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Although there is plenty of creepy stuff and tragedy on Adventure Time, there is still room for some Sweet Dreams Fuel.

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  • From the original short:
    Princess Bubblegum: Thank you, brave knight!
    Pen (Finn): I'm not a knight. I'm a boy!
    Princess Bubblegum: Well, then, thank you, brave boy. (kisses Pen)
    • From the same short:
    Ice King: You and your magical dog can't harm me!
    Pen: He's not my dog! He's my FRIEND!
  • The end credits music, although not played on CN, is pretty heartwarming.
    • The opening theme gets heartwarming about halfway through.
  • In Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal All Our Garbage?!, not only do you check back in with the Snow Golem and the Fire Pup from "Thank You", but Finn and Jake build the Snow Golem an adorable Cloud Golem girlfriend!
    • At the end of Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW, PB's parents "die", but not before sending their love.
  • Finn slays anything that's evil. That's his deal. Finn has never tried to slay Ice King. Ever.
    • Well, he was unsure on whether they should let Ice King save himself in "Ricardio the Heart Guy", but other than that...
    • After finding out the truth about Ice King he begins calling him by his real name Simon.
  • PB and Marceline's progression from hostile rivals and bitter Exes’ into pretty much best friends is a genuinely sweet moment especially after seeing their breakup in Obidian.
    • "Go With Me" where in their brief encounter, they acted quite hostile,
    • "What Was Missing" has them initially acting just as hostile but Finn managed to make them work together to open the door with a song that starts their reparation of their friendship.
    • "Sky Witch" where the two have an adventure together to track the witch culminating in PB returning Marcy back her prized Hambo.
    • "Varmints" where a dethroned Bonnibel and Marcy have another adventure to track down the Varmint pumpkins, having fun travelling with each other and at the end, PB affectionately sleeps on Marcy's shoulder.
    • "Stakes" have Bonnie helps Marcy cure her of the vampire curse and seemingly affectionately holds each other like they are the best of friends (PB even declares the vampire as one).
  • Over the reincarnations of Finn and Jake we see their relationship evolving:
    • Nina is a loyal, loving pet to Gunter, but Gunter treats her like his master treats him, giving her attention when he feels like it, and forgetting about her when he doesn't.
    • Shoko and her pet tiger get along very well, but are separated by an inability to communicate, and the tiger doesn't recognize her after she changes, fleeing from her new form.
    • Finn and Jake, for the first time we're aware of, are equals rather than one being the pet of the other. They can speak to each other, and even when conflicts arise between them, they can work them out. When Jake's form changes, Finn accepts the new change (a choice (deliberately?) highlighted by BMO's inability to do so), and stays by his side.
    • We don't see a whole lot of Shermy and Beth, but they seem to grok each other better than even Finn and Jake.
  • The Grand Finale removes any doubt about Marcy and Bonnie's relationship, as after PB is revealed to be okay after a GOLB monster attack, she and Marcy finally have The Big Damn Kiss, showing them to be a Official Couple. Not counting the positive LGBTQ+ representation, the series has shown the evolution of their relationship from friends who parted ways unfavorably to one of the most deep and well written depictions of Relationship Upgrade out there.
  • Finn and Princess Bubblegum trying to help Lemongrab plant his lemon tree in the bonus episode Diamonds and Lemons. While the episode's non-canon, it's still sweet to see him get along with the two, considering how hostile their relationship once was. PB even refers to him as "buddy".

    Season 1 

"Slumber Party Panic"

"Trouble In Lumpy Space"

  • Lumpy Space Princess and her spoiled friends in Lumpy Space try to help Finn and Jake get an antidote to the Lumps. When LSP is rude to the guys who use the antidote to look smooth, Finn yells that the whole incident is her fault. Her response heartwarming and a little sad:
    LSP: I was just trying to help, but whatever. [sniff] No. No, NOT whatever! I know I mess things up sometimes, but I'm really trying! And you're supposed to be my friend! [crying] Not like the fake ones I have here! So do what you want! I'm going to Promcoming! [floats away in a huff]

"Prisoners Of Love"

  • When the Ice King delivers Finn and Jake to his dungeon, you can see Ghost Princess and Wildberry Princess holding each other for comfort. Followed by Wildberry Princess asking Finn if he's alright after he gets unfrozen.
  • A frozen Jake telling Finn not to worry about him and to take care of the princesses foremost. Finn then rather sweetly goes to Slime Princess and Lumpy Space Princess and asks them how they're doing after weeks of imprisonment.

"Tree Trunks"

"The Enchiridion!"

  • The end of "Enchiridion". It's adorable and awesome and exactly what Finn deserves.
    • Keeper's pajamas.
    • Finn saving Princess Bubblegum—the archetypal, classic portrayal of Finn's heroism and love for the princess.
    • Returning the Ogre's dollar.

"The Jiggler"

  • The entire plot about Finn helping the sick baby Jiggler find its mom.

"Ricardio The Heart Guy"

"Business Time"

"My Two Favourite People"

  • Lady Rainicorn making an effort to spend time with Finn and get to know him.

"Memories Of Boom Boom Mountain"

  • The flashback where Jake's parents find crying baby Finn and Martha kisses him to make him feel better.



"The Witch's Garden"

"What Is Life?"

"Ocean Of Fear"

"When Wedding Bells Thaw"


  • This little bit:
    Finn: At least if I die, I'll have died with my best friend.
    Jake: Me, too.

"The Duke"

  • In spite of being ridiculously, terrifyingly enraged at having her skin turned green and having most of her hair fall out, Princess Bubblegum immediately forgives Finn after he apologizes for throwing the potion that did it.

"Freak City"


  • The last line of the episode. Donny's still a jerk, but he's happy, at least:
    Donny: Hey, I love being a jerk! Thanks, Finn. Finn? *Sees Finn & Jake leaving* Finn, you loser. I'll... never forget you.


  • By the end of "Henchman", Finn and Marceline have become friends. It's actually kind of sweet.

"Rainy Day Daydream"

  • The last line. "Good dog."

"What Have You Done?"

Jake: Finn, if I came across your lifeless body, I'd clasp you dramatically for a kajillion years.

"His Hero"

"Gut Grinder"

  • This bit:
    Finn: Look, Jake. You've been my best friend for as long as I can remember. That's enough evidence to prove to me that you're not a monster.

    Season 2 

"It Came From The Nightosphere"

"The Eyes"

  • Finn, Jake, and the Ice King all curled up next to each other sleeping at the end. Incredibly creepy in several ways if you think about the reasons the Ice King is there in the first place, but still cute nevertheless.

"Loyalty To The King"

"Blood Under The Skin"


  • In the ending:
    Jake: Once upon a time... [sees Finn sleeping] ...the end.
    • Blankie, rubbies...

"Slow Love"

"Power Animal"

"Crystals Have Power"

"Apple Pieeee~ In the oveeeen~ Tell me you can taste the loviiinnnn'~!"
  • After Finn kicks the Crystal Gem Apple out of Tree Trunks' stomach, freeing her from its influence. With the promise of apple pie upon their return home, the trio exit the crystal dimension via a conveniently-placed portal, holding hands all the way through.

"The Other Tarts"

"To Cut A Woman's Hair"

"The Chamber Of Frozen Blades"

"Her Parents"

"The Pods"

"The Silent King"

"The Real You"

  • Princess Bubblegum claiming that Finn has won her heart and kissing him at the end.
    • Even her sentence, "I need the real you."

"Guardians Of Sunshine"

"Death in Bloom"

"Susan Strong"

  • The end when Jake says that we're all wild animals in response to Finn's question if Susan was a wild animal or human. Finn's response really makes it though.
    "Yeah, I guess we are. Brother."
    • Finn's song about Susan definitely qualifies.
    • The whole "Susan Strong" episode. Finn was so INCREDIBLY happy to be with Susan, his eyes constantly glimmering when Susan learned something new and just was there for him. Of course, until the ending when everything was crushed.
    • Also notice Jake's expression just after Princess Bubblegum asked Finn if he has stories about his relatives. He instinctively knows how Finn will react and prepares to comfort him.
    • The scene at the campfire. Susan is so happy about her new life with Finn and Jake on the surface that her eyes grow wide, and she starts to sing. It's the overjoyed expression on Finn's face.

"Mystery Train"

  • We see how stricken with grief, anger, and vengeance Finn would be if Jake ever really died, which only further exemplifies their closeness. Of course it was all a prank set up by Jake, but still.

"Go With Me"

  • When Marceline kissed Finn for the second time.
    Marceline: I, for one, think you're pretty great.

"Belly Of The Beast"

"The Limit"


  • The end, BMO can't stand to see Finn and Jake fighting, so instead of editing their tapes into an action adventure or a romantic comedy, he just puts together the scenes where Finn and Jake are helping each other out and just being friends. He also sings a song that is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel.

"Heat Signature"

  • During the ghosts' chanting, the message they recite is actually a backmasked message from the crew, which, when played backwards, says "Farewell, Pat.note  Good luck in New York. Come back soon!"

"Mortal Folly"

  • "The ultimate weapon against evil... The power of ll-lll-l-liking someone a lot!"
    • It's rather heartwarming when the Ice King releases Princess Bubblegum in the end, even if his absolute ineptitude causes her near death immediately afterwards.

"Mortal Recoil"

  • After all of the sheer horror the episode offers, the end: Finn, Jake and the Ice King defeat a Lich-possessed, One-Winged Angel Princess Bubblegum. The people cheer with Finn even congratulating Ice King for his help. After the imblanced princess falls and shatters, the doctors are able to put her back together, but as a thirteen-year-old girl. Finn notices that they are the same age now, and she just says, "GIVE ME A HUG, HERO!" And they hug!

    Season 3 

"Conquest Of Cuteness"

Jake: You sound just like Mom sometimes.
Finn: Yeah... Good ol' Mom.
Jake: She always knew just what to say.
Finn: Yeah... Goodnight, brother.
Jake: Goodnight...
  • Additionally, from the storyboard:
    Finn: I miss her.

"Morituri Te Salutamus"

  • The ending, when the gladiators are freed, and they can finally stop fighting their friends and lovers. We last see them ascending into the sky, finally able to rest in peace.

"Memory Of A Memory"

  • Finn using his memories to show Marceline the memory Ash tricked him into stealing and saving her from him in "Memory Of A Memory". Heck, Jake willingly entering Marceline's memory to help her, despite him previously being terrified of her, probably counts.


  • Throughout the episode, Ice King has been going out of his way, in spite of the possibility of further punishment, to protect Finn and Jake from Scorcher, a hitman that he hired to "hit" them. At first, one could chalk this up to him feeling a sense of The Only One Allowed to Defeat You towards Finn & Jake, but then he makes it clear that he never wanted them to be killed in the first place, and only wanted to mess with them. This really cements how the Ice King sees Finn & Jake as more than just enemies.

"Too Young"

  • The title card.
    • And the episode itself. It's all just one big heartwarming moment.
    • The biggest one being that Princess Bubblegum could've reverted herself to 18 at any time, but was staying young because she loved getting to actually have fun with Finn.
    • Also, all of the candy people donating pieces of themselves so that Princess Bubblegum has enough candy mass to turn 18 again.
    • Which is immediately topped by the "love hug", the heat from which was required to turn PB back to normal. It symbolized that Finn and PB experienced true love together at that moment. Also, they kissed.
      Princess Bubblegum: I just want to say how much fun I've had hanging out with you.
      Finn: Me too!
      Princess Bubblegum: But... I wish I could stay... like this... with you, but...
      Finn: I... I know, Princess.
    • The one storyboarded scene where the creators decided to throw Lemongrab, Jerkass Woobie / Butt-Monkey extraordinaire, a bone, that was cut to save time. After basically getting assaulted in the Candy Castle hallway, he cries and coughs on the floor for a little bit. Then, he tearfully unpockets a rice cake and starts to eat it, and it's the only time we see him genuinely happy. "Jealous of my rice cake, little ghost pranksters?" Considering how sucky his whole life has been, this one little scene is heartwarming.
      • That Lemongrab returned in season 4. Just the fact that they actually liked him enough for him to come back is kind of sweet, considering that he's hated by pretty much everyone in-universe.
      • The fact that Lemongrab is an Ensemble Dark Horse and a HUGELY Unpopular Popular Character, and has such a loving fanbase. The creators of the show frequently get messages from fans saying how much they love Lemongrab, and how the episode was too harsh on him. The Spanish dub has LG muttering "No one wants me. Everyone hates me" at the end. How wrong he is...
      • This little quip from the show's leading character designer. In a second instance, upon being asked which characters he related to, he said Lemongrab- although with embarrassment. In another instance, Andy Ristaino said "Don't be mean" to a fan who jokingly accused Lemongrab of not having a soul.
      • In the words of storyboard supervisor Adam Muto: "I think it's sweet that so many people are worried for Lemongrab's well being. Whatever happened to Lemongrab. We need to talk about Lemongrab. Lemongrab's delicate condition."

"The Monster"

  • "Come home. We lumpin' love you." —Mom & Dad.


  • Although the method is WAY extreme, it's still kind of touching that the Ice King would go to such lengths just so he could bond with Finn & Jake. The guy may be crazy and socially inept, but he sure is trying.
    • The fact that he actually knew by heart some of Finn & Jake's random quirks and habits, even when they didn't actually know a thing about him.

"Wizard Battle"

  • Finn's fourth kiss from Princess Bubblegum.

"Fionna And Cake"

  • Gumball's song for Fionna while they're riding Monochromicon into the twilight. Even though it was the Ice Queen in disguise, it's still pretty sweet.
    • The moral of that episode. You are who you are, and don't need to be noticed. When and if the right someone comes along, you'll know. When Adventure Time pulls an actual aesop, they do it well.

"What Was Missing"

"Apple Thief"

  • When Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks escape from the gang fight, and Jake actually brings the Pig along with them. At that time, the Pig was a random one-off character and the plot would've been forgiven for not bringing him up again, but the fact they decided to show kindness to him anyway was pretty sweet.

"The Creeps"

"From Bad To Worse"


  • The ending. Susan's been human all along. Maybe.

"No One Can Hear You"

"Jake vs. Me-Mow"

"Thank You"

  • There are plenty of Heartwarming Moments in this Thanksgiving special. The episode takes an overall Lighter and Softer tone in comparison to the rest of the series and it's one of the few episodes to have a SOLID Aesop; that being to put aside conflict and enjoy the company you have, regardless of what they have done (highlighted in the relationships of Snow Golem/Fire Wolf and Finn/Ice King). Finn kissing the Ice King in a good will gesture shouldn't be viewed as weird, but caring. They've been at each others throats the entire episode so it is natural that any gesture means something.

The New Frontier

  • Finn's refusal to let Jake die just because of a Croak Dream... and the fact that Jake finally stops trying to die when he realizes that Finn is going to drown as well.
    • When Jake sees Finn underwater with him:
      Jake: You can't stop me, Finn!
      Finn: No, it's okay! I'm here to stay by your side. *hugs him tightly*

"Holly Jolly Secrets"

  • Right at the end, Finn and Jake create the Ooo version of Christmas because they had one fleeting moment of empathy for the Ice King.
    • The shot at the end of the episode. Finn, Jake, The Ice King, and PB wearing cozy, ugly Christmas sweaters, drinking hot cocoa, and GENUINELY GETTING ALONG. That's right. Finn and Jake used to fight the Ice King all the time, and the Ice King used to harass the princess constantly, but here they are... getting along, and enjoying themselves.
    • Think about it; a twice-orphaned teen and his young-adult brother pushed into the role of guardian make room for an old man suffering from dementia who would otherwise spend the holiday alone with his pets. Awwww.
    • Not only that, by the end of the episode A LOT of people are watching the tapes, this means that everyone will know Simon/Ice King sad past and take care of him.

"Marceline's Closet"

  • Despite Finn and Jake having spied on Marceline (accidentally) for the entire episode, and seeing plenty of moments where she was rather vulnerable (emotionally and physically), she immediately forgives them when they apologize and says it isn't a big deal. Especially for a character who doesn't like to admit her feelings to others or allow them to see her emotional, this is rather heartwarming.

"Paper Pete"

  • Jake is willing to read an entire encyclopedia about the culture of Rainicorns so he can help teach his and Lady's future kids all about it. Granted, he gives up and says he'll just fake it at the end of the episode, but it's still a sweet notion.

"Another Way"

"Ghost Princess"

  • Finn and Jake are tasked with discovering Ghost Princess's the cause of her death so that she can pass on, and as they do so, Ghost Princess slowly begins to socialize with and fall for another ghost by the name of Clarence. Towards the end of the episode, Finn and Jake begin to piece together two pieces of a dagger they found during their investigation, only to discover that Clarence was, in fact, Ghost Princess's killer. The show then cuts to a flashback of Ghost Princess while she lived (who is referred to as Warrior Princess during the past), and it is revealed that Clarence and her had been lovers during their past lives, but were pitted against each other during a battle in an unnamed war. Clarence stabs her, and she dies in his arms. The show then cuts back to Ghost Princess, who says that she forgives Clarence, and as she begins to pass on, she reaches out to Clarence to take him with her. Unfortunately, her hands phase through Clarence, and they find that he cannot pass on yet until they discover the cause of his death as well. Luckily, Jake manages to catch on at the very last minute and reminds him, triggering another flashback which causes Clarence to remember that he died a somewhat miserable, undignified death (that's Played for Laughs, oddly enough), and, having come to terms with it, he embraces and then kisses Ghost Princess, and they rise into the heavens together, saying their thanks to Finn and Jake before leaving.

"Dad's Dungeon"

  • Joshua's final message for Finn.
    Joshua: Finn! If you're seeing this pre-recorded holo-message, it's because you finished the dungeon that I made for you. I'm proud of you. You're gonna do great things in this world. I love you, son.
    • The last fight in Dad's Dungeon, too. Complete with Jake beatboxing and using Joshua's message for added vocals.
    • Jake's vision of Lady Rainicorn that convinces him to tell Finn the truth.


  • After having his advances rejected by Princess Bubblegum yet again, Finn becomes depressed, and spends most of the episode weeping in the tree house while Jake goes out of his way to find Finn a new love interest. While his dedication alone is pretty heartwarming, the crowning moment comes at the end, where, after trying (and succeeding) to court the Flame Princess for Finn, Jake discovers that she is highly destructive and quite dangerous and runs back home to apologize to Finn and warn him of the coming danger. Finn, however, is still inconsolable, and lays down on the floor, up until Flame Princess breaks into his house and burns his pictures of Princess Bubblegum. After a quick fight, Finn sees her in her true, more humanoid form, and admits he likes her, causing her to blush and then quickly retreat. The line at the end of the episode is what makes it so sweet.
    Finn: Dude, I think I have a crush.
    • After Jake tells BMO to look after Finn, BMO says: "If anyone tries to hurt Finn... I will kill them!" For a thing that claims to be incapable of real emotion, the little fella sure seems to get emotionally invested in Finn's plight.

    Season 4 

"Hot To The Touch"

  • The fact that NEPTR is still so loyal to Finn even after being gone for so long.
  • There's one point where Finn is describing to Flame Princess his love for her. She even smiles and glows a bit. In addition, Finn is bouncing up and down laughing, like this could be it. He might actually find a girl to love him.
    "I like you. I just wanna hug you, and... sit on the couch and play BMO with you."

"Five Short Graybles"

"Web Weirdos"

  • Finn scratching Jake's fur with Jake napping on his knees. At least until he hurts him with his incredibly long nails.

"Dream Of Love"

"Return To The Nightosphere"

  • Jake comforting Finn who has lost hope from standing several days in queque to Lord of Evil. Jake felt like a real parental figure in this scene.

"Daddy's Little Monster"

  • Finn tossing Marceline and Jake into the human world after putting on the amulet. Jake even shields Marceline against a nearly brainwashed Finn. Considering the fear and resentment they felt for each other in their first meeting, it really shows how far they have come as friends.
    • And the final scene between Marceline and her dad, with him assuring that he loves her for her, and not for what she could do with the Nightosphere.

"In Your Footsteps"

  • Finn's Be Yourself speech to the bear, along with the adorable hug that follows. Unfortunately, it's all immediately subverted within a few seconds, but it was still cute.

"Hug Wolf"

  • When Finn develops a fever, Jake is visibly concerned about him, and tells him to go to bed. Seeing Jake keeping an eye on his buddy when he isn't doing well is rather sweet, and how Jake made sure Finn got into bed and had his rest. It was pretty quick, but it shows how close the two are, and how they really are family.

"Princess Monster Wife"

  • We finally get to see how the Ice King really WOULD treat his princess- he would love her unconditionally and be an absolute sweetheart, and comfort her whenever she is upset. There's no doubt about it- the Ice King really IS a good guy, underneath all that stupid.
    • PMW is suffering from terrible self esteem issues. What does the Ice King do to help her feel better? He makes her a dress, sets up an ice runway, and has his penguins applaud for her as she struts her stuff.
      • PMW de-attaches herself, giving every princess her body part back.


  • "Happy Birthday, Stormo."
    • Bubblegum revealing that Stormo's a good guy because she used Finn's heroic DNA for him is adorable and awesome. It proves what a hero Finn himself is, as essentially it's saying that he would also sacrifice himself like Stormo has.

"Beyond This Earthly Realm"

  • Finn calling Ice King by his real name.
    Finn: Where did you go, Simon?
    • The whole episode, perhaps? The Ice King and Finn aren't acting like rivals at all. They're acting like true friends.


  • Finn telling LSP that she’s beautiful on the inside during her focus episode, especially after watching her miserably fail at wooing him.
    • After telling her this, he gives her the most adorable smile ever.
    • The episode established a really sweet, adorable friendship between Turtle Princess and LSP. Turtle Princess is definitely NOT one of LSP's "fake friends," and they genuinely care about each other. LSP gives Turtle Princess dating advice. Later, when LSP finishes her book, Turtle Princess binds the book herself, and draws a picture of LSP on the cover with the words "I Wrote a Book," and puts it on one of the shelves of her library.
    • Turtle Princess asks LSP if she should ask out that vulture, because she thinks the vulture is cute. Later, Turtle Princess is seen hanging out with that vulture.

"Princess Cookie"

  • Princess Bubblegum reading to the candy orphans and making them incredibly happy.
    • Jake visiting Baby-Snaps in the mental hospital, and giving him a hug.
    • Cookie, who has been put in a mental institution for taking hostages and trying to usurp the throne (because it was his childhood dream to be a princess), receives a flower crown in the mail... and all of the patients in the institution smile and bow down to their new, benevolent, overjoyed princess.
    • The fact that a few fans had been complaining about the show's treatment of the mentally ill... and in the episode, it was shown that the Candy Kingdom is home to a very nice mental hospital, which appears to be new. The Tart Toter is there, and he's doing okay. It isn't a Bedlam House, either. It's a nice, clean building, pretty cozy on the inside. The patients hang out, watch TV, and play chess- and seem fairly content.
  • "You remind me of a mailman I know."

"Card Wars"

  • Finn has to throw the match in order to placate Jake's raging ego. One would expect this to result in a larger problem, but the episode ends with the two of them laughing together as they both drink from the "dweeb" cup. Apparently, letting the whiner be the winner sometimes is the best thing for a friendship. Or something.

"Sons Of Mars"

  • Magic Man and his girlfriend.
    • Abraham Lincoln sacrificing his immortality to bring Jake back from the dead.
    • Grob, Gob, Glob, and Grod do not kill Magic Man because they "don't want to lose a brother." Despite being a complete monster, Magic Man isn't killed because a more benevolent being doesn't want to lose family.
    • A subtle one. When Magic Man brings Finn to his house, he teases the boy by refusing to tell him where the transporter is. After Finn picks up the picture of Margles, he cleans it and puts it down. Magic Man stares at Margles in the picture for several seconds, then tells Finn where the transporter is.

"Burning Low"

  • Jake calling out Princess Bubblegum for not taking Finn's feelings seriously, followed immediately by PB telling him that she isn't actually jealous. The actual reason is far from superficial. Due to Flame Princess's physical instability, she is worried that Flame Princess's romance with Finn may destroy the world and ultimately Finn. After finally listening to PB, Jake immediately gets over his initial anger, then wordlessly smashes a hole in the wall, grabs PB, and both rush out to save Finn and Flame Princess.
    • Finn building a house for Flame Princess. Followed by the two exchanging a hug.
      • Flame Princess did not complain when Finn extinguished the fire in his leg, since it previously was a problem that extinguishing her fire made her feel pain, it shows she also has tried to support the pain too, for the sake of her relationship with Finn.
    • Then later, PB looks upon the now stabilized Flame Princess and Finn sharing a moment. All she intended was to keep the world and Finn safe, and she appears fine with Flame Princess and Finn being together as long as no one got hurt.
    • Also, the way that Finn and Flame Princess share an indirect kiss.
    • Of course, Finn and Flame Princess kissing in mouth two times with Finn not caring whether he would get burned or not. The second kiss was actually him passing oxygen to Flame Princess, so she can reignite, losing his own reserve of air and passing out in process and getting burned even more by FP's heat.

"King Worm"

"Lady & Peebles

  • Lady Rainicorn admits that she is upset because the last conversation she had with Jake before he disappeared was about bad food. Princess Bubblegum comforts her, saying, "It's okay. Jake knows you love him."
    • Even though she had good reason not to, Bubblegum made a new heart for the Ice King after the situation with Ricardio.
    • The kicker of the episode. Lady Rainicorn revealing what she's wanted to say to Jake: " I am pregnant!", and Jake's response: "I'm puppies?!"

"You Made Me!"

  • The episode had two heartwarming aspects that were surprising, considering the fact that most of the episode was very dark and somber. The first was Princess Bubblegum showing concern and sympathy to Lemongrab. (The last time she and Lemongrab were together, they bickered and resented each other.) The second was Princess Bubblegum making Lemongrab another Lemongrab so he didn't have to be alone. Lemongrab is genuinely happy and loved for the first time in his life, and smiles a smile that would melt your heart. The Lemongrabs nuzzle their faces lovingly while making the cutest humming noises imaginable, happily pardon the prisoners, and friendlily invite Princess Bubblegum and the others to "stop by any time." This episode was a big one for Lemongrab, and it had a lot of Pet the Dog moments for Princess Bubblegum to LG.
    Princess Bubblegum: No. He's my responsibility. I have to try to help him.
    • Princess Bubblegum cuddling Crunchy, and showing so much concern for all of her candy citizens.
    • The last shot of the episode- Lemongrab and Lemongrab standing atop Castle Lemongrab before a sunset backdrop, grinning, and happily bidding Princess Bubblegum and the others a fond farewell.
      Lemongrab: Well... okay! STOP BY ANY TIIIME!
      Lemongrab 2: BUT CALL FIRST!
      Lemongrab: YES, GOOD-BYYYE!!!
    • Princess Bubblegum's calm, soothing tone as she says, "But what are you doing? It's creepin me out!" Any trace of anger she had in her voice evaporated quickly, and she spoke with concern for the earl, who actually calmed down for a few seconds and lowered his voice.
      • Their brief conversation in Starchy's bedroom basically confirmed that, occasionally, Princess Bubblegum can get through to Lemongrab by being gentle and coaxing, and he'll actually speak to her calmly and rationally.
    • Lemongrab's sudden, friendship-induced Heel–Face Turn:
      Lemongrab 2: All in favor of pardoning the prisoners?
      Lemongrab: AYE!
      Lemongrab 2: PAAARDONS FOR ALL!
    • The unusually zealous outpouring of love for Lemongrab by his small but loud fanbase has led to the inclusion of Lemongrab in promos and merchandise that otherwise only contains the main characters- notably, the promo poster for the 20th anniversary of Cartoon Network only includes the Adventure Time characters Finn, Jake, and Lemongrab. He's just that loved and appreciated- and Cartoon Network has apparently picked up on that.
    • For the first time, probably in his entire life, Lemongrab smiled with genuine joy. Even more, he laughed, out of pure delight, nothing else. He's just so happy. Seeing Lemongrab, formerly the biggest grump in the show, smile and laugh with sincere happiness...
    • Princes Bubblegum's sympathy and guilt over Lemongrab's disorder. She's so dedicated to helping him, even as he's yelling and threatening her with bodily harm and torture. Also keep in mind that Lemongrab has extremely hard skin, is very unpredictable, and has a weapon. He could very well have killed Princess Bubblegum in his insane rage, but she never stopped helping him. Bravery and compassion on her part, truly admirable.
    • The image of Princess Bubblegum sitting on a bench under a tree next to Lemongrab, talking to him gently the way a teacher would speak to a young child, attempting to show him the ways of the candy people. Such an oddly cute scene, until Lemongrab's freakout.
    • Lemon Pegasus's goofy smile. Such a happy little critter.

"Ignition Point"

  • Finn and Jake go to the Fire Kingdom just to get Flame Princess her scented candles. At the end of the episode, Finn and Jake approach her little fire cottage and see her sleeping. Finn says "Awww," and Jake reaches his arms through the window, lights the candles with Flame Princess's hair, and places the candles on the nightstand.
    • Flame Princess hanging out and having fun with Finn and Jake, really enjoying her freedom and companionship like any other girl her age. Considering that her childhood was spent trapped in a lamp, all of these moments of FP playing with Finn and Jake, and just smiling and having fun, are immensely heartwarming.
      Finn: Okay, so your daughter's evil. We've established that, but do you think if a good guy really liked her, could he, change her to good?
      Flame King: Hmmm, well, there'd be penalties to her experience, if she acted out of alignment. But, yes, someone could change her.
    • Finn will slay anything that's evil. That's his deal, right? Not in this case.
    • YMMV, but Jake's reminiscing about his grandmother:
      Jake: (after smelling Flame Princess' candles) They smell like an old lady's bathroom.
      Finn: Hey! Don't disrespect my lady!
      Jake: I said that as a compliment. Like, it reminds me of grandma. I love my grandma.

"The Hard Easy"

  • Finn kissing the Mega-Frog to restore him to his original form- a buff, handsome prince. Finn is shown having no problem with kissing a dude, because he's "comfortable with himself like that." The prince admires Finn for having the bravery to do that.
    • Prince Huge's transformation, as well. The guy had been a gross frog for Glob-knows-how-long, and was so delightfully happy to be back to his old self! Many "awww"'s went around.
    • Finn and Jake helping the poor Frog People.
    • The image of Finn and Jake sitting in the rain, in the dark, just enjoying each other's company.

"Reign Of Gunters"

  • Ice King showering Gunter with affection after his attempted conquest of the Candy Kingdom. He might not keep his promise to pay more attention to him but it's nice he puts in effort... Assuming it's the same Gunter.

"I Remember You"

  • Simon Petrikov happening upon a crying young Marceline in the ruins of the Mushroom War (during "I Remember You"), and proceeding to hand her the stuffed bear that she would come to treasure for several hundred years afterwards.
    • Marceline's attempts to break through to Simon throughout the episode are also very heartwarming.
    • The song Simon wrote before going insane is heartwarming if not Tear Jerking.
    • The hug between them midway through the episode. It's probably the first hug Simon has gotten in centuries.
    • Let's just say the whole episode.
    • For all of the Tear Jerkers, Fridge Horror, and HarsherInHindsights created by "I Remember You", there's at least one great moment of Fridge Heartwarming. Remember, even the song points out that the crown's magic is what kept Simon alive, meaning it's because of the crown that he even lived long enough to meet Marceline in the first place. At the time, Simon had watched the love of his life leave him, he had just witnessed the end of the world, and he's currently helpless to stop his own sanity from steadily going down the tubes, yet he still goes out of his way to comfort a little girl, give her a parent figure when she needs one the most, and undoubtedly saved her life as well. And he wouldn't have been able to do it without the crown; for all of the misery that thing was putting him through, he was determined to make some good come out of it.
    • Some people seem to think this episode is sad because it's about the Ice King forgetting Marceline. What they seem to overlook is that he hasn't forgotten her—the fact that he's stalked her all over Ooo makes that clear. He's forgotten himself, and by extension he's (at least partially) forgotten how he knows Marceline, but he cares about her enough that his mind has clung onto her even after he's forgotten his own name.
  • Non-Marceline-related example: Gunter apparently says "yes" when The Ice King asks "Gunter, do you even love me?", not realizing it's supposed to be a rhetorical question.

"The Lich"

  • In a deleted scene Billy, being possessed by the Lich, reveals that criminals were sent through the Enchirideon into "The Crystal Citadel" a prison dimension. A Non-Billy possessed Billy sent Finn's biological father into the Citadel (though he was unlawfully accused) where he fights prisoners to this day. Finn says that Joshua, Jake and his brother's biological father, is his dad but figures out that dog people don't have human children. Jake embraces him and says he'll always be his brother and figured he would've found out eventually]].

    Season 5, Part One 

"Finn The Human"

  • It's implied that Farmworld Marceline stayed with Farmworld Simon for hundreds of years, and it's clear that she still considers Simon a very close friend.

"Jake The Dog"

  • Prismo, being a cosmic being of unfathomable power with no reason to help any mortals that come to his realm, goes out of his way to try and help Finn and Jake, encouraging Jake to use his wish to help Finn, and even warning him about the dangers of vague wishes and coaching him on what to wish for.
    • And earlier, Finn briefly overcoming the madness of the crown long enough to send his family to safety.

"Five More Short Graybles"

"Up A Tree"

  • The squirrel getting the opportunity to fly.
    • Jake is way too adorable in this episode, both when he's pretending to be a "normal" dog playing catch with Finn and when he is looking after his heavily-pregnant girlfriend.
    • Lady Rainicorn's baby bump.
    • Finn waving at the snail.
      • Which also means the snail is alive and well. After a full 2 seasons under the Lich, he's FREE!

"All The Little People"

  • Finn apologizes to the little people for his crazed shipping causing all sorts of problems for them. Then he helps them have a dance party. After a little while, he decides to let the C-listers join in on the fun too.
  • YMMV, but Magic Man stifling a laugh at Jake's 'PUMPS AND BUMPS' gag while preparing to drop the bag of titular little people in Finn's pocket is just so sweet, if only because this is after the episode revealing that he used to have someone close to him that he lost and that his horrible behavior has left him friendless and stranded on Ooo for centuries. He may yet crave friends. He just looks so cute when he giggles!

"Jake The Dad"

  • Almost everything in this episode. Special note for Jake insisting Lady keep sleeping, because he was on watch for the night.
    • Jake showing the kids a book he enjoyed as a kid. The book had a book plate with "This book belongs to" in its cover, with a big childish "Jake" scrawled in. Jake adds "'s beautiful puppies" to this.
    • The simple fact that Jake Jr. is quite noticeably deformed, and no one even bats an eye. And when Finn calls her cute, he's being completely sincere.
    • Jake hugging the puppies after finally accepting they can take care of themselves, followed immediately by Lady joining them.
    • Finn confidently declaring that if Joshua and Margaret were present, they would be so proud of him. Jake immediately starts happily sobbing.
    • "Finn, I love my little babies so much! I'm not gonna let ANYTHING happen to them!" Cue Group Hug. Cue Tears of Joy from the entire audience.
    • Finn asks Jake if he's worried about being a good dad, and Jake says no... because he's got his mom's child-raising book to guide him.
      • And then he says he's gonna be the best dad ever... while putting on his dad's hat. Manly Tears were shed.


  • BMO playing Cops & Robbers with Finn to cheer him up. It's absolutely adorable, especially the oversized robber costume BMO wears.
    BMO: Gimme your bank account! Bang bang! Oops! *trips*
    Finn: *laughs*
    BMO: (points at Finn) Reach for the roof, and give me all your gold bricks!
    Finn: (playfully) Okay, okay. Don't hurt me!
    BMO: (takes off mask) Don't worry, Finn. It's only me, BMO!
  • Even though it leads to him developing another personality, seeing Finn (as Davey) being able to walk around the Candy Kingdom and just do stuff without having to worry about anyone recognizing him is pretty sweet.

"Mystery Dungeon"

  • Ice King and Lemongrab hugging in the promo art, feebly trying to comfort/protect each other in what they believe to be their final moments at the hands of a terrifying giant.
    • The Ice King calling NEPTR his son and giving him a tearful hug at the end.
    • A small moment, the Ice King at one point touched Lemomgrab, and Lemongrab DIDN'T freak out, he didn't even react! Lemongrab is getting better guys.
      • He also carried NEPTR up the ladder out of the dungeon, and let Shelby ride on him a few times.
    • Lemongrab apologizing to Tree Trunks. Even though his "correction" was even worse, he sounded... oddly sincere. Plus, this is the first time he's ever apologized for ANYTHING.
      • Tree Trunks accepts his apology, and his "correction". It may be a case of Strange Minds Think Alike, but that's exactly what Lemongrab needs.
    • Though this may be unintentional, Lemongrab looking, for one second, remorseful and sad after he KO'd the giant rat as he's cradling it.
    • Everyone smiling while smelling Tree Trunks's pie. Even freaking LEMONGRAB has a big happy grin on his face.
    • Tree Trunks saving Lemongrab's life after he'd been drained of his bodily fluids. Come on- even though the guy's a douche, you HAVE to admit that you were happy that he was all right!
    • Lemongrab crying "MOMMY!" as the monster is squeezing out his life-juices. It shows that he DOES view Princess Bubblegum as a parent, and DOES hold her in a certain amount of high esteem.
    • In an odd way Finn asking rhetorically, "Is there anything sadder on Ooo than Ice King?" It shows he really does empathize with how crappy Simon's life really is and also how much his views on Ice King have changed since season 1.

"All Your Fault"

  • Lemongrab refers to PB as "mother princess". (This is a bit of a call-back to "Mystery Dungeon," when Lemongrab refers to Princess Bubblegum as "Mommy.")
  • In a strange way, the very thing that caused all the problems in "All Your Fault" is kinda heartwarming. The Lemongrabs were simply doing what they thought their mother wanted them to do, creating life, and found that they found joy in creating life. This only became a problem when they used all of their candy to do this, being obsessed, and all of their other mental problems caused them to do.... UNWISE things.
  • Towards the end of the episode, you can read Lemongrab's thoughts if you pause when PB is erasing the Candy formula. One of them reads "Lemongrab's birthday is only ttwwooo months away and we're excited for him, will he guess his surprise?" Lemongrab, the biggest and loneliest jerk in the show finally has someone that cares for him, and this is probably his first birthday party ever. There's more stuff in there too, and some other heartwarming little thoughts, like him greeting the Lemon children.
    • More of these thoughts include cute things like "Oh what a good boy am I!" There's also one that clearly says "I'm sorry for the outburst, I am an angry little Lemongrab," and one which says "Sorry, pal," which strongly implies that Lemongrab, surprisingly, feels guilty when he's mean to people.
    • According to that screenshot, they affectionately call their children their "little pooters." That is just too adorable.
  • "But first we will inform the children of our departure SO THEY WON'T WORRY ABOUT US WWWHILE WE'RE AWAY!" Cue Finn and Jake looking absolutely TOUCHED by the Lemongrabs's surprising sweetness. However, being insane sociopaths, they do something destructive and threatening instead.
    • Their motives flip-flop between being genuinely caring, and being completely insane. On one hand, yes, they were planning to take over the Candy Kingdom and steal food from everyone. On the OTHER hand, they made it clear that they wanted to "keep making more family," and they only wanted to steal candy from outside of the kingdom so they could feed their family. They just wanted more babies, and food to feed them all. That in itself is freaking ADORABLE, considering that Lemongrab initially appeared to be a violent Child Hater.
  • Also in a weird and funny way, from the end of the episode. Just when you might have thought the episode might lead to some Unfortunate Implications involving Lemongrab's Ambiguous Disorder, this happens.
    Jake: Why don't we just fix their hearts like we did with Lemonjon, so they're more selfless and less selfish?
    Princess Bubblegum: Oh no, their hearts are fine; they're just like this.
    Lemongrabs: "*smile and make happy noises*"
  • The Lemongrabs assuring their little ones that the famine is coming to an end:
    Lemongrab: THE HARD TIMES ARE OVER!!!
  • Plop-Top in general. The little squirt is just so dang cute and precious, from his chubby little face to the little squeaky shriek that he makes! The fact that this precious little bundle of joy was made by the Lemongrabs pretty much proves that there quite a bit of good in those yellow imbeciles.
  • Lemonjon's concern and worry for his family, and his lack of hesitation in helping Finn and Jake find the Lemongrabs. Even before his Heel–Face Turn, it's pretty obvious that he's a very helpful and compassionate guy. Such a gentle soul- and his worried tone as he says this line:
    Lemonjon: They're quite hungry.
  • Lemongrab 2 giving little baby Plop-Top an Affectionate Gesture to the Head. Keep in mind this is a Lemongrab. A Lemongrab by nature, it appears, despises affection and touching. This is just so damn cute and unexpected coming from one of them.
  • At the end, Princess Bubblegum remarks how it's convenient that Castle Lemongrab is closer to the Candy Kingdom, and how she'll be able to "keep an eye on them so they won't get into any more trouble." She's finally taking responsibility for the two doofuses by making sure nothing bad happens to them; compare this to pre-Too Young, where she stuck him in a castle far away to get rid of him, Too Young, where she was fairly harsh on him, and You Made Me, where Lemongrab expresses his distaste for the way PB had handled those situations. Now she's finally "being a mom" and protecting her "kids," and she clearly worries about them. The relationship that Princess Bubblegum has with Lemongrab is perhaps the one that contains greatest amount of positive growth, which is pretty damn commendable on both of their parts.
  • Sort of Fridge Heartwarming, but Lemongrab is significantly calmer in this episode than we've seen him before. This is the first episode where we see him spend an extended amount of time with the other Lemongrab, since his clone's creation. The companionship seems to be doing wonders for him.
  • A "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" example, and relatively minor compared to other examples from this episode. But during the scene in which the Lemongrabs are giving a speech to their children, pay attention to one of the goat-looking Lemon Children in the audience, when their backs are shown to the viewer. His tail is wagging happily. And as the earls continue to explain their plan to obtain food, his little tail wags faster. It's a small detail, but there's just something so inherently cute about that happy little creature's wagging tail. Perhaps the Lemon Children aren't the "tortured abominations" they appear to be...
  • After Seed-Wad is born and Lemongrab greets him, Lemongrab 2 looks at the little, blobby, puke-covered creature and says, in total awe and fascination, "Oooh!" That's just really adorable for some reason.
  • This cute exchange:
    Lemongrab: Our... boys?
    Lemongrab 2: Y-yes. For our... boys!

"Little Dude"

  • The Magi being comforted by memories of his mother.
    • Finn and Jake insisting that the Magi bring back Little Dude, because "it wasn't his fault he was mean."
    • The Magi adopting Little Dude. The whole episode, maybe?

"Bad Little Boy"

  • In the episode, Marshall Lee was impaled by a spear and feigning a fatal injury. When he revealed he was kidding around after Fionna called him out on messing with her head, her eyes are filled with Tears of Joy and she has a huge, relieved smile while she begins beating Marshall Lee up for messing with her.
    • In this episode, Marceline seems to be making an effort to reconnect with Simon, visiting him and hanging out with him for a while, even making up Fionna and Cake stories with him.

"Vault Of Bones"

  • It's just really sweet to see Finn and Flame Princess together and how comfortable they are with one another, especially given Finn's past romantic history.
  • After Flame Princess rescues Finn using his method instead of her destruction method:
    Finn: I thought you were going to burn me alive.
    Flame Princess: No way. I'd never do that to my boyfriend.

"The Great Bird Man"

  • The beyond adorable appearance of those funny-looking, big-nosed birds. Especially how they nuzzle.
  • Finn saying he'll hang out with the lonely mermaids later.
  • The adorable baby birds!!
  • Xergiok helping the injured bird's leg.
  • YMMV, but Xergiok breast-feeding the baby birds was a very tender, sweet moment, and a CMOH for this episode.
  • Xergiok finding a girlfriend. "I'M IN LOVE!!!"
  • Finn and Jake accepting the new, reformed Xergiok.
  • Xergiok apparently donated his freaking KIDNEYS to a hospital. HIS KIDNEYS.

"Simon and Marcy"

  • Just seeing Simon and Marceline's past relationship and him acting as her father figure is enough to give the coldest heart the warm fuzzies. And the main plot was just that Marcy was sick and Simon wanted to give her some soup. The climax has Ice King being forced to wear the crown to protect Marcy from the Nuclear Mutants, while singing the theme song he sang when he played with her to keep his mind under control. And he succeeded... For the most part.
    Simon: You've got to keep it together, Simon... For her...
  • Marcy's answer to Finn when asked why Ice King is with them is very sweet.
    Marcy: Well... he's very... dear to my heart. I love him.
    • The fact that while Simon's prone to quite a bit of random overkill when wearing the crown (freezing the crap out of that poor deer), none of it is directed at Marceline. When she tries to get though to him, he makes her some snow to play in while he's busy with "big people things". Not hugely helpful, but certainly not violent. Indeed, Simon only wears the crown to protect her, and Marcy pleading with him that he's being scary is enough to bring him back to reality, when knocking the crown off his head couldn't. This carries into the present. Witness "I Remember You", where the Ice King is horrified and guilty when he thinks he's hurt Marceline, but cracks jokes when almost killing other characters. Whatever state of mind Simon's in, he won't intentionally hurt Marceline.
    • The story does not end in Simon's final slippage into insanity as the Ice King. It ends on a happy moment: Simon healing Marceline. Marceline states, "And Simon and Marcy lived happily ever after." She leaves out much of the story, but her conclusion is the truth. She is very content with the Ice King's friendship.
    • "We're both gross, darling."
    • Marceline's declaration to Finn and Jake that she loves the Ice King is the most open and honest she's ever been with how she feels about someone. Even after 996 years, she still feels so much of a bond with him that she can openly declare her affection for this old friend.
    • Not only was Simon focused on Marcy's well-being, he also made a constant and often successful effort to keep her spirits up. That's really impressive, given their harsh environment and dire future prospects. Not to mention he did all this while fighting his growing insanity. Simon was an AMAZING foster dad.
    • Little Marceline curled up asleep with Hambo is pure d'aww.
    • Not to mention that Finn, Jake, and Marceline are just hanging out with Ice King and letting him enjoy basketball with them. Considering that at the start of the series Finn and Jake's only interaction with Ice King was punching him in the face and Marceline was running from him and her emotions, that's a pretty heartwarming bit of Character Development.
  • The enormous clump of pink bubblegum, which may or may not be the early genesis of Princess Bubblegum, giving Simon the can of chicken soup and the can opener, and then smiling at him.


  • Oddball as it is, Finn living a happy life in the Pillow World, with a loving family is oddly sweet.
  • He named his children Jay and Bonnie, obviously after Jake and Princess Bubblegum (whose first name is Bonnibel).
  • Also the fact that Jay and Bonnie are willing to go to the ends of the pillow world to find their Dad a way home, even though they will undoubtedly never see him after that, is pretty heart melting.
    • Followed up by Finn deciding his new family is more important.
  • While not exactly "heartwarming," much of this episode was adorable up to the point of giving one a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Examples include Finn's sash that says "Best Pillow" at his party, the "I'll give my compliments to the pillow" line just before the pillow (the chef) smiles and waves to Finn, and the whole pillow world in general, where everyone seems sweet, soft, cuddly and cute.
  • Finn's Pillow Kids playing on the floor. "I'm a DRAGON!" "Well I'm DADDY!"
  • Jay and Bonnie bringing Adult!Finn his lunch, and he happily eats it. "Little pillows!" Also heartwarming as it shows how Finn has adopted the local customs and cultures, which include eating pillows. Eating a pillow would not be a pleasant experience, but Finn has accepted his place in this world, and genuinely enjoys it.
  • Jake playing with BMO as if the little robot was a baby.
  • Finn's pillow children eager about their maternal grandfather visiting.
  • In light of Finn's constant romantic difficulties in the show, it's good to see that he is capable of being part of a stable relationship. Sure, as a teenager he has his fair share of difficulties, but once he matures, he'll be able to have a family.

"BMO Lost"

  • Bubbles' marriage proposal to BMO. It eventually turns a bit creepy, but it's still incredibly sweet.
  • BMO's love for Sparkle. Who knew a robot would have such a parental instinct, to the point of jumping off a bridge to protect a child?

"Princess Potluck"

  • The revelation at the end of the episode that Princess Bubblegum did actually invite Ice King to the party. It's a surprisingly thoughtful gesture that we've never really seen her extend to him before.

"James Baxter the Horse"

  • There is something inherently heartwarming about James Baxter. This majestic, talented, intelligent horse who only wants to travel the world cheering up sad people. D'Awwww...
    • Plus, the episode's plot is the boys trying to follow his example and come up with their own thing to cheer people up with.
    • And we'd be remiss to neglect to mention how James Baxter is named after and voiced by an animator that inspired Pendleton Ward. The fact that animator is depicted as a fellow who travels and inspires joy in people is heartwarming.


  • Almost all of Finn's pre-made signs read things like "You're the man, Jake!" and "I love you, Jake".
  • The message that Finn and Jake leave for a distraught BMO: "BMO, we love you. We aren't talking today because we are playing a game. WE LOVE YOU!"

"The Suitor"

  • Princess Bubblegum saying that she loves Braco like all candy citizens and that she didn't want to see him suffer because of his infatuation with her so she builds him a robot copy. It's a bit of a bittersweet moment however, because it shows just how difficult PB's job really is, talk about Royals Who Actually Do Something.
  • Jake's concern for Finn when he thinks that Princess Bubblegum is dating Braco. It's wordless, but you can see he's worried about Finn being hurt again. Fortunately, Finn handles it pretty well.
    • Finn did seem kinda jealous, though, when he was talking to Jake about Braco outside of the Castle.

"The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita"

  • Ice King fighting the Party God because he was a neglectful boyfriend to the Island Lady, and then throwing him into space... All without the Island Lady even knowing the Ice King did it! It was from the kindness of his heart. Simon's still in there somewhere, isn't he?
  • The Island Lady, who is actually really nice to the Ice King.
  • The Ice king's friendship with the Island Lady in general. He's doesn't act stalkerish or dysfunctional around her; he genuinely has a sweet, loving, platonic relationship with her that's perfectly healthy, not to mention flippin' adorable.
    • It's a rare sight, isn't it? Ice King being nice for no motives other than to help. His fighting of her neglectful boyfriend for no other purpose than to help her was so nice!

"One Last Job"

  • Jake Jr. revealing she organized the entire team reuniting and vault robbery, cause she wanted her former criminal dad to be proud of her.

"Another Five Short Graybles"

  • The scene of the Lemongrabs playing together was rather oddly sweet until they started fighting.
    • In the background you can see the case of little hats for their doll. One of the hats is a little Finn hat. Make of that what you will. But it could indicate that the Lemongrabs admire, or at least respect, the hero.
    • There's just something inherently cute about how delicately Lemongrab 2 takes the bonnet out of the glass case with one finger and then admires it closely.
  • Mr. Fox talking about his home, and the old bugs.
  • Finn and Jake building a (pretend) Time Machine for Jake Jr. She's unimpressed, but you just have to d'awww at Jake's parenting attempts. But what really cements the whole thing comes right at the end, when the two present 'Tomorrow's Newspaper.'
    "Jake Jr. Really cool kid."
    • Jake Jr. says she's happy that Jake is building her time machine "as long as [he's] having fun."

    Season 5, Part Two 
"Jake Suit"
  • Pretty much the entire thing with Flame Princess. To see her with family members to rooting for her boyfriend to win the bet against Jake despite the fact they just did an embarrassing dance at her dinner. This shows she has come a long way from the girl who would change her citizens into Flambos for whispering.
    • Not just in comparison to how she used to be, but in comparison to the standard "main character's love interest" behaviour, too: she doesn't scold him for making a fool out of himself, she doesn't get mad, she doesn't even roll her eyes at the foolishness of the exercise. Instead, she giggles, calls it hardcore, and wishes him luck. Can you say perfect girlfriend for Finn?

"Be More"

  • The whole episode. Jake and Finn's concern for sick BMO, Finn thinking he met another human, Mo's love for BMO, and BMO meeting his family!
  • BMO is shown later on in the episode to have a literal heart of gold.
  • The fact that BMO was created to do all the sweet stuff it has done, like the music video in Video Makers, makes it all the more heartwarming.

"Sky Witch"

  • Marceline finally being reunited with Hambo. It get even sweeter when it's revealed that Bubblegum traded her shirt that Marceline gave her in exchange for Hambo.
    • Not to mention that the reason the Witch took the trade was that the shirt had a much higher sentimental value to Bubblegum than Hambo had to Marceline. Considering that Simon was the one who gave her Hambo, that really says a lot.

"Frost & Fire"

  • What is the first thing Ice King says when Finn enters his room to save him from the fire? "Save Gunter please." note 

"Too Old"

  • Princess Bubblegum and Finn being able to put aside their differences with Lemongrab to attend his dinner.
  • The lemon child/castle guard and his little uniform. He looks like a tiny lemon elf! And the way he's having trouble reading/understanding the passports is really cute.
  • The revelation that Lemongrab 2 is alive! Albeit in bad shape, but he's alive!
  • We see that some of the Lemon Children are actually really cute, even the peeling face one!
    Peeling Face Lemon Child: DINNER TIME!
  • Princess Bubblegum rescuing Lemon Hope, Lemongrab 2 making his final speech, so much...
  • Lemongrab 2 giving his bread to his child, even though he himself was quite literally starving and obviously very ill. He cared more about his child than himself. What a sweetheart.
    • For every bit Lemongrab 1 became worse Lemongrab 2 became better. It's easy to overlook due to Lemongrab 1's actions in the episode, but Lemongrab 2 was really a great person.
  • Lemon Hope's song. And Lemon Hope in general, too?
  • All of the Lemon Children helping Lemon Hope escape the Lemon Kingdom, openly defying their own King/Father.
  • It's difficult to hear, but when the lemon children are pummeling Finn, you can actually hear them repeatedly apologizing. They don't want to hurt Finn, but Lemongrab is torturing them so badly that they have no other choice to avoid being electrocuted again.
    • After that, the lemon children can be heard chanting "Hope" repeatedly as they hoist up Lemonhope... 'sniffle...'
  • Lemon Hope's story is rather heartwarming for any viewers who were abused as children. Despite his horrible situation, he remained hopeful, friendly, and kindhearted. There is something to be said about that.

"Earth and Water"

  • Baby Flame Princess. Extra mention to how she runs up to PB (leaving behind a tiny trail of fire!) and PB picks her up and brings her home.
  • Flame Princess' Odd Friendship with Cinnamon Bun. Despite being the last two characters anyone would expect to have any sort of interaction, the two end up becoming close friends.
    • "We're Friends"
    • The fact that she made sure he got a dog once they overthrew the fire kingdom, as well as giving him his own title, not to mention his own intent to stay despite Princess Bubblegum telling him to come home.
  • Flame Princess forgiving Finn for his actions in "Frost and Fire". While they don't get back together, they're still friends.

"Time Sandwich"

  • The fact that Finn, BMO, Bubblegum, and Marceline were all wanting to help Jake get his sandwich back. Also, it's Bubblegum who calls Marceline to come help, and they get along just fine throughout the whole episode. Compare that to "Go With Me," the first episode we see the girls interact, and it's clear that they've come a long way.
  • Jake's imaginary interaction with Mr. Cupcake, in which he thinks about how Mr. Cupcake would respond if Jake died. It turns out that, despite his jealousy and fear that Mr. Cupcake could win over Lady Rainicorn if given that chance, he actually respects him a lot, and would even trust him to look after Lady if Jake was gone.
    • His imaginary Mr Cupcake responds indignantly to Jake's suggestion that he would ever try anything on with Lady, suggesting that even Jake knows deep down his imagined scenario of Mr Cupcake Comforting the Widow would never happen in reality.

The Vault

  • Princess Bubblegum and Shoko's friendship is pretty heartfelt and genuine, which only makes it worse when Shoko is forced to steal the amulet to try and keep from dying.
  • Finn managing to return the amulet after all those years, apparently allowing Shoko's spirit to rest.
  • Shoko's tiger waiting the whole night by the river. Especially since Word of God confirmed that she was a past of life of Jake, just like Shoko was a past life of Finn; apparently they're usually reincarnated together.

Love Games

  • The fact that, in the beginning of the episode, it's shown that Finn and Jake are still letting Ice King live there. They don't let him play along with their radio game, but it's still cute.

Dungeon Train

  • The fact that, in the crystal ball's vision of the future, Jake stayed by Finn's side the whole time despite wanting to leave the train.
  • The hairy gorilla wizard thing letting Jake sleep on it was pretty heartwarming too.
  • Jake's happiness at seeing Finn run around and just have fun fighting monsters.
    Jake: Welcome back, buddy.

Box Prince

We Fixed A Truck

  • Banana Man bonding with Finn, Jake, and BMO over fixing an old truck.

Play Date

  • The bond Ice King and Abracadaniel form, even though it ends up getting Jake captured by Kee-oth.
  • Finn still feels guilty for causing Flame Princess to destroy the Ice Kingdom, and throughout the whole episode he's super nice to him.

The Pit

  • The hug that Jake, Finn, and Lady Rainicorn share at the end of the episode. Plus Finn and Lady hanging out and working together to save Jake is very cute.
    • The fact that he's made her at least two sex tapes, which she requested. It's hilarious and awkward, sure, but it also reinforces how playful and loving their intimate life is.


  • PB makes sure that James, and not Finn, sacrifices himself to save his crew, explaining to Finn…
    Princess Bubblegum: He's candy… but you're not! I can't clone another you.
  • James giving Jake his lucky coin in an attempt to comfort him.

Root Beer Guy

  • Root Beer Guy's restored marriage and escape from his dead-end job are a heartwarming sight for working stiffs everywhere.

Apple Wedding

  • How the little piglets seem to adore Jake.
  • Princess Bubblegum getting moved to tears after seeing Tree Trunks' and Mr. Pig's official wedding and allowing them to be released from prison even after she put them there.


  • For the first part of the episode, Rattleballs has a bad cough and seems sick. Finn asks if he's all right, and Rattleballs explains that he has a gumball lodged in "a weird spot," which is causing him to cough. Finn uses the grass sword to dislodge it, and Rattleballs is totally fine afterwards.
  • Princess Bubblegum making Rattleballs a knight.
  • The reveal that Rattleballs didn't kill the banana guards, but instead just bruised them.

Red Throne

  • Cinnamon Bun has become Flame Princess's loyal knight and champion. He also confesses his love for her and she reciprocates. Too bad for Finn, but he seems accepting of Cinnamon Bun's feelings.


  • Marceline finally reuniting with Simon after all these years and sacrificing Hambo to help Simon get in touch with Betty in the past.
    • How Marceline literally collapses from emotion when she realizes Simon is back.
    • Even moreso is how unquestioningly Marceline is to sacrifice her most treasured childhood relic Hambo to help Simon. Considering how devastated she was to lose it and the lengths she went to retrieve it episodes prior, just so Simon can have one last day with his fiance, shows how special he was to her.
    • The fact that Betty never really abandoned Simon at all... she just went to the future to save him with SCIENCE!
    Betty: Simon, I know who I'm leaving you for!
    Simon: Who?
    Betty: (leaps through the portal) You dum-dum! (kisses him)
  • Simon deciding to give Betty a chance to save him. Doesn't sound like much, but not even a minute prior, he refers to being the Ice King as a Fate Worse than Death. He loves her and believes in her enough to give her a chance to save him from being the Ice King despite possibly having to live like that until the end of the world.
    Simon: If I don't let her try, then what am I? What am... us?
  • After Simon becomes Ice King again, it's revealed that Ron James told him how Betty defeated Bella Noche. His excited reaction has a heartwarming (and heartbreaking) level of Dramatic Irony.
    Ice King: Just my luck, right? Black out for a day and meet the woman of your dreams!

Bad Timing

  • Seeing LSP and Johnny growing closer, with Johnny even calling LSP his "GF" (i.e., girlfriend) when a Banana Guard asks him why he's so chipper.
  • It's a Downer Ending, but Bubblegum taking LSP's abuse after she erases her memory of Johnny, and pouring herself a drink.


  • Lemongrab 2 fighting from inside his fat psychotic brother in order to save his children. Papa Wolf indeed!
  • Even after his complete mental breakdown, Peebles still cares about her brain damaged "son" enough to resurrect him and his brother in some way.
  • Princess Bubblegum's song about Lemonhope, as well. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Bubblegum and Finn share some very cute moments to offset the pain in the rest of the episode, with his smiling when she calls him a champion, needling her to sing, and it turning out that she's at least trying to give him an education.
  • The elderly Lemonhope going back home. Though it's heavily implied he dies in his sleep, he does so with a smile on his face.

Billy's Bucket List

  • After Finn wins a rap battle against Rap Bear, the latter cries because he feels he has lost his status as the best rapper. Finn reassures him that he IS the best, and it's such an honor for Finn to be able to go up against him in said rap battle.
  • After Billy reveals where Finn's Father is, the first thing Finn does is mention Joshua, this may seem like seem like it belongs in tearjerker cause it's about Joshua being dead until you think about it for a second, Finn knows he's adopted and yet when Billy mentions his Father the first person that comes to mind is Joshua not the prospect of meeting his biological father but Joshua, this either show how much Finn loved Joshua or just how clueless he is

    Season 6 
Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel
  • Jake and Prismo having a good time at the party.
  • Jake's rage upon Prismo's death.
  • Jake holding Finn's hand as he introduces him to his dad.
  • After discovering that his father is a selfish jerk who abandoned him once again, Finn gets a glimpse at the now Baby-Lich. And he smiles.
    • The fact that Finn and Jake showed absolutely no malice towards the Lich baby, and quickly found him a home.
  • The Grass Sword attempts to help Finn catch his father, by morphing into a supermassive arm strong enough to hold down a drifting asteroid. Although it fails, the Grass Sword's final act is to close the wound it causes when Finn's arm is torn off.
  • Shelby slithering on Finn's lap to comfort him.

James II

  • Finn, Jake, and PB sitting around and enjoying the slapstick nuttery of the Banana Guards and the Jameses. After how heavy a lot of the last season got, and given Finn's complicated feelings towards PB in the past, seeing the three of them just hang out and enjoy one another's company is really sweet.

The Tower

  • Jake not getting mad at Finn for making a mess in the kitchen, and reassuring Finn that he should take his time processing all of the events that have occurred recently. Later, when Finn starts building his tower, Jake once again defends his brother's actions to Princess Bubblegum.
    Jake: TMLO, Princess!
    Bubblegum: What's that mean?
    Jake: "That means lay off." Finn's feeling this one out solo-style. Give the kid a chance.
  • Princess Bubblegum not only rescuing Finn from certain death from the top of the tower, but dressing up as his dad to allow him to work his issues out. She didn't even bother to defend herself when Finn unknowingly attacked her just to give Finn the catharsis of attacking Martin. She took giant psychic fist to the face and would have lost an arm herself if Finn didn't learn his lesson on his own, but held no grudge for any of it. All of that just to make her friend feel better.
  • Jake comforting the clearly traumatized fawn.
    • Note that the fawn has its lips covered with spaghetti sauce which means Jake fed it to comfort it.
  • According to Jake, every princess in the Land of Ooo build and gave Finn a replacement arm.


  • The whole plot. Finn's flower arm is dying, the titular bee has a crush on the flower, so she acts as Finn's wingman to get closer to the flower, winds up getting close to Finn himself emotionally, sacrifices her carefree life with an Emergency Transformation for Finn's sake, and even though he rejects her in the end, she still plays a crucial role in growing Finn's arm back by making him hallucinate her as Bubblegum and pollinate the flower with The Power Of Song and The Power of Love.
    • Finn and LSP's reactions to Finn getting his arm back. They're both so happy!

Food Chain

Little Brother

  • Free from the Rat King's curse, the willow tree blooming for the first time in six seasons.
  • Shelby and Kent singing about how they'll always be there for each other 'cause that's what big/little brothers are supposed to do.


  • The ending. Kim Kil Wan is married, and it seems Jake is a grandfather.
    • Jake and Kim Kil Whan's partially-hidden-under-birdsong parting words at the end.
    Kim Kil Whan: Take care, Dad. I'll call.
    Jake: I'll call.

Thanks for the Crabapples, Guiseppe

  • Abracadaniel and Ice King are still friends, as well as we see all the other misfit magicians, like the Magi of Life-giving, have made friends as well. With Ice king and the other creating rings honoring Guiseppe, by his strange sacrifice.

"Joshua and Margaret Investigations"

  • Despite Jake's... unusual birth, both Joshua and Margaret still see him as their son.
    Margaret: Are you sure having him next to Jermaine is safe? We don't even know what he is.
    Joshua: Of course we do, dear. He's our boy.
    Margaret: That he is.

"Is That You?"

  • When Finn learns about Prismo's time-warping plan to revive himself, he doesn't hesitate to confront his alternate timeline self despite the fact he may perish. He notes that while he and Prismo don't have a strong bond, he still finds him coolsies enough for him to do it.

"Jake the Brick"

  • The story of the bunny, its trials and tribulations, the kindness it receives from other critters, and its final triumph over the elements. It's so enthralling, all of Ooo tunes in to listen to it.

"The Cooler"

  • In the end, Princess Bubblegum takes down her camera network, showing that she does trust Flame Princess (as well as her people) even though the Fire Kingdom owns a Fantastic Nuke.

"The Pajama War"

  • It appears that Finn is over PB romantically and would rather be close friends instead. They have a good time together talking about their feelings and enjoying each others company.

Astral Plane

  • Glob is dead and Martin is coming back to earth, but after a thinky episode when Finn wonders if everything in life is a disappointment, the last two lines is him and Jake deciding to help Bounce House Princess.
  • A minor example, but Finn's previous interactions with Glob Gob Grob Grod were very brief and on one occasion hostile (or at least tense). Here Glob asks Finn for his opinion, and listens to his questions about creativity and life. He even responds to Finn's first question with a little smile:
    Finn: Hey, do you ever say, "Oh, my Glob"?
    Glob: No, but sometimes Gob does.

"Gold Stars"

  • When Sweet P has a nightmare of his past life as the undead Lich and wakes up crying, in come Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks to console their crying toddler.

"The Visitor"

  • Finn bringing the villagers back home with him at the end.

"The Mountain"

  • Life within Lemon Castle thriving in its own weird way was... a relief to see, to put it mildly. Special mention to the one Lemon Guy cooing excitedly over the statue he's working on. It's nice to know that reconstructing Lemongrab with parts from the more empathetic Lemongrab 2 paid off.
  • Lemongrab's desire to undo his greatest regret - fighting over Lemonsweets, breaking his "son" and hurting Lemongrab 2 in the ensuing fight, which pushed him into total madness and evil - outweighing his desire to be accepted by his mother.
  • Lemongrab finally finding peace. Good lord.

"Walnuts and Rain"

  • The second Finn says Huge King kidnapped him, Jake immediately switches to Big Brother Instinct mode.
    Jake: Why, you...!
    Huge King: What are you gonna do about it?! Maybe I'll go ahead and kidnap you t-


  • Jake reassuring an angry Jermaine that their dad loved them both equally, and then calming him down with fart jokes. This helps Jermaine finally admit that the only thing keeping him in his parents' old house guarding all their treasures was himself.
    Jermaine: Aw man...I really built my own cage.
  • In a way, Jermaine allowing his parent's house to burn down. You can tell it's a huge weight off his shoulders.
    Finn: Jermaine, you gonna leave me hanging, bro?
    Jermaine: Let it burn.
    Jake: Huh?!
    Finn: But all dad's stuff!
    Jermaine: (starting to cry) No...I think it's all right.
  • After being freed, Bryce doesn't actually go through with his promise of eating Jermaine after getting his poster back, and the two actually become Vitriolic Best Buds.

"Chips & Ice Cream"

  • The episode's ending, with Chips and Ice Cream flying off to the moon, kissing a bird on the way. It's even better if you read the storyboard, which translates some of their dialogue and reveals that they've always wanted to kiss a real bird.

"Be Sweet"

  • LSP ends up becoming really attached to Sweet Pea.


  • When Ice King sees Gunter with his brain exposed, he calmly pushes it back in with a knitting needle and wraps yarn around Gunter's head as a bandage.

"The Comet"

    Season 7 

Bonnie and Neddy

  • Bonnie's relationship with her brother is full of this; Here we have a brother of the princess whom unlike his sister, is completely sensitive and incredibly afraid of anyone but her. Yet, instead of trying to make him open up to others, she respects his privacy and puts him into a safe place where he can drink the root of the candy tree at his heart's content. When Neddy is scared off because of the King Of Ooo, she comforts Neddy and returns him back into the Candy Kingdom underground.
  • Baby Bonnie and Neddy are both so dang adorable. Especially baby Bonnie.


  • PB and Marcy on an adventure together manages to have some of the most heartwarming moments in the season, as Bonnie ends up showing Marcy how much losing her kingdom has affected her, and not only that but how much running the kingdom caused her distress and ultimate led to her ending her relationship with Marcy, something she fully blames herself for.
  • When Marcy at first thinks it's her teasing Bubblegum about her handwriting that's caused her to be upset, she immediately looks worried and tells Bonnie she didn't mean it.

Cherry Cream Soda

  • After Root Beer Guy comes back from the dead CCS realizes she never actually knew him since they were married the day they were born, but she wants to get to know him.


  • It's worth noting that Finn, Jake, and Marcy all address "Ice King" as "Simon" now.
  • When Jake accidentally bruises Finn’s arms as they roughhouse, he apologizes and kisses the tender spots, making Finn laugh.
  • The flashback/dream of Marceline and her mom, especially because her mom is voiced by Rebecca Sugar, whom many view as Marceline the character's primary creator.
  • Princess Bubblegum's reunion with the banana guards is rather sweet, especially when they go in for a big group hug. And later, when she goes Action Girl against the Vampire King's essence, they stare in wide-eyed wonder and declare, "She's beautiful."
  • The interactions between Simon and Marceline. First during The Empress's attempt to subjugate Simon, Marcy goes off on her, even exclaiming "That's the last time you toy with his heart!" And later, when they're facing the titular Dark Cloud of the final episode, Simon tells Marcy he was feeling left out and that he was just a phone call away. Marcy hugs him gently and tells him she'll definitely include him next time. And while he didn't mean to pull any Reverse Psychology, he still manages to have this effect on Marcy, getting her to come out of her 10-Minute Retirement.
    • Even when he's faithfully serving the Empress, when she asks Simon to kill Marceline, he immediately shuts her down, telling her that "she's my pal".
    • Finn gently leading the Ice King away when Empress cruelly insults him and makes him cry, and promises to get him ice cream.
  • Marcy’s hallucination/dream of Simon and Betty. Despite never having met Betty, Simon obviously talked about his fiancée enough that Marcy automatically associates them.
  • Finn and Bubblegum asking Marceline if she's alright after she becomes a vampire again as well as her assurance that she is.
  • Peppermint Butler is revealed to be a huge fan of the Vampire King. However, when he finally meets him, the poor little guy can't even work up the guts to ask the king for an autograph. Later on, before he has his vampire essence removed, the Vampire King tells PB telepathically to check his autograph book. The look of sheer joy on Peppermint Butler's face when he sees that the king has telepathically autographed his book is priceless.

The More You Moe, The Moe You Know

  • Finn and Jake having a birthday party for BMO.
  • Moe coming down to BMO's birthday party. Even if it really isn't Moe, and was just some scheme by AMO, you can't help but feel that Moe is the sort who would come down to meet BMO for his birthday, especially with just how special BMO is to him, and why he was made.
  • How ecstatic BMO was for Moe to be coming to his birthday party. Even if Moe never made it, BMO sees Moe as family as much as he sees Finn and Jake as such.
  • Moe's final words to BMO in the episode.

Summer Showers

  • Jake's So Proud of You moments with Viola. In particular, Jake using his stretching powers to create another pair of arms for every member of the audience just to give his daughter a bigger round of applause.

Angel Face

  • While BMO sings his robot cowboy song, a hungry fox reaches towards four napping piglets. But BMO throws sandwiches to both the fox and piglets.

President Porpoise is Missing!

  • Ice King and BMO playing pretend together on the beach. The two end up holding hands and taking a nap on the shore.
  • Poor lonely Banana Man finds love with Representative Cybil.
  • In a strangely sweet way, the last line of the episode, said by Jake after he tells Finn how glad he is that he's with him. It seems a reflection of the episode, in which Finn and Jake, Banana Man and the fish girl, and Ice King and BMO find happiness in just doing stuff together.
    Jake: Dying together sucks a little less than dying alone.

Bad Jubies

  • Jake, Finn, BMO and LSP cheer up a dangerous anthromorphized storm cloud by beat boxing nature sounds that Jake was "collecting". It reminds the storm cloud of when he was a baby breeze, and makes him realize he doesn't have to harm others just to make himself feel good.

A King's Ransom

  • Ice King's determination about getting Gunter back from the kidnapper, going so far as to hop across searing hot rocks in a lava river when he can't use his powers; and his remorse he shows about treating Gunter badly.
  • Don't forget the scrapbook of them celebrating Gunter's birthdays. And considering Ice King's mental state at the time, it says a lot.
  • The general plot of the episode, revolving around Finn and Jake helping out Ice King without much complaint at all, is a huge testament to how far they've come as characters. Even Jake, who's less enthusiastic about the ordeal and generally less kind to Ice King, offers him comfort and cheers him on with Finn later in the episode.


  • When Finn can't bring himself to kill his alternate self, Jake says he'll do it. Cue Jake shaking as he points The Maid at the insane but still well-meaning version of his best friend and little brother, and ultimately deciding he can't do it either.
  • This exchange:
    Jake: I love you. Just in case we go out fighting this guy.
    Finn: Huh? Oh. I love you too.
  • At the end of the episode, Finn asks Prismo if he could help Ice Prince Finn because if the crown remains there "he's just going to be messed up". Prismo promptly removes the crown, returns it to a previous time when the bomb detonates, and it is destroyed. Farmworld Finn, no longer under the sway of the crown, is reunited with his family.

Flute Spell

  • Finn and Huntress Wizard reveal that they have had secret feelings for eachother and were playing their flute spells on those feelings, but because she doesn't want to get soft, Huntress Wizard gives him a kiss goodbye saying that "exceptional beasts like us cannot fall in love". Finn accepts this.
  • Jake's song near the beginning has a bunch of these in rapid succession, as he sings about doing the following:
    • Visiting Lady Rainicorn and smooching her, calling her "basically my wife"
    • Repairing NEPTR after he fell from a tree, showing that he forgave him for throwing pies at him
    • Catching up with the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant and saying he's glad it has a friend in Maja, even though it's messed up that she's in a coma
    • Going to the farmer's market with his son T.V. and encouraging to eat healthy on two separate occasions
    • Waking up early so he can make breakfast for BMO and some visiting Villagers
    • And some other stuff...
  • Jake acting as a total Shipper on Deck for Finn and HW. No matter who it's with, he just wants his little brother to be happy.
    Jake: I want you to have a healthy relationship with someone cool!
    Finn: (sincerely) That's so sweet. I love you, man.
  • Finn and Jake finishing the grueling video game that Jake was having trouble with at the beginning together, then collapsing in a happy, exhausted pile.

The Thin Yellow Line

  • Bubblegum acknowledges the mistakes in the past. Instead of punishing, she wants to make amends and encourages the banana guards to embrace each of their special talents. And when one admits he doesn't have one, she tells him that's okay too, immediately perking him up.

Broke His Crown

  • Bubblegum referring to Ice King as Simon after Marcy said she wished she would.
  • Just the premise of Marcy and PB paying a social visit to Simon.
    Marceline: You don't need to bribe us to come over, silly! We want to see you.
    Ice King: No one's ever said that to me before...
  • Marceline gets another reunion with Simon, who has a Papa Wolf moment when he's told about what a jerk her ex-boyfriend Ash was.
    • Simon also takes the time to genuinely apologize to Marcy for not spending more time with her while he could in "Betty." Even with how frantic his life has been inside and out of the crown, he still cares about Marcy enough to fuss over her emotional state.
  • Simon is finally reunited with Betty (in the form of a magical AI avatar derived from her memories). And despite Bubblegum saying she would be deleted after the crown's system stabilized, her data managed to leave enough of a print on the circuitry that she got to stay with Simon in the crown.
  • It's a small one, but Marceline's excitement at seeing Santa Claus. Sometimes she's just a kid.
  • Gunther, the original dinosaur, is revealed to be thriving socially in the crown. He maintains strong friendships with his fellow inhabitants, adores Simon as "the smartest guy I know," and very quickly bonds with Marceline. For how miserable he was in life, its heart-warming to see how much joy he's found in his present circumstances.

Don't Look

  • In this episode, Finn's eyes are cursed so that whatever he sees is changed into what he thinks of the person he looks at:
    • Jake turns into a strapping Big Man on Campus when Finn calls him "the best big brother ever."
    • It's revealed that the way Finn truly sees Ice King, sometimes, is as the original man he was, Simon Petrikov. Which leads to this exchange:
    Jake: That's how you see him? That's beautiful.
    Finn: Yeah. Well. It's kind of hard not to sometimes.
    • BMO is seen to Finn as a green angel with a halo and wings - Finn really loves the little guy.
    Finn: BMO, you're my little angel.
    • Shelby is turned into a textbook, stereotypical nerd. Despite how unflattering this seems, Finn genuinely sees nothing wrong with Shelby.
    • Princess Bubblegum's outfit just switches to a T-shirt, shorts, and a reversed cap. He no longer sees her in a romantic light and just a friend.
    • When he turns NEPTR back into a regular microwave, Finn panics and states that NEPTR is a son to him.
  • Finn feels so guilty about NEPTR that he imagines himself as a monstrous version of his father who thinks of others as tools, and runs out the tree house. Jake finds him and comes up with another interpretation for the Hermit eyes to console him; Finn's just ineloquent at describing how he thinks of others, but it doesn't make him a monster. Nor does it mean that "microwave" is all he thinks of NEPTR.
  • Finn's transformed friends gathering at the treehouse to encourage and compliment him, in order to change Finn back into his regular form.

Beyond the Grotto

  • Finn making amends with the Sea Lard, apologising for calling it gross and giving it a goodnight kiss on the forehead, followed by the Sea Lard's cute little smile as it goes to sleep.

Bun Bun

  • Finn's character development since his and Flame Princess' breakup have allowed him to admit what he did wrong and apologize for his actions. Flame Princess admires his maturation and forgives him, leaving the two on friendly enough terms to hang out together. The Finn/FP ship (Flinn) may have even been refloated, but it's too early to tell.
    • Unfortunately, it's been confirmed by Finn's voice actor Jeremy Shada that Finn and Flame Princess will not be getting back together. However, even though they won't be dating in the show, their relationship still exists in the comics.
  • Even Flame King manages to get one in this episode, realizing that Bun Bun really does like him and deciding to let his daughter continue to rule the Flame Kingdom, choosing to build a new kingdom instead of seeking revenge.

Normal Man

  • This episode shows how much Normal Man regrets his actions as Magic Man, and his attempts to make things right, even managing to reconcile with Glob (who survived his apparent death in the previous season, though he and his siblings are now small planetoids orbiting Earth). In the end, Glob returns Normal Man to Mars so he can have a second chance at being a good ruler.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is seen on a picnic with Lemongrab, who she met via an online dating profile he'd set up. Clearly, since finding inner peace in "The Mountain", he's trying to make the effort to get out and socialize more. Even when his OCD gets the best of him on the date, he attempts to leave it politely as he can.
    Lemongrab: It's stressing me out that there's food on a blanket! I have to go. This was nice!


  • A small one, but when the gang meets Patience St. Pym the Ice Elemental, Ice King briefly tries to impress her by making ice, only to basically just conjure a small Ice Cube. Finn immediately steps in to excuse him as "having used his powers a lot today" (which he has, digging into the ice cavern in the first place). Ice King is still an erratic weirdo, but Finn did actually try to make things less embarrassing for him for a bit there.

The Music Hole

  • Seeing Finn depressed because his Finn Sword is still broken, Jake and Princess Bubblegum try to cheer him up with Plan C: holding a battle of the bands and having Finn be the judge.

Daddy Daughter Card Wars.

  • Charlie’s tarot reading. She sees what lies ahead and, while there are times where she’ll be afraid and times of doubt, she’s still looking forward to what lies ahead ending with her being content and wise. She even celebrates getting her first wrinkles!

    Season 8 


  • Despite the ambiguity of whether Martin really did become a more moral person with Minerva, the montage shows that there was a point where he did show genuine affection for Minerva and an infant Finn.
    • The Reveal of how Finn ultimately made it to Ooo. Some people that Martin conned came after him for revenge while he was with Finn. Martin got the two of them to a raft so he could get a safer part of the island but this activated the Guardian that was designed to keep humans from leaving. They got separated when Martin tried to fight the Guardian to keep Finn safe but the battle sent Finn adrift on the raft. He survived by using a breadstick wand that Martin showed him right before the attack. A moment of fatherly affection from Martin is the reason that Finn was able to make it to Ooo, where Joshua and Margert found him.
  • Finn finally gets to meet his mother. Who is just as warm and caring as you would expect the mother of someone like Finn to be. They can't actually interact because Minerva uploaded her entire being into a computer system to survive a deadly plague and provide assistance to the remaining humans but she doesn't let that stop her from showing affection by having one of her helper-bots hug Finn in her stead.
    • Unfortunately, some of the varnish starts to come off when Minerva wants to send him through the same Brain Uploading process that she went through after seeing how chaotic and dangerous his life is. Finn refuses and swears to lead the humans to freedom beyond the island, which Minerva allows but doesn't actually think he will succeed. When Finn actually starts convincing the humans to leave the island, Minerva decides to perform the Brain Uploading on everyone, leading Finn to offer to go through it himself if she spares everyone else. Before the procedure Finn has Minerva look through the rest of his memories that show him acting as a hero, which causes her to realize that if he can become such a good man in Ooo than it can't be all bad. Her words on realizing this reek of So Proud of You:
    Minerva: Finn... You grew up to be a helper too?
  • The conclusion to the "Islands" miniseries. After eight seasons of protecting people and saving lives, Finn gets the perfect reward: a hug from his mom.
  • After convincing his mother to let him leave the island, he decides to stay there a little longer.
    Finn: I don't have to go just yet. I mean, you're my mom.
  • In "Min and Marty" a statue is seen of Two Bread Tom, one of the humans that Marceline had befriended in the past. It has a plaque that reads Thanks Two Bread Tom for being everyone's cool dad.
    • It's also a heartwarming for Marceline, the humans she rescued helped found the island which means that Finn probably wouldn't even have been born if it wasn't for her.
  • Susan Strong/Kara's old friend, Frieda, finally gets the chance to fulfill her dream of exploring the world. And this time, Susan gets to go with her.s AT has had.


  • The entirety of "Cloudy" is of Finn and Jake bonding as brothers, and giving each other pretend haircuts like when they were kids. Jake does it to calm Finn down, as he's extremely on edge due to the whole "Elements" situation.
  • The Magi of Life-Giving helping Ice King get ready for his date with Betty. It's rather sweet to see that they're still friends.
  • As Finn is falling towards the ice dome, his first thought is "what would Rattleballs do?" It's a rather cute indicator of how much Finn looks up to and admires him.
  • As self-absorbed as Lumpy Space Princess is, she still cares enough about Finn to save his life twice during the "Elements" miniseries. First, when Finn turns into a fire person full of Irrational Hatred, LSP is the one who cures him by giving him candy and sending him to his Happy Place, and then the second time when the corrupted Princess Bubblegum tries to turn Finn into a candy person and LSP was willing to take the blast for him.
  • Related to the above, Finn's Happy Place is being with 13-year-old Bubblegum.
  • When Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Fern, and BMO see Lumpy Space Princess changing all of Ooo back to normal, PB worriedly tells LSP not to strain herself. Also, Fern and BMO are holding hands.
  • At the end of the "Elements" miniseries, Jake has returned to his true form as a big, blue, five-eyed shapeshifting creature after being defused from Slime Princess. Finn, while initially taken aback, still sees him as his brother and hugs him while promising to get him back to normal.
    • The last lines of the miniseries:
    Jake: FINN?!
    Finn: Jake? (runs out of the forest)
    Jake: FIIINN!
    (Finn reaches the top of the hill outside the forest)
    Finn: OH MY GOSH! Come here!
    (Finn hugs a giant potato, thinking he's Jake, but he soon realizes it's not him)
    Finn: What?
    Jake: Over here! (Jake looms over Finn) Hey, buddy.
    Finn: (confused) Jake? Are you okay?
    Jake: Yeah, he he. Y'know, everything looks different after a long trip.
    Finn: (smiles) You and I can fix whatever this is together, whenever.
    Jake: Fix what now?
    Finn: I was really scared when you left. You're my best brother.
    (Jake smiles, Finn and Jake hug)
    Jake: I love you.


  • During BMO's story he mentions meeting a blue jay that happens to be voiced by JG Quintel. Considering that show has ended and this one will soon it can be seen as saying "Your story is over but you will not be forgotten. You will be remembered. And so will we."
  • It turns out that the flash drive Marceline found was a video of a young her and her mother at the beach. When BMO asks what the story of what they're watching is she asks him what he thinks the story is. BMO's response has Marceline on the verge of happy tears.

    Season 9 
The Wild Hunt
  • While they are hunting for the Grumbo, Huntress Wizard tries to confort Finn over Fern's apparent death.
  • In order to make him overcome his guilt, Huntress Wizard forces the Grumbo to attack her. Since she refuses to get out of the Grumbo's way, Finn fools his mind and rushes to save Huntress Wizard.
  • After slaying Grumbo, Finn admits that he saved HW because it's his job as a hero. Huntress playfully says that he only saved her because he's in love with her. Finn then smiles and kisses her. On the mouth. Not only Finn shippers rejoiced over the scene, but the episode also confirmed that HW is Finn's third and final Love Interest.


  • Even with the Candy Kingdom on lockdown thanks to Gumbald, Princess Bubblegum made sure to organize Finn's 17th birthday party.
  • Huntress Wizard gives Finn an elk's heart as a metaphorical way to show her feelings towards him. Later after Fern tries to cut Finn's head off, she runs after him and forces him to eat the heart, probably to help him recover. It's Played for Laughs as he vomits into a bucket, but it shows how much she cares for him. She also stays at his side after Gumbald reveals himself to everyone.

Ring of Fire

  • Tree Trunks looking off wistfully in the distance as tears run down her face.
  • In the end, when Tree Trunks assures Mr. Pig that despite having such an exciting past, she's happy she settled down with him and loves the life they built together.

The First Investigation

  • The brothers' initial excitement over the possible chance to talk to their parents again in ghost form. They even get cleaned up and bring flowers!
  • The reveal that the "I Love U" message shown in Joshua and Margret's tape wasn't left by a ghost, but by a present day Finn through their time-displaced office.


  • Finn and BMO smiling and waving goodbye to each other immediately after they argued about whether or not Finn's comic caption was funny.
  • Finn and Ice King bonding over their shared love of "Ble" is definitely this, especially considering how much animosity they had between each other early in the series.

Temple of Mars

  • The once sociopathic Magic Man (now King Man) trying to give Betty the help she needs.
  • Finn and Jake's embrace when they're finally reunited.


  • Finn remarking how much he's grown-up after he realizes that he used to love violence, and now he's trying to stop a war. Jake calling him a beautiful flower he loves to see grow only cements this.
  • This moment during Finn and Jake's encounter with Fern/The Green Knight:
    Fern/Green Knight: I used to want to be you, but now I'm a better you! I've proved it! There's nothing that you have that I-
    (Jake knocks out Fern and barks at him as he retreats back to Finn)
    • No matter how powerful Fern gets, Jake will always have Finn's back and the bond the two of them share is something they'll always have over him. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.

Come Along With Me

  • 1,000 years later, BMO still thinks of Finn as their best friend, even though they can't remember his name.
  • Gumbald reconciles with Bubblegum, clearly pointing out that behind his greed, he's still a man with redeeming traits. Subverted when it turns out he was still going to betray Bubblegum even after she apologized, but played straight when Aunt Lolly stops him and she reconciles with Bubblegum.
  • Bubblegum ordering her Banana Guards to run for their lives from the Eldritch Monstrosity that GOLB created. This clearly cements that she is very empathetic towards them.
  • Marceline kissing Princess Bubblegum after the latter was nearly killed.
    • The lead-up to the moment is absolutely beautiful itself. Marceline, after thinking Bubblegum has been Killed Off for Real, goes absolutely berserk and destroys the GOLB monster effortlessly. Then, when it turns out Bonnie is ok...
    PB: Marcie...?
    (Marceline immediately cools down upon realizing that Bubblegum is ok. There's a slight pause.)
    Marceline: (flies towards her) You're OKAY!!
    PB: My armor has an emergency— (stops as Marceline hugs her)
    Marceline: You SCARED me!
    PB: (smiling) What?
    Marceline: Even back when we weren't talking, I was so afraid something bad would happen to you, and I wouldn't BE there to protect you, and... (Marceline cries a few tears) I don't want to lose you again!
    PB: (pulls back) Hey... I'm a tough gum. Nothing never happening to me. Never.
    Marceline: (puts her hand on PB's) I know, I'm... Girl, you phrased that so weird.
    (Marceline giggles before the two of them share The Big Damn Kiss.)
    • While more Played for Laughs, LSP and Lemongrab kissing is also kind of sweet. Two of the most...interesting...people in Ooo find solace in each other on the eve of destruction.
  • Finn is inside GOLB, thought to be dead. Jake rushes to save his treehouse and BMO, and fails. He's reduced into a sobbing mess, curling into a ball and becoming a smaller, thumbsized version of himself. Even so, when BMO shows up alive, and Jake keeps berating himself because BMO broke his faceplate in the commotion, BMO consoles him, hugs him and sings him the most heartwarming and sad lullaby in the entire franchise, "Time Adventure".
    BMO: Let me be the papa.
  • Finn and Fern reconciling and destroying the grass demon together.
    • When all that remains of Fern is a seed, Finn plants him at the site of the destroyed tree house. A thousand years later, he's grown up into the clouds.
    • Fern's last wish: being able to see the Treehouse one last time before dying. As that wasn't possible, be replanted there.
  • The end of the show is incredibly heartwarming: Lumpy Space Princess becomes queen, Gunter gets a girlfriend, Sweet P graduates from college, and some of the most tragic characters of the show such as Lemongrab, Simon Petrikov, and Normal Man are seen having happy lives. If you saw the series from the beginning, you know how much these three characters suffered, and seeing them getting a happy ending is exceptionally heartwarming.
    • Lemongrab smiling happily, as the cracked ceiling of his bedroom that bothered him so much in "The Mountain" is papered over with a beautiful mural by Jermaine. After years of being an unhappy character, he has finally found peace and happiness.
    • Simon Petrikov finally getting the life he always wanted, thanks to Betty's sacrifice.
    • Simon and Gunter/Ice Thing seem to be keeping in contact, too.
    • Bubblegum and Marceline snuggling together on a couch.
    • Bubblegum and Marcy are girlfriends again, but they're also friends with Slime Princess, Flame Princess and LSP, all strutting along in frankly amazing outfits.
    • The Crabbit, Maja's much abused familiar from "Sky Witch", finally fulfilling his dream of being a dancer.
    • One of the very last shots of the montage is that of Huntress Wizard meditating. It may seem meaningless, but the last seasons of the show have a big theme of magic, madness and sadness when it comes to wizards, so seeing her at peace while also using magic may indicate the two aren't as mutually exclusive as expected.
    • The final shot of the montage is Finn and Jake welcoming Minerva and the other humans to Ooo.
    • More touching yet? All the musical accompaniment of the scene is the song "Come Along With Me".
    • The final scene of the series: Shermy and Beth, who are implied to be the reincarnation of Finn and Jake in the future climb the now giant Fern tree and pull the Finn Sword out from the top branch before striking a pose very much like the one Finn and Jake do at the end of the title sequence, signifying that they are now taking the mantle as the defenders of Ooo. "The fun will never end" indeed...
  • It's strangely heartwarming that the Ice King made such an impression on Gunter that when the planet-crushing, demonic penguin is given a crown to grants his deepest wish... he just wishes to be like the Ice King. Oh, and he wishes for his drumset, too.

    Comic Books 

  • In the first "Adventure Time Annual" issue, there's a comic in which the Lemongrabs go on a picnic together to their own secluded lemon beach, which is inhabited by an assortment of lemon fish and other creatures, including a family of lemon seals which has just had a baby. They spend their day seemingly making the fish, jellyfish, and octopus into tasty lemon snacks. Finn and Jake interrupt them and are horrified, asking what the earls are doing with the lemon creatures. They explain that they were having a picnic, and ask Finn and Jake if they'd like to join them. In the next panel, they're all just chilling together, happily enjoying a picnic lunch. And in the background, it's revealed that the lemon fish that they'd "killed" is still alive (just differently shaped.)
  • In the main line of comics, during the first four issues arc, PB reminds Marceline that she'd get her crown back undamaged while they were fighting the Lich, then softens her expression and says something along the lines of, 'don't get hurt' looking worried.
  • In Issue 18, Finn, Jake, and the Ice King are all trapped in some sort of Lotus-Eater Machine by the Lich. It's actually rather touching to see their respective heart's desires: Finn ends up in the alternate-universe "Farmworld" seen in the season 5 premiere, going on an adventure to track down and destroy the Lich's parts with his buddy Jake; Jake ends up back at his and Finn's tree-house, where he discovers that Finn now shares his powers and takes the opportunity to relax with his friends and neighbors; as for the Ice King, what he desires most is to be reunited with his fiancée Betty.
    • To put things in perspective, remember the ending in "The Eyes," when Ice King says "I'm still not happy?" This is the place where he's actually happy.
    Ice King: Guys, this looks like reality, only better. This KISSES like reality, only way way better. If you see the Lich, be sure to thank him for me.
  • In Issue 26, Finn and Jake have become ghosts because they were tired of their bodies slowing them down with things like needing to eat and sleep. They speculate on what they want to do instead, when BMO pipes in with "BMO suggests.... hugs!" Cue Group Hug between Finn, Jake and BMO.
  • In Issue 35, the last issue by the original creative team of Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, Lumpy Space Princess loses her star and after spending most of the issue trying to find it (and checking for alibies in case someone stole it), she gives up and goes home in utter depression, going to bed with the comment "Everything is stupid and I hate everyone." On the next page, Finn and Jake, together with BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Ice King and Party God, all show up with a new star for her, that they all made together. LSP absolutely loves it and declares: "You guys are the best ever and EVERYTHING RULES AND I LOVE EVERYONE!" And the issue ends with everyone having a party at LSP's place.