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The Lich's body may have been born from the Mushroom Bomb
, but his mind and soul are all too human.As revealed in "Jake the Dog", the Lich came about from the Mushroom Bomb. However, keep in mind that, traditionally, liches were supposed to retain their human mind. Plus, somebody had to send the Mushroom Bomb. While it created a body for the Lich, his mind already existed in the form of one of the humans designing the bomb. Said human planned to use the residue of the weapon as his Soul Jar, and the power would create a new, super-strong body for him. As for why and how, given what we know, it seems the Mushroom Bomb was the first strike of the Mushroom War. The mind of the Lich intentionally planned for the apocalypse, and was still an Omnicidal Maniac(likely due to becoming obsessed with the power of the Magitek weaponry). All becoming an undead menace did was give him the ability to make his dark dreams are reality. In this regard, not only is the Lich the result of the Mushroom War, but it's cause.

The real reason why Billy retired was because of the guilt that haunted him after pushing Finn's Father into another dimension
Look at the deleted storyboard for "The Lich":

The writers are implying that the reason Humans all have no noses and beady eyes, is because of the radiation from the mushroom wars/ the Lich
In the
alternate timeline created by Finn's wish, the one where the mushroom bomb never happened and The Lich never existed all have noses and normal eyes. On top of that, we don't see any humans in the series with those type of features, outside of alternate timeline, except for two exceptions:
  • The Ice King, who existed before the Mushroom wars, (and now has more nose than is reasonable)
    • Regarding the fact that when he and Betty were first shown in Holly Jolly Secrets with no noses, I'm assuming that was just an artistic choice and the writers decided this later
  • Abe Lincoln, also from a time before the Mushroom wars

Assuming Susan strong is actually a human as well, she fits this theory too

Prismo is Tommy Westphall

The Ice King's Crown is broken because it has 3 gems of power in it, rather than one; like the crowns of all the princesses.
Alternatively, the Princesses are only 1/3 as insane as the Ice King.
  • That makes a frightening amount of sense, as the princesses that feature most prominently in the story (Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Flame Princess) all seem to be a little strange, and the other princesses are...eccentric. Than again, that could just be the result of living in Ooo.

Each Enchiridion gem grants the wearer certain powers which they use to protect said gems from whomever wants to gather them.
Bubblegum's gem grants intelligence, or possibly power over sugar.

The Lich's omnicidal nature was born of well-intentioned means.
"Finn the Human" shows that The Lich as we know him came into being as a result of the Mushroom War; most likely he Was Once a Man. Having seen what he had become, he decided that nobody should ever have to risk such a fate again, and the simplest way to ensure such a thing? He'll kill EVERYONE.

The Ice King is largely or entirely asexual.
The Ice King will occasionally comment on a princess' attractiveness, but he'll go after any of them—including ones who are physically incompatible with humanoids, or for that matter, just not very attractive. He calls Princess Monster Wife beautiful, but there's no evidence they consummated their marriage (which is probably a good thing, considering the moral implications). His desire for a wife is primary emotional, so maybe a physical dimension is something he doesn't really care about.
  • This actually makes a lot of sense if you consider that he goes after princesses because that was his nickname for his fiancee. He's clearly seeking an emotional replacement for her, given how he usually just kidnaps princesses so he'll have someone to spend time with - so it stands to reason that he wouldn't really be interested in physical stuff, because deep down he still loves her, so she's probably the only woman he would really be interested in that way.

The Ice King's crown won't (currently) work for anyone else.
The Ice King is affected by visions and insanity whether or not he wears the crown, while Jake has put it on with no ill effects. These together imply that the crown is magically "bound" to the Ice King and perhaps cannot work on anyone else. If he dies, however, the crown is "up for grabs" and will make the next person to put it on its host (as seen in the season five premiere).
  • Which makes an interesting difference on how Cake could use the Ice Queen's tiara. Word of God did state how the Ice Queen got her Tiara was different.
    • There could of course be the possibility that Simon has a mental hold on the crown that he won't let go because he knows what horrors the crown would do for somebody else. He is not trying to become free of the madness- he's trying to force it to play by his rules(hence why the Ice King, even if insane, still clearly bases his whims in Simon's memories) and keep it that way. By doing this, he will keep the crown from unleashing horrors(Farmworld, anyone), and also save evryone from going through what he did.

The show will eventually go into a Cerebus Rollercoaster.

The Ice King's back story was based off of the Genesis song, "Stagnation"
If you've heard the song and seen the show, it almost is obvious. It's the story of a man at the end of the world who wishes the best for people who try to help others, but has no pity for the huge masses. What really makes the connection is, after a long instrumental passage, someone is remembering a long lost friend and mourning the dead (this is probably Marceline's POV). Then, it switches back to Simon/Ice King who is tired of sitting forever alone among the wreckage and radiation. He starts to get radiation poisoning (it mentions fatigue and thirst, two early symptoms), but the crown pulls him in tighter, telling him it'll be alright. Now listen to the song and have sweet dreams when you imagine the crown saying:
"Then let us drink... Then let us smile... THEN LET US GO..."

Aaa actually exists in-universe.
Aaa is a parallel universe, contained within the multiverse. The Ice King may have seen glimpses of this universe, and wrote a story because he's crazy and manipulated the ending. On a side note, I really want a Fionna, Finn , Cake and Jake Teamup episode!
  • My theory is that Aaa is not a parallel universe, but another continent or country that just happens to have a similar layout to Ooo. And Finn x Fionna is my current OTP, since Flinn is dead, Fubblegum is also dead, and Finnceline was sunk in season two.

Huntress Wizard is a Fruit Witch
She shares many traits with them such as sharing the same voice actress, both have vertical pupils, green skin and like Rock Wizard being a Rock person she could be a Wizard by occupation only. Not to mention she has worn a hood through all her appearances so it could be a possibility she is the same species as the Fruit Witches in "Dad's Dungeon".

Naturally, JD got hilariously distracted and gave us what we have here.

Alt!Finn will make another appearance and end up in the normal Adventure Time universe.
At the end of "Jake the Dog," Alt!Finn's fate is left ambiguous, and so is whether or not he even still exists after Jake's wish. The alternate world's Enchiridion was never mentioned in either "Finn the Human" or "Jake the Dog", so it's probably still around in the alternate universe, and Alt!Finn lost three things in the half hour special. His family, his sanity, and Jake. His family is safe, last we saw of them, by the time he could possibly get his hands on the book, he'll probably be too far gone to even want to get rid of his powers. So Jake is what he will wish for, to see him again. And which Jake does Prismo know personally? The normal one who has memories of Alt!Finn.

Everything that happened in "All the Little People" will really happen during the course of the show.
Finn was really just manipulating his own future. Also note that the ending didn't seem to resolve anything. So at some point Jake and Lady Rainicorn will break up. Also, Princess Bubblegum will realize that she does love Finn, causing a huge conflict between her and Flame Princess. The final episode of the series will be a big dance party.
  • My BMO X Ice King fantasies will come true? =D

"All The Little People" is really a metaphor for the fandom's Shipping Wars, and how they conflict with each other.
  • It makes sense to This Troper. I didn't really get the message until the Bublegum/Flame Princess Conflict mentioned above reared it's ugly head. It may indeed tie in with the theory above.

Betty Gunter sent Simon to fetch the crown.
And she is the most evil creature in Ooo.

Marcy and Simon will be a spin off show
I just like the idea of a show were we see the intergenerational friendship between Simon and Marcy set in a post-apocalyptic world, also being set during the Mushroom war or just after could introduce us to the early parts of Ooo, also the possibility of a Simon vs the Lich episode where Simon is the person to defeat him the first timealso this fan comic could be a great first episode:
  • Perhaps not a whole spin off, given the nature of their story, but a mini series starring them would be a very interesting idea.

Ooo is the future of the World of W.I.T.C.H.
The current state of the world came about due to the return of magic along with the nuclear-style weapons, as confirmed by Word of God. The Earth in W.I.T.C.H. is mostly non-magical, with a few people having magical power. As of current W.I.T.C.H., magic is now getting more common, and we have seen a human mechanic interact with magic by help of tachnical means. This escalated, leading to the Mushroom Wars. The members of W.I.T.C.H. were the unlucky ones at the center of the Lich explosion. The Lich is Will, and the other guardians are the skeletal minions of the Lich. The Princesses' gems where given a protection charm by the Oracle(The Ice King's was sadly already active and not part of the available set) and given to young women during that age to protect the World. The gems have been passed down, but the original reason has been lost to the passage of time.

Big D from Finn the Human/Jake the Dog was the Lich's original body.
A reincarnation, perhaps, due to the timeframe of the original Mushroom War and the universe where it never happened. (400 years? I can't remember the details.) A light theory of course, but would explain why a counterpart to him doesn't seemingly exist within the main 'verse; because he's the Lich.

Finn inadvertently allowed Tiny Lich to escape
Because tell me Magic Man wouldn't include him with the rest just for kicks.
  • I... I can't tell you that.

Peppermint Butler is kittens dad?
I mean think about it, they're both creatures of unspeakable evil who have downgraded, and the kitten's pink which he may have gotten from Peppermint Butler because in the episode when PB is possessed by the Lich he hisses and leaves....y'know, which is sorta like a cat's reaction to danger. So maybe his true form is a cat and he and Gunter hooked up at some point.

Jake and Lady's offspring will become Ensemble Darkhorses.
From what I could see in the long preview, there are three of them. They'll become really popular among fans because of their cuteness and will appear in many more episodes, whether it be important roles or random cameos.

Big Destiny was actually grooming Finn to join his gang.
His actions and his words seem to indicate he didn't kill Finn for a reason. While the obvious conclusion is that he wanted Finn to watch in despair, the reason for this isn't what we were led to believe. Big D's gang both admire him, and are terrified of his opinion of them. They seem to rely completely on him as well. His words of the crown and Barbar being the only possessions Finn will possess from then on could indicate that he would come to rely on Big D, and that he wouldn't need anything he didn't provide. Just like his gang.

Jake and Lady Rainicorn's puppies will look nothing like either of them.
Knowing the nature of this show, the puppies will probably be some sort of mutated species that inherited strange recessive genes from either parents, somewhere in their family trees.
  • ...Well, "mutated" is certainly one word for it. According to the preview, they all look... rather strange; especially the one who literally has no face.

Everyone in Ooo Is Dead...
... and we are seeing different versions of them with the exception of Jake. Jake's wish essentially sent him back in time. He is the only one that remembers what happened after the Lich made his original wish. The Lich really did end all life in the timeline Jake was originally in with the exception of him and Finn. Finn's case is curious, though. The Finn we've known for so long did not die but is still in the universe he created from his own wish and became its version of the Ice King. The Finn we have now is one that did not die like everyone in the Lich's new universe, but is still technically a different Finn because of the altered timeline. Essentially, Jake created a universe as well. And by Prismo's words, every wish he grants has a dark twist to it. Finn's was that the Lich never existed YET. One could say that the Lich's wish probably served a cosmic reset in that life would not exist YET. Also, since the Lich wished for the extinction of all life and is transported to the universe he created, would he exist as well? What will the twist in Jake's wish be?

Cuber will become the Creator's Pet or a Base-Breaking Character
Given that he is getting more episodes, this could happen...
  • Not really since they were specifically framing devices for segmented episodes. Nice try though.

The Rainipups won't live much longer
Given that this show does enjoy deconstruction and that the Rainipups grew up rather quickly, they're bound to die of old age within a few episodes.
  • It was pretty clear from the dialogue that rapid maturation — which is not the same thing as rapid aging, despite Jake using the term — is a rainicorn trait.
  • Lady and her parents show little sign of kicking off soon, too.

Jake Jr.'s face
Was deformed in the womb by Ricardio tying Lady in a knot.
  • Jossed by members of the staff, who were taken aback as soon as the idea surfaced.

Goliad and Stormo's standoff will evolve into a Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf kind of thing.
They have to eat sometime...

Marceline became a vampire to avoid another incident of her fries being taken.
If having her father eat her fries left Marceline scared of having her food stolen in a post apocalyptic environment then it would make sense for her to become a vampire and switch diet of red things less likely to be stolen.

PB and Marceline have a mutual crush, but can't be together for some reason.
PB gives Finn this advice when he's dealing with his relationship with Flame Princess:
Finn, sometimes you want someone and you want to kiss them, and be with them. But you can't, because responsibility demands sacrifice.
She clearly seems to be speaking from experience. The question is who is it she wanted to be with? Context seems to point to Finn, but he's a bit young for her (although maybe she's saying she wishes she could still be 13 with him, and her responsibility was to become an adult again...). Considering this along with the events of "What Was Missing", where they have a significant amount of romantic tension, it's possible that she's talking about Marceline. She wanted to be with Marceline, but couldn't, maybe because she just doesn't have the time to balance romance and ruling the Candy Kingdom, or maybe because Marceline is such a troublemaker. Maybe at some point prior to the series, the Ice King wasn't bothering PB, but she attracted his attention when she started dating Marceline (who he tends to follow around), and she tried to make him leave her alone by breaking up with Marceline, and even though it's too late to get rid of him, Marceline is still mad at her.

Anyway, Marceline is still bitter about the breakup, thus her "I'm Just Your Problem" song. That's how Marceline feels about their breakup: PB thought she was doing the responsible thing by breaking up with her, but Marceline thinks PB was treating her like she's just a problem.

The Lich used to be a human..
And He looked just like Davey...

Princess Bubblegum is waiting for Finn to grow up
Think about it, Princess Bubblegum ages with her hair length. She's currently about the age of 18, and Finn is growing up (The Shows Creators have said that Finn will grow with his voice actor). Once he's 18, PB will tell Finn how much she loves him. (Yeah, this is sort of like the whole "Marceline is waiting for him to get a certain age" thing as well...)

Simone Petrikov
Cause its too easy not to go with for the Ice Queen.

The Ice King's fanfiction helps him indirectly access his memories.
The modified names and portrayals of the characters act as a distraction, allowing the Ice King to remember things without as much interference from the crown. This might explain why he seems so obsessive about writing it and bringing it into reality.
  • It's interesting to note that, when he wrote Fiona & Cake, he seemed to understand what the deal is a lot better than he usually does. The Ice Queen is portrayed as a sociopathic creep who is obsessed with princes, and whose crown makes her evil. The Ice King knows he's a villain, because he portrays his fiction counterpart as such.

The Ice King will ultimately have a happy ending.
He's basically been a big ball of sad feels for so long, so it would be nice to see him end on a high note. Bets are that Betty, in order to survive the Mushroom War and reconcile with Simon, only to believe that he was killed before she could find him(possibly with a battle between him and the Lich), or worse, she was mentally controlled by the Lich, forced to be his servant until he was significantly weakened by Billy. To find Simon, Betty would have turned herself into a minor, good version of the lich by using genuine magic instead of the nuclear bomb that made the Lich such an Omnicidal Maniac. The Ice King finds her, but neither of them realise who the other is(Betty is convinced that Simon is long dead/the Ice King is simply the crown using his body and the Ice King doesn't consciously remember Betty). Finn and Jake will put two and two together and try to get each other to remember. They'll end up fighting each other for whatever reason and, just before the killing blow, Finn and Jake will succeed in reminding them of one another. They'll realise who the other is(Betty will realise that, despite everything that's happened, the Ice King is still Simon and the Ice King will, at the very least, remember who Betty is). They'll both never grow old for one another, and live happily ever after. After all the Ice King has suffered, I think he deserves this.

Susan Strong was jinxed by a similar effect as the donut man in "Little Dude"
Both the donut man and Susan Strong have similar body types...

Marceline's Mother
Is this lady, and she wasn't able to take care of Marceline because she was in jail. (Perhaps the same jail that Finn's dad was planned to be from.) Now she's escaped, and trying to find Marceline and Hunson.

Marshall Lee never had a proper equivalent to Marceline's formative experiences with Simon Petrikov.
That's why he is the way he is, and not purely because of the gender differences between himself and Marceline. The Ice Queen's method of ascension (and side effects) differed from that of The Ice King, who was somewhere else being all awesome and junk and getting smooched by loads of girls, or perhaps was exactly where his Finn And Jake version was but with a different gender dynamic resulting in a different effect on Marshall Lee from Marceline. Either way, Marshall Lee would have turned out more like Marceline if his experiences with Ice King/Ice Queen had been more like Marceline's; she may even have designed the story to reflect that difference, illustrating both how important Simon was to her and how much better of an author she is compared to the Ice king.

Marshall Lee is exactly how Marceline sees herself.
She sees herself as more of an inherently evil creature than we or the writers do. While pretty much everyone who has spent much time with her or watched the show can tell that she's sincerely just a radical dame who likes to play games thanks to her attempts to overcome her demonic heritage and vampiric affliction, she sees herself as a creature who, though she's way better than her dad could ever be, will never be as good as she should be... hence Marshall Lee's bragging, followed by Fionna's rebuttal, and that in turn followed by the part of the song everyone remembers best.

The Fionna and Cake universe is real, and BMO can contact it.
That wasn't BMO William Telling in "Bad Little Boy." That was Football.

Future Fionna and Cake stories will all be told by different characters.
Notice that in Marceline's Fionna and Cake story, the gender-swapped characters seemed to be heavily based around how she views their Ooo counterparts. Prince Gumball was pretty prissy, and Cake was a bit self-centered (as noted when she takes over the song to sing about how hot she is) but still good. There seemed to be something similar going on in Ice King's story too. The Ice Queen was a lot more competent and threatening than the Ice King. Ice King, who sees Finn as this awesome person with a perfect life, paints Fionna as being lucky in all her romantic exploits. Future Fionna and Cake episodes will follow this pattern by having the stories told by different characters, who will tell their story based on how they see the people in Ooo.

Seed-Wad will someday rule the Candy Kingdom.
Several years, possibly decades, will pass, and Princess Bubblegum will be unable to rule the kingdom. At this point, the Lemongrabs's kids are mostly adolescents, and can take care of each other well enough to be left alone sometimes. The Lemongrabs rule the kingdom for a while, then they will get old and be unable to rule. They will declare Seed-Wad to be the new ruler, and SEED-WAD WILL RULE WITH A SQUISHY FIST.

Marceline is the mother of Flame Princess.
When she said "And I fooled around in the Fire Kingdom", she meant it.
  • This is kept a secret so Hudson doesn't abduct his granddaughter.

Bubblegum will figure out how to fix Flame Princess's emotional problem.
She will make it so Flame Princess will be able to have a normal relationship with Finn, but I bet she will be hesitate to give it to her because she is secretly jealous. Or better yet she has already come up with something and just hasn't said anything yet.

Xergiok's eyes are not his real eyes, but are in fact cursed artifacts that function as eyes while making the wearer obsessed with spanking .
Xergiok is naturally eyeless and was willing to use cursed artifacts to see. Unfortunately, they drove him nuts, and he was overthrown. When Finn and Jake damaged his eyes in their battle with him, the "eyes" popped out and caught in his beard, and after his time in the desert made him a little strange he forgot that about them, until Finn gave them back. Such artifacts are not uncommon in this show, after all, and it would explain why they didn't sustain damage from hanging loose in his beard all that time, and why popping them in and out doesn't hurt him.

There was that desert.
Xergiok has been there a while, and is clearly a bit strange. Not to mention Finn's hallucinations at the beginning of the episode (though that could probably be heat exhaustion or dehydration), and that incredibly bizarre song after Xergiok gets his eyes back. And the fact that people apparently saw some kind of firespewing monstrosity when all there were were some weird bird-creatures and a blind goblin. It all makes you wonder if there wasn't something a little off about the perspective there.

Mermaids are lonely because they're murderous.
We could only be so lucky.

The theif that stole Xergiok's eyes was Ash
We haven't seen him in quite a while, he's confirmed to be alive, and the title screen has a pale, lanky wizard wearing what appears to be a sleeveless black shirt and is holding Xergiok's eyes.

The Simon and Marcie episode will be about...
The final time between Simon and Marcie were together before his Ice King persona fully formed. The appearance of Marceline's father could be linked to this, maybe Marceline made her father promise to not attack him.

Simon and Marcy will involve them meeting.
While we are pretty sure why Marceline and Simon separated, we don't know they met. The screenshots don't seem to indicate that the Mushroom Bomb has hit, and as Farmworld Marceline knew Simon despite him dying in that timeline before the Mushroom Bomb hit, this meeting is quite possible. May also explain why Hunson Abadeer was nowhere to be found.
  • Jossed. They're already together and have been so long enough to form a strong bond.

The Ice King has some sort of Healing Factor.
Think about it-the guy managed to survive his heart escaping from his body for much longer than any mortal being should be capable of. Said heart was capable of generating an entire lair from his biomass. Part of how the Ice Crown keeps him alive is installing a Healing Factor, allowing Ice King to regenerate body tissue and have a very high endurance.
  • Pretty much confirmed, since in "I Remember You" Simon's song to Marceline says that the magic of the Crown "keeps him alive".

Gunter is actually a demon sent by Hunson to protect Simon, at Marceline's request.
He didn't remember Gunter because he's busy, and, frankly, he doesn't seem that retentive anyway.

Finn and Jake will crossover with Fionna and Cake, but with a twist.
Bad Little Boy showed that the Ice King is desperate for his fanfiction to be real. Said Ice King happens to have once owned the Enchiridon, and that his Ice Crown jewels are needed to open up the portal to Prismo's realm. Trying to make his fantasy real, the Ice King will use what he can to create a portal, so he may get a wish from Prismo. As a result, his wish will cause a Cosmic Retcon much like the Farmworld, turning Ooo into Aaa. Finn and Jake will chase him, which will help preserve their existence. In this case, the unfortunate twist of the wish will be that the Ice King is erased, and they'll need to get someone to both help restore the universe and get back to the Time Room in the first place. It'll end with a third option of allowing both Aaa and Ooo to exist.

The Cheers theme song will be how Ice King regains his memories and sanity.
Because why not?

The Ice Queen is more competent than the Ice King because she's not brainwashed, she chose to be evil.
According to Word of God, the Ice Queen got her tiara in a different way than her counterpart did, which may include it working differently. So maybe she's not being forced to use her powers like he is, which would mean that she probably puts a lot more effort into it. It would also mean that she's probably not as insane as is, which would make her more rational and better able to plan.

There will be more exposition episodes on the past in the future, as told by Marceline and other sources.
And they'll all be the survivors
  • Hunson Abadeer will get in contact with the Ice King, and decide to heal some broken bridges by explaining where Marceline came from and how she got lost in the first place.
  • When Jake suffers a major near-death experience, he'll meet Death and will want an answer for why the Mushroom War happened. As Jake managed to save everyone in "Jake the Dog", Death decides to grant this so Jake can help give Finn and Marceline closure.
  • The final story, detailing how the war ended, will come from Billy. When the Lich possessed him, Billy managed to read the Lich's mind before the possession destroyed him. Sending a message, it will show the life of both the creators of the Lich, and his original, human identity, in hopes of Finn and Jake finally putting a stop to him. It and the Lich's final defeat will be used as a final closure to Ooo's past

The inhabitants of the Fire Kingdom are Musphelim.
Let's see: Elementals of fire-check. Always Chaotic Evil? If Flame King and his cohorts aren't lying, check. Desire to burn things? Check. Potential to incinerate the world? See "Burning Low."

The night Marcy returned to the treehouse was her 1000th birthday. (It's mathematical!)
Hence the 1000 candles that night.

The sentient pink bubblegum goo from "Simon and Marcy" is Betty.
  • Alternatively, instead of it being Princess Bubblegum. She watched Simon adopt an abandoned little girl and realized after a while that it was the crown that was corrupting him and he was still the same man she wanted to marry. She subtly helped Simon by building him a ladder to what he thought was a food truck and bringing him chicken soup and a can opener. When the bubblegum goo smiled at Simon, it was Betty trying to show that she forgave him. The goo would later become Queen Bubblegum, mother to Princess Bubblegum.
  • Didn't we already see a young Bubblegum next to an older version of the Cotton Candy Princess in a painting during "Susan Strong"?
    • Grandma? This could lead to a family tree: Betty the Gum Empress, Cotton Candy the Bubblegum Queen, Bonnibel the Bubblegum Princess and Lemongrab the Earl with his Lemon Dukes.

The Gunthers are Ice King's attempts at replacing Marceline.
Look at Marcy's appearance in flashbacks. White skin, black hair... about the height of a Gunther. He calls her Gunther in "Simon and Marcy" as he's losing his mind. That's why he has so many of them- he's trying to replace something that he doesn't know he lost, and he thinks if there are more it'll make him feel better, but it doesn't. He hugs them and feeds them and loves them because in the back of his mind he remembers Marceline, but he treats them badly and kicks them around and abuses them because they can never replace what he's lost. But he doesn't know what it is he's lost, so he can't do anything about it. Much as the princesses he kidnaps are twisted replacements for his 'princess,' Betty, who he was going to marry, the Gunthers are a substitute for someone he once took care of.
  • By extension, if the fan theory that Gunther was the name of his unborn child is true, then that explains why he called Marceline that. She became his surrogate child, melding with Gunther in his mind. So he got a bunch of penguins that looked like one but were named after the other.

When we finally see Simon lose himself, it will be after a battle with Hunson Abadeer for Marceline.
They're both father figures to her. Simon truly wants what's best for her but can't take care of her; Hunson wants her to be evil but will ensure her survival. Hunson shows up to reclaim her, Simon won't let him have her, and a fight ensues. Simon loses, is presumed dead, and washes up in his future home with no memory of how he got there, the crown and Abadeer having essentially killed who he once was. Marceline grows bitter toward her father for this, ultimately leading to their estrangement after the fry incident.
  • And then she will of course run off to the comforting cold embrace of her third father figure, the Vampire King.
    • Didn't she kill the Vampire King?
      • Given her luck with father figures...

A future episode will focus on Betty.
For a Posthumous Character who is only mentioned in one episode, she plays a pretty huge role in the series, and we really don't know anything about her. It would be very interesting to see what she was like, as well as an excellent opportunity to do some world building regarding the circumstances of the pre-Mushroom War world. It would also be interesting to see what Simon Petrikov was like before everything went south for him.

Finn and many of the Fish-People, along with others descended from humans/possible surviving humans are partly descended from Simon and/or Marceline.
Think about it-Simon is a former human, and possibly still human on a genetic level. Marceline is half-human and far from prudish, plus we don't know if vampires are incapable of reproduction(hey, if a dog can impregnate a rainbow-unicorn, why can't a vampire/demon hybrid?). Both have the same cute button eyes as Finn and the Fish People along with numerous other creatures, and considering that Simon had them before he put on the crown its clearly not some post-War mutation, but rather a rare genetic trait. Before completely losing his mind(probably his almost-transformed state) but after he had to leave Marceline, Simon helped humanity repopulate. This may also be why the Vampire King married Marceline-humanity is dying, and he needed the cattle to survive(Marceline found out and killed him for using her). Why does Finn exist in the Farmworld Timeline, if Simon was killed off? In a sense, he doesn't. Since those who make a wish are transported to this altered reality, Prismo had to manipulate the timelines to give the closest conceivable answer to Finn. Think of it as an alternate version that's a gender swap or has a different parent-they can't possibly be genetically identical, but for all other intentions they're still the same person.

Finn is the son of Simon and Betty.
There was some sort of freak accident during the Great Mushroom War that lead to him being kept in stasis (cryo-stasis, maybe?) until 13 years ago.
  • Alternately, he's their great-great-great-great-great-grandson, or some variation thereof.

Marceline's vampirism doesn't make her immortal, it just makes her age really slowly.
Thus she could have been bitten before the Great Mushroom War as a child, explaining her gaunt and vampire-y appearance in "Simon & Marcy." It just took her a thousand years to reach her current 'age' (seemingly late-teens).
  • Unlikely. Farmworld Marceline is still gaunt and vampiric looking, despite being an old woman. This is because she's "half-demon". And remember, she's she's still lived for a thousand years; that would mean she aged slowly in farmworld, and still ended up looking ederly. Not to mention Marceline has no bite-marks in Simon and Marcy. So unless becoming a vampire slows down one's aging to an absolutely ridiculous level, it's probably safer to assume that it just stops one's aging entirely.

The Truth about the Gems of Power, the Enchiridion, and their owners
Simon Petrikov found the Enchiridion, as seen in a newspaper clipping, and shortly thereafter was sold the crown that would transform him into the Ice King. Not likely a coincidence. The Ice King's crown is the only one with multiple gems in it, making it the master key of the set, similar to the One Ring in LOTR. This is why he is the only King and the other owners of gems are merely Princesses.Ice King's obsession with kidnapping princesses isn't just a warped attempt at finding a Replacement Goldfish for Betty, but a subconscious desire by the magical forces behind the crown to gather all the gems together in one place, either as a means of opposing whatever force is behind The Lich, or as a means of aiding him.The Lich came about as a result of the mutagenic bomb in The Mushroom War. What if the substance in the bomb were a living consciousness, a sort of antithesis to the forces behind Ice King's crown. It isn't so much that the crown is evil, as it is that no mere human can contain the sheer amount of knowledge and power contained within without going utterly mad.Even more, the Enchridion and the gems have been shown to be the links to portals to other worlds, so Ice King's insistence that Fionna and Cake are real may well be a link to an alternate world via his crown. He's simply too far gone to realize it.There are two forces at work, the force behind The Lich and the force behind The Enchiridion, each diametrically opposed, and Simon was a pawn in their scheme. Also, it may well have something to do with Hunsen Abadeer, who existed before the Mushroom War, sired a half-demon, half-human hybrid (Marceline), and has control over forces that can turn people into "chaotic evil", a term well fitting The Lich.Hunsen Abadeer may have instigated the Mushroom War to seize or destroy the Enchridion and the gems, and The Lich is his dragon.
  • About the Lich's Character Alignment, he doesn't seem Chaotic Evil or really any proper alignment of Evil except EVIL, and would definitely not be anyone's dragon. Also, Hunson Abadeer mentions he was raised in Chaotic Evil, meaning he's not the Greater-Scope Villain who made his amulet. The Lich and Hunson Abadeer are probably foils to the royalty of Ooo. Given how the Lich seems the most physically powerful of the group(his original form had a crown, and was born from a world-sundering nuke), he's probably the foil of the Ice King(the Lich was originally known as the Lich King, and the Ice King has noticable superpowers).

Ash was the one who turned Marceline.
The first time we see her with bite marks is when she's with him. Really adds another layer of creepy to his character.

The explosion from the Mushroom War knocked Earth further away from the sun.
Thus Jake's song about drinking water (8 glasses, 8 ounces, 8 days a week) actually reflects the number of days in a week as defined by the world of Adventure Time.

It is also the reason why places like the Ice Kingdom can exist so relatively close (within a day's travel by foot) to the grassy area where Finn & Jake live.

  • Note how in "The Lich", we see that Earth is the second planet around the sun, and Mercury seems to have vanished. The explosion moved Earth to such a different orbit that Mercury was flung into the Sun. 'Course, its possible that Earth was pushed closer to the Sun, and the reason Ooo hasn't gone Venus on us is because of a combination of nuclear winter and Ice King's powers(his crown froze the entire world in Farmworld, so preventing a massive greenhouse effect shouldn't be too hard.) Of course, this would lead to massive Fridge Horror that the Ice King/Ice Crown could end all life by just turning itself completely off.
    • As mentioned under Headscratchers, Mercury is really super tiny compared to the other terrestrial planets. The projected map may not have been scaled in enough for it to be visible.
    • It could be that Mercury has vanished because the Sun has begun expanding, slowly transforming into a Red Giant, and it has already swallowed Mercury. This would be more in line with Jake's "eight days a week", and why the planet isn't a frozen wasteland, even though it's orbit must have been destabilized by the loss of such a large chunk of the planet.
      • Its only about 1000 years after the present. The Sun isn't any closer to becoming a Red Giant than it was when mankind came into existence.

Marceline is half-human on her father's side.
Wearing the amulet, like wearing the crown (also from the Nightosphere), changes the wearer.

Ice Queen has a purposefully different backstory to the Ice King.
Think about it-Ice Queen is far less insane than the Ice King, and doesn't seem to have a Jerkass Woobie side like him. Consciously, Ice King wanted to make himself seem more confident and threatening to be an awesome antagonist in his "Fionna and Cake" story(though doesn't want to come off as a Mary Sue, so she still loses and princes don't comment on how gorgeous she is. Subconsciously, Ice King is expressing both self-loathing(hence why he ignoring his sympathetic qualities when using Ice Queen as an Author Avatar) and trying to ignore the fact the Ice Crown has driven him insane(hence the Ice Queen is not only rational, but rather intelligent). In fact, the Ice King may not have even written a backstory for the Ice Queen yet. Given how others around him are now aware of his own backstory(and given he said chicks dig a bro with a tortured past, this includes himself to an extent), he'll probably add a Freudian Excuse(not his own and not to his level of Tear Jerk background, but probably still romance-related), which Finn and Marceline will help him write.

At some point Marceline will notice that her and Bubblegum's DNA is mixed in Goliad.

Simon Petrikov and the Ice King will become two different people.
Somehow they'll split them apart, getting Simon back without getting rid of the Ice King/Crown. This way, the Ice King can continue being a villain with the added bonus of being able to be considered an actual threat, while still saving Simon. Simon will still consider keeping the Ice King in check his responsibility, but their fighting will be on a more equal level. This will also maintain the Status Quo to an extent.

Betty is a major figure in Ooo's history.
She already affects a fair number of events inadvertently, so it stands to reason she'd be a part of more. Somehow she obtained an artifact that protected her from the Mushroom War and kept her alive, though without the negative effects of the crown. She then became an adventurer in Ooo and went on to influence the main storyline somehow.
  • She met an ancestor of Princess Bubblegum (maybe her mother?) at some point, and became a close friend and mentor in the ways of science. This is why Princess Bubblegum was almost named Betty, after her.
  • She was Finn's mother. He gets his adventuring genes from her. She was also the one who skinned him his hat, as well as possibly enchanting it so that it would never get too small. Her artifact was damaged while at Boom-boom Mountain, causing her to die and leaving Finn alone. The memory may or may not be the first memory he locked in the vault.

A future villain will connect the plot of Finn's missing mother as well as his "imprisoned" father.
Said villain (mutant human or mutant non-human) tried to win over Finn's mother, but knowing that Finn's father stood in the way he somehow placed the blame of a constructed crime on him, forcing the "authorities" to send Finn's father to the prison dimension shown in the discarded storyboards for "The Lich"; however, this didn't quite work in winning Finn's mother (aside from the fact that his father had already sealed the deal via Finn himself) and she refused his advances, which prompted him to go "if I can't have her then no one else will" on the situation and tried to drown her alongside Finn, whom escaped from the clutches of the sea thanks to his mother's final efforts and gave him his irrational fear for the sea. Fast-forward to the current series and said character could meet Finn, connect via the "Last of their Kind" scenario and find out that he hadn't quite finished the job 14/15 years ago.

The Ice King created Princess Bubblegum.
Simon, somewhere towards the end of his transformation, became lonely and molded some of the sentient bubblegum mass into a humanoid shape. To his surprise, she rejects him. This is why PB is the one princess Ice King fixates on the most.

A century or two later, Simon and Marcy find the baby Finn
They find baby Finn abaondoned in an old house, and take him to raise him themselves as a little brother. However, Simon's decreasing sanity causes him to leave Finn behind in the woods to fester in his own boom-boom until Joushula and Magaret find him. This is the last straw for Marceline, who leaves Simon for good and tries to avoid him. 12 years later, she finds Finn in her old treehouse. She accepts Ice King back into her life as a result of learning Finn is okay. This would also explain Finn’s abandoment issues and why he hates the Ice King so much even after learning his backstory.
  • I don't think Finn ever truly hated the Ice King to begin with. They were enemies, sure, but Finn was more "constantly super annoyed" than anything. And just because someone has a tragic backstory, it doesn't mean you have to suddenly put up with their shenanigans where you didn't before.

Peebles has a problem with romance because... (Choose one or all)
  • She's a closeted lesbian.
  • She knows that Simon and Finn are her father and brother. (Figuratively or literally.)
  • She's having a secret affair with Jake.
  • The Ice King's unwanted advances have left her emotionally scarred.
  • Her true love died tragically and she's yet to overcome this.
  • She fears and loathes that side of herself, and so must not give in to it.
  • Simon's too old and Finn's underage.
    • Or maybe the fact that she herself is functionally ageless is, for her, a stumbling block
  • She's fully absorbed with running the kingdom and doing science to things, and doesn't feel the need for romance.

Assuming the writers intended a relationship, Bubblegum and Marceline broke up after "Go With Me."
She already seemed to have a sarcastic attitude with Marceline in this episode, and Marceline's prank with Finn got Bubblegum pretty peeved. This probably either led to the fight that broke their relationship, or it was already deteriorating and this was the final straw.

The Fionna and Cake version of Goliad will be voiced by one of James Kochalka's sons.

Ricardio was the Ice Crown given form.
So, basically Ricardio was created when Ice King botched a spell that was supposed to control Princess Bubblegum's heart, causing his own to gain sentience and run away. But Ricardio is way worse than the Ice King, having all the yandereness with none of the standards or sympathetic attributes. Now consider that recent episodes imply that most of Ice King's good qualities actually come from the mental remnants of Simon Petrikov, his old self. Ricardio would have a mind of his own, but would not have Simon's good qualities to give him humanity, and he would still be under the Crown's influence. This would basically make him a walking incarnation of the Crown, which would explain why he was such a monster.
  • Alternatively Ricardio is what might happen if Simon was completely corrupted by the crown. From what we get out of AU!Finn and "Simon And Marcy", the crown wants to bring a new age of ice. Ricardio had all of the Ice King's memories and information, but without the will to defy the crown Ricardio lacked his host's humanity.
  • Wasn't there an episode where it implied the Ice Crown was female? When placed on the "shelf of penitence" or whatever, it kept apologizing over and over again in a distinctly female sounding voice.
    • Since when does "high-pitched" equal "distinctly female"?
      • It doesn't, and it's not actually that high-pitched. It echoes yeah, but it's not high-pitched. I'm literally watching the scene now. It sounds distinctly feminine.

The situation with Jake's puppies is being set up to be deconstructed.
How? They'll show up one episode and be very angry that he never comes to see them or even really acknowledges them, and point out that even though they're grown up, they still need him. After that, they will become regular cast members.
  • The summary for "One Last Job" has Jake getting his old gang together to rescue Jake Jr., so when the puppies show up again it will probably be in a less negative context.

There will be an episode where all of the alternate versions of Finn meet.
There's what? Three alternate Finns now? Fionna, Finn the Ice King, and now Pillow Father Finn. One of these is confirmed to exist. The second, based on the wording of Jake's wish and that Finn remembers none of it, may imply Finn the Ice King still exists on Farmworld. And now the Pillow Father Finn who may or may not have been real. It seems to be setting up for something to happen that involves them. It may also be a two-parter.

Possible parallel universes that could be visited in the future(besides the aforementioned alternate Finns).
  • An reality where Marceline put on the Ice Crown instead of Simon Petrikov. Divergence point-both Simon never getting the crown and dying in the war, and Hunson putting on the crown so she'll survive the fallout/to fight the Lich.
  • A reality(probably barren) diverging from the Farmworld universe in which the Mushroom Bomb was too powerful, resulting in Simon the Ice Lich.
  • A reality where Adventure Time is a video game instead of cartoon.
  • A reality similar to our own, based off the "Adventure Time is a story made by Finn based off his own life.

"A Glitch is a Glitch" will not be shown again.
After its initial airing, it was replaced without notice by other episodes. Too many traumatized little kids, perhaps?

Finn didn't remember his Pillow World life because he put it in his memory vault.
Finn has been shown to put anything too horrifying or traumatic in this vault so he won't have to deal with it. Well, raising a family, living an entire life with them, and then losing them forever would definitely be traumatic.
  • What little we've seen of the vault implies that putting away a memory takes some conscious effort on Finn's part, and that he remembers the action (if not the memory thus stored). The end of "Puhoy" is much more reminiscent of the common phenomenon of losing a dream almost immediately upon waking, including Finn seeming to forget having dreamed at all.

Prismo is God, or something very close to it.
Think about it: he lives in the Time Room, a dimension which all other universes are generated from. He's capable of making any wish come true, meaning he's probably The Omnipotent. Despite all this power and his arguable status as an Eldritch Abomination, he's a nice guy-sounds a lot like God, doesn't it? If he is God, then its likely that the Time Room is his actual body and the pink shadow you see is A Form You Are Comfortable With. This does, however, raise questions on what the Mushroom War may have been thought for, considering the Enchiridion is a portal to GOD HIMSELF. As for Prismo's uncle, he was either humoring them or there's a power higher than GOD. As for why he felt the need to let the Lich make his wish, a combination of "Prismo works in mysterious ways", deciding to screw him over with Finn and Jake and possibly wanting to bond with Jake as a friend.

Prismo only grants wishes to one version of a person in all of The Multiverse.
Prismo's clearly smart enough to know the Fridge Horror of every conceivable universe existing meaning there's every conceivable version of the Lich out there, especially one that managed to get rid of every other obstacle-and the same rule applies to every version of someone who knows how to reach Prismo, and who is the last person you want to make a wish. To prevent this, Prismo made it so that you could make one wish, but the definition of "you" includes "you in every universe." That way, there isn't an armada of Liches trying to wish for the extinction of all life. The dimension that the Time Room is in probably only allows one version of you to get in.

The Ice Crown is somehow connected to Jadis.
Jadis brought about an age of ice in her reality, that's what the Crown wants to do in Ooo. Jadis has ways of controlling your mind, so does the Crown. And it's been established that the show takes place in a multiverse, where just about every possibility exists, so it's not like it's impossible for there to be a "Narnia" reality. It's also been established that it's possible to travel between dimensions, and Jadis was already shown to be able to do that when she came to Narnia.
  • Jadis traveled to England and Narnia from Charn by means of a portal she did not control, same as the mundane characters in those stories. There is no indication she had other means of transporting herself between worlds, and it's reasonable to believe the above-mentioned worlds are the only ones she visited.
    • On the other hand, Pillow World does seem to run on Narnia Time.

The Flame Kingdom isn't Always Chaotic Evil.
Consider that the guy who said they are is a) a self-referenced villain aware of Character Alignment and b)killed his own brother for the throne, so I imagine his court would claim they're evil out of fear. While it could simply be Even Evil Has Loved Ones, his nephews seem to be good enough to care for their father for revenge. Also, we haven't seen any other resident of the Flame Kingdom beyond the Fire Count from Billy's flashback being properly evil. Flame King just thinks he and his people are evil because he believes that fire=bad. That, or he's lying, because he's following the tradition of bad guys lying.
  • Has Word of God ever said they're Always Chaotic Evil, or is that just something the fans assumed? ACE groups generally don't have that high a level of civilization.

Mad Men/Adventure Time crossover will happen in some capacity.
Say it with me everyone: Ad Venture Time.

Brocko in 'The Suitor' is a banana guard.
Yellowish-white skin - like a banana. Yellow shirt - like the banana guards. Brown pants - like the popsicle stick legs of banana guards. Brown hair with what looks like pieces of sugar in it.

The Ice King and Island Lady will eventually become an Official Couple via Relationship Upgrade.
  • Seems unlikely, given that the Ice King retained his delusional perspective on his and Bubblegums' "relationship".

Jake Jr. is related to Mabel.
They have the same voice actor. Candy and BMO also have the same voice actor....That's basically all the proof I have. Maybe they're the same person, reincarnated? Maybe Adventure Time is set in the future of Gravity Falls. I know I'm not the only one to say that.

Ice King isn't the one who's infatuated with Princess Bubblegum. The Crown is.
Notice how, in "Party's over, Isla De Senorita", he became much less focused on Bubblegum after removing the Crown. Heck, he even talked about breaking off their "relationship" — only to quickly snap back after putting the Crown back on. Not to mention that the Crown is confirmed to have a mind and emotions of its own, meaning that it's not implausible that it could fall in love.
  • He was going out of his way to not focus on Peebles, and in fact left the Ice Kingdom to do so. The fact that he struck up a friendship with Island Lady shows that, well, with princess wooin' out of the question, Ice King's next priority in life is companionship. (I agree with the point - the way the crown's been shown to work more bears it out - but there are better examples.)

Princess Bubblegum's long-term project is 'helping Ice King'.
Take the Aura Visualizer from You Made Me for example. How useful would it be to tamp down Ice King's insanity to know just what and how his aura is like?

Ice King's crown isn't the source of his insanity.
Not directly, anyway. It fills the wearer with instructions on how to use its power (Finn Mertens says something to this effect in 'Jake The Dog') and alters their physical makeup to something capable of using said power... and never stops doing so. Finn Mertens is in his teens when he puts it on, and isn't developed enough to tune it out, so he goes mad very quickly. Simon's an adult, and eventually gets into a symbiotic relationship with it. But no - the Ice King is insane because he's a 1000 year old (plus change) human, and all the other extreme-age characters aren't.

Flame Princess is taking active steps to control her 'full burn' form.
Gonna name it that, for the sake of conversation. She's doing so to A) have a closer relationship with Finn, and B) use that 'full burn' constructively.

Peppermint Butler is Death's emissary.
He's taken a Candy Person form to fit in, and just keeps an eye on Princess Bubblegum so that she doesn't fully upset the natural balance of things. (He probably sabotaged the resurrection formulas both times - that's Death's biz!) Peebles knows this, as do the Gumball Guardians (they're... really blase about him summoning a demon in 'The Suitor'), and she's teasing him about his aura with the Aura Visualizer in 'You Made Me'.
  • This is also why they have the same initials (sorta).
  • And Cinnamon is his Breakfast Kingdom counterpart.

Titles are Serious Business in the Land of Ooo.
Okay. I think this one social convention answers a lot of questions...
  • This is why pretty much all the princesses aren't ever referred to by name, just their titles. Finn and Jake, for example, probably have a shared family name - but go by 'Finn the Human' and 'Jake the Dog' to fit in with the local culture, 'Finn' and 'Jake' being affectionate truncations in the same vein as 'Peebles'.
  • This is also the source of the rift between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, who by all rights should be 'Candy Princess' or something. At some point in the past, well before Finn met them, Marcie did something along the lines of suggesting that she go by Princess Bubblegum instead. This ultimately becomes a significant faux pas, and as a result Peebles resents Marcie, who has no idea why that happened. (It doesn't help that, by the next time she sees Bonnibel, she's still going by 'Princess Bubblegum' - Peebles took Marcie's suggestion, and yet still dislikes her.)
  • Marceline is on a first-name basis with everyone in Ooo - a serious bucking of established culture, particularly as she's the Vampire Queen and by all rights should be introducing herself as such - and this alone gives her 'bad girl' cred. It also explains her song in 'What Was Missing' - titles are meaningless pomp to her, as she's older than the concept itself in Ooo, and she doesn't see why she needs to play along. It's also a factor in why she gets on with Finn and Jake so well - they're probably the first people in a long time to call her 'Marceline' even after she mentions that she's the Vampire Queen. (She's probably had to insist on it with everyone else.)
  • Most of the other 'named' characters are commoners or outsiders to Ooo culture (like Susan Strong or Hunson Abadeer - she's probably 'Hyooman Princess' or something, if the Hyoomans were to establish diplomatic channels with the rest of Ooo, and he probably has some long-winded title that young Marceline really didn't want to inherit).
  • And then there's Ice King, who has completely forgotten his original name, yet pre-dates the naming convention with Marceline. Young Marcie never called him Ice King, so one possiblity is that he took up the name after she left (she was the one holding him back), and another is that she left because he took it up (the one person she grew up with got absorbed into the pomp...).

Princess Bubblegum stays chaste due to her actual age, more than because of her job.
She outlived at least one boyfriend (back in 'Slumber Party Panic') already, and doesn't care to repeat the experience (with Finn, or her suitors). So she forces herself into loving everyone equally.
  • Ice King keeps her at the top of his list because at some level he recognizes the loneliness that comes with age. (Though it probably helps that she's the one Princess confirmed to have a ...long life. At the same time, she might be rejecting him partly because she knows this.)
  • The flip side of this is that she's willing to overlook character alignment (and thus Peppermint Butler stays in her employ).

All the Princesses are long-lived.
And Finn is interested in someone closer to his own age...

Ice King created the denizens of the Land of Ooo.
By accident. And no one, himself included, knows. (Probably did it to keep Marcie company.) He wants to repeat it with Fionna and Cake, subconsciously knowing that he could have at one point, but can't, and this turned into obsession.

Goliad and Stormo will come out of their eternal duel.
...And take over from Princess Bubblegum, having come to an agreement on a safer way to rule than she first attempted. (In a way not unlike how Mega Man X was in a capsule for 30 years, to make really bloody sure his systems were safe for the world.)

The Lich isn't the most fearsome opponent of Ooo.
The Anti-Lich, which the Lich was created to fight back during the Mushroom War, wants to endlessly revive everything. In fact, this is why the Mushroom War began in the first place - Simon finding the Enchiridion and Crown were coincidental - and where the series will end.

Marceline's axe is from her mother's side.
Hunson married in, if they were married at all. No real proof of this, just that Hunson doesn't seem like the axe-tinguishing type.

There will be a Princess-centric episode at some point.
Because Finn and Jake aren't around 24-7 to save them (in this case, off on a quest and unable to return in time), at some point a small band of princesses has to solve a problem on their own. We'll learn that Princess Bubblegum kinda has an Overshadowed by Awesome effect, and they're all quite competent on their own - and that Wildberry Princess is Ooo's equivalent of Yoda with a sword.

Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum team-up.
Peebles comes up with a tech version of 'flame shield' that allows Flame Princess to safely interact with the Candy Kingdom (as is, she probably melts the candy pavement or candy walls), outfits her with it, and invites her over for tea. FP being FP, she follows Peebles around for a day out of curiosity, with the episode ultimately playing out as a Day in the Life.

Nearly everything in Ooo is descended from/related to pre-War mankind.
Notice how most species are, if not outright humanoid, then at least possessing of many human features? The Mushroom Bomb was, specifically, not just a nuclear bomb but a mutagenic one. This magical radiation created most of the humanoid species in Ooo, and the others are the result of hybridization between varying species, as well as simple evolution. This is why, say, a dog and a rainicorn can breed — they have enough compatible DNA from their human ancestors. This is also why Princess Bubblegum is the most humanoid candy person — as The Ageless, she's genetically closer to humans.
  • Didn't dogs and rainicorns come from a different dimension?
    • They fought over territory in a different dimension, yes, but it's never stated that either species originated there.

Whatever it is that causes Bubblegum to be The Ageless is degenerating.
This is why she says, in "Goliad", "I'm not gonna live forever, Finn. I would if I could". Normally, she would be able to live forever — but the spell/power/whatever is starting to break down, and that's why she's been so obsessed with creating an heir.

PB became immortal because she can't have children, and she didn't feel comfortable leaving her kingdom with anyone else.
Why would she even bother playing God to create an heir for herself, if she could do it the normal way (or however candy people reproduce)? For whatever reason, she is sterile, and she found a method to stay immortal so that she could rule her kingdom until she could find some way to create an heir. This was so important to her because, several centuries ago, the Candy Kingdom was a lot less civilized than it is now and she felt that only a hereditary monarch could unite the people properly. Or maybe that's just how candy people do things.
  • She had family and was young at some point in the past - but otherwise, yeah, that makes sense.

Ice King gets to rescue some princesses at some point.
Or even just Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. Ricardio returns with Hambo, and forces Marcy to capture them all. In the absence of Finn and Jake (on a separate, related mission), Ice King goes to their rescue - and realizes what Ricardio is doing, and to who. Cue Papa Wolf mode. No hamming, no silliness, just straight-up rage and a kick into outer space. He's already established as being unhappy with Ricardio in Lady and Peebles, so why not?

What was everyone else doing during "Lady and Peebles"?
Finn and Jake are mentioned as having been gone for three weeks, and only Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum are going in to try and save them.
  • Peebles convinced everyone else (particularly the fight-happy Marceline and Flame Princess) that there were other things they could be doing.

Ice King was based off Mr Freeze.
Two anti-villians driven by a lost love, really depressing and painful backstories, sharing the same powers and being horribly mutated by said powers-the similarites are so obvious that it would be wild mass guess to suggest that they aren't connected.
  • They're different in pretty much every other aspect, though - especially their respective sanity ('yes' vs. 'no') and the source of their powers (magic vs. tech).

Hunson Abadeer's father is the Greater-Scope Villain of the series.
From Hunson's dialogue of how he raised raised in Chaotic Evil and that he gets his powers from the Nightosphere Amulet, we know that his father was likely worse a person than him. The Lich being the Greater-Scope Villain has been ruled out, since he's the result of the human conflict that is the Mushroom War. The Lord of Evil's Nightosphere Amulet must come from somewhere, so perhaps its his father who created it. Said individual would have been around long before the Mushroom War, and probably was considered the Lord of Evil by the human race. Its possible that Hunson's father may have played a part in the Mushroom War, and thus indirectly is responsible for The Lich. Considering Marceline's father has rather messed up priorities and when it comes down to it has a nightmarish job description, Marceline's grandfather is likely the most evil character in the series for giving his son that mindset.

Phlannel Boxingday is Princess Bubblegum.
Both are pink-colored humanoids. Both speak a bit of German. Both encourage Lemonhope to save the Earldom. Even the initials are the same: PB. Peebles could have changed her voice with some sort of science doodad.
  • Phlannel mentions being unable to enter the Earldom due to political treaties, but logically that wouldn't make any difference to a free spirit who wanders the Earth having fun adventures.
  • The vast majority of evidence seems to point toward Boxingday being Bubblegum, with just one bit of evidence going against it; assuming Boxingday was Bubblegum in disguise, this ruse required spending a lot of time away from her kingdom, which seems very out-of-character for her.

Lemonhope's choice was the best one.
Neither Finn nor Princess Bubblegum care about him; they're just trying to put him into a role. Princess Bubblegum nagged, guilted, possibly shape-shifted, possibly dream-telepathied him into becoming the Hero. He finally does it, frees the Earldom; and then Princess Bubblegum expects him to keep doing it; while she reconstructed the being she demanded he defeat. (An action that goes against her previous "I can't interfere" excuses.) His response?: Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.

The Lich-Baby is both Billy and the Lich.
The Citadel fluid resurrected the corpse...which was, in Prismo's words, "a ghost wearing a dead guy." Normal Lich Possession results in tissue degeneration and Black Eyes of Evil; neither present. Revive Kills Zombie and Raise Him Right This Time may apply...but it will probably be horribly deconstructed.

The Citadel was once Demonreach.
The Mushroom War caused a failsafe that pushed it into the Nevernever. "Fortunately" the destruction of nearly all of humanity took away humanities belief that fueled said horrors; although they're still pretty bad. The Citadel Guardians are the "descendants" of Alfred Demonreach.

Betty won't be able to cure the Ice King.
She won't be able to revert him back to Simon, and she'll opt instead to make herself crazy.

If the Ice Queen is ever given a name...
She'll be called Betty Petrikov.

Ward is a fan of Attack on Titan and Something Big was his theory on how things in Titan started

Marceline and PB stopped dating because Marceline pushed BP to cross boundaries that Princess Bubblegum had set for herself in terms of her body.
Princess Bubblegum is humanoid. This is not her "true form" which is basically a blob like her parent mass. Marceline wanted her "true self" more. "I stick to this primary form because I was born in it, and it fits all my stuff. But shapeshifting is fun! Be a blob! Turn the blob into other things!"
  • But one of Princess Bubblegum's deepest fears is to have a the type of dementia that required her parent mass to be imprisoned in her dungeon. She sticks to a stock humanoid form because she's afraid she'll lose her Self more quickly if she doesn't.
    • Marceline didn't realize how sore an issue this was, and PB didn't not explain her fears to Marceline, and they fell out.

PB will take up the Finn Sword after Finn dies, hopefully of old age.
Finn saw a vision of Bubblegum with the Finn Sword in "Breezy", and it can talk to Finn in "Dentist". Although Finn's squishy bits will die of mortality, one version of his consciousness can stay with her.

In You Forgot Your Floaties, that's what Simon the crab said in the vision.
"You forgot your floaties." IE, she jumped into the Source of Magic like a pool without knowing how to swim or protection, like pool floaties.

The Ice King's insanity isn't all a normal effect of his crown.
The Crown does cause physical and mental changes, pretty extreme ones as well but the insanity experienced by Simon is not among them. It shouldn't have driven him over the brink of madness as it did. So what did happen? Two things:
  • It's a side effect of his greatest wish, which the crown is supposed to grant in return for wearing it, being impossible. All Simon wanted to do was impress his fiance Betty, who died in the mushroom war long long ago. His nickname for her was Princess and as a result the crown is twisting his mind in such a way that it can fulfill the desire even though the actual meaning of it should be impossible
  • The Ice King is resisting. He's actively trying to contain the crown and stop it from breaking his mind like this. As a result it's having to rip his mind to shreds to accomplish it's goal like blender tearing itself to shreds trying to rip apart a solid steel bar.

The Inhabitants of the Fire Kingdom are Actually Aliens
They're Energy Beings. What happened in "The Cooler" happened on their original planet, but on a much larger scale and so they left it for a warm, oxygen rich planet (Ooo). The fire giants were actually a bunch of ships (or what remained of them), but since their existence is only known to the royal line and told in vague song form, no one knows this.

The Vampire King and Vampire Kind Predate the Mushroom War
  • In addition to this, the strongest vamps = oldest.

  • In Ooo, nearly every species has sentience and the ability to speak: this even applies to the simplest animals on the evolutionary scale, like insects, worms and fish. The VK's 'vampire free' form is a non-sentient lion. So naturally, the VK's non-vampire form must have got turned before animal sentience became mainstream.
  • Next are the Hierophant and the Moon. Both of them have sclera and noses and look pretty much human, while most modern AT humans lack both. The latter has been confirmed to be a genetic mutation that is at least 1000 years old (Simon, Betty & Marceline's mom have it) So Moon and Hierophant were turned before the lack of a nose became a thing.
  • Then there's the Empress, who looks human, doesn't have a nose but does have scleras; and so was turned when the noseless human mutation had started to become dominant, but before humans lost their scleras.
  • Finally there's the Fool, who resembles the gnomes we saw way in the first season, so he was probably turned when the remaining humans had begun to develop into humanoid monster species after the war.

Johnny will return in the finale to reunite with Lumpy Space Princess.
Somehow, the events of the finale will inadvertently suck him out of the void between the worlds and back into Ooo where LSP will find him at the end and presumably declare their true feelings for each other, thus wrapping up their character arc in time for the end of the series.

The People of the Islands will open up to the outside world at the end of the finale.
There will be a joint effort headed by Minerva, along with the help of Susan and Frieda to allow its citizens the option of exploring the outside world, along with a push to establish socio-political ties with the land of Ooo's own kingdoms.
The Island Civilization will become an active leader in Ooo's field of sciences known and unknown, alongside that of The Candy Kingdom, and work to establish new laws regarding the ethics of Ooo's sapient and non-sapient life forms.
From all this, a new civilisation will grow, signifying the world's recovery from the Mushroom wars, and a new chance for the people of Ooo to start anew from the mistakes of the past.

The reason why the Ice Thing is crazy.
It isn't because it is missing one Eye of Magwood, the crown directly causing madness, or the loss of Turtle Princess (though relating to that is definitely why it hates Gibbon. Rather it's because of it's pre-Ice Thing anatomy. Originally the Ice Crown only turned people mad because it was set into a "make me like Evergreen" setting, but with it being reset the Ice Thing goes insane because he's an Eldritch Abomination before time. Having that bonded to the Ice Crown, reset to "safe" state or not, is bound to mess with the programming and naturally cause the Ice Thing to devolve from "a nicer Ice King-like being" to the Almighty Idiot we see. Perhaps it's just forcing out the inherent chaotic nature of a pre-time monster.

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