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Nightmare Fuel / City of Lost Characters

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  • The fate of many NPCs on Day 3, "Stillness of the Cold." Due to the fact that all inhabitants of the city are resurrected in a random location upon death, anyone who died on this day was highly likely to be trapped in a loop of dying, regenerating, and dying again from huge chunks of hail and freezing wind; this only ended at midnight when Day 4 began, so many people were stuck in this cycle for hours on end. According to the boss, this happened to forty-four percent of the population. Tairee is particularly horrified to know that children were caught in the catastrophe.
  • Mary has a Freak Out when she gets injured and her killing spree begins. Firock Finion's graphic description of Mary's first kill doesn't help matters.
    • Taken even further when she stabs Cole, whose crazy demonic mode is activated. Red Text, Take Warning indeed. Plus, this music was linked to go along with it.
  • Jack's death on Day 13 from being drenched in a Xenomorph's blood, described in graphic detail. Unsurprisingly, he stress vomits after.
  • Eve's first death on the same day isn't short on vivid description either, detailing the feeling of her blood pooling in her pierced lung, on top of the fact that she narrowly avoids even worse, as anyone who's read The Silver Eyes can attest.
  • Seiga mind-controlling Lewis with an ofuda of her own making. To elaborate, the ofuda forces him to idolize her and wipes his memory, which Seiga exploits to easily groom him into her slave via good old-fashioned mundane brainwashing on top of convincing him that he's her Amnesiac Lover. As a bonus, placing the ofuda initially sends him into complete ego death, and from his reaction to Seiga kissing him he's seemingly aware, if unconsciously, of what's really going on. Also, the Morton's Fork of having the ofuda forced upon him when he catches on to Seiga trying to trick him into accepting it willingly, as if to emphasize the lack of escape.
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  • Two gets hit with a grenade at point-blank range. The description is visceral enough, and that's not taking into account numerous wounds from fighting earlier. It's bad enough to make Caboose freak out.

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