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Trivia / Dead Island 2

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  • Content Leak: Interestingly, a playable build of the game surfaced online in 2015. This alpha build was the prototype that was developed while Yager Development was involved in the game's development.
  • Development Hell: Four years after announcement and cycling through three different developers and there's no indication of the game coming out anytime soon, though Deep Silver has taken care to assure people that the game is still in development with the latest assurance being given on July 10th 2018. On May 23, 2019, it was announced that the game is still in development, nearly five years since the announcement trailer came out, though this time the game is now in the hands of THQ Nordic. As of March 2020, there's still no sign of this game or a release date, until it was revealed that the game will likely release after 2021, due to that being the year that Deep Silver’s 2020 fiscal year ends.

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