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The explanation for why the penguins are holding flippers in a very human gesture in the opening sequence will be awesome.

The land of Ooo is actually Earth centuries after it's engulfed by The Plot Hole

Maja the Sky Witch is Marceline's mom.
Solely based on PB using a "Goo-goo Mama Meter" to track her in the teaser.
Prismo is a flatlander-solid hybrid
In one of the universes of the multiverse, everyone is human and Simon and the alternate Lemongrabs are Tumblr users.
The twins have a lemon-themed blog while Simon is a fanfiction writer.And the three are best buddies with one another.
Most of the kingdoms' leaders were turned into what they are by their crowns which also changed their homes &, in most cases, made creatures who live in the kingdoms. In addition to all of that, PB is Betty or a descendant/reincarnation of her.
I've noticed signs of it throughout the show. Ice King is obsessed with PB. PB's a scientist, Simon was one, & Betty seems to've been. Simon & PB both have a tiny creature in their pocket who never does anything & is never acknowledged. Every kingdom has a theme with scenery, citizens, & royalty that reflect that theme. For example: Candy, ice, breakfast, nuts, fire, berries, & hot dogs.

On Simon's tape in Holly Jolly Secrets, snow is seen rapidly taking over the town because of his crown. Maybe the other royalty's homes changed the same way. The princesses & Ice King all have jewels in their crowns that stop the lich from controlling their minds, the jewels power the enchiridion, & Simon found the enchiridion. The lich is/was originally supposed to be a king, is a corpse, & controls other corpses.


IK & PB both befriended Marceline before meeting Finn even though PB doesn't associate with IK.

In Simon & Marcy, Simon talked about needing chicken soup while he was near a lot of gum. Later, some gum oozed over to him, gave him chicken soup, & smiled. The zombies in that episode had odd similarities to the candy zombies from 2 other episodes. Maybe the gum (which might've made/been PB) made the zombies & later made them more stable & unzombielike &, in Slumber Party Panic, the decorpsinator brought them back as zombies because that's what they originally were. If the gum in Simon & Marcy is PB, she may remember Marceline & IK.

The royalty also has a tendency to be able to make creatures similar to themselves. PB makes candy people, IK makes snow people, & Flame Princess can turn other flame people into fire cats. PB kept the lich trapped for a long time, Simon found the enchiridion soon before the lich showed up, & the enchiridion is how the lich got trapped in another dimension. Maybe the person who gave the crown to Simon gave crowns to various people to start a chain of events that would stop the lich.


Jigglers were magically mutated from a Pre-Mushroom War electronic printer/scanner
Think about it. The Jiggler's arms are shown to be unattached to its body, and could have came from the paper inside the scanner. Its favorite food is drawings, with eating pictures being analogous to scanning an image. It can create pictures by kissing colors rapidly, just like how a printer prints. It does that using what is likely the same juice that the young jigglers need to survive - the mama's juice is likely printer ink. As for the mama flashing when it feels threatened, this likely came from an indicator light on the device. How all of these traits help them in the wild, I don't know.

Flame Princess will possibly have a major problem with Finn's past love life.
As we all know about that the Flame Princess is far from being the first love interest for Finn. The Flame Princess will end up finding out how she is not the first girl who ever had a thing with Jake in the past and will literally burn with jealousy and get really angry at Finn for that. The most likely catalyst would be Princess Bubblegum due to how she was very vocally against Finn's budding romance with FP due to how dangerous the Flame Princess is and on how she was the one that Finn was indeed in love with for a good portion of the series until recently. (Not too mention on how there is an implied Unrequited Love Switcheroo namely for PB regarding Finn which doesn't help.) The second possible catalyst is Marceline in which yes the show does say that they are Just Friends of course but Marceline can be a playful tease and that they are rather close which can be a potential cause of jealousy. (Though if is the latter Marcy would most likely immediately try to tell FP not to be angry at Finn and that she shouldn't be jealous while PB would be rather uncertain what to do at first.)

This would cause Flame Princess to get really angry at Finn and would never want to see him again. This could potentially cause a temporary Face–Heel Turn or sadly enough maybe even a permanent one. (Though if its the latter the show would most likely play it as a deconstruction of a Romantic False Lead.) But whether if she gets a Face–Heel Turn or not Finn's past love life will quite possibly cause a lot of friction in his budding romance with FP.

There is going to be ANOTHER Fionna and Cake episode...
This time with Flame Prince as the focus.
  • And Ice King will have Finn and Jake help write it down, much like how Marceline wrote "Bad Little Boy."
  • Flame Prince will be voiced by Dante Basco.

Finn's baby sibling in the parallel universe is alive in the real Ooo
  • It could possibly be the origin of Susan Strong or maybe even Fionna (who would also double as Not-So-Imaginary Friend).

There will be an episode/a few episodes where the Ice King gets turned back into Simon.
Needless to say though, it won't stick for very long. Extra Tear Jerker points if the reason Simon becomes the Ice King again is to protect Marcy.

If we ever get a proper series finale...
It'll be about defeating the Lich for once and for all, and Ice King getting his memories of being Simon back (maybe even becoming Simon again). It's quite possible that the True Final Boss will be a Lich-possessed Ice King, and defeating him will restore Simon's memories. Afterwards, Finn will become the greatest adventurer of all time, marry Peebles (or whoever he's with at the time), and Billy's ghost might make an appearance. We'll then get a reprise of "Billy's Song" but with Finn instead of Billy, and the song will retell a few of Finn and Jake's major battles throughout the series (he'll still "cast the Lich King down"). Afterwards, we'll see an adult Finn, with Jake, passing the torch to a brand-new adventurer. For extra fun, it could even be Fionna, who will turn out to be a real person and Finn's successor.

In the "Fionna and Cake" universe, it was Betty instead of Simon who put on the crown.
In the Fionna and Cake universe, Betty didn't become the Ice Queen because of the crown.

Betty made a contract with Kyubey and became a Magical Girl with ice-based powers. Leaving Simon caused her to give into grief and she became a Witch.

Betty never actually left Simon.
We've seen that, by that point in the video, he'd already started having delusions and gaps in his memory. He says that, after whatever he did when he put on the crown, he never saw her again...but really, what are the chances that someone would just completely abandon their loving partner for one event? Especially since she seemed to be a smart lady, and in Real Life a sudden 180 in behavior is often a sign of mental illness. Considering Simon's mental state at the time, and considering that World War 3 happened just a little while after this, presumably killing her, it seems more likely that Simon's fractured mind just didn't remember those final few weeks/months and equated her death with "leaving" him, thus causing him to believe that that was literally what she had done.
  • Confirmed, sort of in the Season 5 episode she appears in.

In a future episode, the Ice King will travel to the Fionna and Cake universe.
Completely justfied, as it'll be a self-insert fic this time. Bonus points if he marries Fionna too and is somehow more powerful and competent than the Ice Queen.

It is against the law in Ooo to use any non-magical weapon more advanced than a sword, knife, or bow.
Considering that technology in Ooo is actually pretty advanced, and considering that they have all those monsters to fight, it seems a little odd that they wouldn't just invent some guns or something. But with The Reveal about just how Ooo came to be what it is, it makes much more sense - of course they'd want to prevent a war of that scale from ever occurring again,and what better way to do that then to ban the technology that would enable it?
  • Well, there doesn't seem to be any international Ooo Laws that are being enforced. Plus, we've seen laser guns, robots, etc.

The Lich will eventually become much more sympathetic.
There haven't been many recurring villains on the show (Marceline, Ice King, and Magic Man are the only others I can think of) but the ones that do come back usually get an episode to themselves, a sympathetic backstory, and a ton of Character Development. Two of them are now close friends of the main characters. The Lich is one of the most important villains on the show and has already gotten some reveals about his past; as his past and nature are more developed upon, it's likely he will become a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, possibly having to do with the creature he was before the Mushroom War mutated him into what he is. Maybe he'll even have a Heel–Face Turn.

On the flipside, the Lich will become less sympathetic.
He's the Knight of Cerebus for a reason! It would be contrast more with the rest of the other antagonists if the Lich's backstory is completely unsympathetic. How so? Have the person who became the Lich do so on purpose. Said person Was Once a Man, specifically one of the scientists working on the Mushroom Bomb. Why does he decide to become the Lich? He considers that the Mushroom War was going to happen anyway (likely due to a Second Cold War preceding it), so justifies this to becoming a part of it to survive the war. He will know that there's a good chance he'll become an Omnicidal Maniac, but won't care because he'll still survive the apocalypse.
  • Unlikely, since the nuclear bomb that made Ooo what it is made him. Any living creature, (except Marceline, probably since she is half demon), that falls in could be mutated into the Lich, so it's more likely that some poor sap was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You're both right-The Lich will turn out to be both sympathetic and unsympathetic(warning-spoilers for the Lich's origin ahead).
How so? Have the original body be a poor sap who got in the way, but the current consciousness driving the Lich be the instigator. The Mushroom Bomb could've been a method of Body Surf for its inventor, who decided to become the destroyer of worlds if it meant he survived the war/whatever reason he had for this act. The original body of the Lich was just some poor sap who, like the Ice King, was in the wrong place in the wrong time and fell victim to a malevolent entity(in this case, the scientist who used the Mushroom Bomb as a Body Surf.) This may go to explain why, even in the timeline where Jake became the Lich, the Lich was still highly maleovlent. It's likely that the poor sap is trapped inside its own body, completely powerless and being forced to see his body being used by the scientist to wreak havoc. It's possible said poor sap has become insane after having to deal with everything that's happened. Thus, the Lich has two personalities-the poor sap who's been forced to kill everyone, and the malevolent inventor of the Mushroom Bomb who's controlling his body to kill everyone.
  • Not to mention, there were ghosts coming out of that bomb, so it could be like Gyo, with the inventor's soul possessing the victim's body.

Magic Man will become much more sympathetic
In the episode all the little people Magic Man said: "I'm not coming back." which Finn later said when he realised he was messing with their lives. This could imply that Magic Man is actually "good" but that his magic powers have turned him into a more chaotic evil. He could possibly come back in a later episode, stripped of his powers. Or maybe he just leaves all together.
  • Based on what little we've seen of him, and what his brothers said about him, it's more likely that he's always had magic, but after his wife/girlfriend/whoever was in that picture he had died he went insane. After all, the memories were what convinced him to help Finn out a bit, so there must have been sanity and humanity in him at the time the memories took place.
    • I understood that line and episode as Magic Man looking for someone to understand how he feels and have some sort of "friend" in the world. Think about it: Magic Man has essentially done the same to many people until his times doing so with Finn, which ended up making him recover some of his sanity and therefore, a somewhat better person for it. The "Not coming back" thing might not be literal, but rather, he won't use his magical powers to screw with people for his own insane amusement.

Ooo is inside that giant crater on the side of the world; the rest of the world is still populated by humans.
That giant crater is the blast site from the Mushroom War; it was probably heavily radioactive - too much so for safety - for a very long time, and it's unlikely that anyone would have a reason to go in there, which is why we haven't seen any human from outside, and neither society is aware of the other. Ooo itself is protected by magic, which is why it's so healthy despite the location.
  • Magic would also explain why Earth continues to orbit the sun and have normal-length days despite that huge missing chunk throwing it out of balance.

The Ice King's Crown is not entirely responsible for his insanity.
Simon Petrikov, even before his transformation was complete, lived through the love of his life leaving him and frickin' World War 3, both of which are deeply traumatic and could easily cause Sanity Slippage to anyone. The Crown may only cause visions and exacerbate The Fog of Ages that you would expect a 600-year-old man to have anyway.

Princess Bubblegum has other, saner experiments.
She says that Lemongrab was the first of her experiments to go wrong, not the first experiment ever. Sure, we only ever see Lemongrab and Goliad, but if the others aren't causing problems it's unlikely we would ever see them on camera.

Adventure Time takes place within Star Trek continuity
The Third World War was the Mushroom War. The civilization on Mars was a remnant of Human colonization. And eventually, humans get to retake earth as seen here:

The Magic Man and the people of Mars are related to the Q Continuum... Somehow.
Incredibly powerful extraterrestrials who can shape shift, among other powers, and removed powers from and exiled one of their number for being a troll and a jerk. Perhaps the King of Mars had meet Abraham Lincoln at some point in his immortal life, and looked up to him enough to use his form?

Before the events of "What Was Missing", Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were good friends, practically best friends. Then something occurred that caused their relationship to dramatically sour overnight.
  • Good theory! To expand on it further:
    • In "WWM", Bubblegum's lost shirt was (canonically) given to her by Marceline. This was before the incident that caused them to hate each other. She kept it as a reminder of their friendship.
    • The "something" that split them was related to Bubblegum disliking Marceline's music. Marceline sings about it in "I'm Just Your Problem".
      "La da da da da, I'm gonna bury you with my sound."
      • And Bubblegum thinking Marceline didn't show enough respect (as a friend) for her, though this was actually just Marceline's general nature towards her friends.
      "Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess, is that what you want me to do? Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect, like all your little loyal subjects do."
      • Also Bubblegum not admitting she was wrong.
      "Is that why you always avoid me? [...] But I-I-I-I-I-I-I shouldn’t have to be the one that makes up with you."
  • The reason Marceline took the fight so seriously is simply because she values friendship so highly.
    • Which can be explained by her canon (previous?) loneliness.

And on a somewhat related note...

Marceline and Bubblegum are going to have a closer relationship later on in the series.
Interpret "closer relationship" however you like.
  • They're going to become best friends. The kind that tease each other affectionately and talk about Finn when he's not there.
  • For a less platonic relationship , in "What Was Missing", Marceline sings a completly truthful song about how much she wishes she could be "friends" with Bubblegum, and how sad or affected she is by the fact that she can't.
    • Then there's the matter of the objects they needed back. Marceline didn't have one, which could be excuse that she just wanted to hang out with everyone, but it also could be excuse that she wanted to get closer to Bonibel.
      Princess Bubblegum had a shirt that was given to her by Marceline that she wears as pajamas. When seen, she blushes.

Marceline has Borderline Personality Disorder.
One of the characteristics of BPD is "intense fear of abandonment". Marceline was possibly neglected and abused by her father, thereby being "abandoned" by him. When he ate her fries, she perceived that as abandonment and became completely estranged, so that she could reject him before he rejected her. She does crazy things just to get a reaction, and in one episode she may have tried to sabotage Finn's relationship with PB so that they wouldn't become more distant from her.Another of the characteristics is that the person is prone to violent and aggressive raging. This explains her battle with Finn in "Evicted", and her saying that she hadn't "fought like that in years." Also explains her violent fight with her father.Another characteristic is self-mutilation. She says in "Henchman" that the sunlight hurts, but that she likes it.People with BPD can appear quite normal outside, but behind closed doors they are emotionally like children. Marceline lost most of her childhood in the Mushroom War. She may still emotionally be a child, still struggling to grow up and survive.

The Ice King is the eternal guard of the Enchiridion.
Having once been keeper of the Enchiridion, Ice King used the magic stolen from its pages to create a magic Crown to possess his next host and grant him prolonged life. Through subtle cues the Crown is willed to the current keeper of the book.

The Gems of Power, need to unlock the Enchiridion, were divided among the kingdoms and princesses to separate them from the book. The Ice King has an innate desire to capture and protect the princesses and their gems.

  • Maybe over the centuries, Ice King's need to protect has decayed into an urge to capture and marry the princesses to fill his need for companionship.
  • What if it was Ice King's need to protect the Enchiridion that helped draw him to Finn?
    • Don't forget his insane loneliness.

Susan Strong is a human, not a hyooman.
Why because Finn and Susan are the only ones with hair. The hyoomans didn't appear to have any, just gills.
  • Perhaps Susan Strong has gills and hair, fin did seem preety confused by what he felt.
  • Or Susan is a mutant hyooman, a genetic throwback to humans without gills. She might think that that's what Finn is, too.
    • Maybe he is. We don't know where Finn came from.
    • Also, Susan could be Finn's older sister or other realtive. They have somewhatsimilar features, and Susan has enough of a fanbase to become a main or secondary character. The muscles and large size kick in during puberty.
  • Confirmed to not be a hyooman. Appears to be a cyborg of some sort.
The ice queen is so effective with her powers BECAUSE she is a woman, not because she is a Villain Sue
Taking an evolutionary look, men were hunters — very linear thinking — while women were gatherers — very versatile thinking to accomodate everything they had to remember. She's not so effective because she is an Author Avatar for the ice king, its because she can think up out-of-the-box ways to use her powers. The ice king himself mainly just blasts ice and creates snow golems.the ice queen came up with different, creative ways to use the same set such as:using the spike as a way of entry — the ice queen has been seen to just fly in, using snow golem as cover for swapping with prince gumball, using the ice to form disguised objects like Fionna's sword, and so on and so forth. Women just have an overall more versatile process of thought.
  • Notably, one of the few times Ice King did try and think out of the box (by creating ice armor) it backfired miserably.
  • Is it just me, or is this idea offensive to everyone involved?
    • The idea fails palaeoanthropology forever.
    • It's not just you.
    • Yes, this idea is completely wrong according to science. Both women and men were hunters and gatherers, and it varied a lot between biomes.

Adventure Time is in fact a Tabletop Game campaign, being run by none other than Sally of Darths & Droids fame.
The strange and wondrous world of Ooo seems just like something Sally would think up, and this is just too good to pass up, considering the show's many D&D/TRPG reference. Finn is obviously Jim, considering his Idiot Hero streak, and considering his crush on PB, she's most likely played by Annie. That leaves Pete, Ben, and possibly the Darths & Droids GM to account for. Sally has been, much to Pete's chagrin, been pulling most of the encounters from the darkest and Strangest corners of the monster manual(s) and/or been homebrewing them.

The world of Adventure Time is the same as the world in the short story Petra by Greg Bear
In Petra, god has died, magic has returned, and simply imagining things makes them real, and inanimate objects are sentient. Watching the episode where Jake imagines the floor is lava and it burns Finn made me realize this.

Marceline is waiting for Finn to get older before turning him into a vampire.
Marceline's neck-holes make it very likely that vampirism is transferred via the typical rules. She doesn't just tease Finn for her own sick amusement (though that is a factor). She's trying to keep him interested until his physique is more compatible with her own so she can bite him and have a companion for the next thousand years. This is why she gave him such bad advice when she thought he was trying to woo Princess Bubblegum, then later insisted that he'd get bored with someone as smart as the princess. Her over-the-top negative reaction when he turned his efforts to her had two purposes: first, she was legitimately angry that Finn used the exact same routine on her that he did on Bubblegum (making her his 2nd choice), and she wanted to see if he'd be freaked out by her bizarre formless self. Now that he's shown that he still likes spending time with her doing things he can't do with Bubblegum, Marceline can resume both their friendship and her plan to transform him. You're welcome, Finn x Marceline shippers.
  • Unlikely as in "Stakes" she is revealed to hate vampires and actually was the one that killed them off.

The Censors were kidnapped and replaced with former writers of SNL.
Seriously, there is no other way to get away with some of the jokes on the show.

Ooo is an alternate universe's Matrix.
Or atleast something extremely similar. The Mushroom War was between sentient mushroom robots and humanity. Humanity lost, and the Mushbots sealed the last surviving human, Finn, in a pod. Now he lives out his wildest dreams while the Mushbots control the planet, and study his mind or something.

tl;dr the bombs were powered by magic and exploded in a cloud of fairy dust instead of boring old radiation.

Everybody is just a video game character in this show.
To be specific, we've got all the archetypes: Finn is player one, Jake is player two, Princess Bubblegum is the Damsel in Distress, and Ice King is the "Bowser" of sorts.
  • Alternately, Finn is Maxwell.
    • No in 10000 years, Finn evolves into Maxwell.
  • The regularity with which Finn apparently takes on the Shark and Science Cat in "My Two Favorite People".
  • Also, Lady Rainicorn as a native Korean speaker, when Koreans are known to be fatally attracted to MMORPGs.
  • How has nobody mentioned the very evident Video Game Settings?
  • Perhaps the original short was an 8-bit Mario-style video game like described above, and the actual show is either a series of spin-off games based on the original, or an elaborate MMORPG also roughly based on the original short.

Adventure Time takes place in the future of the Ugly Americans universe.
After the demons have brought on the End of Days.

The Lumpy Space episode is a really young boy's view of an elder girl going through puberty.
Lumpy... contagious that could be taken as 'cooties'... suddenly having no time for him and getting a boy-focused social life...

Eveyone is in purgatory.
Ooo is just a plane of the afterlife, and only Jake is aware. Remember in the episode where they searched for the book? He said, "Everything here is designed to mess with your head. None of it is real." He wasn't talking about the trials, but the world in general. And the De-Corpsinator brings people from Earth to Ooo.

The whole series is Finn on a sugar-induced afternoon, with his dog and a Commodore 64.
They're obviously dead, and in Valhalla.

The instruments in Ice King's castle are remnants from an old band he started.
As to who was in the band, I don't have a clue.
  • Marceline was in a band, PB has a Band Shirt as we found in "What was Missing", and in "Holly Jolly Secrets", we find that The Ice King was very much possibly alive BEFORE the Mushroom War (There is a plane and operational factory visible out the window in his last Diary entry).

The businessmen in Business Time were former Team Rocket executives.
A giant robot that sucks up fuzzy creatures? They found an opportunity to use their favorite tactic after Finn and Jake hired them. These guys were the ones behind the scenes who delivered gadgets for Jessie, James, and Meowth to use. When Giovanni found out that the businessmen were wasting resources on failing strategies, they were sent off on one last mission to capture an Articuno.

The skeleton in Princess Bubblegum's passageway is Finn from the future.
Princess Bubblegum is actually a malevolent dictator, who arranged, through a time paradox, to make herself her own daughter, ensuring her eternal succession. In the future, Finn will discover this terrible secret, only to be executed by Bubblegum on returning to the past to Set Right What Once Went Wrong .
  • Alternatively, it's Penn, from the pilot, for the same reason. Jake missed his human friend and got one that was almost exactly the same.

Lumpy Space was created from the piece of the world blown off during the Great Mushroom War.
The Lumpy Space People used to be human. That would explain why the Lumps are contagious.

Every generation has a hero like Finn.
Many people have noted that Finn's adventure's are strikingly similar to those of Billy. However, Billy seems to have been quite a bit older and, not coincidentally, his adventures seem to have gone much more smoothly. It's safe to say that Ooo would probably have torn itself apart if not for the protection of its resident heroes...perhaps there have been always been heroes like Finn and Billy, each training from birth to take up the role when the previous hero died, and keeping Ooo safe from monsters, the Lich, etc. However, Billy broke the cycle by having a Heroic BSoD and retreating into his crack, thus forcing Finn to take up all his responsibilities while still quite young and not really mature enough for it. This would explain why no one has a problem with a child living without parents and constantly putting his life in danger, and why they never try to put the safety of the entire multiverse in the hands of someone a little more older and more responsible.

Lumpy Space is actually a quarantine
Lumpy Space isn't even space at all. This is obvious due to no change in gravitational pull for Finn. Lumpy space was originally a quarantine during a strange outbreak long ago. The lumpy people were long forgotten and did not come back until Princess Bubblegum decided to bring them back. Her family was the only one with records of the lumpy quarantine. She first came into contact with the lumpy people and more specifically LSP. We know this from Bubblegum and LSP's friendship which is strange considering the lumpy people don't want non lumpers in their domain. We also never see any other lumpy people outside of the lumpy quarantine.

The lumpy people were not happy with being kept a secret/forgotten and this is why non lumpers aren't allowed. The secrets of the past are all over the lumpy quarantine due to the fact that whatever caused the apocalyptic state did not happen in the lumpy quarantine.

Bubblegum needs the info from the lumpy quarantine to learn about the past. The problem is that she is a target in the lumpy quarantine, she already tried going there once before. She can't go back so she makes excuses in order to avoid going back.

In order to protect the candy people, Princess Bubblegum did not reveal the secrets of the lumpy quarantine to anyone. Her only connection to the lumpy quarantine is LSP.

Ricardio is not the Ice King's Heart
To elaborate, the Ice King was a Woobie and wanted to marry a princess. As he was dying, Ricardio said he could get him a princess as well as immortality. Ricardio then fuses with him, takes over the Ice King's mind, and threatens to kill everyone.I got this idea from watching the episode Ricardio and was I the only person who noticed that Ricardio acts exactly like the Ice King we know? Only without his Woobieness? Not to mention that Ice King - Ricardio = ULTRA MEGA WOOBIE. Also, watch Prisoners of Love and you'll see that the Ice King goes from "Play the song the way I've shown you." to "PLAY IT OR I'LL SQUISH YOU INTO JUICE!" in a matter of seconds. Methinks Ricardio is doing a wonderful job taking over his mind.
  • Ricardio is a parasite and was absorbed from the crown that Simon found.
  • This actually has some backing. Ice King's only appearance since losing Ricardio has him acting less crazy than normal, and not at all evil.

The entire series is one boy and his favorite uncle playing a big game of make believe
Finn is just a silly kid playing a game with his cool uncle (Jake) and making everything up as he goes along, which is why everything is Princess Bubblegum is the girl across the street he has a crush on, Marceline is some cool older girl who occasionally teases Finn, the Ice King is Finn's crotchety old neighbor and Lumpy Space Princess is Finn's Valley Girl older sister.
  • Tree Trunks is Finn's grandmother, and the episode is his attempt to cope with her recent death.
    • Furthermore, Lady Raincorn is "Uncle" Jake's Korean Girlfriend who's hasn't learned the language yet. The Barbarians in Memories of Boom Boom Mountain are some of Finn's rambunctious cousins on the other side of his family, and the mountain man is another uncle who's a real stick in the mud (and 'has problems' according to Jake).
    • The house people are a dollhouse town tourist trap that Finn and Jake went to visit. Donny is the Jerkass mentally challenged security guard working there. The Whywolves are a gang of punk teenagers who trashed the place while Donny was on break.
    • NEPTR is a robot that Finn bribed Jake to buy for him, while Beemo is a Gameboy. The Cosmic Owl is the mayor...
    • The Linch King is a serial killer that escaped jail. Around this time Princess Bubblegum started dating Finn.
    • This interpretation adds a new layer of sad to "New Frontier."
    • The Flame Princess could be a girl that moved next door that Jake tried to introduced to Finn after Bubblegum either broke up with Finn or moved away. May have ended badly.
    • The Ice King, Simon, ends up becoming warmer to Finn and Jake when he reveals that he misses Betty, his "princess", after a little joke of his went severely wrong.

The Ice King is really Mumbo Jumbo from Teen Titans.
There are so many things to consider between the two, it's hard not to believe that Mumbo may have change his appearance and ran away during one conflict with the Titans just to get away from them and never have to deal with them again. All he needed to do is to grow his beard, change his magic style, and live far off in a frozen kingdom with the only goal in mind to steal princesses and make them his bride.
  • But then Robin got turned into Finn, Beast Boy is stuck as Jake, Raven is Marceline, and Starfire is Princess Bubblegum. Cyborg failed to make it after the apocalypse.
    • Now that you think about it, Star and PB do have similar voices.
    • He's stuck in Titans Tower with a dead battery, like in "How Long Is Forever?".

The Adventure Time universe eventually evolves into the Scribblenauts universe.
The art styles are vaguely similar—as time went on, the Ooo people got shorter and squatter and less noodly. Advances in Nice Hat technology allowed for three points instead of just two, and different colors (such as red, and blue for Lewxam). Plus, Ooo already has enough random and Crazy Awesome stuff to fuel the Scribbleverse for a long time.

Marceline is an architect of Ooo
Given that Marceline is at least 'a thousand years old' by her own words (as flexible as that may be, given it was part of a lyric in a song), it is quite possible she might have had a strong part in creating Ooo, and might even know how civilization was previously destroyed (and her current personality might be an aspect of that, more on another WMG). The fact that her mark shows up on at least two relatively arbitrary places means that not only has she lived in that area, she may have built a significant part of it too. Her theoretical acts of construction brings me to...

The Land of Ooo is a form of repentance of the survivors from the apocalypse
Think about it. People made of candy? Talking mountains? A whole world of lumpy suburban stereotypes? Cliche notions of good and evil? The people who survived the apocalypse may have felt regret over how their world came to be and end, and instead strove to build a simpler world with much more fantastical elements. This might explain why Marceline doesn't identify with good or evil; if she did live pre-apocalypse (and it just happens to be our world) then she might be rebuking the idea of alignment because of how it might have been twisted around in her time.
  • This is supported by the fact the Land of Ooo is set After the End just no one knows about that, yet...
    • You should probably have guessed it by now, though. There are definitely enough hints.

The Snail is...
Penn! After something goes wrong during one of his adventures, he's turned into a snail (probably by that stupid Donut Witch), leaving Jake to assume the worst. After vainly attempting to get turned back (which fails because, well, he's a SNAIL), he resigns himself to watch over his younger brother's efforts to follow in his footsteps.

The series will eventually turn into a Serious Business Mind Screw show
Most (if not all) of the sillier stuff from the episodes so far will be retconned into being some kind of hallucination that Finn and Jake were both experiencing. Princess Bubblegum and the people of Ooo don't really exist. In reality, Earth has indeed been devastated and Finn and Jake are simply two of the few people still alive (there are other survivors as well, one of which will be the series's Big Bad). These hallucinations are coping mechanisms that allow them to live their day-to-day lives without giving into despair.
  • The mindscrew might come from Lich King and his supposed role in making the world into what is like in the show. Plus Finn could be the only remaining human so that will be pretty sad.

The Lich King is Penn from the short.
Okay, merging several of the above WMGs...after the end of the short, Penn was killed. Jake transferred some of his magic powers to Penn in an attempt to save his life. It backfired horribly, turning Penn into an evil, zombified wizard. Jake himself locked Penn away, then wiped his own mind of the events, and set out adventuring with Penn's brother, Finn.
  • Unlikely, according to this animatic for the upcoming episode "Hero" Billy/Hogarth was the one who imprisoned the Lich King (And one time he fought a bear)
    • Also, the pilot isn't canon.

The episode 'Wizard' was a Batman Gambit on behalf of the Lich King.
This theory has three layers to it. The first is that the tower in which the wizards were trained was also the one in which the Lich King was sealed away. While this wasn't mentioned in the episode, it's still possible if one assumes that none of the wizards knew it. The second is that Reaper (the skeleton that appeared at the beginning and end of the episode) was one of the Lich King's servants. And the third is the WMG itself. The Lich King knew that Finn would seize the chance to get wizard powers, and he also knew that Finn's actions would lead to the destruction of the tower. So, he sent out Reaper to offer Finn and Jake magical powers. Of course, everything went according to plan, and the Lich King was freed. He'll turn up soon enough. Any minute now...

Princess Bubblegum is going to turn out to be Cute and Psycho.
Skeleton in "Ricardio the Heart Guy". Just you wait.
  • Her insane bloodlust in "The Duke of Nuts" gives some credence to this...

Pendleton Ward is taking a letter from Suntra.
Well, let's compare the similarities: the oddball chiptune soundtrack, the Mind Screw artwork (which also shows Seussian influence) the shared Widget Series status, the sweet, but not saccharine overtones (especially prevalent in the Suntra's "Other Victories"), heck, even the folk roots of the acoustic guitar parts(comparable to the orchestra on Suntra's "Tottori," from a Symbolic Interactions compilation). One could even make an argument that the two use the same synthesizers.

Finn has some of the fountain water too, and the characters don't age again; Finn and Jake will have access to the Fountain so they can stay young and be heroes forever. Might also make a good finale or TV movie.

The Magic Man is a fairy
He's a Jerkass, he's magic and he uses his power with no regard for others. He comes as a beggar, asking for food and if you do give him some, he still curses you.
  • According to the Magic Man, he cursed Finn because he gave him the food.
  • He seems to be some sort of weird Martian deity. Of course, it was never really explained just what, exactly, his people are, so this theory is still possible.

Princess Bubblegum's sanity is directly related to her level of attractiveness.
Most of the time, she's a fairly cute girl. However, in Duke of Nuts, once she becomes ugly, she's obsessed with punishing the Duke to the point of ax craziness and laughter. Alternatively, she may just be like this all the time, and is simply extremely good at hiding it.

During the Duke of Nuts, for whatever reason, Princess Bubblegum was temporarily off her anti-psychotics.
Perhaps she was switching to a new medication and she had to ramp up to a high dosage, or maybe the medicine had to taken every day and she simply forgot that morning. This explain why, towards the end of the episode, she was back to normal; she, or an attendant, had remembered to take them/give them to her. Of course, violent ax craziness is not the way real-life psychosis works, but media tends to portray it this way.

The apocalypse was caused by the magic coming back
However it was that magic emerged, its emergence caused the sudden arrival of a wave of magical creatures and sociopaths that society had no defenses against. By the time defenses for the innocent were good enough, purestrain unaltered humans were rare and most socio-political structures (cities, nations, etc) had been shattered.
  • This actually explains quite a bit. This is likely several generations after the end, at least 1000 years if Marceline's age is to be believed, with most of the original cities completely gone. The dungeon in Dungeon is actually partially the remains of one of the last underground cites of purestrain humans that held out the longest but was eventually destroyed too. The appearence of technology from at least the 1980s shows that technology advanced at least that far either before Judgement Day or since then. In fact, Finn himself might not be a purestrain human, and he wears his hat to cover up some sort of defect or mark that shows that though he is close to purestrain, he is still not purestrain.
  • That hat doesn't cover anything except his long, beautiful blond hair.
  • Penn has mentioned Ooo being how it is partially due to the return of magic, so there may be something to this.

The Crystal Apple Tree is the original Tree of Knowledge
From "Slumber Party Slumber", we learn that candy people explode when scared. When Tree Trunks ate the apple, she learned everything about what happened to the Land of Ooo. She was so horrified by the revelation that she blew up.

The mountain is the spirit of pacifism
I don't mean Gundam SEED style pacifism where all pacifism means is complaining about violence while still slaughtering people, I mean the kind of pacifism that says that if you poked someone too hard he'd cry.

  • Someone got bored of him teleporting behind them and complaining whenever violence happened (possibly the magic man) and then the bored person sealed him into a mountain because being in a mountain limits one's ability to complain about violence to the area directly near the mountain. No idea what the girl mountain is though, she could just be the spirit of back fetishes and the person was creeped out instead of bored.

The Lich King will be revealed as Finn's father.
This show is too Troperific for it not to be true.
  • Either that, or he knew Finn's parents/knows their fate.
    • Or, if we're really aiming for Knight of Cerebus status, Finn's parents will be elite minions under the Lich King's control.

The Ice King will have a Heel–Face Turn after Finn and Jake figure out they just need to talk to him.
Learning to make alternate solutions in this manner will be important in dealing with the Lich King.

The events of Adventure Time takes place on the Gigantic Northern Continent of Flapjack's world
Even though I hate that I came up with this WMG, it's just too good. I still prefer to think of them as seperate. And, oh yeah, Candy Wife is Princess Bubblegum's mother.

Lady Rainicorn craps jelly filled doughnuts
Jake and her get stuffed in an empty closet during Slumber Party Panic, and completely inexplicably Jake is eating a jelly filled doughnut when he comes out. I have thought about this quite a while, and this is the only explanation that makes sense. Other solutions that I have dismissed: Jake keeps a supply of jelly filled doughnuts on him at all times, Jake craps jelly filled doughnuts, There was a jelly filled doughnut in the closet (if it was from the candy kingdom, it'd be alive), Lady Rainicorn keeps a supply of jelly filled doughnuts on her at all times. Then again, it's just a show, I should really just relax.
  • There could be non-sentient doughtnuts in the Candy Kingdom. Afterall Princess Bubblegum has a supply of pudding that the Duke of Nuts often eats. ...Wait.
  • Actually I just watched that episode and you can see Jake reaching off-screen to grab the donut from (presumably) a zombie's corpse. It's only for a second though.

That part with the dimple plant in "Henchman" was Foreshadowing a serious moment.
When the Lich King surfaces he will inflict The Corruption on a character we're familiar with. Finn will have to kill them while they're still adorable, making for one of the biggest Tear Jerkers of the series.

The whole Lich King storyline is going to be Jossed
Either he won't show up at all, or he will but he'll be just a comedic Harmless Villain.
  • Nope. Oh God Nope.

The Cosmic Owl of the Universe devoured the humans
According to the Whywolves, if they overpopulate, then the Cosmic Owl will devour them all. Maybe when they said devoured, they don't mean it literally, but metaphorically. The Cosmic Owl is somewhat a being that destroys overpopulation by means that are completely indirect. The Cosmic Owl probably caused the humans to go to war and in turn devoured them by making all of them kill eachother.

Marceline the Vampire Queen was never really evil.
She's just a righteous dame who likes to play games, and Finn and her non-evil fans are the only ones who got past her dark and spooky exterior to realize this.
  • According to Word of God, to become the Queen/King of the vampires, she had to kill the previous king/queen.
    • Maybe the previous king/queen was evil.
  • I've asked if the vampire king was Marceline's vampire dad. Hopefully he gets to it soon, he hasn't answered questions in a while...
    • Nope. Marceline's vampire dad is the Lord of Evil, not the Vampire King.
    • Which brings us to...

Marceline is The Guy.
And Finn is The Kid, only he doesn't want to kill Marceline because he doesn't KNOW she's The Guy (girl?). It would also explain why everywhere in Ooo is so hideously dangerous- if it takes place in the I Wanna Be The Guy-verse, everything must try to destroy you in SOME way. Alternately, Billy is The Guy but Finn won't kill him either because he's a major fanboy.
  • Alternatively, Billy is Grandfather The Guy, Finn is the Kid, and the Ice King is the Guy.

Marceline is evil to the core, and has tricked Finn into thinking she just likes messing with people for future ease of control.
Just to cover another base (although those pixies were jerks).

Nobody in Ooo or the surrounding lands are evil, or even mean.
Marceline the Vampire Queen is just a righteous dame who likes to play games, the Ice King just has a thing for kidnapping princesses and sees brainwashing curses as a form of curative hypnotherapy, and even the jerk in "City Of Freaks" really was trying to teach everyone a lesson, although he had no idea what it was by the end and was just trying for a satisfactory ending.
  • Explain The Lich King then.
  • He was trying to make them recognize that people could be jerks. ...Which is sort of a compelling argument for your point, really, if there are enough people who simply wouldn't understand that for there to be a community of them.
    • Keep in mind that the Lich King would've been before the events that made Ooo. There may be no evil on Ooo, but there certainly was on Earth.
  • The Fire Kingdom seems to contradict this, though there is room for speculation. Maybe the fire in their souls makes them quick to anger, and say they're evil because that's what they're labeled as.

The Whywolves were just trying to help restore the proper order of things, they neither eat houselings nor are eaten by the Cosmic Owl.
Because the Cosmic Owl explanation came out of nowhere and makes no freaking sense if looked at literally (instead of, as an above poster put it, a metaphor for the natural balance reasserting itself, such as by way of the Whywolves starving).

Obnoxygen is only made by incredibly rude plant people.
Because normal plants make... Y'know, I'm not even going to bother.

Dungeon holes were created to contain the most dangerous mutants that started to appear during the onset of the apocalypse
  • This would make sense, especially if the pipe-thing going down to where the human-mutants from "Susan Strong" live is actually an abandoned dungeon hole.

Knife storms are caused by psychic anomalies emanating from the Cosmic Owl.
Mortals perceive these anomalies as unified yet controllable hallucinations. That is, their hallucinations are perceptible to others and directly affected by imagination, though what is imagined by others cannot be seen, only felt and heard. The knives are the visible form of the anomaly itself. What causes the Cosmic Owl to emit anomalies is unknown, but it could be important.

The Land of Ooo is the world of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, far into the future
Finn is the last remaining human survivor of the Great Mushroom War (as I believe Pen said it was called). Without any intelligent beings to communicate with, his mind would deteriorate and he would gradually go mad, so he subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) created the entire Land of Ooo and populated it with fun imaginary friends to interact with to keep himself sane.

Old Hag Syndrome is caused by Marceline...
...sitting on your chest at night with her Nightmare Face on, for the explicit purpose of creeping you out.

Adventure Time is really a d20 game played by some nerds in a basement with wacky imaginations
Finn is a Lawful Good Paladin (which is why he's so stringent in his actions and code), Jake is a Neutral Good dog (or some variant of a race) druid, Princess Bubblegum is a Chaotic Good Sorcerer, Lady Rainicorn is her animal companion or familiar, and the Ice King is a Neutral Evil Wizard.
  • I think Princess Bubblegum may be the Dungeon Master's main NPC since she's the one that usually gives Finn and Jake their missions.
  • I personally have Finn pegged as a barbarian of at least level 17 (rage, tireless rage, no armour or armour light enough he can wear it under his t-shirt) and maybe even up into epic levels, considering he went toe-to-toe with Marceline's cosmic abomination of a father and didn't get salsa'd.
  • That would explain the conversation between Finn and the Fire King asking about FP's alliance.
    • FP appears to be a new roleplayer, possibly Finn's girlfriend who wants to join in on the action. Vault of Bones was about her first proper adventure.

Pendleton Ward is a BIG NERD
THINK about it.
  • The entire world is a zany, earthlike collection of thematic lands which collectively contain infinate potential for adventures; like fantasy RPGs. There is a lot of magic, very few guns, and a reltaively low level of technology. The world goes from sandbox-ish to wild to crapsack to wonderful episode-to-episode. Characters shift personality baced on what the plot demands. Both like d20 games.
  • Finn goes dungeon-crawling and exploring the deep woods, all while going on quests and fighting monsters. Those are the staples of the classic adventure videogame. Beemo. Just Beemo. Barring Ward's love of mindscrew, much of Adventure Time is rife with nerdy adventure-game influences. So many, in fact, that it would lead one to believe that perhaps Ward is taking influence from other, d20-esque sources.
  • Billy was a great hero because, in part, he had the guts to fight a BEAR.
  • Either way, you have to admit that the Demon Cat of Approximate Knowledge would be an amazing d20 boss fight.
  • Basically, confirmed. If not through word of God, then through the show. There are so many references to Dungeons and Dragons that there is no way he's not a nerd.

The Land of Ooo was created by a young Reality Warper

A child that went completely insane during the nuclear war that decimated the planet. Out of the ashes this child created Ooo, a land filled with childish delights, like candy people and talking dogs, but with a chaotic and more brutal edge to it, what with the eldritch abominations, murderous monsters, and raining knives.

  • Or it could be that, that far into the future, every pure human is either an ascended being or a reality warper. Finn is just an untrained lost orphan, and can still easily connect to Jake's imagination, and control it from his own mind. If the land of Ooo wasn't such a huge distraction, Finn could easily master his powers.
    • Note what happened in The Creeps once Finn started to freak out.

The magic that protects the King of Thieves
Not only does it produce a barrier that keeps thieves out, but it also invokes thief behavior within city bounds.

The original Lich King design was Censor Decoy
The designers were worried the real design wouldn't get by the censors, so they made an incredibly lame design [1] so that when the censors heard how dangerous the Lich King is SUPPOSED to be, they said they wanted something a little scarier, leading to the horror [2] we all know and fear today.

The show takes place inside Finn Hudson's head.
The kid is daydreaming and usually lost in his own world most of the time, this is probably what he's imagining. He's not really that creative with names so that's why Finn is named after himself. The show's art style is really Finn doodling on his homework.
  • That makes so much sense when you think about it. Princess Bubblegum, a really nice talented girl who has a streak of genuine crazy, is supposed to be Rachel. The almost evil chick with issues who shows him kindness now and then, Marceline, is Santana. Brittany is Lumpy Space Princess, the Ice King is Karofsky with flamboyant ways and bullying manor, and Jake is his cool best friend Puck. Lady Rainicorn is how he originally viewed Kurt, but no longer does.
  • But the darker turn the show has taken? The amount of suicide? That would be very concerning if it were his imagination.
    • And now that he's dead (at least his actor), what now?

Marceline is Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, and Ooo is what used to be the Tri-State Area.
The Great Mushroom War ravaged Danville to a point where everyone either died or was mutated into some kind of other creature (except for Finn). Marceline's dad adopted and turned her into the "Vampire Queen" after stealing Dr. Doofenshmirtz's soul, but after the fry incident Marceline got revenge for her real dad's death by sending him to the Nightosphere. After that, she mostly mellowed out, becoming the Marceline we know and love today. Taking this a bit further, Candace was mutated into a human bubblegum hybrid because of some gum she swallowed. The Candy People, mostly being children and the elderly, named her their ruler because of her height.
  • If nobody else considers this prime fanfiction material, then I will officially lose all faith in humanity.

Tiffiny was really the Lich King
Lich King disguised himself as a little Boy... Girl... Whatever to steal Jake away and make Finn weak. The reason Lich King didn't use his evil powers of evilness is because he didn't want to blow his cover and therefore have to take on Finn, Jake, and Lady Rainicorn.

"The Gut Grinder" is actually a parody of the economic recession.
The premise for the episode is that a highly loved individual is blamed for stealing gold. The person who is actually stealing the gold is the wife of a government official.

Most Episodes to Date Have Been a Part of the Plan of the Lich King
Think about this one: The Pilot was before the Lich King's plan was put in place, so there really isn't one in that one.
  • Later, during the first episode where Finn carries that name, we see that Princess Bubblegum seems to be under some sort of a curse (he tampered with the potion to make it fail so spectacularly - Bubblegum merely said "The answer is four" to make herself seem smarter; she just tried the same potion again because she didn't understand why it failed.
  • Trouble in Lumpy Space is probably not the Lich King's fault, unless he caused a plague of the Lumps or something.
  • Prisoners of Love is where Ricardio the Heart Guy comes in. He is a servant of the Lich King, now sent to corrupt the impressionable Ice King (see above WMG - the Ice King is a woobie). The Lich King wants to create a power vacuum in the land of Ooo so that he can return and take power for himself.
  • In Tree Trunks, it turns out that Tree Trunks is an old guardian from the time that the Lich King was trapped. He implanted a desire to eat of the crystal apple into her dreams, knowing that any mere mortal to eat such a powerful object would die. This eliminates one of the spells that traps him.
  • The Lich King is watching Finn throughout the Enchiridion because he now sees Finn as a threat. During the Jiggler he also watches, and just might have placed a curse on the Jiggler to deteriorate faster, or the mama so that she had a harder time recognizing her baby. The fact that the curse, whichever is was, is broken scares the Lich King.
  • During "Ricardio the Heart Guy" the Lich King tries a more direct approach to starting a power vacuum. It fails, but he still has the Ice King under his thumb.
  • The rest of the episodes can all be thought of as part of his plans by any stretch of the imagination, such as the possibility of a curse on the business men to make them go crazy. The Wizard episode deserves special mention, though - I think that the old men who are keeping the asteroid away are also either the Lich King's servants, or guardians with Tree Trunks. Either way, he wants them dead or released. He probably didn't count on Finn moving the WHOLE CITY to escape it.
  • I also do not think that Marceline is wise to the Lich King's plans, and therefore wants to become trusted by Finn, not kill him, so that she can give him warnings away from the Lich King when the time comes. She also wants to protect him from his plans while she is around (e.g. when she takes his house she actually tries to remove that giant "worm king" at the end, and incapacitates him enough that he only asks for hugs instead of blood.
  • But what about the "Billy" episode itself? Why did the Lich King want to bring back to action the one man who could beat him?
    • In the original concept, Billy sitting on that throne was what was sealing the Lich King. Things would've been just peachy had Billy simply gotten up.
      • Actually, according to the original storyboard, he was sitting on his shapeshifting nemisis Proteok.
  • confirmed for the events of the episode "In your footsteps" It's also hinted that the Lich has a master plan, meaning that this is entirely possible.

Gunter IS the Lich King
Marceline's dad did say he had the most evil soul he had ever seen. If he is, he probably had his powers diminished somehow, though the wickedness never left. Besides, Beware the Nice Ones.
  • Not to mention Gunter wanted M's Dad's soul. Probably to regain his lost power, all though he was still strong to stop M's Dad from sucking out his soul.
  • Perhaps Gunter is the Lich King's phylactery. Who would expect you to hide your soul in a penguin?
    • If we're going by this, maybe the Lich King tampered with the Ice King's crown? The Lich King wanted to make sure that a powerful ice wizard wasn't on his tale. As he lacked the power to destroy the artifact, he did the next best thing: put a curse on it so whoever wears it will go insane. This may explain why Gunter follows the Ice King around.
  • Reign of Gunters makes this slightly more possible. He took over Ooo. Granted, just so he could smash stuff, but still.
  • Or she had an affair with the Lich, leading to the super-powerful being she gave birth to.

Gunter is just a penguin.
Marceline's Dad is Faux Affably Evil. As usual, he was toying with a soon to be victim. Gunter is nothing more than a Badass Normal penguin.

The males in the universe have the babies
Both Finn and Jake have mentioned that they want to have something's baby.
  • As of "Chamber of Frozen Blades", it could be either way - Gunther, who was believed to be a male penguin, laid an egg; but when the Ice King informed Finn and Jake of it, they questioned whether Gunther's a woman.

Billy lost the fight against the bear
That's why he's all sad.

The Ice King is Mr.Freeze
You've got /co/ to blame for this one: Determined that if he cannot live with his wife, he too must sentence himself to a cryogenic eternity in a pod next to his lover. He freezes himself, hopefully to be awakened when the world is ready to find a cure for her. Hundreds if not thousands of years later, Freeze is awakened by an errant rock smashing his pod. His wife's machine is nowhere to be found. Distraught, Freeze emerges into the world, only to see that it has been utterly destroyed in some pointless war. In a rage, he freezes the surrounding area, turning it into a kingdom of nothing but ice. Seeking to replace his lost love, Freeze has fixated on finding a new "princess" for himself, and so he enters into the new world to find his mate. That is, until one young hero and his dog dared to stop him...
  • That doesn't really work out, based on what we now know of the Ice King's past from Holly Jolly Secret.

Marceline is lying about being a vampire.
As the "Nightosphere" reveals that her father is actually an "Eldritch Abomination" and not a vampire, it would only make sense that Marceline either is half Eldritch and half vampire, or just a young version of what ever her father is, could it be that she is lying to the Land of Ooo in order to not frigten them too much.

The Ice King and the Forest Wizard from the episode "Storytelling" are related.
Posibly cousins if not brothers, one decided to be the king of the forest animals and the other decied to be the king of the polar regions.

The Apocalypse was Rusty's fault.
Since it was caused by military use of The Ooo Ray,which is also why the land is called Ooo.

Princess Bubblegum is a Tyke Bomb.
Princess Bubblegum's parents... weren't the best as supported by this Formspring answer by Adam Muto, a storyboarder for AT, confirming that PB has parental issues. The reason she's such an overachiever is that her parents raised her to be the best possible queen of the Candy Kingdom so that, eventually, she could take over all of Ooo. They told her she could always do better and, when she didn't do well enough, verbally abused her. The verbal abuse had the added side effect of making her emotionally unstable, thus making it more likely for her to decide to wipe out kingdoms on a whim. One day, her parents disappeared. As such, she became the "temporary" ruler of Ooo, as her parents had not been confirmed dead. (This is why she is called Princess, not Queen.) Several years passed, and most of the Candy Kingdom considers them dead— but Princess Bubblegum, who loves them despite all they did to her, refuses to accept the title, believing that they will return someday. In the meanwhile, she works as hard as she can in the hopes that when her parents return, they will love her.

The puddle Jake rolled in when he was a baby wasn't mud...
Just sayin'.

Finn's real name is "Pen"
He thinks he's the last human alive, and renamed himself after forgetting his name (or some other reason).

Tree Trunks is still alive...and she is the real Big Bad
.The most recent promo has Finn and Jake go to a "Crystal World" and Jake claims to recognize the currently unseen villain residing there. She'll reveal that she had them take her to the apple so that she could absorb its powers and begin her plans of taking over the crystal world and, eventually, Ooo. Her sweet old lady personality was just a facade so that she could charm the boys into helping her get through the forest.
  • Or, alternatively, She is STILL a sweet and kindly old lady, but the power of the crystal has skewed her vision and she thinks that changing Finn and Jake into crystals will help them some how, or she's lonley and just wants her old friends back, but they can't stay with her unless they are crystal.

Tree Trunks is not the real Big Bad from the above
.It's just way too obvious. The villain will turn out to be someone completely unexpected, like... I dunno, Ricardio? Or maybe some entirely new character just to mess with us.
  • Turns out it was exactly what it looked like..., but only the part about Treetrunks being the villain in the episode's promo, not the part about her being the series's Big Bad

Adventure Time = A Boy and His Dog
Young, violent, male protagonist? Check. Talking dog companion with tendency to flip out? Check. Post-apocalyptic world? Check. (After the End) Female holding the protagonist's reins? Check. Mutated, freakish citizenry? Check check check.
  • Or alternatively...

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