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Dead Island 2 is the sequel to Dead Island. It was originally announced for release in 2015, developed by Yager (Spec Ops: The Line) and published by Deep Silver. However, Yager has officially been moved off the project, with another developer, Sumo Digital, taking their place.

It's been months after the events of Banoi and now the U.S. military has gotten the state of California in a full quarantine due to a zombie outbreak. But are the citizens freaking out? Nope! Not by a long shot! Instead, California's become a super-bloody paradise for those who either don't want to leave the Golden State or want to do their part in the zombie epidemic and kick some goddamn zombie ass. Or do it just because it's fun.

Check out the E3 2014 trailer right over here.


This game provides the following tropes:

  • Artifact Title: The game is still called "Dead Island", but it's taking place in California, which isn't an island.
  • Body Horror: It's a Zombie Apocalypse game, so this is expected. The E3 2014 trailer alone had a healthy-looking jogger devolving into a zombie. With detail.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: Thanks to this, the jogger in the trailer fails to notice the escalating chaos erupting behind him (such as a woman rollerskating that is attacked by zombies and even screams at him for help, along with a guy shotgunning zombies who eventually gets overwhelmed, and then a helicopter crashing...)
  • Hellish Copter: In the trailer, a news chopper careens into view with (presumably) zombies hanging from the landing struts. It crashes into a building and explodes.
  • Irony: At the end of the E3 2014 trailer, there's a billboard that says "Get The Body That You Deserve".
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  • Lighter and Softer: Make no mistake, it will be bloody and gory as hell, but the tone of the game will be way more light-hearted than the first game.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The E3 2014 trailer has two zombie killers who sounded a lot like Jack Black and Aaron Paul. It came to a point where pretty much the whole internet thought they were actually going to be in the game. Unfortunately, Jack Black established in a Ask Me Anything event on Reddit that that wasn't him in the trailer.
  • Robbing the Dead: Kinda. In the E3 2014 trailer, after the zombified jogger gets killed (well, disassembled) by a melee weapon in the face by two survivors, one of them gets out and steals the shoes the zombie jogger was wearing.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The E3 2014 trailer has a guy jogging to the tune of Pigeon John's "The Bomb". As he's going, it turns out that he's jogging in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. Hell's breaking loose, innocent people are being attacked left and right, but is he freaking out? Nah. But he's already been bitten, and soon decomposes and turns into a zombie himself.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Take a wild guess.


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