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This is the recap page for Adventure Time, a Cartoon Network original show that first aired on March 11, 2010 as a special preview, and was not only the face of the channel's renaissance following numerous experiments with live-action programming, but also spurred on a creative revolution of sorts for the television animation industry as a whole thanks to its approach to storytelling. The series centers on a boy named Finn and his magic rubber dog, Jake, as they traverse and take part in adventures in a magical kingdom known as Ooo.

Note that the season numbering here is wonky: while The Other Wiki lists ten seasons as per official Cartoon Network listings, here we follow the original season numbering that the show was produced with. Sometime during the airing of the seventh season, Cartoon Network restructured the final three seasons into four, but in keeping with how the showrunners approached the crafting of story arcs, we thought it best to stay in line with the original numbering.note 

WARNING: All episodes' spoilers will be unmarked. Proceed with caution!

For Adventure Time: Distant Lands, see here.

For Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, see here.

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  • "Adventure Time"note  - Pen the Human and Jake the Dog rescue Princess Bubblegum from the clutches of the evil Ice King.

    Season 1 (March 11, 2010 - September 27, 2010) 
  1. "Slumber Party Panic" - Under the guise of a slumber party, Finn must protect the Candy People from a pack of zombies Princess Bubblegum accidentally unleashed.
  2. "Trouble in Lumpy Space" - When Jake catches "the Lumps" from being bitten by Lumpy Space Princess, Finn journeys to Lumpy Space to find the cure.
  3. "Prisoners of Love" - Finn and Jake try to break some princesses out of Ice King's prison.
  4. "Tree Trunks" - Finn and Jake agree to escort Tree Trunks on a quest to find a magical apple, but Finn has doubts about her adventuring prowess.
  5. "The Enchiridion!" - Finn and Jake take on a series of challenges to find a legendary book on heroism, the Hero's Enchiridion.
  6. "The Jiggler" - Finn and Jake adopt a strange creature they call the Jiggler.
  7. "Ricardio the Heart Guy" - Finn is suspicious of Princess Bubblegum's new heart-shaped paramour Ricardio.
  8. "Business Time" - Finn and Jake free some businessmen from an iceberg, and give them jobs helping with their heroism "business".
  9. "My Two Favorite People" - Jake decides to hang out with both Finn and Lady Rainicorn at the same time so he won't miss anything, but gets jealous when they start getting a little too friendly.
  10. "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" - Inspired by a traumatic childhood memory, Finn tries to sort out an argument between some thuggish Marauders and a talking mountain.
  11. "Wizard" - Finn and Jake become wizards for a day.
  12. "Evicted!" - When Marceline the Vampire Queen kicks them out of their tree house, Finn and Jake must find a new home.
  13. "City of Thieves" - Finn and Jake journey through the City of Thieves to retrieve a little girl's flower basket, while trying to avoid the city's supposed curse that makes anyone who enters a thief.
  14. "The Witch's Garden" - Jake loses his powers to an ill-tempered witch after accidentally eating one of the donuts in her garden, and Finn tries to help him get them back.
  15. "What is Life?" - Finn seeks the Ice King's help in completing his Never-Ending Pie-Throwing Robot ("NEPTR" for short).
  16. "Ocean of Fear" - Jake tries to help Finn confront his fear of the sea.
  17. "When Wedding Bells Thaw" - Ice King claims to have finally settled down, and Finn and Jake help him with his wedding preparations.
  18. "Dungeon" - Finn tries to go through a mysterious dungeon without Jake's help.
  19. "The Duke" - Finn accidentally defaces Princess Bubblegum with an old potion, for which the Princess blames the innocent Duke of Nuts.
  20. "Freak City" - After running afoul of the mischievous Magic Man, Finn tries to adjust to life as a giant disembodied foot, and ends up teaming up with some of Magic Man's other victims.
  21. "Donny" - Finn and Jake try to teach a bullying Grass Ogre named Donny to be nice.
  22. "Henchman" - Finn is forced to be Marceline's new henchman, but he starts to suspect she's not as mean and evil as she lets on.
  23. "Rainy Day Daydream" - While trying to pass the time during a knife-storm, Jake proves to have a dangerously powerful imagination.
  24. "What Have You Done?" - When Princess Bubblegum has the Ice King imprisoned for seemingly no reason, Finn and Jake become concerned and release him when they decide they've done wrong.
  25. "His Hero" - Finn and Jake meet their idol, the famous hero Billy, who convinces them to try helping people non-violently.
  26. "Gut Grinder" - Jake is mistaken for a gold-stealing monster known as the Gut Grinder, and Finn sets out to clear his friend's name.

    Season 2 (October 11, 2010 - May 10, 2011) 
  1. "It Came from the Nightosphere" - Finn's attempt to help Marceline reconcile with her demon father goes horribly awry.
  2. "The Eyes" - Finn and Jake find themselves unable to sleep thanks to a mysterious staring horse.
  3. "Loyalty to the King" - A make-over makes the Ice King irresistible to princesses, and as the "Nice King" he exploits this to his advantage, even tricking Finn and Jake into becoming his loyal knights.
  4. "Blood Under the Skin" - Finn faces a series of embarrassing challenges in his quest to find some totally sweet magic armor.
  5. "Storytelling" - Finn's quest to find a story for a sick Jake causes chaos in the forest.
  6. "Slow Love" - Finn and Jake help a giant snail find romance.
  7. "Power Animal" - Jake struggles to stay focused long enough to rescue Finn from the clutches of some gnomes.
  8. "Crystals Have Power" - Jake's new oath of non-violence is tested when Finn is captured by Crystal Guardians from another dimension.
  9. "The Other Tarts" - Finn and Jake are tasked with delivering some very important tarts to a very important ceremony.
  10. "To Cut a Woman's Hair" - Finn must find some beautiful hair to save Jake from a balding witch.
  11. "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" - While spying on the Ice King, Finn and Jake discover the King's secret stash of ninja merchandise.
  12. "Her Parents" - Jake tries to disguise himself as a Rainicorn to impress Lady's parents when they come over for lunch.
  13. "The Pods" - Finn and Jake must guard three magic beans, one of which contains pure evil, but Jake decides to plant them so they can kill the evil one.
  14. "The Silent King" - Finn becomes the new king of the goblins, but finds his role rather restrictive.
  15. "The Real You" - Finn uses a pair of intelligence-boosting glasses to impress Princess Bubblegum at her science exhibition.
  16. "Guardians of Sunshine" - Finn and Jake journey into the world of their favorite video game, but find it harder than it looks.
  17. "Death in Bloom" - Finn and Jake must journey to the Underworld to rescue the soul of Princess Bubblegum's favorite plant.
  18. "Susan Strong" - Finn meets a mysterious human girl he names Susan Strong in an underground lair, but his efforts to help her and her friends adjust to life on the surface lead to a conflict with the Candy Kingdom.
  19. "Mystery Train" - Finn's birthday surprise goes seemingly awry when he has to solve a murder mystery on a train trip.
  20. "Go With Me" - Finn seeks Jake and Marceline's help in asking Princess Bubblegum out to the movies, but gets some seriously conflicting advice.
  21. "Belly of the Beast" - Finn and Jake must save a beast from some party-loving bears living in its stomach, and try negotiating with the bears' leader Party Pat.
  22. "The Limit" - Jake pushes his powers to the extremes trying to help the Hot Dog Knights explore a trap-filled maze.
  23. "Videomakers" - Finn and Jake try to make their own movie, but creative differences threaten their friendship.
  24. "Heat Signature" - When Finn and Jake try to watch their favorite movie, Heat Signature, with Marceline and her ghost friends, she pranks them into thinking they're vampires.
  25. "Mortal Folly" (Part 1 of 2) - Finn faces his biggest challenge yet when he has to stop the Lich, archenemy of the legendary hero Billy, from destroying all of Ooo.
  26. "Mortal Recoil" (Part 2 of 2) - Princess Bubblegum starts acting strangely after a near-death experience, and Finn is forced to team up with the Ice King to save her.

    Season 3 (July 11, 2011 - February 13, 2012) 
  1. "Conquest of Cuteness" - The Cute King and his minions threaten Finn and Jake, despite being laughably bad at it.
  2. "Morituri Te Salutamus" - When Finn and Jake end up in the arena of the Fight King, Finn has a hard time getting Jake to stick to their plan.
  3. "Memory of a Memory" - When Marceline is placed under a sleep spell, Finn and Jake must journey through her memories to undo it.
  4. "Hitman" - Thanks to a grave misunderstanding of what a "hitman" does, Ice King accidentally hires an assassin to target Finn and Jake.
  5. "Too Young" - A de-aged Princess Bubblegum finds her job as ruler of the Candy Kingdom taken over by her own creation, the strict and hot-headed Earl of Lemongrab.
  6. "The Monster" - Finn and Jake try to track down Lumpy Space Princess and convince her to go home.
  7. "Still" - Ice King uses a paralyzing potion to force Finn and Jake to spend some quality time with him.
  8. "Wizard Battle" - Finn secretly enters a wizards-only battle royale to keep Ice King from stealing a kiss from Princess Bubblegum.
  9. "Fionna And Cake" - Fionna and Cake, Finn and Jake's gender-flipped selves, find themselves in an adventure when Fionna accepts an invitation to Prince Gumball's ball.
  10. "What Was Missing" - Finn and his friends must band together to get back their precious personal belongings from the mischievous Door Lord.
  11. "Apple Thief" - Finn and Jake try to figure out who's been poaching apples from Tree Trunks' orchard.
  12. "The Creeps" - Finn and Jake attend a spooky masquerade party that quickly turns dangerous.
  13. "From Bad to Worse" - When Princess Bubblegum succumbs to another zombie outbreak, it's up to Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, and Lumpy Space Princess to recreate the cure.
  14. "Beautopia" - Jake is skeptical when Susan Strong asks for his and Finn's help in reclaiming the lost home of the "hyoo-mans".
  15. "No One Can Hear You" - After getting badly injured, Finn awakens to find Jake has gone loopy and everyone in the Candy Kingdom has vanished.
  16. "Jake vs. Me-Mow" - Jake is blackmailed into helping a miniature assassin named Me-Mow take out Wildberry Princess.
  17. "Thank You" - A snow golem forms an unlikely bond with a stray fire wolf pup.
  18. "The New Frontier" - Finn becomes concerned when it looks like Jake's prophetic "croak dream" is coming true.
  19. "Holly Jolly Secrets: Part 1" - Finn and Jake go through the Ice King's old video diary in search of any embarrassing secrets.
  20. "Holly Jolly Secrets: Part 2" - As Ice King tries to keep his video diary out of Finn and Jake's hands, our heroes make a startling discovery about the Ice King's past.
  21. "Marceline's Closet" - Finn and Jake must hide in Marceline's closet to keep her from finding out they snuck in while she was out.
  22. "Paper Pete" - A trip to the library leads to Finn getting caught in a war between books and mold.
  23. "Another Way" - An injured Finn tires of Jake's weird and embarrassing idea of treatment, and sets out to find another way to heal his and Jake's injuries.
  24. "Ghost Princess" - Finn and Jake try to figure out who Ghost Princess was in her previous life.
  25. "Dad's Dungeon" - Finn and Jake travel through a dungeon designed by their late father, Joshua the Dog. But when Joshua insists that Jake be tough on Finn, Jake starts to worry for his brother's self-esteem.
  26. "Incendium" - Part 1 of 2. Finn's feeling down about his unrequited crush on Princess Bubblegum, so Jake tries to find his bro a new girlfriend. But Jake discovers the Flame Princess might not be such an eligible bachelorette as he thought.

    Season 4 (April 2, 2012 - October 22, 2012) 
  1. "Hot to the Touch" - Part 2 of 2. Finn becomes infatuated with Flame Princess, and is convinced she's not as evil as she first seems.
  2. "Five Short Graybles" - A series of short stories involve BMO giving lessons on human life to his reflection, Finn and Jake coming up with the ultimate high-five, Princess Bubblegum creating the perfect sandwich, Ice King taking a bath, and Lumpy Space Princess entering a talent contest.
  3. "Web Weirdos" - Finn and Jake get tangled in a spider's web, and also a spider couple's relationship problems.
  4. "Dream of Love" - Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig are hopelessly in love, but their public displays of affection drive everyone in Ooo crazy.
  5. "Return to the Nightosphere" - Part 1 of 2. Finn and Jake awaken in the depths of the Nightosphere, and try to figure out how they got there.
  6. "Daddy's Little Monster" - Part 2 of 2. Finn and Jake try to save Marceline from her father's crazy scheme to get her to join the "family business".
  7. "In Your Footsteps" - A seemingly ordinary bear seems to want to be a hero like Finn, but Jake is suspicious.
  8. "Hug Wolf" - Finn falls under the terrible curse of the "hug wolf", which turns him into a hug-crazy monster.
  9. "Princess Monster Wife" - Ice King decides he can't pick one princess to marry, so he steals their parts to make a bride of his own.
  10. "Goliad" - Princess Bubblegum tries to make a new replacement ruler for her kingdom, but Finn and Jake's attempts to teach the newly-made Goliad to be a good ruler lead to disaster.
  11. "Beyond This Earthly Realm" - A mysterious artifact leaves Finn trapped in the Astral Plane, with only the Ice King able to help him.
  12. "Gotcha!" - Lumpy Space Princess gets a job working for Finn and Jake so she can get some juicy material for her new tell-all book about men.
  13. "Princess Cookie" - Finn and Jake deal with an unhinged cookie who wants Princess Bubblegum's crown for some reason.
  14. "Card Wars" - Jake introduces Finn to his favorite collectible card game, but proves to be a poor sport when Finn gets some serious beginner's luck.
  15. "Sons of Mars" - Finn must rescue his best friend from being executed in place of Magic Man, who is wanted for numerous crimes against the citizens of Mars.
  16. "Burning Low" - When Finn's relationship with Flame Princess starts getting serious, Princess Bubblegum starts to express her doubts.
  17. "BMO Noire" - While Finn and Jake are out of the house, BMO becomes a hard-boiled private eye as he tries to track down Finn's lost sock.
  18. "King Worm" - Finn must travel through a series of strange dream-scapes to escape the clutches of the King Worm.
  19. "Lady & Peebles" - Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn team up to rescue Finn and Jake from an old enemy.
  20. "You Made Me!" - When Princess Bubblegum catches the Earl of Lemongrab spying on her subjects, she tries to help him deal with his loneliness.
  21. "Who Would Win?" - While training for a fight with "The Barn", Finn and Jake get into an argument.
  22. "Ignition Point" - In the 100th episode of Adventure Time, Finn and Jake go on a mission for Flame Princess, and uncover a plot against her father's life.
  23. "The Hard Easy" - Finn and Jake help some swamp-dwelling critters with a giant frog monster.
  24. "Reign of Gunters" - Gunter steals one of Ice King's magic artifacts and goes on a rampage.
  25. "I Remember You" - Marceline spends a day with the Ice King, which brings up painful memories.
  26. "The Lich" - Part 1 of 3. Billy recruits Finn and Jake's help in stopping the Lich once and for all.

    Season 5 (November 12, 2012 - March 17, 2014) 

Season 5.1 Explanation 

  1. "Finn the Human" - Part 2 of 3. In his efforts to stop the Lich from destroying all life on Ooo, Finn finds himself thrust into a world where the Mushroom War never happened.
  2. "Jake the Dog" - Part 3 of 3. With his friend stuck in another timeline, Jake bonds with the mystical Prismo and tries to think of a way to stop the Lich's plans.
  3. "Five More Short Graybles" - Finn and Jake try to cast magic using a book of nursery rhymes, Marceline tries to find a place to buy a new bass, Tree Trunks has an encounter with a rude statue, Ice King starts up a relationship with his foot, and BMO teaches etiquette to his imaginary friend Football.
  4. "Up a Tree" - Finn is accidentally miniaturized when trying to retrieve his flying disc from an enormous tree, and encounters a cult of adorable but ruthless animals.
  5. "All the Little People" - Finn receives a weird gift from Magic Man in the form of a bag full of miniature versions of himself and his friends.
  6. "Jake the Dad" - Jake and Lady Rainicorn have puppies, but Jake proves to be a highly overprotective father.
  7. "Davey" - Finn cooks up an alter ego to take a break from being a renowned hero.
  8. "Mystery Dungeon" - Ice King and a motley crew of characters wake up in a mysterious dungeon, and must work together to get out.
  9. "All Your Fault" - Finn and Jake discover that the Lemongrabs have become obsessed with making life.
  10. "Little Dude" - A mysterious wizard accidentally brings Finn's hat to life, only for it to turn evil.
  11. "Bad Little Boy" - Inspired by Ice King's stories, Marceline whips up her own Fionna and Cake tale, in which Fionna hangs out with the mischievous Vampire King, Marshall Lee.
  12. "Vault of Bones" - Finn tries to teach Flame Princess a lesson in avoiding direct violence with a trip through a dungeon.
  13. "The Great Bird Man" - Finn and Jake discover an old foe has found a new lease on life as a desert-dwelling, bird-loving hermit.
  14. "Simon and Marcy" - Marceline thinks back to her days of living in the aftermath of the Mushroom War, before the Ice King became the Ice King.
  15. "A Glitch Is a Glitch" - Ice King unleashes a reality-altering computer virus in order to ensure he and Princess Bubblegum are the only two people left in Ooo.
  16. "Puhoy" - While reflecting on his relationship with Flame Princess, Finn gets pulled into a world of living pillows.
  17. "BMO Lost" - BMO is stranded in the wilderness of Ooo, and must get back home with the help of a talking bubble.
  18. "Princess Potluck" - Finn and Jake are invited to the Princess Potluck, which a jealous Ice King tries to sabotage.
  19. "James Baxter The Horse" - Finn and Jake are inspired by a talented, smoothly-animated horse to spread happiness and good cheer.
  20. "Shh!" - Finn and Jake make a bet to see who can go the longest without talking.
  21. "The Suitor" - Peppermint Butler tries to get Princess Bubblegum a boyfriend, and helps a would-be suitor named Braco win her over.
  22. "The Party's Over, Isla De SeƱorita" - Ice King bonds with a living island lady who turns out to be the Party God's neglected girlfriend.
  23. "One Last Job" - When Jake Jr. gets kidnapped, Jake is extorted into getting his old band of criminals back together for one last caper.
  24. "Another Five Short Graybles" - Finn and Jake try to make a home-made time machine, Cinnamon Bun struggles to find a replacement night light, Ice King argues with his penguins over movie night, the Lemongrabs get into an argument over a doll, and Mr. Fox returns home to discover a message from his subconscious.
  25. "Candy Streets" - When Lumpy Space Princess is robbed, Finn and Jake try to track down the perpetrator.
  26. "Wizards Only, Fools" - When Starchy insists on a magical cure for his cold, Princess Bubblegum is forced to infiltrate Wizard City with the help of Finn and Jake.

Season 5.2

  1. "Jake Suit" - Tired of being used and abused as living armor by Finn, Jake offers to trade places and show his bro what it's like.
  2. "Be More" - Finn and Jake must sneak BMO into a robotics factory in order to get him some much-needed repairs.
  3. "Sky Witch" - Marceline tries to get her most prized childhood possession back from a witch, and reluctantly accepts Princess Bubblegum's help.
  4. "Frost & Fire" - Finn's attempt to relive a dream puts both the Ice Kingdom and his relationship with Flame Princess at risk.
  5. "Too Old" - Finn, trying to move on from a bad break-up, accompanies Princess Bubblegum to a dinner at Castle Lemongrab, but his refusal to take things seriously imperils Bubblegum's attempt to save an abused lemon child.
  6. "Earth & Water" - While Ice King moves in with Finn and Jake until the Ice Kingdom is rebuilt, Flame Princess discovers a secret from her past Princess Bubblegum is keeping from her, and finds an unlikely ally in Cinnamon Bun.
  7. "Time Sandwich" - Jake must solve a riddle to retrieve his sandwich from the clutches of Magic Man's time spell.
  8. "The Vault" - Finn journeys into long-sealed memories, and discovers his past life has a secret connection to the Candy Kingdom's origin.
  9. "Love Games" - Finn must pose as Slime Princess's lover to keep the Slime Kingdom out of the clutches of her scheming sister Blargatha.
  10. "Dungeon Train" - Finn finds a mysterious train that houses a never-ending dungeon a tempting respite from his troubles.
  11. "Box Prince" - Finn helps a displaced royal deal with a usurper, while Jake deals with a corn chip stuck in his teeth.
  12. "Red Starved" - Trapped underground with Jake and Marceline, Finn must find something red for her to eat before she goes into a vampiric feeding frenzy.
  13. "We Fixed a Truck" - While Banana Man helps Finn and Jake fix an old pick-up truck, BMO investigates a conspiracy involving Princess Bubblegum.
  14. "Play Date" - Tired of living with the Ice King, Finn and Jake try to set him up with Abracadaniel as his new best friend.
  15. "The Pit" - Following from the ending of "Play Date", Finn must rescue Jake from the clutches of Kee-oth, an old foe of their father's.
  16. "James" - While exploring the Desert of Wonders, Finn and Jake get suspicious of Princess Bubblegum's assistant, an eccentric ice-cream sandwich guy named James.
  17. "Root Beer Guy" - A would-be mystery novelist puts his life and his marriage on the line to investigate Finn and Jake's suspicious behavior.
  18. "Apple Wedding" - Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks tie the knot, but a number of factors complicate the big day, including Tree Trunks' many dysfunctional exes, Lumpy Space Princess's desire to be the center of attention, and Princess Bubblegum's enmity with the man officiating the wedding, the so-called "King of Ooo".
  19. "Blade of Grass" - In the market for a new sword, Finn purches a magical blade that may be too good to be true.
  20. "Rattleballs" - Seeking to become a better knight to Princess Bubblegum, Finn learns a few things about swordsmanship from a rogue robot.
  21. "Red Throne" - When the Flame King breaks out of prison, Finn's lingering feelings for Flame Princess complicate his attempts to help her reclaim her throne.
  22. "Betty" - When an anti-magic monster turns the Ice King back into his old self, he seeks to reunite with his long-lost love.
  23. "Bad Timing" - Lumpy Space Princess's old flame, an outburst of jealousy, and a time machine lead to tragic consequences.
  24. "Lemonhope: Part 1" - Princess Bubblegum thinks that Lemonhope is the only one who can stop the turned-tyrannical Earl of Lemongrab, but Lemonhope flees from the pressures of heroism.
  25. "Lemonhope: Part 2" - Lemonhope enjoys the life of freedom, but his guilty conscience forces him into a confrontation.
  26. "Billy's Bucket List" - Finn's quest to finish the bucket list of his hero Billy leads him to meet Billy's ex Canyon, confront his own worst fears... and make a shocking discovery.

    Season 6 (April 21, 2014 - June 5, 2015) 
  1. "Wake Up" - On discovering his long-lost father is alive, Finn seeks Prismo's help in finding him.
  2. "Escape from the Citadel" - Finn struggles to thwart the Lich's latest scheme... and with the discovery that his father Martin isn't the man he was hoping he would be.
  3. "James II" - Finn's discovery of James' big secret leads to a madcap confrontation between James and his clones and the Banana Guards.
  4. "The Tower" - Finn becomes obsessed with building a tower to space so he can get revenge on his father for costing him his arm.
  5. "Sad Face" - Jake's tail lives a secret double-life as a clown in a bug circus.
  6. "Breezy" - Finn gets back into the dating game, with the help of a bee that's oddly obsessed with the flower on his arm-stump.
  7. "Food Chain" - Magic Man sends Finn and Jake on a colorful, musical journey through the food chain.
  8. "Furniture & Meat" - Finn and Jake run out of room in their treasure chamber, and go on a spending spree in Wildberry Kingdom.
  9. "The Prince Who Wanted Everything" - Lumpy Space Princess spins her own Fionna and Cake story, one where "Lumpy Space Prince" learns the power of "not caring" from Fionna.
  10. "Something Big" - When Maja the Sky Witch unleashes a terrible power upon the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum must pull out all the stops.
  11. "Little Brother" - Shelby's backside becomes his new brother Kent, who goes on an epic quest beneath Finn and Jake's treehouse.
  12. "Ocarina" - Things grow tense between Jake and his business-minded son Kim Kil Whan when Kim buys out the treehouse.
  13. "Thanks for the Crabapples, Guiseppe" - Ice King and his wizard buddies go on a road trip.
  14. "Princess Day" - Marceline teams up with Lumpy Space Princess to prank Breakfast Princess.
  15. "Nemesis" - Peppermint Butler must defend himself from an overzealous monster hunter.
  16. "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" - Jake's parents get into a strange adventure on the day Jake was born.
  17. "Ghost Fly" - Jake is haunted by the spectre of a fly he swatted.
  18. "Everything's Jake" - Magic Man's latest prank sends Jake on a strange journey into his own body.
  19. "Is That You?" - After a ceremony in memory of Prismo, Jake starts acting extremely strangely.
  20. "Jake the Brick" - Jake lives out a strange life-long dream of being a brick in a crumbling shack, and Finn makes Jake's commentary on his surroundings a radio sensation.
  21. "Dentist" - Finn is forced to team up with Jake's jealous old friend Tifanny the goblin-boy when the two are recruited into a war between worms and ants.
  22. "The Cooler" - Flame Princess seeks Bubblegum's help in dealing with a natural disaster, only to make an unpleasant discovery.
  23. "The Pajama War" - When Finn and Bubblegum slip away from a slumber party to rekindle their friendship, the Candy People go crazy with worry.
  24. "Evergreen" - The origins of the Ice King's crown are explored.
  25. "Astral Plane" - Finn travels through the astral plane, across the land of Ooo and into the depths of space.
  26. "Gold Stars" - Tree Trunks' adopted son Sweet P is distracted from his first day of school by the King of Ooo, who seeks to take advantage of the boy.
  27. "The Visitor" - A vision leads to Finn having a run-in with a civilization of tiny people... and his estranged father.
  28. "The Mountain" - Finn follows the Earl of Lemongrab on a spiritual journey through the Mountain of Matthew.
  29. "Dark Purple" - In the process of rescuing a hyoo-man child, Susan Strong discovers the terrible secret behind Super Porp soda.
  30. "The Diary" - Jake's shut-in son TV is caught up in the mystery behind a lost diary.
  31. "Walnuts & Rain" - While Finn finds himself in a gilded cage as the guest of King Huge, Jake is stuck in a bottomless pit with an eccentric bear merchant.
  32. "Friends Forever" - Ice King exploits the talents of the Life-Giving Magi to literally make some new friends.
  33. "Jermaine" - Finn and Jake reunite with their reclusive brother Jermaine.
  34. "Chips & Ice Cream" - BMO discovers the strange secret behind his favorite performers.
  35. "Graybles 1000+" - Stranded on Ooo in the distant future, Cuber must rely on his wits and his bag of "graybles" to survive.
  36. "Hoots" - The Cosmic Owl's encounter with a mystery woman has drastic consequences.
  37. "Water Park Prank" - Finn and Jake enjoy a day at the water park, where they thwart Ice King's schemes to freeze all the water with a little prank.
  38. "You Forgot Your Floaties" - Betty seeks out the help of Magic Man in order to get the Ice King back to normal.
  39. "Be Sweet" - When Lumpy Space Princess proves to be a terrible babysitter, Sweet P sets out on a quest to fulfill his bedtime routine.
  40. "Orgalorg" - A head injury following a walrus-racing incident awakens some troubling memories for Gunter the penguin, who is not what he seems.
  41. "On the Lam" - Stranded on an alien world, Finn's father Martin gets entangled with a band of rebels.
  42. "Hot Diggity Doom" - The King of Ooo manages to usurp Princess Bubblegum via election, but Finn discovers that the King's new benefactor has an ulterior motive.
  43. "The Comet" - Finn and Jake must journey into space to stop Gunter the penguin's plans for the mysterious Catalyst Comet headed towards Ooo.

    Season 7 (November 2, 2015 - March 16, 2016)  

Season 7.1

  1. "Bonnie and Neddy" - Finn and Jake's first mission working for the King of Ooo leads to them meeting Bonnibel (no longer the Princess) Bubblegum's long-lost brother.
  2. "Varmints" - Marceline reconnects with Bonnibel, and helps protect her new homestead from some peculiar varmints.
  3. "Cherry Cream Soda" - Torn between her late husband Root Beer Guy and her new lover Starchy, Cherry Cream Soda's life gets even more complicated when her ex comes back from the dead as "Dirt Beer Guy".
  4. "Mama Said" - Finn and Jake must track down a mysterious flying mushroom for the King of Ooo, and Canyon offers to help.
  5. "Football" - BMO trades places with his alter ego Football, but quickly finds out why she's reluctant to switch places back.

Stakes Mini-Series

  1. "Marceline the Vampire Queen" - Marceline decides she's tired of being a vampire, and seeks Bubblegum's help.
  2. "Everything Stays" - Faced with her impending demise, Marceline looks back on her life.
  3. "Vamps About" - Marceline is mortal again, but some of her oldest enemies are back as well.
  4. "Empress Eyes" - Marceline must save the Ice King from the influence of the Empress.
  5. "May I Come In?" - Finn and Jake help Marceline deal with an old-school vampire.
  6. "Take Her Back" - While Bubblegum tries to help a poisoned Marceline, Finn and Jake must track down an especially mysterious vampire.
  7. "Checkmate" - Marceline and the Vampire King prepare for an epic showdown.
  8. "The Dark Cloud" - As Marceline confronts her past and her future, the King of Ooo loses his grip on the crown of the Candy Kingdom.

Season 7.2 note 

  1. "The More You Moe, the Moe You Know" - BMO's creator sends him on a very special journey, but it turns out to be a trap set by another of Moe's creations.
  2. "Summer Showers" - Jake's daughter Viola struggles working under Lumpy Space Princess, who's putting together a play that has to be just right.
  3. "Angel Face" - BMO plays at being a cowboy, but an old enemy takes his games a little too seriously.
  4. "President Porpoise is Missing!" - Finn, Jake, and Banana Man head to the bottom of the sea to help out an old friend of Jake's.
  5. "Blank-Eyed Girl" - Finn and Jake find themselves haunted by a mysterious blank-eyed girl.
  6. "Bad Jubies" - Tensions arise between Finn, Jake, BMO, and LSP as they prepare for a fierce storm.
  7. "A King's Ransom" - Finn and Jake must help Ice King save his beloved penguin from a kidnapper.
  8. "Scamps" - Finn takes some Candy Kingdom delinquents on a camping trip to try and set them on the straight and narrow.
  9. "Crossover" - Prismo sends Finn and Jake to another dimension to deal with some unfinished business.
  10. "The Hall of Egress" - Finn finds himself trapped in a mysterious dungeon where the only way forward is with your eyes closed.
  11. "Flute Spell" - Finn helps Huntress Wizard with a new spell.
  12. "The Thin Yellow Line" - Finn and Jake go undercover to investigate strange goings-on among the Banana Guards.
  13. "Broke His Crown" - When the Ice King's crown starts acting up, Bubblegum and Marceline team up to save him.
  14. "Don't Look" - Finn discovers a mysterious curse that affects everything he looks at.
  15. "Beyond the Grotto" - Finn and Jake follow their pet sea lard on a journey to a strange, alternate version of Ooo.
  16. "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension" - TV falls under the bad influence of Lady Rainicorn's smug, rabble-rousing ex-boyfriend, and it's up to Lady to save him.
  17. "I Am a Sword" - Finn is troubled by strange visions when the Finn Sword goes missing.
  18. "Bun Bun" - Finn travels to the Fire Kingdom with a new friend for Cinnamon Bun.
  19. "Normal Man" - A de-powered Magic Man seeks Finn and Jake's help in rescuing his brother from the vengeful clutches of Tiny Manticore.
  20. "Elemental" - Ice King makes a strange discovery in the form of a mysterious woman who's eager to meet Slime Princess, Flame Princess, and Princess Bubblegum.
  21. "Five Short Tables" - Fionna and Cake's latest tale has them travelling across the Land of Aaa to find inspiration for Cake's "flapjack art", from Prince Gumball's lab to Turtle Prince's library to Lumpy Space Prince's grove to the Ice Queen's castle.
  22. "The Music Hole" - Still mourning the damaged Finn Sword, Finn finds himself distracted from his duties as judge of a battle of the bands by a mysterious song only he can hear.
  23. "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars" - Jake convinces his daughter Charlie to team up with him for a Card Wars tournament.
  24. "Preboot" - Finn, Jake, and Susan Strong meet an eccentric scientist with a hidden agenda.
  25. "Reboot" - When an accident causes Susan to go rogue, Finn and Jake must pull out all the stops to subdue her.

    Season 8 (March 26, 2016 - February 2, 2017) 

Season 8.1

  1. "Two Swords" - Finn deals with a strange being formed from the combined powers of the Grass Sword and the Finn Sword.
  2. "Do No Harm" - Finn works at the Candy Kingdom hospital, while Jake tries to help Finn's grassy alter ego deal with life.
  3. "Wheels" - Kim Kil Whan asks Jake for parenting advice, but Jake gets sidetracked trying to impress his grand-daughter Bronwyn and her friends.
  4. "High Strangeness" - Tree Trunks' bond with a being from another world puts her in conflict with Princess Bubblegum.
  5. "Horse and Ball" - When James Baxter loses his beloved beach ball, Finn and Jake try to lift his spirits.
  6. "Jelly Beans Have Power" - Princess Bubblegum tries to master her new candy-summoning powers in order to defend the Candy Kingdom from a mysterious Crystal Entity.

Islands Mini-Series

  1. "The Invitation" - A mysterious hovercraft threatens the citizens of Ooo, but it might also be the key to Finn the human's origins.
  2. "Whipple the Happy Dragon" - Finn, Jake, and Susan Strong sail across the ocean, dealing with a dullard sea monster and other strange hazards.
  3. "Mysterious Island" - Shipwrecked on an island full of strange weather and giant animals, Finn tries to reunite with his friends.
  4. "Imaginary Resources" - Finn and Jake find BMO dwelling on an island where everyone is obsessed with virtual reality.
  5. "Hide and Seek" - A ruined island and glimpses of a mysterious girl lead Susan Strong to rediscover her past.
  6. "Min & Marty" - As Finn draws closer to discovering where he came from, we get a look at how his parents first met.
  7. "Helpers" - On Founders' Island, Finn tries to reunite with his mother.
  8. "The Light Cloud" - Finn must fight for his freedom, and the freedom of Founders' Island's citizens, if he wants to make it home to Ooo.

Season 8.2

  1. "Orb" - On the way back to Ooo, Finn, Jake, and BMO have a series of bizarre nightmares.

Elements Mini-Series

  1. "Skyhooks" - Finn and his friends return to Ooo to discover some very strange changes have taken place.
  2. "Bespoken For" - Ice King relates how he and Magic Betty weathered the strange goings-on in the Land of Ooo.
  3. "Winter Light" - Finn, Jake, and Ice King must track down Patience St. Pim and find out how to change their friends back.
  4. "Cloudy" - Finn and Jake end up lost in the skies, and must find their way back to Ooo.
  5. "Slime Central" - Finn and Jake infiltrate the Slime Kingdom, and get involved in a heated roller-skate showdown.
  6. "Happy Warrior" - Finn teams up with Lumpy Space Princess to journey through the Fire Kingdom.
  7. "Hero Heart" - When the Fire Kingdom and Candy Kingdom threaten to go to war, an unlikely hero steps up to stop the conflict.
  8. "Skyhooks II" - When Magic Betty's plans unravel, it's up to Finn and Lumpy Space Princess to return Ooo back to normal.

Season 8.3

  1. "Abstract" - Jake reconnects with his brother Jermaine in order to deal with some strange changes he's going through.
  2. "Ketchup" - BMO and Marceline try to deal with the crazy misadventures they've been going through.
  3. "Fionna and Cake and Fionna" - Ice King believes he's discovered the source of his Fionna and Cake stories.
  4. "Whispers" - Finn helps Sweet P deal with some very dangerous nightmares, while Fern struggles with his identity.
  5. "Three Buckets" - Fern's identity crisis causes him to take drastic action against Finn.

    Season 9 (April 21, 2017 - September 3, 2018) 
  1. "The Wild Hunt" - Finn's guilt over having to deal with Fern impacts his attempts to hunt a monster targeting the Banana Guards.
  2. "Always BMO Closing" - Ice King helps BMO play at being a travelling salesman.
  3. "Son of Rap Bear" - Flame Princess puts her kingdom at risk in an epic rap battle, while her father tries to be supportive.
  4. "Bonnibel Bubblegum" - Princess Bubblegum tells the story of her origins, and the family she once had which has now become a threat to the Candy Kingdom.
  5. "Seventeen" - A dangerous guest threatens to put a damper on Finn's seventeenth birthday party.
  6. "Ring of Fire" - Tree Trunks looks back on her life after a meeting with one of her exes.
  7. "Marcy & Hunson" - Marceline's estranged father tries to connect with his daughter, and crashes a concert she's performing at.
  8. "The First Investigation" - While investigating a disturbance at their childhood home, Finn and Jake make some startling discoveries.
  9. "Blenanas" - While waiting for Jake to come home, Finn tries to get published by his favorite humor magazine.
  10. "Jake the Starchild" - Jake travels to meet his biological father, who turns out to have an ulterior motive.
  11. "Temple of Mars" - Finn and Jermaine team up with Magic Betty to rescue Jake from the depths of space.
  12. "Gumbaldia" - Finn tries to broker peace between Princess Bubblegum and her uncle Gumbald.
  13. "Come Along With Me" - In the show's Grand Finale, a far-future BMO tells two would-be heroes of the Gumball War and the battle against the terrible GOLB.
  14. "Diamonds and Lemons" (bonus episode produced separately from Season 9) - Finn and his friends discover the triumphs and troubles of the world of Minecraft.