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A recap of the most important events happening in the City of Lost Characters RP. Characters in bold are currently active.

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    Days 1 - 5 

DAY 1: Already Missing Home

  • Conditions: None.
  • Starting page: 1
  • Starting date: October 18, 2015
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • The characters suddenly find themselves transported into the City, then make their way to the library, which functions as a fixed point at the center of the city.
    • The librarian, Miss Tairee, explains that she is working for the entity that is behind the whole affair, and gives some information regarding the City.
    • A terrified peasant describes a "demon" killing people around the city. Several characters set out to stop the monster's rampage.
    • The hunting party finds the "demon", which turns out to be an Ultramarine, Brother Marcus, obsessed with killing "xenos". A short battle occurs, ended by Legion who kills the Ultramarine with a headshot, but also accidentally hurts Ben, making Legion depressed for a short while.
    • Other characters remain in the library and do some research, but find little of note.
    • Rick and Plague Knight set up makeshift laboratories for themselves in empty buildings.

DAY 2: Baptism of Thorns

  • Conditions: The entire city becomes a jungle. All plants are carnivorous or otherwise aggressive. All buildings are now made of wood and connected with walkways. A network of crevices beneath the jungle is free of plants, but full of giant bugs. There is also raining wet paper.
  • Starting page: 18
  • Starting date: October 30, 2015
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Rick expresses a desire to acquire a giant bug alive for experimentation, then gives Morty and Mary stun guns.
    • Rex tries to capture a bug for Rick, but ends up pulled down into the crevices and has to fight his way out with others' help. He manages to get a live bug up to Rick, who studies it but finds nothing helpful.
    • Plague Knight creates a defoliant in his lab to get past the plants, but while it works well, it ends up pissing off the plant life.
    • Plague Knight and Agarth run into Braston (the peasant from before) and Silnae (an elf woman who was killed the previous day by the marine.) They realize that if Silnae came back to life, then the marine possibly did as well.
    • Rick puts some electronic components into the bug and flies off on it along with Morty. Their flight ends as they crash on a walkway near Plague Knight and Agarth.
    • Ben and Alice have an argument about maturity, then they proceed to have a friendly duel.
    • Alad V, Lune, and Sadness appear in the library. Sadness and Mary ally up almost immediately.
    • Ben and Lune scout out the city and end up accidentally provoking the wrath of this day's bosses, Queen Bee and Plantera.
    • Most characters proceed to engage the bosses in combat. The monsters are eventually defeated, but Legion is critically damaged and soon dies... and respawns good as new in another part of the city.

DAY 3: Stillness of the Cold

  • Conditions: The city is serene, calm, and cold. Huge glacier cliffs tower over the city on all sides, and it's snowing. Miss Tairee is absent.
  • Starting page: 39
  • Starting date: December 6, 2015
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Ashe and Undyne end up back in their worlds.
    • Adam tricks Rick in a bid to make him create a heater powered by alcohol. A group of people set off to gain the needed materials. Along the way, Rex and Lune encounter a restaurant and promise to help it out in its time of need. The others find a liquor store, but someone is using it as shelter. The guy lashes out at them for invading his property and is eventually killed by Adam.
    • The weather gets progressively worse. It eventually culminates in large chunks of frozen paper (like hail) falling from the sky, as well as most of the power for the city being knocked out.
    • A large group of playersnote  and NPCs, trapped in the clothing store when the storm starts, brave the blizzard to regroup in the library.
    • Rick builds the heater in his lab. When trying to attract the others to the location of Rick's Lab, Morty gets Brother Marcus's attention. Brother Marcus shields Morty, Lune and Kieri from the hail as he leads them into the lab; he believes Kieri, given her Winged Humanoid appearance, to be a Living Saint. After helping Gon into the lab, Marcus spots a wolf-headed humanoid and tries to kill it. Rick angers Brother Marcus and gets killed by him. Marcus is about to kill Kieri until a new day transition saves her bacon.

DAY 4: A Tale for Fairies

  • Conditions: The city becomes a forest, with trees made up of books. All characters and buildings are transformed to fit a medieval fairy tale aesthetic; characters which already fit the theme are turned into dark, grim versions of themselves.
  • Starting page: 60
  • Starting date: January 10, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Miss Tairee returns and nearly gets into a fight with angry civilians.
    • Cole arrives in the city and panics upon seeing Sadness, who he mistakes for a demon of despair. They later manage to reconcile when Sadness explains who she is.
    • Fearful of her inhuman nature being found out, Mary freaks out and runs away into the forest, then stabs a woman to death. Sadness, Cole, and Twilight arrive and calm her down.
    • Rex falls off the edge of the city with Brother Marcus. When they respawn, they get into a fight, sparking a battle involving several other characters.
    • After the fight with Brother Marcus, most characters regroup in the library. A giant beanstalk soon grows next to Sadness, Mary, Kouta, and Asgore, causing many characters to head over to investigate.
    • Miss Tairee is kidnapped by a giant two-headed dragon. Some characters try to rescue her, some wait on the forest floor, and some climb the beanstalk and have to fight off creatures called spriggans. Lune and Koishi find a magic sword on the beanstalk and pull it out, drawing the dragon's ire and sparking the true beginning of the boss battle against the dragon Vendral. To raise the stakes, Asgore finds a letter saying that if the boss is defeated before midnight, he will restore the health of those who lost their minds after dying over and over on Day 3.
    • Luckily, at almost the stroke of midnight, Lune, Ben, Rex, Grimlock, Twilight, and Plague Knight manage to kill Vendral, saving the sanity of the city's residents.

DAY 5: A Child at Heart

  • Conditions: No character is able to come to harm. Adult characters' ages are reversed proportionally to be the age of a child (old characters become toddlers, young adults become teenagers, et cetera). Child characters become young adults.
  • Starting page: 95
  • Starting date: February 15, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • The characters awaken in hotels, apartment buildings, or other places with beds, feeling fully rested and noticing their new changes.
    • The characters make their way to the library, where Miss Tairee (now a little girl) explains that they will be staying in the City for 29 days in total.
    • Ben, overwhelmed by the events of the previous few days, has an emotional breakdown. Sans and Twilight Sparkle console him and get him back on his feet. In the process Ben accidentally acquires Twilight's DNA for his Omnitrix, allowing him to transform into a unicorn form which he names Spellicorn.
    • Miss Tairee tells Rex about an attempt to organize a police force, as well as two gangs: the Ruckus, a group of anarchists who simply want to do as they please, and an unnamed group of non-humans who wish to protect themselves from xenophobes such as Brother Marcus.
    • Meanwhile, Ben and Lune go on a friendly get-together at a seafood restaurant. They come across Ruckus thugs egging houses, and on the way back Ben and Rex confront the anti-human protesters.
    • Marcus gives Rex and Plague Knight an ultimatum: if they convince the anti-human group to stop using the crossed out Ultramarine symbol as their emblem, he will consider not attacking innocent non-humans unless provoked.
    • Cole and Sawyer bond.
    • Mary and Sadness, after wandering around the city, come across the new arrival Zelda, and soon afterwards the other new arrivals Sans, Caro, and Fried (the latter three having been traveling together because Sans couldn't resist pranking Caro). While the group talks, Sadness accidentally comes into contact with Sans and almost causes him to have an emotional breakdown. He recovers but leaves Sadness suspicious.
    • In Plague Knight's lab, the miniature plant and bee obtained from Day 2 begin to act up.
    • Many characters arrive in the library in separate groups. Miss Tairee conjures food for them, and they notice it's starting to rain. Eventually the clouds part, and the night sky is revealed to have many stars and other celestial objects added to it as part of a request from Sans.


    Days 6 - 10 

DAY 6: A Good Old Day

  • Conditions: The city and everyone in it turns monochrome and gains cartoonish proportions, as well as the city taking on a 30's-to-50's aesthetic. Everyone follows cartoon physics making it more difficult to die. Self-driving cars drive all over the city and run over anyone trying to cross the street, comically flattening them.
  • Starting page: 127
  • Starting date: March 12, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • The characters notice their changes and are confused at the turns of events.
    • Sans, Caro and Zelda read the plaque on Miss Tairee's desk telling of the day's challenge: they must defeat the king of the day at his own game in order to receive communications in the city. They then ask Lune and Ben to help as well.
    • Ranma, distressed by the day's changes, begins to cry, but encounters Hol Horse, who doesn't trust her. Grimlock arrives and Hol Horse shoots him several times. The bullets go right through leaving comical holes, demonstrating the Rule of Funny nature of the day.
    • Garrett, trying to cross the street, is nearly run over by a car. Bill Cipher tosses a fireball at the oncoming car while Ben (in Stinkfly form), Lune and Zelda attempt to save him. This results in Garrett, Stinkfly, Lune, and Zelda getting hit by a pileup and flying through the library windows, cartoonishly unharmed but dazed. Miss Tairee gets furious with Bill.
    • Stinkfly challenges Bill Cipher to a fight, and quickly pins him to the sidewalk with sticky goo.
    • While his group tries to figure a way across the street, Sans spots two members of the Ruckus on the other side tripping someone into the streets and sending them flying as they were ran over by a car. Peeved, he confronts them by teleporting to the other side and, joined by Caro who catapulted herself to the other side, quickly disposes of the two while Zelda and Lune watch, the former in particular feeling bad for not being able to help. Caro then gets Fried to bring Zelda and Lune to their side and the four have a short discussion about their abilities.
    • Ben manages to cross the street by using a giant slingshot, but flies too far and ends up flying off the edge. When he reappears in the city, he appears nearby a large factory that the Ruckus are using as a hideout, meeting a bird-like being who calls himself Old Feather Beak. Twilight Sparkle finds him soon afterwards.
    • The king of the day turns out to be Mickey Mouse, who has stolen Zelda's harp. Grimlock chases Mickey into the supermarket, where some of the others try to corner him. Some Ruckus members also arrive at the store and try to kill Mickey, with the PCs trying to stop them. It ends with Sans sending Mickey into an aisle of delicious pies, fulfilling the condition of "beating him at his own game".
    • Sadness accidentally triggers a mental breakdown in Silanea, the naga girl and leader of the anti-human faction.
    • After the battle is over, Cole suddenly accuses Ben and Twilight of being possessed by something and tries to attack them. The others stop Cole from attacking, but believe him, and they conclude that Old Feather Beak might have something to do with the duo's condition.
    • Afterwards, most of the characters return to the library in separate groups. Miss Tairee frees Ben and Twilight of their possession and reveals that Old Feather Beak is a Lord of Change, a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.
    • Mary went along with Old Feather Beak, alone.
    • Sans goes to an electronics store and a supermarket in order to get cellphones and food, respectively, and ends up spending the night at the supermarket writing his journal.

DAY 7: A Dark New Future

  • Conditions: The city is in three sections, one on top of the other. The top layer, which contains the library, is spacious and clean. The middle layer is a little grittier, with a neon punk air about it. The bottom layer supporting the others is the worst of all, and the slums of the city. The layers are held up by giant books.
  • Starting page: 161
  • Starting date: April 17, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Cole wakes up after a disturbing dream sent to him by the Lord of Change.
    • Mary wakes up in Old Feather Beak's apartment and meets Kelsey, and she gets a new knife.
    • Sans begins distributing cellphones to the other characters and meets up with Cole, taking the opportunity to have a private talk with him.
    • Cole is lured into an alley alongside Sans and is captured and put to sleep by OFB and his agents while Sans is killed in the issuing conflict.
    • Sans calls Ben on the cellphone to inform him and everyone else of what happened to Cole.
    • Sadness gathers Rex, Lune, Caro, and Zelda to try and hunt down Mary, with Sans joining them just before they left.
    • Ben proceeds to get separated from the search group, but comes across Nightwitch, Hol Horse and Ranma
    • The Ruckus members start causing disturbances by firing guns into the air.
    • OFB takes Mary down to where Cole is being held prisoner and tells her to kill him. She complies despite Cole's protests, sparking the beginning of his descent into insanity once he respawns.
    • Garrett warns Sans via phone that Cole has been killed according to the Ruckus members, Sans then attempts to explain the situation to Ben to no avail, but sends Garrett a message saying that they should look out for the boy as he seemed to be in trouble and it could have something to do with Cole.
    • Some of the group manages to get Cole over to Ms. Tairee and she manages to calm him down.
    • Lune, Caro, and Plague Knight encounter Mary in a Bakery with the other Ruckus members. They were forced to leave because they were outnumbered but Plague Knight stayed to keep an eye on them.
    • Xan Kriegor, the boss of the day, showed up and was beaten, giving the citizens access to more food. Although the underpowered members of the group had to run away because of their wounds. Ben, as Upgrade, merged with Rex and then with Grimlock.
    • Sawyer and Sans piss off Tairee by pointing out that she only cares about children, as she doesn't seem to care about Mary joining Old Feather Beak but freaks out when they both consider killing her if necessary. The librarian turned the former into a child and trapped her in an indestructible bubble. At the end of the day, Sawyer left the city.
    • Sadness, Zelda, Twilight, Ben, Rex, Plague Knight, and many others converged on the pastry shop where Mary and Kelsey were. Just before the ordure hit the aerator, the day transitioned.

DAY 8: What is a Man?

  • Conditions: Everyone with opposable thumbs is turned into some kind of creature, be they a regular animal, an alien, or a Pokemon. However, they can still talk and use their powers. People without opposable thumbs become humans with special items instead of their various abilities. Book-golems populate the city, with a tendency to follow the characters around as if they are pets, and there are more pet stores and veterinary clinics than usual.
  • Starting page: 201
  • Starting date: May 18, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Most characters either respawn or make their way to the library. Mary and Kelsey, however, continue to be in the pastry shop.
    • After Sans suggests Mary is not worth saving, Miss Tairee blows up at him. She leaves, saying she needs some time for herself.
    • Cole thinks that only he can help defeat Old Feather beak and looks for him despite other characters pointing out how stupid that idea is. Ben turns into XLR8 and decides to look for Mary and save her from the Ruckus. Grimlock goes after the kid hero.
    • Dante, Rex, Plague Knight, Lune, Rick, Morty, Shiara & Knuckles set out to look for Cole. They are followed by Lieutenant Wells and part of his force, who wish to protect any civilians caught in the crossfire. Negi and Albert also follow them.
    • The group finds a bunch of porcupines raiding a gun store. Rex confronts them and tries to interrogate them to see if they have seen Cole. Except for Dante, everyone else is shocked by his behaviour and generally agree that he's going a bit too far. Frustrated, Rex destroys part of the guns in the store and flies away from the team. Plague Knight, who can fly during this day, goes after him to continue the scolding.
    • Ben finds Mary, Kelsey, and Old Feather Beak; and promptly tries to snatch the little girl away from them. Kelsey pushes Mary out of the way and fights Ben but the confrontation is stopped by Mary, who says that everyone should be friends with each other. Ben complies for a bit but takes the opportunity to carry Mary to somewhere safe.
    • OFB telekinetically stops Ben from leaving but he's confronted by none other than Marcus, who was turned into a two-headed eagle. The demon group finds Ben running away with Mary. Dante and Rex go help Marcus take down the demon while everyone else goes back to the library.
    • Mary and Sadness finally meet up again. The former has a private chat with Miss Tairee who explains to her why killing people is wrong.
    • The day's boss challenge begins against Red and his entire team of Pokemon, though Red is a Pikachu while all the others have become human.
    • Miss Tairee turns Sadness the blobfish's fish tank into a literal tank, complete with a cannon and an "other mode" that, while never activated, was presumably some sort of mecha. Armed with this, Sadness and Mary go off to join the boss fight, mostly due to Sadness' assumption that the boss fight has something to do with Mary being allowed to become human (which is indeed the day's reward if they succeed).
    • When they go to the boss fight, Old Feather Beak tries to kidnap Sadness. Zelda, Cole, Rex, Rick, and Morty jump to her defense. Zelda then kills Sadness (who respawns in a pet shop with Silanea) in order to prevent her from being taken by OFB. Zelda is horrified by herself.
    • The battle against Red is won, and Mary turns human, but Cole is furious at her for the sacrifices she cost everyone.

DAY 9: The Fall of Society

  • Conditions: The city becomes a wasteland. Everyone is back to normal, but those who can generate food and/or water can no longer do so. There is no working electricity, plumbing, or clean water, and the buildings resemble crumbling ruins. There are also hordes of zombies wandering the city. In addition, the food did not restock, leaving the leftovers from Day 8 (which is mostly pet food).
  • Starting page: 243
  • Starting date: June 13, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Zelda is still highly distressed by her actions in the previous day.
    • Lieutenant Wells and his men try to fortify the library into a safe zone for the civilian population of the city.
    • Sans, Caro, and Fried, and Cole and Jack, form into two teams to protect everyone else from the zombies.
    • Seiga, Yoshika, and Sophie meet up, and the former two almost immediately attempt to kill the latter before Silanea shows up and interrupts them.
    • A huge sandstorm erupts. Everyone makes a break for shelter. During the sandstorm, the amount of zombies in the city increases drastically.
    • A monstrous horde of zombies (the boss battle) starts swarming towards the library. Lieutenant Wells evacuates all citizens to the upper floors and stations his army, plus most of the player characters, into the north, south, east, or west combat zone. They are later joined by Silanea's anti-human group and Battle Brother Marcus.
    • Ben is angry over Cole telling him that he's not a hero. He leaves the shelter of the library, but his feelings cool down by the end of the day.
    • Karkat is stuck in a brief death loop upon being killed by one of the non-autohit zombies.
    • Kelsey is revealed to have been brainwashed by Old Feather Beak, and she's traumatized by her time under his control. OFB himself shows up to take advantage of the chaos wrought by the zombie invasion.
    • Miss Tairee throws a supersonic invincible book that shatters Old Feather Beak's magic shield and breaks his neck, saving Sans's soul from being absorbed and allowing Eun's energy attack to finish him off, at the cost of disobeying the Writer's order not to get involved.

DAY 10: The Obligatory Filler

  • Conditions: A break day, so like day 5, nobody can be hurt. The city has been transformed into a huge and beautiful beach resort surrounded by a freshwater ocean. There are many restaurants and touristy destinations dotted throughout the city. The balconies are replaced by sand. Inside the resort hotels, where the characters spawn, are swimming suits that would fit them perfectly.
  • Starting page: 281
  • Starting date: July 10, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events
    • Lune is sent a message about the suggestion she placed in the box earlier in the library. The movie theater is going to be a reward for today's challenge (a game of beach volleyball against Yoko Littner and Nia Teppelin), while Lune has to make her own dojo herself.
    • Caro, Sans, and Zelda talk about their problems in their home universes, and reassure one another that they are worthwhile and should strive to make things better in the city.
    • Rex leaves a request in the suggestion box for people to be allowed contact with their home universes. The Author offers to allow people in the city to have one message home every break day under the condition that they accept a longer challenge than usual. Rex decides to ask around before deciding so as to make sure the others are okay with it.
    • Garrett and Ara encounter each other and set out for the library together. On the way they find Lewis harassing Cole for information and quickly defuse the situation.
    • Lt. Wells orders the Militia to start construction of a flying gunboat. Ben expresses suspicion of the project, but Wells shouts him down.
    • Brother Marcus tries to strike Kelsey down, which fails due to break day rules. Sadness interrupts and tries to talk him down. Karkat, annoyed by the commotion, yells at Marcus to shut up, which only makes him angry again.
    • Seiga attempts to teach a host of other characters how to play volleyball. In an attempt to demonstrate, she and Viola challenge Yoko and Nia to a 2 on 2 match. They lose, but Lune and Rex pick up the slack and win. There is now a movie theater in town.
    • Sans, Zelda and Caro go to a grocery store and encounter Cole, Silanea, and Jackson, which escalates into a conflict. However, the rules for today make it impossible for anyone to get harmed.
    • Garrett, Ara, and Lewis meet Jack, Curly, and Sophie at the library. Eun tries to play matchmaker for Ara when a number of people become distracted by Ara's sexy. The group goes out for food together and discovers the Universe Buffet. After dining there, they and Miss Tairee meet at the cinema to watch Rise of the Guardians.
    • Ben tries to impress Yoshika and accidentally releases Ghostfreak, forcing many people to form ghostbusting—I mean ghost hunting parties, each with different plans on how to capture the alien.
    • Miss Tairee runs to the Militia warning them that the new Ruckus leader, called Yael'Torol vas Terminus Est, has requested a book containing a ritual on how to resurrect OFB. No one is happy about this.
    • Yoshika, distraught by the featureless nature of the day's ocean, requests the Author to add more stuff in the next large body of water he makes. He replies with an ominous "Be careful what you wish for."
    • Cole offers to assist the Militia, and is ordered by Wells to find medical practitioners to set up a hospital. He stumbles upon the highly qualified yet greedy troll Dave and offers him an opportunity to hone his skills in exchange for his services. Dave ponders the offer and gets Cole to drink alcohol for the first time.
    • Lune and Yoshika watch The Iron Giant together. Yoshika is saddened.
    • Ben has an emotional breakdown. While Viola tries to torment him further and Karkat storms off, Eve attempts to comfort him by assuring him he can be a hero with or without the Omnitrix. Ghostfreak entertains the idea of having Viola as an ally.
    • Caro and Zelda ask the Author for a way to save Sans's home universe. The Author offers to do so in exchange for one of three conditions: killing Sans, cutting off Sans, or becoming loyal to Ruckus. Neither of the two are mentally capable of any of these, and Sans ends up finding out anyway (thus invalidating two of the choices).
    • Major Q10 becomes Plague Knight's humble servant. Plague Knight is flattered.
    • Ben creates a poster, hoping to recruit people to form a team of heroes who can protect people.
    • A drunken Cole stumbles upon Brother Marcus destroying Ruckus's base, and alerts him of their plan to resurrect OFB. Marcus is royally pissed off.
    • Near the end of the day, Seiga and Viola decide that party set up by Rick is too loud and obnoxious, and conspire to crash it. Seiga pulls it off by injecting a wild alien with drugs, causing it to go on a rampage, and then accidentally ingests some of the same drug herself. She goes on an extended psychedelic trip, and Plague Knight shows up to save her.
    • Karkat runs into the same party, and before he can leave, gets hit in the face by a sopor slime pie. This causes him to get high and do a number of embarrassing things, the most notable being asking Seiga to essentially be his hate girlfriend.

    Days 11 - 15 

DAY 11: The Guaranteed Adventure

  • Conditions: The city has become a small sphere with a surface entirely made of water. The balconies are immobile stone platforms around the circumference of the sphere, and the only buildings are the library and a couple of wooden structures that connect to more advanced mazes and chambers down below. There are a few boats and crude submarines docked at the buildings for anyone to take. Sea and pirate monsters can be spawned by the players, but they're tougher to beat than the zombies on day 9 were. There are book seagulls flying around.
  • Starting page: 338
  • Starting date: August 15, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Zelda comes up with a plan to befriend all the doomed people in the city, based off the events of the previous day, and asks Miss Tairee to help her. Miss Tairee doesn't give her anybody directly, but suggests starting with the anti-human group.
    • As they try to find a way out of the tunnels, Sans, Caro, and Cole stumble across two Militia members escorting some civilians, one of whom was a former member of Ruckus who killed Cole on Day 6. Cole is triggered and tackles him, which leads into a tense standoff between Sans's group and the militia. Fortunately it's resolved peacefully, although Cole ultimately is arrested.
    • The Ruckus attempted to kidnap people from the balconies. Ben led a charge to stop that. However, there were a few casualties, leading to a few people (Ben and Caro most notably) feeling awful about what they just did.
    • Miss Tairee asks Sir Redring to find the pair of men who play music on radio channel 94 and ask them if they are willing to play news as well. Redring agrees.
    • As part of a break, some of the characters relaxed with a tea party, with some unusual flavors of tea.
    • The Leviathan proved to be the day's boss. Ben-as-Ripjaws lured it to the surface, and then Caro and some of the others lured it to the library with a few pot shots.
    • Zelda starts feeling a little jealous of Sans's and Caro's relationship. This leads to a conversation where Sans helps her get over it and suggests ways for her to improve it. He also learns of Zelda's plan and expresses doubt about it.
    • Ben was knocked unconscious by the leviathan, then kidnapped by Ghostfreak. Fortunately, Rex managed to save him (after dying to the Leviathan himself).
    • With some polite coercion, Viola reveals her true nature and name, Ellen, to Seiga. Seiga promises to keep her and her secret safe.
    • Upon being lured to the Library, the Leviathan proceeds to wreck it. However, Miss Tairee manages to drive it away and restore the library.
    • Ben turned into Cannonbolt and made a huge impact on the Leviathan. He later got thrown off the beast and almost drowned, but was rescued by Eve.
    • Curly found a turret and fired a few torpedoes at the weakspots. That wasn't enough, so Yoshika came up with the idea of staying behind to manually detonate the torpedoes. This, combined with all other damage sustained during the day, finally killed the Leviathan.

DAY 12: The Last Confine

  • Conditions: The city has become a solar system, with the library and various other buildings sitting on small planetoids. Each building is atmospherically-sealed and there is no atmosphere outside of the buildings, with each building equipped with self-replacing spacesuits that fit any size. Various outer-space atmospheric disturbances occur outside the buildings, with a giant sun sitting in the center of the city, all the planets orbiting around it.
  • Starting page: 397
  • Starting date: October 8, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Sans has a private talk with Miss Tairee.
    • As a result of his actions on the previous day, Cole is conscripted into the Militia to help them track down Ruckus.
    • Ben, Eve, and John meet up with Rick and Morty in their attempts to get back to the library. Rick offers them a ride, but when he decides to head elsewhere Ben (as Upgrade) takes control of the ship himself.
    • With Cole's help, it's learned that the Ruckus raided Plague Knight's lab and are planning an attack on the grocery store and the prison.
    • When they reach the grocery store, Yael pulls a hostage situation by threatening to blow a hole in the store and kill everyone inside. He also set it up so the Ruckus listened in to all of the walkie-talkie channels, making planning that much more difficult.
    • Sir Redring manages to get the two men playing music to agree to play news as well. He brings this back to Miss Tairee, who sets up a radio system throughout the city.
    • While the heroes and militia attempt to resolve the hostage situation, Yael begins the ritual to revive OFB, having brought the daemon's remains with him. Sans teleports Yael and OFB's remains out of the grocery store, while a fight breaks out in the grocery store between the good guys and Ruckus.
    • The fight in the grocery store ends in success, although some of the Ruckus members manage to get away. However, Yael manages to successfully revive OFB without the ritual by tricking Sans into vaporizing the both of them.
    • As a result, Sans has a breakdown. Fortunately for him, Caro manages to snap him out of it reasonably quickly.
    • Tensions run high in the grocery store between the heroes, the militia, and the anti-humans due to stress and the actions of certain parties involved.
    • Viola, Kelsey, and Miss Tairee have another tea party in the library, in which they discuss the current events and more of the nature of Tairee's boss and reasoning for the city's existence.
    • The grocery store situation is resolved without a fight, and the wounded are brought back to the library to be healed. More arguing and discussion about the current situation ensues.
    • The militia ask Cole to help them determine what OFB is currently doing, which in turn leads them to learning that OFB is angry enough to resort to brute-force tactics. He also attempts to lead Cole into a trap, but Sans puts a stop to it before anything too drastic happens.
    • OFB appears in the library and requests information on every patron therein. Miss Tairee, out of obligation, provides him a book on every universe represented in the library, with the sole exception of Viola's due to her confidentiality agreement. This sets off a chain of people requesting confidentiality on their own stories in a panicked attempt to keep the Ruckus from having an edge over them.
    • Lune disappears during the chaos and is sent back to La Gias.
    • As the day challenge begins, Miss Tairee is forced to leave the library, turning the situation with OFB violent. OFB spams all his strongest tactics on the protagonists, with him and Yael killing 7note  of them before Yael himself is killed and OFB is sent back to his home universe.
    • Cole respawns in the grocery store with Ara, Eun, and Plague Knight, then wanders off and gets into a skirmish with the anti-human sangheili who had previously nearly killed Eve.

DAY 13: Friday, the

  • Conditions: All characters have their special abilities/items that grant special abilities removed. The city is replaced with a run-down amusement park overrun with forest in perpetual nighttime. The library is not present, and everyone who was in the library got scattered around the city at random.
  • Starting page: 450
  • Starting date: December 11, 2016
  • New arrivals:
  • Events
    • The characters wake up and notice the new changes to both the city and themselves, to varying reactions.
    • The prison is turned into a house of horrors attraction. The militia members inside it, as well as Viola, are driven out by a Brute,note  with Viola and a militia man named Larry taking refuge in a carnival tent.
    • Sans is met by Lothric, Lorian, Arcade, Forrest, and the Grinch. They encounter a group of Fanboys who warn them about doppelgängers going around impersonating other characters.
    • Rick & Morty encounter Curly whilst pondering the idea of encountering possessed animatronics. The three are subsequently pursued by said animatronics, and are forced to take refuge in a sinister burgrr stand across from Viola and Larry's tent.
    • Mami is pulled into the city and encounters a fully-alive Lewis shortly after. Searching for other people, the two manage to find Plague Knight, searching for Wander & Sylvianote , as well as a now-human Jack, a despondent, also human Cole, and a clueless Calvin & Hobbes.
    • Eve, Seiga, and a fully-alive Yoshika encounter a depowered Ghostfreak, but leave him to fight and die to a Scissorman.
    • Caro, Ben, and Zelda reunite outside a hall of mirrors, where they observe Lucas be lured inside by a singing girl's voice. They follow him in, afraid for his safety, and the four are faced with a very stab-happy duplicate of Mary. Lucas is stabbed and killed whilst the others are chased back out (with Ben and Caro being injured).
    • Plague Knight and co. encounter Wander & Sylvia (and Garrett) in a Ferris wheel being attacked by a Xenomorph, which drops down to attack them in turn. Wander and Lewis escape with Cole, the bee, and the sapling while the others attempt in vain to fight the creature. Of those who stay, Plague Knight eventually hightails it out with Calvin; the rest are killed.
    • Caro, Ben, and Zelda encounter Rachel, Kelsey, and Ghostfreak. Zelda stabs Ghostfreak in the eye and runs while Kelsey beats Mary and Rachel escapes with Ben and Caro. The latter three take refuge in a noodle shop and are met by Garrett.
    • The party fleeing the Ferris wheel stops to rest near the sinister burgrr stand, as do Seiga, Yoshika, and Eve, just in time for everyone in the area to be attacked by the aforementioned animatronics. Larry is killed and Eve and Cole are captured, whilst Seiga and Viola escape with Yoshika and Rick, Morty, and Curly bolt off with Lewis. Yoshika, however, having been freed from Seiga's mind control by the day conditions, immediately returns and tries to fight the animatronics as well.
    • The party led by Sans continues to grow in size, meeting Ara, Eun,note  Lucas, Jack, Hobbes, Silanea, and a pair of children named Tommy and Seirwuosuhr (henceforth See). Suspicious of doppelgängers, the party argues who to take and who to leave.
    • Yoshika, unsurprisingly, is effortlessly subdued by the animatronics. However, before they can kill her, Cole, and Eve, the fanboy Calvin note  and Melanie disorient them with their disposable cameras, buying time for the captured pcs to escape.note  Cal and Melanie then reveal to Yoshika that they have obtained pages depicting the animatronics and speculate that the day challenge may be to find more pages like them.
    • Ara and Eun part from the doppelgroup due to the former being intimidated by the conflict within it, and take shelter in a tunnel of love. The rest of the group then takes shelter in an abandoned Bubba Gump Shrimp and is briefly met by the sight of an unspecified creature, leading Silanea and Hobbes to start barricading the restaurant. However, they soon discover that it can enter through the vents anyway.
    • Cole encounters Seiga and Viola after fleeing from the animatronics. The group then encounters a fleeing Jackson, and is subsequently pursued by Jason Voorhees. Cole attempts to stall for time and let Seiga and Viola get away, despite them pointing out that doing so is completely unnecessary. As a result, Jason uses him to bait a respawned Eve, resulting in both their deaths.
    • Rick, Morty, Curly, and Lewis settle near a tastefully-decorated merry-go-round. While Rick is scavenging for parts to make a weapon with, Lewis finds a slip of paper bearing a drawing of The Slender Man. They escape with the page to a balcony, where Lewis speculates that the day challenge may be to find similar pages throughout the city.
    • The doppelganger—a skinwalker, precisely—reveals itself to the shrimp group. Hobbes snatches See and runs to a public bathroom, pursued by the skinwalker, Jack, Silanea, Arcade, Forrest, Lucas, and eventually Tommy. The skinwalker attempts to pose as Hobbes but is thwarted by Jack asking about the Ferris wheel incident. Exposed, it attacks and kills Arcade, and the group gathered in the area flees.
    • The group at the balcony is ganged up on by Slender Man and a Weeping Angel, in too close proximity to watch one but not the other. Rick jumps off the balcony into the void, dragging the rest of the party with him. They are teleported into the radio station, where Rick manages to transmit a brief and fragmented message explaining the day challenge.
    • Cal and Melanie distract Jason so that Yoshika can grab his page. Upon finding it Yoshika absconds and encounters Jack and co. They convince her to stay with them instead of looking for more pages, upon which she explains her nature as a jiangshi.
    • A number of NPC groups, spurred by either the transmission or the Fanboys' intel, begin pursuing the pages in various locations. These groups manage to collect pages of Mary, the Scissorman, and Pyramid Head in various locations.
    • Seiga and Viola encounter Plague Knight and Calvin, followed by a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl. Calvin is killed trying to fight it, while the rest escape to a pool...where it immediately reaches them again. A militia group arrives and comes to their aid, informing them of the day challenge. They then stall the onryo while Seiga collects its page; she falls into the pool afterward, having had to climb for it, but not before throwing the page down to Viola.
    • Cole finds Sans at the shrimp shack. The two then leave and find Caro and Garrett, who had since split from Ben and Rachel.
    • Lewis gives the page of Slender Man to Rick, out of fear of being mind controlled due to having to stare at it during the balcony escape. He then finds a page depicting Leatherface, which Rick takes from him and gives to Morty. No sooner than this does Leatherface burst into the radio station, cornering the group there. They escape due to a well-timed combination of items, but Lewis is critically injured in the process and begins to bleed out.
    • Arcade, Calvin, and Eve respawn in the presence of Karkat, however Eve is scarred from trying to Mercy Kill Cole and refuses to budge. Carrying her in Calvin's wagon, the group encounters the Ferris wheel where Wells and a militia party plot to collect the Xenomorph's page. He and the militia party climb for it, with one taking the page after another drops down, having drawn the Xenomorph's attention.
    • Rick, Morty, Curly, and Lewis take shelter in the shrimp shack, since abandoned by everyone but the Grinch. Rick attempts to make a salve using the chemicals in the building to stop Lewis's bleeding...and discovers too late that he made Hollywood Acid instead. The skinwalker, disguised as Silanea, arrives carrying its page and gives it to Curly when asked. Leatherface then appears at the door, and the skinwalker takes advantage of the distraction to reveal itself and kill Lewis.
    • Jackson stumbles into the tunnel of love and finds a page of the Weeping Angel. Ara, Eun, and he then encounter said Weeping Angel.
    • With all the pages collected, every character's powers and items are restored, which those dealing with the day enemies quickly take advantage of.

DAY 14: Totally Radical!

  • Conditions: Several sports-themed buildings are present around the city. The streets are a skater's paradise, with slopes, inclines, handrails, half-pipes and ramps scattered around haphazardly. A large racetrack loops around the entire city. The inhabitants can challenge each other to any desired competitions of a physical nature, with the winners gaining points. Kiosks around the city distribute leaflets with a description of the point system, and glasses which allow to see other people's current score. The three highest-scoring competitors at any given moment are displayed on screens present throughout the city.
  • Starting page: 492
  • Starting date: January 30, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Forrest Gump curbstomps Seiga in a match of ping-pong.
    • Lewis asks Arcade and Cole to throw two arm-wrestling matches, earning him three points.
    • Plague Knight beats a drunken Rick in target practice.
    • Forrest Gump beats Iyami in an eating competition and helps him find the hospital.
    • Rick and Morty attempt to raid the hospital's pharmacy, but are easily thwarted by Dave.
    • Dave helps Morty calm down with some marijuana.
    • Ben beats a Church of Literacy member in a balancing competition.
    • Ben loses to Wolf!Arf in Wildmutt form, but he gets back in the competition after Louie throws a race against him.
    • The Anna twins throw a pair of races, giving Rex three points.
    • Plague Knight beats Garrett in a foot race.
    • Wander and Sylvia meet up again after being separated on Day 13. Lucas beats Sylvia in a baseball-hitting contest.
    • Rex beats Yoshika in a weightlifting contest.
    • Eve, Ara, Lewis, and the Grinch have a sad conversation at the library.
    • Cole, Lily, Rick and Morty go to a legally-safe Build a Bear knockoff. Lily gives Rick a stealth boy.
    • Fate beats Silanea in a target-shooting contest.
    • Ben scans a Predator, then beats it in a throwing contest.
    • Ben beats Bergree in a track race as Spellicorn, then scans him.
    • Sans and Silanea watch Monsters, Inc. with two Fanboys.
    • Arf beats Plague Knight in a jumping competition.
    • Ben cheeses a race against Forrest as XLR8, then takes him to the laundromat. He then stumbles upon the cinema where he learns the fate of Sans's world due to the Fanboys leaving Undertale open.
    • Cole comes to the library to comfort Eve. Ben does the same after initially being overwhelmed and then comforted by Sora.
    • Arf gives her points to Fate. Caro then beats Fate in a target-shooting contest.
    • Multiple characters argue over Sans, resulting in at least one Rant-Inducing Slight.
    • Ben, after a talk with Cole gone wrong, quits the competition on the pretense of it being an excuse for the Writer to stir animosity. He encourages the whole city to do the same.
    • Rex consents to a longer challenge in exchange for everyone getting to send messages home on every break day. Miss Tairee announces this to the whole city. Rex is promptly arrested by the militia.
    • Lucas beats Lewis in a target-shooting contest. Lewis asks Lucas to use the wish to save Sans's world.
    • Ghostfreak appears in the library to torment Ben, only to get bubbled and mocked. People discuss what to do with him.
    • Caro and Lucas have a footrace for the final challenge. Lucas wins and wishes to undo the harm done by Frisk/Chara in Sans's world, and for there to be peace between monsters and humans therein.

DAY 15: Holiday at Holiday Park

  • Conditions: A break day, so no one can get hurt. The city has been transformed into a holiday-themed theme park, with snow falling around any winter holiday-themed rides or buildings. All characters' outfits, etc. change to become holiday-themed, as well.
  • Starting Page: 555
  • Starting Date: March 12, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • The library quickly fills up as the residents go to contact their homes.
    • Ghostfreak goes to take advantage of the contact requests, only to meet Sora, Forrest, Rick, and Morty. He blows them off but not before telling them he intends to use the message to set a plan for his home world in motion.
    • Fate and Arf contact Fate's mother Presea, only for Fate to have a Heroic BSoD from both the message and a few unpleasant things she learned the night before. Sans and Caro work to help her out of it.
    • Rex breaks out of jail with Ciri's help. He goes to the library to contact his home, only for Cole to accidentally point him out to everyone and get every person in the library angry with him. The situation is temporarily resolved by Miss Tairee taking Rex out of the library.
    • Ghostfreak gets his message off, but it's counteracted by Ben sending his own message home detailing exactly what Ghostfreak's plan entails. In the process, his fellow City Knights, Lewis, and John get to meet his family.
    • The Writer makes Miss Tairee's backstory available for everyone to know: She was originally from StarCraft and died during an attack from the Swarm. The Writer offered her a job not too long afterward.
    • Jack Skellington shows up in a flying sleigh wearing a Santa Claus suit to spread the Christmas spirit through the city. The characters have to decide between helping him try his hand at running the holiday or make him stick to Halloween depending on which reward they want (Forcing Miss Tairee to stay in the library all day everyday or learning how her abilities work, respectively).
    • The radio station reveals that they have a news reporter, a fairy by the name of Little Spiderbee. She ends up interviewing Ben and later Rex about their opinion on the different groups of the city.
    • Yoshika asks the Writer for a way to make her master Seiga famous, and gains self-awareness to spread tales of how amazing she is. Realizing how much of a slave she is, Yoshika tries to form a plan to get rid of Seiga and initially asks Lucas for help. This eventually leads to Seiga finding out and trying to take Yoshika with her but she's stopped by the combined efforts of Kamina, Simon, Shinji, and Lucas. The necromancer is trapped by her former slave and explains that Yoshika's body will start rotting without her help. This is enough to distract everyone and give her an open to escape away flying.
    • Rick starts another one of his raves.
    • To make up for his previous mistake, Rex accepts another challenge from the Writer; he has to go on a date with Tairee. He ropes Jack and Ara into going on a double date with him.
    • The Fanboys prepare a surprise party for Silanea at the cinema. To keep her from finding out, Curly brings Silanea around town...and accidentally sends her into a flipout by explaining the multiversal bleeding effect.
    • Trying to find a way to retain her freedom, Yoshika turns to the Writer again. He offers to make her a normal human if she can find someone willing to act as a parental figure to her.
    • On Lewis's suggestion, Rex asks the Writer to revive Silanea's people. He provides Rex a small door with instructions to place it on Silanea's head on a non-break day and fight whatever comes out alongside any others who wish to help.
    • Ghostfreak enlists Seiga's assistance in getting revenge on Ben, offering to help ensnare Lewis under her mind control as a bargaining chip.

    Days 16 - 20 

DAY 16: Doomed to Pre-Repeat It!

  • Conditions: The city is divided into three sections: a volcano at the center hosting the library, a jungle in the surrounding area, and a tundra at the outskirts encompassing the balconies. Prehistoric species spawn at random within the outer two layers. Miss Tairee is not allowed to impart any technology from beyond the Stone Age, and all buildings except the library have been regressed to this same technological level. Characters who die drop all their items, including ones they arrived in the city with; as this includes clothing, these characters will respawn in generic caveman attire.
  • Starting page: 631
  • Starting date: May 8, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Notable events:
    • The grocery store, now turned into a grove of edible plants, is attacked by raptors. Various PCs and militia fight them off whilst attending to and evacuating unfortunate civilians caught in the attack. Marcus and Kelsey join the fight and end up battling each other while Elias helps teleport almost everyone to the balconies. With Kelsey knocked out and gone as well, Marcus leaves to look for her with the intention of "purifying" her but not before making clear to the others that he won't tolerate interference from anyone.
    • An unknown entity posing as Ben attacks the Church of Literacy. Lt. Wells commissions Phoenix to investigate the matter. Phoenix discovers that the Predator scanned by Ben on Day 14 was the one responsible.
    • Ciri and Yoshika go raptor hunting.
    • Miss Tairee reads Cole the story of James Raynor. The conversation quickly devolves into Cole trying to explain that he feels his can't be saved with Tairee telling him that there always a solution and that he shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. Having reconsidered his worldview, Cole asks to be brought back to normal to help discover the identity of the person that framed Ben.
    • Seiga mind controls Lewis into being her servant.
    • After waking up, Kelsey overpowers the militia and goads Marcus into a fight over the radio, causing a standoff at the hospital. Kamina, Simon, Ben, and Rex try to stop the supersoldier from wrecking the place but due to a combination of both physical and mental exhaustion Marcus is able to leave with the former-Ruckus.
    • A band of PCs and militia leave the hospital to fight the day challenge, a T-rex. Before they find and slay it, Ben finds Cole tied up in a tree. Vambre brings him to the hospital, only for him to become Despair and off himself to escape being brought to the library and fixed.
    • Arcade leaves the hospital and is found by Despair. He's broken so badly that he agrees to embrace his depression and join Despair.
    • Eve also leaves the hospital, and is found by Ghostfreak, and, after a fight, is possessed.

DAY 17: Dessert Sands

  • Conditions: The city is turned into a desert made of sugar with various desert buildings. Everyone's clothing and items are made edible and change in color. Various malicious desert-dwelling entities stalk the sugary sands.
  • Starting page: 689
  • Starting date: June 25, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Notable events:
    • Chise encounters Lewis in a dream and learns of his enslavement by Seiga.
    • Ghostfreak contacts Ben and gloats that he has Eve hostage, making Ben come to him alone in human form if he ever wants to see Eve unharmed. Ben brings help nonetheless, and they and Spyro manage to defeat and slay him. However, the Omnitrix is destroyed in the encounter.
    • Arcade and Despair encounter Chise looking for a way to help Lewis. Chise manages to talk Arcade out of helping Despair and, due to the crisis with Ben occurring at the same time, are able to revert him into being Cole again.
    • Trials for Yoshika's adoption begin. Seiga feigns capture at the hands of Rega and two others and has Lewis infiltrate the adoption to lure Yoshika outside and have her killed. However, Miss Tairee teleports Yoshika back inside to safety before she can be killed and has Mystery Skulls' "Ghost" played on the radio to return Lewis to himself. A firefight breaks out in front of the library.
    • Ciri adopts Yoshika as her daughter. Yoshika becomes a normal human.
    • Lewis, after being killed and respawning, exposes and threatens Seiga over the news channel.
    • Rex attempts a challenge to date Miss Tairee to give Cole the option to return to a world other than his own. Miss Tairee instead gives him the option to either fight or kiss her, in view of the whole city. Rex opts to fight, but is made to kiss her instead. Cole becomes a normal human with the option to return to whichever world he pleases.
    • Rex, sans, Curly, Lewis, Rick, Morty, and Eve enter Silanea's mind. What begins as a pleasant tabletop RPG homage soon becomes a hotbed of bitter recrimination and mutual loathing.
    • The day boss, Kurt Zisa, appears and attacks the hospital.
    • Ben scans Veela as part of a plan to help her with her relationship woes with Fastanook.

Day 18: Matters of Size

  • Conditions: Characters 5'/1.5m or taller are shrunken, while characters 1'/0.3m or shorter are enlarged; default items and items on their persons are scaled accordingly, as are powers. Buildings are the same size, though resemble toy boxes, and the items in them resemble toys in turn. Normal-sized books are littered around the ground and will snap closed on anyone who steps on them.
  • Starting page: 747
  • Starting date: August 6, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Notable events:
    • Team Mindscape fights and defeats Silanea's Resentment and Distrust. Morty dies on the second turn and spends time as a one man exterminator for the hospital.
    • Makoto and the Militia try to arrest the Riddler for trying to start a new villain group. He gets away but is easily baited to the prison, where he tries to start a prison riot only to get arrested on the spot.
    • Astolfo expresses interest in joining the City Knights and flies with Louie and several other pcs to meet Ben at the hospital and join.
    • Makoto stops by the catgirls' diner while looking for somewhere to eat. Marcus appears pursuing Kelsey; Makoto attempts to fight him and is heavily injured, then brought to the hospital by Two.
    • Rega and co. from yesterday attack the hospital, but are stopped. Ben, Makoto, and Astolfo manage to arrest the robot and bring it to the prison.
    • Cole and Arcade enter the mindscape. Eve is sent home during the challenge and Cole is killed almost immediately, but Cole then convinces Two, Yuna, and Caboose to enter as backup for the rest of the party. Silanea's Guilt is defeated and she awakes with a new clarity of mind.
    • Garrett gets Little Spiderbee to call in help to beat Ant-Man in a tower-building competition...and cheats by sabotaging Ant-Man's tower.
    • Louie ragequits the City Knights.

Day 19: Checkmate

  • Conditions: The library is completely indestructible, and there are books on poles. Other than that, everything is...normal? The books have the titles of various alien invasion stories. An actual alien invasion begins halfway through the day, with invaders appearing in waves. As the day approaches its end, an Independence Day destroyer slowly approaches the city and prepares to fire a weapon to destroy the entire city at once.
  • Starting page: 798
  • Starting date: September 26, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Notable events:
    • Louie rejoins the City Knights. Thomas tracks down Rega and co. and tries to hint his whereabouts to Ben over the radio. Suspecting something wrong, the City Knights plus Garrett and Lewis (and Gon) track the situation to the cinema, where a fight breaks out. Eve is brought back to the city and joins them, along with Yoshika.
    • Two, Yuna, and Caboose have a picnic at a park. Valentina, a member of the D&D party who razed Silanea's village, stumbles upon them while trailing Hibiki and Seiga.
    • Rex and Makoto help the militia with their gunship.
    • The Riddler negotiates to help decipher the day's challenge description in exchange for a lighter sentence, and requests for the militia to find Garrett for him.
    • Then pretty much all of this goes right out the window when hostile aliens invade the city and start trying to kill everybody. A group of survivors at the grocery store get attacked by Fithp, and some nearby militia members takes it upon themselves to try and escort them to the library, the only safe place in the entire city, even though we all know what invariably happens in escort missions.
    • Ben breaks an incredible 19-day streak and dies, losing all the alien forms he's scanned in the city since arriving.
    • The militia finally gets their gunship, christened the RLS Thunder Child, off the ground and uses it to fend off the alien forces.
    • Tairee's mini Starcraft cruisers and Rex hijack a Covenant cruiser into weakening and crashing into the destroyer's weapon, with the help of the gunship, destroying it and prompting the rest of the invasion force to flee.

DAY 20: Camping Campus

  • Conditions: It's a break day, so no one can get hurt. The City has become a fusion of a college campus and a campsite, with a dense forest surrounding it instead of the void. Everyone wakes up well rested and ready to relax.
  • Starting page: 849
  • Starting date: December 13, 2017
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • A bunch of people wake up in dorm rooms together, such as Rex and Makoto, Phoenix and Maya, and sans and Cole.
    • Rean, Hercules and Ben find Arcade having a mental breakdown and try to take him to the Library. Ben eventually snaps him out of it by giving him a wet willy. They eventually encounter Eve and Spyro.
    • Reinhardt interrupts Makoto and Rex's heart to heart by delivering his hammer to Rex's face. Luckily for Rex, it's a break day.
    • Arcade's challenge to be sent somewhere other than the Wasteland is revealed: to adopt Cole and reassure Miss Tairee that he will be well taken care of. After some discussion, the two agree to try, and find out that their new home would be with Eve.
    • Garrett tries springing the Riddler from prison but through a combination of the day's conditions, the militia's preparedness, and less-than-ideal planning on Riddler's and Garrett's part, the Riddler is recaptured and Garrett is also imprisoned.

    Days 21 - 25 

DAY 21: A Mile in Someone Else's...

  • Conditions: Everyone is physically transformed into a different character from their home setting. They have that character's abilities and equipment, but not personality or knowledge. Miss Tairee can read people's minds for the duration of the day.
  • Starting page: 903
  • Starting date: March 1, 2018
  • Events:
    • The floran escapes from prison with a shovel given by the day.
    • The library gets flooded with shitfits, again.
    • Ghostfreak, after a failed attempt at luring the Knights out, holds the radio station hostage and gets his shit kicked in.
    • A Chandler's Gunman, turned into War Machine for the day, attacks the prison and kills many of the inmates (including the Riddler and Garrett).
    • Some people talk about their problems.

DAY 22: Nothing Beats the Classical

  • Conditions: Characters are dressed up in classical-era clothing (mostly but not exclusively Greco-Roman), except for those already from that era, who instead are given a more noir-like outfit. The city itself likewise changes to resemble a Roman city, though pillars instead look like giant scrolls.
  • Starting page: 957
  • Starting date: May 3, 2018
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Two takes on a challenge to save her world from death by evil god flower. To do so, she is faced with the dilemma of having to condemn one person for everyone she saves; rather than proceed, she refuses outright, and then has the problem fixed anyway because the challenge was to explain her reasoning, not to actually sacrifice anyone.
    • The rest of the not!D&D murderhobo party tries to find each other, presumably brought in by Valentina's deal to restore their kingdom's fallen soldiers.
    • A fight breaks out at the buffet from the newly-reunited hunter gang starting shit. Eve, Rean, and Swishee are felled in the conflict, but most of the gang is arrested in turn.
    • Lewis requests a challenge for "magical girl Danny Phantom" powers. After a small challenge for some other things he asked for, Writer grants him a more extensive challenge to prove himself worthy, with him locked in his form in life.
    • Offscreen, Del'Guk competes with the day challenge, a different Hercules, to make food respawn instantly on all days.
    • Yuna finds out that her world is fire, on account of her absence from it.

DAY 23: Debris and Hubris

  • Conditions: The city becomes a giant, sparsely-lit underground cavern, with the lower levels being a series of empty labs of increasing levels of maintenance. Monsters roam the upper levels, and hazards are scattered around the labs. All of the standard buildings are gone, including the library, and with them radio comms.
  • Starting page: 1000
  • Starting date: July 13, 2018
  • Events:
    • Ben, Herc, Riley, Bergree, Ace, and Swishee descend to the lower levels to avoid pursuit by a wave of goblins, narrowly managing to pry/melt their way through a door for cover.

DAY 24: The Mashup Rewind

  • Conditions: The city is divided into 14 sections, each replicating one or two of the previous day themes. Characters as well rotate between two or more of the previous day themes approximately once an hour.
  • Starting page: 1035
  • Starting date: September 8, 2018
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:
    • Seeking a wish

DAY 25: Midnight Party

  • Conditions: It's a break day, so no one can get hurt. Even though it is bright as day, the sky itself looks as if it's nighttime, complete with a beautiful starscape. Nightclubs, bars and similar establishments are unusually plentiful throughout the city.
  • Starting page: 1086
  • Starting date: December 17, 2018
  • New arrivals:
  • Events:

    Days 26 - 30 

DAY 26: The Shadow You Face Against

DAY 27: The Light Alongside You

DAY 28: Reflections in the Mirror

  • Conditions: A copy of each person (although altered in some way) appears in the city, determined to find and kill the original. Killed characters respawn as normal. Fights are no longer prohibited in the library.
  • Starting page: 1166
  • Starting date: September 18, 2019
  • Events:

DAY 29: Diabolus Ex Machina

  • Conditions: Any character who dies and respawns becomes brainwashed and serves the Evil Miss Tairee.
  • Starting page: 1193
  • Starting date: February 18, 2020
  • Events:
    • The day has apparently changed, but things seem... off. People's equipment and bodies haven't been reset as usual, the clones from Day 28 are still around (and very confused at still existing), and there hasn't been the usual day transition effect.
    • Miss Tairee realizes that the City has been locked off from the rest of the multiverse, but she doesn't know who is behind it.
    • The culprit — an evil copy of Miss Tairee who came into existence due to the Writer's oversight — reveals herself, announces her intention to take over the multiverse, imprisons Miss Tairee and flies off. Caboose manages to free Miss Tairee, who asks the heroes to distract the evil copy for as long as possible while Miss Tairee tries to fix things.
    • The heroes slow down Evil Miss Tairee as much as possible. She almost wins anyway due to Ben being possessed, but the real Miss Tairee manages to get through to Ben by appealing to his heroic soul. Ben comes back to his senses, attacking Evil Tairee and allowing the real Tairee to take her down.

DAY 30: A New Dawn

  • Conditions: It's a break day, so no one can get hurt, and what's more, the city has even more conveniences than usual. Everyone's possession lost by dying are returned. All inhabitants can ask to be returned to whatever time and universe they desire, and those who contributed to the Day 29 fight are given a bonus wish.
  • Starting page: 1207
  • Starting date: August 16, 2021
  • Events:
    • Everyone wake up, feeling fresh like after a full night's rest. The Writer issues an apology to every single person in the city.

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