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Here are all the confirmed guesses. Spoilers ahead

Marceline is a survivor of the Great Mushroom War
Either something during the war turned her into a vampire, or she was bitten some time afterwards. The reason she's lost her moral code is due to the horrors she witnessed during the War having driven her a bit... Joker-ish.
  • Or, she could have been turned before the war, and thus survived it due to the vampirism.
    • Confirmed, she wasn't a vampire during the war, but she was still a tiefling. This and Simon's crown are why they survived.

The Lich King won't be defeated by the end of Season 2 and will return in Season 3 as the Big Bad of the season.
He's been built up way too much to die in a one-hour special.
  • Or possibly he is defeated, but not for good and returns for season 3 as the Big Bad.
  • Confirmed, sort of. He was beaten, but performed a Body Surf into the Snail, so he's not finished yet.

The Snail is Lich King
He escaped and is watching finn for his revenge
  • CONFIRMED. Sort of. He wasn't originally, but after he was defeated a second time, he performed a Body Surf into it.

The "Fionna and Cake" characters will have no relation to the show's regular recurring characters, and the episode will just be a standalone "What If?" type episode.
  • Or perhaps an extended remake of the original Adventure Time pilot, but WITH GENDER-SWITCHED CHARACTERS! From the looks of this preview, the episode seems like it'll be very generic, but the new characters will just work as a sort of "gimmick."
    • Confirmed. They were a Show Within a Show.
    • Actually, maybe not. What with the "Multi-verse thing, and Pen stating that Cake and Fionna are real, but in a different dimension, it's entirely possible that Fionna may accidentally make a connection between their two worlds, or somehow Finn will end up in their dimension.
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    • As of "Fionna and Cake and Fionna", the true nature of Fionna and Cake is ambiguous. We now know that Fionna and Cake's adventures were being beamed into the Ice King's head all along, hence his obsession over them. They've also been beamed into the television of an old rabbit woman, who's also obsessed with them to the point of recording their adventures and modeling herself after Fionna. Where the beam is coming from, however, nobody knows.

Finn's new romantic interest will be a new Princess.
Specifically, the Flame Princess. Will probably be introduced in the upcoming season 3 episode, "Heart of the Fire Kingdom". note 
  • Possibly confirmed, since the episode is set to air near Valentine's Day.
  • Confirmed,at the end Finn said at the end that he has a crush.

Jake's powers protect him from the Ice Kings crown
He has worn it and not gone mad.
  • Or it had no effect because he's already bonkers.
  • Maybe it only affects one person at a time.
  • Or it takes a few minutes to warm up and activate.
    • Generally confirmed, the crown doesn't affect people who are already magic.

There will be no more episodes featuring the Ice King in season three.
Just because the show has a knack for setting up very interesting elements and then taking a long-ass time to continue them (Examples: The Lich, Susan Strong, 13-year-old Bubblegum). So, those of us who really want to know how the Ice King's role in the show will be affected by "Holly Jolly Secrets" will just have to wait several months.
  • Confirmed. The finale of season 3 just aired, and since Holly Jolly secrets, no episodes have featured the Ice King.

The Magic Man...
Will either turn finn or jake into a copy of himself, or make one of them look like to avoid getting beaten up in his return episode. After being an asshole for so longsomething should have finally caught up with him. Possibly evading the body part people from his first appearance. Or just because he's an asshole.
  • Confirmed. He turns Jake into him, and himself into Jake.

In Burning Low, Bubblegum isn't jealous of Flame Princess.
Similar to above, Bubblegum is platonically interested in who Finn is hanging out with, and would be cool with just about any princess he could pick (which is a lot). However, there is some terrible political / magical / cultural / personal consequence of spending time with Flame Princess. PB will try to distract Finn from her, leading Jake to conclude that she's jealous of Flame Princess as a romantic rival. Her line in the promo, "I thought I'd be ready for this," is in reference to whatever consequence stems from Finn being friends with FP, not losing Finn to another princess. Finn and FP will eventually have to choose, once again, to stop spending time together. It'll suck.
  • Pretty much confirmed. Due to her odd body chemistry (and the strange magical effects of kissing in the AT universe), it turns out kissing FP makes her burn up so hot she could end up falling into the core of the planet itself and cause The End of the World as We Know It. Thankfully, they manage to avoid that, and Finn and FP are forced to find yet another means of getting around the inconveniences of her flame body reacting negatively to his. Though at the end, Jake does taunt Bubblegum, and it's left pretty ambiguous as to whether she's having a Green-Eyed Epiphany or if an Unrequited Love Switcheroo is in the cards.
    • Or if Bubblegum is just annoyed that Jake didn't learn or Ignored the An Aesop. of the episode
    • The "Oh Finn" at the end, seemed more in response to the horrible ordeal he just went through, and the fact that he has a rough road ahead of him with FP.

Young Marceline knew Simon as he was becoming the Ice King.
During "I Remember You" he is going to recognize a picture of her as a child and realize they knew each other. She didn't realize at first because he looks different. It's possible that the episode from there on will be a flashback, ending with a real tear jerker as it's made clear that the Ice King doesn't really remember her, but knows that he used to. Or worse, like in Holly Jolly Secrets, he forgets the revelation soon after having it.
  • Alternately, he recognizes her picture, but never realizes it's Marceline since she's an adult now, ending on a bittersweet note as the Ice King wonders what happened to that little girl.
  • Confirmed. Marceline knew Simon when she was a little girl, it appears that they knew each other well. As a real Tear Jerker, the Ice King has many notes he wrote to Marceline while he was Simon, even saying one of the same things he said in his video from a previous episode: to forgive him if he does anything to hurt her or anyone else, and that he knows he'll forget her soon.

Billy will be possessed by the Lich
Look at this picture. Billy's eyes look strange. It may be because he's far away, though, because he doesn't have the green glow that the Lich does when possessing people.
  • Confirmed.

The Lich is NOT from before the Mushroom War.
He would probably have to be a human to be that, and he's far too big to pass as even a tall human.It's simple: he was the Lich King, i.e. king of some race of undead that dwelled in Ooo. As it seems to be the case for every other king in the series, the Lich King turned evil, but dangerously so. He didn't just commit evil deeds against the other kingdoms: he killed off his subjects. Now, being the only lich in Ooo, he's just called the Lich, and aims to destroy everyone and everything else.
  • Confirmed... he was created during the mushroom war.
    • Actually, arguably jossed: while the Lich's current body was created during the Mushroom War, "Evergreen" reveals he's been on earth for at least 65 million years in various reincarnations, and "Gold Stars" implies he may be older than the universe itself.

Where Finn and Jake are at the end of "The Lich"
At the end of the episode, they get transported to an alternate universe. From what little we've seen of the new universe, it seems likely that it's an alternate universe where the Great Mushroom War never happened.
  • or a pre-mushroom war universe.
  • Confirmed.

The Lich is searching for something even more powerful than the Enchiridion
That's why he needed to go into the other dimension, rather than just taking over Ooo first, then taking over others dimensions.
  • Like the Wish-granting room.
  • Confirmed

The Lich won't be defeated in the season 5 opener
Even a half hour seems too short to have F & J realize they're in another dimension (or, as someone suggested, that they're hallucinating), find the Lich, defeat the Lich, and get home. There's a chance the Lich may win against F & J, or F&J will be forced to leave the Lich behind, or something. The Lich will be taking over a planet as the episode ends.
  • Or, There will be after-effects to deal with that will affect episodes/seasons to come.
  • Mostly confirmed. The Lich is undefeated, and still in the time room.
    • The Lich shouldn't still be in the time room. After you make your wish, you get sent to the timeline your wish created (or at least the Lich did the first time as did Finn). Accordingly, the Lich should be loose on Ooo with no one particularly trying to stop him ATM.
      • Nope. In the season 6 opener, he was still in the time room.

The Lich will be someone else in this universe
Someone with more power, or someone more human-like.
  • Confirmed: It's actually Jake

Alt Finn has a sister
  • Alt Fiona who has an Alt Cake as a pet
  • LSP
  • Susan Strong
  • A girl version of Phil.
  • A gender-nuetral sibling, actually.

The alternate universe
at the end of "The Lich".
  • It's a pre-Mushroom War world.
  • It's a world where the Mushroom War never happened.
  • It's a world where the Mushroom War did happen but events played out differently.
  • IT's a world where the magic went away
    • It's looking like the second or third based on the latest promos. Finn wishes for a world where the Lich never existed... Which, considering the image of Simon looking up to a sky filled with fighter jets, implies the Lich is heavily tied in with the Mushroom War. Whether or not this results in the world seen at the end of The Lich is up in the air.
  • The third. It came into existance after Finn wished for The Lich to have never existed.

The Lich is heading for the time room.
The time room is said to exist at the centre of the universe and outside of time, with a being called the almighty Prismo inhabiting it. Prismo sounds pretty much like god of the multiverse, so maybe the Lich plans to kill him, or steal his power and use it to destroy the multiverse.

Ever since "I Remember You", Marceline has been spending time with the Ice King.
Before she saw the letters, she probably didn't completely understand what was happening with the Ice King, and believed he just forgot about her. Now, she realizes how much his insanity and forgetting was against his will, and is spending more time with him to help jog his memory.
  • Confirmed; in later episodes she's shown playing basketball with him and helping him with his fanfiction.

Hunson Abadeer left Marceline on her own for some reason
Obvously, Marceline isn't just upset about the fries incedent. It had to be something else. In Sugar's original version of the song, it questions why he created her if he doesn't even spend time with her. And in "I remember you", we see a young Marceline alone and lost in the wreckage of the Earth, and it was implied that Simon raised her. This means, that her dad most likely left her for a while, explaining quite a bit of her angst.

PB was mortally wounded, (though by accident) the last time. This time, someone will be deliberately wounded or killed, and it will be treated as serious. Considering how much darker the show has become, this is entirely possible.
  • Depends on how you interpret the Lich possessing Billy.
  • Considering that the Lich seems to have taken his skin, and considering that he hasn't been seen since, I'd say he's dead; so, confirmed.

There will be a loophole or Plot Twist that will allow Princess Bubblegum to continue ruling Candy Kingdom.
Perhaps Lemongrab will reveal to be an Evil Uncle, a fake, or her parents will arrive?
  • Confirmed, she got aged up.

The upcoming episode "Holly Jolly Secrets" will feature the Ice King playing Santa Claus.
Grinch parody optional.
  • I Knew It!. He puts on a red tablecloth, and a Shout-Out is made to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer when one of his snowmen gets a big, red apple nose. He enters Finn and Jake's treehouse through the chimney because it's the only way he could get in, and gives them presents.

The Lich King will be the show's Knight of Cerebus
As tentative episode titles have hinted the show may take turn for the darker and the Lich King hasn't appeared in the show yet. It isn't too much of a stretch to theorize that he'll lead the show down a slightly more Darkerand Edgier path.
  • Supported by Word of God in the form of the series presentation linked above: "The Lich King is not funny.". However, the same pitch also includes artifacts like Lady Raincorn's cooing and Princess Bubblegum and Marceline having a rivalry over Finn, and Princess Bubblegum's real name being "Betty".
  • Confirmed, somewhat. He WASN'T funny, the episode was fairly dark and creepy, and the show did become darker and edgier after this. However, this was a slow evolution starting after the Lich episode.
  • DEFINITELY confirmed now. In the season 5 premiere, he kills a named character, takes his skin, and uses it as a disguise to trick the heroes into helping him destroy all life in the Multiverse. It doesn't stick, but no other character on the show has EVER had such a dark goal, used such horrifying means to achieve it, or come so dangerously close to actually succeeding.
    • Did he destroy all life in the multiverse? Or was a universe created specifically for his wish to play out in like it did with Finn's?

Princess Bubblegum is older than she lets on.
Proof: In "Mortal Recoil", she lost some pieces and the doctors could only compose a younger version of herself as a result. Considering her vast knowledge that few people in their 20's could possess, it's possible she's undergone the same procedure (perhaps even by choice) just to remain young. That would also explain why she way out of Finn's league.
  • She is ageless, and NO ONE will ever know how old she is. Every time she gets older than she would like to be, she lops off a good portion of her extra candy figure, and has her most trusted physicians model her back into her chosen age, as they did in the Lich episode. She is wise beyond her years for this reason, and will never again meet her parents for this reason, they died off millenia or more ago.
  • This is supported by the appearance of Earl Lemongrab in "Too Young." Princess Bubblegum states herself that the Earl has the right to the throne because he's older than her now, which should make the Earl of Lemongrab at least 13 years old. However, in the flashback that shows the earl being created by PB, PB looks the same as her 18-year-old self, even though the scene should have occurred at least 13 years ago.
  • Confirmed as of "The Vault". We find out that Princess Bubblegum is at least a bit older than the candy kingdom itself, the construction of which she supervised along with creating the Gum-ball Guardians herself. Also strangely enough, some of the other Candy Kingdom citizens are that old, such as Peppermint Butler and Creampuff.
  • Explicitly reveals in the tie-in video game Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know that she was gestated in the pink gum entity first seen in Simon and Marcy, and that she's 827 years old.

A future episode will involve a journey into Finn's memory vault.
Sort of like "Memory of a Memory". It's already been shown that he keeps some pretty disturbing stuff in there, so perhaps all that repression will start causing some psychological problems and they'll have to go in there to fix it. Or, they'll need information from one of his repressed memories. It would be an excellent opportunity to find out a bit more of Finn's backstory.
  • semi-confirmed. "Vault" was about finn opening his vault.

Finn's new "Grass Sword" will be what ends up making him lose his arm in some way.

The sword has extreme precision and incredible cutting ability, and is kept wrapped around his right arm when not in use (Exactly the arm he'll probably lose as foreshadowed so far). Plus, the sword is also cursed to always come back to Finn, and even if he gets rid of it, he always finds himself holding it again later. As one of the possible ways he could lose that arm because of the sword... Maybe sometime in the future that WILL end up acting like an actual curse due to some other odd reason, and combined with the Grass Sword's precision...?

  • Okay, and now the grass sword has been shown acting weirdly in Billy's Bucket List, seemingly out of Finn's control. Ooooh shit...
  • Confirmed. In "Escape From The Citadel", the grass sword turns into a beefy arm in order to try to keep Martin from escaping. It fails, and his arm gets torn off as a result. When he comes in contact with guardian blood, a flower grows in place of a new arm, meaning that Finn is a permanent amputee.

Finn has abandonment issues
So we all saw Finn as baby boom-boom, right? All alone in the forest and stuff. Sure, he's upset over that, but there's more to it. In The Jiggler, Finn seemed to go berserk when the mom didn't want the kid back, screaming 'MOMS ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE BABIES'. Why? He empathized with Jiggler, and was trying to make it so the baby wouldn't have to be alone in the forest and fall over onto its own boom boom, as he did.
  • When I watched it, it seemed more like he was saying "Mom's supposed to love baby!", which is evidence of psychological regression, alluding to deep seated issues. Also, it is ambiguous as to whether the singular 'Mom' and 'Baby' refer to the Jiggler and its mother, or Finn and his missing mother.
    • After watching that, I'd be more surprised if he didn't have abandonment issues.
Here's the episode judge for your selves, to me it clearly sounds like "Momma's supposed to love baby"

Simon never knew anybody named "Gunter."
"Gunter" was actually a name that was significant to one of the crown's previous owners.
  • Confirmed in "Evergreen": Gunter was the name of the crown's first wearer, the apprentice of the wizard who first created the crown. The entity that the crown turns its wearers into is a reproduction of Gunter's image of his abusive master.

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