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Simon and Ice King will become separate beings by the end of "Betty".
Simon and Ice King will live together, with Simon not wanting to abandon Ice King since he is a part of him. Simon will do his best to keep Ice King's behavior in check.
  • Jossed

After "Betty", Simon will stick around in some form.
Either as a full character or being part of the Ice King. (maybe shifting between states?) A new main character would provide more plot opportunities for the show, especially one with a rich history like Simon. That in turn could allow for more plots related to the past events of Ooo.
  • Jossed

Betty will take the crown and become the Ice Queen and Simon will get to stay.
It turns out that Simon is going to die only because the crown wants him to if it can't have a new host. Betty decides to take on the crown so Simon can have a normal life. She becomes the Ice Queen (though not necessarily the same one from the Fionna and Cake stories) but Simon continues to live in the Ice Kingdom with her.
  • Jossed

Finn and Jake will meet the alternate Finn and Jake.
When they went into the alternate universe, they didn't turn into their alternate versions. Rather, they appeared nearby. Alternate Finn's mother is calling him over because she saw Ooo's Finn.
  • Jossed.

Future Finn from Finn's meditations vision is actually his dad.
In the new episode in the alternate reality Finn has a bionic arm, so maybe his dad does too. His mother was wearing a wedding ring so he does have one.
  • Jossed. It's Finn from another universe

In the final scene of "The Lich"...
Finn and Jake are under the influence of the Despair Squid.
  • Seriously though, it's a hallucination. And as a clue, it includes parts of other things floating around in Finn's head, such as the bionic arm (from the previous Lich episode, "Mortal Folly"), Finn's face (from the previous hallucination episode, "King Worm"), and Finn's twig flute (not really a significant clue to anything, but the Ice King did have a vision of the Cosmic Owl in the episode "Prisoners of Love"). In reality, Finn and Jake are still desperately holding on to the Lich.
    • The bionic arm is also from "King Worm" — Finn's appearance in the dream mirror is exactly the same as his appearance at the end of "The Lich".. Was the dream giving him a vision of the future?
  • Jossed: it was real, but an alternate timeline created when Finn made his wish.

Finn will have to fight craziness because of the Ice King's Crown
in "Jake The Dog"And he will be able to do it because he's proved to be more pure and incorruptable than the average person. (i.e. Mortal Folly, Goliad)
  • Mostly Jossed. He fights craziness, but only wins because of Jake's wish

A Princess will die in Season 4, leading to much darker overtones to an already dark series.
With the fact that Finn and PB's relationship becoming strained and a new love interest has shown up in the form of Fire Princess, you would think that the season finale "Incendium" was going to end with a bigger ending than a cliffhanger. Instead, the original premiere was coupled with the episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow", a way for the producers to let you know that the only character who wants to kill princesses is still alive and well. The question that remains is who will be killed. If PB is assassinated, Finn and Fire Princess will end up together. If FP is assassinated, Finn will be crushed and will probably curl up in a ball of sadness at the loss of his new love interest. If a different princess is assassinated (the more likely route), the kingdoms will have to unite against Me-Mow and the Guild of Assassins (she would be assassin first-class granted full membership). Either way, looks like a kingdom could fall and the Season 4 finale will be action-packed while answering many questions.
  • See my comment on me-mow's return date on why this is unlikely.
  • Jossed.

Me-Mow will return November 21, 2012.
This is not so much a crackpot theory as it is a statement of an important character's definite return date. In "Jake vs. Me-Mow", which premiered on November 21, 2011, Me-Mow explicitly that she would have to retake her assassin test in a year if she failed. She failed miserably but lived to tell the tale. See "A Princess will die in Season 4..." in order to gain the scope of the return of Me-Mow.
  • Except November 21, 2012 is a Wednesday. Unless the show gets rescheduled before then, her return will have to be the 19th.
    • They could also bring her back sooner by claming it's been a year within the show. Waiting a calendar year puts them halfway into season 5, which is quite a wait.
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  • I was the first one to post this WMG and I'll admittedly be to first to joss myself. Seeing that Season 4 is starting in April, the odds of an 8 month long season is all but impossible.
  • Every season=about one year in Adventure Time, according to Pen. So if he returns (likely considering the ending) it will be this season (4).
  • I doubt someone will die. Federator freaked out because of lesbian subtext. What would they do if adventure time suddenly was dark and slightly gory? Also, while the charafters do develope somewhat, the creators have tried to keep the show having the same tone. While it is possible, a Disney Death is more likely. Or an injury, or nothing. Chances are, Finn, Jake and the princess won't have injuries that last more than one episode. Plus, they still have magic healing tears.

The Season 3 Finale, "Dad's Dungeon will either involve Princess Bubblegum's father or Marceline's father.
And it could be possible that there will be some sort of big secret(s) within the dungeon. Anyone who wants to guess what the secret(s) could be, please post your guesses here.
  • Alternatively, the title is a reference to Finn's father. What with it being a season finale, major revelations in Finn's origin aren't too hard to imagine. The big secret about this dungeon is, why the hell Finn's dad was in a dungeon in the first place.
    • Well, considering that The Lich has a habit of showing up in the season final...
  • Alternatively Alternatively, the title is a reference to the father with the most screen time Jakes father and Finns step father Joshua
    • Confirmed! It's about him challenging Finn and Jake to go through a dungeon. Nice guess, sir or ma'am.
    • Jossed, its not the finale.

Fionna & Cake
What do you think the genderflipped characters' relation to the main cast is?
  • Alternate dimension versions of the main cast.
  • They're the previous generation. In Susan Strong Princess Bubblegum makes reference to the exploits of her "great uncle Gumball." This was the name that replaced the hilariously suggestive "Prince Blowpop" for her gender-flipped character. I'm guessing Marshal Lee is the Vampire King that Marceline kills to gain her title (as revealed by Pen). This may also be during the time of the Rainicorn-Dog Wars, explaining why Gumball would be riding a Monochromicorn.
  • There's no relation to the main cast (except for Bubblegum and Blowpop). All of the gender swapped characters exist in the same time period directly in the same areas, they just never happen to cross paths. Fionna & Cake live on the opposite side of the Candy Kingdom in a house similar Finn & Jake's. Marshall Lee is just a radical dude with a bit of an attitude, he was cool but kind of jerky guy turned vampire who may or may not have dubbed himself king. Princess Bubblegum shares the duties of running the kingdom with Prince Blowpop, he's just older and does some more of the work, so he can't always be out at parties and such. And the Ice Queen lives in the ice mountain castle thingy directly behind the Ice King's. Of course it would never work between them, he wants a princess and she wants a prince.
    • No relationship just a gender-flipped alternate reality.
    • All of this has been Jossed. As hard as it seems to be all of the gender-flipped characters are from a story written by the Ice King; in the universe of the story, however, Fionna is aware of the Ice King (and wants to marry him), so that indicates that they exist within the same universe.
      • Well maybe not entirely jossed in terms of previous generations; I'm assuming the Ice King would be old enough to know a previous generation of people, and though a stretch, hey, he could have based the fanfic on the people he knew from some time back, and maybe had a crush on Fionna or something. Alternatively, names like "Gumball" and "Bubblegum" might run in the family/be common names amongst bubblegum-human hybrids. And other than sounding provocative, isn't "Blow Pop" a brand name? Or is it just a word to describe lollipops with bubblegum filling?
      • And Ice King could be stealing ideas from alternate dimensions. After all, he has those wizard eyes.
      • I am extremely amused by the fact that there's a wiki page on that.
  • Possibly unjossed by the fourth season finale, which introduced alternate demensions meaning one of these theories could be true. And the Ice King may know about the alternate dimension because he was the one who discovered the enchiridian. Besides, Word of God even said Fionna and Cake were from a parallel universe.

In the new episode, Loyalty to the King
The "Nice King" will turn out to be a disguised Ice King controlled by Lich King.
  • or, Alternativley, the Nice King IS the Lich King (notice how he's only seen in a CASTLE?) he could either be
    • Disguised in the castle, tricking Finn and Jake into releasing him from his castle
    • The castle has a spell that makes the Lich King "Nice" until someone dumb enough (Finn and Jake) lets him out.
  • Jossed. The Nice King is just the Ice King with his beard shaved off.

The Lich King is Marceline, The Vampire Queen's Father.
Why? They're both undead and they're both royalty. More conjecturally, Marceline is the odd one out among the female royalty in the show for being called "Queen" rather than "Princess", perhaps the reason is because she wants to emphasize the power she's taken from her father. Of course, she could be Queen of the Undead and and not the Lich King's daughter, but this is Wild Mass Guessing not Lame Mass Guessing.
  • Jossed, we see Marceline's real father in it came from the nightosphere.

The Lich and the Lich King are two separate, but nigh-identical individuals.
Billy defeated both. The Lich will try to get help from the even more-powerful Lich King in season 3.
  • Seems to be true, considering the energy-blob thing that got to PB and the snail. Either that, or the blob is the essence of the Lich, and it forms a new, identical body whenever it can or needs to.

The upcoming Gender Flip episode in Season 3 is actually set in the future.
Marshal Lee the vampire is Marceline's son, while Prince Gumball is the son of Princess Bubblegum. As for Fionna, she's not directly related to Finn but came from the same 'tribe' that makes all their children wear animal-like hats and similar clothes. Like Finn, she too was abandoned by her parents and was raised by a group of talking animals (Cake). Lord Monochromicorn is the offspring of Jake and Lady Rainicorn.

The Ice Queen is the terrifying result of the Ice King actually finding a princess for a spouse, possessing her mother's beauty and brains, but armed with the ice powers of her dad.

  • Jossed. The Gender Flip episode is set in an alternate dimension. Why do people keep forgetting that?
    • OP here, this troper didn't forget, he just never heard of it in the first place. Saw the 'alternate reality' explanation near the top of this page, but thought it was just another WMG rather than Word of God.

In the upcoming episode, "Memory of a Memory", Marceline cast the sleeping spell on purpose.
Considering how close she seemed with her late boyfriend, Ash, Marceline probably did it so she can die and be with him. In simpler terms, suicide by sleep.

Marceline killed Ash
He was the vampire king, and she lured him to be close to her so she could kill him and become the Vampire Queen.
  • Alternatively, Ash either went insane with power or was on some sort of rampage and she had to kill him as means of putting him out of his misery.
    • Completely Jossed!
      • Well... maybe not completely jossed. At the end of the episode she did kick him in the head a couple of times and afterwards Jake stomped on him with a giant foot. Ash hasn't made an appearance since.
      • Nope. He appears again during "Betty", Simon knocks him out and steals his magic carpet.

Ice King is really Santa Claus
Ice King's backstory will be revealed in the holiday special according to Pen, so here's what I think happened; The Mushroom War wiped out the elves and in the North Pole as they pulled a heroic sacrifice to save Santa. Santa, alone and possibly trapped in the bunker for how ever long it took for the world to clear up. With his loneliness caused sleep deprivation, and that played a hand in ptsd related bi-polar disorder. His magic, along with the magic of the elves were all stored into a crown to help him survive. Without his wife, Mrs. Claus aka "His Princess", he was driven to insanity. His beard was irradiated along with his skin to give him the power of flight as long as he didn't shave it.
  • sadly jossed. He's just an unfortunate ex-historian who got his hands on a dangerous artifact.

Beautopia will take place in an underground beauty salon or even a high-tech fashion house
And it will be one that has been glitched up so that the "model of the year" changes every few minutes.
  • Jossed. Its where all the Hyoomans used to live before the "glubglubs" took over.

"Holly Jolly Secrets Part One" will be full of Tear Jerkers.
Since the episode is about Finn and Jake finding the Ice King's video diary, it's bound to have some really depressing entries.
  • Jossed slightly. There is a big one towards the end concerning Ice King's past life.

Jake's Croak Dream will happen in the season finale.
  • Jossed, thankfully.

"Glob" is the Cosmic Owl's real name.
  • Jossed. according to the wiki "Glob" is short for Grob Gob Glob Grod (try saying that three times); a 4-headed deity from Mars (that we will apparently be seeing in a future episode.)
    • Updated theory: "Glob" is Princess Princess Princess's real name???
    • Another theory, Glob is actually a giant robot from Mars. Maybe even piloted by a remaining colony of humans that fled Earth?

Jake is currently under the effects of the Ice King's Crown
In "Jake vs. Me-Mow", Jake was against dying, his own life and well-being was just as important for him to keep as Wildberry Princess's. Then, in the very next episode "Thank You", we see him wearing the Ice King's Crown at the end of the episode. The following episode, "The New Frontier", shows Jake not even trying to keep himself from dying because his Croak Dream. And it could just be left at that, no real link between the three episodes...except when we find out in "Holly Jolly Secrets" that the Ice King's Crown causes hallutinations and effects the wearer's mind. And Jake has seemd a bit off since "Thank You"...
  • I was actually thinking about posting a WMG exactly like this. In fact, I think the only reason he had the Croak Dream because he wore the Ice King's crown.
  • Oh man! I knew there had to be some point in the series when some other character wore the crown! But then, I remembered Cake wearing Ice Queen's tiara and thought maybe that was all I was thinking of. Dang. Maybe Jake is transforming into a magic arctic wolf now?

"Incendium" will be about Finn and Jake going to the Fire Kingdom.
Basically since the original title of the episode was "Heart of the Fire Kingdom."
  • Jossed; it's only Jake.

In "Incendium", it will be revealed that PB got a boyfriend.
And that will be why Finn is so sad.
  • Jossed. (Finn tries to lay his head on PB, and she thinks it's weird.)

The Earl of Lemongrab is a case of Came Back Wrong.
He wasn't a new life thrust into an existence he didn't want, he's just insane from ressurection. Possibly a case of a Damaged Soul, but knowing Adventure Time, Lemongrab may be a Monster from Beyond the Veil, but more Inglip than Cthulhu.We actually see Princess Bubblegum bringing him to life with a beaker of liquid she pours on his body. The way he awakens is in fact rather reminiscent of how Dr. West's experiments came back from death in H. P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Re-Animator. PB said she created him, but that might be in the same way Frankenstein created his monster.
  • Safe to say that this theory is jossed. PB said that she created him. Nothing that she said or did indicates that he's anything but her very own creation/son, and his own individual. Besides; we didn't just see her bringing him to life. We saw her actually, physically making him. Jesse Moynihan even said that she may have put some of her candy matter into him when she was making him.

Lemongrab will be brought back in Goliad.
LG will find out that PB is replacing him with a young PB clone who is smarter and more competent than him. He'll get pissed (naturally) and confront PB, eventually telling her off for all those months/years of emotional neglect and mistreatment.
  • Could be the set-up for "You Made Me!", as well.
    • My own theory has been jossed, sort of. Lemongrab wasn't even IN Goliad. But this COULD still be relevant to the plot of "You Made Me!", though.

As means of being old enough to replace Princess Bubblegum as the immortal ruler of the Candy Kingdom.
  • Jossed

The rogue cookie is from the ghetto part of the Candy Kingdom previously seen in "Dream of Love."
Tired of living on the fringes of society, the cookie decided to take the crown and take over the kingdom. Lemongrab, perhaps, may have heard about the plan, assessed his own situation, found some common ground, and agreed; or is otherwise involved in some other manner. Or perhaps, that ghetto part of the Candy Kingdom we saw is Lemongrab, and Lemongrab disguised himself as a cookie. Uh... yeah.
  • Jossed.

The rogue cookie will call out Princess Bubblegum for her past actions.
Taken from Adventure Time's Facebook page: "Is Princess Bubblegum really the Problem Princess? The cookie holding the convenience store hostage sure seems to think so." The cookie is trying to take the crown so Princess Bubblegum will no longer rule the kingdom. Her questionable past actions will be brought up again. It may or may not have to do with the ghetto part of the Candy Kingdom. Lemongrab may or may not be involved.
  • Jossed, sort of. The cookie was an orphan who wanted to be a princes, because PB read to the orphans and made the kids happy. PB giggled, and the cookie took it the wrong way, seeing it as insulting. This led to the poor cookie losing it for a little while. I'm really starting to pity the Lemongrab Brigade right now. They hope LG's coming back in every new episode.

All the nasty parts of the Candy Kingdom are written off as being part of the earldom of Lemongrab.
The fact that said earldom is so large should show you most of the candy kingom is realy crappy to live in.
  • Jossed. Lemongrab (the place) is outside of the kingdom's walls, and several days away, according to Word of God. This is obvious, because he was totally unaware of the Lich incident, the two candy zombie outbreaks, that terrible flu, the freak deer, and Princess Cookie taking hostages. And when he came to rule the Candy Kingdom, he arrived some time in the morning or afternoon, and slept until eight o'clock the following morning. It must have been quite a long trip for him to need that much rest afterwards. Also... think about who we're talking about. LEMONGRAB. He flipped the hell out over the castle being IN UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION. The place he lives is probably impeccably squeaky clean, because of his Super OCD. Aaaalso, Jesse Moynihan said that Lemongrab lives in a castle called Castle Lemongrab.

Season 2 will have a Downer Ending
The Lich King is unleashed and conquers Ooo in the season finale. Season 3 will have him as the Big Bad and Finn leading the resistence against him, and liking Taking a Level in Badass as well in the precess. Yes, I know I'm doing a lot on the Lich King, but it seems they're really building up to him.
  • Subverted. The ending was rather bittersweet, but it's pretty much confirmed that the Lich King will return. Someday.

Finn and Jake will set the Lich King free
Because it seems like something they'd accidentally do.
  • Jossed

Reign of the Gunthers will be a Fionna and Cake episode.
In King Worm Ice King refers to Finn and Jake as Fionna and Cake. Not much else to this WMG.
  • Jossed

Reign of Gunthers / Help will be a two-parter, and Marceline will save the day.
First the Gunthers will invade her house. She'll be reunited with the Ice King, with whom she used to perform, or maybe they were rivals. They'll use music to lure the Gunthers back to the Ice Kingdom.
  • Jossed.

In "I Remember You", the Ice King will realise that he was Simon Petrikov.
The title card has the Ice King looking at himself in the mirror, wearing Simon's clothes. Given the title is "I Remember You", that can't be a coincidence. He could be getting Marceline's help because Simon may have known her in the middle of transforming into the Ice King.
  • Jossed. Marceline tells him that he used to be Simon, she knew him while he was becoming the Ice King, and even shows him a picture of Simon, but he doesn't remember.

The Magic Man is The Lich King in disguise.
The king is trying to get all the heroes in Oo to question their moral stance, and either become apathetic or make Face Heel Turns. This is being done to prepare for an upcoming military campaign. The idea is that the heroes will either be too apathetic to fight back or will fight on his side.
  • Jossed: The Magic Man is from Mars. Wow. It's sad when the truth is more tin-foil hat-worthy than the WMG...

Princess Bubblegum's hair and dress are an extension of her skin.
This came up in a discussion of how Jake and the Ice King are the only regular characters who can get away with being nude, and nothing was determined to contradict the possibility. She does wear her full poofy dress under a lab coat instead of changing into pants or (if pants would be inappropriate for a princess of Ooo) using a smock or safety apron. The only thing I've actually seen that might disprive this is that at least the top of her dress was still pink after she was hit by the ugliness potion, but since we didn't see the dress for more than a couple of seconds after she got hit and never saw it off of her when she was wearing the healing suit or the bathing suit, it's possible that the bottle broke over her head and thus presented as a descending malady.
  • Therefore she is wearing edible panties.
  • Jossed: She has plenty of different outfits, and has worn tight clothes before.

The Ice King, The Marauders, and Tiffany are all the same species.
This just seems obvious to me, at least in the case of Tiffany and the Marauders.
  • Word of God says the Marauders and Tiffany are necromantic cyborgs. No word as to what the Ice King is, other than being 600 years old.
  • Jossed He's a former human

The Lich King is not going to show up again.
Billy killed him, remember?
  • Liches store their souls in phylacteries, which cause them to form a new body after their old one is killed, and they can only be killed when the phylactery is destroyed, not the body. That's pretty much a universal element of lich lore.
    • Billy also only "Cast the Lich King Down" in his theme song. No mention of how. And, of course, the season 2 Finale confirms this: Billy just punched the Lich into a tree so hard he stuck there.
  • Jossed. He obviously was in the season two finale, and is now returning for the season 4 finale.

Marceline is Betty.
Just posting another crack theory. That is all.
  • Jossed as of "I Remember You". Marceline was a little girl when she knew Simon, who was turning into the Ice King at the time.

'The Lich' will deal with Billy Passing the Torch to Finn
Billy was the previous hero of Ooo before Finn. The episode will deal with him offically hand over the title to him. Possible ways this may play out (add your own);
  • During the course of the episode, he will serve as The Mentor for Finn as they battle the Lich, ending in Billy either being mortally wounded or otherwise taken out of action by the Lich. As the Lich gloats over his victory over his arch enemy, Billy will give Finn a Rousing Speech and tell him to finish it. Finn will then take up Nothung and use it to destroy the Lich once and for all. Afterwards, Billy will give the sword to Finn to keep and recognize him as his successor.
    • Jossed because Billy is the Lich

'The Lich' will have Finn and Billy track down and destroy the Lich's Soul Jar to destroy him once and for all
Billy sealed the Lich away originally instead of destroying him because he realized he couldn't be destroyed, and has been searching all this time to find it. He now knows the location and sets out with Finn to destroy it and end the Lich for good.
  • Jossed.

Memow will appear during "the Lich"
He said he would have to take his test again in a year, (According to Word of God, one season=one year), so this would be the right season. Also, the ending of "Jake vs. Me-mow" made it clear Me-mow would be back. And looking at this picture, (which was posted a few guesses up from here), you can see a tiny dagger mark that looks an awful like the one inflicted by Me-mow.
  • Jossed. That dagger mark was given by Princess Bubblegum's scissors.

The Lich King is the one that caused the world ending war
His appetite for chaos and destruction is what caused the first apocolypse, and he now hates how the world seems to be somewhat in a pretty peaceful state for the most part, hence his desire to do it again.
  • Jossed the lich was created by the war

The Lich wasn't the result of the Mushroom Wars, but the cause
In other words, the Mushroom Wars wasn't a war between civilizations, it was a war against a common enemy, the Lich, only, it failed horribly, because, for one, nuclear bombs aren't exactly magical, and I assume non-magic stuff can't harm no stinking Lich, that and it appears he feeds on nuclear waste.I mean, think about it. What would you do if you were in a world full of war, and suddenly a common enemy emerged, something that's unexplainable, something that's seemingly indestructable. Something that doesn't appear to be human, doesn't even appear to be alive at all. Who are you going to shoot? A human enemy, or some strange creature who's killing everybody regardless on what side they're on?Plus, it would explain how there is a huge gaping hole in only one side of the planet (e.g. all bombs have been concentrated on just one place, the Ground Zero so to speak).
  • If the newest previews are to be believed, this may be partly confirmed.
    • Jossed he was created by the mushroom war

"Up A Tree" will be a three part episode, and will somehow connect with the next Fiona and Cake episode.
Okay, so, "Up A Tree" ends on a cliffhanger ending shrunken Finn and a squirrel riding a throwing disc into the sunset. What does this have to do with anything? Well, the next episode is called "All The Little People" and, judging from the title, will continue that cliffhanger. Of course, the episode after that, "Bad Little Boy", ALSO has a "little" pun in it's name, and has been confirmed to be the next Fiona and Cake episode. Somehow Finn will get transported to that universe.

The Ice King will eventually die within Season 3 or if they make it, Season 4.
And he will probably die alone, without anyone realizing he died, until Finn visits his castle and finds him. Yes, this troper is beginning to feel bad for him.

In "All Your Fault," Princess Bubblegum will finally understand that creating life is counter-intuitive to solving problems.
Something bad will happen to one of the Lemongrabs. The other Lemongrab will blame Princess Bubblegum but be completely justified in doing so, when Princess Bubblegum's attempted solution to the problem does not work out of backfires. And it will be a MASSIVE tear jerker.
  • To go with the guess three points above, maybe she'll realize that 1) Artificially creating life fails every time, 2) Except that once when she used Finn's DNA, and 3) Creating life using Finn's DNA by non-artificial means looks like a less and less remote possibility by the day...

The Lich isn't the Bad Guy. Bubblegum is.
The Lich is the last human, or at least he once was human, before the weirdo magic of the Great Mushroom War had its way with him. He's not trying to kill everyone, at least not directly. He's trying to restore the world to what it was before the Great Mushroom War. And if he has to use the time room to break reality first, then he will. Princess Bubblegum either doesn't understand this, or she does and is lying to Finn, in order to keep the world the way it is.
  • She caused the Lich to become what he is.
    • That second point, at least, is jossed. The Lich was created by the Mushroom War, which happened before Bubblegum even existed. And, since he used the Time Room to exterminate all life, yeah, it's safe to say he's trying to kill everyone.

the new theme of Five More Short Graybles will be the five stages of grief
  • Denial: a vingette about the Ice King ignoring his own madness and the pleas of princesses to let them be.
  • Anger: Finn and Jake are late on their way to The Flame Princess. She goes an a small angry tirade over it.
  • Bargaining: We get a Flashback of why Finn and Jake are late: they were stuck in an elaborate fetch quest that took up most of the day.
  • Sorrow: Marceline wanders through the remains of human civilization, momentarily grieving over what once was.
  • Acceptance: Princess Rainicorn tells her parents about her pregnacy. Despite all expectations, they readily accept it with only slight repremand.

The Lich possessed Simon first then separated leaving behind the Ice King.
The Ice King personality is too unimposing and kind at heart to drive Simon into madness. The Lich, trapped in the crown, must have overshadowed Simon and made him say terrible things as he crept into Simon's head. The Ice King either: drove out the Lich with his dementia, or was left a crazy shell of a man when The Lich was done with his body.

Even the insensitive Ice King couldn't speak words so vile as to drive Betty away forever.

  • "Walk into the well, Finn. Aren't you cold, Finn?"
  • That might explain why his "wizard eyes" can see the Lich.
  • I consider this jossed. In "Finn the Human", Farmworld Finn starts to go insane within minutes/hours of putting the crown and ONLY the crown, as the Lich was still sealed in the bomb which was sealed in ice.
    • [[Jossed]] by "Betty". The crown didn't drive Betty away. She was transported to the future so that she could be with Simon again.

Royalty is just evil.
All the queens and kings that Finn and Jake have met so far have been antagonistic to varying degrees; Marceline, the Ice King, Gary the Mermaid Queen, and even the Lumpy Space King/Queen were a little rude.
  • Even Bubblegum?
    • ESPECIALLY Bubblegum.
    • Finn made Bubblegum evil in Death in Bloom. She had no idea she was infusing herself with the essence of an undead flower.
    • Nuts shows that Bubblegum may not be evil, but she's definitely crazy to some extent.
      • Not necessarily. The contents of the bottle could have turned her "temporarily ugly" on the inside (which was my interpretation of the episode, and that Princess Bubblegum really is that sweet).
    • Bubblegum is evil and intelligent. Meaning that she realizes people believing that someone is evil is a bad idea. That's right, Bubblegum's savvy.
      • Well, she's not evil, per se, just incredibly unstable and very devoted to her citizens. Think Neutral Good Cute Psycho.
      • Remember Goliad? He was made from Bubblegum's tooth, and was evil, though he didn't seem to be at first. And Stormo, who was heroic and chivalrous, was basically Goliad with a bit of Finn's DNA, which was what made him good instead of bad. My theory (which seems to be half-canon?) is that Princess Bubblegum is deep, deep down evil, which is why Goliad was evil too. Basically, the DNA Goliad and Stormo were created from directly linked to their moral alignment.
      • Goliad wasn't evil, she was an easily impressionable child. Finn and Jake taught her about ruling a kingdom, but not empathy, an essential tool for any ruler. Goliad is devoted to complete and utter control, regardless of how it affects others.
    • I think this should be renamed "kings and queens are evil". You only listed kings and queens. Bubblegum is a princess and she isn't evil. And I'm surprised no one has disputed the Marceline one. I think she's evil enough to be on that list.
    • Season 3 has quite a number of antagonistic king characters
    • If it makes you feel better, the Fire Kingdom has the Fire Count and Fire Princess, both viable and completely aware villains. From what I've seen of the Flame King, he could go evil at any moment.
  • Bubblegum is the big bad. The Lich wasn't purged from her, he escaped.
    • Gunter and Peppermint Butler hide their evil, at the command of their far more evil overlords.
    • PB plays around with life and death in her free time, when she's not plotting to undermine the other royals.
      • Maybe royalty isn't evil. Maybe PB just has an EXTREMELY warped moral code- thus explaining the zombies, Lemongrab, the Tart Toter, torturing the Ice King, the skeleton in the dungeon, etc...
  • Jossed, jossed, jossed. The Ice King is a nice guy with good intentions, but he's an insensitive idiot. Princess Bubblegum is mostly good, even if she does occasionally have severe lapses in morality. Same for Marceline, to a lesser degree. The Duke of Nuts is a total sweetie, and many other princesses we've seen are, as well. Lemongrab may be a jerk, but most of his harmful actions can be excused by his "delicate mental condition," and his intentions, REALLY boiled down, are good. Although royal people in Adventure Time are messed-up, complicated people, they are, generally, good people.

The Ice King and Marceline will eventually hook up in Season 2
Well they're are both rather old, and since Marceline is a queen, and not a princess, it's probable.
  • I think you mean Season 3 and I doubt it, she'd consider him to be too much of A BIG NERD!
  • Jossed HARD: Ice King was a father figure to Marceline when she was little and before he was fully taken over by the crown.

The Lich will only appear in Season Finales
To prevent Villain Decay, he'll only appear in season finales in some fashion. So far he's appeared in everyone anyway, in a cameo in the first season finale (My Hero', like Mortal Folly, is placed before Gut Grinder in production number, meaning it was meant to be the finale) and was the Big Bad of the second season finale.
  • Jossed. He plays a huge role in the season 5 premiere.

The Lich has body surfed into a new body
In the Snails latest appearance (Too Young To Present) it's evil eyes seem to have gone away.
  • Jossed. He's still in that body up till season 5, where he kills Billy and takes his skin.

The Ice King is, or was once, SpongeBob SquarePants.
The Great Mushroom War affected Bikini Bottom as well as everywhere else in the world, and SpongeBob survived but was subject to some kind of shapeshifting magic or other form of mutation, and his personality became different due to centuries of loneliness, grief, mutation, and unfamiliarity with the way the world works after The Great Mushroom War. The Ice King still shows a tendency to want to make friends like SpongeBob, as well as his goofiness and bubbly demeanor (Not to mention his voice), but he's also somewhat lost his mind, which is why he's sometimes cruel and lacks an appropriate level of empathy for others. After six hundred years, it is not likely he remembers much if anything about his life as the famous, lovable sea sponge.
  • He was a normal human historian before he was the Ice King, so no.

The Ice King is the Mayor of Townsville.
He's totes the mayor of Townsville. Think about it, Ooo is supposed to be what remains of our world after it is destroyed and turned into a monster-filled wasteland, and Townsville already gets destroyed on a regular basis and already is a monster-filled wasteland. Specifically, what could have happened is that an ice monster came along and froze Townsville, leaving it as a perpetually-icy region (perhaps it was even Blossom who did it due to Mind Manipulation or Power Incontinence). The Mayor got lucky and survived by being turned into a "wizard" probably via Chemical X. However, centuries of grief, hallucinations, and other crazy crap turned him into evenmore of a loony than he had been. He looks for a woman to marry due to having lost Ms. Bellum. And with that goal, he is left to rule the snowy, icy region formerly known as Townsville, while the rest of the world recovers from the Apocalypse. Also, with all the randomly-themed monsters seen in The Powerpuff Girls, the Great Mushroom War was probably caused by a mushroom monster.
  • Interesting, seeing as how the Mayor and Ice King are both voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • (OP) This theory turned out to be close to the truth. The Ice King's drive to marry a princess does originate from his loss of a woman he loved, and he did spend centuries going insane due to visions. It's basically all true except for the parts that have to do with The Powerpuff Girls.
  • What if The Powerpuff Girls knew this was going to happen. They might have sacrificed themselves to try and get just one human alive. It worked. This also might mean that Finn is a descendant of the girls.
  • Nope. He was an antiquarian named Simon Petrikov.

Alternatively, "Holly Jolly Secrets" will feature a corrupted envisioning of Santa that has been changed due to the Mushroom War.
He could be called some phonetic alteration like, "Seento Clothes" or "Sintu Clees." Or he could be treated as a Jesus-like figure like in Invader Zim due to the Christian religion being mutated beyond recognition with the death of most of humanity. Mutated or corrupted versions of other Christmas traditions could also feature.
  • I expect a shout-out to 1939's "Peace on Earth" anti-war cartoon.
  • Jossed.

The very last scene of "Tree Trunks"... a comforting lie that Jake tells Finn, who goes into a Heroic BSoD after the actual ending. He's trying to soften the blow, and comes up with In A Better Place — a magical happy place.
  • Word of Penn says that it was an executive mandate to not let the show end with Tree Trunks' death, but that he likes the ending. He flip-flops over whether she's dead or alive, though.
    • And as of "Crystals have power she's alive, and became Queen of the Crystal dimension. Also evil.

The Lich King will be revealed to have been very much like Finn prior to his Start of Darkness
Allow me to explain, according to rumors, The Lich King was the one who warped the world from the one we know, to the one of Ooo.

It's possible that he was a happy-go-lucky child (and Reality Warper), who just happened to be a lot like Finn, sharing many of the ideals and fun-loving spirit his future nemesis would come to possess.

Upon encountering the harsh truths and raging difficulties growing up possessed, with all the threats of disease and nuclear annihilation never far from his mind or attentions, the boy who would be the Lich King 'flipped out', and so did his powers. In 'running away' the world about him shattered, reconstituting itself into a nonsensical, but nonetheless beautiful and intriguing pastiche of anything and everything.

Unfortunately, all the darkness and pain of the former reality persisted, living on in the boy. Unable to take the weight of the grotesque possibilities, his personality shattered, reassembling itself into what he perceived to be a suitable antithesis to everything good and noble he had longed to establish: The Lich King.

He was either sealed by the brave efforts of Ooo's residents, or reinvented himself as a sealed creature, an oddly iron-wrought staple in an otherwise haphazard universe, ready to unleash all the evils he has come to believe as the norm for the ultimate enemy.

It would be interesting to see, if he's ever unleashed, that underneath all his evil and hatred, is the form of a scared young boy, still trying to run away from his powerlessness in his old life.

  • Who's the Lich King? I've never hears him mentioned in the show.
    • According to the Blog, he's going to be the upcoming Big Bad.
Would someone kindly put a link to this blog?

All royalty were on friendly terms. The Ice King became evil after being betrayed by the Lich King.
After so many years, he's feeling lonely, but only knows royalty on friendly terms, but the new batch has replaced the people who knew he was good at one time.
  • Jossed. Someone like the Lich can't be on friendly terms with anyone. And he's not royalty.

In the upcoming episode "Sky Witch", Marceline is tracking down the Sky Witch because she is the only one who can restore Simon Petrikov/Ice King's memories.
  • I think its because she is the witch Ash sold her doll to.
  • Jossed, it was to recover Hambo.

The city Simon and Marceline visited is the precursor to the Bubblegum Kingdom
It's too much of a coincidence there is a ton of bubblegum substance all over the city. The ooze monsters chasing them would eventually adapt and evolve into candy people while the bubblegum spreads into a kingdom.
  • Possibly Jossed, "Vault" showed us the early days of the Candy Kingdom, and it was being built from scratch.

The episode "Betty" will kill off the Ice King.
The plot synopsis has Ice King reverting to Simon, and in risk of dying unless he gets back the crown. The series loves to make us cry, so this could be used for to end the Ice King's life. I can imagine that, ultimately, Simon will reject putting on the crown once again, so that he doesn't endanger Betty. He'll will die because of the radiation from the Mushroom War or having No Ontological Inertia, however it will be at peace knowing he found his love. If they want to end on a happy note(which I think Simon deserves more than anyone), it may end with Simon returning as a ghost, "living" happily ever after.
  • Jossed, Betty sacrifices herself to restore the ice crown's magic, saving Simon and reverting him back to the Ice King. The ending does open the door to a new story arc because Betty is revealed to be still alive in the end, and earlier in the episode, Betty promises a dying Simon to find a way to restore him to his human self while keeping his immortality.

Simon is gone, and the crown is using his body as a host without realizing it.
Simon'd be over a thousand years old by this point. The soul of Simon has left his body, meaning the crown is on top of a soulless husk functioning like a meat automaton. However, Simon resisted for so long and so well that the body essentially hard-coded his resistance to the crown's corruption into itself. The crown is trying to make Simon do what it wants, but it doesn't quite realize that it's trying to influence a magically-fueled corpse.
  • Jossed: After having his magic turned off by Bella Noche, the Ice King turns back into plain old Simon Petrikov again.

Princess Bubblegum was a human girl who was merged by the Mushroom Bomb into a human-bubblegum hybrid.
In "Simon and Marcy", Simon receives a can of chicken soup from a mass of sentient pink goo with a face rather resembling PB's. Considering that the Mushroom Bomb was shown to do some pretty nasty things to the other inhabitants of the city, this isn't that far-fetched. It would also explain why she and Marceline were so close, since she, Simon, and PB would have been the only creatures from that time still around.
  • Jossed. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! has a canon ending that explains she was an offshoot of the bubblegum goop that achieved sentience. If the Mushroom war was literally 1000 years ago, and she's 827 as of the game; she achieved independent sentience about 173 years after the war.

Princess Bubblegum is Betty, and she, the same as the Ice King, doesn't remember her past self
. Based on my own theory and considering the theory right above this one, Princess Bubblegum's crown is part of a set that orbits the Enchiridion. Now, let's consider that the Ice King survived the Mushroom War thanks to the crown, but it also gave him powers as it slipped him into some sort of insanity. Therefore, wouldn't the other crowns act similar, granting powers and the survival of the wearer at the cost of sanity/memories?In such case, Princess Bubblegum could actually be Simon's fiancee Betty, except she doesn't remember it. It's interesting, for instance, that she dismisses so casually the time she had to grow back from her 13-year-old self in "Too Young", as if she really didn't realize so little time passed when she switched from 13 to 18 years. Consider, now, that it seems she is still 18 even when Finn has grown older. Is her crown granting her a MUCH longer life span?Also to consider: we know that, at some point in time, Bubblegum and Marceline were close friends. Was is clearly expressed WHEN did that happen? Who knows, perhaps Bubblegum thinks it was a year ago, when in fact it was 500 years ago. Marceline already dealt with Simon's slippage to insanity and loss of memory; did she go through the same with Bubblegum?
  • Bubblegum has shown a few times that she isn't perfectly sane. Also, In a flashback in "Princess Cookie", Bubblegum was exactly the same age as now. Either cookies grow up fast or Bubblegum doesn't age/ages slowly.
    • Jossed, she's not Betty. Unless Time Travel is involved....

Finn's real parents are either long-dead or in hiding
  • It is revealed in the 'Adventure Time Encyclopaedia' that Finn was abandoned by his parents in the forest, only to be found and adopted by Jake's parents. If we consider this as canon with the series, then there must be a reason why he was abandoned. Maybe they were on the run from cirtain death (maybe a hungry Rainicorn) and were forced to abandon him to save him. They were either killed or went into hiding, unable to return for their son.
  • Jossed, latest episode shows Fin's dad, part of the reveal.

Jake is female.
In one episode, he refers to his and Finn's bond as "a mother-daughter thing." Finn gave Jake that name, because his name in his own language is difficult for a normal human to pronounce. However, part of the culture barrier led to him getting a name of the wrong gender. He also believes Finn to be a girl (hence mother-daughter), because in the initial conversation, he said something that amounted to, "I'm the same gender as you are."
  • Then why is Cake a girl?
    • Very tomboyish male cat.
    • ...Don't you mean an effeminate male cat?
  • Pretty much jossed now, as Lady Rainicorn just had his pups.

Finn is missing an eye.
In this closeup in "The Enchiridion!" when Finn enters the Final Boss's 'Mind Zone', Finn seems to have heterochromatic eyes, one blue and one green. This was probably just a stylistic decision, but in the next episode, Finn has a glass eye collection while Jake has an eyepatch collection. Maybe Finn decided eyepatches weren't cool (for the record, they totally are) and gave his collection to Jake when he switched over to glass eyes. Also, in various episodes, Finn appears to have at least one glass eye in his backpack. In "Slow Love" Finn is seen using a pair of binoculars with only one eye. this
  • Jossed. He's shown having both eyes in POV in the episode it's revealed he's color blind.

Finn will lose an arm fighting with the Flame King.
We've seen a future Finn vision, Farmworld!Finn and Pillow!Finn all have artificial arms, so Finn will probably lose an arm. Losing an arm is usually a gruesome procedure, and it's hard for even the writers of this show to get away with this. With Flame King, you have the ability to remove Finn's arm bloodlessly-probably with a flame sword(think lightsabres). Also, Flame King and Finn would have a personal reason to fight each other(Flame Princess). Finally, it would get them to avert any angst that comes from losing an arm with Finn being a Handicapped Badass and getting a cool robot arm.

The Lich is Finn's biological father.

"King Worm" is a direct sequel to "Evicted!"
As in, it takes place during season 1. Everything Finn dreams is a future dream (which, given that he sees his Farmworld counterpart in it, isn't too much of a stretch).
  • Pretty well Jossed by the fact that everything that's changed since season one (Finn's sword, his relationships, everyone's character development) is still there after the episode ends. If everything since "Evicted" had been a dream, it all would have snapped back.

Going off the above theory, Finn will cut off his arm to keep the sword from returning.

The Lich's original physical body was...
Betty. Because why the fuck not?
  • Jossed.

Simon Petrikov once had a pet named Gunter.
Similar to how he projected his feelings for Betty onto any princess he finds in Ooo, so has he applied the name "Gunter" to any small animals that surround him. It's been confirmed that he calls all of the penguins "Gunter;" rather than Gunter being a specific one. I'd guess that Simon had a dog or something, perhaps a dalmatian, that he lost somehow but held on to his memory of the name.

Alternatively, Simon Petrikov once had a butler named Gunter who was a dwarf.
Rule of Funny.

Why the penguins are named Gunther.
  • The man who found the crown and gave it to Simon was named Gunther and for some reason the name stuck in the Ice King's mind.
    • Alternatively, Simon owned a Dalmation called Gunther.

In his old life, the Ice King had a son named Gunter.
It's the same thing with Betty and princesses. He substitutes his son for the birds because they're small, of (at least) child intelligence, don't mind the cold, and are pretty loyal to him. Like a crazy cat lady, the Ice King gathered up penguins to simulate a large family.
  • Or, given that Betty was his fiance and they seemed pretty young, it was the name they planned on giving to a future son.
  • It would explain why Marceline's diary says "Gunter".

The Ice King's crown is named Gunter.
As he degenerates further and further, he begins to refer to all of his companions as Gunter regardless of their actual name. Perhaps this is because the crown is trying to tell him that it, his constant companion since he obtained it, is named Gunter.

Gunter is the original maker of the crown, and the crown is actually his horcrux.
Gunter doesn't possess the wearer of the crown, but the comparatively innocent beings/creatures around him.That way, the hero would always attack the obvious crazy victim wearing the crown, while the true evil is free to body surf the minions and escape.

'Marceline' is not her birth name.
It's 'Gunther'. Hunson really wanted a boy, and/or didn't recognize that she wasn't one. That's the name she gives Simon when they first meet, and he thinks it's a terrible name for a little girl, so he names her Marceline instead. (This is why he keeps calling her Gunther in 'Simon and Marcy' while under the sway of the crown, and why she doesn't react as much as you'd expect to it.)

Gunther and the Penguins are the makers of the Ice Crown.
In the comics Fionna & Cake the whole story turns out to be a bed time story told by Gunther, in it the Ice Queen seeks a source of warmness (first in the love of princess, then in actual fire elementals) to defrost herself, upon which she tell Fionna to be careful of the magics of the world, which means that the Ice Crown inflicted illness has a cure and Gunther knows it. Gunther has already been declared the most Evil thing by the basically ruler of Hell, and is capable of quite the large scale mayhem if (s)he wanted it. Penguins are known to exist before the war, as well as the crown. So she or one of her ancestors created the crown to gain the Ice powers and made it sentient to attach itself to its owner and avoid someone else from using it, but somehow it was lost to them and ended up with Simon first and so they stay with the Ice King to watch over the Crown hoping for a chance to get it back.
  • Also she told him that story to reveal how to get the crown off him, even though it would mean his death, but something Simon would surely prefer.

All the above Gunter theories are Jossed by "Evergreen": Gunter was the name of the apprentice of the wizard who first made the crown, who ended up being the crown's first wearer.


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