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An artistic rendering of Koishi and Cole's first meeting.

Discussion thread

  • From this post: Morty Forty
    • Later given its own theme song by Locoman in the Skype chat:
    It started when his grandfather got really fucking drunk
    And say “hey wear this thing I made you stupid little punk”
    Now he can turn into some aliens who woulda thunk
    He’s Morty Forty

    So if you see him you will watch him fail at everything
    He’s prone to feats of clumsiness and just inclined to lose
    He’s bad with girls, he’s not that smart and prone to stammering
    His grandpa’s full of booze
    He’s Morty Forty
  • The DM discussing an odd dream he had, about one player introducing a yeti monster into the RP... which is followed by other players talking about the yeti as if it actually happened in-game. Culminating in the DM officially introducing the yeti into the game... except not at all.
  • A discussion on the characters' relative power levels soon turns into... City of Lost Characters: The MOBA. Culminating in the DM himself posting hilarious "patch notes".
    Darkomega 245: sadness is so trash tier why would you play her when you could play the top tier chars like grimlock, marcus or darth marr, rito pls buff sadness.
    1v1 me at librarby, i'm darth marr main since day 3, can't beat me scrub.
  • Entering the characters into an online Hunger Games battle simulator and seeing what happens. Cue hilarity.
    • In particular, Ben's character is entirely thrown out the window when he becomes an absolutely ruthless murderer with an apparent obsession with knives.
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  • The original post that announced the winter break, before the message was deleted, contained a typo reading: RP IS SCHEDULED TO END ON JANUARY 2ND. As soon as it was pointed out, the entire discussion thread spent half a page freaking out over it.
  • Carrier dodos. Here's the context.
  • One of the players related to posting in the game, saying it was akin to a morning cup of coffee... As soon as Mary stabbed someone to death, the analogy backfires.
  • Miss Tairee tells the players to "Get a swooooo—" before she is cut off by the dragon. The players have a field day with this in the discussion thread.
  • Upon hearing about Miss Tairee, Sans instantly lampshades her Punny Name, which ended up raising awareness of it on a meta level
  • During a discussion on artistic skills, one player posted an image of Cole and Koishi. Suffice it to say, it now provides the page image.
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  • After a very OP character is put up in the signup thread, a few players respond by jokingly linking to pictures of actual Nerf guns.
  • ColeMinor's ongoing saga of attempting to deal with a bunch of almost-newborn kittens.
    I'd also like to mention that Flowey's theme repels kittens. Just if anyone ever needed to know.
  • Yomegami writes in Old Feather Beak for PA senator.
  • "Rick succumbs to his cat instincts and eats Sadness"
  • This page: A villain's name was misread as "Lord Imperial Delicious," sparking a joke idea for a day theme.
    Locoman: The whole city becomes a preachy direct-to-VHS kid's show about the values of brushing regularly? I'm in.
  • Syrika sees Rise of the Guardians for the first time.
  • Upon Mary leaving the city, Deis The Alcano posts in memoriam of her.
  • Pretty much all of the link Cole posts here
  • During the August hiatus, some of the players decided to do a non-canon High School A.U. side project of sorts. The first attempt...doesn't go so well.
    Full Moon: That's what happens when you don't have a GM people :P
  • Fun Times With Puppets.

Main thread
  • Ben's attempt to impress Alice Margatroid backfires when he transforms into Grey Matter instead of Four Arms.
  • This line from Rick on day 2:
    Rick: Shut up, Morty. I-i-it's irresponsible to distract a drunk driver.
  • While Ben, in Wildmutt form, is causing panic in the supermarket on the third day by tearing apart the meat aisle, and Asgore Dreemurr is causing people to get nervous due to being a giant goat monster, one man seems oddly nonchalant about the whole thing.
  • Rick and Morty, two foul-mouthed and slightly perverted characters from the eponymous [adult swim] cartoon, find themselves facing off against...Twilight Sparkle and Sadness.
  • Despite the seriousness of Mary's sudden mental breakdown on day 4, the caption to Firock's post of the woman getting stabbed is: IT'S STABBING TIME! (NO MARY NO!)
    • It makes a reappearance during her second violent stabbing, this time of Cole: IT'S STABBING TIME II: THE RESTABBENING (YES MARY YES!)
  • "It was a good time to deploy the Cole."
  • The RP got about 50% more pun-based the second Sans showed up on day 5. With an average of about one pun per each of FullMoon's posts, this adds up to a lot of laughs and/or groans.
  • The players' Hand Wave excuses for their characters' inactivity can get a bit ridiculous at times:
    So baffling was this development that Hol Horse was completely and utterly stupefied for a surprisingly long time, doing nothing but mulling over the ramifications on the existence of a dinosaur robot and how it affected his world/political views.
  • Koishi doesn't quite get how Transformers work.
  • Rex describes Bill Cipher as a flying Dorito and asks Plague Knight what he thinks of him. Plague Knight just says that he has no idea what a Dorito is.
  • Firock's description of the transition from day five to day six. After a day of peace and quiet:
    Also, anyone who happened to be standing in the middle of any of the streets when midnight came, promptly got hit by a car.
  • On Day 6, a good few people are upset and alarmed by the sight of... Garrett casually crossing the street. Yeah, It Makes Sense in Context but sounds rather silly, as lampshaded by Zelda's player potholing the phrase:
    She didn't get a good answer before Sans pointed out something more pressing. Zelda walked over to him and followed his gaze to see Garrett trying to cross the street.
  • Sawyer cannot vocalize without her Ultra-voice. What happens when she finds herself in Day 6? Speech bubbles.
    • That physically exist in the world and can even be used as makeshift weapons for extra hilarity.
  • Day 6 strikes again.
    Cole: The mouse threw a pie at us.
    Shiara: I noticed.
  • Hol Horse's reaction to seeing the madness going on in the grocery store.
  • Sadness's dream during the hiatus between Days 6 and 7...or rather, the lack thereof. Firock's reaction to it in the Discussion just sells it more.
  • Sans' journal had this little bit in it:
    > whatever is possessing people apparently can do it in such a way that nobody would notice it until it’s too late. it’s best to not go out of the library until i figure what exactly it is
    > i say that as i stay in a supermarket in the dark all by myself.
  • On Day 7, Rex catches the Ruckus vandalizing street signs, saying they're immature. The Ruckus member asks if he can do better. He can.
  • Cassiopeia creates a duplicate version of herself, and then proceeds to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with it.
  • Karkat's first reaction to being transformed on day 8.
    Karkat was half asleep when the critical moment passed. He didn't even realize what happened until he rolled over and what the fuck happened to his legs.
    No wait, they were still there. He just had eight of them. It's all good.
    He screamed and jumped up, brushing his hair back with his claws in confu—HOLY FUCK HE HAD CLAWS
  • Day 9: Seiga&Yoshika's and Sophie's first meeting is hilarious in a vaguely blackly comedic sort of way. The former two are totally unaware that all languages are understandable in the City.
  • Day 9's official title is "The fall of society." The very next one, Day 10's, is "The obligatory filler."
  • Karkat's reaction to eating sea salt ice cream.
    • The entire rest of Karkat and Viola's beach conversation counts as well; Karkat baffles Viola with alien terminology like "grubloaf" and "juggalo purpleblood," and when Ben comes by disguised as Ripjaws, Viola promptly shoves Karkat into the water to defend herself. Finally, Karkat gets his revenge:
    Five seconds later he shoved Viola into the water with a victory whoop and ran away.
  • Ara bows to thank Miss Tairee while wearing a bikini...and a few people take notice.
  • Cole meets plastic bags
  • Q10's threat to Miss Tairee:
    If you do not comply, I will shoot much of the library books, starting with the ones that are dull.
  • After a brief absence, Karkat's return doesn't sit well with Seiga.
    ...There wasn't much other way to put it, but Karkat returned, with a friend. They were multiplying.
  • On Day 10, Yoshika asked the author to actually put something in the water next time he made a lot of it. Cut to the Day 11 boss fight....
    Boss Subtitle: is this interesting enough yoshika?!
  • During Day 12, a number of players are encountered by a large, angry sun with an irresistible urge to kill. Before doing so, it is approached by the much friendlier Raisin Bran sun, who futilely attempts to calm it by offering raisins. The Raisin Bran Sun is offended. While everyone else runs for their life, taking cover behind a nearby moon, Wander insists on trying to calm the Angry Sun and has to be chased after by Sylvia. The Angry Sun, ignoring him, continues pursuit of the rest of the party, only to do a 180 and leave upon seeing the moon's face, only for the moon to relentlessly chase it.
    Plague Knight: That was......quite odd.
  • Miss Tairee starts having enough of Rex's aggressive antics, trying to start a fight in the library multiple times after being scolded not to, and eventually she hits him in the back of the head with a ruler like a schoolteacher.
  • The Grinch's rhyming posts are silly enough in and of themselves, but sometimes they get even sillier:
    ...The Grinch said cheerfully to his new friend Silanea,
    Whose name the Grinch realized was quite hard to rhymea....
    • Later on Day 13, the Grinch gets involved with a fight against Jason:
    His new friends were in trouble and he would have to provide succor,
    so he used his Grinch strength to swing [a refrigerator door] at that motherfucker.
  • Yoshika, Calvinnote , and Melanie search for a drawing of Jason Voorhees as part of the Day 13 challenge, but are at a loss as to how to not die to him while looking. Melanie's solution? Have Yoshika look for the page while she and Cal make out some distance away. Cal is not enthusiastic about this.
    Cal: I'd rather not die horribly
    Melanie: Ah come on, when are we gonna get the chance to live out a horror movie scene like this again? [grinning at him] ...and I'll let you get to second base.
    Cal: ... Fine, but only if you take your bra off. I'm not doing this if it's gonna be PG-13
  • Tuudol, trying to get the Grinch (who Rhymes on a Dime) to understand his point, he tries to rhyme back to him with... less than stellar results.
  • After overhearing Sans call Caro "sis", Lily makes the following observation:
    Oh, you're siblings? I should have known, I see the resemblance.
  • Eve and Ben are about to turn in for the night at the end of Day 14, going to sleep in a little cottage at each other's sides. Eve is out like a light, as is Ben, only for Ben to be woken by Eve having a nightmare. Ben swears to be there for her, just before he drifts back into sleep...only to be woken again by Lewis checking on their group via the City Knights' channel.
  • Sora hears Rick swear and, due to coming from a Gosh Dang It to Heck! world, questions what a "bit itch" is.
  • During Sans's call to Papyrus on Day 15, Papyrus complains bitterly that Sans's pun-heavy sense of humor is as annoying as always... then Caro and Fate proceed to make bad puns as well, much to Papyrus's frustration:
  • The non-canon April Fool's post. Words just don't do it justice.
  • Cole interrupts a serious conversation between Ben and Lewis by beaning the former in the head with a stuffed bunny.
  • Throughout Day 16, Yoshika, after being told about dinosaurs by Ben, keeps mangling the word 'dinosaur' repeatedly for the rest of the day into words like "drinogos", "dinogons", and "diranosauruses".
  • sans encounters Rex outside the library freaking out about kissing Miss Tairee in view of the whole city and, when Rex immediately pulls him into an embrace, questions if Rex is actually gay. Rex proceeds to dig himself deeper and not only fail to deny it but even imply that he's been dating Lewis.
  • Garrett being clueless as to what anime is. Yoshika brushes it off as "kids' shows", on which Lewis corrects her with mixed results.
    Garrett still wasn't entirely sure what 'anime' was, but as far as he understood, it was either shows for little kids, or pornography. Either possibility raised questions as to why would Lewis want to watch it in Rex's company. Garrett decided to leave these questions mercifully unasked.

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