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Recap / Adventure Time S 2 E 11 The Chamber Of Frozen Blades

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While the Ice King takes Gunther to the hospital, Finn and Jake sneak into the Ice King's lair to find out if he's got any princess-kidnapping schemes.


  • Battle Discretion Shot: The fight between Finn and Jake and the Ice King begins off-screen as Doctor Princess is preoccupied with Gunter's hatching egg.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The Japanese symbols on the Fridjitzu Manual literally mean: "ice ninja".
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Gunter, the penguin, gives birth to a pink cat.
  • Brick Joke: Ice King is very attracted to Dr. Princess, even though she is not actually a princess. Several seasons later, an old lost love of his turns out to look just like her.
  • Even Nerds Have Standards: Finn and Jake wonder if the Ice King liking ninjas means that they can't be cool. (They resolve it on the grounds that the Ice King is hiding his ninja interests.)
  • Everything Is Better With Princesses: Averted with Dr. Princess. She's just a normal physician who merely has it as her surname.
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  • Gainax Ending: A floating pink cat hatches from Gunter's egg.
    Ice King: Gunter, why didn't you tell me?
    Gunter: Wah wah.
    Ice King: Oh, Gunter...
  • Ironic Name: Dr. Princess is not a princess nor a good physician.
  • McNinja: Finn, Jake and the Ice King all turn out to be learning to be ninjas.
  • No Ending: The episode abruptly ends with Finn and Jake kicking the Ice King while he is distracted by the newborn cat.
  • Snap Back: None of the Fridjitzu techniques Finn and Jake use ever show up again, with the Word of God being that neither of them took the time to dedicate the incantations to memory.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Ice King pulls this on Finn and Jake when he tries to persuade them that they smashed up his castle while he was only taking his penguin to the hospital.

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