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Princess Bubblegum won't visit OR call the Lemongrabs, and the events of this episode will never be discussed again.
This is my sad theory. I really like Lemongrab. But if everyone (even the people who make the show) dislike him, then why would they bring him back, or have Princess Bubblegum acknowledge their existence?
  • Well in the case of the staff, at least Andy Ristaino likes him to a degree.
    • Lots of the staff like Lemongrab. If they didn't, he would have been a one-trick pony like Xergiok or Donny. They gave him real character development and a complex personality. It's unlikely that they would completely throw all of that out the window after the emotional powerhouse that was "You Made Me!". At the very least, he will be referenced some time in the future. But according to a Jesse Moynihan response on his Formspring a couple of months before "You Made Me!" aired, he and Tom were working on another Lemongrab episode for season 5. Don't fret. Lemonbutt will be back, in some form or another.

At least one map shows it to have roughly the same shape. Finn lives in Ulster, and in the Three Counties lies the Candy Kingdom, The Burning Lands and Red Book Cliffs (as well as Marceline's cave) are in Connaught, The Sandy Business and the Forest of Monsters is Munster, and the Ice Mountains are Lienster and Meath Province. Finally, Mystery Temple Island is the Isle of Man.

  • In Irish mythology, there was a hero known as Fionn mac Cumhaill (more often known as Finn McCool).

The Land of Ooo is part of Terry Brooks' Shannara

Specifically, It takes place far to the east of the Four Lands, sometime between the establishment of the First Druid Council and First War of the Races. I base this on The Great Mushroom War being the Final War from Genesis Of Shannara.

Finn will experience partial deafness after You Made Me!

Given that the blast from Lemongrab's Sound Sword hit directly to his face and even caused his hat to tear up, I wouldn't be too surprised about the damage it could've done to his ears...

Princess Bubblegum is terminally ill.
This would explain her increasingly tired look, and why she made Goliad even after Lemongrab failure. "I'm not going to live forever, Finn. I would if I could". Also, she could be this end-of-season tragedy.
  • And it was caused by the events of "Mortal Recoil".

Castle Lemongrab NEVER had citizens.
After Princess Bubblegum created Lemongrab and calmed him down and assured him that the world was NOT out to get him, she gave him some clothes, gave him a room in the Candy Castle, and began to get him to socialize. These abysmal attempts at socialization led to Lemomgrab yelling at people, hitting people, and panicking at people. Lemongrab told Princess Bubblegum that he wanted nothing to do with the Candy People, and became increasingly agitated and upset. Princess Bubblegum noticed that Lemongrab preferred solitude over being alone, but was saddened to see him spending all of his time cooped up in his bedroom. So, she made him his Lemon Camel, had Castle Lemongrab built for him, and she sent him away, so he could be alone in a cushy place (with Lemon Camel) that was esthetically pleasing to him. HOWEVER... The months of isolation from other people made Lemongrab all soul-searchy, and weeeird, and he became not only lonely, but psychotic, and (understandably) furious at Princess Bubblegum. In his psychotic anger, he began dabbling in scientific invention- during these dark times, he built the Reconditioning Chamber and the Sound Sword, (and possibly spent some time tormenting helpless animals.) However, this didn't placate his anger. Desperate for companionship, but loathing the idea of interaction, Lemongrab took to sleep-peeping on the Candy People. And thus, the events of "You Made Me!" occurred.

When the Lich returns, he will possess Jake and Lady's puppies.
Which forces Jake to have to make a difficult decision. Lady will plead with Jake them to live, even though doing so will threaten all existence. Finn is duty-bound to kill them, even though it basically means murdering his own nieces and nephews.
  • Knowing how the series usually proceeds, Jake will likely find a third option that avoids tragedy.

The Lemongrabs will return in "The Lich."
There will be a grand battle scene akin to The Lord of the Rings, in which many past characters, obscure or not, come to defend the Land of Ooo against the Lich. In the background, the Lemongrabs will be seen bravely charging into battle, screaming their heads off. Lemongrab will charge into battle brandishing his Sound Sword, riding on an armor-clad Lemon Camel, and the other Lemongrab will soar through the sky and dart down on Lemon Pegasus, shooting green lightning bolts from his wand. And it will be EPIC!

Billy the Warrior will come back in "The Lich"
Billy will show up when the Lich has regained his body and will face him in a final showdown. Towards the end of the episode, Billy will sacrifice himself to save Finn and his friends from the Lich. When that happens, The Lich will escape and Finn and Co. will mourn over the loss of the great warrior Billy.

The Flame King wants Flame Princess to marry someone evil, not because he's evil, but because he wants to make sure the suitor is hardly a romantic for the Flame Princess
Given that Flame Princess can destroy the world when given romance, he probably wanted someone who wasn't particularly abusive, but definitely not a good lover, in order to keep the world safe.

In the episode "Ignition Point", the Flame King is upset with Flame Princess being in love with a hero
Given that the episode description says how there is a family feud in the Flame Kingdom and along with the Flame King's connections with Princess Bubblegum. It is quite likely that Princess Bubblegum had to report to Flame King on how Flame Princess nearly destroyed the world and that her suitor was Finn, which will, no doubt, upset the Flame King when he realizes that Jake lied about Finn being evil.
  • So far, Jossed.

Lemongrab's Sound Sword is...
... of his own design. He designed it as a tuning fork which can wield incredible power, and is powered by the frequency of his own impassioned screams. No one else except Lemongrab could wield it, because it's designed to be powered by his own voice. If Lemongrab were to emit a power shriek while holding the Sound Sword, his opponent would die.(However, this likely would not happen, because the Power Shriek is considered too dishonorable even for Lemongrab.) Lemongrab only wields the sword when under EXTREME anxiety. He didn't use it in Too Young, because his buttons hadn't been pushed QUITE enough to solicit that response. He decided to use the Sound after being called "Lemongrease" twice, being called "crazy," and being directly disobeyed.

Peppermint Butler got his abilities due to beating Death in a music battle.
Peppermint Butler died at one point, but due to being Badass he managed to locate Death's home and challenge Death for his life back. Impressed, Death decided to duel him in a rock concert. If Peppermint Butler lost, he'd be Death's new servant. If he won, he'd get to go back to the land of the living. Luckily for Peppermint Butler, he was musically skilled enough to defeat Death. Impressed that a mere mortal had beaten him, they became pals. Peppermint Butler's ability to detect the Lich, and generally creepy qualities are a result of being dead. This would also go to explain why he was interested in eating Finn and Jake's flesh: he retains the flesh-lust that dead people have.
  • And why his aura is too horrible to be seen.

At some point, we will learn the origin of the Lich.
We've already found out the origin of the Ice King, and Adventure Time isn't afraid to delve into the Backstory Horror. To avoid Villain Decay for the Lich, it'll be incredibly dark(possibly even moreso than the Ice King's), and involve a solid Moral Event Horizon prior to lichifying. As for a possible backstory:
  • The Lich was a human living in a plauge-fuelled era(perhaps the Black Death), who wants to survive no matter what. He will search for the crown of the Lich King, capable of allowing someone to survive-nay, thrive off lethal conditions. Getting it to work will involve a massive Moral Event Horizon, which combined with the deadly powers of the crown, turn him to the Omnicidal Maniac we know and fear today.
    • Well, it says for that episode "The secrets of Ooo will be revealed", so his backstory would be tied into Ooo's. AND, since this came right after another post-apocalyptic backstory, it will involve that. True, it's not usually the way AT reaveals things, but this is not a usual episode.
      • Based on the description of the next episode, the Lich caused the Mushroom War.
      • Actually the mushroom war created the Lich

Princess Bubblegum is NOT evil.
This may very well be the most 'out there' theory on this page, but stay with me here. What if she is just a 18 year old teenager who, while being rather capable, is still very stressed by her job and is NOT the ever wise and knowing person people expect he to be. Her experience with Lemongrab seems sadly realistic of a person who has a severely mentally disturbed person on their hands and has precisely no idea on how to deal with it or what is wrong. It's clear that she wishes that she could help as seen in 'You Made Me!' but the Candy Kingdom seems a bit deficient in knowledge of how to treat these people. And as the presence of a mental hospital in 'Princess Cookie' shows, she seems to be trying and moving in the right direction. Her behavior towards Finn shows a mix of obliviousness and internal conflict regarding her relationship with him.

Over time we have seen that the Candy Kingdom is large and has crime and slums. This does not mean that she is incompetent- MOST cites have ghettos and crime. She can't stop this any more than a real world person could, but she seems to try. She is not evil. She is not horrid. She is a stressed out 18 year old with a lot of responsibility and takes in stride remarkably well. 'Too Young' shows us that she wishes she didn't need to be in a position of such responsibility.

She isn't a villain for being imperfect. It makes her a Person.


The Lemongrab clone doesn't exist.
In reality, the Lemongrab clone is akin to something like Candy Wife from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack- just an inanimate sculpture made of lemons and candy. Even worse, the Lemongrab clone may be just a cardboard cutout of things Princess Bubblegum found lying around Castle Lemongrab. Every interaction we saw of Lemongrab and the Lemongrab clone was a hallucination, because Lemongrab is actually batshit crazy and unable to relate to real people. Lemongrab was talking to himself the whole time without knowing it, or he imagined the other Lemongrab's voice. When everyone was saying "Good-bye, Lemongrabs!" and "Take care, boys!" they were just playing along, so Lemongrab would be placated in his strange way. And no- Princess Bubblegum is too terrified of Lemongrab to visit him again. She won't call him.

Lemongrab's twisted logic behind his "Reconditioning Chamber" is...
Lemongrab is a guy who normally screaming all the time. To him, this is what is normal. Lemongrab designed the Reconditioning Chamber to make his subjects more like him- screaming, convulsing nervous wrecks. The fact that it hurts his subjects may be just incidental, or Lemongrab, being the slightly sociopathic person that he is, is unaware of the scope of how much pain it's really inflicting, seeing as how he tends to overreact to things by screaming, and seeing as how he amps up the electricity so casually.

When Princess Bubblegum turned 13, she lost her "maternal" instinct. When she turned 18, she got it back.
When Princess Bubblegum turned 13, she lost her ability to relate to Lemongrab as her own creation, because he was older than her, and she lost her "maternal" (protective and caring towards her creation) instincts. At 13, she saw LG as... well, a screaming lunatic. But when she turned 18 again, she got it back, and was able to relate more to Lemongrab, fully understanding that he is her responsibility, as his creator. This is why 13 year old PB was angry at Lemongrab, while 18 year old PB was worried about him.
  • I can see how this can be true, but even thirteen-year-olds can have maternal instincts. I think she hated the responsibilty, and when she turned 13, her maturity was lessened, allowing her to shirk her responsibility to LG.

What Stormo really said to Goliad
a very long and epic "World of Cardboard" Speech.

Goliad: Wait, brother, why must we fight? Rule with me!
Stormo's translated dialogue: I'm not here to join you, sister. even tough it truly hurts my heart to do this. To fight against someone like me, someone born from the same sugar that gave life to me, i must stop you. You have gone too far and i have to put a stop this. I have to protect this people. This is my destiny, and even if it means to fight you, i will do it. But you are still my sister. and i must beg you. Please, please Goliad, Stop this madness. I know there is still good on you. Let Lady Bubblegum help you.
Goliad: No, brother! Don't you see? They're turning us against—
Stormo's translated dialogue: Enough! i have seen with my own eyes you actions. And even if you were right, deeply in my heart i just can't let you keep going. Because this is the heart of a hero. My heart tells me to save this people, to protect them from monsters such as what you have become. you are my sister, and despite what fate has decided for bot of us, i love you. But this just can't keep going. You have made people sad, you tried to take away their freedom and happiness, you have become a tyrant, you have become what lady bubblegum feared the most. and i'm willing to give my life if it is what it takes to stop you. i'm Stormo the sphyinx! son of the great hero Finn! Protector of the candy kingdom! let's the battle be!
Goliad: So be it.

The Lemongrab clone will be killed off in the show.
A major plotline involving Lemongrab will focus on the death of his best friend, Lemonfriend. The Lemongrab clone will either be injured in battle, will be involved in an accident, or will suffer from health problems (due to being a clone.) His death will be tragic, and Lemongrab will be forced to learn how to grow up, depend on himself, and take responsibility for the decisions he makes.

In Season 5, Flame Princess will receive a Promotion to Opening Titles.
It's a logical assumption, since she has become a fairly important character over the course of Season 4; not to mention a popular one. When the fifth season starts, FP and the Fire Kingdom will be added into the long opening sweep through Ooo.
  • It seems unlikely. Numerous people have already asked the staff about modifying the opening, but their response is that the only time it will change is when they'll show Fionna and Cake again.

Flame Princess is responsible for the hole near the center of the world
That's why Princess Bubblegum knew what would happen if she experienced "extreme romance" — it's happened before, and that hole was the result of it.

Flame King killed Fire Count, his brother.
In the episode "Ignition Point" its revealed that he killed his brother, in retaliation his nephews try to kill him. It would make a good Call-Back to the Billy episode.

The Dead One spirit seen in "Beyond this Earthly Realm" is the spirit of one of the Ice King's penguins.
Notice how it makes the familiar "wenk" sound his penguins make, and the heads vaguely resemble a penguin. The Ice King is known to sometimes abandon/throw away his penguins and is the kind of person who may forget to feed them-the Dead One may be the soul/souls of those neglected penguins, who want revenge on the Ice King by creeping him out.

When Simon was first influenced by the Ice Crown, he tried to rape Betty.
The Ice King has already proven to be a sociopath who doesn't understand that stalking women and kidnapping them is wrong, and has no idea that violating privacy is a bad idea. This likely means he wouldn't get that having "relations" without consent is bad. Given all this, when the Ice Crown made him go insane for the first time, the brainwashed Simon may have tried to force himself on Betty. This would go to explain why she looked at him "with such contempt", and something like this would cause Betty to leave him completely. Simon didn't remember what happened out of insanity and the revelation of betraying her trust would've broke him.

Lemongrab is still an asshole.
His Heel–Face Turn is a complete sham. He's just pretending to be nice to get on the good side of everyone- including Lemongrab 2. This explains why his sudden turn to the good, or at least nice, side was so abrupt and annoyingly contrived. He's still a terrible person and borderline evil, he's just much better at hiding it because he's genuinely happy that someone finally understands his strange ways. Eventually, Lemongrab 2 will see Lemongrab's true colors, and leave him to live with Princess Bubblegum, who will take care of him until he's less stupid and more capable of caring for himself. We won't hear from Lemongrab again, and he'll presumably die alone.
  • The problem with this theory is that if Lemongrab were capable of hiding how terrible he is, 90% of his problems would have been gone just like that.

The Land of Ooo doesn't exist. It is just a product of an insane Simon's

Slowly, the Ice King has been questioning his world in small ways, (early examples include "The Eyes", where he begins to question why he isn't happy), and his experiences have actually have been markers. The reveal of Ice King's past as a human is when his doctors, (assuming he's in a mental hospital getting treatment), switched to a medication that is starting to work. Slowly, (with a setback or two), the Ice King has acted less crazy and eventually will come out of his hallucinated world. This also explains his sociopathy. Subconsciously, he's aware that none of the people are real. Additionally, his hallucinations extend to time, where his 600-1000 years of being the Ice King actually was 6-10 months or years. The Medication will take about a month to take full affect, meaning 100 months or years in the Adventure Time world. Or, things will go wrong and he'll have a bad reaction to the medication, and become even more crazy, both in Ooo and the real world.

Gunter is not actually the most evil creature Hunson has encountered.
When Hunson told Gunter that he/she was by far the most evil creature he'd seen, Gunter was already pregnant with the pink kitten that's born later in season 2. The kitten was the true source of evil, and Hunson mistook it as coming from Gunter.
  • And in "Reign in Gunters", the kitten was controlling Gunter.

Simon raised Marcelline
Hunson really, really doesn't seem the type to be a parental figure, while what precious little we have of Simon and Young Marcelline's interactions puts Simon in a very paternal light. He must have stayed with her as long as his increasing madness allowed...
  • As of "I Remember You," this has been confirmed. At the very least he was a father figure to her.

Simon will go deep into the Wizard underground to find Marceline's bear.

Considering that Ash could sell such a item for a rose, there is possibly some sort of market for royal memorabilia, of which a piece of pre-war history might rank at the top. Now, such a item is probably worth quite a price....

Like his Wizerdhood.

The Ice King's crown actively represses his past or attempts to reach Simon
Watching his own story on the video tapes, he seemingly ignores it over his glasses issue. When Marceline tries to make him remember about his old self he cant seem to grasp what she's showing right in front of him, often changing the subject after a while. While he seems to troubled about it during their song, he apparently forget it moments later to enjoy singing the song, oblivious within the lyrics. Marceline may have also tried to make him remember his past, but he has no recollection of it.

However it seems when things are not confronting him about his past, he remembers more details and can carry fairly normal conversations.

The Ice King could have turned out to be something more sinister
Taking into account previous memory lapses in his early days of transformation, with implications that he did horrible things during them, it would seem that the intended final state Simon would have reached would have been a much more evil wizard. But the trauma he incurred from the grief he had over the loss of Betty, caused his mental breakdown that stayed through and long after his transformation into a wizard. The end result of this incident is the sillier Ice King that exists within the show now.
  • Or, more likely, a young Marceline saved him from becoming truly evil. Her love prevented him from losing it entirely, as well as his strong need to "save" Marceline. He managed to save her from his most evil self.

Marcelline is angry at Peebles for sentencing/tricking/putting Simon on the ice mountain.
Simon, as the Ice King, is a powerful and insane wizard, with a loose grip on reality. He would be a danger to the people of Ooo so she did something, to make him isolate himself in a sense. She did something similar with the Fire Princess, due to how unstable she is and could destroy Ooo.

And considering that she sequestered Lemongrab away too, to protect the safety of her citzens, its not impossible.

  • Except Marceline is not the one who is angry at Bubblegum, its Bubblegum who is angry at Marceline for a reason that Marceline does not even remember. As for sequstering its unlikely as the Ice King is in no way bound to his land in any way other than his own want.
The Lich was Betty

That's why it knows about the Enchiridion. And it's significant that the Ice King had a role in both defeats of him so far. * Or "had"

The Lub Glubs are summons of the Lich who are responsible for Finn's abandonment.
The Lub Glubs are creatures that the Lich summoned during his attempt to destroy Ooo before he was sealed away by Billy. The Lub Glubs were never stopped, so they were able to spend years roaming around before stumbling across Beautopia. The place sheltered what could have been the last true humans before they were driven out and were mutated by the biohazardous waste in their new environment. Finn's parents could have left him on Boom Boom Mountain while hoping to find a better place for him to live, but then something happend to prevent them from continuting to raise him, like getting eaten by Rainicorns.

The fries that Marceline's dad ate were somehow special to her.
Taking place after the Mushroom War, while everything was still ruined, good food was hard to come by. Marceline somehow managed to get ahold of fries, so they were special.

Hyoomans are a subspecies of humans, and can breed together. Finn was born to hyooman parents.
However, the child of a hyooman and a human will turn out to be one or the other and will not hold characteristics of both. Finn was born to two hyooman parents who had human ancestors, and he turned out human. Because he could not live in the sewer environment, his parents ventured out above ground and left him in the forest, hoping that someone would take care of him.

Simon gave Marceline the fries
The fries were not so she could eat them, but a strange present from Simon as he was losing his mind. This explains a lot of things.Unlikely: ' "I" bought them, and they were mine. If Simon had got them, she'd say "he" bought them.'

Betty is Marceline's mom
After Simon went crazy, Betty left him for a good friend named Hunson Abadeer.

The Magic Man made the Ice Crown
It may be a bit more long term but it fits his basic MO.
  • Very doubtful. The crown existed before the war, as Simon's videos show. And Magic Man fell into his chaotic only 200 years or so ago.
    • Ok, what if Abraham Lincoln made it?

The Ice King will regain his sanity
Not permanently, just for a day. The episode will follow Marceline who despondently trys to see him. It will make us cry.

The Ice King has Hambo
He traded Ash for it and doesnt remember why. It's in his The Past Room.
  • Ash said he traded the doll to a witch. Unless he was confused by the Ice King's robe, which given that Ice King also has a full beard is unlikely.

The "witch" who traded Ash for possession of Hambo is the Ice Queen
The Ice King knows about her because she's real and can cross between universes. She's collecting items like Hambo because she and the Ice King are trying to create their own well of power as part of a bigger plan to defeat the Lich.

Hambo has a lot of magical residue from a millenium spent with Marceline and her memories, and is even more powerful than Finn's like-like sweater

The Ice Crown was created as a weapon against the Lich

Marceline is a vulcan.
Just putting out yet another bizarre crack theory.

Eventually, The Ice King will begin to forget who Finn and Jake are.
And possibly PB and the other princesses, which probably still won't stop him from chasing after them.

There will be an episode where Finn and Jake go inside Ice King's mind.
Because hey, it would be an excuse for the creators of the show to do all sorts of insane things. There will be little hints about his past, Simon, Marceline and Betty in, though it won't be part of the main plot.

The Ice King's crown was created by someone who saw the impending disaster and wanted something to help him survive.
However, things didn't go as planned and the crown didn't turn out the way he wanted. He couldn't destroy it because it was magic, but he did try to put it where no one could find it. But someone did find it eventually, Simon later got ahold of it, and the rest is history.

Marceline relied on Simon
as a father figure instead of her actual father because Hunson Abadeer thought she died.Even though Hunson is the Lord of Evil and isn't the best father for Marceline, it seems out of character to not look after her: soul-sucking and somewhat inconsiderate he may be, but leaving his daughter in a wasteland he is not. Given Marceline lived in the Mushroom War, it would be reasonable for her simply being missing a few days equate to having died. Besides, Simon was probably a better parent to raise her anyway.

The Ice King and Betty
are Finn's parents Ice King's madness took a very good time to take upon him, as evidenced by the episode I Remember You, where he had almost became the Ice King but still retained enough sanity to take care of Marceline.He and Betty had a son, back when he was still Simon.Thanks to the crown, he saw visions about the impending disasters and, desperate to do something to protect his loved ones, he started to listen to the crown. The crown gave him the idea to use its powers to encase both his girlfriend and son in ice to help them survive. He froze his son, but Betty saw that and thought that, in his madness, Simonkilled his son and was going to try to kill her, so she run away. Using the powers of the crown in such a way started the transformation of Simon in the Ice King.Either the city flooded, or Simon sent his son to the ocean on purpose, but the iceberg with the baby was lost. Eventually, he even forgot that he had a son, and hundreds of years later a dog found the iceberg with the little baby inside and decided to raise him.

The Crown absorbed Ice King's personality.
Whenever someone puts on the crown it will absorb the wearers personality and memories and give them the either the previous wearers or just makes them crazy. The Ice King was able to maintain a few subconscious memories such as Betty being his princess and that he has a tortured past, due to the fact that he had to help child Marceline in the war. Since the crown has Simon's memories and personality when it was put on the confession shelf in "what have you done" it was actually Simon asking for forgiveness for the things he has done under the crown's influence.
  • Ricardio was the crown's previous wearer.
  • or Ice Queen was.

Jake is Jay T. Dawgzone.
Jay T. Dawgzone could be an alternate name for Jake. They are both similar and the T in Jay T. Dawgzone could stand for the making it Jay The Dawgzone which is very similar to Jake the Dog. Jake has been shown to know a lot of bad advice when it comes to ladies (even though he doesn't think so) so he made a book under the name of Jay T. Dawgzone filling it with what he thinks is bad advice, but some of it is actually good.
  • Alternatively, He wrote that with good advice for scummy guys who want to pick up chicks, so when Finn started taking the advice, Jake told him not to take the advice because he wants Finn to be a respectable guy.
  • Additionally, official artwork shows a picture of the author in the back of the book, where he resembles Jake wearing a conspicuous disguise.

I'm hurting you because I love you.
Was what Simon told child Marceline just before he left her to save her from himself.

Doctor Princess was involved in the mushroom war.
The war was a fight between science and magic. Doctor princess could have been on the side of science as in wizard battle she shows up as Science Whyzard thinking that if science and magic fought once before why not again.

Ice King taught Marceline bass
They play well together, and have clearly done it before. Ice King's a pretty musical guy, so it seems reasonable to think he may have taught her bass.

Hunson Abadeer left Marceline on her own for some reason
Obvously, Marceline isn't just upset about the fries incedent. It had to be something else. In Sugar's original version of the song, it questions why he created her if he doesn't even spend time with her. And in "I remember you", we see a young Marceline alone and lost in the wreckage of the Earth, and it was implied that Simon raised her. This means, that her dad most likely left her for a while, explaining quite a bit of her angst.

Marceline has no mother
I don't mean her mother's dead, I mean she never had one. Due to her supernatural existence, this could be possible. In Sugar's original lyrics of the song from "It Came From the Nightosphere", Marceline asks, "Daddy, why did you create me?" Granted, It's not canon, but it doesn't mean the "create" part of that isn't accepted among the Adventure Time creators. No mother was shown in even her earliest memories, yet she remembers when Simon met her. When Marceline references being young and her mother patching her scraped knees up, (which, in order to get, she would most likely have to be at least a young girl to happen, which she should have been able to remember in "Memory of a Memory"), she's actually talking about Simon. She obviously couldn't tell Finn about the whole "Simon" thing, but needed to say something that wouldn't raise too many questions, so she chose mother.
  • Most likely jossed, as Marceline says she's "half-demon".
  • It is possible that whatever was used to create her was not made out of a demon (clay, flesh, etc...) and then her demon father breathed life into it, making her life-force/mind/soul demonic but her physical being non-demonic, or i could be the other way around with her having a human mind but a demon body, just because she is a half demon doesn't mean that she has a mother.

"The Lich" will have an insane amount of Callbacks
  • Depends on your definition of "Insane", but a lot of characters return as at least cameos.

Season 5 will involve a Crisis Crossover (wink wink)

Jake's speech at the end of "Too Young" somehow predicted future events
  • "You might have to defeat a demon lord..." The Nightosphere double episode
  • "... or warp through serval worlds" Muti-Universes are introducted in "The Lich"
  • "Once you walk up the wizard steps..." "Wizard Battle"
  • "Walk right up to the princess and give her a smooch" The kiss with Flame Princess in "Burning Low"
  • If this was intead intentional, season 5 may feature a key of sorts("produce your magic key") and a water kingdom("the water world").
  • Key= the magic man

The Bear working for the Lich is the son of the one that Billy fought in his song.

Concerning the various theories that Adventure Time is taking place within a tabletop RPG...
There is a LOT of talk about alignment.
  • The Enchiridion: the ant is described as "neutral" and "unaligned."
  • Daddy's Little Monster: the amulet fills its wearer with chaotic evil.
  • Ignition Point: Finn asks if Flame Princess is evil or chaotic neutral, then Flame King comments "there'd be penalties to her experience if she acted out of alignment."

Lumpy Space is an entire other universe.
The Reveal in The Lich showed that there are separate universes, some of which are permanently "chronolocked." It is possible that Lumpy Space is an alternate universe that has been combined in this manner for so long that no one thought of its implications of alternate universe.
  • As is the Nightosphere.

Finn's "mom"
at the end of the episode is Princess BubblegumOr at least that universe's version of Bubblegum.

Finn and Fionna will meet eventually
"The Lich" sets this up too perfectly not to be used at some point.

The Lich is going to try to kill every other dimensional version of Finn and Jake
Much like how the Vogons did with the planet earth in the final Douglas Adams HGTTG book and the Enchiridion is like the Guide MK 2.
  • And all the alternate Finns and Jakes will team up to take down The Lich. And it will be glorious.
  • Or it would be like Turtles Forever, with the Lich wanting to kill Penn from the pilot, which destroys everything else.
  • Worse. The trailer for the Season 5 opener reveals that the lich uses some kind of magical wish to wish for the extinction of all life. Finn wishes for the Lich to have never existed, however.

The Pre-Mushroom War Earth was a Crapsack World
It might have been just a joke but look at this newspaper headline from "I Remember You!" For all we know the world could have been very dour, very cynical and very judgemental to anyone that dared do the extraodinary like Simon did, as it described him as a "Silly Man" who discovered something "Marginally Exciting" AKA The Enchiridion.

Simon Petrikov was basically Marceline's first Dad...
Now, bear with me on this. We know that Marceline has a dad who is the demon that rules the Nightosphere. However, based on flashbacks from "Memory of a Memory" and "I Remember You", we see a young Marceline who is all alone; no father in sight both occasions. My guess is that Demons are like turtles who leave their young on their own until they can find their way back. Either that, or Marceline's dad didn't even know he had a kid until later. Simon Petrekov (AKA, The Ice King), however, was shown in "I Remember You", was around her numerous times, both from the flashback and from Marceline's comment about the Ice King always finding her. The only reason Marceline cares about the Ice King at all, is because Ice King, when he was still Simon, was the only person who cared about child Marceline. He was the only one to help her as a child, to help cheer her up, to make her happy. Simon is Marceline's first Dad, and while he's not her real dad, he cared for her just like any father would for their daughter, even if he kept leaving and coming back.

It's all about the Crowns and the Enchridion
What we know:- The Crown is pre-war.- Simon found the Enchiridion before he found the Crown- In "The Lich" we find out it's one of many "crowns of power", the gems belonging to the Enchiridion- Therefore The Ice Crown is part of the same "set" as, eg, Princess bubblegum's crown.- The ice crown changes it's owner's mind and body.- Therefore, The Enchridion and the Crowns were all meant to be used together. This means that PB's (and various other princess crowns) are pre-war as well. Isn't it possible, then, that all of the wierd creatures we know of (PB included) also happened upon crowns and became the creatures we know of? ie, the candy crown- Therefore, everything in the series traces back to Simon Petrikov finding the Enchiridion. The war was supiciously soon after the Crown was found, plus we see a horrible snowstorm (that lasted a long time) happen in the backgrounds of the vhs tapes. Other people also found crowns and were changed. They begat "other" creatures, we know that candy people are constructed.
  • This would make all the theories that Bubblegum/Doctor Princess is Betty true.

Princess Bubblegum is Betty, and she, the same as the Ice King, doesn't remember her past self
. Based on my own theory and considering the theory right above this one, Princess Bubblegum's crown is part of a set that orbits the Enchiridion. Now, let's consider that the Ice King survived the Mushroom War thanks to the crown, but it also gave him powers as it slipped him into some sort of insanity. Therefore, wouldn't the other crowns act similar, granting powers and the survival of the wearer at the cost of sanity/memories?In such case, Princess Bubblegum could actually be Simon's fiancee Betty, except she doesn't remember it. It's interesting, for instance, that she dismisses so casually the time she had to grow back from her 13-year-old self in "Too Young", as if she really didn't realize so little time passed when she switched from 13 to 18 years. Consider, now, that it seems she is still 18 even when Finn has grown older. Is her crown granting her a MUCH longer life span?Also to consider: we know that, at some point in time, Bubblegum and Marceline were close friends. Was is clearly expressed WHEN did that happen? Who knows, perhaps Bubblegum thinks it was a year ago, when in fact it was 500 years ago. Marceline already dealt with Simon's slippage to insanity and loss of memory; did she go through the same with Bubblegum?
  • Bubblegum has shown a few times that she isn't perfectly sane. Also, In a flashback in "Princess Cookie", Bubblegum was exactly the same age as now. Either cookies grow up fast or Bubblegum doesn't age/ages slowly.

In the future, LSP's book will become the starting point for a new "Hero's Handbook".
Since the Enchiridion seems to be kaput. I like to believe that LSP will eventually become some kind of wise, forest dwelling sage (who still talks like a valley girl and thinks the wildlife is hitting on her) who wrote down all of the lessons she learned from finn in her "I Wrote a Book" which she passes on to some young hero.
  • The book already has wisdom in it, just Turtle Princess has been the only one to read it, so they don't know how profound some sections are.

As thanks for watching Marceline, Hunson agreed to give Simon a wish. Simon wished to not go crazy but Hunson couldnt do that. So Simon asked to never forget Marceline.
  • And....Abadeer didn't do that?
    • The fact that he repeatedly seeks out her company proves that he remembers her (even if he doesn't necessarily remember where he remembers her from).
  • Jossed by The Advenutre Time Encyclopedia, which was written by Hunson. His bios on his daughter and Ice King make it clear that while he knows about Simon, and he knows that some people think he purposefully abandoned Marcy as a child, he quite conspicuously has no idea about any connection between Simon and Marceline.

The Enchiridion caused the magic's return
After Simon discovered the Enchiridion, someone caused the portal to open to a dimension with magic, which seeped into our universe.
  • Lumpy Space?

Betty is Marceline's Mom
After she left Simon, already taking the first steps into insanity, she found Hunson Abadeer and gave birth to Marceline. Simon somehow knew this and took a liking to the girl.
  • It really is Simon's child, though, but Abadeer has yet to find out.
    • But then how come she's a half-demon?

Since the Lich hates all life, it manipulated the Bear, and he is the only one in Billy's cave after Finn's nightmare, who's to say that the Lich didn't kill the Bear after it ate Billy's Wife?!

Marceline turned into a vampire to watch over Ice King
Marceline knew that Simon was losing himself, but at such a young physical age she knew she couldn't watch over him, so she waited until she was physically in her teens before turning into a vampire (whoever bit her) and beating the Vampire King to become Vampire Queen, so she could live out years and years watching over Ice King as he loses himself, just to make sure that he doesn't lose Marceline too, whether or not he knows it.
  • "And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?"
  • But she's spent all this time avoiding him.
  • Avoiding contact with him, but still watching over him.

The next Fionna and Cake episode is going to make us all cry.
Because it's going to focus more on Marshall Lee. Marshall Lee is Marceline, and the Fionna and Cake universe is fanfiction written by the Ice King.

The reason why they didn't get Dante Basco to play Marshall Lee... because they're saving him for a future appearance by Flame Prince. Tell me the Actor Allusions in this wouldn't be the best ever.

Adventure Time is actually BlazBlue in the future.
The Great Mushroom War obviously had to do with nuclear warfare, correct? Well, in a little hidden thing within BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2, we learn that Kokonoe has a gigantic, underground field of warheads. She may have decided to use them because, well, she's Kokonoe. She may have either caused the Mushroom War(highly doubt that's the case though) or have used them to destroy a greater evil. This of course asks 2 things. 1-What happened to the other characters of Blazblue. 2-What was this greater evil? Both are answered right here. Basically, The Lich, the decaying corpse who we've come to love and fear(mostly the second one), is none other than the troller himself, Hazama. How you might ask? Well, Hazama is, and was, already immortal in a way. So, he found a way to get ends to meet with the Continuum Shifts and made himself just that more powerful AND immortal. Or at least something around those lines. At that point, he decided to stop being his joking self(hence The Lich not being one to kid around) because he had his ends meet, or at least he's keeping that trolling self bottled up for a bit of an, after-I-kill-everyone, party. She, of course, learns about this and well..........Tries to kill him with a bang. LITERALLY. There's more to this however. Who, of course, cast The Lich down? Billy who, of course, is Ragna. Ragna also finds a way to immortality to save the world(or probably just so he can kick Hazama's ass) and faces Hazama at a later point. He's able to defeat Hazama(Or The Lich as he's now called) or at least seal him. Afterwards, Ragna has some kinda [1] after defeating him and renounces fighting. After words, do to technology having been destroyed, the world becomes well more dependent on Ars Magus. The soon got more of a hold on it, to the point where they can use it on Nine's level and it becomes normal magic. And now for what each character becomes or what happens to such things.

Rachel-Becomes Marceline because well, that'd be pretty kickass. How? Mutation from the radiation or such. The mutation allowed her to age to the Marceline age we now see and love. Makes sense because then her meeting the Ice King/Simon as young Marcie makes sense because it could be her after being mutated for a few days. She eventually met Hunson Abadeer and, because he was probably her best life line or anything at that time, she became his "daughter". Eventually, throughout the years, she lost her accent(it's very much possible because Americans once had British accents, but after the 200+ year split, BAM! Americans had developed well.....American accents) She had met a person who tried to usurp her, the Vampire King, and, do to her possible age and experience over him, killed him with ease. After that, the rest is history.

Arakune- Ice King. How and why? Well, at some point in Blazblue, Arakune's probably going to come to his senses and be cured and have a realization moment with Litchi. The 2 embrace, but soon realize that something will either chase them(NOL do to previous mishaps with them when Arakune was well.....Arakune) or will possibly be sucked back into the events. The 2 run for it and move to a new town. Litchi changes her look slightly(dying her hair possibly), takes up her old job of science since that's one of the things that she's a master in, and lives peacefully with Arakune. The 2 change their names to avoid pursuit. Arakune probably changes his appearance slightly too after being cured and takes up a job of archaeology. He eventually finds the Ice Crown and well.......I think you can add in the rest.......

Litchi: Just stated. She's Betty.

Noel: This one's a toughy, but maybe she has relation to PB? I mean, the MU-12 incident most have screwed her up big time, which leads to PB cuckoo-ness. Hereditary. That or Noel becomes PB or something. It's technically possible since, remember, mutation is a big possibility in a nuclear wasteland. Or even better yet, she's the ancestor of Finn. They both have blond hair and some kind of nut with some kinda weapon. Not severely, but at least a [[Weapon of Choice sort of thing]].

Ragna: Billy, as stated before. Also, let's face it. If this was the case and Ragna somehow found out what the world becomes in the future, the reaction from him would be hilarious.(Not saying the show is bad, but walking candy and random magic everywhere would probably just make Ragna go crazy.)

Jin: Not exactly sure. Like Noel, he has blond hair so it's possible he's an ancestor of Finn. Or it's possible that he(or more likely Hakumen since he would've had a great chance of surviving a huge nuclear war do to him being virtually immortal) survived and became Finn somehow. Probably didn't happen, but hey. You never know.

Hazama: Stated before. Creepily stated before.

Kokonoe: She may have survived and lived on to help repopulate the Earth through science experimentation. She may manipulate Continuum Shifts somehow as well and become immortal so that she could survive. Her attempts in bringing back humanity end up in the mutated people we know today as Hyoomens. It's a big stretch(even for half the stuff I've already said), but hey. Things are possible.

Taokaka: I absolutely have no idea, but I really hope she survived somehow. God-Only-Knows how though. She probably used her awesomeness and did some kinda muffin button event and became immortal or became Glob or something. It'd explain a LOT about how the world looks now though if she was Glob.

The whole story of Adventure Time is coming from the perspective of a depressed Lich.
I've seen PLENTY of stuff about Adventure Time being from Finn and Jake, Ice King, or, hell, even Marceline's perspective. Yet there was one character that no one every put thought into. The Lich himself. This is all coming from the perspective of The Lich who is, in reality, a young, maybe 20 year-old, slightly goth comic artist who's making things based on his life. Let's call him Leon Craling(Mostly because of L's). Why? Eh. Might as well give him a name. He's slightly goth(Not to the point of moping around and wearing guy-liner, but at least enough where he could write the darker stuff) which would explain the show's light-hearted, but sometimes dark, story elements. Each character and episode represents something in his life. The reason he's depressed while be explained later. Let's start with characters-

The Lich- Obviously the one to start with. Leon(Lich) felt like making himself a villain instead of making a usual hero for his portrayal in the story. He wanted it to, of course, be menacing instead of more comical(still a really dark backstory though) like the Ice King. The end product-The Lich.

Finn-His little brother. A young(let's say 14 since that's Finn's age in the series) little guy who's very adventurous and likes to be a sort of hero. Leon(Lich) decided to make the story and, because it was probably his birthday or Leon(Lich) is just a nice big brother(albeit slightly goth), makes Finn the protagonist. The 2 tend to have little joking scuffles which would mark the relationship between The Lich and Finn. Just a lot more serious in Adventure Time.

Jake- A friend of Finn's who's a few years older(maybe 2 years)than Finn. He's also a good friend of Leon's(Lich), but more-so Finn. Jake teaches a lot of things to Finn, both good and bad, and is generally like a second brother to both Finn and Leon(Lich). Henceforth, why Finn is Jake's adopted brother. He's great at flirting with girls and such when he wants to, but doesn't do it insanely often. He's also got more experience than Finn and even Leon(Lich) at times, so that would explain his advice towards Finn. Jake probably really likes dogs or is a vet which would make sense about why he's a dog in the series. As for stretching powers, I don't know. A lot of One Piece watching?

Princess Bubblegum- Another friend of Leon's(Lich). She's general the sweeter of the group and has a bit of a sweetooth which would explain her ruling and surname(Remember, PB's real name is Bonnibel). Finn has a bit of a crush on her, so that's why Leon(Lich) made their relationship the way it is in the series. Albeit PB doesn't approve of some of the actions Leon and his friends do(hence the royal status), she still is good friend with them all.

Marceline- His girlfriend(I probably just mentally scarred a lot of people with the imagery of that). However, it'd probably be really weird for those 2 to be together in the story, so he decided not to make it that way in the series. She's slightly goth just like he is(explains her appearance in the series) and has a love for vampires(explains her species in the series). She likes fooling around and confusing people just for the hell of it. She does the same to Finn especially. Leon(Lich) doesn't mind her messing with him as long as she doesn't take it too far. She's the polar opposite of PB, so the 2 naturally don't get along. However, Marceline wasn't always goth and they used to be much better friends. However, they very slowly started to drift apart and sooner or later, something happened that nearly shattered their friendship. The 2 slowly fix their previously broken friendship(which in its own is hard since their polar opposites) and are at least talking to each other. Henceforth, their appearance in the series.

Ice King- Not a perverse teacher and everything like most would say. He's a friend of Leon's(Lich) just like the others. Ice King attempts to be a bit of a womanizer like Jake, but fails horribly. This all makes him a tiny bit more perverse than Jake(think [[Bleach Keigo Asano]] ) and is usually turned down by ladies. One day, when the whole little team was wondering who would want a certain super power and why, Ice King chose ice powers because he thought they were cool(pun intended). His backstory was made thanks to a painful time in the Ice King's life that involved a girl that he was dating and something happened that went to the point of mind-shattering. He's definitely not the happiest about his portrayal in the series, mostly because he's not THAT bad with women.

Billy- The best friend of Leon(Lich). Didn't see that one coming huh? Well, the 2 are very good friends and tend to have little play fights. Billy tends to win in the fights, henceforth the battle between The Lich and Billy ending with The Lich being defeated. Billy is a cop(really explains how he won too) and is looked up to and treated as a "legendary hero" by Finn and Jake. Thus, the Legendary Hero status. His sword is actually a katana(or something around those line) he bought at one time and values insanely. The rest of what Billy did were just a few things he did at times because he was just there.(Fighting a bear would be pretty badass)

Lady Rainicorn- The Korean girlfriend of Jake who stereotypically likes rainbows and unicorns. She's also an artist like Leon(Lich). She can be secretive at times and decides to talk in Korean half the time so others won't know what she's saying. Thankfully, only Jake knows Korean as well.

BMO- The nerdy, short friend of Finn. Not nerdy in a bad way though. He's actually quite smart and has a bunch of inventions. Some never made, some enhanced versions of existing things, some just existing things made from simpler tools. He's actually around the same age as Jake, but his shortness disguises that fact at times.

Flame Princess- The current girlfriend of Finn. She has a bit of a short temper and has a great liking towards fire. Almost bordering on pyromaniac. She's very kind, however, when she wants to be. Leon(Lich) is initially weary of her, but eventually is fine with her relationship with Finn.

Lumpy Space Princess- The slightly fat friend of Finn. She sometimes can be overbearing and is quite savvy with fashion and such. She's good friend with PB. She can sometimes be mean to Finn, which initially made Leon(Lich) not like her whatsoever, but she means well. Eventually, Leon(Lich) got used to her and started being nicer to her.

Now for the episodes!

King Worm: Leon(Lich)reaches writer's block and recalls a time where he had accidentally messed with marijuana and the results. He uses those as writing material and Adventure Time-ifies it. He then remembers that he kept a bit just in case he ever felt like doing it again, but promises not to do it to often.(random drug awareness!)

The Lich: The whole reason Leon(Lich) is depressed. Leon(Lich) hits a bit of writer's block again. Later on, Billy comes over and Leon(Lich) decides to have a play fight with him in an attempt to break said writer's block. Leon(Lich), like usual, loses. The 2 then decide to make a plan. Considering the fact that Leon(Lich) always loses in their fights, they decided to have a big grand slam final fight between the 2 of them. Leon(Lich)gets to look up as many fighting techniques as he feels he needs and Billy will just exercise and practice his police skills. Whoever wins, get's a $100 bucks from the loser and anything they want from them as well. The 2 practice and eventually the day comes. Most of their friends come to watch the impending fight. The 2 have a pretty even match at first, but the tide soon shifts into Billy's favor. Leon(Lich) becomes somewhat desperate not to lose and suddenly remembers something he learned. That many objects around him can be used as weapons. He instinctively grabs for something and hits Billy with it. It has the effect......just too well. Billy is hit and suffers a serious injury from it, knocking him out. Some of his friends soon scream in horror of what just happened, which alerts Leon(Lich). Marceline calls 911 as soon as she finds her cell. Billy is carried off to the hospital in an ambulance and the friends soon come with. They visit Billy and stay they for most of the time. Mostly everyone leaves as night comes close and closer, but PB, Leon(Lich), Jake, and Finn stay. Finn is quite for most of the time while PB, Leon(Lich), and Jake talk about the situation. Leon(Lich) soon asks his brother why he's so quite. No response. Asks again. Again, no response. One more time however.......Finn snaps and yells at his brother of why he would do this to Billy. He soon goes up to him and holds Leon(Lich) by the collar of his shirt. He prepares to punch him, but PB suddenly intervenes and slaps Finn, which sends him to the floor. Finn just looks at his injury and then PB. PB realizes what she's done, starts backing away, and soon runs off crying over what she's done and witnessed. Finn just calls their mother so he can be picked up and sadly slumps off to her in her waiting car. Jake follows him and Leon(Lich) stays at the hospital alone. He waits and waits, until eventually a doctor comes in and tells him the reports. He states that Billy will be just fine, but will be in bad condition for awhile. He also states that if they waited any longer, Billy probably wouldn't have made it. Billy soon wakes up afterwards. He looks at Leon(Lich) and states that it wasn't his fault and that he plans on dropping any charges towards Leon(Lich) for the injury. The doctor gives a nod and tells Leon(Lich) it's time to go. Leon(Lich) goes back to his mother's house(he's staying since he's out of college for the time being) and goes to what used to be his room. He feels incredibly angry at himself for what he's caused and starts venting out by drawing. He soon draws the episode and makes his character, The Lich, a cold hearted monster in the episode because he feels that he's nothing but one for his actions. He depicts himself as Billy do to him feeling slightly jealous of Billy for his "hero" status among their friends. He soon reaches his breaking point as he becomes stuck after writing about PB telling them Billy is The Lich. He soon becomes so absolutely saddened that he attempts to kill himself with a nearby knife, but only leaves a deep cut on his wrist. He soon falls to the floor crying and remembers something. He still had the marijuana from before. He feels as though he can't live with himself and soon runs away from home. He goes in a bush after bandaging the wound and leaving the house. He smokes a bit of the marijuana which leads to the multiverse reveal. He passes out soon after. Later, after daybreak, his mother checks around for him after seeing he wasn't in the house. She soon realizes that he's nowhere, not even at friend's house, to be found and calls to Finn who was depressingly playing outside. Leon(Lich) sees this from in the bush and writes the last of it in the comic. He soon runs away in depression.

Alternatively, the theme of Five More Short Graybles will be the five fingers.
  • Just because the preview shows Finn and Jake "sticking their thumbs in stuff," and Marceline is shown being carried by a giant and hanging onto its index finger. How Tree Trunks, Ice King, and Beemo will continue the theme remains to be seen.

Simon had Marceline turned into a vampire
"And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?" Maybe this lyric goes much deeper than helping a little girl find her parents. When Marceline sees her dad eating her fries, she had no bite marks on her neck. So theoretically Marceline was turned into a vampire in her teens after the fry incident. Maybe she left her dad again after the fry incident, ran away and went to crash with Simon.

Simon was a brony
No real backing for this, other than he hads unicorn stickers on his autoharp.
  • Possible, but unicorn stickers don't necessarily equal brony. For all we know, he could be a fan of The Last Unicorn.

Adventure time does not take place in our universe
But instead in an alternate one where the mushroom war actually happenned
  • And the universe Finn is in at the end of "The Lich" is one where The Lich never existed.

Bubblegum is a high-level (possibly epic-level) Factotum
She's described as being knowledgeable in every facet of geekdom, she's a super-scientist, decently skilled at hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship, and she's an absolute genius. Either she's a Factotum, or she's an Aristocrat or Expert with levels in Exemplar.

The reason Princess Bubblegum didn't help Finn and Jake with the Lich when the portal opened
Bubblegum is actually a corrupt ruler who manipulated Finn and Jake into doing whatever she needed until she could finally have it all. In the episode "King Worm" It showed Princess Bubblegum having a cup of coffee with the Lich. She tells Finn "I'm having coffee with the Lich. You wouldn't understand, you're too young." And in her coffee mug at that moment pops out a mushroom cloud as seen in the preview for "Finn the Human" Part 2 of the 3 part series for the Lich.

From this I assume at one point in time the Lich was the King of the land of Ooo. Bubblegum probably made her way up into power as a dictator of some sort and created her followers through science and had the Lich preserved in amber in her castle to make sure he couldn't take his place back again. She was unaware of any humans in Ooo until Finn came along. Maybe he wondered away from the Hyoomens, his actual people who were mutated into fish people by nuclear waste in the ocean or sewer, which may explain his fear of the ocean, his mom probably turned into a fish person and scared him?

Anyways, Bubblegum found out that Jakes parents were taking care of him. She did something with them so that they had no influence on him about who she really was or how she got her way into power to begin with, and since Finn was "too young" to understand the past events of the war and what really happened, she used him as a pawn and covered herself up by making the Lich seem evil.

  • Sorta jossed. It's an amazing idea, but there's one problem. The Lich has shown time and time again that he plans on straight up killing everything and everyone with an insane amount of prejudice. Later on, it's even revealed that he even cause the Mushroom War which really damaged the Earth. Bubblegum could still be evil, but the Lich is just as evil, if not more so.
    • Actually, the Mushroom War caused him, not the other way around.

The Lich accidentally killed himself with his unaltered wish.
By his own admission, Prismo's wishes always have a dark, ironic twist to them. The Lich was created through the thoughtless actions of humanity. By wiping out all life, the Lich destroyed the ones that created him, and thus he ceased to exist.
  • Accidentally?
    • I assumed the ironic twist would be that life didn't have to stay extinct.

Billy isn't actually dead.
The lich put him in the snail, so he would have to watch.

The Lich is the physical manifestation of evil and destruction.
As shown by the Ice King's crown, there was some magic that existed prior to the Mushroom War. The Lich originally started out as a very tiny bit of magic. When the bomb was set off, it altered the magic and caused the Lich to form. The Lich needed fear and destruction to live, while happiness and life made him weak.

Betty is the Lich.
Finn's alternate wish-generated reality ends with a nuclear weapon from the averted Mushroom War detonating and Jake becoming a Lich-like entity. From this we can infer that the Lich did not exist until the Mushroom War and was most likely originally a human.

That human's identity being Betty, of course, is a Wild Mass Guess. But it is supported by some evidence. First of all, Alternate Jake's transformation proves that the Lich would have eventually come into being anyway, and Finn's wish only erased the existence of one potential Lich.

Now change Finn's wish to reflect this guess: "I wish (Betty) never existed." Think of who this would affect most, and what happened to him in the alternate reality. Simon's motivation to keep going before his mind was destroyed was to find Betty. Take Betty out of this equation. If he never met the love of his life, his motivation for living through his transformation is gone. When the bombs begin dropping, he sacrifices himself heroically and uses his ice magic to stop them. Suicidal, yes, but he knows he doesn't have much time, and it's not like he has any kind of personal mission to fulfill.

The Lich will possess the Cosmic Owl
Jakes wish rewound time, do you really think the Lich will just walk away. No! And the Cosmic Owl is coming a short time later. This will not end well.

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