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Lemongrab 2 doesn't have legs anymore because of sexual activities with his brother gone wrong.
Lemongrab will go back to "normal" again.
The writers will make it so he goes back to "normal," (how he was before "Another Five More Short Graybles,") and no one will expect it. It will dumbfound the audience by being one of the most unexpected Lemongrab-related plot twists in the history of the show.
  • Both Jossed and Confirmed at the same time. Confirmed that he was combined with Lemongrab 2 making him a singular entity that has his original life and personality. But jossed because technically he is Lemongrab 3 now.
Lemongrab 2 will be okay again.
He will somehow survive being eaten. He will be taken to the hospital and the doctors will make him a new head and new legs, and sew them onto him. He will make a full recovery.
  • Jossed. He had to be combined with the other Lemongrab because so little was left of each of them.
Lemongrab has been possessed by a demon.
Hence why he suddenly started abusing his loved ones. This fact will be discovered, and the demon will be exorcised from his body. He will have no recollection of what he did while he was possessed. When he is informed of the demon's actions, he will cry and beg for forgiveness, and go back to being lovey-dovey with his kids and his spouse.Jossed thanks to the events in Lemonhope Part 1 and 2.
Lemon people will always have their minds warped.
Lemonhope will end up like the Ice King.
Lemongrab will be harrassed by Magic Man.
And there will be so much screaming.
Princess Bubblegum‘s original purpose for Lemongrab was...
...for him to become her lover. She gave up the idea.
Lemon people are reptiles.
Lemongrab will turn Simon back into a human.
How? By fooling the crown, of course.
Lemongrab looks like a demon from the Nightosphere because he is a bit of a demon but mostly a lemon person.
Lemongrab eating his clone is routine.
Lemongrab isn't getting better
From the latest episode he was in, "Five More Short Graybles", where he ate his brother after fighting over a small doll that they treated like a son that was broken in the fight and this is after one of their own children died in "All Your Fault!". It seems like no one is visiting him again, and PB is unintentionally setting up the same problems LG had in "You Made Me!".

Lemongrab is gay.
This raises some unfortunate implications when people say he's 'wrong'.
  • If Lemongrab has an orientation at all, the dial's probably pointed at either "myself" or "none of the above".
  • Or perhaps he just happened to fall for the only person in the entire world who actually understood, and liked, him? Come on- the earls are exactly like a gay version of Adam and Eve. They were literally made for each other, and they ended up creating an entire sub-species of candy people together.
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  • Or in other words, Because You Were Nice to Me leading to Single-Target Sexuality. Really, Lemongrab having any sort of "sexuality" is questionable considering he (and his clone) lack any necessary attributes. Romantic leanings, on the other hand...
    • Excuse me? But no. Not that this is important, but who says that the Lemongrabs are physically incapable of having sex!? He and Lemongrab 2 might have to be really imaginative to figure out how to do it, but they can if they set their minds to it! There are many ways of making love. It isn't right to discriminate against them just because they have no visible boingloings, banandles, or butt cheeks.
    • Saying they might be romantically involved without being sexually involved isn't discriminating. They might be technically asexual and be no less close for it. They could even still be intimate, seeing as couples can be intimate without being sexual.

The Lemongrabs will be forced to put their children up for adoption.
Princess Bubblegum will deem the Lemongrabs to be grossly unfit parents and will force them to put their kids in the Candy Kingdom Orphanage. The earls (and the children) will protest, but eventually the earls will be forced to give in to PB's authority and surrender custody of their little ones. And it will be agonizing.

In the Ice King's fanfiction, Genderbent!Lemongrab was created by a baking accident, not a science accident.
Gumball is a baker, not a scientist. Logically, it makes sense that Genderbent!Lemongrab was the result of a cooking experiment that went haywire.
  • Additionally, gender-swapped Lemongrab will be made of limes.
    • The show may change this, but in the Fionna and Cake comics they are still lemons.

The strangeness of the Lemon Children coincides with the mental state of the Earls at the time of their creation.
When the Earls started to make a family, the first one they made was Lemonjon, who is a giant... lemon giant, which makes sense. Then they modeled several of their offspring from animals and plants. That also makes a bit of sense, the designs are logical. However, as the earls started to run out of food and they grew hungrier, their mental states became increasingly warped. When a person is very hungry, they become somewhat delirious. As the earls continued to starve, they kept making their children stranger-looking and stranger-looking, and all of this culminated into the creation of Seed-Wad, by far the strangest-looking and most illogically designed of all of the Lemon Children.

Lemongrab 2 sent Lemongrab 1 to the 'Mystery Dungeon'
'All Your Fault' will be about Finn and Jake being sent to Lemongrab to settle a distress from the two Lemongrabs. Maybe it is actually Lemongrab 1 sending out the distress call because of Lemongrab 2 sending him to the dungeon in 'Mystery Dungeon'.

Lemongrab is Waluigi time.
Alternatively, he's a yellow Pikmin with a red Pikmin's nose.

Lemongrab can be cured through medication.
Specifically, an IV of heavily diluted glucose solution repeated as necessary. Since his bloodstream presumably is lemon juice, this would make it into lemonade.
  • Sort of jossed: at the end of All Your Fault, Princess Bubblegum claims that there's nothing wrong with Lemongrab. So even if medication did make him a better person, it wouldn't be so much of a cure as an unwarranted modification.

The Lemongrabs' kids were taken away after the events of "All Your Fault".
They were taken by the Candy Kingdom's Social Services department and placed in a suitable home until the Lemongrabs are a bit more fit to take care of them. This would explain why they aren't seen in "Another Five Short Graybles" and why the Lemongrabs are so obsessed with that doll, calling it their "son" — it's an emotional replacement for their actual kids.
  • Jossed by Lemonhope Parts 1 and 2.

The death of Lemonjon resulted in Lemongrab going completely nuts from grief.
By "All Your Fault", the Lemongrabs were almost stable. Later Lemongrab decided to eat Lemongrab 2. This is because Lemongrab, after having gained something he genuinely cares about and learning the value of family, had snapped due to Lemonjon's death. Angry at his son being killed, he began to blame Lemongrab 2. Killing him was out of rage for "letting his son die." OUCH.

Lemongrab's complete 180 is somehow connected to his newfound interest in high society.
It can't be a coincidence that Lemongrab's regression past square one (square negative two?) is accompanied by him starting to look and dress the part of Henry VIII.

Lemongrab 2 was created to appeased both sides of Lemongrabs' fandoms Alternate Character Interpretation of him.
After 'Too Old', you have One Lemongrab that the fans can hate while there is another they can feel sorry for.
  • And by killing the sympathetic one off and stating that Lemongrab will just always be unstable, they wanted to squash that alternate character interpretation?

Lemongrab 1 will be Killed Off for Real
In a revolution led by Lemonhope, since his new society seemed to be a deconstruction of the fairy tale kingdom. This will soon lead to a revolution aided by the Candy Kingdom with PB herself taking the reigns.

This will actually lead to the saddest death on the show where he and PB have a final discussion on his life ala "Teardrops in the Rain.

If the Lich returns, Lemongrab will become his Dragon.
Now Imagine the Nightmare Fuel.

Lemongrab is possessed by The Lich.
Without the Enchiridion, getting back to Ooo was...a bit of a chore. amd left the Lich without a body. Sometime after the events of All Your Fault, the Lich came across Castle Lemongrab, and having only been around for the events of Too Young and You Made Me before being stuck in Prismo's room, he believes the Lemongrabs are still completely stable and harmless, and thus perfect targets for possession. Taking control of Lemongrab 1, we find that his...unique brain is Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth and he can't be properly controlled. He can however be corrupted into his now infamous Face–Heel Turn.

When Lemongrab is finally purged of the Lich, this leads to a Roaring Rampage of Revenge where he attacks (and is likely swatted away by) The Lich.

Lemongrab 2 will be okay again, and the lemon family will become a loving family again, but Lemongrab 2 will be permanently, horrifyingly crippled and disfigured.
Think of the Tarzan skit from Robot Chicken where Tarzan refuses medical help from a doctor, and is healed by apes instead- leaving him horrendously crippled in some makeshift wooden thing. Boddy Horror, Facial Horror, etc.

Peppermint Butler and/or demons are/is somehow behind Lemongrab's recent actions.

Lemongrab will be killed off by Bubblegum.
As of "Too Old" the original Lemongrab's antics have gone way too far. Realising that Lemongrab is completely unfixable, Princess Bubblegum will be forced to finish off Lemongrab. This will probably be the most depressing Bubblegum episode ever, and will end with Bubblegum going near to or actually entering the Despair Event Horizon for having to do this. Bonus points if Lemongrab is thankful in the end.

Once he's old enough, Lemonhope will take the throne of Castle Lemongrab.
He's already established to be quite intelligent, and unlike his fathers, Lemonhope actually seems quite mentally stable and kind-hearted. With Bubblegum and the Candy People looking after him, Lemonhope should be able to have enough guidance and stability to be able to learn more about how to be a good ruler. Once he's of age, he'll look to rescue his siblings from their insane father/king and be the one to finally give the Lemon People a better and more hopeful future.

There will be an epic Lemongrab vs Crown battle.

Lemongrab 1 is a Death Seeker
He has had hints of suicidal tendencies. Scared to do it himself, it's possible that his horrid acts were done to goad PB or Finn into killing him.

Princess Bubble gum will lead a coup
The Candy Kingdom, or Princess Bubblegum, will instigate a coup within the Lemon Kingdom. She'll force a reluctant and fearful Lemon Hope to represent the new kingdom.
  • Half Jossed, half Confirmed. Lemonhope overthrows Lemongrab in part due to her machinations, but he refuses to take the responsibility of leading the place.

Lemonhope was created after all the other lemon children (and several other WMG's related to why that would happen)
Several things about him make him very different from the others, and he seems to have been created with more logic than them as well. He also was nowhere to be seen in All Your Fault. His behavior and appearance suggest a more direct relation to both Lemongrabs than the other lemon children, so their genetic material may have been involved.
  • Delving into further guessing, he was created to cope with the death of Lemonjon (either the Princess assisted with that, or the Lemongrabs had access to the candy life formula after it was erased from their brains). No one but crazy!Lemongrab and himself calls him Bad Lemon No Hope, so his actual name may really be Lemonhope, because the purpose of his creation was a hopeful one.
  • Traveling further down the guessing rabbit hole... Lemonsweets looks conspicuously like Lemonhope. When Lemongrabs 1 and 2 go to play with him, Lemongrab 2 doesn't seem to be merely playing, he's directing the scene, providing context and trying to coax Lemongrab 1 to a specific conclusion: letting Lemonsweets sleep. After viewing the scene again after the first time, it doesn't come off as a simple game, it comes off more like a form of therapy. It's possible that... whatever went wrong with Lemongrab 1 was already beginning to show in his treatment of Lemonhope, and Lemongrab 2 was trying to help fix that to the best of his ability using the doll.

The world didn't end in the "Lemonhope" 2-parter.
Yeah, it's an abandoned wasteland...but so was the world after the Mushroom War. Chances are that in another thousand years, there will be new magical land.

Lemonhope will become the new Prismo when he fell asleep.
  • The process is that Prismo is manifested from a sleeping man's dream. The Prismo being will die once the man awakes, though Prismo does clarify he will be revived after a thousand years once another earthly body falls asleep. Granted, we did see Prismo's mortal body clearly die, reincarnation is a possibility. As a guy who traveled the land for a thousand years, Lemonhope might be a candidate for this position since he presumably falls into an eternal sleep last time we saw him.

The deserted Candy Kingdom at the end of Lemonhope is Flame Princess' fault.
Not directly, mind you. The Flash Forward at the end of the Lemonhope 2-parter suggests that at some point the Land of Ooo will end due to war. The seeds of said war were started with Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum. Why? For Flame Princess, there's the fact that Bubblegum coldly experimented on her, and for Bubblegum it's because Flame Princess is considered a potential threat to the world. Given the massive metropolis of the Candy Kingdom 1000 years from now, it probably didn't happen in the near future. However the Flame Princess/Peebles animosity grew into tensions between their respective domains over the decades, and after centuries it culminated in a war. Castle Lemongrab survived because the Lemon People wouldn't want anything to do with the Candy People, and as such were neutral in the war.

Lemongrab's Reset Button on his life
was PB's attempt to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.Princess Bubblegum's first attempt to raise Lemongrab turned terribly-she rejected him out of fear and disgust, and without care Lemongrab wallowed in his own misery and hate. Peebles first attempt was to make Lemongrab 2, and look how that turned out. When Lemongrab exploded, Princess Bubblegum had come to realize why he turned so bitter. With this wisdom, Princess Bubblegum doesn't need(or want, since it wouldn't be the same person anymore) to change Lemongrab's personality. She can Raise Him Right This Time. Eventually, Lemongrab will be the same awkward, clueless individual, but tempered with the love and care that he got from his Lemongrab 2 component and his mother. In spite of how disturbing it may seem, Princess Bubblegum didn't bring back Lemongrab for her. She did it for him.
  • Princess Bubblegum absolutely did this for herself. If she's concluded that he's only stable when he's lonely, and that there's no avoiding him going insane, the least she could do is let him die in peace, finally. Instead she sacrificed the life of his much more stable, outright heroic clone and only real friend because she clearly considers said clone a liability, when using his body in this way has been proven time and again to be unnecessary with candy people - she could have just repaired both of their biomasses with candy instead of knitting them into one person - all because she wants a chance to raise Lemongrab right this time. This is to say nothing of the fact that her concluding that there's no helping Lemongrab's mental state requires her to completely ignore or just be ignorant of the development Lemongrab 2 went through. Some see Heartwarming Moments, this troper sees Moral Event Horizon. We won't really know which this is until we see where this is going.
    • If so, the next Lemongrab episode will be Princess Bubblegum's Face–Heel Turn.

Some of Lemongrab's new habits...
Lemongrab has dozens and dozens of small lemon people whom carry him everywhere around his castle. He has this in place, not for any genuinely selfish, slothful reason but because the physical act of taking steps with his feet puts great stress and fear in him, as it presents the problem of going to strange new horrible places. If he stays in one place that he understands, he doesn't have to fear!

The people of Castle Lemongrab simply drop where they stand at Lights Out time because they have no proper quarters for themselves. Being the unusual lemonfolk, they find this good and are perfectly comfortable as long as the wall is there to protect them whilst they slumber. The Earl himself has a personal room due to tradition, something he's able to understand, even if it might be strange. Since it isn't too stressful, he gladly sleeps in the same room every night, for tradition and the greater Lemon order.

With his reasons for being carted everywhere, the bag of lemon candies by his bed is a concession on his part; while his people sleep, he has the candies there in case he desires a midnight snack. If that still seems selfish, that's fine; most of what he feels to be generous is selfish or wrong to others!

The remarkably short dinners is because there are many of Lemongrab 1 and 2's children in the Castle, and both parts of him still love them enough to want to have dinner with them every night. Thus dinners are done one by one until every child has fed with their Earl, leaving little time for a long feast. Lights Out is called at the conclusion of the final dinner. Unfortunately, Lemongrab fails to realize that the reason he doesn't want to eat that much during each dinner is because he eats dinner nearly dozens of times each night; that being said, the lemonfolk are very happy with the situation anyway and subsist on midday snacks all day long until dinner, spreading their nutrition out throughout the whole day constantly.

Lemonpink is a "fixed" Lemongrab.
The Elements Mini-Series has a candy-fied Lemongrab called Lemonpink (aka pink lemonade). While still weird, he's a lot happier and sociable. Initially that was Lemongrab's intended personality; an extraverted and cheerful guy. He may have even been pink, being more sweet than sour. However the chemical inbalance resulted in him lacking this, becoming anti-social and loony. Because he was already deficient, the transformation couldn't "break" him further and they simply made him normal-ish. Maybe Princess Bubblegum subconsciously tried to make him better.

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