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  • Most of Mary's list of "Things I want to do".
  • On the night of Day 6, Sawyer all but tucks Cole into bed upstairs. To make things even sweeter, the next day shows them both fiercely protective and affectionate of each other.
  • Also on the night of Day 6, Rick's attempt at good grandparenting:
    Now, you see, this asshole, whatever [The Author's] name is... he's right up shit creek and he doesn't even know it yet. You know why, Morty? ...he brought you into it. Jerk me around, here, Mo-mo-mOURGHty, I don't give a flying fuck. No... no-one gets to..." Rick dropped the screwdriver as his mind finally gave out for the day. "uuuugrgh... y-youreagoodghkdmortagjhy"
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  • After Sawyer and Mary get back home, Miss Tairee leaves them some gifts: Sawyer's neck is fully healed and she can speak again, while Mary not only is a real girl, but she's Ib's sister and has actual parents. Also, Tairee's final words for Sawyer, in reference to her feelings for Cole:
    P.S. I think it'll be a few years in your timeline before they're made, but keep a lookout for a video game series called Dragon Age. You'll want to play them.
  • In Day 9, there are two instances where Sans hugs Caro, the first being after he tells her his backstory, making her cry in sympathy and the second being after seeing that she was still alive after he almost got his soul sucked by Old Feather Beak which would leave her at the demon's mercy. Their relationship in general counts as Sans quickly begins to see Caro as a little sister and both of them end up rubbing off on each other as they spend time together.
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  • On Day 10, after Ben has been threatened, yelled at, and otherwise belittled, Ben can't take it anymore and breaks down into sobbing. Eve is quick to defend him and even gets him some ice cream to eat. Later that day, when Ben tries to go into the computer to save Miss Tairee, Miss Tairee tells him, while he did something foolish, he was truly heroic, and gave him a hug.
  • Ben's dream is a mix of heartwarming and funny, with his friends in the City all coming to his aid against Vilgax.
  • Sans tells Cole a joke to cheer him up on Day 13.
    sans: knock knock.
    Cole: Who...wh-who is there?
    sans: donut.
    Cole: Donut? Oh...donut who?
    sans: donut worry, it's just a joke.
    Cole: (squeezing sans's hand) I don't worry about your jokes, Sans. Some people make them to be mean, but I don't think you do. You like to make people laugh, to make them happy. I like that. Thank you for that.
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  • Eve takes a nap in the library on Day 14, but ends up having a nightmare about the events of the day before. How does the Grinch respond? By giving her a stuffed alpaca. It seems to work.
  • The ending of Day 14 is by and large warm and fuzzy, with Lucas using the day competition's grand prize of one wish to save Sans's world, reviving everyone who was killed in the genocide route of Undertale and making it so that monsters and humans in his world live in peace. Caro and Lucas get to race for fun before that for the final challenge, content in knowing that no matter who wins, since they have the same wish there won't be any hard feelings about either of them not getting what they wish for. In the meanwhile Sans and Lewis have a lengthy conversation and get to know each other, with the former thanking the latter for his effort in making the wish happen. And while Silanea being utterly crushed by the way the day turned out is a Tear Jerker in itself, seeing the amount of effort Curly, Sans, and the Fanboys go to trying to help her is sweet and encouraging. This is all topped off by Sans's speech at the stadium to the whole city, thanking everyone who fought for the wish to happen.
    sans: i honestly have no clue what's waiting for me when i go home but... at least now i have something to look forward to. it's not going to be the same as it was before everything went wrong, but who knows, it might be better. i honestly don't feel like i deserve any of this because i didn't do anything to earn it but... well, i guess [Caro, Lewis, Rex, and Lucas] thought different. (to Caro and Lucas) now c'mere you two, gimme a hug, i think we all could use it.
  • Ben and Cole's interactions late in Day 15 are a ball of fun, with Ben introducing Cole to Superman and Cole giving Ben his bunny to cheer him up after a less-than-pleasant call. Doubles as a funny moment.
  • On day 16, Crash Bandicoot, upon seeing Simon transformed into the Lagann, comes to the conclusion that the giant robot has eaten Simon and attacks Lagann. Kamina is obviously upset at first... but when he learns about Crash's mistake, he not only instantly forgives him, but also is greatly impressed that Crash "was ready to fight for Simon with everything [he] had and [he was] set on it."

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