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  • Archive Panic: COLC, having fifteen hundred posts after only four ingame days, can be this, especially due to each post usually being around a paragraph long. Thankfully, we have a recap page, so reading the entire RP to catch up is definitely not required.
  • Awesome Music: All of the music linked for individual day themes.
  • Crack Pairing: Most potential pairings consist of this, but some moreso than others. Even the slightly more normal ones in terms of age - like Ben/Mary and Cole/Sawyer - qualify.
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  • Crossover Ship: 99% of them are this, since very few of the characters come from the same universe. Some of the popular ships included Cole/Sawyer (or "Coyer" for short) and Ben/Eve (or "Kit10" for short). Another one, Rex/Chise, was gaining in popularity, as well as Ara/Jack. Rex/Makoto is a current ship.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Everyone seems to like Cole due to his adorable nature and well-written dialogue. Not to mention his thing with Sawyer.
    • When it comes to NPCs, everyone seems to love Sir Redring.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Sawyer and Cole for a while after day 7, though it eventually petered out after Sawyer left and Cole went through character development that worked to the ship's detriment. See Shipping Torpedo.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Sadness is turned into a fish on day 8, and a couple of people - Lieutenant Wells and Tairee - have to pick her up in their mouths to move her into different containers. This takes on a whole new meaning after Zelda kills Sadness later by biting through her, especially considering that Zelda was standing right next to her watching as Miss Tairee moved Sadness.
    [She was grateful] even if Miss Tairee had to pick her up in her mouth to move her, making that the second time in around ten minutes, something that set all her fish instincts on fire and left them screaming.
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  • Memetic Molester: Ghostfreak fights Eve with Tentacle Rope at one point, then possesses her. In the middle of the night. While she's alone. She comes out of it an emotional wreck. Um, yeah.
  • Memetic Mutation:Though not widespread, there are several reoccurring/popular phrases on the Skype Chat. These include Creepy Jack (created by taking quotes from posts out of context) and nobody cares about Morty (because nobody does) and the yeti.
    • While Eve is having a nightmare, the Grinch gives her a stuffed alpaca, which goes on to defuse a rather...tense moment through its utter cuteness. This caused the creation of the Almighty Alpaca Cult (ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY AND ALL-LOVING ALPACA).
    • #Rexruinseverything was started after Rex's deal with the Writer on Day 14 caused a riot throughout the City. It really gained traction when some people's messages turned out to only hurt them, and once again on Day 16 when practically every decision he made had negative consequences.
  • Moe: Cole is kind of adorable sometimes.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Seiga mind controlling Lewis as part of a convoluted plan to regain control of Yoshika, and subsequently grooming him for the same using what she misunderstands as a crush. Ghostfreak would qualify for having deliberately helped if he weren't already long past it even before the rp's events.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: here.
  • No Yay: Lewis's devotion to Seiga while under her control, which Seiga exploits to further her hold on him by alleging him to be her Amnesiac Lover. She goes as far as to kiss him just to really sell it and then forces him to brush it off when he freaks out instead of being further sucked in.
  • Shipping Torpedo: Cole/Sawyer is broken up by Sawyer being sent home, and then by Cole choosing to spend a lot of time as a child.
  • Squick: Kieri's dream leading into night 4, which involves lots of hanging corpses and Gorn.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: 'Wasted' is a strong word, but some characters with real potential are replaced or mysteriously disappear after only a single ingame day or less.

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