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Jake is Bender incarnate.
Bender wandered off into the woods one night, possibly drunk, and accidentally angered a wizard, which turned him into a dog. (Un?)Fortunately, she forgot to account for Bender's bending abilities. Bender then went under a new identity, known as "Jake". Then the Great Mushroom Wars happened and Jake survived, eventually meeting up with the last human, Finn. Then he got to where we know him today.
  • Jossed. In "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" we see Jake's true origin. (Which is almost as weird).
  • There are a lot of species in the Futurama universe that would fit right in with the creatures of Ooo (I'm looking at you, Yarn People!). Edit: Finn and Jake canonically exist in that universe; Jake even has a speaking roll...with Bender, naturally.
  • Adventure Time is a perpendicular universe to Futurama. Magic/mystical elements are known to exist in Futurama(Scruffy is a zombie), and the nail is that Mildred Fry never existed, thus preventing both Fry's existence and a paradox from cancelling the My Own Grandpa scenario. For all we know Bender's ass gave us wi-fi, so more research into magic began. Said magic, of course, led to the Mushroom War. Magic is still present; Applied Cryonics were based off the freezing powers of the Ice Crown, and Simon could've been the one who created it in the first place. The head jars are Magitek.

Even Finn (and possible Susan Strong)is/are not normal Humans by today's standards.
They were just not mutated visually. Think about it. Finn is incredibly strong and agile for a kid his age. Not to mention his flexibility. Susan Strong, on the other hand, does not exactly have the standard musculature of even body builders. I might've written it off as her life style, but the Hyoomans certainly aren't that strong.
  • Given how common Interspecies Romance is in this world, they almost certainly have something non-human in their DNA, unless their ancestors were completely isolated or they somehow came from the time before the Mushroom War.
  • It has been confirmed that Finn is not a normal human. Word of God says that Finn is human, but he is a mutated human.
Finn will lose to the Lich in the Season 4 Finale, the Land of Ooo will descend into madness and Finn will disappear.
However, he will return in Season 5, older and stronger and ready to kick some Lich-ass! Furthermore, it will be a major shout-out to the fans, about how growing older isn't about losing your dreams and submitting to authority, it's about gaining the power to fulfill your dreams...I really want that to happen.
  • Sorta confirmed; the Lich gains access to the multiverse and Finn and Jake get sucked into the portal with him.

Finn's parents were frozen in a block of ice during the Mushroom War.
We have never seen any other humans in Ooo, but if Finn exists then there almost certainly were some recently, and it would stand to reason that he'd have grandparents, other relatives, friends, SOMEONE to take care of him when his parents couldn't. Instead he was just abandoned in the woods, where he almost certainly would have died had Jake's parents not taken him in. Finn's parents were frozen during the Mushroom War (maybe even by the Ice King), then thawed like the businessmen in "Business Time", had him, and either were killed by a monster or simply couldn't adjust to the entirely new world they found themselves in.

Finn will be the next BILLY
When Finn becomes older and has gone through more training and experience, he'll mature to be more like a new Billy.

Finn and Jake are a fantasized duo of idealist heroes from the mind of the pathetically lonely Ice Queen.
Because this is Adventure Time, both universes can be imagining one another simultaneously, without a pulling-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps contradiction. In fact, I'm pretty sure someone actually does pick themselves up by their bootstraps at one point in the show.

The reason for Finn's incredible strength
The Mushroom War and it's aftermath left only the strongest or smartest humans to survive, until eventually all remaining humans had one or both of these traits. This is why Finn can defeat monsters many times his size.

Finn never broke free of the Lich's control
The Lich thought he was too good to waste, so he placed him in a hallucination where he was breaking free, when he ripped out the top of the Lich's head he was actually choking Ice King and PB to death, and when he fought giant PB he actually killed Jake, who had stretched out big and tried to stop him; anytime he kills a monster or does something good, he is actually killing the good guys under the Lich's control.
  • Well that's pretty depressing.
    • But there's also a hole in that theory (thank God). If he killed the Ice King, how did he kill giant PB/"Jake" with the Ice King's help?
      • The "Ice King" that helped him was the Lich.
      • What about the Jake that helped him?
    • What about when PB/"Jake" is turned 13 years old and we see the possessed snail?
      • Maybe PB turning 13 was just a little gift from the lich. The snail could also be the Lich looking into Finn's mind.
      • Sometimes in hallucinated realities, there are little clues that it is actually a hallucination, at least in shows and movies. The snail is Finn's mind trying to tell him that something is not right.

Finn is a Super Saiyan.
He's totally a super saiyan.
Finn's autotuned singing voice is a Take That! at Glee's use of Auto-Tune.
Or perhaps a Take That! at the general (over)use of Auto-Tune in pop music nowadays?

Finn is a Replacement Goldfish for Penn.
One of Penn's unseen adventures after the pilot ended... poorly. However, Jake was able to escape with his Nice Hat and get it to Princess Bubblegum, who manages to clone him. However, Princess Bubblegum also recognizes that he isn't exactly like Penn, and gave him a different name to reflect that - a small reminder that Finn isn't Penn, and to not begrudge him his differences. She's likely still working on some way to bring back the original; see also the Decorpsinator Serum...
  • The comics Retcon the pilot by having Finn say he loved pens so much he had people call him "Penn" until future him told him it was lame and to stop. Though these may or may not be canon, so YMMV on if you take this as truth.

Jake was the one who picked Finn up as a baby
Now, according to the flashback, we see two Jake-like parental figures pick up Finn, but the fast-talking J. Jonah Jameson-esque voices suggest that this was just Finn splitting Jake into separate parental units.
  • How does the way they talk suggest that?
    • C'mon, man, he was a BABY. Do you really think his memory was that good? Maybe when Jake told Finn just to think about what HE wanted, that just got mixed up with his limited recollection of the scenario. Like some kind of Animal Farm thing.
      • Finn does have unusually sharp memories of his Boom-Boom incident, or at least a deeply-forged self-fulfilling-prophecy version thereof.
      • It could be that Finn was raised by a community of dogs like Mogli in the Jungle Book and Jake was a neighbor to the family that took in Finn and became his best friend.
      • I figured that Jake was the son of the two dogs that found Finn. When Finn was 8 years old, the two dogs had a pup named Jake. This would mean that by the time Finn was 12, Jake would be 4 (or 28 in dog years, which he claims to be in the pilot).
      • Sharp memory could be explained by having Joshua and Margaret simply telling him the story later. Unlike Jake's origin story, Finn's is pretty innocent and would explain to a confused young human why all his family members are dogs.
    • Word of God says that Joshua and Margaret (the two dogs) are indeed Jake's parents, who raised Finn. Which makes Jake Finn's foster brother. Heavily implied by the fact that right after this flashback, Finn and Jake pretty solemnly call each other "brother" (although Jake has done so less reverently on multiple occasions).

Finn will grow up to be...
King Radical. After going insane and conquering the Land of Ooo (possibly after Jake dies), he renames himself King Radical, and renames the land "Radical Land". Later on, he gets sent back in time, and finds our time period incredibly boring, so he vows to make our world radical... by making the apocalypse happen early.
  • Jake is alive and well, he's the dirtbike. And Lady Rainicorn is Sparklelord.
    • Sparklelord was evil, though.

Finn is the sole survivor of the apocalyptic war.
Think about it, Finn is the only human on the show and he has no parents, if the Land of Ooo is the aftermath of a apocalyptic war on earth then some how his parents gave birth to him on the last days of the war and Finn some how was able to survive due to Jake taking him in.
  • Pretty sure Marceline is supposed to be a survivor.
    • Further, if you look at Marceline and the Ice King (bother survivors), then it's unlikely that even Finn's great great grand parents was alive to see it as the war was at least a few centuries past. It's far more likely that Humanity nearly wiped itself but survived in pockets which have since been in decline (indeed as previous speculation implied; Humans as we know them may be wiped out completely, with many figures who were once human or descended subspecies living alongside creations of humans).
    • Jossed from "Simon and Marcy" we know both of them were survivors of the Mushroom War. In "Betty" we find out Betty is a survivor...sort of does coming through a magical portal to the future count as surviving? and thanks to "Stakes" we know that some humans did survive the Mushroom War but either fled or died out in the subsequent generations. We also know who Finn's father is starting in Season 6.

Jake is bisexual.
Tiffany was Jake's former boyfriend, which he thought would make both Lady Rainicorn and Finn jealous. Also, his crush on Billy.

Jake was once owned by Marceline the Vampire Queen.
Or they were in a similar relationship to Finn/Jake. In her introductory episode Evicted! the way she says "No one...makes me...let go...of JAKE!" sounds like she knows him from the past.
  • That seems more of just a joke. Saying "No one makes me let go of Jake!" like it is some crucial, strict rule she has always been living by, despite just meeting him.
  • Highly unlikely as Jake was incredibly terrified of her in the first season and also didn't seem to know squat about vampires (which you think he would've learned about being near her all the time).

Finn is Princess Bubblegum's younger brother
Its more likely then you think, both of them have unseen parents.

Finn is NOT a human (or at least not completely).
It would explain a lot about him.
  • His hat could be any number of things:
    • something the species requires him to wear
    • something that covers horns, antennae, etc.
    • simply part of his head
      • He's shown with the "hat" as a baby, and it still fits his head well, so that's a pull towards this theory.
    • Actually, he's now been shown without his hat a number of times. The only thing under there is luscious blond hair.
    • Jossed due to the above and that in "Stakes" we learn the reason humans adopted the animal headdress to protect themselves from man-eating predators (like Rainicorns and Vampires).
  • His noodly limbs. Sure, other characters have them, but most other characters in the series are not human.
  • Pen's old FAQ mentions that the reason why everybody has those beady little eyes is because of mutation. So this basically means that Finn is a mutated human of some sort.
    • Then again, Simon and Betty both have those eyes in Ice King's pre-Mushroom War video diary. So it's probably just the art style.
  • The theme song DOES explicitly state that he's a human, but it's arguable.
    • That bit may just be there to cover up if he really is something other than human.
    • It may be there just to fit in with the tune.
    • It may also mean "human" in the sense of "bipedal creature descended from apes with opposable thumbs and both sentience and sapience", rather than a specimen of Homo sapiens sapiens. There's probably several dozen distinct species that are referred to as "human".

Finn was born mutated.
Finn's parents were rejected from the Land of Ooo for being humans and sent to the nuclear wasteland seen in the opening of the show. When Finn was born, they snuck out of the wasteland to the forest and left him there so he wouldn't be exposed to the radiation any longer... but it was too late. Due to being the child of someone who dwellled in radiation for years upon years, he was born with weird horns and noodly limbs.
  • The 'weird horns' bit, at least, is Jossed; "To Cut A Woman's Hair" has him finally take his hat off to reveal...a head of glorious rapunzel hair. And noodly limbs aren't exactly uncommon in Ooo.
    • For the most part, the mutation is a lack of a nose.
      • However humans from just after the war, Simon, Marcy, Betty, and Marcy's mom are all without noses in flashbacks. So while some things are mutation, the nose thing might not be one of them. What's confusing is the lack of noses on the normal humans in the AT Universe contradicts the noses from the Farmworld Universe. Making this all very muddy and confusing.

Finn's Parents were attacked by Rainicorns
  • Taking that further, Rainicorns are the reason why humans are all but extinct
    • In Stakes it is confirmed that at least part of the reason humans are extinct (and wear animal hats) is because of Rainicorns eating them.

What he's chosen for I'm not clear but it's been said over and over that he is 'the greatest hero in all of Ooo', something he hasn't completely lived up to just yet. So perhaps the people saying this can see something that we aren't yet aware of.
  • yeah but he is the only hero in the land of Ooo, with the exception of billy who doesn't really do anything anymore.
  • He's defeated the Lich more than once at this point. Fought off a comet and the ancient evil Orgalorg, completed every single heroic act from [['s_Song Billy's song]], rescued princesses, was found worthy of the Enchiridion, among so many other things. How has he not lived up to that title?

Susan Strong is Finn's mother.
It's hardly a wild guess. They're both blonde, and the only (maybe) humans to show up in the show. A large hole in this theory would be that Susan has never seen sunlight, while Finn somehow got to the surface to be found by Jake's parents...
  • Not necessarily a plot hole- even if Susan was his mother, his father wasn't living amongst the Fish People...
  • Another possibility is that Susan is Finn's sister. When the humans were dying out, their parents placed one child on the surface and the other in a subterranean safehole.
    • Or they were both placed underground, but the adventurous Finn managed to wander out of there somehow, and then he was stumbled upon by Jake's Parents
  • Susan got her name by saying "suh...sun!" while talking to Finn. She wasn't saying "sun," she was saying "son!" She knows Finn is her son and was trying to communicate as much.
    • As much as This Troper likes that theory, it's apparently Jossed by "Beautopia," where Susan is surprised to learn that Finn lacks gills.
  • I've been sitting on this theory myself for a while now... I think that the monsters at the other end of the underground cavern (the ones that disguise themselves as pool toys) might have got past the barriers along the river and attacked the Fish People when Finn was a baby. He somehow got knocked into the river in the chaos, and floated downstream. Susan might have thought that the monsters got him, and assume he was dead. (or she might have seen him drifting away and chased him for as long as possible, but was too afraid to leave the underground area when the river went above ground). Finn floated downstream, until he reached the ocean, when he was thrown around, and eventually smashed onto the shore (giving rise to his fear of the ocean). He then crawled as fast as possible into the nearby forest, where he was found by Jake's parents, who took him in and raised him.

After all, the only other place where we've seen hats like Finn's are with the Fish People.

In the series finale, Finn will either be exploring a new land, die, or forever teleported to another dimension.
Then Princess Bubblegum will create a statue in memory of Finn, a hero and the last human.
  • Alternatively, Finn finds a time machine and decides to go back in time to live the rest of his life with humans before they all die out.

Finn grows up to be Andy Dwyer.

Finn will be alone in the Series Finale.

  • And as time passes, he will become more disillusioned, refuse to go on adventures, ignore all of the fantastical creatures around him, and maybe even give up on life as a whole.
    • And along with his "breaking", the world around him fades as his innocence fades away as he ages into a teenager (he seems about 11 or 12-ish right now) and Ooo (which was just a figment of his overactive imagination) will slowly disappear.
      • Now that you mention that, it could be possible that Ooo never existed and Finn made it up because he was going insane (being the last human on Earth does get pretty lonely.)
  • Maybe Lich King will do that so he can ENTER OUR WORLD. Think about it: if Finn's imagination controls Ooo, then either A. This is the most hardcore case of make-believe ever or B. Finn is sealed somewhere in a government lab in order to make sure all the awful shit that happened in Ooo doesn't effect our universe. Finn is the one keeping the Mushroom War to happen to us. And if the world of Ooo fades away with him, OURS WILL AS WELL...It would make for a really depressing finale, if you think about it.

Finn is a Reality Warper
  • Related to the above WMG. Finn isn't going crazy from being the last person in post apocalyptica—he's actively causing it to exist.

Jake will grow extremely sick due to old age, and Finn will need to find the Fountain of Youth to save him
If the series goes on for several years, the characters will age, and if Jake ages in dog years and not human years, he'll get older a lot more quickly than Finn...even get weaker from old age and in danger of dying. It seems hopeless until Princess Bubblegum tells him about the legendary Fountain of Youth, and Finn needs to embark on a race against time to get the fountain water to Jake and make him young again before he dies. To make it worse, Jake is so sick he can't come with him.

Ever since finding out that human meat is delicious, Jake has been plotting to kill Finn so he could eat him.
This gets a lot of support from the episode "Mystery Train," in which Jake treats Finn to a train ride leading to a "surprise." At the end, the tracks go straight over a cliff, and the only thing that saves them is a gelatin person that acts as a cushion. Finn praises Jake for the planning of that, only to be told that it wasn't planned for them to be saved. Finn says, "So we could've-" as Jake interrupts, "Died horribly? Yes... happy birthday, pal!!" Jake definitely could have survived the fall by either shrinking to a microscopic size or jumping out the window at the last second and turning his arms into wings, as well as an unlimited amount of other survival strategies.
  • As much as I love this WMG, there's a few holes: 1. Why would Jake plan a party at the end? 2. Why didn't he jump out before they landed in the gelatin person? 3. The yummy meat would be squished by train parts.

The whole land of Oo is Jake's dream (and Finn is dead).
Certain characteristics of the show coincide with things that occur in dreams. The focus on food, for one, is at the front of the mind for every dog, hence the dream world is populated with food characters. This is jumbled in with items remembered from the real world such as the technology and ruined buildings. Jake's personality oscillates between good friend and total jerkass, a trait of a dream where the dreamer is inconsistant with how he views himself.Focusing on Finn, he dies (or appears to die) more frequently than any other character, as Jake's memories of the real world cause him to keep reliving the death of his friend. As such, in order to reinforce his perception of Finn and make him seem invincible, he alters the dream so that Finn always comes out okay despite the monsters attacking and the wounds inflicted.

Jake will move and live with Lady Rainicorn
Since she is pregnant, Jake will feel that he needs to be with her and leave Finn...but not before he finds someone to take his place and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Half-confirmed. Jake moved in with her, but only for one episode.

Finn has a 41 brothers and a sister and one of them is Maxwell from Scribblenauts
Yeah, and when the mushroom war came, Maxwell hid Finn in an invincible cabbage that protected him from the radiation and Maxwell survived due to scribblenauting, and the rest is history.
  • Not unless that cabbage puts people in Suspended Animation, or else you're raping the timeline with a twelve-foot pole.

Jay T. Dawgzone is Jake's pen name
That's why he has the book and feels guilty over Finn reading it.
  • Supported by Dawgzone's picture on the back of the book, which looks like Jake wearing a Paper-Thin Disguise.

Finn's Hat
In "Stakes," it's shown that post-war humans wore animal hats like Finn to protect against vampires, but since Marceline is the only vampire left in Ooo, why does Finn still have one? Answer: wearing them became traditional and then instinctual and the original reason has been forgotten. Finn had one as a baby because of this.
  • As an extension of this, the Hyoomans have the same hats because their species mutated from these same humans.

Finn's real name is William Wallace Lincoln
The price was higher to bring him back the second time around.

Finn will have a Dangerous 16th Birthday, complete with Badass Upgrade.
Finn and the show itself are too savvy not to, and they've been building up to it since...well, really ever since they cast a boy rather than a woman to voice him.

All of Ooo is inside Finn's daydreams, and he lives a normal, boring life in the real world.
Basically, the live action promo is Canon.
  • By extension, the kid from the "Running Errands With My Mom" video is yet another alternate-Finn, from a universe where the Mushroom War was averted.

Finn is simply the latest in a long line of heroes.
Many people have noted that Finn's adventures greatly resemble those of the the retired hero Billy; it's evem lampshaded. Perhaps every generation has a hero like this; each one training from birth to take up the role once the previous hero dies. These heroes are basically the only thing keeping Ooo from tearing itself apart and are incredibly essential. However, because Billy broke the cycle by having a Heroic BSoD and retreating into his crack, Finn was forced to start earlier than normal, which is why he is given so much responsibility when he's clearly not mature enough for it.
  • Princess Bubblegum tried to continue this with Lemonhope as an Evoked Trope. Didn't quite work.

Jake is secretly evil AND depressed, and eventually wants to kill Finn and himself.
Jake planned a murder/suicide on Finn's 13th birthday in "Mystery Train." His "angry gods" line in Susan Strong. The issues he has with his parents which led to his psychotic depression. The reason he was the other Lich in the alternate universe. Why he and Finn almost died in New Frontier.
  • Jake did not plan a murder/suicide in "Mystery Train". He simply hadn't planned for the possibility of the train's controls being wrecked during the fray. In "The New Frontier", his rationale for wanting to die is actually more in line with universalist quasi-Eastern philosophy than suicidal depression. The rest? That's just Jake being weird ol' Jake.

Finn and the Lich are related.
Or, more specifically, Finn is descended from the family of the human the Lich may have been, before the Mushroom Bomb mutated him.

Finn isn't actually human.
Other than his appearance, which means very little in this setting, the only evidence we have of his humanity is the word of other characters. Only two of them (Marceline and the Ice King), as far as we know, have ever encountered a human. Marceline was quite young when most/all of them were wiped out by the Mushroom War, and the Ice King can't even remember his own name. Finn is actually something else entirely, something they didn't have a name for, so they just figured he was human.
  • Given how Interspecies Romance is relatively common; unless Finn was brought directly from the Mushroom War; there is probably some other in his genes somewhere.
  • Ward has said that Finn is mutated.
  • Pretty much 100% confirmed as of the episode "Finn the Human", where it's shown that humans living in a world without radiation have actual noses and look considerably different (hell, Farmworld Finn barely resembles his normal self). Still, just because he's a mutated human, his species most probably is the closest Ooo has of humans, so the title isn't entirely wrong. And remember that rainicorns used to eat humans, meaning that there were still some (probably mutated already) alive until not THAT long ago.
    • Simon had button eyes, and we saw someone with those eyes in "Heat Signature". Seems less of a mutation and more a rare genetic trait that survived after the Mushroom War.
Penn from the pilot and Finn from the series are two different people.
Penn is most likely Finn's older brother. Penn grew up and left Finn in the care of his best friend Jake while he went off to do some important mission that has taken him years. Could also explain why Princess Bubblegum seems older in the series.

  • However, this raises the question of where Penn was during Finn's "baby boom-boom" scene.
  • It does explain why Penn shouts more mathematical expressions than Finn does, and why Finn is bad at math, unlike his brother!
  • Actually, Princess Bubblegum seems a lot younger...
  • Alternatively, Penn and the Princess Bubblegum from the pilot are the parents or other recent ancestors of Finn and/or Princess Bubblegum from the series, who are survivors of the recent apocalypse, which would explain why Penn knows who Abraham Lincoln is.
  • Not to mention that Finn and Jake were seen playing an Abraham Lincoln game on Beemo.

Finn is hallucinating hardcore in "King Worm".
Everyone he interacts with is actually there at some point, and more or less doing in reality what he perceives. Peppermint Butler does... something to communicate with him more directly than the others, who clear out of the treehouse as soon as the King Worm shows up and Finn begins fighting it.
  • Alternate theory: the only one who knew they were trouble was Pep But, who used his arcane powers to contact and help them. Most of the time he could only speak through existing elements in the dream (like the princesses), but at one point he was able to push through and speak as himself. His face goes funny during that bit because the connection is weak and he has to fight against the King Worm's influence.

Finn doesn´t want to be a hero anymore
In the first fourth seasons of the series, most of the actions done by Finn were motivated by his desire to become a hero like Billy. However, after what happened in "The Lich" With Billy being killed and Finn being easily manipulated by the Lich into almost causing the extinction of all life Finn lost his confidence and started to question his own dreams and goals. That´s why in the fifth season of the series he seems to be much less heroic than in the previous four seasons (In "Davey" Finn assumes a new, non-heroic identity to hide himself from his fans. In "Puhoy" he dreams about some kind of "perfect" world for him, where he could have a family and where everything is soft and nonthreatening.) This could be the reason of his immature behavior in the most recent episodes (Like "Jake Suit", "Frost & Fire" and "Too Old") He is actually suffering an Heroic BSoD since the end of "Jake the Dog" and he only seems to be handling it very well.
  • Possibly Jossed by "Dungeon Train." Finn apparently doesn't mind being a hero; he just seeks an escape from the complexity and responsibility.

Adventure Time was inspired by the Ramayana
...and Finn and Jake are inspired by Prince Rama and Hanuman. If you notice some of the basic similarities between Adventure Time and the Ramayana (India's national epic), particularly between the principal heroic characters in each, a few theories about Finn's origins start to come through. In a weird way, even the show's setting can be considered very Hindu-inspired, if you know a little bit about Eastern philosophy.
  • Finn and Rama: Both are extraordinarily optimistic, pure-hearted young men who are raised to love adventure from an early age, and are raised in foreign environments that put them at odds with their origins. Finn is the lone human living in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited solely by magical creatures; Rama is a mortal avatar of Vishnu, and spends his whole life living among humans.
  • Jake and Hanuman: Both are talking animals with the ability to effortlessly change their shape and size, and both serve as The Lancer and the Non-Human Sidekick to their stories' main heroes (Finn and Prince Rama, respectively). The only difference is that one's a dog, and one's a monkey.
  • Princess Bubblegum and Sita: Both are princesses that serve as the hero's primary love interest, and serve as a primary source of drama when they're abducted by the magically-powered king of a neighboring realm.
  • Ice King and King Ravana: The aforementioned magically-powered kings in both stories. Both possess magical powers (Ice King from his magic crown, Ravana from his demon lineage and his devotion to the Gods), both are known for their immaturity and impulsive personality, and both serve as a main source of drama when they're unable to control their desire for the hero's love interest.
  • The Setting: Adventure Time takes place in a wondrous magical land that's absolutely brimming with unique forms of life, but is built upon the rubble of a cataclysmic war that swept away the previous era and led to humans being replaced with fantastical beings. This, in an odd way, ties into Hinduism's cyclical view of time, in which cycles of creation and destruction constantly make and remake the universe until it's impossible to pinpoint the world's true "beginning". It also ties into the belief that a cyclical "season" of strife and chaos (the "Kali Yuga") will eventually give way to a more innocent era in which supernatural forces directly interact with humanity (the "Satya Yuga"), thus bringing the world back to the beginning of a constantly repeating cycle. Notably, Adventure Time's portrayal of a post-apocalyptic future world as a magical, innocent wonderland subverts most traditional Western fantasy settings, which will often use such aesthetics to characterize the distant past.

Finn is the mortal incarnation of a God that rules the Multiverse
One way of interpreting the above-mentioned comparison to the Ramayana. If Finn really was inspired by Rama, he'll eventually turn out to be the human avatar of an un-introduced deity that watches over the Land of Ooo as a guardian. Exploring Finn's divine origins will provide a way for Ward to delve deeper into the Adventure Time universe's cosmology.

Finn is the exiled heir of a dead line of Human nobility
An alternate interpretation of the Ramayana comparison. Finn is the last surviving scion of a powerful Human family that just barely survived the Mushroom War, and he was expelled from his ancestral kingdom as a baby before being found and adopted by Jake's family. This would mirror Rama's exile from his ancestral kingdom of Ayodha, and it would be a pretty cool revelation in its own right. Notably, Rama's years as a wandering adventurer/do-gooder only started after he was expelled from his kingdom, and they ended when he regained his throne alongside Sita. Hence: the series will end with Jake regaining his birthright and retiring from adventuring to become a king.

Jake claim to hate cats in "The Box Prince" because one cat almost killed him
Remember "Jake vs. Me-Mow"?

The event that eventually gives Finn his artificial arm will have him mature
One of the big themes in season 5 have been Finn having to discover that his actions have consequences and him refusing to grow up. Now that the arm is no more an easter egg, but an important element in the plot, Finn may have to face a threat so serious that he cannot defeat it by acting as he has been, and will lose his arm as a price for his foolishness. it will scar Finn so deeply that will force him to mature.

The events of "The Box Prince" happened mostly in Finn's imagination
What really happened was simply that a bored, hyperactive teenage boy went to play with some cats in the woods. The whole kingdom and royal intrigue plot was something Finn made up in his head.
  • ...that was the entire point of the episode.

The demon who took Jake isn't that bad a guy

The demon's main drive is to just get revenge on Joshua (who he constantly refers Jake as) for taking his blood to make a sword.

It could be that he is a victim of Fantastic Racism on Joshua's part and it affected his life gravely. Jake could talk him out of his vendetta like he befriended Prismo in "Jake the Dog".

In his bonding with Jake, the demon will reveal that the loss of his blood made him a pariah among the monster community, his wife left him and he never got to see his children grow up. Jake will break down and tell him how he missed out on his kids growing up and the two give each other a big hug.

Extra comedy points if Finn performs a Big Damn Heroes moment and has no clue what's going on.

It was their parent's deaths that made Jake stop his criminal activities in order to care for a much younger (development wise) Finn.
FinnXFlame Princess may return
Either from Cinnabuns being too protective or Finn becoming a King in his own right...Okay the second might a little out there but the former might be likely.

  • Even better: FP realizes she had it good with Finn, and that everybody makes mistakes. She also realized she was lying to herself when she said she doesn't love Finn anyomore. This leads to a 2-part episode:

1. FP has the aforementioned realization, sends CB back to the Candy Kingdom, and then recalls her brother from the field. The episode would be spent developing her brother, giving him a name and personality. The episode ends with FP's brother becoming the new Flame King, and having the old Flame King and Flame Lord executed for their treasonous actions in "The Red Throne".2. FP, having now abdicated the throne to her brother, goes to the Tree Fort to apologize and reconcile with Finn. But Finn is extremely defensive, now believing FP is in a romantic relationship with CB. FP turns to Jake, who says Finn is in a state of shock, sadness, and anger. FP reaffirms to Jake that her and CB's relationship is platonic and nothing more. But CB actually believed it was romantic, and decides to kill Finn so he can have FP all to himself. This sparks a battle between Finn and CB. Finn is doing it in self-defense, CB for FP, and FP is excited over having two guys fighting over her, even if she knows Finn is defending himself. After CB is forced to retreat, Finn and FP reconcile and actually manage to hug and kiss without Finn getting burned or FP threatening Earth because of the events of "The Red Throne". But there is a twist: CB has actually been a spy for Princess Bubblegum, who plans to kill Finn and any remaining humans, as well as kill the King of Ooo (who is actually the High King of Ooo), thus plunging Ooo into civil war. PB's ultimate goal is absolute rule of Ooo with an iron fist, then launch an invasion of the neighboring continents on Earth. And thus launched is a major story arc that will see Finn lose his right arm, the Human Rebellion, and the revelation that not only is Fionna real, but is Finn's long-lost twin sister.

And thus, the entire series would be turned on its head and forever changed. It would still have comedy, but it would also be highly dramatic and full of more violence and deaths than before, which may necessetate moving the show to Adult Swim or Toonami.

Finn had a teething problem.
Hence why he ate a whole lot of rocks

Finn will try to become a Chaste Hero.
So far, every time he's tried to get some sort of romance has failed, and any-time he tries to fix things only makes things work. Realizing that Finn's attempts at romance are making him a dick, either Finn or Jake will point out that he probably should stop. This will serve as Character Development, and will be a temporary phenomenon so that a proper and stable relationship with other girls can form.

Finn's past life is the comet that blew off a part of the Earth.
The Vault shows that he was a comet in one of his past lives. A comet is implied to have blown off a chunk of the Earth. And that comet is one of the few shown in the series.

Finn is a distant descendant of Marceline.
Marceline is over a thousand years old, and we haven't seen enough of her kind to suggest she couldn't have kids with surviving humans. One of the distant mutations is Finn gaining the button eyes and noselessness of Marcy

Finn's dad will not be his actual dad, but a father figure or even just a step dad
You can call someone who raised you and is a male a father figure, or Finn may end up being adopted and he not know it.
  • It's called being Happily Adopted, duh.
  • Considering that he was raised by Jake's parents, who are dogs, I suspect he's well aware of being adopted.

Finn will pull a Face–Heel Turn and go on a killing spree, leading to many a Momentof Awesome.
Finn's life is going to shit. He's failed at two romances (one because Princess Bubblegum is the true Big Bad, the other because Flame Princess refuses to listen to reason), learned his dad is a Manipulative Bastard, lost his arm (but got it back), and keeps getting misblamed (probably because of the growing anti-human sentiment; in other words: xenophobia). Towards the end of the series, Finn will pull a Face–Heel Turn, and go on a killing spree that kills much of the recurring cast. And everyone he kills is Killed Off for Real. All Deaths Final. No resurrection. Then he finds Martin, disowns him, and kills him, kills everyone who has ever wronged him, and is about to attack the Fire Kingdom to kill Flame Princess for not listening to reason and Cinnamon Bun for stealing FP from him (a claim they flatly deny), when Flame Princess steps forward and actually challenges him to a fight to the death, as well as declaring eternal hatred for him. CB, though, interferes in the fight, trying to kill them both. When they realize something's amiss, they declare a truce to investigate what is going on.

Arriving at the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum reveals this was her plan all along:

  • Have Flame Lord manipulate Finn and FP into breaking up
  • Have CB manipulate FP into inciting a coup in the Fire Kingdom
  • Plant CB as a spy
  • Create the Grass Sword
  • Send a genetically-engineered human to pose as Finn's father at the Citadel and hope Finn gets his arm ripped off
  • Sow anti-human sentiment in every kingdom and town
  • Eventually, Finn will go insane and kill much of Ooo's population, plunging it into chaos, at which point PB uses the chaos to kill the King of Oop and become the Empress of Ooo, ruling with an iron fist and seeing to it the last of the humans are exterminated, ensuring mutant domination.

When this is revealed, Finn and FP realize what has happened. The thing they had was destroyed by outside forces conspiring to conquer Ooo. They call off their petty feud, reconcile, and begin a massive sword fight with PB, who eventually cuts off Finn's right arm. Before the final blow is struck, a massive army made up entirely of humans approaches the Candy Kingdom. Leading the charge is none other than Fionna herself, and the army is comprised of infantry, tanks, mobile rocket launchers, jets, helicopters, bombers, and even EV As (yes, they're being piloted by Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, none of whom are messed up anymore). The rescue mission leaves every Candy Person except Princess Bubblegum and a few male clones dead. Alot more awesomeness occurs after that, but the edit lock just expired, so I gotta amscray.

Finn has so much Angst? What Angst? because he was raised by a family of dogs
Dogs don't live as long as humans, so Finn probably had to deal with a few deaths at a very young age. (We know for sure that Joshua and Margaret were dead before he was 12 at the show's start) As such, Finn learned to deal with tragedies a lot quicker than most people.

If Jake was ever Killed Off for Real, or was otherwise unable to accompany Finn for a bunch of episodes (if not the rest of the series), then Jake Jr. would take his place as Finn's cohort.
For one thing, the title would stay the same. Finn would still have a family member with him, and at the same time the series would explore a different dynamic considering Jake Jr.'s personality.

Finn will eventually obtain a Third Love, and she will be human.

The Lich is one of Finn's Past Lives
One episode showed that one ofFinn's past lives was a comet, like the comet in Evergreen which is hinted to be related to the Lich in some way. It would explain how Finn, a kid, was able to escape and defeat the Lich on multiple occasions when Billy couldn't and Death is scared of him.
  • Finn's comet from his past-life regression sequence/flashback in "The Vault" is blue, while the Lich's comet is green and has horns. Making this highly unlikely. Also if the Lich is currently alive, how can Finn be alive at the same time if one is the past life of the other?

Finn and Marceline will become an Official Couple the moment Finn turns 18.

Finn is The Avatar.
This is also a bit about the broader world of AT as a whole, but I didn't see a category for that, and the most important part of the theory is Finn, so work with me here. The Mushroom War happened some centuries after Korra's time, and it destroyed spiritual magic as we know it from that world (including bending) and 'scattered' it into the more bizarre, Harry-Potter-on-crack kind of magic we see in Adventure Time. We've seen that Adventure Time has a spirit world: the misshapen, monstrous spirits we see there are the last, damaged vestiges of the beautiful, intelligent, majestic creatures from the Avatar-verse. Finn is the latest reincarnation of the Avatar; no bending, but Raava is alive and well inside of him, and has allowed him to unknowingly activate the Avatar State several times, granting him the strength to hold onto Martin's ship in Escape From the Citadel, for instance. When Finn fought off the Lich's mind control, it actually had nothing to do with the sweater: Raava used the power of Finn's like-a-lot for PB to shield him from the fire and mind control with spiritual energy, and then activated the Avatar State for the first time, leading to him tearing the Lich's skull apart. We can't see his eyes light up in the Avatar State because they are, as Pen has stated, mutated to be little black dots. Finn's recent... oddities... such as all the Astral Projection and such are the result of Raava gaining more strength and trying to help Finn: she can't contact him directly because he isn't a very spiritual person, and has no one to teach him to be. Finn's animal guide could be Jake... but I think it's more likely the astral-butterfly, as it guides him on the closest things he has to spiritual journeys, and actually fits a nice Animal Motif for Finn: his whole journey has been about metamorphosis, and change making him stronger. Finn's native element is either Water, because of the aforementioned change motif, or Fire, because of his boundless energy and enthusiasm. In addition, Finn's view of his past lives (A comet, a... thing, etc.) was actually a poor misenterpretation of his actual past lives (i.e. the Avatars) due to, again, not much spiritual connection. He connected to Shoko because she was the most flawed Avatar, being a thief instead of a hero, and she was so desperate to find redemption that she was able to break through those barriers to appear to Finn, not only to fix her own mistakes with amulet, but also in a (sadly failed) attempt to get Finn to discover his legacy.

Finn's comet life hit before the Lich's
It's all but confirmed that the dinosaur Gunther is Finn's reincarnation. Finn's first life was a Catalyst Comet, so it must have landed before "Evergreen." This comet was none other than the comet which introduced magic to prehistoric Earth, resulting in the titular Evergreen and his kin.
  • Gunther does not appear in Finn's flashback of past lives. Nor in his talks to the catalyst comet in the Season 6 finale.

Alternative comet theory
The very comet that hit a thousand years ago was Finn's first life. The giant crater was the result of the Mushroom War, rather than a Catalyst Comet. The comet was actually there to save the world, rather than destroy it. It was this comet that stopped the Lich a thousand years ago in some form, taking him out for a long enough time for Billy to be born and stop him. With the Lich out of the picture, the comet continued reincarnating until it reaches its current form as Finn.

Finn's endgame...
...will be another boy. And the show will pretty much give a massive middle finger to the censors in making it a thing.

Finn's dad was a Fallen Hero, or Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
Billy's spirit thought it was a good idea for Finn to meet up with his real dad, despite Martin being a Class A scumbag. Why would Billy have Finn risk being locked up in the Crystal Citadel? Because Billy honestly thought Martin was worth it. Martin was either the world's greatest Fake Ultimate Hero, or a genuine good guy who became evil without Billy knowing. As such, Billy believed he was wrongly imprisoned, or was simply in denial at the idea of a great man like Martin being terrible. He held this belief even after his death, which ended up leading Finn astray.

Finn's dad didn't abandon him by choice.
Martin is a cosmic-level criminal, it's possible the fuzz may have separated him with his kid, and didn't think what would happen to the baby. Of course, this doesn't mean he's sympathetic at all, since he doesn't care whether he's with Finn or not, and got locked up for something big.

Finn is the Anthropomorphic Personification of Rebirth.
The Lich was born from the Green Catalyst Comet and represents Mass Extinction. Finn was born from the Blue Catalyst Comet...which took the form of a butterfly. Finn is the only character, at this time, that's confirmed to Reincarnate when he dies despite the existence of an afterlife in this universe, and even if others have them, a LOT of focus is put on his reincarnations. Whereas the Lich represents Mass Extinction, Finn represents the opposite of death: rebirth, and the two are each other's opposite number. This also gives a bit of significance to how he ultimately defeats the Lich when you think about it.

Finn's endgame.
In one of the final episodes, Huntress Wizard will be killed by Gumbald. Finn will be sent over the Despair Event Horizon, as he thinks of his past failed romances, and the reasons why:
  • Princess Bubblegum is too old for him.
  • He and Marceline are just friends, and Marceline seems to have the hots for Bubblegum.
  • Flame Princess friendzoned him and would likely attack him if he ever tried hitting on her again.
  • Canyon is too big for him.
  • Huntress Wizard is dead.
  • And finally, Fionna is fictional.

After he inevitably kills Gumbald, Finn is left to himself, as he makes a memorial for Huntress Wizard. The last episode will deal with Finn finally finding true love. He learns that Marceline and PB are headed off on a world tour (while Lemongrab 3 is left in charge), and Canyon is dead, one of Gumbald's thousands of victims. He breaks down crying, wondering if he is forever destined to be alone in the world, or if he is perhaps gay (yes, they will say the word "gay" on television). But, just as it looks like he's about to resign himself to eternal single-ness, he hears noise coming from the direction of the Fire Kingdom. Heading over to see what's going on, he sees angry mobs descending on the palace. Getting a Flame Shield from Flambo, he finds that the people are trying to overthrow Flame Princess for her total honesty laws, and leading the charge is Flame King, who has become discontent with being King of the Chipmunks, even killing Bun Bun. Finn enters the throne room and puts himself between FP and the mob. Heated words are exchanged, until Flame King lets slip his big secret: FP isn't his daughter.

She was originally a human who he kidnapped from a family of mages after his wife died and no other dame would marry him. His ultimate goal was to make FP as angry as possible from being locked up in a lamp, then unleash her on the world to lead his armies to the total conquest of the planet. He also reveals that HE was the reason Finn manipulated FP and Ice King into fighting, using Flame Lord to subtly influence his actions and ultimately break him and FP, all because FK hated him. Learning this, Finn and FP both attack him, easily defeating him, before FP delivers the killing blow. The mob swarms them, though, but Finn manages to make a path, and they escape, while the Fire People fight amongst themselves over who should be the new king.

Outside the kingdom, FP starts ripping off her royal garb in fury, including the gem on her forehead. Certain that this was the source of her power, she and Finn go to find LSP, who uses her lumps to counteract the fire magic that had seeped into F Ps blood.

Her humanity restored (and having to find something to cover herself up because her dress was made of fire), she remembers everything: her name is Chloe, her family was the most respected mage clan in Ooo, and she was destined to become the most powerful of them all. She also remembers having playdates with a young boy...adopted by dogs. It is then Finn and Chloe learn they were childhood friends, but they barely remember.

Finn then apologizes for pitting her against Ice King, but Chloe says that he pitted Phoebe against Ice King, as she considers herself and Phoebe two separate entities. Chloe then apologizes for allowing one bad experience to let all the good times they had had be rendered non-existent. Just as they're about to kiss, Jake Jr. runs up with terrible news.

The scene cuts to the Tree Fort, where Jake's health is failing due to being very old in dog-years. After saying his goodbyes to everyone, he passes away peacefully. Finn feels he can no longer live at the Tree Fort, and decides to leave, while Jake Jr. and Viola move in.

Finn is about to set off on a long journey to no place in particular, but Chloe insists she come with him, to which Finn heartily agrees. This time, they actually kiss, without any interruptions or threats to the planet. As Finn looks to the night sky, he sees Jake's smiling face in the stars. After visiting all of the places he had gone, all of the lives he had touched and transformed, ending with the Candy Kingdom, he and Chloe reach the tree where he and Jake had first seen Lady Rainicorn crying, where it all began.

And with that, Finn and Chloe depart for parts unknown, setting up a new webseries on the Cartoon Hangover called Adventure Time: Parts Unknown, following Finn and Chloe's adventures not just in Ooo, but around the world, going to new and exotic locales, proving that no matter where they go, the adventure never ends.

Finn will get a Earn Your Happy Ending-type ending.

When Finn turns 18, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum will let him "join" them in a threesome relationship.
Peebles wanted to wait until Finn was the age of consent

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