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The final boss of the RP, if not The Writer himself, will be...
I have had vivid imaginations about you guys getting very upset when you find out what the final boss is.
Firock Finion
I expect there to be some mild disappointment. Mainly that the final boss will not be the Writer.
Firock Finion (on Discord)
  • Miss Tairee (though that's probably too obvious).
  • Trope-tan.
  • A Warhammer 40,000 deity (or some other extremely powerful entity from that universe).
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  • The "inactive" characters. All of them at once.
  • Firock's Author Avatar. (Which would literally look like his current forum avatar, a Slorg in Kamina glasses.)
  • The library.
  • Or the city itself.

The City is actually a computer simulation.
  • Hence why Miss Tairee can control reality via a computer and computer code.
  • The City is a computer simulation in a library, Miss Tairee is the main librarian's avatar; the main librarian is the Author.

Miss Tairee is a retired Ms. Frizzle.
  • She fell on hard times after the show got cancelled. She has a soft spot for kids.
    • Jossed; she's from the Starcraft universe.

The Author is...
  • The GM, Firock Finion. Author is repeatedly stated to be male and omniscient within the confines of the RP.
  • Deadpool. He breaks the fourth wall, has a twisted sense of humor.
  • A god and Miss Tairee was turned into an angel or herald. The Author is repeatedly stated to be omniscient.
  • A demon or The Devil, and Miss Tairee is trapped in a Deal with the Devil.
    • When she couldn't find a husband, she made a deal with the Author, who trapped her into servitude.
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    • The Author doesn't need a secretary, but has one because he wants to; he does what he does in the city because he thought it was funny.
      • Jossed. Miss Tairee can leave any time she wants.
  • A mind flayer. Miss Tairee says that the Author could "take a piece of [Garrett's] brain whenever he feels like it"; mind flayers eat brains and have powerful psionic abilities.
  • One of the Dark Powers of Ravenloft, and the City is one of the Domains of the Demiplane of Dread.
    • Miss Tairee is a Darklord, the City is her Domain. The City grabs people from other universes and it is almost impossible to escape. The Author is searching for inspiration and will frequently alter things if it amuses him.
  • The God-Emperor of Man.
  • The yeti, because his canon-altering powers could easily extend to other universes.

The Author picked Miss Tairee solely for her name.
  • And he wasn't nice about it.
    • Jossed. "Miss Tairee" isn't her real name.

The yeti was secretly Old Feather Beak in disguise.
  • He was only scoping out the place on day 3, but a few days later, he decided to reveal himself and start putting his master plan into action.

The GM is a double agent.
  • Firock Finion secretly has this exact same roleplay going on in a different site. The NPCs in this RP, like Silanea and Sir Redring, are player characters over on the other site, while the player characters here are that roleplay's NPCs.

The Writer is going to get deposed.
  • Some rival ten-dimensional being, or some even more powerful entity, incapacitates the Writer. Then they take over the City, or alternatively, the City becomes unstable on its own without a Writer taking care of it. Either way, this means the last few days will be a lot more dangerous for the characters. The PC's must now join their forces to help bring back the Writer, who is after all the lesser evil. (Ben isn't going to like it.)

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