
    Finn: (completely deadpan) I'm not goin' back out there.
  • After Marceline hears them Finn and Jake take up disguises... which turn out to be a lamp (Finn with a lampshade on his head) and ...Jake shapeshifting as Finn.
    Finn: DUDE! You shape-changed to look like me?!
    Jake: (beat) Well, yeah!
    (Finn angrily beans Jake in the head with the lampshade)
    • The dialogue just before that is hilarious as well:
      Finn: (whispering) Is she awake?
      Jake: (also whispering) Why are you talking??!
      Finn: I'm wondering if she's awake!
      Jake: Well, if she's awake she can definitely hear you talking!
      Finn: I'm whispering!
      Jake: Well now we're both quietly screaming!!
      Marceline: (matter-of-factly) I can hear both of you.
      Finn: (still whispering) DISGUISE YOSELF, FOOL!
      Marceline: (turns on light; completely deadpan) What are you two bozos doing in my lair?
  • Not to mention the episode's punchline after Finn and Jake apologize for hiding in Marcy's closet: "Apology accepted. I hide in your house all the time!"
    • The next scene, where the two are Properly Paranoid, features Jake wearing a Modesty Towel in the shower, then putting on a second one when he gets out.

"Paper Pete"

  • "Pete, just stop winking."
  • This exchange:
    Finn: (lays down on his stomach to be at Mildwin's level) Nice to meet you, your highness!
    Mildwin: I'm not a King! I was democratically elected.
    Finn: (laughs) That's adorable!
    Finn: NOW, FINN! (snatches Mildwin)
  • Finn using books to save Jake from the Moldos... using them as a blunt instrument, that is.
  • Jake admits he's going to give up on reading about rainicorn history for now, saying "I was reading the same paragraph for, like, eleven minutes."

"Another Way"

  • This scene:
    Cyclops: Beg for mercy, or I'LL KILL YOU.
    Finn: (beat) (mumbles)
    Cyclops: What??
    Finn: (mumbles)
    Cyclops: Huh? I can't hear you!
    Finn: invoked I said... MY WAY!!! (punches cyclops and makes him cry)
  • Pretty much just Finn's sheer rage while he's on his way to get the tears of the cyclops. Best part is when he needs to cross the acidic, electric eel infested, fast current river.
    Bush: Anyway, that's it, there's no other way around, you dummy.
    Finn: But I need to get across.
    Bush: Listen when I'm telling you. There's no way! ...ugly tramp. -flashes of the Monster Clown nurse-
    Finn: Glob... Glob it... Glob it! GLOB IT! -picks up the bush- MY WAY! -proceeds to cross the river WHIPPING away the water and the eels, somehow... only to not even make it halfway across the river.

"Ghost Princess"

  • At the beginning:
    Ghost Princess: (moans)
    Jake: Are you haunting us?
    Ghost Princess: Yeeeees...
    Jake: Oh. Okay.
  • Clarence (voiced by Sam Marin, who also played Benson on Regular Show) has an unusual way of expressing grief and frustration.
    Jake: Wait a minute, say that again.
    Clarence: MY LIFE IS LIKE A FART!
  • Clarence's death is as tragic as it is ridiculous: despondent over killing his lover Warrior Princess in the heat of battle, he stuffs himself to the bursting point on cheese sauce. And poor Jake saw the whole thing.

"Dad's Dungeon"

  • This hilarious exchange between Jake and Joshua
    Jake: But dad, Finn's already figured that out. He's a good kid with a kind heart.
    Joshua: Remember, Jake, this is a pre-recorded holo-message. I can't hear you if you're talking to me right now.
    (Moments later...)
    Jake: But—
  • The spell used to banish the demon: "Kee-Oth Rama Pancake!"
    • Said demon (whose name is Kee-Oth) shows up again at the end of the episode, citing a demonic law allowing him to tear off "Joshua's" 'love handles' if he doesn't give him back the blood used to make the sword. Jake just nonchalantly plays the clip of his father reciting the spell to banish Kee-Oth again.
  • "If I didn't cry when people died, I'd have a cold butt for a heart."
  • Jake fending off the Fruit Witches by farting.
  • In one scene:
    Jake: Alright, dude. Dad told me not to tell you this, but—
    (An imaginary Joshua appears.)
    Imaginary Joshua: DON'T TELL 'IM!
    Jake: (Beat) (flatly) You're not real. (turns imaginary Joshua into imaginary Lady Rainicorn)
  • The YouTube Poop-esque remix Jake makes out of the tapes Joshua left in the dungeon.
    Joshua: I made you boys something... it's babies. Full of babies. The family sword. It's made out of babies.


  • At the beginning, when BMO promises to watch Finn while Jake is out.
    BMO: *pounds fist against his palm* If anyone tries to hurt Finn, I will kill them!
  • There's Jake singing about finding a love interest for Finn.
    Gotta find a honey for my homey! A baby for my buddy! (as Barry White) A lady... for my laddie.
  • When Jake checks up on Finn through the BMO-cam, he sees a first-person view of BMO sneaking up behind Finn to poke him up the butt.
    BMO: Duck... Duck... Duck... (Camera cuts back to Jake) GOOSE!
    (Finn screeches)
    • There's also just before that when Finn angrily punches his tear ducts.
  • "An awesome prince? That's the best kind!"
  • Jake, attempting to win the Fire King's favor, asks him what his favorite thing is. He says koala bears.
    Jake (pretending to be Finn, holding a box with a koala bear inside): Eucalyptus! EEEEEEUUUUCALYPTUS!
    Fire King: ...I don't like koalas anymore.
  • At one point Flame Princess turns some fire denizens into flame cats just for whispering about her, which prompts Flambo to say this:
    Flambo: Heeey, so that's where I came from!
    • Flambo's voice and general mannerisms remain funny throughout the episode.
    Flambo: I cast flame shield on ya's. Also I spat on ya's.

    Season 4 
"Hot to the Touch"

"Five Short Graybles"

  • Finn and Jake watch BMO do strange things in their bathroom while teaching his Imaginary Friend Football about being human. At one moment, he pretends to use a toothbrush.
    Jake: This is weird. Plus, he's using my toothbrush!
    Finn: No man, that's my toothbrush.
    Finn & Jake: (beat) Eugh!
    • BMO demonstrates "peeing" by sitting on the toilet seat and pouring water into it.
  • Jake's excitement at the "ultimate high five". "You've gone crazy-mad with power lust... and I'm lovin' it!"
  • PB making cheese by putting a cow in a centrifuge. Even better, it's a talking cow, and its worried expression and cries of "Oh, man... oh, boy..." are priceless.
    • It also appears to be a male cow, given its voice.
    • Even funnier because when she says it PB's mouth is shaped like Wallace's when he's talking about cheese.
  • Bubblegum's thoroughly disappointed when Cinnamon Bun just shoves her "perfect sandwich" into this stomach-mouth on his body and proceeds to spit out crumbs and bits of filling on Bubblegum for a good 20 seconds while she stands there with her mouth hanging open:
    Bubblegum: B-But... you didn't even... you didn't even... taste it..."
  • The penguins giving the Ice King a bath. Followed by him tossing out said Penguins like trash afterword.
    • Before that the Ice King smells his own odor and assumes it's coming from Gunter. He attempts to remedy the situation... by putting Gunter on an ice floe and sending him out to sea. When Gunter comes back he's understandably pissed.
      • Even better — Ice King assumes the smell is Gunter farting, before concluding it's his own BO. At the end, after everything's settled, he tucks Gunter under his arm, and not even two seconds later Gunter cuts one.
  • Ice King gets mad when one of his penguins ignores him. "Gunter, stop PLAYING THE KEYBOARD!!!"
  • LSP's song, and how she ultimately wins the talent show by angrily throwing basketballs.
    • And then it gets better when Finn and Jake finish their ultimate high-five out of nowhere and they win instead.

"Web Weirdos"

  • Finn's underwhelming attempt at mimicking Jake's acrobatic stunts.
  • The flashback to Finn's overly-long fingernails.
  • "I'm gonna take a nap while you grow out your fingernails."
  • "Try to stay calm! Greet your fate with dignity..." Then the two flies start freaking out.
  • Finn's reaction to Ed spinning a web.
    Finn: Gross! Does [Barbara] make that sound too?
    Ed: Yeah, but she never does it in front of me. Anyway, it's not gross when guys do it!
  • "Yeah, you MOMMY!"
  • "I guess we're never gonna eat again, because I catch all the food, and your butt is dysfunctional!"
  • "Love like theirs will always find a way. It'll crawl right up on you and drain your body fluids, poisoning you slowly until you pass out!"

"Dream of Love"

  • When Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks's public displays of affection disrupt Bubblegum's concert:
    Princess Bubblegum: Cinnamon Bun, do something!
    Cinnamon Bun: ...Okay. Hey everyone, the concert is over!
    Princess Bubblegum: That's not what I...
    Cinnamon Bun: The concert's over, princess!
  • "You two need to hide your love, or else you'll end up making the whole world throw up!"
  • Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig try to "hide their love" by making out in random out-of-the-way spots, like under the floorboards in Finn and Jake's closet, or in a baby carriage, or inside a book Turtle Princess was about to read, or even inside a cheese sandwich Finn is in the middle of making.

"Return to the Nightosphere"

  • ANYTHING involving the jail guard.
    Jake: Yo, is there an outlet anywhere for this?
    Guard: Ha... HAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Finn's reaction to the full landscape of the Nightosphere.
    Finn: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Preeeety neat.
  • Finn and Jake realizing that they're next in line... to go into another line.
  • This part:
    Finn: How long have you been in this line?
    Big Demon: How... long? (starts crying)
    Finn: Oh, butt-traps. Jake, stretch us to the front.
    A lot of demons, collectively: NO CUTTING!!
  • Pay close attention to the small idiot demons in the jail as Finn and Jake converse with the guard. Just look at them and what they're doing. Then try not to laugh. They're acting like a bunch of idiot babies, rolling around on the floor, clapping, flailing... Once you notice their antics, it's impossible to watch those scenes without giggling.
  • (In a Voice of the Legion:) "DOES ANYONE HAVE TO GO PEE-PEE?!"
  • After Finn and Jake encounter what they believe is Hunson Abadeer, Jake squeezes himself into a door's keyhole to escape, dropping his phone, charger and a banana. When Jake realizes that he left Finn behind, he opens the door, slamming it into "Hunson's" face to let Finn in. "Hunson" tries to get him again, only for Jake to slam the door in "his" face again and grabs his things. The look on "Hunson's" face as "he" raises "his" fists afterwards is priceless.

"Daddy's Little Monster"

  • "Let's bury the hatchet! See how I'm not killing you?"
  • Jake's line "Ow! My hippocampus!" as the explanation for how they lost their memory is a hilarious line.
  • The scene where Marceline proceeds to offer "Pain, Pleasure, or Weird Punishment" as the new Lord of Evil. The first demon naturally requests pleasure, only for Marceline to shout "No, weird punishment!" and make him vomit up bananas (demon poop). The second demon, having witnessed the earlier incident, requests pain in hopes of getting an opposite reaction, only for Marceline to actually give him pain by destroying one side of his body. The last one decides to bail until Marceline offers him abs, which she puts on his face. Here's the entire exchange:
    Marceline: Who's next? Who's next?!
    Small Demon: (Nervously) Uh... Me... My lord Aber-deer.
    Marceline: What do you desire, cowering speck? Pain, pleasure, or... Weird punishment?
    Small Demon: Uuuum... Pleas-ure?
    Marceline: NO, WEIRD PUNISHMENT!
    (The small demon gets zapped by Marceline's blood-mist cloud, causing him to vomit tons of bananas as the big demon from the first part watches.)
    Marceline: (To big demon) And what do you desire? P, P, or WP?
    Big Demon: I... Pain?
    Marceline: OK.
    (Marceline zaps him, this time destroying half of his body and revealing his innards.)
    Big Demon: (Disappointed) Awww.
    Marceline: Come on, come on, next!
    Wimpy Demon: I'm just gonna go.
    Marceline: You sure, dude? Don't you want... ABS?
    Wimpy Demon: Yeah, gimme abs!
    Marceline: HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
  • The part where the demon with the mustache and coffee cup who berated Finn and Jake for trying to cut was not let back in line:
    Demon: Sorry, dude, you got out of line, I—
    Mustached Demon: DANG IT!!
  • Finn and Jake run into an incongruously-placed ordinary kitchen, and discover Hunson Abadeer in a wife-beater and pink boxer shorts with gold stripes sitting down to eat a "midnight snack".
  • What about the scene when Marceline finds out her dad tricked her?
    Marceline: Dad, you tricked me?
    Hunson: *shrugs*
    Marceline: Dad, that sucks.
    • Or the moment right before that after he removes the amulet from Finn.
      Hunson: I wonder what happened to him? Kids these days, am I right?
      Jake: Dude. Seriously.
  • Finn and Jake finding out just what those bananas are.
  • Finn's Non Sequitur rap:
    (Jake beat boxing) "Yeaaaahhh... Uuuuuhnnnn... Political Rap, yo... yo... Demon apathy! Yo zappity! Get ready! Government! Where you went? Yo... Farmer's market! Ride bikes. Get on it. Geodesic domes. Science! You HEARD?!"

"In Your Footsteps"

  • During the Iris Out to the bear's party, Jake quickly blurting out "I knew it."
  • When Bubblegum reveals that no one actually mistook the bear for Finn, Jake (who was convinced the bear was trying to steal Finn's identity) is in the background looking nervous and literally shrinking back.

"Hug Wolf"

  • Finn is weirded out by the Hug Wolf's heart-shaped paws: "Is this an extra butt?!"
  • "And don't tell me it's cuz I have repressed emotional feelings for Cinnamon Bun!"
  • This exchange:
    Jake: Finn? Say somethinge to reassure me!
    Finn: I'LL HUG YOUR MOM!
  • When getting attacked, Mr. Cupcake refers to Finn as a Lycanthrope, which is another word for Werewolf.
  • The scene with the protective candy dad defending his daughter with a candy cane shotgun complete with him making "pew" noises as it actually shoots.

    Gumdrop dad:SHE'LL NEVER MARRY!!!
  • During the scene where Jake and BMO find Finn after his hug wolf rampage, Princess Bubblegum is seen randomly chasing a cat in the background.
  • "We're mad, but we're not gonna go down there..."
  • This:
    Random person in crowd: WITHOUT CONSENT!
  • "Can I get a hug?" "JAKE!!!!!"
  • And, of course, the ending, a rather horrifying Brick Joke when you remember the alpha hug-wolf got hit by one of the flaming globs of evil spewed by the dying Tree of Blight.

"Princess Monster Wife"

  • "Somebody broke into my house and stole my lumps!"
  • Jake's nonchalant reaction to LSP assuming the thief is making out with her lumps: "Heh, heh... gross!"
  • When Finn and Jake faint at the sight of Princess Monster Wife, Ice King assures her "They're our limp, sleepy children!"
  • Ice King claims that he made Princess Monster Wife out of his favorite body parts of all of Ooo's princesses, including "Slime Princess' bottom". Out of all the princesses in Ooo, Ice King apparently thinks that the talking blob of amorphous green slime has the cutest butt.
  • The Ice King's song. The lyrics and atmosphere are heartwarming, but its execution is hilarious. He's singing to a tape recorder playing a cheesy, pop ballad song, and he even has back-up vocals on a different tape recorder.
  • The Ice King makes his wife a dress using a sewing machine. Then he sews a sock to it. Then he sews an empty pizza box to it. Then he sews his BEARD to it.
  • All of the Ice King's names for his penguins turn out to be variants of "Gunther".
  • The penguins freak out when one of them throws up after PMW blows him a kiss.
  • The "normal people" on the Ice King's TV.
  • "Lady parts."
  • PMW giving Turtle Princess's head to LSP.
  • Muscle Princess kisses her arm after getting it back.


  • Peppermint Butler, for no apparent reason, was buried under Finn and Jake's lawn. He popped out to tell them that the princess had a message. It was never explained why Pepbut was buried underground. Finn and Jake were just as confused as us. Perhaps he tunneled there.
  • The creation of Goliad in the flashback:
    Finn: What did you use to create her?
    Princess Bubblegum: Huh? Oh, you know, the usual Candy Person soup.
    [Scene switches to Princess Bubblegum dumping various pieces of oversized candy into a vat. Along with Cinnamon Bun who hurriedly gets out of the vat.]
  • Princess Bubblegum casually revealing that she's acting weird because she hasn't slept for 83 hours.
  • The candy babies acting... well, like goofy, out of control babies- one of whom is painting the candy mama's face.
  • The fat candy mama in general- especially her nonchalant reactions to the chaos in the nursery.
    Mama: Settle down, everyone!
  • Jake loses his temper with the candy kids, and his shouting includes "I'M DON JUAN CHERRY TEMPO!" And Goliad later tries to repeat all of this word for word, hilariously flubbing it.
  • The scene where Finn is trying to distract his mind away from PB's plan. He imagines various odd things, such as PB's head turning into a dolphin, PB turning into a bunch of little PBs, then melting, Finn rolling up the grass and smothering PB with it, and several dancing Finn babies.
  • A more Meta example, or fridge humor. The fact that PB's attempt to create a replacement for Lemongrab backfired in the worst way. Most fans couldn't think of a scenario that was worse than Lemongrab taking the throne. Then Goliad came along... Apparently, Lemongrab is still the rightful heir, which is exactly what PB was trying to avoid by creating Goliad.

"Beyond This Earthly Realm"

  • When Finn and Jake first find the sheep statue:
    Jake: Dude, no! Don't touch that thing! It's probably got some kind of sacred significance.
    Finn: Yeah... I want it for my sacred bathroom.
  • Jake and BMO try to get Finn's attention by playing his favorite song... and much to the embarrassment of Finn, whose spirit is there but invisible to his friends, BMO plays a cutesy nursery song.
    Finn: I haven't liked this song since I was two!
  • The Ice King's "friend song" as he happily jumps up and down on his bed.
    • After Finn overhears that Ice King tricked him, he just says, "Dude, come on, what?", as if not even surprised. Ice King then explains his plan (it being that he made Finn trap the monsters so Ice King wouldn't see them anymore) and says that since Finn is trapped in the spirit realm, Ice King is the only friend Finn will ever have. Then this exchange takes place.
      Finn: (walking away) I'm gonna re-open the hole.
      Ice King: (immediately after the above line) NO, WAIT, MY PLAN FELL APART!
  • The Ice King's skeeved-out reactions to the spirits, which call to mind the way a prissy woman would react to bugs.
  • Some of the spirits, too. They were so dopey. Especially the "wop wop wop" one.
  • One of the spirits both vomits and has a bout of explosive diarrhea at the same time, grows a pair of bat wings afterwards and nonchalantly flies away. Ice King's only comment is "I hate them."
  • The one spirit who kept vomiting up babies.
  • The Ice King totally breaking the fourth wall, in the most hilarious way imaginable.
  • The whole episode was pretty lighthearted, too- especially since we find out that the Ice King's wizard eyes are REAL, and all of the crazy creatures he sees do exist.


  • "Heeeeeeeeey, Jaaaake! Is Finn hooooooome?" Cue Jake turning away with a deadpan "Euw..."
  • LSP wearing a Squeezy Mart shopping bag and caked-on lipstick (which was actually the juice from a fruit pie!)
  • LSP half-conscious and drooling on the couch.
  • "Heeeeeeeey, Girl!" "HEEEEEEEEEEY, GIIIIIIIIIRL!"
  • The title card. Sexy, busty LSP reclining on a couch.
  • Turtle Princess's voice. Steve Little has fine-tuned her voice to the funniest, lowest, crackiest voice imaginable.
  • "THESE LUMPS ARE NOT FOR SALE, BILLY!" Cue LSP throwing a fruit pie at a vulture in a tree. Turtle Princess later goes out on a date with the vulture.
  • LSP stripping off her bag-dress and swinging it around like a stripper.
  • While going on an adventure, LSP struggles to lift... two small rocks, as Jake (who has shapeshifted into a box with legs) is carrying the rest.
  • LSP accuses a swarm of ants of trying to get her lumps.
  • While on an adventure, LSP gets a call from Turtle Princess, who tells LSP that she thinks the vulture is cute, and she wants to ask him out.
  • LSP's ringtone- it's Turtle Princess saying "Heeeeey, Giiiirl!"
  • LSP trying to be sexy for Finn, who totally ignores her.
  • Finn and Jake taking pity on LSP and letting her work as their "Adventure Secretary."
  • After Finn and LSP exchange a genuinely sweet, heartwarming few words about inner beauty, Jake loses his cool and yells "LSP, you're wearing garbage for clothes!!" LSP blissfully floats out of the window, ignoring him.

"Princess Cookie"

  • A rogue cookie is hell-bent on taking Princess Bubblegum's crown, and he starts taking hostages. Princess Bubblegum offers him "a really big cowboy hat" instead, which he promptly refuses.
  • Jake's fake back-story for himself about being a milkman who wants to be a mailman.
  • The Poo-Brain horse disguise, complete with protruding tongue and dilated pupils, is back in all its majestic glory! Made even funnier due to the fact that you can tell it's a trap: there's a prominent yellow ring around its middle with an arm holding a spear sticking out, making it obvious that a Banana Guard is in the suit.
  • Baby-Snaps's reaction to his hilariously Bungled Suicide.
    Baby-Snaps: I GLUBBED UP!
    • For bonus points, the scene where Baby-Snaps actually falls to his "death" was depicted in a very poignant way, so seeing him mangled and shattered, but still alive and conscious makes for extreme Mood Whiplash.
  • Some of the mildly unsettling posters on the walls of the Candy Kingdom mental hospital, messily written by the patients, apparently: "You'r (sic) special," "Don't Run," and "Stay Calm."
  • The fact that the tiny little chocolate chip on Baby-Snaps's forehead is wearing an equally tiny little straightjacket!
  • Also doubles as a HUGE Heartwarming Moment and Awesome Moment of Crowning, appropriately: when Jake places the crown of the Grass Kingdom upon Baby-Snaps's head, he has the biggest, most gleeful, irrepressible grin on his face.

"Card Wars"

  • "Hmm... no, it says here I can floop the Pig. See?"
  • Finn's troll-face when he keeps winning despite being a total beginner.
  • Jake's temper tantrum when Finn manages to steal control of one of his most powerful monsters.
  • When Finn goes to talk to BMO about Jake's obsession with the eponymous game, he is surprised to find the robot jumping from out of nowhere and chopping his head.
    BMO: BMO chop! If this were a real attack, you would be dead.
  • That hideously disgusting drink, and how Finn and Jake both actually end up drinking it, laughing.

"Sons Of Mars"

  • After Magic Man transforms the deer from "No One Can Hear You" into a telescope and tosses it aside, deliberately not reversing the spell, his jovial, nonchalant response is hilarious:
    Magic Man: You're welcome!
  • When Magic Man throws a rock at Finn's head.
  • "You succu-butt!!"
  • "Come on, let's go to my house! COOOME OOOON, LET'S GO TO MAH HOOOUUUUSE!!!"
    • The way bloated Jake!Magic Man flies off as he sings this.
  • Finn upon seeing Magic Man's house:
    Finn: How long have you had this house?
    Magic Man: Yes, that is true!
  • "Euw... What am I STEPPING in?!" "That's where I blow my nose all day!"
  • When Finn asks Magic Man about the picture of Margles, he starts singing and sounds like a complete lunatic.
    Magic Man: Meeemories, drift in and out of my mind, and the little people get left behiiiind, SO WHAAATEVEERRR!!!
  • All of those drawings by Grod, which portrayed the hideous torture of the Martians in crude, clearly child-like drawings.
  • Every time Abraham Lincoln speaks. Strongly helped by the fact that Pen Ward alternates between Chewing the Scenery and just outright shouting his lines.
  • When Finn and Jake fly back to Earth screaming, Finn crashes through Magic Man's roof, and lands by giving Magic Man a really hard punch in the head, leaving him unconscious, lying on the floor.
  • The manticorn's bizarre speech at the end.
    Tiny Manticore: I am the true coward; hiding from sincere expressions like a vampire in the nude who hides from the light. Thank you, brave hero. I was freed from bottle-jail, but my new prison is shame. MY NEW PRISON IS SHAME!
    Finn: What's he saying?
    Jake: [Who stretched his ear to hear] He said "My new prison is shame".

"Burning Low"

  • Jake's "Bacon Pancakes" song.
  • Princess Bubblegum lets herself into Finn and Jake's house to collect taxes.
  • Jake's Dream Sequence when he falls asleep during Princess Bubblegum's lecture
    Jake: Where am I?
    (the camera pans over to show a tiny giraffe, a tiny snowman and a tiny version of Tree Trunks)
    Tiny Snowman: Jake, you're president now!
    Jake: Oh my gosh!
    (Jake proceeds to sway back and forth while the tiny snowman, giraffe and Tree Trunks all clap.)
  • Finn's repeated high-pitched shrieks when surprised by Princess Bubblegum.
    Jake: Okay Princess, you need to stop breaking in here.
  • Jake's reaction to The Reveal and Princess Bubblegum's demand to be taken to Finn and Flame Princess. First, he calmly turns off the oven. Second, he stretches his arms and grabs Bubblegum. Then, he inflates his head, and smashes it into the wall of the kitchen, which he carries Bubblegum through.
  • The final scene.
    Bubblegum: (after watching Finn and Flame Princess walk hand in hand) Oh Finn...
    (Jake flashes his Trollface.)
    Bubblegum: What?
    Jake: Jeeeaaaaallloooouuusss?
    Bubblegum:...Shut up.
  • Jake describing the "Tiers of love" to Finn (half of which make absolutely no sense outside of Jake's relationship with Lady Rainicorn.) He then flips out when Finn asks what tier 15 is.
    Finn: What about tier 15?
    Jake: YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT!! (Finn looks confused for a moment) DO NOT DO TIER 15!
    Finn: Dude, I got no idea what you’re talking about.
  • Jake tells PB that Finn has a girlfriend:
    Princess Bubblegum: (gossipy) Ooh, a lady-friend! Do tell!
    Jake: Uh, I shouldn't say. It's his business.
    Princess Bubblegum: Aw, come on. You can tell me.
    Jake: That's his personal business. Ya gotta respect the man's P-biz.
    Princess Bubblegum: Okay, you're right. I'll respect it.

"BMO Noire"

  • Jake randomly applying women's makeup to his face. Including a swirl of lipstick on his face.
  • Watching BMO pretend to be a gritty detective is hilarious and adorable at the same time.
  • BMO "interrogating" a remote control.
  • "I feel like I got hit with... a Dracula... by King Kong."
  • "Our chicken's name is Lorraine?"

"King Worm"

  • Phil randomly pops out of Peppermint Butler's back and shouts "SATORI!" in a high-pitched voice while throwing a spoon at Finn's head.
  • When Finn and Jake are reunited in the dream:
    Finn: I was just in some other part of the dream with Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess.
    Jake: Make-out dreams? Nice.
  • When the Ice King finds Finn and Jake:
    Ice King: Fionna, Cake, I need your help!
    Finn: What?
    Jake: What did you say?
  • Lady Rainicorn's voice, and the scene where she's helping Jake tape that present.
  • Many parts of the episode were just so bizarre; it was no surprise when Pen said that the episode was inspired by YouTube Poops.
  • The snowing LSPs.
  • The Ice King running around in circles.
  • PB having coffee with The Lich.
  • Finn's dream sword turning into a shark? Horrifying. Finn screaming like a little girl at the sight and causing the wall behind him to crack like it's glass? Hilarious.
  • "My life energy? I use that!"
  • Finn's reaction to realizing he's still stuck in the dream world is to dramatically shout "WORM!" several times in a row, including in a Brooklyn accent for some reason ("WOIM!").

"Lady & Peebles"

  • Jake's reaction to Rainicorn reveals to him that she's pregnant. He has a ridiculous mixture of shock, horror, and bafflement on his face as he gasps out the final line of the episode in a strangled voice:
    Jake: I'm puppies!?
  • Before the girls enter the cave, Lady Rainicorn gives a long set of dialogue in Korean, to which Princess Bubblegum simply replies "Hmm, I suppose that's true".
    • Although it becomes a lot less funny when you learn what she's talking about: a recurring nightmare where zombies attack her family. Knowing Adventure Time, this was deliberate.
  • Ice King taking Ricardio escaping, and his broken bones and such rather well.
    Ice King: It hurt, oh boy. How 'bout a hug? Please? I need it...
  • Princess Bubblegum attempting to be civil towards the Ice King, who's extremely happy about his maraca heart up to the point of being obnoxious, and, fed up, she just shouts: "ICE KING, PLEASE LEAVE!"
  • Finn's frantic warning when he wakes up:
    Finn: Princess, Ricardio's back, he's in the black ice caves, and he's peacocking hardcore!"

"You Made Me!"

  • The fact that Princess Bubblegum asked for three candy people to volunteer to live with Lemongrab, and they responded by assembling an ANGRY MOB!
  • All those noises Lemongrab makes. There's no way to spell them. He just opens his mouth to say meaningless, stuttering syllables.
  • Lemongrab's self-revelation, and Starchie's response:
    Princess Bubblegum: (bursts into the room, turns on lights) Lemongrab!
    Earl of Lemongrab: (winces) GNAAAAA!
    Princess Bubblegum: Why are you stalking my peeps?!
    Earl of Lemongrab: I AM WITHIN MY RIGHTS!
    Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, but what are you doing?! (Lemongrab glares at her and hunches over) You're freakin' me out!
    Earl of Lemongrab: AAAAAAI AM THE EARL...
    Princess Bubblegum: Yeah?
    Earl of Lemongrab: ...the urrrl... OF NOTHING!!! (shoves head into window backwards) Uuhh...
    Princess Bubblegum: WAIT! What do you mean, "nothing?"
    Earl of Lemongrab: (head still in window, points at PB) CASTLE LEMONGRAB HAS NO CITIZENS!!! YOOOU HAVE EXCESS CANDIES!!! YOU MUST DONATE!!! DONAAAAAATE!!!
    Starchie: In your dreams, you freak!
    • The calm way in which PB tries to deal with the situation.
    • When Lemongrab says "The earl of nothing," it sounds more like "The urrrrrrrl..." And when he says that, the pitch of his voice lowers about two octaves. He didn't even sound like LG.
    • The promo art. It shows the Pup Gang pelting a basketball at a poor, squished-looking Jake, who looks completely startled and is farting.
  • The Banana Guards didn't tell Princess Bubblegum about Lemongrab spying on people because they found Lemongrab's intrusions to be funny and entertaining. They watched it on their monitors for TWO WEEKS before Finn and Jake tattled.
  • Princess Bubblegum tries to get Lemongrab to be more empathetic towards candy people. She hands Crunchy to Lemongrab. He pokes him... then starts slapping him, then randomly bolts up with a shout of "PUT YOU IN MY OVEN! IT'S GROOOSS!!".
    • Crunchy is either a full grown Candy Person or a baby with the voice of a gruff old man. It's hard to tell which one makes the scene funnier.
  • When Lemongrab meets his new friend Lemongrab (another Lemongrab), he greets him by poking him in the face. Lemongrab 2 doesn't mind at all, and starts poking Lemongrab in the face. This scene lasts for a while, until they both stop and smile. And they exchange Eskimo kisses.
  • At one point, Lemongrab screams. Lemon Camel is lying near by. Lemongrab jumps on the poor resting creature's back, and Lemon Camel's expression is one of pure terror, and it runs off into the distance with Lemongrab on its back.
  • After Lemongrab has a nervous breakdown, he runs through the castle ground screaming, and... starts ripping off his clothes.
  • Rather than go live with Lemongrab, Mr. Cupcake BREAKS HIS OWN ARM.
  • This exchange as Princess Bubblegum catches Lemongrab spying on a sleeping Starchy:
    Princess Bubblegum: Hey!
    Lemongrab: (nonchalantly) Huh?
    Princess Bubblegum: What happened to your new citizens?!
    Lemongrab: (still nonchalant) They didn't understand my lemon styles. I like this way better.
    • A note on the above example. Even funnier is that closed captioning reveals that Lemongrab doesn't say "Lemon Styles." He says "Lemon Stylez". How Gangsta of you, Lemongrab!
      • Lemongrab IS gangsta. The dialogue is actually written as "lemon stylez" and "candy stylez" in the original storyboards.
  • An otherwise serious moment is interrupted by another Lemongrab walking into the room, naked, and asking: "Hello? Am I in the right room?" Lemongrab squints and says: "NNNUH?! WHO'S THIS RIGAMAROLL?!"
  • There's a bit of a Accidental Innuendo in the schedule listing when this episode gets paired up with "The Hard Easy".
  • Some non-Lemongrab related (well, not directly): when Princess Bubblegum remembers the Pup Gang at Castle Lemongrab, Finn and Jake decide to finish things off accordingly. Jake then assumes a large form with spikes, an axe for a tail, and two flails handing from his sides. When Princess Bubblegum tells them that she has to try to reason with Lemongrab, Finn immediately agrees and Jake adopts a flowery mane and fluffy tail, telling Princess Bubblegum to hope on. PB proceeds to jump into Jake's mouth, is swallowed whole, and emerges from a hole Jake makes right behind Finn. And she looks exactly the same.
    • When Finn and Jake confront the Banana Guards about what they're hiding, Finn and Jake answer in perfect unison, and so do the Guards:
      Finn and Jake: Show us now!
      Banana Guards: Show you what?
      Finn and Jake: What you said.
      Banana Guards: We didn't say nothing.
      Finn and Jake: It's too late for takebacks. We practically know everything already. Now show us.
    • Negotiations with the Pup Gang:
      Toughy: We came out of hiding, cause all y'all is scared of a lemon man. And we ain't afraid! So we gots demands!
      Princess Bubblegum: And what is that?
      Jamaica: One: total amnesty for past crimes committed by the Pup Gang.
      Princess Bubblegum: Hmm... granted.
      Jake: Yo wait, they threw a basketball at my head one time! You gonna let that slide?
      Jamaica: We only did that cause you're old.
      Jake: You sax, I'll rip your cups!
      Princess Bubblegum: Jake, please! What is your second demand?
      Toughy: We want the big cash money wad! Enough to provide for our delinquent mothers, so that hopefully they will show us the love we always dreamed about in our sad, young lives.
      Jake: Hmm.
      Princess Bubblegum: I grant you the big cash money wad! (Peppermint Butler holds up two sacks of money) Now off with you, to Castle Lemongrab!
    • The Pup Gang deserve an honorable mention here. Three tiny, chubby kids, voiced by actual young children, who act tough and speak in something similar to Ebonics. Blombo, in particular, is hilarious, with his squishy, fat cheeks and his dance moves.
      • During Lemongrab's exchange with the Pup Gang, look at Blombo. He's dancing the whole time.
    • The fact that Chocoberry is still fast asleep even as Princess Bubblegum and the earl are SCREAMING at each other, right next to her. Chocoberry must be a VERY heavy sleeper!

"Who Would Win"

  • The Train being beaten by the Farm.
    The Train: My legs are backwards!
    [The Farm kicks the Train onto the shore, and he farts.]
    Finn: Did you just die?
    Train: No. The Train will chug on. My friend makes bionic legs. I'll be better than before.
    Finn: [Gasp] I want bionic legs! Who's your friend?
    Train: Yeah, right. It's secret... don't follow me.
    [Train pulls himself away]
  • "Now watch my... something style!"
  • When Finn and Jake start fighting:
    Jake: I'm gonna turn up the juice!
    Finn: And I'm gonna drink it!
    • Finn's use of Deadly Dodging, which leads to Jake slapping his own butt in an effort to get at Finn.
    • When Finn hides in a hollow log, Jake dramatically stretches his head in to get at him, making a creepy face as dramatic music plays... then Finn turns around and punches Jake as the music cuts off anticlimactically:
      Jake: Ow.
    • Finn gets stuck in a knothole, and Jake takes the opportunity to stretch his body extra-long and sprout dozens of legs just so he can repeatedly kick Finn in the face.
    • The end of the fight, where a severely-beaten Finn and Jake do cheap but largely ineffectual attacks like Finn throwing mud in Jake's eyes and Jake pulling Finn's pants down.
  • A battered Finn and Jake deciding to confront the Farm, without having recovered from their injuries. Finn actually falls asleep immediately after challenging the Farm. Who creams them.
  • Finn and Jake's shared dream where they meet the Dream Warrior who proceeds to talk about random nonsense. He's actually telling them the cheap moves they need to beat the Farm.
  • When Finn and Jake prepare to face the Farm a second time:
    Jake: Put your pants on.
    Finn: (in a comically deep voice) O-kay.

"Ignition Point"

  • Two flame people pointing to each other with one hand and shouting "U! U! U!" and the other two flame people pointing with two hands to each other shouting "W! W!"
  • Finn does another time when shouting random words confuse people like in "Princess Cookie", only this time it's this gem:
  • After Finn and Jake return Flame Princess's candles to her and lit them with her hair as she sleeps, Flame King appears from the candle and whispers "Evil" to her. When Flame Princess wakes up, she screams and then Flame King screams and disappears.
    Flame King: Eeeevil-evil-evil-evil-evil-evil...
  • Finn and the Flame King discussing the alignment of the flame people, Flame Princess in particular, using D&D terminology.
  • In general, the Whole-Plot Reference to Hamlet is pretty funny.
  • Finn and Jake, pretending to be actors, trying to get the conspirators to reveal themselves. Cut to Flame King watching from his private box office, muttering "I'm so lost."

"The Hard Easy"

  • The leader of the mud scamps is pretty amusing, with his tendency towards malapropism and going on tangents.
    Chieftan: Alright, let's cut the cheese.
    Mud Scamp: "Cut to the chase."
  • A pair of mud scamps are seen preparing for the possibility of having to move to the city... by standing around in fedoras.
  • After getting lost, Jake raises his head above the trees to find where they are. Unfortunately, there is mist surrounding the trees. Then he gets struck by lightning.
  • When Finn and Jake decide to build a fire, they try various methods of friction to get it started. Jake attempts to light a stick on fire by spinning it between his hands, but somehow ends up stabbing himself in the face. In pain, he rises above the trees and gets struck by lightning again.
    • Really, all their attempts at making fire are hilarious.
    Finn:(Writes "FIRE" on the ground with a stick) ...I dunno.
  • "Argh! He's eating me! Gently eating me! No teeth, mostly tongue..."
  • Finn dramatically kissing the Mega-Frog.
  • Prince Huge's over-the-top, Sailor Moon-esque transformation- complete with ribbons and the obligatory nudity, which starts with him losing all his frog skin and being reduced into a skeleton before regaining all his organs and human skin.

"Reign of Gunthers"

  • The Ice King's web search history:
    wants to rub mayonnaise on a penguin
    ways i can do my hair
    ways to ask a girl to prom
    weird ways to burn calories
    what is this lump on my back?
    window breaking gloves
    winter dating ideas
    wiping my bum isn't working right
    wizard chick pics, skinny knees
    wish girls would like me
    words that make girls like me
    wrong way to eat a banana
  • The simple fact that Gunther's affinity for bottle-breaking is part of the plot.
    • Also, the part where the Ice King is leaving to get a new wishing eye. He tells Gunther to try not to break anything while he's out, and seconds later, Gunther is smashing the contents of the Ice King's refrigerator on the floor.
  • The secret entrance to Wizard City.
    Ice King: Wizards rule. (Fake cliff disappears)
  • Ice King (unsuccessfully) flirting with Huntress Wizard.
    Ice King: I was just steppin' to ya, girl, with my intellectual wizard politics!
  • "I didn't hear nothin' about no secret wizard club that I wanna be a part of!"
  • When racing toward the Candy Kingdom, Finn, who is riding an enlarged Jake, urges him to hurry, then realizes that he's still in his pajamas. Cue Jake turning around so Finn can change.
  • The conversation about the bad dating advice Finn got from Jay T. Doggzone's book Mind Games.
  • "You'll never get past these walls, I think...!"
  • The Banana Guards and Gumball Guardians both proving to be completely useless against the Gunther army, as well as PB's reaction.
  • "Breaking news! This mystery plan of yours is a smash hit! ...Because of the glass... because all they care about is bottles, heh."
  • The anticlimactic ending where Ice King shows up and takes back his magic wishing eye from Gunther, scolding her like the penguin who nearly took over the Land of Ooo with an army of shape-shifting clones was a mischievous child.
    • How does Ice King punish Gunther for his terrible crimes? By squirting him with a water spray bottle.
    • It's funnier in the South American Spanish Dub. Instead of getting angry for stealing his magic wishing eye, Ice King gets angry because, on his words, "Te volviste reguetonero" (You became a reguetonero). He's not angry for nearly took over the Land of Ooo, but because he looks like a singer of a music genre that old people doesn't like.
  • The return of Gunther's baby kitty. Who can now fire lasers!!

"I Remember You"

  • Ice King singing his own version of Marceline's song from "It Came From the Nightosphere"
    Ice King: Gunther, do you even love me?
    Gunther: Ruh... (heart symbol appears)
    Ice King: It's rhetorical, Gunther.
    • Gunther suffering a Jaw Drop and dropping his popcorn and soda on the floor upon seeing the Ice King in a huge black wig.
  • Finn's split-second Cat Smile while spying on the Ice King.
  • When Ice King flies into Marceline's cave yelling "MARCELIIIINE! ARE YOU THERE?!" She just stands there, almost as if in fear of what's going to happen, before softly muttering "No..."
  • "I'll even split the fans with you! I'll get the princesses, and you'll get... whatever it is you're into." After all the hooplah over the supposed lesbian subtext between Marceline and Bubblegum in "What Was Missing", you get the feeling the writers are trolling the audience with that one.
  • "Your constant harassment of the female gender makes me sick."
  • Even Ice King is surprised when Marceline says he can stay.
    Finn & Jake: Wha?!
    Ice King: Yeah, wha?
    • Finn and Jake awkwardly leaving after Marceline agrees to let the Ice King hang out.
  • Ice King getting himself helplessly tangled in his Amp cord.
    • And then he says he sort of likes it. "Kind of freak-ay."
  • Before it turns into a Tear Jerker, Ice King's princess song is something to behold.
  • Ice King climbing on top of Marceline's refrigerator after his Freak Out is funny, in a sad sort of way. Five seconds after meekly promising to stay out of her way, he's deliberately rustling his beard over her head.
    Ice King: Whatcha got, an apple?
  • The newspaper clipping from before the war is full of these, tragic as it may be. If it's not the bored, unprofessional writing in the article, it's the fact that Ice King started to write "working on my personality" before changing it to "pecs".
    • But that could be him misspelling "PECS" as "PEKS".

"The Lich"

  • "I dreamed I was in kindergarten again, but I had really big feet and was also the teacher."
  • This line:
    Billy: What the heck are you guys doing in my crack?! It's three o'clock in the morning!
    • The fact that it was The Lich makes it even funnier.
  • When Finn and Jake are collecting the gems from the crowns of various Ooo royalty.
    • Finn takes off the Ice King's crown and puts it back after taking the jewels out. But of course, he can't resist the opportunity to scribble Angry Eyebrows on the Ice King's face and, not only that, write "I SUCK HAMBURGERS" on his beard.
    • They are unsure of whether the star on Lumpy Space Princess' head is one of the ones they need. So Finn pulls on it, and what turns out to be a long, star-shaped block slowly slides out of her, accompanied by lots of gross, squishy noises.
      Jake: Are you sure that's a gem?
      Finn: I think so... (slowly pulls it out) So deep...
      Jake: Gross.
      • And then when the gems are arranged within the Enchiridion, it turns out they didn't even need LSP's star.
  • The scene with PB experimenting with the tiny candy people, although it may be scary to some.
    • The scene is lightened at least a bit by Finn and Jake's Epic Fail at sneaking into her room.
  • "Billy"'s solution to getting rid of the Lich:
    "Billy:" I'm gonna push the Lich in there.
  • After the montage of collecting the gems:
    Jake: So Billy, how many more of these do we need? 2? 1?
    "Billy": *nods*
    Jake: ...Well? 2 or 1?
    "Billy": *indicates 1 with his finger*

    Season 5, Part 1 
"Finn the Human/Jake the Dog"
  • Big Destiny would probably be considered nothing more than a sociopath if he wasn't so damn entertaining to watch.
    • First he lampshades Offscreen Teleportation when he goes from burning down a village from the top of his mansion to burning Finn's house down in the farmlands.
      "How did I even GET here, son!?"
    • Then there's his reaction to the apocalypse while half frozen in ice.
      "Big D's chillin' over here... wasteland style."
    • And finally his reaction to being left behind by his gang.
      "I have taught you well, my traitorous gang."
  • Jake, Prismo, and the Cosmic Owl chilling out in the center of the universe.
  • Marceline getting sassed by the bones of Simon Petrikov after Finn takes the crown she was guarding.
    Simon: The crown. Go get it.
    Marceline: I know you're not really talking to me. I'm not crazy.
    Simon: Get the crown! Go get it!
    Marceline: Ugh.
    Marceline: I can't. My knees.
    Simon: Well, that's really disappointing, I must say. I'm just... ugh, whatever, you're really letting me down now.
    Marceline: ... Ok, alright. [farts]
  • As serious as The Lich is, his flustered reaction when he realized that he wished to send Finn and Jake back home instead of destroying all life was quite amusing.
    Prismo: Hey Jake, did you see that? Monkey's Paw.
  • The Ice King scolding Gunter for taking the jewels from his crown — complete with Dogshaming-style sign that says "I STEAL JEWELS" — before they fly back into it and knock him over.
  • For the third time, Jake (almost) botches an important choice by choosing a sandwich.
  • AU!Finn telling AU!Marceline that magic is fake.
    Finn: Daddy says the false prophets of old used cheap parlor tricks to control the people... and to get babes. Like, ten or twelve hot babes each.
  • The title cards of the three-parter follow a theme. Compare "The Lich" and "Finn the Human" with "Jake the Dog".
  • Prismo explains how his wishes work:
    Prismo: Say you wish is "I wish for a back rub." Who's gonna give it to you? A dirty man? A bear? And where does this masseuse come from? Do I zap some guy away from his family dinner? Leave some kid traumatized? "Mom, where did dad go?" "I don't know, son, he just disappeared from the table. ...Sorry."
  • Marceline's death should be a Tear Jerker, but her last words are hilarious: "I warned you...ya butt!"

Five More Short Graybles

  • Finn and Jake seem to think a book of nursery rhymes is a Tome of Eldritch Lore. This leads to them spending the rest of the episode sticking their thumbs into stuff while chanting "Oh, what a good boy am I!"
  • Tree Trunks accidentally bumps into a statue that has a single fist raised, back-of-hand to observers, and runs off to report the perceived offense to the police. It later turns out Shelby (the worm that lives in Jake's viola) was reading while relaxing on the statue's fist, and called down to Tree Trunks from a vertical position in the middle of the fist.
    • Tree Trunks trying to get together an angry mob... consisting of Cinnamon Bun and two gum-drop girls. Armed with pantyhose and stockings full of balled-up newspaper.
      • When the mob tries to confront the statue, Cinnamon Bun puts on the pantyhose and dances instead of using it to fight.
  • The Ice King proposing marriage to his foot. And being tempted to cheat by his other foot.
  • At the end, Cuber mocks the viewers for potentially guessing incorrectly that the theme of these graybles was the five fingers, lampshading that the characters in these stories have Four-Fingered Hands.

Up A Tree

  • Finn and Jake pretending to be a "real" dog and owner is as hilarious as it is adorable.
    Jake: I call dog and you be human! [running] Dog! Dog dog dog dog dog!
    Finn: You mean "bark!"
    Jake: Oh yeah. Heh. Bark! Bark bark bark...
    Finn: Hello! I'm a human! Hello! I'm a human!
  • The Running Gag of the squirrel answering questions with "Yes, and no..."
  • There's also Finn and Jake treating Finn being shrunken like it's an everyday occurrence.
  • The girlish scream Finn lets out when the porcupine (or was it a hedgehog?) impales itself on his behind.

All The Little People

  • "C-listers, go back in the bag!"
  • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene of Mini-Finn riding on Mini-Lemon Camel while Mini-Lemongrab chases them.
  • Finn experiments a relationship with himself and Flame Princess, and then throws Princess Bubblegum into the mix. Hilarity Ensues.
    Finn: PB's working out now!
    *cut to an angry, more-built Princess Bubblegum lifting weights and grunting*
    • When Finn initially drops Bubblegum between himself and Flame Princess, she turns to Finn and then to Flame Princess as though considering her options, and then stares straight ahead whistling.
  • Magic Man's single, random scene.
  • The various Crack Pairings Finn cooks up and their results, including...
    • Mr. Cupcake and LSP. With LSP flaunting her lady lumps.
    • Turtle Princess spanking Zergiok's butt non-stop.
    • Marceline licking Peppermint Butler constantly.
    • Ice King and BMO.
    • Something tells me the writer paired a few of these for a sort of Ascended Fanon, as if some parts of the fanbase were shipping these pairs.
  • Finn's general detachment from reality in favor of manipulating the little people, reminiscent of a The Sims addict, or an avid user of tumblr.
    Jake: (waving his hand in front of Finn's face) Hello, Earth to Finn! Are you okay?
    Finn: (staring at the little people on the table) ... YES.
  • Finn breaks up little Jake and Lady; with little Finn eventually taking little Jake's place. Actual Jake's reaction:
    Jake: AAAAAAAH!! *pounds on table* WHAT THE BALL, MAN?!
  • Jake still trying to get Finn to stop reading Jay T. Doggzone's books.
    Jake: You stay up all night readin' trash books? I'm tellin' ya, those dating books... that stuff is mess you up.

Jake The Dad

  • When Jake refuses to read any more of "Baby-Eating Fox and the Babies" to his kids, T.V. pouts and throws a rubber duck at him, knocking Jake's hat off. Jake then uses his shape-shifting powers to grow his head into the shape of a hat, smiling serenely as he does.
  • The Foxes deciding to eat babies after reading "Baby-Eating Fox and the Babies."
  • The look the butterfly gives Jake when he tells his kids it might have "too much germs".
  • Jake's Flashback:
    (Margaret and a young Jake are on a city street, in front of a cobra)
    Margaret: Stay back Jakey, my manual says it's too dangerous.
    Jake: Mom, your manual's a bunch of junk. look what I can do!
    (Little Jake turns his arm into a larger, muscley arm and punches out the snake, then starts giggling.)
    Margaret: Oh... dear... Glob...
  • Jake apologizing to his kids after realizing he was being over-protective.
    Jake: I'm super-proud, y'all, and I'm duper-sorry too. I've been trying to make you know about safety without actually learning about safety the way I did, by not listening my mom when that snake jumped out of the policeman's boombox.
    • Jake repeating this to Lady seconds later.
  • Finn and BMO at the end of the episode. BMO's dancing on Finn holding two pieces of bread while Finn has BMO's controller in his mouth.
  • Jake tearily stating how much he loves his little babies...and then using Jake Jr. to dab the tears away.
  • Lady Rainicorn's reaction on seeing Jake being pulled her away by some foxes, she tells her kids to "give Daddy a hand" in a somewhat nonchalant manner as if she wasn't worried.
  • The sheer randomness of the names Jake gives his kids. Charlie, Jake Jr. (who is female), T.V., Viola, and Kim Kil Whan.
  • The kids having a Plot-Relevant Age-Up by the end.


  • The Banana Guards making police siren noises and doing Airplane Arms as they arrive to break up a fight between two of Finn's fans.
  • BMO crying when Finn shaved his hair off, and saying that his Davey disguise (a balding, mustachioed man) looked "like the devil."
  • Finn, in disguise as Davey Johnson, rubbing his stomach to adjust his voice. Apparently it's how he manipulates the computer he swallowed that lets him autotune his voice when he sings. The Brick Joke's, they just keep coming...
  • When Finn first emerges from the house as Davey, the fanatic crowd disperses, one of them muttering that they thought it was Finn... because he's wearing Finn's exact clothes.
  • Finn (as Davey), goes to work for a shopowner who inexplicably looks like Davey himself, sweeping brooms with a broom.
  • Finn talks to his false mustache when he feels bad for letting Jake get arrested. The mustache talks back after Finn ditches his Davey identity and attaches the mustache to a candy horse's butt.

Mystery Dungeon

  • "Hold tight your buns, if buns you do hold dear!"
    • During this part, the Ice King is giving the earl the most priceless "What the hell is your problem, you psycho?!" expression. Let's go over that again: even the ICE KING thinks Lemongrab is a total freak!
    • As LG yells the aforementioned line, he's turning his head around like Pinocchio to read the words on the wall behind him. Cue everyone giving him funny looks.
  • Shelby's charismatic recitation of the words inscribed on the wall of the dungeon.
  • Lemongrab, clearly angry and pointy-toothed, asks the Ice King how he tastes.
    Ice King: "Nice, I guess."
    *Ice King has a brief flashback of himself practice-kissing with his hand.*
    Ice King: "Kinda lonely."
  • The fact that the Ice King kidnapped four people and went through a death-trapped dungeon, finally breaking through to the life-creating being make the characters from his fanfiction real.
    • And the fact that makes it all funnier is that the characters didn't come to life at all. The book itself did.
  • When a rat snatches one of Tree Trunks' pies with its mouth, Lemongrab knocks it out and then eats the mush left over in the rat's mouth!
    Lemongrab: *omnomnom* ...acceptable. *omnomnom*
  • Shelby was absolute gold throughout the entire episode. First, there's his response to Lemongrab eating the pie out of the rat's mouth.
    Shelby: Um, Lemongrab...
    Lemongrab: *Looks up from eating* Wwwhat?
    Shelby: Never mind.
    • Then there's the part where the group has to cross a pool but a monster fish swims in it:
      Tree Trunks: How're we gonna worm ourselves outta this fishy situation?
      Shelby: I think I have an idea...
      (cue Tree Trunks being used as bait)
    • This moment gets a Call-Back when Ice King says that Shelby was supposed to be the bait.
      Ice King: Shelby! Who should have been the bait for the fish!
      Shelby: Yeah, but, no thanks.
    • And later in the episode when Ice King reveals that the Magi's flames can bring anything to life.
      Shelby: Uh... you should have told us. I would have FREAKING BROUGHT SOMETHING.
      • Despite having no arms.
      • And when Ice King tries to cheer him up by saying he's gonna throw in his Fionna & Cake fanfiction instead, Shelby just gives a pissed off expression. For a bonus: cue Lemongrab saying Ice King is useless now and must be destroyed.
  • Tree Trunks cutting her way out of the fish's belly with a knife. Hardcore.
  • At the end of the episode:
    Finn: Who in this world is sadder than the Ice King?
    Shelby: Me. Watching this.
  • Lemongrab shouting "BYEDONTFOLLOWME." as he hastily leaves.
  • Lemongrab constantly calling Tree Trunks "Slave Trunks." AFTER apologizing to her. "I am sorry. Make me food, slave."
  • When the Ice King tries to pull Tree Trunks back, he asks for help. Lemongrab half-heartedly reaches out his hand, looking like he couldn't care less.
  • In the room filled with steam, Ice King tells everyone that if he dies they can eat his body. Cue Lemongrab pulling his lower jaw back revealing several rows of sharp teeth.

All Your Fault

  • The completely bizarre appearances of the Lemongrabs's children. What... why does one have butt-wings?!
  • Jake's reaction to seeing the little screaming guy with the peeling face.
  • The Lemongrabs bickering like a married couple about the name of one of their kids.
  • Everything about Seed-Wad.
  • The surreal image of the Lemongrabs calmly and patiently sitting in chairs, minus the upper halfs of their skulls, with their brains exposed, as the princess erases the candy life formula from their memories with an actual pencil eraser.
  • Plop-Top's little scream, and everything about him. He's so cute and funny-looking.
  • Even as they're literally starving to death and completely emaciated, the LGs somehow have the energy to continue screaming at the top of their lungs.
  • The letter at the beginning, which literally reads "Mmmmn, Princess Bubblegum. We are starving. Immediately send us all of your candy. How dare you. Yours, The Lemongrabs."
  • Princess Bubblegum acting like an impatient, mildly exasperated mom.
  • When Finn gives the Lemongrabs the seeds to grow new food, Lemongrab 2 eagerly takes all of them, puts them on a table, shoves Plop-Top aside, squishes the seeds together, and brings them to life. The living colored blob wakes up and pukes. Lemongrab says happily, "HA-HA! WE'LL CALL YOU SEEDWAD!" Cue Jake scolding the Lemongrabs and bluntly pointing out that they're all going to die.
  • "ALL HEEER FAAAAULT!" "What.. what did you say?" "I said 'all her fault.'" "Oh, indeed."
  • The fact that the multi-mouthed green lemon child had on a pair of little pink cowboy boots.
  • When Finn and Jake try to stop Lemonjon by beating on his giant heart:
    Jake: Are you sure this is it? It's not even doing anything.
    Finn: Just smash it already, grandma.
  • There is a Freeze-Frame Bonus screenshot that shows a close-up of Lemongrab's brain, and a generous sampling of many of his odd thoughts are visible for the audience to read. One refers to a fellow named Leroy whom Lemongrab suspects to be "posessed by demons." There's also completely random words like "DONUTS" written in bold, capital letters. Some of the thoughts in there are just so delightfully bizarre and funny. Another one includes "Oh what a good boy am I!" The funniest one found in there was, in exact words, "I'm a pretty little flower."

Little Dude

  • "First one in the water is... um... first one in the water!"
  • "Hats can be anything: pants, other people... it's fine!"
  • BMO smacking Finn on the butt after Little Dude ruins the dinner he made for Finn and Jake.
    Jake: Heh heh, BMO hit you on the butt...
  • Finn drops from above on the Sleeping Magi, whispering "ninja" as he does an elbow drop. Then Jake turns into a big fat guy and lands on the Magi as well.
  • After possessing a candy person, Little Dude punches out a gummi horse outside a candy saloon. Then a candy cowboy comes out and does the Dramatic Gun Cock with both hands being Finger Guns. Then Little Dude hits him with a lamp-post.
  • Little Dude fighting Finn, Jake and the Magi by throwing a horse at them. Twice.
    Sleeping Magi: Look out! He's got the horse again!
  • At the end, Finn's original hat leaves so he has to get a new one. Jake's solution?
    Jake: (transforms his hand into a blade) Let's go skin an evil bear.

Bad Little Boy

  • Lumpy Space Prince looking and sounding exactly like Lumpy Space Princess... except with a small peach fuzz stache.
  • Marshall Lee summons an army of frightening skeletons...and then one of them starts beatboxing for him. Cue Boastful Rap.
  • This entire sequence:
    Slime Princess: Ice King, stop, please... This story is terrible!
    Wildberry Princess: Maybe it's a new form of torture!
    Ice King: Oh, come on! It's a first draft. Don't hate! And besides, that story had everything. Action, adventure, a hotter, older guy... Wildberry, don't pretend. I know you like the silver foxes.
    Wildberry Princess: [Look of fear]
    Ice King: [Raises his eyebrows suggestively]
    Wildberry Princess: [Look of horror]
    Ice King: [Raises his eyebrows suggestively faster]
    Wildberry Princess: [Look of absolute terror]
    Ice King: [Raises his eyebrows suggestively even faster]
  • "My shirt is, like, FILLED with cream puffs!"
  • After Fiona punches him for faking a near-death experience, Marshall Lee complains "Aw, my cheek meat!"

Vault Of Bones

  • Flame King interrupting Finn and Fire Princess's card game:
    Flame King: EVIL! Evilevilevilevil-Oh! I'm sorry, I thought my daugher was alone. Excuse me...I'll just...
    • Before he leaves, the Flame King says to Jake "Nice teapot".
  • Finn shows off his "negotiating" skills by brow-beating a skeleton into doing a split.
  • One that sadly got cut after the first airing. As Finn and Flame Princess are walking through the dungeon, FP comments on how boring it's getting before making this observation:
    Flame Princess: At least he's got a cute butt.
  • Flame Princess and the Skeleton Man:
    Skeleton: Hey! What are you doing here?
    Flame Princess: (gleefully) Burning you alive!
  • The confrontation between Flame Princess and the Giant Goo Skull that kidnapped Finn.
    Flame Princess: Release him or feel the wrath of the Princess of Flames!
    Giant Goo Skull: (Blows raspberry)
    Flame Princess: Very well.
  • Worried about Flame Princess' tendency to solve any problem with fire, Finn tries to suggest a less dangerous place for their next date:
    Finn: Maybe next time we should just go to, like, a farmer's market or something.
    Flame Princess: And burn it.
  • The ending, where Flame Princess opens the chest, revealing a green entity shaped like a pair of buttocks. Said entity then winks at her.

The Great Bird Man

Simon and Marcy

  • Simon and Marceline find a video tape in the ruins. Simon asks Marcy if she wants to watch a movie. He then holds up the tape, looking at it a moment, then:
    Simon: Man, this is a boooring movie.
    Marcy: [*giggles*]
    Simon: I liked the book much better! [*chuckles*]
  • Simon's attempt at riding a motorcycle. It revs out of control, slams into a wall and explodes.
  • After Simon breaks into the soup shop by throwing a chair at the window:
    Simon: Vandalism is wrong, Marcy.
    Marcy: Okay.
  • Finding out that the food van only supplied clams
    [Marceline does so, then Simon starts kicking the door]
  • Marcy's deadpan assessment of the situation at the end.
  • The first time Simon sings the Cheers theme song is pretty hilarious.
    • A meta example is Marcy's reaction to the first time he does it, which is probably a Lamp Shade Hanging of the fact that many younger viewers will not get the Cheers reference.
    • And then she hits the "mute button". Cue Simon mouthing words as though he's been muted.
  • At one point, it seems as though Simon's going to put on the crown to fight one the nuclear nasties. Instead, he hits it on the head with it.

"A Glitch Is a Glitch"

  • This exchange:
    Finn: Don't worry princess, we'll take care of this thing.
    Princess Bubblegum: Oohoho, me too. *cocks handgun* I'm gunna take care of it too.
    • And then when she shoots Ice King with the tranq darts with a completely calm demeanor.
  • When Finn tries to animate:
    Finn: Man, I don't have the patience for this animation junk. Whoever does this must have no life whatsoe(punches himself) OOF! ...Why did I do that??...
  • The Ice King's "e-mail", consisting of a 3.5" floppy taped to a cinder block.
    Jake: Hey Finn, did you order a brick?
  • After making a one-liner about "computer problems", the Ice King plays his own canned laughter on a reel-to-reel tape deck.
  • Jake shares his nonsensical "dream plan" with Finn, which starts with Finn wearing tights covered in little green feathers and Jake as "a wise-cracking coelocanth that only ate popcorn." Meanwhile, Finn makes all sorts of silly frustrated faces.
  • "You're not the last person on Ooo because I'M still here!" Cue PB making out with her hand while Ice King watches.
    • Even weirder/funnier is the moment where PB pulls her own hand away and says, "No." As if her own hand was trying to slip her some tongue without consent or something...
    • (Princess Bubblegum bends down in front of Ice King) "Hey, are you prayin' to me? I'm into this! (PB lifts up Ice King's robe and gets it stuck on his crown, exposing Ice King's body.) I'm still into this. (PB shoves him to the ground.) ...Still into it..."
  • Finn and Jake reacting to the video Ice King sent...
  • Jake remembering good times with his right arm.
  • PB's hand and Jake's arm... having an affair??
  • The donut guy screaming about his face... even when it goes back to normal.
  • David watched "Hitman."
    Finn: Where's Ice King? I wanna kick his boingloings.
    Jake: Yeah! I wanna kick his boingloings, too!


"Early combat kills a wombat."
  • Depressing though it may be, Old!Finn's rambling and expressions on his deathbed are absolutely hilarious.
    • For example, after Finn's kids say they love him, Finn gives us this:
    Finn: I remember back when I was dad.
    Jay: *sighs* Dad, you are Dad.
    Finn: I ain't dad yet!
    • Also earlier Finn is out chopping wool, wool trees. Also when he chops one tree down, it falls on a pillow sheep, the tree bounces off the tree and the sheep just shakes its head like nothing happened. Then what Finn does to it is pretty funny too:
    Older Finn: Pillow sheep, you've got more fluff than sense.
    *Finn kisses the pillow sheep, then drop kicks it*
  • "Jake... you drive a hard burger."
  • Roselinen isn't at all subtle about her interest in Finn:
    Finn: Where I'm from, blankets and pillows are used for bedding.
    Roselinen: (giggling, suggestively wiggling her eyebrows) Well, they're used for that here, too.

BMO Lost

  • At the end of the episode, the Bubble asks for BMO's hand in marriage, but Jake pops it. BMO's reaction and Finn and Jake's reaction to his reaction are cruel but funny.
  • However, the Bubble lives on, as air. It starts as a Heartwarming Moment, then turns into... something else.
    Bubble: No, see that’s what’s so great. Now we can be together forever BMO. Every minute of every day. No more privacy, no more quiet, no more alone. Every room you ever go in, I’ll already be there, waiting... forever and ever... until the end of time.

Princess Potluck

  • The Running Gag with arrows coming from off-screen to hit Jake. It turns out to be the red squirrel from season 1.
    Jake: Hey... you...
  • Finn and Jake coming across Bounce House Princess. Finn completely geeking out about getting to play in a bounce house is what makes the moment.
  • Ice King's elaborate charade when trying to call the Banana Guards on the party. He poses as "Mrs. Garamblington", her husband Ted, Johnny the pizza delivery boy, and Ted's brother George.

James Baxter The Horse


  • Jake making a large number of appropriate signs, at least for the beginning of the day, while Finn only managed a few which don't apply to much of anything. This leads to an annoyed Finn scowling while holding up a sign that says "I LOVE YOU, JAKE".
  • The fact that BMO somehow knows bikini girls who can fly.
  • Jake's little adventure behind the wall while looking for BMO has him encounter a cartoony spider, a family of napping mice, and a sad little man on a typewriter.
  • Finn and Jake lure BMO out of the wall with the "smell" of old video game cartridges.
  • Finn being chased and smacked by bikini girls, and having the appropriate signs on hand. "OW OW HEY HEY"
  • The ending, where Finn, Jake, and BMO dance with the bikini girls, and then the Party God shows up out of nowhere.

The Suitor

  • Finn talks to Jake about Braco...
    Finn: What'd you think of that Braco guy? I mean, he seems kinda weird... and passive... (Jake gasps) and baby lamb-ish? (Jake signals that Braco is right behind Finn.) And too unheroic for Peebs. (Finn notices Braco.) And then I smashed that peach!!
  • Finn gives Braco some helpful advice when he decides to impress PB by getting her the soul stone:
    • After Braco predictably fails to impress her, he cheerfully smashes the soul stone with a smile on his face. "WHY WON'T SHE LOVE ME?!?!"
  • Peppermint Butler's reaction to Braco "Paying the price for love". Or, in layman's terms, getting turned into a three legged Gonky monster.
    Braco: Am I a walking love magnet?
    Peppermint Butler: Well, you paid the price no doubt. And I wanna have your babies.
    • And later, Peps smacking Bubblegum upside the face for sending him off with a robo wife.
      Peppermint Butler: You should have given him to ME!! (slaps Bubblegum, Smash Cut to end credits)

The Party's Over, Isle de Senorita

  • Ice King considering Princess Bubblegum his girlfriend.
    • Not to mention him duct taping her at the beginning, claiming it's a surprise.
  • Ice King fighting the Party God was pretty funny, also when he manipulated his knocked out body to talk to the Island Lady.
  • "Banana Guards, Take me away!"

One Last Job

  • Finn and his primitive noise band. All the funnier since it's his only scene of the episode.
  • The Flying Lettuce Brothers use their skills of vocal mimicry to get the clerk at a convenience store to empty out the register and hand the money off to them. The Apathetic Clerk hates their job so much they just roll with it, not even looking at the Lettuce Brothers as they hand off the money.
  • Jake says that he stopped stealing because when you get older you're supposed to get into other stuff like graphic design or pottery, which sounds like a friendly Take That! against Jake's VA's other most well-known role.
  • The Banana Guard Captain gets a face-full of banana-flavored milk: "Noooo, the Forbidden Flavor! It's... delicious."
  • Tiffany's, "Jake, I love you! I love you!" After he got caught by Jake while they were trying to escape in a van.

Another Five Short Graybles

  • Cinnamon Bun freaking out over Princess Bubblegum taking his night light away, as well as his subsequent rampage over being unable to sleep without it.
  • Although the last parts of the Lemongrab sketch were rather intense, it's still amusing when Lemongrab 2 wanted their doll, Lemonsweets, to go to bed, but instead, Lemongrab wanted to make the doll dance. LG 2 gets up and walks over to a cabinet where they keep little hats for Lemonsweets. He takes one out, examines it, turns around... to find Lemongrab hunched over the doll, still making it dance. The fact that he's flopping around his hands really fast, causing Lemonsweets to look like it's spazzing out more than dancing, and that Lemongrab is staring at Lemongrab 2 the whole time while he does it in what looks like a mixture of hatred and suspicion makes it all the more hilarious.

Candy Streets

  • Finn and Jake screwing around with some cats in the begining of the episode.
  • Bubblegum giving the panicked LSP a calming injection...from a needle about three times bigger than Bubblegum herself.
  • Finn feels the need to dramatically kick down the door to LSP's hotel room, even though it was unlocked and he had the key anyway.
  • Finn is appropriately horrified when Jake turns into a squad car and gets Finn inside him by swallowing him whole.
    • Through a mouth on his butt.
  • Finn is somehow able to dial PB's number on a phone just by making beepy noises into the receiver with his mouth.

Wizards Only, Fools

  • Finn's random thought about PB's wizard getup... which is what 90% of the audience was probably thinking.
    Finn: (visibly disturbed) Is PB straight up naked right now?
    Jake: Dude, don't make me feel more awkward than I already do.
  • "Let's just stay home just kidding."
  • When Finn and Jake first encounter Wizard City, they come to a wall they can't get past. Finn uncharacteristically says he's giving up and walks away from the Wizard Wall... only to run up from a distance and ram head first into the wall to try to bust it down.
    Jake: That's a nice try, man.
    • Later PB arrives with the password to get through the wall which she got from Ice King. However, it has to be in his voice so she plays the entire tape of her interrogating him to get it. The entire tape is hilarious.
  • Jake counting the days they were in prison.
    Jake: Let's count the days! (carving wall) One!
    (The rest of the scene transpires; everyone says good night to each other. Scene shifts to the morning.)
    Jake: Two!
  • "Yoink!"
  • The ending. Good god. Just... the ending. And of course it's the classic moot Spoof Aesop ending that Adventure Time always seems to go for. Having gone to Wizard City and realizing that the cold spell was a literal cold spell, in the temperature sense, they realize that it was All for Nothing. So they decide to go back to Starchy empty-handed. Abracadaniel does his rainbow magic (which does nothing) in front of Starchy, with Starchy thinking it's healing magic. When Starchy's distracted for long enough, Finn forces him down; Princess Bubblegum just goes "screw it" and force-injects Starchy with the medicine.
    Princess Bubblegum: (parodying a magic spell) Wooble-dooble dingle-dongle— (blows raspberry; force-injection)

    Season 5, Part 2 
Jake Suit
  • Finn jumps off the roof of his tree fort and breaks his fall with Jake's crotch. That fence didn't stand a chance. To add insult to injury, BMO runs up and hit Jake's crotch with a piece of wood afterwards.
    Finn: Dang, the Jake Suit is mad strong. This junk can protect me from anything!
    Jake: [muffled] I saw that. Wait, Bro, what are you doing up here?! You know I'm not an actual armor, right?!
    Jake: NOOOOOOO!!
    Finn: WOOHOO!!
    Jake: HOIIK!!
    Finn: Ridin' cowboy! WOO!
  • Jake making Finn do his "Tough Tooting Baby" song and dance in front of Flame Princess's family. With sandwiches stuffed in his underwear. Jake is controlling Finn's body so Finn is visibly upset and sweating.
  • When Jake visits Lady, it's revealed that T.V. is the only one of his pups not to have their own apartments. He gives off that sort of "nerd still living in his parents house" vibe, especially when he's on a computer with a bowl of chips. His suggestion for how Jake could win the bet is also humorous.
    TV: Hey dad. Why don't you try jumping into a volcano?
  • Despite Finn's reckless stubbornness landing him and Jake in the burn ward, Jake gets the last laugh when the clown nurses from "Another Way" make their return.
  • The name of the legendary musician Björk is used as an exclamation three times in this episode. It's glorious.

Be More

  • The SMO's in the break room trying to drink coffee and eat donuts with their screen faces.
  • The scene where BMO is connected to an SMO and the SMO vibrates. HARD.
  • Finn expresses his concerns about the reinstallation process wiping BMO's memories:
    Finn: But memories are real cruc.
    BMO:: Yeah, no foolin'.

Sky Witch

  • Bubblegum being woken up by a cukoo-alarm clock with the top half of a cat instead of a bird.
  • Princess Bubblegum demonstrates how to resist sleeping gas to her elite protectors. Unfortunately, she demonstrates it while gassing them and everyone falls asleep. Except Cinnamon Bun; who's apparently too stupid to be knocked out.
  • Marceline threatening to bop Princess Bubblegum.
    Marceline: See this? (spins her fist around) Wooooo Woooo Woooo...
    Princess Bubblegum: What's that? You gonna bop me one?
  • The fake Hambo doll, calling Marceline a dum dum.

Frost and Fire

  • Flame Princess burning Ice King's underpants in their first fight. He smartens up and gets fireproof ones afterwards.
    Ice King: AAARH! MY HAMS!
  • Ice King summons a "legion of snow warriors", who proceed to ignore his orders to attack Flame Princess and wander off.

Too Old

  • The little lemon-elf guard who is responsible for looking at passports stares at FINN'S passport in total confusion, grunting with effort (in the most adorable way imaginable,) glancing back and forth from Finn's passport to PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM and back to Finn's passport. Princess Bubblegum irritably says, "The OTHER one," and shows the lemon child her passport, prompting the lemon guard to become very surprised and let out a little, strained "Oooohhh!"
    • Also, it seems Finn used Kilroy as a passport signature.
  • Finn and Princess Bubblegum are understandably shocked on seeing Morbidly Obese Lemongrab for the first time.
  • One of the Lemon Children introduces Finn and PB in a ridiculous manner: "NEEEEEHOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OH PRINCEST BABBLEGAH, AAAND LITTLE BOOOYYY!"
  • The fact that Lemon Castle has their own versions of Manfried and Cinnamon Bun. The Manfried has a speech impediment, and the Cinnamon Bun appears to be a drag queen who wears a little model of a ship (as in a boat with sails) on his head for some reason.
  • Lemongrab being so fat that he struggles to bow. Princess Bubblegum is horrified and gasps audibly. Though it may become less funny when you realize that she is also seeing Lemongrab 2 for the first time, as well...
  • Although it was mean, it was pretty funny when Lemongrab yelled "NNNNNO!!" at his brother, when the guy was just trying to welcome the guests.
  • The fact that all of the lemon people appear to be drunk. If you look closely, you can see many of them holding martini glasses and teetering around.
  • This bit near the end with PB talking to Lemon Hope:
    Bubblegum: You'll love it in the Candy Kingdom. You'll learn all about how to play music, and nobody will yell at you. Unless you take a soda out of my fridge.
  • In a darkly funny way, it was kind of funny when Lemongrab smacked Lemongrab 2 in the head with a giant leg of mutton for "floating too high".
  • The scene of both Lemongrabs dancing together, complete with noodly rubber hose arms, twirling around like graceful ballerinas, was a surprisingly amusing part of this mostly Darker and Edgier episode.
  • Lemongrab's strange pronunciation of the word "pudding." Which he proceeds to say four or five times. (Do people IRL even say "pud?")
  • We see the return of Lemongrab's reading glasses. His eyesight might have gotten even worse.
  • The entire exchange where Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2 are saying "UNACCEPTABLE!!" and "...acceptable" to each other. Lemongrab 1 keeps shrieking the word repeatedly, until it just descends into shrieking jibberish as Lemongrab 2 has a look of complete annoyance and frustration on his face.
  • The scene where Morbidly Obese Lemongrab is riding on Lemongrab 2's hovercraft and shrieking down the hallway.
  • Lemongrab's "fat voice."
  • If you pause the scene of Finn switching the cards at the dinner table, you can see that one of the Lemon Children is named "Duke Suck Lemon."

Earth and Water

  • Finn and Princess Bubblegum trying to get past the flame guards. Turns out all they had to do was say why they need to get through.
  • Any moment with Cinnamon Bun that's not a Heartwarming Moment:
    • "Wanna pet my dog? He lives at my house."
      • The fact his dog is apparently a giant sponge with a mop head on top.
      • "Plz feed my dog"
    • This conversation after Cinnamon Bun tell's Flame Princess her own backstory
      Cinnamon Bun: It's fun to hide!
      Flame Princess: You're alright. Why can't everyone be honest like you? Maybe I should just go back where I belong.
      Cinnamon Bun: What, do you mean baby jail?
    • After Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun overthrow Flame King:
      Flame Princess: You belong in that lamp and if you don't settle down you'll have to answer to Cinnamon Bun.
      Cinnamon Bun (wearing a small flaming hat): Hi.
    • And the conversation right after that between Bubblegum and Cinnamon Bun:
      Princess Bubblegum: Take off that silly hat; we're going home.
      Cinnamon Bun: (pats the fire pup next to him) No. Look, got a real dog now.
  • Finn and Bubblegum confront some Fire Kingdom guards:
    Guard 1: I'm on edge cause I'm afraid Jerry here will find out I'm dating his sister.
    Guard 2: (glares at the first guard)
    Finn: Listen, we need to get into the castle right now!
    Guard 1: Yeah, but why?
    Finn:: (angrily) So I can go to your mama's house! Now get outta my way!
    Guard 2: Doesn't your mom live in a nursing home?
    Guard 1: Yeah, and in a different city. C'mon dude, you gotta be honest here.
    Finn: Honest, my fist! (punches the guard)
  • Flame King's response to his imprisonment:
    Flame King: Once I get out of here I'm going to ground you for real. No snacks, no friends, no poppy music.
    Flame Princess: You never let me have any of those things! You were a selfish king and a bad parent!
    Flame King: But I did it for you honey! For you not to overthrow me like you just did!

Time Sandwich

  • Jake criticizes Magic Man's hastily-constructed riddle.
    Magic Man: When your face shows seven-twenty
    When green leaves turn brown
    The only way forward is down
    Then you'll see, the wetter, the better!
    Jake: That's not even a riddle! It's wordplay, at best!
    Magic Man: You try and come up with something on the spot! It's hard. (slaps Jake through a magical portal)
  • The whole thing of Magic Man getting himself super slow-mozen with Jake's perfect sandwich and the characters trying (and failing) repeatedly to break through, somehow ending with BMO, on a skateboard, followed by a giant explosion and Marceline as a vampire-demon monster flying behind. In slow-mo.
  • Jake tries to make a second sandwich. When he tries to reach out to the creation realm, there's an awkward pause before the windchime in the window falls down.

The Vault

  • Finn was apparently some sort of blob thing in a past life.
  • The Bath Boy Gang Leader mispronouncing "amulet" as "omelette", as well as his reaction to Shoko correcting him.
  • Shoko's casual description of her awful parents, and how she doesn't even realize they were abusive.
    Shoko: My parents always told me that simple possessions aren't the most important things in life.
    Princess Bubblegum: Word em' up.
    Shoko: They told me all you really need is a good computer.
    Princess Bubblegum: Amen. Wait, what?
    Shoko: Then they traded my arm to some tranch for a computer.
    Princess Bubblegum: They what!?
    Shoko: What?
  • Shoko handing PB a hammer, a set of pliers, and a live duck to help build the gumball guardians. The duck was just to mess with her.
  • Shoko's reaction to a young Peppermint Butler offering her a case: "You made me a manservant?"
    • PB actually made Shoko a new arm. And she doesn't even notice Shoko's immediate guilt.
      Shoko: Oh no...
      Princess Bubblegum: What do you mean, "oh no"? I made you an arm. It's a dang plug n' play, girl.
      Shoko: No, it's awesome. I can't believe it.
      Princess Bubblegum: That's right. I'm a technical wonder child.
      Shoko: (starts crying) Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, I got to go to my room for no reason! (runs off)
      Princess Bubblegum: Ok, I thought we could do some two-arm stuff, but uh, it's cool!
  • The Gumball Guardians bugging Princess Bubblegum (and later the other citizens of the Candy Kingdom) to ask if she's in danger. Then when Shoko tries to steal the amulet she was after, the Guardians casually tell Bubblegum "Princess, you are getting jacked."
  • Finn calls Princess Bubblegum over late at night to give her back the amulet that Shoko stole from her as atonement. PB's understandably weirded out (and Jake's exasperated) when he tosses the oven over and starts violently stomping the wooden floor open to get to the amulet. Then he casually hands it over like nothing happened.
    Finn: Okay, here you go.
    • The fact the Princess Bubblegum answered the phone in a German accent. And came all the way over to the tree house in her pajamas.
  • Bubblegum's nervous laugh when Finn points out she's "Like a bazillion years old. Not freaking 19."

Love Games

  • Ice King's eagerness to marry the Slime Princess.
    • And Jake's annoyance that he keeps getting involved.
    • And BMO's laugh track.
  • Blargatha's half-assed "romantic" song. "Maybe later we can get 'Do not disturb.' I'm done."
  • Finn's sheer terror in the spooning competition.
    • The way Finn evades Slime Princess's spooning efforts while yelling "NOOOOOOOOO!!"
  • Elder Plops never fails to be an absolute laughing riot. After Finn sings relatively well and Blargatha sings terribly in the crooning challenge:
    Elder Plops: As Elder Plops, I have heard many songs in my life, and I can only say this... (quick delivery) Finn, you win this one.
    • "There's one more trial after crooning and spooning—smooching. ...I'm sorry it doesn't rhyme with crooning and spooning."
  • Jake's amusement throughout the whole ordeal as he eats a single piece of popcorn.
    • His puns; not really the puns themselves, but how proud he is of them.
      Finn: Hey, Guillermo... Care to come out for a... quick meeting?
      Jake: More like a quick beating! HEY-O!
  • Slime Princess throwing up at the end of the episode as Finn and Slime Princess attempt to kiss.

Dungeon Train

  • Finn starts the episode sad and philosophical... And asking himself questions like "What is the meaning of'soup'?"
  • Jake rattles off a series of platitudes about relationships to try and cheer up Finn.
    Jake: Girls is like horses. When you fall down, it's important to get right back on again... on a different horse. And there's a lot of fish in the sea. Lotta fish. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Box Prince

  • BMO's reaction to the anticlimax of Jake's struggle to get rid of the corn chip stuck in his teeth, obviously intended to mirror the audience's reaction to the anticlimactic A-plot: "This is unsatisfying!"
  • The fight breaking out between all the cats.
  • Finn realizing that the "kingdom" was really just a bunch of cats playing in boxes after spending the entire episode taking it dead seriously. Then the episode ends with the cats piling onto him and cuddling/kissing him. It's as funny as it is adorable.

Red Starved

  • There's something hilarious about how Jake's reaction to Marceline trying to eat him is to try cooking her.
    Jake: You's was gonna eat me!
    Marceline: Yesssss, I am.

    Finn: What's going on with Marcy?
    Jake: She was threatening to eat my insides, so I'm cooking her. I know it sounds crazy, but I had no choice. I'm operating on my lowest survival brain function right now.
  • Finn spends most of the episode traveling through caverns finding something red for Marceline, and he comes all the way back with an giant emerald he mistakes for a ruby. Turns out the guy's red-green colorblind.
    Finn: It's like a dark-grayish red, mostly gray.(Beat) Sometimes red things are gray!
  • Marceline has to be tied to a stalagmite as she gets hungrier, and she just gets more hysterically desperate to satiate it, while still staying a Deadpan Snarker.
    • In addition to that are her random bouts of Nightmare Face.
      Marceline: I can smell your insides, Jake... They smell... (sniffs, then lifts her head up to show her bat-like face) RED!
      Jake: (screaming)
      Marceline: Yeah, let me see in there!
      Jake: (screaming)
      Marceline: (drooling) Oh yeah!
      Jake: (still screaming)
  • Marceline sucking the pink out of Bubblegum to hold herself off until they return to the surface, combined with Bubblegum's gasp of shock.
  • Bubblegum uses the Spoon of Prosperity to restore herself, and then leaves it hanging from her nose as she drives her giant sand worm back to the surface.

We Fixed a Truck

  • The fact that Ice King is still living with Finn and Jake.
  • Bubblegum's lizard doppelganger being chased by a mob of candy people.
    • The crazy conspiracy theories about Bubblegum being replaced by an evil lizard proven by BMO demanding that she eat a bug.

Play Date

  • Jake getting irritated by the Ice King mooching off them to the point of eye-twitching and contemplating murder.
    Jake: I'm ready to murder the Ice King.
  • Ice King's last line of the episode:
    Ice King: Pft, Ice Kingdom's been fixed for weeks.
  • The title card depicting Ice King and Abracadaniel as babies fighting over a cookie.

The Pit

  • Finn getting an unwanted look at some risque tape Jake made for Lady Rainicorn. Twice.
    Finn: BMO, skip! SKIP!
    • The second time, Finn has Lady promise he's not going to see any more weird Jake videos. She does, and the first thing that happens...
      Jake recording: Hey, Lady, this dirty dog's got something to show you... (takes off his towel)
      (Finn and Lady both scream in horror)
  • That rock creature that spent the first 12 years of its life sleeping only to be possibly killed that day is kind of funny in a Black Humor, so-sad-it's-funny-again kind of way.
    Jake: I'm just going to pretend you're sleeping.
  • Kee-oth's growing frustration at Jake's completely nonchalant acceptance of his situation and refusal to suffer the way he's supposed to, which leads to him venting his rage in a pilates session.
  • The fact that dressing Shelby in a priest's collar and having him say "Chyyyyeck please!" counts as enough of a blessing to vanquish Kee-oth


  • James in general. He's just so goofy and he always does random sound effects for no reason. It helps that he's voiced by Andy Merill, the voice of Brak.
    Jake: You know, James, I wasn't sure about you at first, but you're okay!
    James: Thanks, Jake, I wasn't sure about you either...

"Root Beer Guy"

  • Root Beer Guy narrating out the episode.
  • Root Beer Guy having to invoke Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking when he calls the Banana Guards. When his breathless extended confession that he kidnapped Princess Bubblegum and was going to dump her in the lake fails to produce results...
    Root Beer Guy: *exasperated sigh* ...and I went boating after 8 p.m.

"Apple Wedding"

  • Tree Trunks' mother.
  • Lumpy Space Princess trying to crash the wedding.
    • When Finn blocks LSP's way, she pushes up against him and yells this out:
    Lumpy Space Princess: Get out of my way, Finn! Oh my Glob! You're touching my woman's body!
  • After Bubblegum arrests the True King of Ooo, Tree Trunks and the assembled guests band together, declaring her prison can't hold all of them. Cut to exactly that.
  • The King chewing his way out the cell, and beating a hasty retreat.
    The King: That loopy bird is gonna string me up sideways! You can perform your own dang ceremony! King of Ooo dot com!
  • Bubblegum ordering the Banana Guards to release everyone. Well, they do. Releasing the wedding party and the criminals.
  • Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig being left alone in the cell. Things quickly get racey.
    Mr. Pig: Wait! Don't you think there might be cameras down here?
    Tree Trunks: I hope so...
    • Princess Bubblegum's expression going from teary-eyed sweetness to Oh, Crap! once Tree Trunks says that line.
  • Cinnmamon Bun somehow mistaking "Get Drinks For Us" as "Walk to the Zoo and back".
    • Princess Bubblegum told him to "take these drinks around for us" so he took those drinks around the forest. And still thought she told him to walk to the zoo...
    • Cinnamon Bun's moves as a bartender.
  • BMO being forced to keep Tree Trunks' neurotic ex-husband company, then fleeing in terror when he asks BMO to move in with him.
  • "Do you promise to love honor and obey each other... and live at my compound for the next six months and do assorted small chores?"
  • The official designs for the King of Ooo show that he's made out of earwax, which is as funny as it is disgusting.

"Blade of Grass"

  • Finn struggling to fight handsome zombies with the damaged Demon Blood Sword.
  • What makes Tree Trunks think Finn's new sword is cursed? It cuts apples a little too well. She turns out to be right, but still...
  • Finn manages to beat the Hooligans Who Love Candles by cutting off their hair with his Grass Sword, causing them to retreat in fear and shame.


  • Finn decides to throw himself back into serving as Princess Bubblegum's champion... by surprising her at 5:30 in the morning and insisting on helping her make breakfast.
  • When Bubblegum remembers she's out of milk, Finn rushes off to get some. It takes him three weeks to get back with a bottle of mink's milk.
  • "I'd throw Peppermint Butler off this balcony if you asked! Sorry Peppermint Butler, just joking. But kinda sorta not."
  • During Finn's Training Montage with Rattleballs, for some reason all of the exercises involve Rattleballs throwing eggs at Finn.

"The Red Throne"

  • Flame King and Flame Lord's intentionally bad fight. It's a Shout-Out to the iconic fight scene from They Live!, especially since the two are voiced by the same actors from the movie.
  • After recovering from getting brainwashed, all the Flame Kingdom citizens gang up on the Flame King and start kicking the crap out of him.
  • Finn sums up the episode's hilarity with one statement.
    Finn: Did I just get shown up by Cinnamon Bun?


  • Simon calls Marceline to tell her important information, but Marceline uncharacteristically faints upon hearing her old friend again.
    • And Finn and Jake just kinda stare at her, not knowing what the heck is going on.
    • Before that, Finn and Jake telling Marcy to lower her bass. Why? Because holding it up high like that makes her "look like a nerd".
  • Finn and Jake's second question for Simon? If he remembers all the times they've kicked his butt. And his response is just so deadpan.
    Simon: I have...bruises.
  • This exchange, given through a magical portal through space-time, yet notice Betty's reaction:
    Simon: I'm a thousand years in the future, love. I opened this portal so we could say goodbye…
    Betty: You're dumping me!?
  • In probably the most humorous description of an And I Must Scream situation ever, Simon describes being the Ice King as being like "living with eternal diaperbutt".
  • When Betty's told that Simon is dying without the crown's magic keeping him alive, she announces that she's going to fix the crown, then fix Simon (i.e. Turn Simon back into the Ice King, then find a way to restore him to being Simon). Simon's reaction to this is to weakly turn to the rest of the group (Marcy, Jake, Finn, and Gunter) and tell them to stop her. Their (rather darkly) funny response: " kinda sounds like a good idea."
  • When Bella Noche negates the Ice Crown's magic, thus relieving Simon of his curse, the only thing that Grand Master Wizard has to say is "Dang. Sorry, Ice King." You can't help but be amused by the sheer irony of it.
  • The very anti-climactic way Bella Noche, a magic-nullifying, all-consuming Humanoid Abomination is dealt with. A punch to the face by Betty. Well, a punch and a kick. Yep. That's apparently all it took.

"Bad Timing"

  • Jake dismissing Princess Bubblegum's time travel machine by saying that it's not true time travel and Ice King did a better job at it when he brought back Betty… with magic.
    Mudscamp: Hey, time, where's my fiancée? Am I right?
  • When Princess Bubblegum threatens to declare war on Lumpy Space if LSP doesn't apologize for calling her names and pulling her hair, LSP gives a very long "I'm sorry" while she leaves the room and before she leaves she tells her "I'm sorry you're so (quietly) stupid." And Jake and Punch Bowl laughing at that moment.
  • The background events around the circle that was the main episode were rather quaint.
  • It's Mood Whiplash for sure, but Princess Bubblegum pouring herself a drink after taking LSP's verbal abuse is chuckle-worthy.

"Lemonhope Part 1"

"Lemonhope Part 2"

  • "Looking for something? Well you found me: Fat Lemongrab!"
  • Lemongrab's "things".
  • The freshly reconstructed Lemongrab chimes in:
    Lemongrab: "♬Meeee!♬"
  • Lemonhope: "See you in a thousand years I guess." (leaves) "PEACE!" ... Then he keeps his word.

"Billy's Bucket List"

    Season 6 

Wake Up

  • The way the guests at Prismo's party mock the dormant Lich by taking selfies on him.
  • Finn and Jake try to get Shelby to make a wish at Prismo's to get Finn's dad back. Shelby promptly blows his wish on getting a pony for his girlfriend.

Escape from the Citadel

  • Finn's response to a Guardian laser melting the flesh off his dad's lower leg is to repeatedly shout "Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh!"
  • It's easy to ignore given the dramatic tone both before and after, but once Finn's dad exits the Citadel's atmosphere with some other prisoners, he hastily inquires "Hey, what about air-" just before the atmosphere closes back up.
  • Seeing the Lich flail around spouting frantic gibberish as he's defeated is both unexpectedly hilarious and satisfying.
    • Jake regaining consciousness and opening his eyes, the first thing he sees being the Lich's aforementioned behavior. Without so much as a change of expression, he closes his eyes again and goes back to sleep.
  • One of the prisoners, a clean lower-half of some sentient, takes a Groin Attack from a bouncing skull. What sells it is its "Enghuu!" as it kneels.

James II

  • The Banana Guards' Keystone Kops-esque interactions with the numerous James clones. A hilarious match of witlessness.
    • Princess Bubblegum shows the Banana Guards a picture of James, and explains "There's twenty-five of them." Their leader asks to see the other twenty-four pictures, and Bubblegum has to explain to the Banana Guard leader that the Jameses are clones, and not brothers. It's extra hilarious that the Banana Guards know the word "vigintiquintuplet" but not what a clone is.
    • At one point, some of the James emerge from a glove shop with gloves. The guards don't recognize them until the gloves simply slip off.
    • The James clones build a complex-looking trap... out of flimsy wood and other junk, which falls apart while the banana guards walk right through.
    • Finn and Jake don't even bother to intervene, instead content to just watch the hilarity from the sidelines. They even get Princess Bubblegum to join them.
  • How does Finn get tiny orphans to safety with only one arm? He soccer punts them over the walls of the Candy Kingdom!
  • The Jameses' assignment at the end: to go to the wasteland and never come back.
    Princess Bubblegum: I'm not gonna miss him.

The Tower

  • A baby deer who can just barely walk is somehow able to climb all the way down the huge tower Finn was building.
  • Finns tower toppling over at episodes end. It's so tall that it hits the Candy Kingdom and the mountains in the background. And the kicker?
  • BMO gets hit by a falling brick from Finn's tower so hard he's driven into the ground. He then pops back out and acts as if nothing had happened.
  • Princess Bubblegum and Jake's argument over Finn degenerates to just saying "Nyaa!" to each other... with BMO joining in.
  • Finn's encounter with Carrol the cloud-person, whose rant about self-determination is interrupted by her screaming.
    Finn: What happened?
    Carrol: I just thought about my anxieties, and it's like my mind-hand touched a hot memory stove. AAAH!
  • Finn whispering "Hey, Dad", in an hilarious mix between creepy and innocent, right before socking PB dressed up as Martin with his emotion-fueled arm.
  • Maybe not intentional, but the fact that all the bits of stuff Finn rips of the landscape to build his tower look like Minecraft bricks.

Sad Face

  • The Waving Snail gets a cameo in the circus, diving into a bucket of water.
  • Blue Nose's routines are pretty funny, from his weird "artsy" version to the zanier slapstick-filled routine he does to appease the ringmaster.


Food Chain

  • "Yo, Princess Bubblegum, do birds play football?" "No Terry, they don't."
  • The first thing Finn and Jake do upon being transformed into birds? Break out into an electronic rendition of Mozart's "Queen of the Night's Aria".
  • Tooooo aaaaa plaaaaaaannnnnt... aaaaaaa daaaayyyy iiiiis shoooooooorrrrrt...

Furniture and Meat

  • Ever wonder what happened to the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant? Turns out he was buried under Finn and Jake's mountain of treasure.
    • "I will continue to chill here until you command me!"
  • Jake mistaking Finn for a berry person when he gets purple juice spilled on the money bags he was wearing.

The Prince Who Wanted Everything

  • Lumpy Space Prince's almost unbearable Parody Sue nature just adds that extra bit of hilarity to the episode.
  • Lumpy Space Prince uses the power of not caring to defeat the giant monster his parents turned into. This causes the monster to turn back into Good Parents... then LSP kills them anyways with another shout of "I DON'T CAAAAARE!".
  • During the song number, Lumpy Space Prince flies up to the sky with no issue and an eagle just randomly swoops him and carries him around Ooo as he continues his number.
  • The numerous anime faces LSP makes during the episode.

Something Big

  • Colonel Candy Corn gets distracted by monologuing about his relatonship troubles.
  • Ice King shouts "Leave me out of this!" when his lair is struck during the fight.


  • How did Kim Kil Whan get ownership of Finn and Jake's treehouse? By trading for the deed with Marceline for "one lunatic bass". Cue Kim summoning Marceline holding a ridiculous-looking bass guitar with four necks.
  • Jake tries to get Kim Kil Whan's attention by throwing pebbles at the window... even though it's open. Then he throws some more pebbles at Kim when he opens the front door.

Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe

  • The bus is stuck in water, and everyone is going to drown. Ron James uses a "last resort potion", whose effects are unknown even to him. It swaps his head with Tree Trunks... as in Tree Trunks's entire body is now on top of Ron's neck, while his disembodied head is now on TT's sofa. It seems that he interrupted an intimate moment between TT and Mr. Pig. Even better, the Ice King immediately grabs the potion and downs the leftover drops, and his head is swapped out for the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life-Giving's... who is standing right next to him anyway.
  • Before that the three water nymphs try to use their water powers and lift the bus. It's too heavy for them and they just decide to leave.
    • The Magi tries to get them out by bringing the bus to life. The bus just panics and flails around before the Magi undoes the spell.
      Bus: Oh Grob, I can't swim!

Princess Day

  • While trashing Breakfast Princess's bedroom, Lumpy Space Princess straight up eats some of BP's clothes, since they're also made out of breakfast food.
  • The only thing Marceline and LSP feel guilty about? Stealing Breakfast Princess' CD.
  • PB's horrified reaction to Marceline admitting she's encouraging LSP acting "bad" via texting.
    Princess Bubblegum (out loud): Nooooooooo exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point!
  • How does Breakfast Princess try to stop Marceline and LSP from stealing her car? By running right in front of it. Car wins by a landslide.
  • Marceline and LSP drag Breakfast Princess into the middle of the desert, hand her a shovel, and... tell her to start building a sandcastle, telling her "we'll know if you stop digging!" before driving off. The minute after they drive off, Breakfast Princess just throws the shovel down and walks away, the look on her face clearly showing that she didn't take the threat remotely seriously.


  • Kenny the Donut's "high-tech device", which inexplicably has a pickle taped to it.
  • When Bubblegum realizes Peace Master has discovered her surveillance system, she puts the Candy Kingdom on red alert and runs off to rally the Banana Guards... but not before ordering Peppermint Butler to "Make me some chamomile tea, so I don't stress out!"
  • Peace Master's kids are hilariously unaffected by being turned into monsters by Peppermint Butler. They seem to think their new forms are kinda cool.
  • Peppermint Butler blackmails Peace Master into doing various humiliating things like dropping his pants and clucking like a chicken, but thinks he might have gone too far in making him eat dirt.

Joshua and Margaret Investigations

  • The book of venom and antidotes. Possible their best Freeze-Frame Bonus yet.
  • Margaret finishing her Lock-and-Load Montage by exchanging her pillbox hat for a bigger, fancier hat.
  • What's the first thing Jake does when he's born? Break into a song and dance number, then immediately fall asleep.
    Jake (singing): Hello mommyyy! Hello daddyyy! It's so good to be here with you now! Zzzz...
    • Joshua and Margaret's reaction to this is to stare at him in awe.

Ghost Fly

  • When Jake calls in Peppermint Butler to handle the ghost fly, he assures him, Finn, and BMO that everything will be fine as long as he has his bag of dark magic stuff. Then the fly steals the bag. Pepbut responds by slowly putting his hat back on and then bailing out the window.
  • Jake casually kills the Ghost Fly right after it fulfills its unfinished business.
  • BMO making Jakes "unfinished business" the telling of a joke.
  • "I killed Jake! Yay, BMO!"
  • BMO promised to revive Jake, but it turns out Doctor Princess had to do it.

Is That You?

  • The Dream Ritual Finn and Jake perform to memorialize Prismo - their earnestness is both adorably heart-warming and hilariously goofy at the same time.
  • Jake finds an exquisite bed and a glass of milk in Prismo's place and figures it's a trap. He then sleeps in it anyway.
    Jake: This feels like a trap designed by some kinda sick genius.
    Jake: Well... (Drinks milk and climbs into bed.) Hats off to you, sir or madam! Your trap was a success!
  • Any attempt by Finn to clarify the nature of how he is able to speak to Past Prismo, or what Plan B actually entails, is handwaved as too complex to explain.
    Finn: So, are you actually talking to me right now, or are you pretending to in an empty room?
    Past Prismo: I was pretending, but now I can see you.
    Finn: What does "now" mean to you?
    Past Prismo: Uhhh... Hurry up, I need your help.

Jake the Brick

  • Jake lives his lifelong ambition of being a brick in a shack. He then realizes that being an inanimate object is boring.
  • To pass the time, Jake decides to do an impromptu documentary and starts narrating what he sees. Finn broadcasts this to all of Ooo on radio, where it quickly becomes a smash hit.
    • The rabbit that Jake focuses on gains a massive fan-base as the episode goes on. There's even merchandise for it.


  • When Finn enters General Tarsal's office, he doesn't find anyone there. Then General Tarsal comes in and asks him to pretend she was there the whole time before doing a Chair Reveal and going into her big introductory spiel.
  • Finn reacting with confusion to Tiffany's nonsensical, convoluted threats.
  • When Finn is told about the "spy flies", he imagines a fly wearing a fedora and Conspicuous Trenchcoat. At the end of the episode, a spy fly matching that description goes by after Finn's friends warn him off blabbing what it means to "go dentist".

The Pajama War

  • The candy people's attempts to break the closet door down. At one point, they try to blow the door down like the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Finn and PB's interactions with Bubblegum's adorable giant cat, Timmy.
  • As the Candy People fall into chaos, Jake is just kicking back, eating nachos, and enjoying the carnage.
    • When things get even more intense, Jake thinks he should do something. So he takes some selfies.
  • The candy people are just about to sacrifice Starchy when Princess Bubblegum comes back. They immediately calm down, acting more like kids who got caught misbehaving than an angry mob of rioting citizens, and Princess Bubblegum offers to read them a bedtime story... which turns out to be a book on the history of men's fashion.


  • The Candy Wizard trying to stop Evergreen from freezing his counterparts... by shooting jellybeans from his hands, which makes farting noises as he does so.
  • The laid-back drummer dude, who barely reacts to getting his head melted off by lava.
  • The ending is loaded with Mood Whiplash; it goes from Gunther the dinosaur going mad with power while repeatedly shouting "Guther, NO!" to Ice King yelling in his sleep while jumping up and down on his bed. Ice King falls out of bed and makes explosion noises, then wakes up to ask his freaked-out penguin minions if they've ever had a weird dream involving dinosaurs and magic.

Astral Plane

  • Ice King is seen trying to chat up a cloud lady while dressed like a stereotypical college boy from The Roaring '20s, with a big fur coat and boater hat. Then he loses his temper and freezes everyone there because people only seem to be into him because he knows Finn.

Gold Stars

  • It's Sweet P's first day of school! Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig get him all ready and when he walks out the door, he is escorted by not only Finn and Jake, but also an army of Banana Guards surrounding the house complete with a helicopter. Looks like Finn and Jake are not taking any chances with the reincarnated Lich.
  • Sweet P getting even with the kids who bullied him by doing the truffle shuffle, making them laugh so hard they fall over and pass out, while he gets to class on time.

The Visitor

  • Martin being Crazy-Prepared for Finn's one-time desire to rip his arm off.
  • One of the little villagers laments "Everything is ruined... Everyone is fat..." after everyone partied too hard at Martin's insistence.
  • Finn launching off Martin's spaceship with a grin on his face.
  • Finn ends up taking all the little villagers home with him, thanks to Martin messing up their home. He somehow balances them in a massive pile at least five times bigger than he is.

The Mountain

  • Lemongrab literally has servants everywhere so that he doesn't even have to walk from one place to another. He can just be carried instead!
  • "Lights out!" Cue every field worker instantly falling asleep where they stand. Including those in the trees, who fall out of them.
  • When Lemongrab blew up the guard. A simple "excuse me" would've been nice...
    Finn: Dude! I was gonna tell him to move...
    Lemongrab: Oh...
  • The part at the end when Jake dropped off Lemongrab at his castle. Lemongrab (still riding atop his lemon camel) jumps off Jake, crashes through the ceiling of his castle, splashes into a small pool of lemon juice, and Glob only knows how this works, but that pool is like a portal to his bedroom. He tumbles in, bounces off his lemon camel, and flops down on his bed in the exact same position that he was in before he traveled to the mountain. Who needs front doors anymore?

"Dark Purple"

  • Susan's "camouflage" consists of three knocked out Porp workers stuck on her head and shoulders, which hardly covers any of her body. She then gets in line for the Super Porp machine... only to remember that this has nothing to do with her objective. She is then found out by a guard who has no trouble seeing through her feeble disguise, but they care more about the fact that she's covered in Pure Porp.
    • Jake, Finn and Marceline briefly thinking about investigating the Super Porp factory. They decided to not bother for once.

The Diary

  • TV decides to "roleplay" B.P. ripping out the pages from her diary, leading to a candy kid stopping and staring.
  • Jake goes out to check on TV at Lady's insistence, but he assures her "I'm sure he's fine!" Cut to Jake finding TV passed out in the Candy Kingdom's dried-out moat.

Walnuts and Rain

  • There's something amusing about King Huge constantly referring to things that are as big as he is, apropos of nothing, as "normal-sized".
  • Jake and 7718 dancing around wearing skirts made of playing cards to pass the time.

Friends Forever

  • Ice King deals with his mischievous penguins by shoving them into a spare room with a broom.
  • "I brought tiny umbrellas!"


  • How does Jermaine keep Bryce the demon trapped behind a magic barrier? With a Teddy Ruxpin-like toy called "Booboo Sousa".
  • Jermaine's fight with Jake alternates between "sad" and "hilarious":
    • A disembodied hand gives Jermaine something to throw at Jake. It turns out to be a winged sneaker that just flies away without hitting Jake.
    • Jermaine tries throwing the wooden hand, and it grows to enormous size and grabs Finn. When Finn cuts his way free, the hand bursts into flame, which Finn finds pretty cool... until the "hand fire" starts consuming his Finn Sword.
    • Jermaine throws a bottle that summons some kind of magical dinosaur wearing party hats on his head and tail, who says the words "Jazz-Bazz!" when he appears... and disappears, as he takes one look at the chaos unfolding and goes "Uh, no!"
    • "If you punch me again, I'm gonna fart." When Jake makes good on that threat, Jermaine seems to think it's Actually Pretty Funny and starts laughing, calming down in the process.
  • Even after getting freed, Bryce keeps making Ineffectual Death Threats, saying he wants to blow up the sun because it's too bright out.

Chips and Ice Cream

  • While Finn and Jake aren't impressed by Chips and Ice Cream's show, BMO and the bunny kids act like it's the best thing they've ever seen.

Graybles 1000+


Water Park Prank

  • The sheer concept of "Daddy Sad-Heads", little creatures shaped like the frowning face of a middle-aged man that cling to people and make them too depressed to shake them off.

"You Forgot Your Floaties"

  • One of Magic Man's "special friends" is Tiny Manticore trapped in a bottle.
    Magic Man: You escaped once and came right back. How sad is that, huh?
    Tiny Manticore: You gave me some kind of hostage syndrome! I need therapy!
  • Finn, managing to move in egg form, following Tiny Manticore's escape plan...only to fall and slip through the floorboards and into the bread mix Betty was preparing.
    Tiny Manticore: NO! Oh Glob, I'm sorry! I didn't plan this out!
  • The Flashback Cut to Magic Man trying to get Prismo to bring Margles, only for Prismo to conjure up a wastebasket with a little basketball hoop.
    Prismo: Balls, man. That has never happened before.
  • Bread Finn
  • Betty going crazy after becoming magical.
    Betty: I see a crab emerging from a dark pool.
    Magic Man: Oh yeah? What does the crab say?
    (cut to an image of Simon rising from a pool)
    Betty: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LATERS!!! (curls up into a ball and shrinks away into nothing, leaving a fireworks display as she does)
  • Magic Man wondering what to do now that he's no longer magical. He's also wearing Glob's helmet sideways.
    Magic Man: What do normies do? Get smoothies or something?

Be Sweet

  • "Someone must be out there in the night. To guide my sleepy boat right." Cue Sweet P smashing right through the wall to find someone to help him with his bedtime routine.
  • LSP's guilty conscience takes the form of her being shamed by the raccoon that kept trying to break into the trailer. "PARTAKE OF THE CHICKEN."


  • Ice King somehow fails to notice the sleeping gas grenade the penguins stuck into the slice of cake he's eating.
  • The elderly aliens blame the return of Orgalorg on the younger generation being too obsessed with "making out".
  • Some of the things Orgalorg did through the ages while trapped in the body of Gunter the penguin include fighting as a gladiator in ancient Rome, running a vineyard, and directing a movie in Golden Age Hollywood.

On The Lam

"Hot Diggity Doom"

  • Princess Bubblegum angrily calling everyone dillweeds when she loses the election to the King of Ooo.
    • Finn admits that he doesn't know what a "dillweed" is.
  • Finn is absolutely baffled to learn that "Mr. X" is Gunter the penguin in an elaborate disguise.

"The Comet"

  • Jake tries to propel himself through space via farting. It only smells up the inside of his space-suit.
  • The Catalyst Comet's Long List of things Finn could seek freedom from gets a little ridiculous near the end.
    Comet: This is your crisis, as you stand on the edge of freedom from love, hate, friendship, isolation, jealousy, secrets, violence, video games, ice cream waffles, sadness, madness, power, honor, loyalty, saucy, mothers, fathers, scoundrels...
    Finn: How long are you gonna list stuff?
  • The talking fish that Peppermint Butler catches after Banana Man's ship crash-lands in Lake Butterscotch mutters "I'm gonna croak out here."

    Season 7 

"Bonnie & Neddy"

  • The way to Neddy's lair is guarded by three Banana Guards... who have not only gotten old and spotty, but have been guarding the tunnel for so long they forgot the riddle they were supposed to ask would-be visitors.
  • While Neddy is fleeing from... reality, he briefly comes across a random bird and freaks out. Him and the bird shriek at each other a couple times, before Neddy runs away... and the bird celebrates winning the "showdown" by raising the roof.
  • While Jake gets tired of the ornate armor the King of Ooo makes him wear (because it impairs his stretching powers), Finn grows to like it because he feels like a "fancy shield... or a dangerous candlestick!"
    • Jake tries to get around the restrictive armor by shifting his body so that the armor is dangling from a tendril of flesh sticking out of his head. Finn dryly and bluntly replies "Dude, I don't like that."


  • Marceline flying into Bubblegum's bedroom thinking she's sleeping, but it turns out to be the King of Ooo wearing Bubblegum's pajamas and a wig.
    King of Ooo: Tell Bubblegum I wear her nightgown! Tell everyone!
  • Bubblegum gets so caught up trash-talking the varmits ("I'll eat you! I'll eat your mom! I'll eat your eggs!") that Marceline has to drag her away.

"Cherry Cream Soda"

  • Cherry Cream Soda and Root Beer Guy's courtship apparently consisted of Princess Bubblegum creating them, then pushing them together and declaring them married.
  • Dirt Beer Guy is oddly nonchalant about his unexpected ressurection.
    Dirt Beer Guy: Hi, sweetie! I was dead, but I came back to life. That was really something.

    Dirt Beer Guy: (confiding in Jake and Lady Rainicorn) I thought she'd be happy to see me, but it was a disaster. I didn't know where to pick up with her, so of course I just acted like a goof. Oh, and now I'm one of the undead, I guess.
  • Dirt Beer Guy accidentally trashes his old house because he's not used to his "freaky zombie strength", as Starchie puts it.

"Mama Said"

  • When the mega mushroom attacks, Finn tries to reason with it and compliments its looks. Then the mushroom reveals a creepy giant eye and Finn immediately takes back his compliment.
  • Jake gets mad when the mega mushroom attacks him while he's in the middle of a quip about "poor spore-tsmanship".
    Jake: Woah! Mid-joke?! You ''monster'"!
  • The King of Ooo is childishly convinced that a mushroom pizza Finn brought him will make him fly. He even asks the Banana Guards to push him off a flight of stairs to make it work. That goes as well as you'd expect.
  • The Banana Guard's randomly breaking out into the song "Mama Said" at the end.


  • Finn's reaction to finding Football has smashed the bathroom mirror.
    Finn: Hey, Jake, BMO went all hog-wild in the bathroom.
    Jake: Gross!
    Finn: Not like that!
  • Football gets punished for smashing all the reflective surfaces she can find (to keep BMO from switching places again) by having to sit on a stool wearing a Dunce Cap made from an old traffic cone.

Stakes: Marceline the Vampire Queen

"Stakes: Everything Stays"

  • What does Marcy say to Finn as she's tied to a pole and about to be exposed to sunlight? Does she tell Finn to take care of Bonnie, or say a heartfelt goodbye to her friends? Nope, she tells Finn to burn all of her diaries because they're embarrassing. Thankfully she survives.
  • A funny little Mood Whiplash from an otherwise tearjerking scene—Simon is filming his goodbye video from the Christmas Special and predictably breaks down sobbing at the end...for about three seconds. Then he suddenly perks up and says a cheery "Okay bye!" before nonchalantly ejecting the tape and knocking over the camera, which then breaks upon hitting the floor.

"Stakes: Vamps About"

  • Pretty much everything The Fool says and does.
  • Princess Bubblegum demands to know why Peppermint Butler has a small arsenal of Vampire slaying gear. Pep But flat out says that it's in case Marceline ever turned on them. Bubblegum tries to deliver a What the Hell, Hero? to him, but Marcy stops her, saying that Peppermint Butler was right, and that she could have turned on them all and done them in quite easily. The cheery and bubbly tone in which she concedes the point causes Jake, already terrified of Vampires in general and the current situation in particular, to faint.
  • Jake trying to describe the vampires to Peppermint Butler so he can draw them ala a police sketch artist. His descriptions are about as obtuse as they can get, and include such gems as "a wet uncle" and "if an ant hill were a girl." Predictably, they result in completely inaccurate drawings, prompting Jake to go, "Nah, that's not right," over and over.
    • The final drawing manages to somewhat resemble its subject (the Vampire King) purely by accident. How was this one described?
      Jake: "There was also one that looked like an angry stop sign coming out of a loaf of bread."

Stakes: Empress Eyes

  • Ice King's various failed attempts to flirt with the Empress.
  • The Empress is disgusted to find that Ice King is immune to her mind control, and was only obeying her because he was hoping she'd go out with him.

"Stakes: May I Come In?"

  • King of Ooo's "backstory".
    King of Ooo: I grew up poor, dirt poor. The other kids called me "Li'l Bubbles" because we couldn't afford a bathtub. Sure, I try to act the way wealthy peeps are supposed- (gets cut off by the Hierophant)
  • Peppermint Butler's teasing of the Hierophant, knowing he cannot come in without being invited.
  • Jake turning into a house to guard his friends form the Hierophant.
    Hierophant: May I come in?
    Jake: (Shuts his door) Nope.
  • Lumpy Space Princess's entire appearance. First being her line waking up from a bush.
  • Finn is used as bait to lure the vampire following them. And the way he starts to absolutely milk his role for what it's worth when he lets his hair loose reminds one of something else.
    • Finn takes this opportunity to taunt him from the inside with his "the gallons and gallons of warm teenage blood that he can't have", blowing him as raspberry to boot. Then he reaches for a high five of approval from the others. Marceline happily obliges after a few seconds of PB and LSP being indifferent towards him.
      • Princess Bubblegum is especially unimpressed. She shoots a look at Marcy just before she high fives Finn in full anticipation of her doing that.
  • How the Hierophant was defeated: Crunchy accidentally bumping him into the Jake House. Since Hierophant wasn't invited in, he get vaporized.
  • Princess Bubblegum shooting a ice cold murderous stare at King of Ooo when he tries to take credit for Crunchy accidentally taking out the Hierophant.

"Stakes: Take Her Back"

  • Finn and Jake trying to wake up an unconscious Marceline by burping in her face.
    Bubblegum: Cut it out! That's not helping her.
    Finn: But Mom and Dad always burped on us.
    Jake: It's a cure-all!
    Bubblegum: Sorry, guys, there are no cure-alls. Your parents were just burping on you just for kicks.
    Jake: Oh, yeah. That makes sense.
  • Jake's reaction to the Moon's voice, which is eerily deep and masculine for her feminine appearance.
  • Finn, genuinely confused, asking the Moon (while she's chasing them) if she's speaking literally or allegorically about running in her light.
  • The Moon unlocking the casket by saying "Pigs!" at the lock until it opens, which gets lampshaded by a baffled Bubblegum.
  • The hilarious wall-eyed face the Moon makes when Peps impales her from behind.
    Peppermint Buttler: IN. YOUR. FACE!!
  • Finn, weakened by the Moon's voice, spent the last few minutes of the episode crawling towards his stake-sword to kill her, and finally getting it literally seconds after Marceline already sucked her up.
    Jake: Finn.
    Finn: YES!
    Jake: Finn, she's dead.
    Finn: Oh, thank Glob...

"Stakes: Checkmate"

  • This exchange
    Vampire King: Let me finish my thought!
    Finn: Stake you!
    Finn attempts to stake the Vampire King, only for him to effortlessly grab Finns arms
    Finn, cheerfully: Ok, go ahead.
  • The Vampire King randomly ripping his clothes off until he's in a pair of tighty-whities while making a grandiose speech about breaking the cycle of destiny.
    Vampire King: Turning you would subjugate me to the Wheel of Fortune, and I am a king, not a hamster! My path runs straight into the void, on a sick flaming chariot!
  • Jake asks the Vampire King what happened to his pants, then tells him to hold that thought while he catches Finn from falling.
  • Finn kicks the Vampire King repeatedly in the boing-loings, only for Marcy to tell him to stop. Vampire King would have pulled an Implacable Man if not for the high pitched voice after.
  • Finn and Jake communicate in "mouth fart code" about PB's plans for the Vampire King, which involves them blowing raspberries and making other weird bodily noises (including actual farting).
  • Peppermint Butler being a total fanboy over meeting the Vampire King is pretty hilarious.
  • When the Vampire King is cured of his vampirism, he is revealed to be a lion. How does Marceline respond? Saying 'Kitty!' like a little girl.

"Stakes: The Dark Cloud"

  • Princess Bubblegum tells Finn not to worry about Peppermint Butler, who has been blown to pieces.
    Princess Bubblegum: Peppermint Butler used to like being blown apart all the time. He told me so.
    Peppermint Butler: (inside bucket) Lies!
  • After throwing the King of Ooo in a fire so that his wax body melts, Crunchy declares himself the new Princess of the Candy Kingdom, and starts using the Banana Guards as stilts.
  • Marceline leaps into the fight against the Dark Cloud... with a shout of "I'm gonna poop my pants if Finn kills this guy instead of me!" Then she comes to a Screeching Stop, and it cuts to literally everyone else involved in the battle, along with the citizens of the Candy Kingdom and the half-melted King of Ooo, reacting to the sight.
  • Crunchy's Rousing Speech after overthrowing the King of Ooo, if only because it's a badass speech coming from an anthropomorphic cookie using two banana guards as stilts so as to be visible to the candy people.
    Crunchy: And instead of a wax idol, they shall have a true princess! Wrought of iron with teeth of diamonds. Her heart is ice! Her will is f*re! Princess Crunchy, the unforgiving!

The More You Moe, the Moe You Know

  • ALLMO isn't exaggerating when they say BMO has a better imagination than all the other MOs. The concept of stacking bits of junk on top of each other blows their collective minds.
  • Mo's idea of fun games is "Hangman", but the only word in his MO body's database is "BURGESS MEREDITH", whom Jake has never heard of.

Summer Showers

  • Lumpy Space Princess has some hilariously over-the-top displays as a Prima Donna Director, especially nit-picking the size of the raindrops Viola sprays on Mr. Cupcake's raincoat.
  • Mr. Cupcake keeps calling Tree Trunks by her real name instead of her character's name because it's too "dishonest" to do otherwise.
  • Viola eventually gets fed up with LSP's attitude and teleports her to the Ice King's lair, where Ice King has to confirm Lumpy Space Princess is really there.

"Angel Face"

  • BMO's process for making a "special sentient sandwich" which involves breaking a free range egg that is walking around on its feet, melting a piece of aged cheddar that has a hat and monocle, pepper farts, making a sentient tomato puke for ketchup, a piece of dancing parsley, and "face bread".
  • Jake's initially weak attempts at mimicking a horse.
  • Memow somehow thinks that BMO's childish drawing of a wanted poster is for real, as does another bounty hunter at the end of the episode.
  • BMO's rampage through the little cardboard town, fighting "bandits" that are just socks and underwear.
  • NEPTR took 3 months to build that town, in exchange for a Finncake.
  • When Jake asks why BMO suddenly has a real laser gun
    BMO: I'm old enough to vote.

"President Porpoise is Missing!"

  • Banana Man and Ice King secretly being in Finn and Jake's house without anybody noticing until they reveal themselves. As well as Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Starchy, Crunchy, Gumdrop Lass 1... Makes you wonder what would happen if there was ever an episode focused on a game of Hide and Seek...
  • Ice King gets so invested in BMO's imagination game that by the end of the episode he's convinced he has kids at home, which he doesn't really have.
  • Secretary Octopus having a vote for each of his tentacles.
  • "We wouldn't want to deflate anyone's ego.

"Blank Eyed Girl"

  • Finn and Jake's attempts to get rid of the blank-eyed girl. At one point they try to repel her with flute music. Not only does she enjoy it, the music attracts five more blank-eyed girls in their house.
  • Jake saying Starchie's advice is just "made-up baloney", and then calling Starchie to tell him so.
  • One of the books Jake goes over while looking up information on creepy stuff is "Butt Stuff".
  • The way Jake tries his hardest to not acknowledge the Blank Eyed Girls and failing miserably.
  • The way the Blank Eyed girls turn out to just be regular girls with freaky contact lenses, which then turn out to be bald people, who turn out to be headless alien thingies, which turn out to be weird alien energy beings.

Bad Jubies

King's Ransom

  • While having a crying fit over Gunther, Ice King blows his nose on Jake, who's partly morphed into a jeep. Jake is understandably disgusted.
  • Finn and Jake take advantage of the fact that Ice King reverts to looking more like his old self when he's far from the crown by using his changing facial features like a "nose-compass".


  • The Marshmallow Gang instantly becomes convinced Finn is a con artist just like them, simply because he got away with not being completely honest with Princess Bubblegum.
  • Finn manages to get the Marshmallow Gang to help out on a camping trip by getting them to "bamboozle" some sticks into a campfire and "scam up" some wood for a lean-to shelter.


  • Finn's reaction to learning Big Destiny is under the thrall of Lich-Jake.
    Finn: What's wrong with him? He looks possessed or somethi— (sees Lich-Jake) Ooo boy, here we go.
  • Once things are sorted out in Farmworld, Jake laughs at his Farmworld self, who's an ordinary non-magic dog.

The Hall of Egress

  • The montage of Jake sneaking up on Finn and forcing his eyes open, complete with Finn uttering the same piercing shriek each time.

"Flute Spell"

  • The episode starts with Jake playing a grind-heavy game on BMO which he can't save because the save file would be too big for BMO to make room for. In fact, the game was so big that BMO couldn't talk and run the game at the same time. Upon having a couple weeks of nonstop progress undone, Jake proudly proclaims "I live again!" and then goes on to sing a silly song about his life.
  • To get him to start talking about how he's playing his flute, Huntress Wizard threatens to shove an arrow up Finn's nose. To which Finn casually replies "I'm especially agile when I'm nude, so good luck with that". Yes, Finn was willing to fight a girl with no clothes on. (And apparently his hair wouldn't get in the way of his dodging.)
  • Huntress Wizard sleeps metaphorically and literally like a log. She only takes her cloak and boots off, drops to the floor on her back and starts snoring. Next time we see her wake up in the morning, she shape-shifts back into herself from a log and scrapes some mushrooms off her arm.
  • After Finn and Huntress Wizard catch the Thunderboar, they rip off one of his tusks. Then the Thunderboar complains that they could have just asked if they wanted one of his tusks, as he instantly regenerates a new one.
  • Just the image of Finn naked in the river playing his flute, with his absurdly long blond hair flowing around him. And his look of utter shock when HW startles him.

The Thin Yellow Line

  • During Finn and Jake's first attempt to get into the Banana Guard compound, some of the guards trip and fall over, then the guards coming in behind them slip and fall on their fellow guards' peels. Then a guard carrying a stack of cream pies comes in and things predictably escalate.
  • How dumb are the Banana Guards? After Finn and Jake's failed attempt at entrapment gets them kicked out, Princess Bubblegum gets them back in by introducing them as new recruits, without making any further effort to disguise their identities.
  • That face Jake made after being pushed to his limit.
  • Finn's rapid succession of troll faces when he thinks he's found the mural painter.

    Season 8 

"Broke His Crown"

  • Gunther the dinosaur spends much of the episode playing the drums, trying to provide dramatic background music.
    Bubblegum: It's getting pretty bad, I think we're close.
    Gunther: Yeah! Can't you hear my intense drumming?
  • When Simon asks Marcy about having any boyfriends, she mentions (indirectly) Ash, and what he did to her (selling Hambo to Maja the Sky Witch). This causes Simon to swear to punch Ash when he sees him for breaking Marcy's heart, unaware that he already did so 2 seasons ago in the episode "Betty".
  • There's a montage of the gang's failed attempts to catch the Betty virus with such implements as butterfly nets and burlap sacks.
  • Simon offering his guests a welcome present, which he informs them is a bribe, and then taking it back when Marceline tells him he doesn't need to bribe them to visit him.
  • Simon calling Bonnie examining his crown "the best date I've been on since my last date." Bonnie makes it clear it isn't a date. Ice King admits neither was his last one.
    Ice King: It was a robbery.

"Don't Look"

  • Finn finds "a big warning about Dead Mountain" in the book he's reading. Cue Finn showing Jake the words "BIG WARNING ABOUT DEAD MOUNTAIN" written on a two-page spread.
  • Finn's eyes are cursed to change whoever he looks at into what he sees them as. It's revealed that the way he truly sees the Ice King is as Simon Petrikov, which is incredibly heartwarming - but the curse only changed his body, not his mind. Hilarity Ensues.
    IK in Simon's body: Where'd my muscles go?! I'm a scrawny-armed loser!
  • Princess Bubblegum is oddly nonchalant about Finn accidentally turning her into a tomboy: "Teen boy heart-throb it is."

Beyond the Grotto

  • Finn and Jake act like they're stoned on Princess Purple Patch's "purple stuff".
  • Ice King expresses a desire to visit the bizarro version of Ooo from beyond the grotto. When Jake objects that he might lose his memories, Ice King replies that he's so absent-minded already, he doesn't have much to lose. Then he immediately forgets what he was talking about.

Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension

  • Lady's ex-boyfriend Lee apparently liked to prank people by blowing stuff up with "rainbow bombs", from trash cans to city hall.
  • Lady interrogates Lee's old friend Roy by messing up his latte foam-art.
  • TV decides he needs to be more independent, and decides to stay in the Crystal Dimension.... in the meantime, he moves in with his grandparents and starts sponging off them.

I Am A Sword

  • BMO thinks it's ridiculous that Finn is talking to an inanimate object... and says as such to an extension cord.
  • Cameron tries to talk down Bandit Princess by offering her a home loan from the bank she just robbed if she gives the money back.
  • Bandit Princess is a ridiculously over-the-top Card-Carrying Villain, bragging about how evil and ruthless she is and how much damage she's going to do armed with the Finn Sword.

Bun Bun

  • Cinnamon Bun tries to warn Bun Bun not to press the button that will release the Flame King. He doesn't even finish his warning before Bun Bun runs over and presses it.
  • Bun Bun is the one who points out that the old Flame King's attempt to raise an army of chipmunks probably won't work. She also helps him embrace his new role as "the Chipmunk King".

"Normal Man"

  • Normal Man makes a ridiculously Long List of hazards on Wild Trap Mountain.
  • Normal Man talks about throwing the citizens of Mars under the bus back when he was Magic Man. A flashback shows that he literally ran them over with a bus.
  • Normal Man learning what boomerangs are.
    Tiny Manticore: Boomerang! (throws boomerang and misses)
    Normal Man: What's even a boomerang?
    (The boomerang comes back and hits Jake)
    Normal Man: Oh my gosh, I've been calling them something different my whole life.
  • When Normal Man tries to apologize for the chaos he caused as Magic Man, Tiny Manticore points out that he sounds insincere. Normal Man claims that he just naturally talks like that.
  • A concussed Jake tries (and fails) to turn into an airplane and rescue the falling Glob and Normal Man.
  • Lumpy Space Princess and Lemongrab are on a date. Lemongrab's dressed in some dorky clothes and just looks uncomfortable. His dialogue to Lumpy Space Princess is pretty fantastic too:
    Lemongrab: *indescribable Lemongrab noise* It's stressing me out that there's food on a blanket! I have to go. This was nice!
    • After this, LSP tells him "You're running away from intimacy! You don't 'know'' that you'll get hurt!" Cue Tiny immediately accidentally knocking Lemongrab out as he flies by.


  • Why is Ice King stealing all the wire coat-hangers in Ooo? So he can jury-rig a hook to get his keys out of a narrow crevice.
  • Patience St. Pim's flashback to pre-Mushroom War Earth has the once-mighty elementals meeting in a coffee shop, where the Fire Elemental struggles to heat up his coffee with his fire magic.
  • Princess Bubblegum has serious trouble with her elemental magic, barely able to conjure a single jellybean... which accidentally ends up saving the day when Patience trips on it, causing her to knock over her sailboat and wreck it, with a piece of the mast landing close enough to Fire Princess to refuel her and allow her to escape.

"Five Short Tables"

"The Music Hole"

  • Ice King gets his penguins to "help" with the security detail. Their idea of helping is to beat the crap out of random participants and start a riot.
  • Ice King tries to crash the concert by singing Quango and Sparky's "Do the Boogaloo". The audience boos him offstage.

"Daddy Daughter Card Wars"

  • BMO freaks out at the prospect of Card Wars and jumps off a boat in the middle of the ocean. He somehow survives and reappears at the end of the episode.
  • The flashback of Jake throwing a temper tantrum over losing at Card Wars ends with Grand Prix and Monkier just staring at him in confusion and concern.
  • Charlie teases Jake over Moniker being his ex, suggesting he has a thing for horses.



  • The Running Gag of various characters going "Yabba dabba dabba" when they get killed or knocked out.
  • There's a random cameo by a grown-up version of Sparkle from "BMO Lost". It's only been a few years in-universe since that episode, so apparently his species matures very rapidly. It also looks like Bubble was right in predicting he'd grow up to be a horse whisperer.
    Sparkle: Sparkle says "what?!"

"Two Swords"

  • The flashback includes a Banana Guard having a long Newhart Phone Call about getting the "huge ambulance" to carry Finn, Jake, and Susan Strong to the hospital.
  • After seeing Jake bust out of the hospital ward to rescue BMO from Grass Finn, Nurse Poundcake casually admits "I've got a crush on Jake."

"Do No Harm"

  • Mr. Fox is oddly nonchalant about his hand getting infected and swelling to grotesque size because of Finn's improper first-aid.
  • The first thing Fern does after naming himself Fern? Thugging Starchie for his futuristic motorbike!
    Starchie: Nooo! Starchie's midlife crisis!


  • "I'm not a square! (shape-shifts into a square) Well, now I am."
  • Jake ends up losing the race when he falls off the last jump, and for good measure he farts after doing it.
  • After he accidentally knocks the swan boat into the Bottomless Pit of Love, Jake complains "Not the swan boat! That's where the puppies came from..."

"High Strangeness"

  • Tree Trunks protests Princess Bubblegum's secret space program by painting the word "FASCIST" on a sign... in blue glitter, written in cursive.
  • Tree Trunks seems unimpressed with the Veritas Bridgade, like one of the Banana Guards claiming he can channel an alien named "Booshy".
    Tree Trunks: Do y'all have any guns?
    Starchy: Nope.
    Tree Trunks: (angrily knocks over the podium) I don't have time for campfire stories!

"Horse and Ball"

  • Finn is incredibly awkward around James Baxter, from trying to make small talk (asking "Got any weekend plans?" in a gruff voice) to feeding the catatonic horse sandwiches and tea.
  • There's something hilariously weird about James Baxter's backstory, from leaving behind the rat race in a city of sentient horses to getting his new name from mispronouncing the words "Games" and "Bookstore".
  • Finn gives a big Rousing Speech to James Baxter while doing a silly half-neighing horse voice.

"Jelly Beans Have Power"

  • Slime Princess can't help but show off her slime-shooting powers.
    Slime Princess: East coast slime! West coast slime! Booty slime!
  • Princess Bubblegum has a weird cosmic conversation with Chatsberry, one of the previous incarnations of the Candy Elemental
  • Princess Bubblegum tries showing off her candy-generating powers by shooting jelly-beans to nudge the sugar bowl over to Slime Princess. It takes an inordinately long time and takes a lot out of Bubblegum.
  • The Monster of the Week is basically a giant cootie catcher. It even asks the candy people for a number, and just as Peppermint Butler wonders what kind of idiot would fall for such an obvious trap the Candy People start calling out numbers.

"Islands: The Invitation"

"Islands: Whipple the Happy Dragon"

  • Whipple rambles for a ridiculously long time about his dull and cliched ideas for stories. BMO accidentally reveals he stowed away because he can't take anymore and wants Whipple to shut up.
  • The scene where Jake hallucinates his parents adrift at sea thanks to some poisonous jellyfish.
    Joshua: Jake-boy! You gotta save your pop from the deadly sea!
    Margaret: I don't care for this cocktail party one bit, Joshua.

"Islands: Mysterious Island"

  • While in a wintery landscape, Finn finds a pile of sacks in an abandoned hut, then seemingly fashions a survival suit out of them... but instead, he follows up with this:
    Finn: Great, now I can look like an idiot while I freeze to death.
  • Finn wonders why Alva and her animal friends are running for shelter, then he turns around and sees how huge the storm has become. After a pause, he Screams Like a Little Girl and runs for shelter after them.
  • When Finn finally reunites with Jake, he's wrestling with a giant crab. In fact, he claims he's been attacked by nineteen crabs in the last thirty seconds.

"Islands: Imaginary Resources"

  • Thanks to Finn and Jake freaking out when they unexpectedly end up in a virtual reality, they both get stuck with the user name "AAAAAH" and ridiculous-looking "newbie" avatars.

"Islands: Min and Marty"

  • Susan is suddenly a lot more eloquent after getting her memories back. "Dang, I missed big words!"

"Islands: Helpers"

  • Minerva doesn't exactly make a good first impression by locking Jake up for being a dangerous mutant, and locking Finn up for standing up to him.
    Jake: I love you, but your mom's a hundred robo-clones.
  • When Minerva discovers that Finn really is her biological son, all the Minerva clones are stunned with shock... including the ones that are in the middle of such important tasks as directing traffic, putting out a fire, or giving a guy a medical exam.
  • Susan finds her old friend Frieda working in a toy store.
    BMO: It's a toy store! Are you gonna buy me a new pony?
    Susan: No... well, maybe.

"Islands: The Light Cloud"

  • While trying to convince the islanders to leave, Jake helps Finn get their attention... by giving him a purple-nurple so that Finn Screams Like a Little Girl.
    Finn: Uh, excuse me? [Jake twists his left nipple] AAAAAAH!

    Season 9 


  • Jake's dream starts with him in a wacky sitcom with his dad Joshua and his brother Jermaine, complete with canned laughter and everyone making forced-laughter poses after every joke. After the sequence ends:
    Jake: Man, that got old quick.
  • During the first part of his dream, Finn is floating through the air, and describes himself as flying "like a chubby bat".
  • Finn Screams Like a Little Girl when he sees Princess Bubblegum's teeth falling out in his dream.
  • Even as the dreams get darker due to the influence of Nightmare Princess, they're still full of amusing imagery, like Jake and Jermaine making jackhammer sounds while trying to dig up their father Joshua, or Margaret randomly showing up while stirring a bowl of worms.

"Elements: Bespoken For"

  • The whole concept for the episode is that Ice King barely explains what's going on because he was more preoccupied with his date with Magic Betty.

"Elements: Winter Light"

  • Ice King freaks out at the sight of Finn wearing a sweater with his own face on it, as if he'd literally grown a second head.
    Jake: WHOA! Hehehehe. Two Finns.
    Ice King: Uh? *gasp* AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! AAAH!! [hyperventilates] Whoa, Whoa-hoo-OOOH, Ah, *gasp* uh, *sniff* hmm. Oh, I get it. The top one's fake.

"Elements: Slime Central"

  • Winners of the slime skate-off get the honor of being absorbed into Slime Princess. The losers get absorbed too... through the "back entrance".

"Elements: Happy Warrior"

  • Lumpy Space Princess awkwardly joins in on Betty's Evil Laugh, then complains about how annoying it is.
  • Finn faces a fearsome fire warrior... who turns out to be a fire version of Tree Trunk's whiny, wimpy ex-husband Wyatt the manatee.
  • Lumpy Space Princess sees Finn fighting Flame Princess, who has now turned into a dragon monster. She remarks that she can still see their relationship working out.

"Elements: Hero Heart"

  • The entirety of the flame army's battle with the altered candy people is just as darkly hilarious as it is dramatic, what with the candy people never breaking out of their happy stupor as the flame people fight them to the death, and Candy Tower!Princess Bubblegum's sweet song.
  • After Candy Tower!Princess Bubblegum turns most of the flame people into candy, she turns her attention towards LSP and gives this exchange:
    Candy Tower PB: Purple clump, you are a sour anomaly.
    LSP: (Mouth half full with sugar) Uhh.., What did'ya call me?
    (Cue Candy Tower PB pummeling LSP with an aimed avalanche of jelly beans)

"Elements: Skyhooks II"


  • At breakfast shortly after the events of the previous episode, Finn awkwardly tries to broach the subject of Jake's new form as delicately as possible. Then BMO, who'd spent the entire time terrified and on the verge of tears, finally cracks.
    Finn: So, how's your toast?
    Jake: Pretty good. Funny, though. I can kinda taste the toast's emotions or somethin'. Getting ground into flour and then made into bread really did a number on its wheat's sense of self.
    BMO: [tries ro cover his hearing apparatus with his hands, shaking and sobbing]
    Finn: That's a pretty... hyper-developed sense of taste you got... there. Hey, you seem kinda different.
    Jake: Nope! Same old Jake.
    Finn: ...You're blue, you got those five eyes, you're way bigger and you keep discovering strange new abilities. I think this might be a situation.
    Jake: Where is this coming from? [grows a pair of bat wings on his back]
    BMO: *gasp*
    Jake: Whoops! Tock-tock. [the wings merge back with his body.] See? Same old Jake.
    Jake: Whoa! [Jake's wings grow back, his eyes become eyestalks and his body grows spikes]
    BMO: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Jake is a crab! Aaah!
  • It's kind of funny how the whole episode is about how Jake spends most of the episode convinced Jermaine has been brainwashed or something just because he's taken up abstract painting.


  • BMO shows up at Marceline's house in a cute little vampire hunter's costume. Marceline points out the thing with the vampires happened months ago.
  • BMO's wildly-distorted version of the "Islands" arc involves a giant cat with two extra pairs of legs on its back and flying powers.
  • Marceline does her version of the "Elements" arc as a puppet show about "Lollipop Girl" and "Rock Star Girl", and how their friendship was tested by an "evil Blue Tranch" who turned everyone into potato-heads.

"Fionna and Cake and Fionna"

  • Finn isn't happy about getting roped into going to one of Ice King's readings of his Fionna and Cake stories, but Jake is into it. "I kinda like being loosely adapted!"


  • A Black Comedy example occurs when Fern suggests that they stop Sweet P from running by severing his tendons.
  • Finn and Fern and calming Sweet P down "librarian style."
  • And yet another darkly humorous example occurs when Fern explains what happens to people who travel in bogs at night.
    Fern: Your body will be preserved for thousands of years. No one will ever find you...
    Sweet P starts crying even louder.
    Finn: Fern!
  • Finn's line as he's preparing to fight The Lich again.
    Finn: Okay, Lich. Get ready to die...again! For, like the fifth time!
  • Sweet P confronting The Lich by falling down and crashing into several pipes before landing next to him. It's how he just smashes right through them in a completely static pose, like someone dropped a statue down the shaft, after a Badass Boast.
  • Finn tries calling Jake while he's chasing The Lich. Since he was apparently sleeping, he left a message.
    Jake's Voicemail: I can’t come to the phone right now. I’m either hanging with Finn, my kids, my G.F., or I'm dead. Bye!
  • And when he does pick up the phone at the end of the episode, he hears this:
    Sweet P: You're just a naughty hand!
    The Lich: Beast, obey me! Obey—No!
    Voice On Phone: End of message. To repeat this message, press 7.
    Jake: Wha....?
"Three Buckets"
  • After Finn escapes from the temple where Fern imprisoned him, he's then shown quickly running up to Fern (shapeshifted into him) and yells "You donked up!" before jumping on him.

    Season 10 
"The Wild Hunt"
  • Princess Bubblegum tells Finn that death is no laughing matter. She then slips on a Banana Peel. The scene quickly becomes Nightmare Fuel when Bonnie realizes it came from a Banana Guard, though.
    PB: Oh, Finn, I'm so sorry, death is no laughing mat-WHOA WHOA, AH! YAH! AYAYAYAH!! *thud*
  • Although Finn hallucinating Fern's face in Grumbo is no laughing matter, Jake's reaction to Finn doing it and the aftermath definitely are.
    Jake: Finn, are you doing the thing?
    Hallucinatited Fern: I'm your friend. I'm you.
    Finn: Jake, maybe... you should slay this guy?
    Jake: Aw, dude, you ARE doing the thing again!

    Jake: Finn! FINN! Stop showing mercy! [Grumbo frees itself] Whoa! [Grumbo knees Finn]
    Finn: UGH!
    [Jake hits a pillar and splatters on the floor]
    Finn Oh no, I DIDDIT!

    Finn: Jake, I'm sorry. I-I couldn't do it!
    Jake: Love you forever, man, but your guilt's hurting the team dynamics.
    Finn: I know. I'm gonna go make it right!
    Jake: Cool! I'm gonna make peace with my aging body.
  • Finn's reaction to Huntress Wizard deflecting a blast of Grumbo's hot fudge towards its face. He thinks he did it himself at first and his eyes go big and shiny.
    Finn OH! How'd I do that?!
  • When Finn and HW go inside Grumbo's cave to slay it and Finn's PTSD strikes again, he tries to dodge one of its blasts but it grazes his groin, leaving a burning hot mark and Finn with a tiny voice.
    Finn: Nnnngh! HWletsgobackandtrytomorrow!
  • When Finn finally manages to slay Grumbo and kisses Huntress Wizard, he keeps seeing Fern's face on top of hers, making him scream his signature scream.
"Always BMO Closing"
  • The mere sight of BMO and Ice King in a Totem Pole Trench.
  • Ice King bumbling his way around because he can't see out of the trenchcoat.
  • BMO and Ice King get lost following a customer because BMO was impressed that Ice King managed not to bump into things while running through the forest.
  • Among the wares BMO and Ice King sell are a ball of lint and a dust bunny. When showing them to Uncle Gumbald, he gets the two mixed up.
  • Ice King wearing the salesman hat over his crown.
  • Finn's reaction to BMO selling his teeth to Gumbald.
    BMO: Just a line of a smooth talk and pipe dreams. Oh, and a set of a human's baby teeth.
    Finn: Where did you even get a set of human baby teeth?
    [horrified realization]
"Son of Rap Bear"
  • Son of Rap Bear's raps are so powerful they dismember his opponents and blows holes on buildings.
  • Flame Princess using flaming farts twice during her act.

"Bonnibel Bubblegum"

  • Bubblegum says the events about her uncle were "like, 800 years ago." The flashback opens with a title that actually reads "Like, 800 years ago."
  • After Bonnibel creates a candy fish, its first words are "I can't breathe air!"
  • The reveal that Chicle, Lolly and Uncle Gumbald became Crunchy, Manfried the Pinata, and Punchy the Punch Bowl, respectively.
  • After watching Chicle eat the poisoned cupcake and suffering its effects, Lolly eats her cupcake anyway, then realizes it was poisoned too.


  • The whole arm wrestling match between Finn and the Green Knight. Well, other than the part when the latter tries to kill him. His friends try to tell him it's not a good idea but he can't listen to them.
    Finn: You've been a good sport, so I'll let you choose the tiebreaker.
    HW: Don't do it!
    PB: Wait, don't do it, Finn!
    Marceline: That's not a good idea!
    Green Knight: Very well. Hmmm... How about a game of some good old-fashioned arm wrestling?
    Finn: Arm wrestling, huh? I see what you did there. My guns are obviously weak as heck from climbing that greasy pole. If only I had some kind of... superhuman robot arm... BAM!!!
    [The Green Knight reshapes his right arm and clutches Finn's hand]
    Both: 321 go!!
    Finn: Hrmm... [The Green Knight starts overpowering his robot arm] GAH?!!
    Green Knight: You can't tell from my face, but I am smiling triumphantly.
    Finn: Nooo! It's... my... BIRTHDAY!!
    Green Knight: I know... [reveals his true face]
    Fern: It's my birthday too.
    Finn: ...Fern?
    [Fern inflates his right arm and quickly overpowers Finn, lifting him upwards and slamming him on the table]
  • The ending, where Finn looks utterly pissed after being defeated by Fern and Uncle Gumbald's gang and declares it his worst b-day ever. Not helped by the Ice King popping out of his birthday cake, dressed as his ex.

Ring of Fire

  • Tree Trunks leaving Randy just as they're about to go on their honeymoon.
    Tree Trunks: [swimming away] It's over, Randy. I'm a wild child.
  • Tree Trunks past life as a pirate, and then a shipping magnate.

Marcy and Hunson

  • Peppermint Butler presents Finn with the Night Sword, which has a compass on the hilt.
  • Jake misinterpreting Marceline's attempt at shushing Finn as "air mattress talk".

The First Investigation

  • Kim Kil Whan wanting Finn and Jake to take down whatever was sighted inside Margaret and Joshua's old home... because it's not paying rent.
  • The broken mirror in Margaret and Joshua's bathroom has a note that reads "You look great".
  • Jake freaking out over seeing his own birth from Joshua's head.
    Jake: I'm no melon baby! I'm a magnificent womb baby!


  • Finn and BMO smiling and waving goodbye to each other immediately after they argued about whether or not Finn's comic caption was funny.
  • Ice King having his penguins burn down Ble headquarters just as Finn contemplates bringing the magazine back. Finn's response especially sells it.
    Finn: No, you're right. Can't be nostalgic!

Jake the Star Child

  • "Can't wait to meet my grandkids, and drain their essence!"
  • Warren Ampersand, who spend years absorbing the stretchy essence of his hundreds of children to keep himself young instantly willing to accept his death by the singularity once looking into it, despite panicking just a few seconds ago.
    Warren Ampersand: I'm going 4-D, baby.

Temple of Mars


  • Jake transforming and having Finn use him as his hat, suggesting they go for the "Cuteness Offensive" when confronting Gumbald.
  • Fern/Green Knight casually complementing Finn's new sword during their fight.
  • Jake transforming into different hats while Gumbald and Aunt Lollie are talking.
  • Ice King and Gunther winding up in Gumbald's Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters.
    Ice King: Uh, I think I might be here by mistake. Wh-what are we doing again?
  • Gunther raising a sword, being completely willing to join Gumbald's cause

Come Along With Me

  • Shermy tries to trip up the Gumball Guardian with a tripwire. When that fails, he cheerfully comments that "I suck at knots".
  • The new King of Ooo is revealed to be little ol' BMO.
  • When the King of Ooo gets tired of Shermy and Beth breaking stuff: "Please have fun at the other side of this door."
  • Gumbald tosses a lemon on the ground (because he couldn't find a banana) and then uses a weapon from his Humongous Mecha "the Cake" to blow it up with excessive force. An expressionless Lemongrab takes out a pen and paper, writes something down, then hands the note to Bubblegum. It simply reads "Unmake me".
  • This exchange between Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald:
    Princess Bubblegum: Uncle Gumbald, I demand that you de-escalate your forces now.
    Gumbald: Listen to yourself. You're a toddler, Bonnibel.
    Princess Bubblegum: (Gasps) SURRENDER OR DIE!
    Gumbald: NO!
  • When Jake ends up dousing himself, Finn, Fern, Bubblegum, and Gumbald with the nightmare potion, Lumpy Space Princess freaks out in an over-the-top manner and assumes they're all dead. The end of the second part of the episode shows they were out for only a few seconds, and after they wake up LSP immediately screams that they're fine, actually.
  • While in the unconscious realm, Finn is fighting Fern.
    Finn: Jake, help me!
    Jake: I'd like to, but I can't lose this job. [he is dressed as a waiter, holding numerous plates and glasses]
    • Later...
      Jake: Everyone gets an Evil Doppelgänger but me.
      Jermaine: I'll be your evil Doppelganger.
      Jake: Jermaine, you're the best! [they hold hands and skip merrily]
  • When Jake has a horrible nightmare about his pups turning into vampires and then being cooked by Lady Rainicorn, what really disturbs him is when Charlie says "Your farts aren't funny, dad."
  • Jake thinking GOLB is a "big baby" who wants to give everyone presents.
  • LSP taking a selfie in front of GOLB.
  • In a flashback to where Simon gives exposition on GOLB, we see him and Betty make sundaes. Betty then passes (read: tosses) a jar of cherries to Simon. Cue the cut to Simon in an Ambulance.
    • Also, during that flashback, Simon is seen absorbed in the idea of harnessing GOLB's energy, while squeezing the chocolate syrup on his ice cream sundae. Betty snaps him out of it when his sundae is filled to the brim with syrup. Simon sees this, reacts with an awkward laugh and an "Oh! Sure!" and still doesn't stop squeezing syrup onto it.
    • At the end of the flashback, Ice King bluntly says “I don't know who that is.”
  • Maja finally wakes from her coma only to explode immediately afterwards.
  • "They'll be talking about this fight for years, and by they I mean BMO and Shelby!"
  • Before the Big Damn Kiss between Bubblegum and Marceline, we are treated to a kiss from... LSP and Lemongrab. It leaves LSP's face severely puckered.
  • The shockwave caused by GOLB merging with Betty interrupting Shelby's Character Catchphrase "mmm, check plea..."
    • It then hits the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, who just arrived because "We heard there was a war!"
  • As Gunther puts on the Ice King's crown, Jake warns everyone that he could turn back into Orgalorg. Instead, Gunther fuses with the crown and becomes an ever goofier Ice King. He also apparently wished for a drum set.


All's Well That Rats Swell

  • BMO plucking Finn's mustache hairs.
    BMO: Forever young.
    • Apparently, on a regular basis.
    Finn: My lip hurts again.
  • BMO's over-the-top anger at finding a rat in the cupboard.
    BMO: Ooh, ooh, I'm so simmering! I'm so-I'm so, ooooh! I'm so mad! A rat in the flour? A rat in the flour? I'm so smoked! I'm a hot block!

Have You Seen The Muffin Mess?

  • After Bubblegum made Grey Goo-like nanites which turned half of her arm and her cabin into muffins, she calls Jake while casually stretching and molding the remaining candy mass in her arm into a new arm.
  • Finn accidentally saves the day when the disease he got in the last mini-sode combines with the nanites somehow. It turns into a giant figure who brings "a message from the microscopic world: we see you when you go number one!" Then it stomps off shouting "Beware!"

    Comic Book Series 
Issue 1
  • When Finn delivers a Big "NO!" Jake says that he doesn't think the Lich can hear them from in the bag.
  • Ice King writing a fan fic titled "Fionna and Cake Meet Finn and Jake" while using Gunther as a table. Then the Lich sucks them up.
    Ice King: Gunther! My fan fiction!! Those are my two personal projects!
  • Finn has a few noteworthy one-liners. "Have you tried NOT sucking for a change, Lich?"

Issue 2

  • Finn absent-mindedly drinks Desert Princess's sand shake, and immediately spits it up.

Issue 3

  • Battle rap!

Issue 4

  • "Well, I GUESS you could say The Lich should've worn a wide-brimmed hat today, because he's spending an awful lot of time... IN THE SUN."

Issue 6

  • PB getting more annoyed by the fact that she had to give a royal speech for over 88,121 times without realizing it than over Jake breaking his promise of not using her time machine.

Issue 7

  • While watching NEPTR try to fix the time machine:
    Jake: DO you ever worry that he'll get tired of following your orders and try to destroy us all?
    Finn: Sometimes.
    Jake: Heh, yeah.

Issue 10

Issue 13

  • Finn and Jake trying their hands at computer hacking, and finding that Hollywood Hacking doesn't really work:
    Marceline: You're not hacking! All you typed was "asdhhadjaj," and then one of you hit caps lock by accident, and then you typed "ASGHK$HANM@$$%$"!
    Jake: Sweet.
    Finn: Have we stripped the firewall's header yet?!

Issue 34

  • Finn discovers the Mnemnoid has been stealing his memories because the Mnemnoid feeds off stories. So what does he do? Go back in time and distract Mnemnoid with Lumpy Space Princess and her endless supply of teen gossip.

  • The final boss of the licensed game, Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!. After defeating the Ice King and reclaiming everyone's garbage, Lumpy Space Princess notices that the garbage includes the handmade ashtray that she gave to Finn for his birthday. She ends up throwing a tantrum and tries to destroy the world.
  • The Comic-Con panel in which the cast read out a radio play written by and starring Ice King. Made better by the fact that Niki Yang, the voice actress of BMO, was not available, so John DiMaggio read BMO's part.
  • In Pirates of the Enchiridion, Peppermint Butler has gone completely insane after being stranded in the Evil Forest for four hours, during which he found company in a small, ball-shaped creature called Watson.
    "Watson": It's Todd, actually...
    Peppermint Butler: Shut up, Watson!