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This is the Challenge recap page for the forum roleplay, A Game of Gods, its sister game, Twilight of the Gods and the sequels A Game of Gods: Infinities, A Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri and Eclipse of the Gods. Each individual challenge recap will cover the events preceding the challenge as well as the challenge itself. View the main page for more information on the series proper.

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A Game of Gods Challenges

    Completed Challenges 

Challenge 0: Introductions

The champions meet in a soothing setting. New friendships and alliances are formed, but will the peace last?

  • The action takes place in what will be known as the "Common Room", a large and spacious room that, for the purposes of this particular Challenge, has taken on the form of a peaceful open-air restaurant and plaza somewhere in Tokyo.
  • This provides an area that the Champions can meet and talk in between Challenges. Note that the room can take on the form of any setting, depending on who wills it, but for today it is currently 'locked' in this configuration.
  • NPCs: NPC (Non-Playable Characters), for new role-players, are characters that can be controlled by anyone, within reasonable limits. NPCs for this Challenge include the waiters and civilians.
  • Any new characters can come in through the door provided.
  • Today's Challenge is less intense than later ones, and provides a way for characters to interact and learn about one another.

Our story begins with a mysterious, godlike entity—a Nomad, as the narration informs us—hovering over an unknown planet and evaluating its populace. After a moment it comes to a decision, plucking a single person from their home to serve as its champion.

The next day, Hahli, Toa Mahri of Water, awakens in what she believes to be her apartment after a night of strange dreams…only to discover that stepping outside deposits her not in the plazas of Ga-Metru, but in a strange hallway unlike anything she’s ever seen before. Confused and bewildered, she is joined in short order by a Beam Katana-wielding, part-time assassin known as Travis Touchdown, a diminutive ice-fairy called Cirno, and a Spartan Super Soldier who answers to the designation of 052, or Jorge; all three of them are equally as ignorant of how they arrived in this strange place.

After a brief moment of tension, the hallway abruptly converts itself into a hexagonal door which, to their complete and utter shock, leads to a classy open-air restaurant located somewhere in downtown Tokyo; curiously, the human patrons and staff do not acknowledge their unusual appearances. At this point, the group is joined by Craft, a combat reploid who manages to sneak up on them all despite his immense bulk. The members of this group begin to let each other know who and what they are, while Travis intimidates the restaurant staff into giving him some pizza despite it not being on the menu.

Now four more players enter the game. The first two, British SAS operative Gary Sanderson—otherwise known as Roach—and badass roadie Eddie Riggs, are welcomed into the group without much hassle; the same can most assuredly not be said of the third newcomer, the Decepticon jaguar Ravage. Having been humiliated repeatedly by humans in his own universe—and having been killed while in the process of altering history in order to wipe the hated apes and their Autobot allies from existence—he is angry to find himself surrounded by the pink-skinned munkkys, and immediately gets into a confrontation with Jorge and Craft. The final newbie, the genetically-engineered Pokémon known as Mewtwo, introduces himself by levitating everything in the room for the purpose of…stealing a single slice of Travis’ pizza. For this heinous act, the Pokémon gets stabbed by an irritated Travis to little effect.

The confrontation between Ravage, Craft and Jorge quickly deteriorates, but is brought to an end when the restaurant and its patrons dissolve into nothingness. In its place form two portals, one sporting a plaque labeled with the words “PEACE THROUGH THE INDIVIDUAL”; the other bears the slogan “PEACE THROUGH THE GROUP.” Ravage, Cirno and Travis step through the Individual portal, while Hahli, Jorge, Craft, Roach, Eddie, Mewtwo and late arrivals Roxas and Mecha Sonic pass through the group portal…

Challenge 1: Boarding Actions

In a galaxy far, far, away, a young princess and her allies are under attack by a powerful military force. Will you protect her, or capture her?

  • The action takes place aboard Leia's ship- the Tantive IV, as seen in the beginning of Star Wars A New Hope (with some parts expanded to allow for maximum action/character development).
  • The players are divided into two teams- Rebel or Imperial. Those that went through the right hand portal will assist the Galactic Empire, while those on the left hand portal are now a part of the Rebel Alliance.
  • Players that join the Imperial side will aid Darth Vader in attacking the Tantive IV and, accompanied by a group of stormtroopers, will search for Princess Leia and the Death Star plans, and retrieve them by any means necessary.
  • Players that join the Rebel side will attempt to protect Leia, C-3PO, and R2-D2, with the help of Captain Antilles and a detachment of Rebel soldiers, long enough for Artoo and Threepio to escape the ship with the plans.
  • The stormtroopers, Rebels, and the droids are all NPCs.
  • Leia, Antilles, and Vader will appear later.
  • Whichever side has the least players will receive compensation in terms of handicaps for the other side and extra soldiers.
  • Characters can fight one another. Like in all other Challenges, death isn't permanent. Any character who is killed will simply reappear, fully healed, back in their quarters. Players who have been killed will be offered the chance to take control of an NPC.

…only for the “Group” team to find themselves in the curved, white hallways of a spacecraft filled with Rebel troopers; it is the opening scene of A New Hope, and soon they’ll have to repel boarding actions from the Imperials! Those who went through the “Individual” portal, by contrast, find themselves in the landing bay of Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer, the Devastator, and learn that they are part of the Imperial boarding party. Their mission; recover the Death Star plans from the Rebels, and put an end to the traitorous senator Leia Organa of Alderaan!

The Devastator swiftly captures the Tantive IV, and in a matter of moments the battle is joined, with both teams lending their not-inconsiderable weight in support of their Rebel or Imperial allies. At this point, the bizarre purple man known only as Max Winwood makes his first appearance, commenting on the action but otherwise not doing much; don’t expect that to change any time soon. Part of the Imperial team breaks off in pursuit of Princess Leia, while Eddie and Travis get into a duel. Cirno, meanwhile, is treating the whole experience as a game, and Ravage has prowled off in stealth mode, attempting to hunt down the princess himself. Darth Vader, growing impatient, chokes a bitch throttles an impudent subordinate with a Force Grip and heads out to enter the fray himself.

The Rebels, taken aback by Cirno’s freezing their men alive, fall back as the Imperials advance while the Group players provide support; Jorge, apparently having gotten himself trapped in a storage closet, flattens a stormtrooper by ploughing down a door and lends his heavy machine gun to the Rebels’ cause. Eddie disengages from Travis, loosing the elemental powers of his guitar upon the hapless stormtroopers; together, these three begin to turn the tide in the Rebels’ favor, and the stormtroopers fall back; Jorge advocates allowing them to flee, but Mewtwo—decidedly bloodthirsty and malicious all of a sudden—fries most of the imps with a blast of Thunder. Meanwhile, Roxas is chasing down and scrapping with Cirno, and Travis heads after Eddie to resume their duel, his insolent actions drawing the ire of Darth Vader.

After interrogating a Rebel trooper to learn more about the situation and hooking up with Roach, the foursome come across the battle between the Key of Destiny and Nine-ball, and Jorge puts a stop to it with a stern lecture. Cirno, though somewhat pacified, takes off to continue searching for Princess Leia. Given the fairy’s chaotic temperament and dangerous ice powers, Jorge, Roach, Eddie and Craft debate on how to proceed, with Mewtwo almost eagerly advocating an all-out rush on the enemy.

Meanwhile, Ravage has stumbled upon C-3P0 and briefly mistakes the neurotic, gold-plated protocol droid for Scrounge. After a moment the jaguar reactivates his cloaking device and follows Threepio, oblivious to Hahli, who is tailing them both; eventually they stumble upon Princess Leia in the middle of her recording a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi via R2-D2, who is currently wearing Cirno as a hat; somehow the princess is able to see the cloaked Decepticon and draws a bead on him, causing Ravage to drop his stealth and attack. The others intercede at this point, with Roxas, Mewtwo, Eddie, Jorge and Hahli all attacking Ravage at Fonce; Cirno, having finally caught on to the nature of this game, tags Leia with a gentle tap on the head in the belief that she’s won. The fight quickly turns ugly, with Ravage and Eddie being locked in close quarters as the jaguar attempts to maul him, Mewtwo attempting to interceding and Jorge unable to get off a shot without hitting an ally; at this point Travis finally catches up with the roadie, and Darth Vader finally arrives.

After biting through Eddie’s guitar with explosive results, the roadie and his feline assailant are thrown apart. Travis, though nominally on the side of the Imperials, gets into a fight with Vader after the latter punishes the former for mouthing off by hurling the Otaku into a wall with the Force. Hahli attempts to stop the Dark Lord of the Sith—and gets flattened in two seconds, causing all present to focus their efforts on Darth Vader in the game’s first true boss fight, while the newly-arrived Mecha Sonic provides assistance to the Dark Lord. Meanwhile, Roxas and a bemused Cirno escort Princess Leia, Artoo and Threepio to the escape pods, with a ravaged Ravage in hot pursuit. As Craft and Jorge do battle with Mecha Sonic, Travis and Vader continue their duel and Ravage prepares to pounce on the fleeing princess, Eddie smashes through a door while throttling a stormtrooper, and he and the Decepticon jaguar face off.

The battle quickly turns brutal as Eddie unveils his half-demon form and Ravage goes all-out in a knock-down, drag-out brawl; meanwhile, Cirno freezes the entrances to the escape pods to prevent Leia from escaping. Jorge wakes up Hahli and, seeing that she is weak, helps her up as he tries to reunite with his team. Darth Vader, having disengaged from Travis, comes after the would-be escapees, only to get tackled into a wall by Craft. Eddie uses his guitar to melt the ice covering the escape pods, but pays for this when Ravage pins him to the floor and savagely claws his chest in a grievous injury; meanwhile, as the escape pods have been damaged, Leia and her retinue head off for another section of the ship, with a badly-damaged Ravage once again in hot pursuit. Vader, meanwhile, has his leg blown off by Craft and finally falls, succumbing to two shots through the chest.

Princess Leia, far from helpless, shoots Ravage right in the eye, leaving him open to a pistol-whipping from Jorge. The two then begin to grapple and brawl on the floor, with Ravage flying into a rage from his injuries and attempting to tear out the Spartan’s throat. Cirno, meanwhile, is attempting to fend off the others to the best of her abilities, even making use of Hahli’s ability to increase the ambient humidity in order to bolster her own powers. It is to no avail, however; Eddie, having recovered from his wounds, smashes through the ice covering the pods and dumps an unconscious Leia inside before launching it.

Instantly time freezes, and a deafening telepathic voice announces that the “PRIMARY WIN CONDITIONS [have been] ACHIEVED”; then everyone abruptly finds themselves back in their quarters at that strange complex from before, wondering precisely what the hell just happened. Those who were injured have been healed or repaired, and the players, already weary, convene in the hallway.

Interchallenge Section: No Rest For The Wicked

Upon meeting each other in the halls, the group immediately begins to gripe about the mission, Cirno being the loudest. This draws Ravage's attention, and the Predacon agent sets to work on the little fairy, trying to make himself seem like the "okay guy with advice". Jorge sees this for what it is, and standoff would be initiated, were it not for Cirno's piscine attention span. The next Challenger arrives then, Saren Arterius, who, upon arrival, lifts the entire group into the air and holds Cirno hostage for answers as to where he is and how he got there. Ravage makes him back down, but the Turian is still very determined to get out, apparently having a psychotic episode when he discovers how impossibly strong the containment system is. Ravage sees opportunity in an ally, Jorge sees another, possibly worse enemy.

Ravage's imagination proceeds to change the environment of the chamber into Maccadam's Old Oil House, a bar back on Cybertron. Here, the men of the group dedicate themselves to booze and music, Doctor Gordon Freeman arriving in the meantime. There is the traditional "guns first" greeting, and then everything goes back into the atmosphere of relaxation found at Maccadam's. Then Saren decides the spoil the fun with what he terms a "live-fire exercise", consisting of him summoning a small army of Geth with his mind and telling the group to try getting to him alive. Various high action shenannigans ensue, including several odd changes in scenery (ending in Black Mesa), many dying Geth, and the summoning of the immense Decepticon Devastator, along with Eddie showing off his demon form again. The skirmish ends with a directive from the Nomads, and the Challengers skulk off to the next portal.

Challenge 2: Blood Feud

A feud between families threatens to tear apart the city of Verona. Two starcrossed lovers may bring about peace, but will it last?

  • The action takes place in the city of Verona, as told in Romeo And Juliet. (For clarification, this is the medieval version of Verona, from the original play.)
  • Two families, the Montagues and Capulets, are fighting, and most members of the city have taken sides. Periodic skirmishes will break out between various sympathizers, and will involve many Mooks on both sides. Player characters have the option of participating in these fights or trying to break them up, as you see fit.
  • The large estates of the Montagues and the Capulets are at opposite ends of the city.
  • In the middle of Verona, there is a large river, but several bridges have been built to ford it.
  • Romeo is preparing to marry Juliet in secret.
  • Characters can either help the two marry in secret, try and negotiate peace between the families, or simply attack the city, as they see fit. There are no teams and each PC can do as they please, although teamwork will probably help your characters achieve their goals.
  • NPCs: Listed here.
  • There are two victory conditions that can be achieved, depending on the action:
    • Romeo and Juliet marry and escape Verona.
    • The two families reconcile and denounce their differences.

The Group emerge from the second portal to find themselves in a town square in Verona. The year is 1582. Newcomer Gordon Freeman introduces himself to the others. Just then a scuffle breaks out in the street between two men from the Montague and Capulet families respectively. Travis and Gordon attempt to break up the fight, but things turn nasty when someone throws a tomato at Travis, causing him to slice the offender in half. Gordon and Jorge respond in kind, causing Travis to retreat into an alley.

The skirmishing ends when Prince Escalus enters the scene on horseback, providing information about the two houses, allowing the group to figure out the nature of this mission. Meanwhile, Saren intercepts Travis and strong-arms the assassin into working for him.

Eddie then suggests that the group provide the families with a common enemy, and Ravage is more than happy to oblige, departing to terrorize them. The rest of the group (bar Travis, Saren and Yellow) set up camp in a nearby tavern, and discuss strategies. Meanwhile, back at the hall of justice Ravage spies on Mercutio and Benvolio (their Antiquated Linguistics causing him severe annoyance) when Tybalt and a party of Capulets appear. Following instructions from Gordon, Ravage makes his presence known, declaring himself to be the Black Beast of Verona.

After scaring Capulet and Montague alike completely shitless (and hamming it up in a manner most awesome), Ravage declares that the streets of Verona will run red with (their) blood if the feud does not end, and leaves.

Meanwhile, a new challenger appears in the form of a man in a white suit. Saren goes to the Capulet household to kidnap Tybalt when he encounters this man, who reveals himself as Narumi Sokichi in their fight. Narumi gets knocked out however after Saren dealt him a massive blow. The next phase of the plan was to get Romeo together with Juliet, however, when Ravage went to Juliet's house, he encountered Narumi, who believes that the challengers are "Dopants" and seeks to attack them. However, this failed and Ravage kidnaps Juliet.

Soon, a fight breaks out between Ravage and Saren, ending in a part of Verona being blown up. When Ravage brought Juliet to the tavern where she is to meet Romeo, a disgruntled Narumi was right behind them and was about to fight again but changes his mind when Hahli interferes. His only condition was to "make the city smile" which they apparently did when they paired up Romeo with Juliet. Soon, after telling that Narumi thinks Dr. Freeman distributes "Gaia Memories" that Jorge fills him in on what is going on. Narumi then unofficially joins the group along with late arrival Kirby as the next challenge was completed.

Interchallenge Section 2: Masks

The team is returned to their rooms. When they wake up, they head out into the hall to meet up with each other again. Saren decides not to host another live-fire exercise this time around. Naturally, everyone is relieved. Jorge calls Hahli, Eddie, Craft and Gordon into his room to speak to them privately, while Saren orders Ravage, Travis and Mecha Sonic to gather in his own room for a meeting, with Narumi eavesdropping.

The turian Spectre says that he knows about Ravage's ability to transform (somehow). He claims that the Decepticon's alternate form is locked down. Ravage runs an internal diagnostic to find out what's stopping him from transforming, and to the mechanical panther's horror, he discovers that he needs input from an administrator to unlock the form. Ravage claims that Transformers don't have access codes. He then realizes that the Nomads may be responsible for this. Saren resolves to find someone or something to crack the code. He also asks Ravage for advice on what they should do about Hahli and Jorge. The panther suggests leaving them alone for now, while they're still useful. Once they're no longer useful, they'll be dealt with. Saren agrees, but also expresses the desire to "influence" the Toa, red light flickering about him.

Meanwhile, Jorge explains to his comrades that he is convinced that they can get the job done, and for this reason, the Spartan has grown to trust them, despite not knowing them for very long. He states that, sooner or later, the helmet is going to come off, so he has decided to show them his face now. When Jorge reveals his face, he also tells them his real name. Gordon "reintroduces" himself to the Spartan, while Craft and Eddie say that it's nice to see him in the flesh. However, Hahli is surprised and embarrassed by this. The Toa thought Jorge's helmet was his true face. When Jorge questions this, Hahli explains that masks are sacred among her people, giving them special powers. However, she doesn't mention that if one doesn't wear his/her mask, it is akin to being pantsless.

Jorge is impressed with the power Hahli's mask gives her. In turn, the Toa compliments him on being a powerful warrior, even if his mask doesn't give him a special power. The Spartan explains that he was raised and equipped to be a supersoldier, and that he has been fighting for his entire life. Hahli claims that her situation is similar, though she got into it after making a mistake. Craft cuts in, telling his own story. He talks about his lover Neige, and a legendary hero known as Zero. He laments losing contact with Neige, but Jorge comforts him. He says that, though they've all lost something, they must keep fighting so they don't lose everything.

Then Eddie decides to reveal his demon form, which spooks the Spartan. After these discussions, another portal pops up. Everyone regroups in front of it, and they all step inside.

Challenge 3: Endless Blue

The Champions find themselves plummeting through the air into a vast ocean; not so much as a single piece of land larger than an atoll mars the calm sea for countless miles, and its depths are curiously empty. What secrets lie in the deep, waiting to be discovered?

  • The action takes place in the ocean, as seen in Ecco The Dolphin. The players will start out in tropical waters, but eventually move north to the frigid seas of the Arctic.
  • The objective of this challenge is to help Ecco the Dolphin reach the frozen Arctic Circle and consult the Big Blue, a wise old blue whale who may know what happened to the young dolphin’s missing pod. Standing in your way is a plethora of vicious sea creatures, environmental hazards, and your own oxygen supply; you won’t last long if you run out of air down there…
  • For the duration of this mission, the champions have been altered in order to give them an expanded lung capacity; they cannot breathe underwater, but they can hold their breath for a comparatively long time. Additionally, those with powered armour will receive small turbines to improve their maneuverability; it wouldn’t be fair if they were stuck on the sea floor for the duration of the challenge thanks to their cumbersome armor, after all…
  • To proceed, champions will need to touch strange, crystalline objects called glyphs; Ecco can activate these with his echolocation, but only if he is close by. In addition, the champions will be able to understand the dolphin’s speech and communicate telepathically with one another (or electronically, in the case of Ravage, Saren, Jorge et al.).
  • Those robotic characters who don't need to breathe will instead rust at an accelerated rate; the oxidization will revert upon surfacing, simulating the effect of drawing and holding breath.
  • Ecco, the various hostile sea creatures and the Big Blue, are all NPCs.
  • As always, death is not permanent. Any character who dies, whether killed by a shark or by drowning, will reappear back in their quarters.

Challenge 4: Paved with Good Intentions

The king of a nightmarish fantasyland desires more from life and decides to 'help' out another ruler. But will his need for variety and novelty alienate his subjects and destroy a holiday?

  • The setting is the land of Halloweentown, as seen in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Depending on the actions of the characters and the needs of the plot, they may be granted access to the neighboring world of Christmastown as well.
  • Jack Skellington, the 'Pumpkin King' of Halloweentown, has grown bored with celebrating the holiday and desires something new. After his journey to Christmastown, Jack has become obsessed with this new holiday and tries to teach it to the rest of the town, who don't really understand the concept.
  • The characters arrive in Halloweentown shortly before Jack first returns from Christmastown and decides to hold a meeting.
  • Halloweentown is a Fisher Kingdom- as such, all characters will become Halloween-themed.
  • NPCs include Jack, Sally, Dr. Finkelstein, Lock, Shock, and Benny, Zero, the Mayor, and the assorted townsfolk, who, despite being all manner of ghosts, witches, zombies, ghouls, vampires, and the like, are quite friendly and helpful.
  • This Challenge is more open-ended than the others, and players can assist Jack or try to dissuade him from his efforts.
  • This Challenge will also be a bit more drawn-out than usual, but significant plotpoints about the group's captors may be revealed as the group tries to help or stop Jack Skellington and company...

Challenge 5: Prison Break

A heroic band of alien freedom fighters have learned that their leader has been imprisoned and tortured within a vast and horrific dungeon; to rescue him, they and the Champions have enacted a daring plan to bust him out by allowing themselves to be captured. But the walls of Kaon hold many dangers and terrible secrets—will the party be able to liberate their ally’s leader, or will they themselves meet their ends as the latest inmates of this sprawling prison complex?

  • The action takes place within the Decepticon city-state of Kaon, as seen in Transformers: War for Cybertron—to be specific, it takes place within the Kaon Prison Complex. Depending on how this mission goes, the champions may see other parts of Cybertron.
  • The objective of this mission is to help Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe make their way through the complex to liberate Autobot leader Zeta Prime, who is being held within the deepest and most heavily-guarded levels of the prison. Standing in their way are a veritable legion of Decepticon warriors, automated defenses and various other dangers.
  • The survival of Optimus Prime is paramount to the mission—regardless of whatever other objectives have been completed, if he dies you lose.
  • For the duration of this mission, all players have been converted into Cybertronians—this is intended to serve as a balancing issue, as otherwise the Autobots and Decepticons would tower over all the players. Beyond their increased size and the ability to transform into small cars or trucks, this conveys no additional abilities or benefits to the Champions;they will still die if a Sniper shoots them in the head.
  • The players begin the mission stripped of their weapons and bound within stasis cuffs; they will either have to recover them or locate new ones in order to proceed.
  • Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and any other Autobots and Decepticons—with the obvious exemptions of the players—are all NPCs.

Upon stepping through the portal, the challengers discover that they have been converted from their original forms to larger, mechanical bodies; they are on Cybertron, and they have been made into Autobots. Naturally, this revelation does not sit well with certain members of the party; though their reasons differ, Ravage, Gordon and Saren are markedly not pleased to learn that they are now Autobots, with the former delving into a fit of hysterics as a direct result.

Unfortunately, they also discover that they are bound, along with a dropship full of other Autobot prisoners, to a massive prison complex. Furthermore, their Decepticon captors are hardly the nicest people around; one proceeds to brutalize Ravage, only to be stopped by the timely intervention of three Autobots known as Optimus, Sideswipe and Bumblebee. Optimus believes the champions to be members of an Autobot resistance cell from a different part of Cybertron, and briefly briefs them on his general plan to rescue Autobot leader Zeta Prime before their arrival at the prison complex; Ravage, noting the glaring differences between this version of Cybertron and his own, comes to the realization that they’re in an alternate reality of some sort.

Once there, the party is delivered to Soundwave, the prison’s warden, who briefly interrogates them before having them sent to “recycling”; along the way, they are treated to a tour of the facility—and all the depravities which the Decepticons can commit on their helpless prisoners. At this point Saren, operating under Sovereign’s influence, attempts to exert mental control over the facility’s Dark Energon—only for Megatron to remind him who’s in charge by impaling the turian with a spire of the stuff before teleporting him into a prison cell. Finally, as their anxiety mounts while Optimus remains oddly silent, the party is led into a small room where they are lined up against the wall in preparation for an execution by one-man firing squad. Before their would-be executioners can pull the trigger, however, they are saved by the timely intervention of Air Raid, who kills the guards and frees the party of their bonds. Optimus informs the group that everything has proceeded according to plan so far—by allowing themselves to be captured by the Decepticons, they now have full access to the prison and stand a much better chance of rescuing Zeta Prime. Simultaneously, Saren and Narumi—held in different cells—escape their captors and flee into the prison; Saren reunites with the other champions fairly quickly, while the Kamen Rider goes off in a different direction.

Unfortunately, more guards have arrived outside at this point, and Air Raid is forced to create a diversion as the party escapes into the service ducts; the Aerialbot is captured for his efforts, and the party gets to watch as he is dragged away and taken to Soundwave.

Interchallenge Section 3: The New Champions

While the others are off fighting, there much activity in the Common Room. Several new challengers awake in their quarters: Wizard and private investigator Harry Dresden, Venus Adept Isaac, the headless Animated Armour known as The Dullahan, and explosive artist Deidara.

The four attempt to work out what is going on, but eventually have the situation explained to them when Eddie finishes killing a horde of zombies in his room and explains it to them. Saren's PHANTOM hologram further explains the situation, and they begin to get their bearings, introducing themselves and reading PHANTOM's datafiles on the other challengers.

Yet another new challenger makes his appearance: Rey Mysterio, who is completely out of his depth and suffers a minor breakdown when he meets the other challengers. None the less, he recomposes himself. Saren appears, but all is not well, as Lambda decides to continue messing with Saren in person. To do so, he sets the Common Room's speakers to 'Let The Squiddles Sleep' and flooding the room with Squiddles. The song gradually takes strange turn while Saren and Eddie attempt to drown out the song with copious amounts of metal. The song gets rapidly weirder culminating in an enormous tentacled monstrosity appearing in the rapidly-dissolving Common Room. It probes their minds before deciding they are 'pathetic' and not worthy of it's time. It disappears, turning the room back to normal, and Lambda reveals it was a previous Challenger who for some reason failed, before disappearing.

The challenge eventually ends, and Harry returns to his quarters, coming back with Bob the Skull, and incredibly intelligent, but lecherous, spirit trapped inside a skull. A scuffle breaks out between the Challengers when newcomers Samus Aran nearly attacks the party. Shortly after this the portal to the next challenge opens.

Challenge 6: Melodic Nomad Champions: Lost Eternal Girl Brigade!

The Challengers have been put into an extremely bizarre situation, and must work their way through the unusual setting they find themselves in.

  • The setting is a stereotypical Magical Girl anime. All the challengers will awaken in their "new homes" for the challenge. It will also involve the local High School.
  • The challengers, for the duration to the challenge, have been converted into magical girls. They have the ability to switch between a teenage schoolgirl(found in so many various anime and manga) appearance and the actual magical girl appearance. They also have powers that reflect their normal abilities and weapons, save made more "girly". However, certain powers may be less "girly", like a Wave-Motion Gun or the ability to fling bullets at your foe.
  • NPCs include the adorable animal mentor of the challengers, the schoolchildren, and the actually pretty scary Monster of the Week.
  • The various conditions of the challenge include keeping the children out of danger, interacting with the various NPCs in a way "typical" of the character type they are being forced into, and defeating the Monster of the Week. They will also have to spend the early part of the challenge interacting in a humorous fashion without the use of their powers, for "comic relief".
  • The interaction with the NPCs is going to be trying to goad in the direction of copious Tsundereness, Les Yay, FRIENDSHIP! and the like. Well, that's going to be what whichever Nomad designed this challenge wants. Whether or not the Challengers will actually go along with it is debatable, especially in certain challengers' cases. Interactions with NP Cs will most likely boil down to not killing them, occasionally talking to them, and making sure they don't die, with varying levels of the aforementioned traits depending on the character.

The challenge begins when the Champions wake up and see that they are all girls. Even Ravage was a girl too, assuming a human form with great disgust. As they try to navigate through the entire day without being made insane, they team up and use their magical girl powers to defeat the monsters while helping one another make it through even though most of them have died before they were resurrected to finish the entire Challenge. They also meet another Champion: the Lich Mal-Keshar, who like all other Champions has been transformed into a human, though skeletal girl for the duration of the challenge.

Challenge 7: The Way the World Ends

It is the year 2552. For the last thirty-two years, humanity has been at war with a genocidal, fanatical alien empire known as the Covenant...and the former is losing. Dozens of colonies have been glassed, and billions have died. Now the alien aggressors have found Reach, the hub of the United Nations Space Command's military power. The planet is doomed, as is most of its inhabitants, but all is not lost, for Reach holds a secret that could turn the tide of the war. Whether that secret will make if off the planet or not is up to the champions.

  • This challenge takes place on the planet Reach, the UNSC's main commercial, political and military center. The champions will start out in the besieged city of New Alexandria.
  • Reach is currently being invaded by the alien religious hegemony known as the Covenant.
  • It is impossible to save Reach. The Covenant fleet is way too large and powerful to stop.
  • The Champions start out fighting for the UNSC, but any one of them may choose to fight for the Covenant later on (well, if you're not human, that is). For those fighting for the UNSC, the primary objective is to discover the planet's secret and transport it to safety. The Covenant's objective is to find the secret. Destroying the planet is not part of the objective. They're doing a fine job of that already.
  • There is a secondary objective, as well: a squad of SPARTAN-IIIs known called Noble Team is among the human forces on the planet. Jorge was part of this team up until he was taken by the Nomad. Aside from him, it consists of Carter-A259, Catherine-B320, Jun-A266, Emile-A239 and SPARTAN-B312. Originally, Jun was the sole survivor, but if the champions work hard enough, they can save them. That said, it will be quite difficult to accomplish that. Of course, making the wrong choices could easily cause all of Noble Team to perish, as well. The odds are stacked against them, so the champions must use caution.
  • Every member of Noble Team (except Jorge) is an NPC, along with any other character seen in this challenge. (Unless a player requests permission to take control of one.)

The Champions arrive in the New Alexandria Hospital where they link with Noble Team. As they fight against Covenent forces, Tron tells Jorge that the odds of them helping out civilians are hopeless. Which was met with force when Jorge throws him of the aircraft they're in. Meanwhile, Saren works with the Covenant but in reality is being a double agent.

Back in the common room, three more challengers appear in the game. One was Scorpion, a deceased ninja from the Shirai Ryu. Another was the Sniper from the RED Team and Spriggan, a teenager/combat specialist agent for the security specialist company Trans Global Specialists Inc. The three were introduced to the game, but Scorpion had first joined in before the latter two had arrived. Spriggan was chosen by Omicron to be his Champion, which led to a confrontation over his abduction from his world. Jorge and the others fight in Reach to secure an AI device the Covenant wants off the planet. Meanwhile, the G-Man appears in the Common Room minutes after Vezon appeared. The Nomads were able to make a deal to the G-Man to make him stop abducting Gordon. Allen and Rey meet the newcomers after arriving back in the Common Room. Phi appears drunk (after failing to speed up both the Reach and the Viking challenges) and begins to ramble on about how Rey is in love with Gordan. He retreated as soon as PHANTOM and Upsilon began to hurt him. Later on, Spriggan begins to create a 3D map of Tokyo-3 with PHANTOM to make threat assessments, as well as to test the AI's capabilities. As Spriggan and the others talk about Tokyo-3, an unknown entity straight from videos of EoE leaps out from a projector and fights the Champions before it is subdued.

An Inevitable—a representative of Lambda—appears and destroys the computer equipment which had been used to display these videos, warning the group not to mention anything about Tokyo (or as Narumi theorizes, Tokyo-3). Meanwhile, the Champions with Jorge encounter more Covenant forces as they struggle to leave the planet while getting some casualties. A Pokemon trainer and Champion named Red and Natsu Dragneel the Fire Dragonslayer arrive in the room, greeted by Eddie and the other champions. The Champions, minus Subaru, were able to evacuate from Reach and rendezvous with other UNSC ships. This allowed them to exit from the game, where they were greeted with jubilation from the other waiting Champions. Subaru eventually gets back after she fights against Covenant forces one last time by blowing herself up. Later on, Calvin and Hobbes appear in the room. A new Nomad is also introduced, Eta, whose powers is based on Gluttony. His motives remain unclear, though it seems he enjoys "tasting" delicious objects. Before long, Hahli and Vezon notice each other, and tensions immediately begin to rise.

Side Challenge: Begins Night

In his catatonic moments, Narumi focuses on his last moments of earth. His last mission, to save the child of fate.

  • The dream takes place in the Gaia Tower, where Narumi and his apprentice, Hidari Shotaro, are infiltrating. They are told by someone to go retrieve the child of light, who is being for evil. This is where you can introduce yourself to Narumi.
  • While infiltrating, the alarm will sound, creating the first encounter. About 20 Masquarde Dopants and the Taboo Dopant (a female Dopant with the ability to fly and fire deadly bombs). However, you have a choice, you can either follow Narumi, or follow Shotaro, who in turn follows a person.
    • If you follow Shotaro, he will follow the person to a different part of the tower where Gaia Memories are manufactured. The person will reveal that he makes the Gaia Memories, causing Shotaro to argue with him. It ends with him pushing the person into the teleporter which sends him to a giant crystal.
  • After the fight, Narumi finds out that Shotaro had found the child, and pretty much lost him in a giant crystal and Narumi has to get him out. He shall enter the crystal and talk to the child, though you have the choice of following him or staying behind and talk to Shotaro.
    • If you follow Narumi, he will offer the child freedom and the chance to atone for his crimes. He will name him Phillip, after Phillip Marlowe of the Raymond Chandler books.
    • If you talk to Shotaro, he will explain how he met the child. It turned out that the child was making Gaia Memories, and this pissed off Shotaro to the point of arguing with him over if he is truly guilty for it (much like if a gun maker should be guilty for making guns that are used for evil) and will end with Shotaro pushing Phillip into a teleporter which sends him to the crystal.
      • If you followed Shotaro before to know the whole story, then he will just simply say how he has a feeling that it will end bad.
  • Narumi will exit the crystal with Phillip. Narumi will get shot in the back and will die, no questions asked. He gives the hat to Shotaro and dies. The dream ends with Shotaro screaming out, "OYASAN!"

Somewhere in the middle of the Reach challenge, Lambda had Mind Raped Narumi to the point of suicide. A new comer, Raz, decides to enter his mind, which is replaying his last moments of earth. The events of Begins Night. During these events, Narumi was talking to Shotaro about how he should follow his orders. Raz shows up and explains to him that he was a friend to Narumi. Soon, the alarm sounds and Narumi heads off to fight, leaving Raz and Shotaro to follow a man who explains that he created the Gaia Memories, devices capable of transforming people into monsters. This angered Shotaro to the point of pushing him into a teleporter. After returning to Narumi and telling him that he made the child disappear, Narumi slaps him, and then nearly proceeds to slap Raz had it not been for his telekinesis. Raz calls him out for it and Narumi gives in. Shotaro then notices the child trapped in a crystal. As Narumi gets out the child, he is shot down and gives his hat to Shotaro before dying. The dream ends as Phi reveals that he had selected Raz as his champion.

Challenge 8A: Ships Passing In The Night

The champions face their deadliest challenge yet - Reality TV! They are each paired with a random stranger from another universe and made to embark on an evening of fun and romance...

  • This challenge has no overall goal and no winning conditions.
  • Each challenger will be presented with a date from another work, and closely monitored throughout their romantic endeavours.
  • The dates will take place one after another, with the non-participants (as well as several million viewers) watching the whole thing.
  • Losing will serve as dying in this challenge, as will uh, dying.
  • If the date ends in disaster then the champion will lose.
  • Unprovoked hostile action against their date will result in a character's automatic loss.
  • If a date is successful, a character gets nothing aside from keeping their dignity intact.

Most of the Champions are sent off to the Blind Date after Dis Baba trains them to fight off a huge dragon together. The first one was Ravage with his date Arcee, which does not leave a good impression to both Transformers. In the middle of the date, both of them got drunk from drinking Energon; this would not have gone anywhere, had the vindictive announcer not decided to spice things up a bit by taking control of Ravage's body and have him throw a punch at Arcee, starting a chain reaction of events that culminated in the Decepticon Lugnut levelling the bar with his Punch of Kill Everything. In the midst of this chaos, Dex-Starr, the Red Lantern housecat made his appearance. He is petted by Subaru, who noted his ring's powers. The date between Ravage and Arcee was a success, in that they managed to direct their aggression elsewhere and avoid killing each other in spite of their mutual hostility. Neither party was compensated in any way, shape or form for their trials, and when Arcee complained she was promptly dumped through a trap door; the announcer made it perfectly clear that this fate awaits all the (non-Champion) participants in the Challenge.

The second date started shortly afterward, this one matching the Doctor up...with himself; to be specific, the Champion Doctor (hereafter referred to as Ten for simplicity's sake) was paired up with his Seventh incarnation. They stuck mainly to chatting about what they had been doing and the consequences of the Time War, a monotony that was eventually broken when the announcer and his assistant threw in a pair of Daleks to try and kill the two Doctors, who soundly fought them off in their ideosyncratically unconventional ways.

Throughout this Challenge, the denizens of the Champions' home universes—along with those of over nineteen million others—found themselves privy to the dating show's events and were forced to watch with mounting incredulity. While some where exasperated and some found this hilarious, others did not approve of this strange outside interference and the effects it had, in Ravage's case, on the integrity of the timestream. To rectify this problem, the Vok have dispatched their emissary Tigerhawk to find the location of this broadcast, presumably to either retrieve or eliminate those involved...

After a brief scuffle with a Sontaran, the two Doctors engaged in a memory transfer of some sort, creating a time loop that would allow the Tenth Doctor to have prior knowledge of the events he had experienced thus far, and also permit the Seventh to try and get help. The date concluded shortly afterward, and with their episode concluded the show's hosts promptly returned the Champions to the Common Room by dropping them en masse through trapdoors. Upon their arrival, they discovered that yet another Champion had been selected—one Luxanna Crownguard, Lady of Luminosity and mage champion of Demacia.

Challenge 8B: Keter Duty

Our challengers find themselves in a strange building in a remote location. They are greeted by a Dr. Axes and informed that they have been assigned to look after SCP-239, a little girl with the ability to warp reality to her will. They must look after her and prevent her from escaping with out destroying the entire facility by the end of the day. However, not only is she a handful for our reluctant babysitters, but several of the more dangerous SCPs appear to have escaped....

  • This challenge takes place in Site-17 of the SCP Foundation. It is home to many research staff, security staff, and D-Class personnel. It is also the containment facility for various SCPs.
  • One of the Nomads appears to have messed with a bunch of paperwork as for the most part, the Challengers will not be remarked upon by the staff at the site, although there will likely be at least one misunderstanding.
  • NPC characters will include: SCP-239, SCP-682, SCP-058 and Dr. Axes.
  • The win conditions require that SCP-239 survive (this is almost assured), that 239 is fully contained at the end of the day, that SCP-682 and 058 are incapacitated, and that damage to the facility and loss of Foundation personnel is kept below a reasonable degree (at the challenge-runner's discretion).

When most of the Champions arrive at the facility, they were all made D-Class personnel in charge of protecting SCP holding cells to ensure they won't break out. While Rey takes charge of making sure 239 is okay, the rest are forced to fight against 058 and 682 alongside SCP security forces to make sure they are killed. The former had been killed after the Champions were shown to see the break room's vending machine, which was also a SCP. Meanwhile, Isaac and the Dullahan, having appeared elsewhere in the facility, overhear some Foundation personnel discussing the containment measures for SCP-682 and misinterpret this as the Foundation keeping some poor man locked away in a room full of acid; naturally, they try to free the poor fellow, which ends up releasing the monster to rampage throughout the facility. It stumbled upon the other Champions, and a great and terrible battle ensued as they threw everything they had at the monster in an effort to bring it down; Isaac summoned Charon in an effort to kill the regenerating SCP, but after a moment of silent communion between the monster and the boatman of the underworld, he empowered SCP with new abilities and left. SCP-682 was ultimately defeated when Agent Strelnikov blew off part of its back using the main gun of an M1 Abrams tank and Luxanna, Isaac and Dex-Starr bombarded it with three simultaneous Pillar of Light Desperation Attacks, obliterating much of its body and reducing it to a small bundle of neurons located in the severed tip of one of its wings. The battle was not won without cost, alas; Raz was killed when he was impaled with a number of 682's tail spikes, and Luxanna blacked out after using her desperation attack. Dis Baba, who had leapt onto the beast's back and tried to slice it to ribbons with his tentacle-whips, fell from a great height and was splattered across the floor; due to his true nature, however, this did not kill him.

While this was happening, new Champions appeared consisting of Samara Morgan prior to her death, CIA SOG operator Alex Mason and Samurai Jack. River Tam arrives a few minutes later. Grayson Hunt too appears in the area. They arrived outside the Common Room, which had been closed for repairs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Clef plans to subdue 239 due to a reported attack in downtown New Orleans. Rey, Spriggan and Natsu were clearly opposed to this, but the former was being incapacitated by Saren. But as the argument continues, Rey is executed by Clef for his interference. Gordon and Dis Baba join the other two in opposing him with the latter using his insects to do so. However, the group is marked as enemies by SCP security forces even after 239 is subdued. After Blink was able to get the nuke out of the facility via teleportation, the party was sent back to their hideout when they were engulfed by a bright light. Some of the others also tell their stories while a few are busy attending to personal matters.

Interchallenge 4: Break

Introductions are made with the old and new Champions after the party had emerged out of the SCP challenge, so far without a verdict from the Nomads. Three men made their appearance inside the Common Room while interaction was going on. They consist of Operation Gothic Serpent vet Chief Warrant Officer 3 Michael Durant, The Black Stig and the G4 Trainer from the Hong Kong movie Option Zero who told his name as Michael Wong. After Samurai Jack tries to persuade Ravage to bring down the pinned Tigerhawk, he and Mason proceed to remove the spikes pinning the Transformer on the wall, with Narumi interested in having PHANTOM repair it so that it can be on their side. It's interrupted when Dex-Starr used his powers to melt Tigerhawk's body to nothing.

This ticks PHANTOM off, however, as it was planning to use Tigerhawk's corpse to increase its power. After the appearance of two Champions who had been inactive, Subaru and Craft, and two friends of Natsu, one of which attempted the eat Tigerhawk's arm, the largest remaining part of him. The arm attacked Gajeel, the person eating it, which caused a confrontation between Mason and Subaru on one side, the arm on another and PHANTOM on yet another. The arm is fired upon by Mason and later melts. PHANTOM attempts to gain the liquid metal solution, but is accidentally stopped by Subaru, who freezes it. It then breaks and turns into gas. This causes PHANTOM to go berserk, and it fires on Subaru. Many Champions goes to Subaru's aid and Mason opens fire on PHANTOM. Saren then comes and deactivated PHANTOM, and Gordon laments that he needs PHANTOM for an experiment. Ciaphas Cain made his appearance as well.

As the group continues to interact, Reznov materializes instead of Mason's personality and causes trouble in the Common Room. In the meantime, Rey gets assistance from Spriggan to teach him to be familiar with small arms. Dis Baba and Craft tell the other Champions their stories. As the group got into a training regiment consisting of running, Franken Fran made her appearance. Her introduction had somehow gave Rey and Naoto the upset stomach. Sub-Zero makes his appearance as well as Grayson Hunt.

Challenge 9: The Astonishing Adventure of the Silver Sentinels!

What's this? Our heroes find themselves in a comic book world, shockingly reminiscent of that greatest of eras, The Silver Age! Will they solve the nefarious puzzles presented to them before it's too late?!

The Champions arrive in the scenario, where they are known as a superhero group called the Silver Sentinels. They received contact with the mayor of Kirbyville, Stan Lee, to apprehend a criminal named Dr. Walrus. After beating up some mooks, Sub-Zero Tundra apprehends the villain, but Commissioner Kane informs the group that another criminal has already made off with the money. Tundra led the group once again to face against the Core after getting a report on him. Ravage gets carried away by a red light, but Dis Baba was summoned directly in his place. Narumi arrives, albeit with grayer hair, a Cloudcuckoolander personality, and being voiced/possessed by Adam West. The group later meets with Freedom Patrol, but unfortunately get into trouble when the Sentry makes comments on Naoto making food. This makes her angry and storms off, but he and Gravity Girl offered to get food for the group. But when Steel Sentry said the word "Jap", the Silver Sentinels angrily retorted him for the discriminating comment. Nothing important happened. Moving on. The Sentinels are later captured by gorilla villains and were subjected to be transformed into an gorilla, with Narumi being the first to succumb to the transformations. Blink and Mason have been returned back to the Common Room, the former for stealing.

Raz is also sent back to the Common Room after being killed. Galen was sent back after getting hit by a speeding sedan. The former meets the Red Mage after he was teleported inside. Meanwhile, Samara and Dex work to put their simian captors out cold. But after they did so, the simian Doctor attacked them, including Rey before the game ended. Afterwards, the Champions were placed back in the Common Room. Minutes later, Kimimaro Kaguya of Naruto came into the picture as well, confused to his presence in the Common Room.

Challenge 10: Prepare For Unforeseen Consequences

The Challengers are sent to the Combine Overworld, in an attempt to bring down the extra-dimensional Empire before they can set their sights on earth. In their way is an army of powerful alien war machines. Will they be able to bring down the tyrannical Combine before they invade earth?

  • This challenge takes place in the Half-Life universe, on the Combine Overworld. The challengers will arrive aproximately ten hours before the Combine begin their invasion of earth.
  • The challengers must fight their way through the Combine defenses and overload the Dark Matter Reactor that powers the Combine Overworld. After doing this, they must escape the planet as it collapses into a massive Event Horizon.
  • There are no friendly NPCs for this challenge. Enemies include Striders, Hunters, and various other Combine Synths.
  • The win conditions are destroying the Dark Matter and escaping the Combine Overworld via portal.
  • If the champions fail to destroy the Dark Matter Reactor before the Combine invade earth, or they do not escape the Combine Overworld before it completely collapses, they will lose.

Another portal appeared back in the Common Room, leading the Champions to the Combine world where they battled against Striders and Hunters. Mason fought with the Champions using heavy artillery, but nearly got them killed. He was subjected to rebuke from the group while Gordon went to locate a maintenance synth to give them the layout of the realm they were in. The Doctor and Hope got hit in the back when they were confronted by the Hunters before the Champions made it inside the reactor building, freeing the captive Vortigaunts. Gordon had expressed the need for him to go alone and destroy the reactor should it come to that, although Rey disapproved of Gordon's plans to simply go solo and ignore the other Champions. The Vortigaunts told the Champions, especially Gordon, that they can escape the Combine world once they were able to destroy the reactor permanently.

As the Champions work together to fend off Combine Synth from getting to Gordon, the scientist was able to get to the reactor and destroy in order to take it down permanently despite being in a microwave-powered corridor. The Champions began to make their escape after a portal appears. The Red Mage becomes a casualty in this event when he accidentally trips on a Claymore mine trap planted by ex-US Marine Alex Mason in order to take down Synths in ambush. The Champions held off the Synth attack while Gordon began to sabotage the portal intended for the Combine forces to invade Earth. When he was able to destroy it, the portal back to the Common Room opened up and allowed them to escape before it was destroyed. Mos of the Champions rest up from the challenge while others plan on going to the next one.

Challenge #11: Danse Macabre

In a city where magic is a fact of life and humans intermingle peacefully with other civilized races, all is not well; the water runs foul with wasting disease, tensions brew to the south and war looms on the horizon, and at night the dead march to satisfy their hunger for the living. Can the Champions discover the sources of these threats, or will the city crumble into chaos and death under their watch?

  • This challenge takes place in a non-specific world based on Dungeons & Dragons; to be specific, it is set in the free city of Ferendel, a busy metropolis home to humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, Halflings and other assorted sapient species. To the south are the lands of the lizardfolk, a small confederation of nations that enjoyed peaceful relations with Ferendel until recently; and to the north are the Gogol plains, a vast wilderness without any signs of permanent civilization for hundreds of miles in all directions, the various nomadic barbarian tribes notwithstanding. A mighty river, the Brandt, bisects Ferendel and leads to the sea in the east, providing an inlet for trade; its source is unknown, but the Brandt winds through the Great Marshes of Ia-Kong to the west, from which no man has ever emerged…
  • Ferendel is beset by a trifecta of disaster—to the south, the lizardfolk have of late become increasingly aggressive of late, and the city council fears for the safety of their people should the lizardfolk tribes go to war; to the north, the dead now rise from their graves at night and slay anything that comes close as they prowl the lands; and their water supply has been contaminated by a fowl plague which the greatest scholars, wizards and clerics in the lands have not been able to cure. The Champions’ objective is to locate the source of these problems and put a stop to them before Ferendel drowns in madness, war and death. As long as the Champions put an end to at least one of these problems, the Challenge will be considered a success, but they are encouraged to go for gold on this matter and try to solve all of them.
  • There is a time limit of three in-game days in effect; failing to find and deal with the sources of the crises befalling Ferendel by the end of the third day will result in the city being ransacked and thus a Game Over.
  • While there appears to be a massive world available for explanation, there are limits to it; if the Champions stray too far off the beaten path, they will encounter invisible barriers that will not only prevent them from leaving but also teleport them back to Ferendel.
  • For the duration of this challenge, the Champions have taken on forms appropriate to the setting; Ravage, for instance, appears to be a clockwork golem in the shape of a panther, and Jorge and/or Craft look like the sapient automatons known as Warforged. Guns and the like have been downgraded to slow-firing, black powder weapons to prevent the Champions from simply slaughtering their way through any opposition they might encounter, and Lux has acquired a holy symbol to serve as the focus for her powers and will be considered a cleric of Pelor by the people of Ferendel. Beyond this, the changes are largely cosmetic.
  • Major NPCs include the city council of Ferendel, the chieftains of the lizardfolk tribes, and a few others that will not be disclosed at this time.

Prior to entering the challenge, Subaru had entered a combat droid that had most of the Champion's fighting abilities and skills. However, it went haywire as it fought them using some of the Champion's bodies. The real Champions fought them with their might until a summoned duplicate of Megatron was able to defeat the droid's clone of Megatron. After the fight was done, a portal appeared that led most of the Champions to a medieval town where they had to perform a quest, most of them changing their attire to meet with the medieval timeline. Most of them decided to split up between fighting and diplomatic groups as the former went to try and combat a zombie horde near Ferendel. While doing so, they were teleported back to the Common Room in a short while. This baffled them as they wondered they were placed back there in a short time. The Champions began to talk amongst themselves on what their true purpose is with the Nomads. Mason conjured up an Urban Warfare Arena to train here prior to leaving with the others to the medieval challenge.

Suddenly, Dex manipulated the Common Room to be changed into a grassy field. On the other hand, Sub-Zero changed his surroundings to a tundra-based one which led to changes back to the grasslands again. The cat later killed a cow and showed it to Spriggan, nearly scaring the teenaged Champion out of his wits. He was later introduced to Kimimaro, who told him of his world. Another confrontation later took place Mason and Saren, although it seemed that it was resolved.

Challenge 12: The True Self

After a rather rough landing, the Champions find themselves in a world filled with fog. Through the fog they would notice that the area seems to be some twisted version of a TV studio, but as they progress some they will find themselves in new areas. At every turn there are dark creatures called Shadows, masses of black ooze that transform into monstrosities to attack them. Not only that, but there lurks even darker things that know the challengers even better then they do. Will they be able to survive in the Midnight Channel and escape before the fog lifts? Or will their dark sides get the best of them?

  • This challenge takes place inside a physical representation of the inner thoughts of humans, populated by all of their negative emotions. The first area is the Midnight Channel's entrance, but as the Champions move further in they will find different areas.
  • The objective this time is to survive and search for a way to escape before the fog lifts. Should the fog lift then all of the challengers are killed, causing all of them to fail.
  • The challengers will have to deal with reduced visibility along with other detrimental effects brought about thanks to the fog. After lengthened time in the fog the Champion's health will start to deteriorate. Time is not on their side.
  • At first there are no NPC characters. After a while that may change as the Challengers face against themselves. Everyone is encouraged to send a PM to Oni-Lord with details about their character's suppressed emotions. They do not have to be necessarily dark, but it has to be something that the challengers hate about themselves and that they deny as a part of them.

Spriggan modified the Urban Warfare Training Arena to handle virtual simulations to train the Champions on their own exercises. While this was happening, Mordechai of Borderlands appeared and introduced himself to some of the Champions. A portal in the form of a TV set appeared in the Common Room, catching the attention of Naoto first. When she fell in the TV, the others mobilized to find her. When they got in the portal, they found themselves in an unknown area where everything was nearly shrouded in fog. Naoto objected to the group's decision to split up in teams due to the nature of the area they are in. When the Shadows surround them, they begin to fight back to protect the group while waiting for Naoto's instructions on where to proceed next. The group proceeds in the castle, looking for the missing Ravage. Later on, the Challengers face off against Blink's Shadow. But during this battle, Dis Baba lost his life after being impaled by ice needles. They later battle Shadow forms of Blink and Rey as well. However, Rey begins to suffer a Heroic BSOD of sorts when his Shadow throws accusations at him, even though he had accepted them. A few Champions were killed like Naoto and Raz, who had committed suicide. For this, the Nomads had placing a painful punishment on him.

A few more new Champions had appeared with names such as the Critic, Link, Rayman, Ron Swanson and Icarax before the main party got back from the world after Teddie and Naoto's comrades escorted them back to the main entrance. However, Dis Baba was reported to be dead. The Champions, including the newcomers, began to engage the demons such as Seraph to get Dis Baba. However, the alien kin was left confused as to what had happened. Luxanna was agitated thanks to her experience in the Persona world.

    Current Challenge 


Twilight of the Gods Challenges

    Completed Challenges 

Overlord Challenge 01: Odin Drive Us! / God Preserve Us!

It is the Year of Our Lord Eight Hundred and Sixty Six, and the Great Heathen Army of Danes and other Northmen is upon Northumbria and England! The city of York is to be beset soon, and King Aelle II has ordered for the men to ready, and the walls to be manned. Prince Ivar the Boneless of the Viking hordes laughs merrily at this gesture of defiance, and looks forward to the slaughter and plunder to come. Will the events of history go as destined? Or will these new and evil-eyed Lords and Ladies stem the tide?

  • The involved Overlords and Ladies will be split on entry, to either the horde or the Northumbrians.
  • The Viking objective is simply to defeat the defenders and plunder the riches of York. Defend Ivar the Boneless.
  • The Northumbrian objective is to drive off the Great Heathen Army for one day. Defeat Ivar the Boneless.
  • All of the non-human players will be transfigured into human forms, within the feasibility of human height.
  • All long range weapons will be replaced with period equivalents. NO GUNPOWDER. GREEK FIRE PENDING.
  • Low-level magic is permitted. Clock Punk is allowed. The players will be provided with superior strength to compensate.
  • Mythical entities like Rocs and Dragons may make appearances, as well as imps and fairies.
  • There will be two days before the battle proper begins. Sub-objective here is to survive within the temperamental ranks of the armies until the battle is joined.

Various villains begin to appear in the room including Megatron, Doctor Doom, Doctor Horrible, Fawful, Azula, Darth Maul, Air Man, Sylvanas Windrunner, Dr. Robotnik, the Joker, Vanitas, Sigma, Zod, Katsumi Daido, Monarch and Air Man. They were told by Centum of their need to participate in challenges before they are allowed to leave. Later on, Alastor, the Gilgameshes from the Fate Stay Night and Final Fantasy franchises and Vlad Masters join in. Most of them are sent in the Viking Challenge, where they join two opposing armies to battle against each other. Numerous villains work together, making new alliances.

Gendo Ikari was taken out of the Challenge by Upsilon, who was replaced by Gilgamesh of the Final Fantasy franchise for undisclosed reasons.

The two forces began their trek to fight in York with Doom and Megatron (as Magnar) led their respective forces for a fight to the death. Meanwhile several villains appear in the lair, including Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin and the Dalek Sec show up to be in the game. During the game, Daido meets two other Nomads, Deca and Decim. Both Megatron and Doom killed each other in the fight while Ivar was killed by a falling, undead wyvern, allowing York to be taken in battle. The Overlords are greeted with new ones including the Shocker Rider, Captain Hook and Maleficent after their arrival back in the lair. Daido attempted to show Dr. Doom what a Gaia Memory could do, but was defeated by Jack Spicer and only proved him more of a ruffian. Meanwhile, Zod continues to plan things out with Azula after she and Harry had spent some time together.

Overlord Challenge 2: Covert Operations

In the secret war between Contractors of various groups and nationalities, the Overlords are sent into Tokyo near Hell's Gate where a Contractor resistance movement named Evening Promise is battling PANDORA security forces in order to help Hei, Mao and Yin enter Hell's Gate and destroy the Saturn Ring particle accelerator.

  • This occurs near the ending of the 1st season of Darker than BLACK where Evening Promise fighters are battling PANDORA security forces in Hell's Gate. Japanese security forces cannot intervene as the area is officially UN territory.
  • In addition, most of Tokyo is under martial law. The party needs to be careful in not bringing in unnecessary attention.
  • The party is known as a non-Contractor EP group recruited by Amber to help in the fight against PANDORA. They appear in the area prior to the assault against PANDORA security forces.
  • The primary objective is to ensure Hei's survival in destroying the Saturn Ring particle accelerator as its activation will cause either castrophic changes to the world or to both Contractors and humans alike, under the orders of PANDORA official and Syndicate agent Eric Nishijima. Another is to help EP keep the offensive against PANDORA by protecting their Doll assets, allowing the party to infiltrate inside further to help Hei. Failure to stop the accelerator from firing the beam into the gate core will result in failure.
  • PANDORA soldiers will be the party's main enemy as well as with any Contractors deployed by the Syndicate to stop them. Misaki Kirihara and her division are also this due to their anti-Contractor mandate. However, it is possible to work with Misaki instead of making her an enemy due to the events near the end of the 1st season. It's also possible for Hei's group to survive infiltrating Hell's Gate and back.
  • Killing any non-combat PANDORA personnel will not result in mission failure. It is, however, frowned upon even if for example a PANDORA scientist gets a pistol and fires it at the party.
  • Main NPC interaction will include Hei and his group, Amber and the rest of EP, Misaki (and possibly) her division with Horai, Nishijima and Schroeder.
  • Cameo NPC appearances from the Shikoko no Hana/DTB shojo manga are also possible.

The Overlords appear in a warehouse the moment they teleported in from their lair hideout. After a few minutes of figuring out where they are, two teenagers greeted them and offered the Overlords assistance in meeting with Amber. They were escorted to meet the leader of Evening Primrose after some introduction. With some introductions as well from the Overlords, Amber proceeds to tell them why were they recruited prior to the battle against PANDORA even though there are some skepticisms from Jack and Norman as they don't wish to associate themselves with terrorists. Daido, on the other hand, joins in a heartbeat since he used to lead the mercenary terrorist organization NEVER. Amber debriefs Megatron and the others on PANDORA's particle accelerator and how it's suppose to spell doom for Contractors and for Hell's Gate. This gives Megatron a lot of interest, seeing the Contractors in a similar situation to Doom's world. The Overlords continue to ask questions to Amber regarding the particle accelerator and the rest of the Darker than Black universe. Moments later, most of the Overlords had boarded two cargo trailer trucks carrying the dolls while they were covered by EPR fighters after spotting two incoming UAVs.

In the lair, Shang Tsung of Mortal Kombat fame had arrived, who was clearly confused as to where he was. The trucks drove off from the EPR hideout as Maleficent made a spell to protect them from PANDORA detection. Moments later, the Overlords got into a big fight with PANDORA security forces determined to stop them. They were assisted by EPR fighters willing to assist them. Later, a combination of Amber's powers and the dolls brought them to the center of Hell's Gate, bringing them closer to the PANDORA complex. The Overlords engage Mai Kashiwagi, a Syndicate Contrator with fire abilities. They defeat her and Megatron crushes her head in triumph, earning some disgust from Maleficent and from Amagiri and Brita. They eventually reach the control room, confronting some of the PANDORA personnel including Syndicate members Eric Nishijima and Yoshimitsu Horai. The Overlords were aided by Mao thanks to his hacking skills. After a tense confrontation, Megatron and Mao were successful in getting the Jupiter Ring System data while the other Overlords held off PANDORA security forces and a Combat Cyborg Doll named Champ, with Kamen Rider Eternal and the Shocker Rider ending it with a Rider Double Kick. When the challenge was over, they were congratulated by an AI of their success before it showed them the image of the temple with Amber's loose clothing to indicate that she had used all Contractor powers. As the Overlords returned, they were greeted by Harry Osborn and the two new arrivals consisting of the Black Mage and Visser.

Overlord Challenge 3: I Expect Nothing Less Than Gratuitous Violence!

The Overlords are dropped in the forest near an old farmhouse in the Scottish Highlands. As they draw closer, they discover it is occupied by a unit of British Army troopers who are in the process of barricading the place. They've been attacked by strange creatures, half-man, half-wolf. They reach the farmhouse just in time: it's dark, the moon is full, and they can hear howling from the forest...

  • The Challenge takes place in the farmhouse and it's surrounding area (the forests surrounding it, the barn, and the road). Any attempt to stray far from the farmhouse without protection will likely result in the Overlord in question being torn to pieces by angry werewolves.
  • NPCs include British Army troopers Sergeant Wells, Cooper Spooner, Terry, and Joe, as well as zoologist Meghan, Special Forces Captain Ryan, and Sam the dog.
  • There are an equal number of werewolves to Overlords, unlike the film. This is simply for balance.
  • All silver objects are transmuted into non-silver metals.
  • The werewolves can be injured but will shrug almost all injuries off and regenerate them without permanent damage. The two exceptions are fire (which can kill outright) and exposure to silver (which negates their invulnerability and regeneration).
  • The goal of the challenge is to survive until dawn. None of the events of the film are set in stone, and NPC deaths can go as planned or be prevented. At least one Overlord must still be standing at the end of the night.

The Overlords arrive to help escort the commandos and the civilian to a safe place after being told of werewolves in the forest. Even though it was met with skepticism, the Overlords agreed to assist them in any way they can. After taking refuge, the werewolves began to make their way towards the barnhouse. The Overlords began to make preparations to meet them head-on. As they begin to barricade the place, Gilgamesh, Maleficent and the Shocker Rider investigate the house if it is free from any werewolves. A few minutes later, the werewolves proceed to attack the barricaded house, making the Overlords fight back to help the outnumbered commandos. A few of the Overlords were being killed by the werewolves while ex-STARS officer/Umbrella/Tricell researcher Albert Wesker shows up in the All-Lair before he was confronted by Kerrigan and Pete and later by Maul, who faces off against the super enchanced human.

As the Overlords continue to battle against the werewolves, more of the former continue to lose their life while new challengers continue to show up in the All-Lair consisting of Nicol Bolas, Richard and General Guy. Gilgamesh, who decided to kill the werewolves, decided to use Enuma Elish to wipe them out. However, the British commandos were also killed in the process. The mission failed and the Overlords got massive headaches. This enraged all of them and thus, Gilgamesh was killed for his actions.

Maleficent and the others decided that there was a need for a strong leadership, which most of the Overlords disagreed on.

Overlord Challenge 4: The Battle For Zocthanol Isle

  • This challenge takes place in the world of Irdiya, some time after The Fall (class 1 Apocalypse How), in the titular Zocthanol Isle.
  • The Quenoth Elves, led by Kalehssar and the desert druid Zhul have escaped from their desert homes after the rocks that fell from the sky devastated it. They have traveled far and wide and allied themselves with the mermen, whose queen told them of Zocthanol Isle.
  • The challenge's objective is to enter the black keep that stands in the middle of the Isle and defeat the Big Bad, Eloh, the so-called Goddess of the Quenoth Elves.
  • Kaleh's, Nym's or Zhul's death counts as failure.
  • Elven NPCs include Kaleh, his childhood friend Nym, Zhul the druid and various desert elf mooks.
  • Other NPCs include Grog the Troll and Esanoo the Merman which are allied with Kaleh, Boyicht the Saurian Orcale, Kelur the Draug and Graghht the Orcish Sovereign which serve Eloh, their mooks, and Eloh herself.
  • No one will be nerfed, so the enemy mooks will be given vastly superior numbers to compensate.

The party was sent to aid the Elves to defeat the Eloh. So far, things were doing well on their side. Meanwhile back at the All-Lair, shenanigans were place such as General Guy's Shy Guy troops harassing Harry to no end. Meanwhile, Daido reveals that he is a terrorist to one of the newcomers, Koyomi, whose Berserk Button just happens to be terrorists. She kicks his ass. Daido then retreats to test out if his blood can bring the dead back to life due to it having Necro-Over properties. He tries it on a corpse and it fails, but when he uses it on a Heartless Shadow, it becomes a Flame Shadow. As they continued to fight against Eloh's forces and ensure the safety of Kaleh, Nym and Zhul, Decim had mysteriously intervened and time stopped in the Wesnoth challenge. Most of the challengers had wondered why they stopped until they were sent back to the lair before another portal opened up to lead some of them to the the planet Thor.

When they came back, Harry and Norman had a fight, with Azula tending to Harry. Soon, Zod decides to use Azula's loyalty of him to kill his son which he summoned to the All-Lair. Enraged that someone could kill their own son, Fate and his harem burst in and fight Zod. The fight not only summoned The God of Fate's world, The Lifemaker, but also two Nomads, Deca and Unus. While Deca was nervous to do anything, Unus took down the Lifemaker in one shot. The Lifemaker took Fate and his harem home due to his plans being more important than the Nomads. Centum decides from this madness that the Overlords need to learn a lesson. And thus, the next challenge begins.

Overlord Challenge 5: Justice Descending

The world of DC is in peril. Brainiac has put into motion a nefarious plot that could result in the end of days. The Justice League (as well as all the rest of Earth's heroes) have been incapacitated by Brainiac's forces, and it's up to the Overlords to save the day.

  • Initially the Overlords will be split into four teams, combating different aspects of Braniac's plan.
  • The four starting locations will be S.T.A.R Labs in Gotham City, Centennial Park in Metropolis, Gorilla City, and the surface of Mars.
  • They will then meet up again as... further developments ensue.
  • The main bulk of the challenge will be containing/destroying the myriad of threats under Brainiac's command, from all over the DCU.
  • But killing innocent humans is right out.
  • The overall goal of this mission is extremely simple: Save the World.

The Overlords, led by Zod, had arrived in the Watch Tower after emerging through a portal from the All-Lair. After being told what to do from Centum, Zod discovers that the Braniac has orchestrated multiple crises in four areas across the globe, and splits up the Overlords into four teams to deal with them. Of these four, the S.T.A.R. Labs, Centennial Park and Mars teams were able to complete their objectives in one form or another, and after defeating the villains involved (one of Brainiac's robotic duplicates, the alien menace Queen Bee and the White Martians, respectively), the Overlords prepared to confront Brainiac on the watchtower...only to learn that the insidious machine was nothing more than a pawn of the real villain, Darkseid. The Dread Lord of Apokalips made his presence known by casually ripping Bolas' head apart with his bare hands, and while the other Overlords made a spirited effort to subdue him they were no match for the New God, who soundly defeated them all with a single blast of his omega beams.

The challenge might have continued from there, as did its inspiration, but due to a number of factors the GM running said challenge threw up their hands in disgust and ended it.

Overlord Challenge 6: Another Eastern Story...

It is just another day in the land known as Gensokyo. Shops sell their wares, children flock to the school, farmers bring in their crops, women converse over tea and snacks, strange and powerful creatures from other worlds entirely show up with incredible powers and still restraint. Yep, just another day in the land of Gensokyo.

  • Upon exiting the portal that appeared in the All-Lair, the Overlords find themselves in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, home of Flandre Scarlet and her sister Remilia. Only something seems to be amiss with them...
  • For this challenge, all male and neutral gendered challengers have been changed into a human-like female form. The design, age, clothes, and details can be up to the player's description, but they have to look mostly human in form.
  • For this challenge there is no single prevailing plot rail that the Overlords have to move along. There is a goal, but there are several ways that can be pursued and at their discretion. The Overlords are free to move about and explore Gensokyo to their hearts content.
  • The Goal for this challenge is to find the one being in all of Gensokyo that is able to send the Overlords back to the All-Lair. They have to figure out some way to find her/get her attention. Asking the locals can be of help, or it could lead to a dead-end, it all depends on how the Overlords go about it.
  • For the duration of the challenge, all of the Overlord's powers, abilities, and attacks are non-lethal. No matter how hard they try, the worst they could do to someone is knock them unconscious.

Those Overlords who participated in this challenge—amongst them Bolas, Megatron and Flandre Scarlet, to name but a few—found themselves transmogrified into young girls and standing within the main foyer of Flandre's home, the Scarlet Devil Mansion. After some confused dialogue between themselves and a few of the mansion's staff, they were guided by the maid Sakuya to see the owner of the house—Lady Remilia Scarlet, a powerful vampire and Flandre's older sister—in an effort to find out just what they were meant to do here; unlike most previous challenges, their objectives were not readily apparent upon their arrival.

Regrettably, the Overlords never learned what they were meant to do because the Challenge came to a premature close and the Overlords were returned to the All-Lair sans Flandre, who had apparently been returned to her world. In the middle of the challenge though, Harry murdered his father and took over his role as Overlord.

    Current Challenge 

None at present.

    Future Challenges 

Overlord Challenge X: Trapped

In the bowels of Arkham Asylum, the Overlords have been sent by the Nomads to assist Batman in defeating the Joker and routing all of his henchmen in order for Gotham police to secure the place while they find out what he is up to.

  • This occurs after the Joker has escaped and Batman has his first fight. Arkham security forces are heavily undermanned due to the massive number of escaped Blackgate inmates and supervillains.
  • To put a balance in the challenge, the Overlords will be confronted by a lot of inmates to compensate.
  • The main objective is to help Batman rout the escaped villains and figure out what Joker really wants with the asylum while assisting the Batman rescue the Commissioner and Warden Sharp. Secondary objectives include the protection of Arkham personnel being held hostage including Dr. Young, Arkham doctor who has a secret past. It is possible to save her from being killed.
  • Anyone who is either killed by the inmates or the villains will be sent back to the lair. The Overlords are also sent back to the lair if the Joker was able to finish his objective from the asylum.
  • The Overlords are not allowed to leave the island. If they do, they will be gunned down by Gotham police for being possible escapees as they have tightly secured its waters by maintaining a cordon.
  • Inmates can be killed or subdued while the villains will be subdued personally by Batman after they are defeated unless they are killed. However, Batman will frown at the Overlords for killing inmates/villains even if they came to help the Caped Crusader.

Overlord Challenge X: Instruments of Destruction

On war-ravaged Cybertron, Megatron, tyrannical leader of the Decepticons, leads the assault on the Autobot city of Iacon, the majority of his forces deployed. He seeks the Omega key, a device that will give him access to the core of Cybertron, but legions of Autobots under Sentinel Zeta Prime stand in his way.

  • There are two elements to this attack: The main battle under the control of Starscream and Brawl, and the infiltration force, led by Megatron, which will be headed for the archives where the key was last reported stored.
  • The main battle serves as a diversion for the infiltration team. Objectives for the main group include holding off(and doing as much damage as possible to) the Autobot army and aerialbots, as well as the capture of Autobot officers.
  • The infiltration force has a single objective: Prevent the death of Megatron as he picks his way to the key.
  • The overarching objective: Obtain the Omega Key for Megatron, who must live through the entire Challenge.
  • The party will have similar forms as in the Prison Break Challenge, but with different logos and coloration.


Crossover Challenges

    Complete Challenges 

Crossover Challenge X: Howling In the Dark

It is the near future of the twenty-ninth century, and all is not well. On the distant world of Thor, a small colony and scientific outpost suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the galaxy—and from the deepest shadows and out of the darkest corners creep strange entities which seem hostile to the colony’s human inhabitants. Can our protagonists learn the cause of this spreading madness and restore a semblance of order to Thor, or will they too succumb to insanity as darkness swallows this planet whole?

  • Much like the Magical Girl challenge, this challenge takes place in an original setting—in this case, it is set entirely on the lush and verdant planet of Thor in the year 2847 A.D., and specific locations include the colony’s capital of Valhalla, along with a number of archaeological dig sites spread across the globe. The Champions and/or Overlords will awaken from cryogenic suspension within the medical bay of a small cargo ship just as it begins setting down at Valhalla’s Bifrost spaceport.
  • While they retain all of their abilities and equipment, for the duration of this challenge an enchantment has been placed on the challengers to make them appear outwardly human. The reason for this is because, in this particular setting, aliens are few in number in comparison to humanity and are not even remotely humanoid in form, and relations between extraterrestrials and humans are somewhat strained. Champions and/or Overlords who look at themselves directly will see themselves as they truly are, but to outside observers—or to those glancing at themselves in a mirror—they will seem like ordinary—if oddly dressed—humans; despite this, they will be able to tell one another apart from the sundry NPC humans in some fashion. In addition to this glamour, the larger Champions and Overlords—such as Megatron and Nicol Bolas—will have been drastically reduced in size so that their vast bulk does not threaten the illusion. Keep in mind, however, that as the plot progresses this enchantment may break down, exposing the challengers for what they truly are to a frightened populace…
  • The Champions/Overlords will have a period of time to settle into this unfamiliar setting before the challenge begins in earnest; during this time, they can explore the city of Valhalla and learn more about the workings of this particular universe should they feel so inclined.
  • If players control both a character(s) in A Game of Gods and a character(s) in Twilight of the Gods, they are only permitted to bring one of these characters in for the duration of the Challenge; the other(s) will be forced to wait in either the Common Room or the All-Lair, and may be permitted to observe the happenings of the Challenge via either the monitor bank in the case of AGOG or the Strategium table in TOTG.
  • The stated goal of the Challenge is to locate and bring an end to the source of whatever calamity shall soon plague the world of Thor; however, the only true way to fail it is if all the participants die before finding said source, so the human inhabitants of Thor—and indeed, the planet itself—need not survive.
  • The Champions from A Game of Gods have an additional, secondary goal to accomplish; hidden somewhere in the jungles of Thor is a ‘key’ of some sort, which will allow them to challenge their Nomad captors once they complete the Challenge and return to the Common Room. However, this ‘key’ will only be retained if they successfully complete the Challenge; if they all simply kill themselves in order to drop out, the ‘key’ will remain on Thor.
  • Notable NPCs include Dr. Langley, an astrophysicist and respected member of Thor’s scientific community; while her survival is not mandatory, it is ideal to at least attempt to keep her alive for as long as possible.

The mixed Champion/Overlord team awoke in a spaceship via cryogenic pods before they landed in Thor. Once they arrived, they were given Phi-modules as a means of aiding them in their navigation around the planet, placed on their wrists with Ravage and Megatron being detained before the latter joined up with the team after they broke out. Being interested in these devices, the team begins to ask questions to the module on what the planet was like and as to how they were involved with Thor and the era they were in. As they got to the hotel with bookings to room reservations placed under the names of Gordon and Zod, they were attacked by creatures alongside a couple of civilians, university students who were interested to hear Gordon's talk. The team was initially overwhelmed in a surprise attack before they fought back and went to see Dr. Langley, who aided them at first before she told them that she was heading out to see her husband as he was trapped in an excavation site. The group arrived in a hotel and settled down while Dr. Langley called in to see if her husband was alright. Jack contacts the hotel's security chief and the planetary administrator regarding the attack, but receives a rebuff from the latter when he told them to take it easy. Spriggan was shocked during the time of the attack and thus, blamed himself for allowing the woman to die under his watch before he vowed to get revenge on whoever was responsible for killing the students. The team evaded security forces long enough to escape their sight as martial law was declared by the planetary administration with the military being mobilized to hunt them down. The team unanimously agrees to help Dr. Langley in rescuing her husband. While escaping with the doctor, the team was forced to fight back against the military by attacking their transports. In doing so, they were able to get away. But due to unknown reasons, the spinner transports the group used crashed after Bolas and Megatron grew back to their original, tall sizes. The starts were also absent from the night sky. Dr. Ikari tried to contact Dr. Langley to no avail, owning to communication difficulties. He warned her that the group shouldn't stare at the sky for a long period of time as the scientist said that most of his excavation crew had went crazy over this.

Ravage went to join up with Dr. Langley and the others, evading capture from the military and made their escape on a bus the scientist had secured as their main transport after he contacted Rey for extraction. During the escape, Rey begans to have hallucinations on hearing his wife's voice when he was with Jack, Spriggan, the Doctor and Link while everyone else began to engage a humanoid creature. Spriggan and the Doctor try to restrain him as he was being a danger to himself and the others, but Link was able to calm the wrestler down by magic. After this, Rey calmed down and the TGS agent calmly placed him on a seat and removed his restraints, being sure that he won't attack him and the others alike. Thanks to Link, the wrestler was able to relax. At this time, Narumi joined up with the group after he was initially separated, transforming to Kamen Rider Skull. Icarax caught up with the bus, getting inside with help from Kimimaro. As Link was resting, he begins to have chest problems before he collapsed while being in a dream, fighting a strange Shadow inside his consciousness. While Rey was having visions of his children, Dark Link appeared on the bus having taken over Link's body. Dark Link's presence made Icarax and Bolas challenge it before Kimimaro warned it that he won't hesitate to fight when needed. During an attack on the bus by numerous Morlocks, which was backed up by an enormous winged creature known as the Leviathan, Dark Link and the Doctor had a heated exchange, which prompted the Doctor to turn his defoliator on the being. This incapacitated him briefly, but he soon made a comeback. However, Link, from the depths of their shared psyche, managed to break the dark entity's hold on him, returning himself to reality and regaining some of his original power - but he was shaken by the event, Dark Link having tortured him and shaken his belief in himself.

The Doctor dies when Galen chokes him on the throat before the journeys resumes. The group infiltrates the temples and in the middle of the fight, Spriggan was captured before he was killed. Determined to avenge his death, most of the group went to move on and battle Washington as he was the culprit responsible for the events that happened in Thor. With Washington defeated, Lambda appears using Dr. Shinji's body as a vessel to communicate with the Challengers and the Overlords before they were sent back to the Common Room/All-Lair.

    Future Challenges 

A Game Of Gods: Infinities Challenges

    Completed Challenges 

Challenge 0: Intro

The new Champions are pulled from places throughout space and time into a field. Will they get along or will they fight?

In a meadow, Roadbuster, Neroth, Bowser, Scorpion, the EOU Droid, Sly Cooper, Shotaro, Tobias, Xigbar, Kinoko Masha, The Courier, the 11th Doctor, Archer appear dazed and confused. Most of them start getting into various fights over the confusion of why they were summoned to an unknown place. Eventually, the fights ceased since they all realized that it would not lead them somewhere.

Other characters including Mehir, Jak and Daxter, Kim Gi-Soo, Link and Makuta Teridax showed up to the meadow after the fights ceased. Gray, Fluttershy and Donkey Kong have arrived in the fields too. Some of them have began interaction in getting to know one another while friendships were being made. A few minutes later, Tobias Fünke arrived after claiming that he got lost. Eventually, Link was able to get the group together and warn them that their cooperation is needed if they have to leave the place alive. Roadbuster had suggested that they head to some buildings nearby, where the group could probably get some help.

Meanwhile, Saren appeared before Rey and Luxanna, the two spending at least 1 earth year with the former away from his family due to his magic skills and all that he considers him to be abnormal. They had detected the presence of new challengers and thus, decided to help them escape the place and get back home safely. As they traveled, Subaru appeared from above and dropped onto the ground. Moments later, Hellboy appeared and followed. The group arrived at the city. Or what appeared to be the ruins with a shrine. They began to survey the area to see if they can do something about it. When Rey appeared in front of the challengers alongside Luxanna and Saren, it spooked Gi-Soo that he nearly fired the CAR-15 if it weren't for Neroth and the Doctor. Shotaro nearly attacked the three, thinking they are the ones that trapped them, had it not been for Neroth. Suddenly, the group was enveloped in darkness before they appeared in a deep red, crater-scarred landscape. The appearance confused most of the people in the group. In the midst of finding a way out, Tobias's mental abilities made Lux go into a trance before he was able to stop it. Masha broke down and cried when she realized that she can't get back unless she escapes with the others. However, Xigbar and a few of the Champions helped her cheer up with Neroth telling her to stop crying.

Garland joined up with the group as they tried to figure a way out of the place, starting with the nearby shrine after arriving in a dusty plain. Meanwhile, Hellboy, Sly, Xigbar, Masha and Fluttershy to explore while Gi-Soo and Shotaro stayed with Mason and the Doctor. More infighting soon continued again before Rey and some of the others forced them to fight. Shotaro took off in another direction, getting annoyed by the fights. A few were figuring out the lay of the land, particularly the gold that makes up the land itself.

Challenge 1A: Capitalism, Ho!

The champions find themselves in a competetion unlike all the others they have had before: Running a business!

  • The Champions will find themselves in the town of Pensee, suddenly in the service of a very surprised young girl by the name of Recette.
  • The champions will have to set up their own shops, each competing with each other to help Recette earn enough money to pay off her debt. The challenge will take place over two days.
  • Every time half a day passes, if a champion does not have at least 1,000 pix, they will fail the challenge. This is harder then it sounds.
  • NPCs include Recette, Tear, and several others.
  • Killing townsfolk, or Recette, or any other NPCs, results in instant challenge failure.
  • The winners will be able to buy an item of their choice from Recette's shop after giving her the money they earned. This item will be an upgrade of some sort from their universe, or a helpful item that doesn't necessarily grant them more power, but gives them some kind of aid.

Characters: Shotaro, the 11th Doctor, Fluttershy, Garland, Bowser, Masha, Link, Sly Cooper, Donkey Kong, Roadbuster, Cletus the Courier, Wreck-Gar

The group landed in Recettear and quickly established that they were there to help Reccette with her shop. Half of the group went off to a dungeon with Reccette to help her gather supplies, whilst the other half minded the shop in her absence.

The Dungeon group split into several smaller groups, each one fighting some monsters on their paths, before all teaming up on the boss, an armoured giant sand-swimming scorpion.

The Shop group sold some items to several customers, including Reccette's rival, Alouette, and an attempt at shoplifting which was very quickly stopped.

At the end of the challenge, Link managed to purchase a Mirror Shield from the shop for himself before the Champions were returned to the Crystal City.

Challenge 1B: Justice is Served

An Eldritch Abomination has finally stirred, the once-complacent being is destroying those foolish enough to believe they had a chance at containing it. With an ally in a being mentally linked to the Nomads themselves, they begin to lay waste to the only institution maintaining the peace on Runeterra. Can the Champions of Champions save the Institute, or League of Justice, and by extension, this world?


  • Fiddlesticks, Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw and Malzahar indefinitely incapacitated. Simply killing them will result in their respawning at the Void Nexus. If the Void Nexus has already been destroyed, there is a distinct possibility they could respawn at the Institute's Central Nexus, see Defeat Condition 2 as to why this would be a problem.
  • Destroy the Void Nexus that has appeared in the Eastern Summoning Chambers. This will prevent the respawning of the four primary targets, however they can produce another Void Nexus if not incapacitated within enough time or havent been incapacitated yet. This will halt the Voidling waves
  • Sever Malzahar's connection to the Nomad to ensure this will not happen again for the foreseeable future.


  • NOTE: PC Characters dying will NOT result in their elimination from the challenge unless killed personally by any of the primary four targets. They would instead respawn at the institute's Central Nexus.
  • If the Institute's Central Nexus is destroyed, the challenge ends in failure.


  • There is a wealth of cannon-fodder redshirts in the form of Minions (for the Institute) or Voidlings (for the opposing forces). Feel free to abuse them to your pleasure.
  • For the sake of simplicity, only the four aforementioned League champions will be present, along with Kassadin as a friendly NPC champion. All others will be off league grounds, but may end up pseudo-summoned should the fight become too one-sided.
  • The Institute has many internal defences, and the Void army has erected their own defending the Eastern wing. There are three different Eastern Corridors, fighting will be taking place in all three. The defenses on their own can NORMALLY hold off the redshirt waves (though if left alone long enough the redshirt hordes may slowly push one way or another and wear the turrets down gradually), and if you try to attack one without redshirt cover, you wont last very long.Tactical decisions must be made regarding the dynamic action on three fronts.
  • The Central Nexus, as long as it stands, prevents damage to the Institute itself. This means no bashing through walls or other terrain-destroying approaches.

Characters: Rey Mysterio, Luxanna, Saren, Scorpion, Archer, Jak and Daxter, Subaru, Erio, Tobias, Hellboy, Jericho Swain, Xigbar, Grey, Teridax, EOU Droid

The challenge begins with the Champions arriving on the blue team's summoning platform of the incomplete Magma Chamber Field of Justice; once there they are greeted by Kassadin the Void Walker and Swain the Master Tactician, who explain the situation to them. Realizing that they hold the fate of an entire world in their hands, the Champions waste no time in splitting into three teams, each of which will be assigned to a lane in order to confront the Void-aligned villains in the coming battle: Lux, Rey, Scorpion, Tobias and Teridax take the left (or bottom) path; Swain heads mid, accompanied by Grey, Saren, Subaru, Erio and Jak & Daxter; and Kassadin takes the right (or top) lane, joined by Hellboy, Archer and Xigbar. As the three teams move into position, Swain, Lux and Kassadin give their allies a brief run-down of how this battle is going to work, explaining that they need to destroy the enemies' turrets and protect their own in order to push down the lanes and destroy the Void Nexus, thereby bringing an end to the battle; along the way, they will have to contend with both the weak yet mass-produced and functionally limitless minions generated by the enemy Nexus, as well as the five Void-aligned League Champions, who will stop at nothing to vanquish their foes.

The action is not long in coming—scarcely do the Champions have time to get into position before their enemies are upon them. In the bottom lane, Rey and Lux's group are forced to contend with Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void, a monstrosity which the original Champions were forced to fight near the end of the previous game; and on mid, Swain et al are confronted with the Void's mad prophet Malhazar, who is accompanied by a smal army of savage and deadly Voidlings.

Challenge 2A: All Will Be One, Spark Or None

This Challenge will take place on the Cybertron dominated by Megatron after the Beast Wars. Almost every Transformer has had their spark extracted, their bodies torn apart and used to create the endless army of Vehicon drones. Four Maximals, Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, and Blackarachnia, arrive on this dead world, and are reformatted to survive the effects of Megatron's weapons. Now, they seek to reclaim Cybertron, bringing biomechanical life into control. But will they succeed with these Challengers amongst them?
  • This will be set during the events leading up to the first season finale, starting with Revelations Part 2.
  • Half of the Challengers will possess a beast mode and a robot mode. The first thing is to be reformatted into a technorganic form to survive.
  • The other half will be converted into Vehicon generals in the service of Megatron, with vehicle and robot modes.
  • Maximal: Protect Optimus/ Defeat Megatron
  • Vehicon: Destroy the Maximals.
  • Secondary(optional): Save Rhinox


Challenge 2B: A Mission of Gravity!!

The Demon Earth, neighbour of the magical and word-play stricken realm of Xanth, has been kidnapped by an unknown enemy. His powers over Gravity will soon dissipate if he is not returned in time. Realizing the gravitas of the situation, the Good Magician Humfrey has dispatched Cynthia Centaur and an unlikely group of heroes to recover the mythical Rings of Xanth to power the Swell Foop, the only thing capable of aiding the quest of the heroes. Willthe Champions aid in their efforts and find the Foop… and will anyone even know what a foop is and what makes it so swell?

  • The setting of this Challenge is the Land of Xanth, a place where magic and puns- but mostly puns- abound.
  • The main goal of the Chalenge is to find all the nessecary rings, and find the Foop, at which point the challenge ends for the characters.
  • There are six rings in total, and each has its own designated Ring bearer- who are destined to wear the ring- and a zombie, who knows its location. There are six rings in total (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Idea, and Void) and the Challengers can accompany the characters on their search for the rings.
  • During their stay in Xanth, characters cannot swear (if they do, it is replaced with a bleep or a string of characters) or discuss the method of summoning the stork with children.

Characters: The Doctor, Sly Cooper, Nanoha, Teridax, Jak and Daxter, Donkey Kong, Mehir, Garland, Grey, Hellboy, Rey Mysterio, Bowser, Luxana, Xigbar

As the champions entered, they quickly found themselves caught up in a group of zombies. Learning that the world they were in was doomed if five rings were not found, they quickly lent their assistance to the cause.

Unfortunately, a shadow from the past was following the Champions, and the world quickly found itself under attack from a massive force that the Xanthians couldn't hope to stand against, a force that had particular interest in Nanoha and Rey, for some reason.

The Champions were quickly pulled out by a being called Yee, who explained to them the history of the Nomads and his own group, the Remnants, as well as saying that something huge was happening to the Multiverse involving their old enemy Omega, who was messing around with forces even greater than the Celestials. Unfortunately, before Yee could elaborate, a knock came at the door and Yee had to send the champions to their next challenge.

Inter-Challenge Break 2

Whilst the Champions who were on Xanth got their exposition from Yee, some very odd things were happening back in the Crystal City...

Challenge 3: Next Sunday, AD

The champions must endure a truely bizarre piece of "literature". Will they make it out with their sanity intact?

  • For the duration of the challenge, the champions will be placed in the Satellite of Love.
  • There are no NPCs for this challenge.
  • Champions will be shown, in sections, the fanfic "Light And Dark The Adventures Of Dark Yagami".
  • They must react to this fanfic.
  • Destroying anything or attempting to destroy the screen is impossible. The challenge is completed when the fanfic is finished.

Challenge 4A: Epïc Legend

The champions are sent to a strange fantasy landscape that appears to be inspired by heavy metal album covers, and are charged with leading whichever group they choose to victory…

  • The champions are each given the option of siding with one of three factions: Ironheade, the Drowning Doom or The Tainted Coil (more information on all factions here).
  • They must help their chosen group grow in strength to the point where they can defeat the others and Take Over the World.
  • Victory will be achieved when one faction stands triumphant, as decided in a climactic final battle.
  • All their powers will remain, but they may be enhanced/changed through the effects of music.
  • They will also receive a (purely cosmetic) makeover depending on the faction they choose.

Challenge 4B: Welcome to Hell's Kitchen

  • This challenge takes place in the world of Toriko
  • The challengers have been tasked with preserving the natural habitat... aka by either capturing the ingredients causing the ecosystem to collapse or infiltrate the Bishoku-Kai headquarters, or poachers who in their greed have caused near irreparable harm to the environments.
  • The challengers can either kill the monsters out right(though they must eat what they kill or risk the wrath of the Bishoku-Yas, professional food hunters, or they can Knock out the beasts with special tools called Knocking Guns, which are specialized tasers that paralyze the beasts, but leaves them alive. Some ingredients must be Knocked if you want to keep the flavor.
  • Along the way, the challengers must gather delicious ingredients so that the IGO (International Gourmet Organization) can negotiate their way out of a potential war. The leaders can only be convinced by good food, because food is power in this world.
  • Some ingredients will only remain good if prepared in special ways, so they are harder to utilize. However, successfully utilizing such ingredients shall be better than using easier to handle ingredients, for the taste and impact is much greater.
  • All ingredients have a capture level. A capture level demonstrates how hard it is to capture that ingredient, not how powerful it is. Higher leveled ingredients tend to taste better than the lower ranked ones, since they absorb the lesser ingredient's values into themselves when they prey on the lower ingredients.
  • The group will have a choice of choosing which of the Four Heavenly Kings guide them through the habitats and the infiltration, all with differing abilities and attitudes.

Infinities Challenge 5A: Lost Eternal Girl Brigade: The Second (GM: Anno R)

  • Champions will be transported to a different city in the same world as the first Magical Girl challenge, from the first season.
  • In this challenge, all champions will become human and female. However, some of them will be aged to highschool levels, while the others will be aged down further, to only nine years old.
  • In addition to this, they will be given magical abilities in line with the common "Magical Girl" character type. Characters like Nanoha who already possess such abilities will remain unchanged in this respect.
  • Champions will be tasked with uncovering and stopping whatever is causing the disappearances of potential magic users, all while going to school and maintaining a semi-normal life.
  • Challenge failure will result if any champion kills a civilian, or if all the champions are killed(as unlikely as that is). The challenge will also be failed if a champion's magical abilities are revealed to normal people.

Challenge 5B: Tetris'd Championship

  • The champions will find themselves in a deserted city, with everything suspiciously quiet and only one person there, who will give a very... succinct summary of the situation and a vague direction to head towards, though there's only one thing there and it's not far.
  • Then the tetrominoes start falling. Nothing can destroy them but they can be forced off course. Or jumped upon/climbed up, which is the only way to get to the top of the indicated tower.
  • As the champions progress, mooks (made of the same stuff as the blocks) might start appearing. They're also impervious to pre-existing abilities.
  • For those that need it, boosts to athletic ability will be provided. All flight capabilities are stripped for the duration of the challenge.
  • Goal: survive and get the blocks to stop.

Infinities Challenge 6: The Game of Destiny (GM: Flanker66)

Centuries have passed since the end of the last great war. However, the world is still not at peace. Despite the death of the mastermind behind the Game of Destiny - Master Albert - there have been worrying reports of increased Maverick activities and sightings of Model W, as well as Mega Men. It has become so bad that Legion, the central government of the world, has posted a request for someone - anyone - to investigate not just the sightings, but also the mysterious disappearance of Master Mikhail, one of the Sage Trinity. What is the truth behind this sudden resurgence, and what does it mean for life's future?

  • This Challenge occurs in the ZX Advent 'verse, approximately half a year after the game's conclusion.
  • It falls to the Champions to investigate Maverick activity in four different areas, as follows:
    • A deep sea research station has suddenly fallen silent after a large scale Maverick attack. Biometal and pseudoroid signatures were detected in the area - proceed with extreme caution.
    • A high altitude convoy carrying classified material suspected to be Model W - the airways have become unusually dangerous, and it is necessary to destroy the Model W before it is taken by Mavericks.
    • A temple deep in the jungle. There has been an extreme spike in mechaniloid activity, and there is little reason for this to be the case. Investigation is needed.
    • A missile base. Mavericks have been making repeated attempts to take control of the base, presumably so that they can hold entire nations hostage... or eliminate them outright.
  • However, there may be more to this than it appears.
  • The Champions' objectives are to find out why Maverick activity has spiked, and also to deal with any Model Ws or enemy Mega Men.
  • Master Thomas - the sole surviving member of the Sage Trinity - will provide support via any means he has available, and Aile - the bearer of Model X and formerly Model Z before its' disappearance - may assist the Champions at some point in the Challenge.
  • The Champions may choose to split up to cover more areas at the same time, or they may be able to stick together to give each other more security.
  • The outcomes of each area may affect the other remaining areas in different ways.
  • The challenge is failed if:
    • Grey dies.
    • Aile dies.
    • Objectives are failed.
    • The party dies.

Infinities Challenge 7: Corridors of Time (GM: Anura)

The effects of the creature Lavos on the history of the planet cannot be overstated, especially concerning how it ends. The Entity which embodies this world was starting to formulate a plan for fixing the problem, but help has now arrived from somewhere unexpected...
  • This challenge takes place in the world of Chrono Trigger. The action initially takes place across four different time zones, with the Champions divided into four groups, one of which will enter each time zone.
  • Each time zone has a separate objective and possible failure conditions. If one group fails, the entire challenge is a failure.
  • The first time zone is the Prehistoric Age, 65,000,000 BC. The goal of this age is to lend assistance to the fledgling human race as they seek to finally overthrow the Reptites, securing the future of the planet for humanity. To do this, they will have to storm Tyranno Lair. They fail if too many humans die.
  • The second time zone is the Age of Myth, 12,000 BC. The Champions here will find themselves wandering the floating cities of the Enlightened Ones for a little while, before being caught up in a plot to destroy the Mammon Machine before it causes Lavos to wake up.
  • The third time zone is the Dark Ages, 600 AD. The Champions will be thrust into the middle of a war against the Fiendlord Magus, and will have to help the prophecy of the Great Hero come to pass.
  • The fourth time zone is a post-apocalyptic wasteland at 2300 AD. Civilization lies in ruins, the remnants of humanity live on machines that might fail at any time, and an army of robots is starting to wipe them out in order to replace them as the rulers of the world. The Champions goal is to enter the robot factory and destroy Mother Brain, the robot leader.
  • When all the mini-challenges are complete, the future team will aquire a time machine and will be able to reunite the team. They will then have an opportunity to face Lavos in 1999 and prevent the Bad Future.
  • In a sixth time zone, the Sifuri challenge Tournament Time! will be taking place. It's entirely possible that the Champions actions will not go unnoticed...

Challenge #11: Danse Macabre

In a city where magic is a fact of life and humans intermingle peacefully with other civilized races, all is not well; the water runs foul with wasting disease, tensions brew to the south and war looms on the horizon, and at night the dead march to satisfy their hunger for the living. Can the Champions discover the sources of these threats, or will the city crumble into chaos and death under their watch?

  • This challenge takes place in a non-specific world based on Dungeons & Dragons; to be specific, it is set in the free city of Riverrock, a busy metropolis home to humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, Halflings and other assorted sapient species. To the south are the lands of the lizardfolk, a small confederation of nations that enjoyed peaceful relations with Riverrock until recently; and to the north are the Gogol plains, a vast wilderness without any signs of permanent civilization for hundreds of miles in all directions, the various nomadic barbarian tribes notwithstanding. A mighty river, the Brandt, bisects Riverrock and leads to the sea in the east, providing an inlet for trade; its source is unknown, but the Brandt winds through the Great Marshes of Ia-Kong to the west, from which no man has ever emerged…
  • Riverrock is beset by a trifecta of disaster—to the south, the lizardfolk have of late become increasingly aggressive of late, and the city council fears for the safety of their people should the lizardfolk tribes go to war; to the north, the dead now rise from their graves at night and slay anything that comes close as they prowl the lands; and their water supply has been contaminated by a fowl plague which the greatest scholars, wizards and clerics in the lands have not been able to cure. The Champions’ objective is to locate the source of these problems and put a stop to them before Riverrock drowns in madness, war and death. As long as the Champions put an end to at least one of these problems, the Challenge will be considered a success, but they are encouraged to go for gold on this matter and try to solve all of them.
  • There is a time limit of three in-game days in effect; failing to find and deal with the sources of the crises befalling Riverrock by the end of the third day will result in the city being ransacked and thus a Game Over.
  • While there appears to be a massive world available for explanation, there are limits to it; if the Champions stray too far off the beaten path, they will encounter invisible barriers that will not only prevent them from leaving but also teleport them back to Riverrock.
  • For the duration of this challenge, the Champions have taken on forms appropriate to the setting, the changes are largely cosmetic.
  • Major NPCs include the city council of Riverrock , the chieftains of the lizardfolk tribes, and a few others that will not be disclosed at this time.

The Champions find themselves suddenly deposited in the strange world of Dungeons & Dragons. After recovering from their sudden entry they discover to their amazement (and distress in the case of Grey the Reploid) that their attire have all been changed in order to blend in with the current world. After some initial interactions including Mio astonishing the general public with her love of grass the champions are met by a Lizardfolk driving a wagon laden with pots that appeared to be on the back of some sort of Dinosaur. Fluttershy mistakes the beast of burden for a Dragon and causes general panic and confusion until the more clear minded of the group clear things up. The episode ends with the Dinosaur sending Donkey Kong sailing through the air with a swing of its tail.

Meanwhile, two veterans- Arterius Saren the Ex-Spectre and The Doctor arrive; Saren collapses on arrival due to the malfunctioning of the biotic transplants in his body. While the Lizardman explains Riverrock's predicament to the gathered champions, Link and Kyouko head for the two new arrivals; Kyouko, in a rare act of kindness heals Saren while Link greets The Doctor.

The Champions had split into two groups, with some following Fluttershy to the city gates and others staying behind to listen to the lizardman. At the gates of Riverrock, the champions are met by the half-ork Paladin Stalgrim who greets them skepticism. Apparently, the champions have not been the only ones to offer the city help. Meanwhile back at the grassy knoll, drama had already started with Saren striking out at Kyouko with utmost prejudice- it seemed as if Saren was very particular about how other people addressed him.

After some time the Champions have managed to split into three groups- each with a separate purpose in mind.

Traversing the Ia-Kong Marshes: Sazh, Saren, Samus, Sayaka, The Doctor, Kyouko, Grey, Fluttershy, Luigi.

After an initial kerfuffle over buying anti-plague rings and potions, this hasty constructed group set off down the river Brandt on a wooden raft. Little do they know what awaits them. After a few long, sleepy hours aboard the raft the champions suddenly come to an abrupt halt in the middle of the river. They did not have much time to wonder for soon they were assailed by a Hydra intent on having something spicy for dinner. Sazh meanwhile is incapacitated by a chuul. Though spurred into action, the group nevertheless finds the Hydra a difficult opponent purely due to its Healing Factor. Sayaka Miki the Magical girl goes berserk. It is not until Sazh, freed from the lobster by a heroic maneuver by Luigi, casts support spells that the group truly gains ground. Saren and Samus join the fray and the battle ends without further ado as the Hydra is bombarded with lethal accuracy.

The group loses their raft to the Hydra and is beached on the damp bank of the great Marsh itself. After rallying together, Sayaka causes a scene by fainting then promptly returning to normal after her healing factor kicked in. After being reprimanded by Samus on her behavior the night becomes almost a counseling session for the magical girl until an Assassin vine decides to make a snack of Grey. The vine is dismissed but this was simply the herald of the main battle for the night. Lyla Sharro, Hellfire Warlock appears; her job- to kill the champions before they cause trouble. An intense battle follows as each champion tries to pull their weight without getting in the way of the other champions. Saren carries the entire team until his mechanical arm is shattered and his armour set on fire. After nearly ending Kyouko, Lyla Sharro is finally forced to retreat by Sazh. The group now sits down to lick their wounds.

Dealing with the Undead: Envy, Edward Elric, Chun-li, Leo, Guilmon.

After visiting the refugees of the plains, Edward was able to obtain a hajóföld and a clue- the name 'Tzitzimitl'. They set off on the landship but as darkness falls, they realise that the darkness gathering beneath the ship was not its shadow. Very soon, they are completely surrounded by an army of wraiths and undead abominations. Even worse, what was that thing that just blocked out the moon? After confirming that the walking, whispering shadows were indeed hostile the group flees the killer ghosts on their airship. Unfortunately, they do not get far as the thing that blocked out the moon comes crashing down, destroying the landship in the process. After blinding the group with a dark fog the Death wing is single-handedly taken down by Envy who finally decides that a serious battle would be worth his while. The Abomination is defeated, at the cost of all but one of Envy's philosopher stones.

The group the moves on with Edward putting the now worm-like envy in his pocket for 'safe keeping'. However, they are soon confronted by a Night Walker and a Charnel Hound. Just when defeat seemed inevitable, a dragon enters the fray and dispatches the two undead in short order.

After hitching a ride on the friendly dragon, their rescuer reveals themselves to be a crow and an old woman. Nana Karas (the old lady) invites the group to rest in her abode and to ride out the night. The word 'Tzitzimitl' is explained to them as being some sort of Eldritch abomination from beyond the stars. But how can such a being cause the dead to rise?

Delegating with the Lizardfolk: Link, Elizibeth, Samurai Jack, Ranmaru, Selim/Pride.

    Planned challenges that never occured 

Infinities Challenge #12: Soul Ablaze (GM: Flanker66)

It is a few days since Master Thomas revealed his treachery to the champions. Though his whereabouts are currently unknown, his campaign to reset the world has certainly not lost any steam. Dark forces are at play, and chaos has swept the earth in a terrible conflagration as Maverick attacks reach a fever pitch. Government forces are hard pressed to stem the tide, and not even the power of a Mega Man - Aile - is enough to win the day.

But she won't have to fight alone, as the mysterious universe hoppers make a fateful re-emergence...

  • This challenge is a continuation of The Game of Destiny, and as such follows up on what transpired in that challenge.
  • With Aile and the Guardians backing them up, the champions are confronted by four missions, each of which need to be resolved before they can put an end to Master Thomas's plan once and for all:
    • Air Force Base: Mavericks are currently assailing one of Legion's main airbases, threatening to wipe it out in a vicious attack. The champions must stop this from happening.
    • Bamboo Forest: The biocomputer that controls many of the functions of a major ecological site has gone beserk, a fate that has befallen many of the mechaniloids under its' command too. Its' growth has spiralled out of control, and Legion is struggling to get to the bottom of the incident. That's where the champions come in: get in, fix the biocomputer, and get out.
    • Mountain Reservoir: The government have reason to believe that Mavericks are planning to poison a water reservoir, rendering it unsafe for consumption. Their plans need to be foiled ASAP before it's too late.
    • Factory: One of the largest factories on the planet is under siege by Mavericks. The workers need to be saved and the bad guys neutralised.
  • Aile, Grey, and none of the important Guardians may be allowed to die; they form the major NPCs of this challenge as well.

Infinities Challenge #13: Shadows of Ourselves

Infinities Challenge #14: The 0-8-4: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Infinities Challenge #15: Heaven's Feel

Infinities Challenge #16: Am I my Brother's Keeper? (GM: troydenite)

Omega's power is growing. To Yee's horror, he manages to send the Challengers back to the time of the Celestial War, several millennia into that multiverse-spanning conflict. On a universe in the middle of nowhere, on a single uninhabited planet, two Celestials have managed to transport themselves to within ten miles of each other. One is a Loyalist, the other is a Separatist. They have burnt up the greater part of their resources in escaping from an engagement several universes away, and now each lies, wary and exhausted, hoping to kill the other before he can react.

The planet is marked on local starmaps as Euterpe-19. The Champions have been split into two equal groups, each with one of the two Celestials. The same deal is struck with each - find the other star-being before the sun sets. Tension is mounting in the air. It is a battle for survival...

But whose? And what is Omega trying to tell them?

  • Euterpe-19 is a planet with no trace of sentient life. The continent to which the Challengers have been sent is mostly a huge network of fantastic caves, canyons, and peaks, with vegetation and wildlife thriving in the crevasses beneath. Fortunately, the atmosphere has roughly the same proportion of gases as Earth, making it breathable. However, not all of the native wildlife is particularly friendly...

  • Neither team of Challengers has a direct lead to the other, and they have no way of finding out that they have been pit against each other - at least not at the start. However, there are clues, and when they meet up, negotiation and teamwork is perfectly acceptable. The Celestials lack the power to continually monitor them beyond a distance of a mile or so.

  • Because the Celestials are both in a state of extreme exhaustion, eliminating the Champions completely will prove impossible for them. However, the danger that they still pose with their technology will prove a considerable incentive for help, and they will employ other, more subtle means of getting the Champions to assist them. It will not come to outright deception. They have beliefs.

  • The mission will conclude when:
    • A Celestial is killed.
    • Both Celestials are brought to a peaceful resolution.

  • The mission is failed if either Celestial remains unfound by the time the sun sets. For the period of this Challenge, the Champions will not be resurrected by Omega if they die. This will be made extremely clear to them.


Was skipped in favor of getting to S3. Go go gadget timestream jump.

A Game Of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri Missions

    Finished Missions 

Mission 3: Neon Tiger

A World where Magic is rare, almost never seen. A sprawling technological metropolis acts as the capital of this world. But a string of thefts by an expert thief has raided dozens of museums. Not even the law enforcement's high technology can catch them. What's more, they use magic.

  • The majority of the challenge takes place in a vast, technologically advanced city known as Wolkenstadt. The city is vast and extremely technologically advanced.
  • There is an expert thief known as the Neon Tiger, preforming dangerous thefts using advanced magic. They never reveal their face.
  • The science team will join Wolkenstadt's elite law enforcement, directed by Wolkenstadt's chairman(Daruno Mefukai), and attempt to capture the Neon Tiger. The magic team will be tasked with helping the Neon Tiger preform thefts and evade capture.
  • The Neon Tiger is in possession of a ship piece. They will give it to the magic team, if they prove helpful. If they are captured, the piece will fall into possession of the science team.

Final mission: Seekers of Justice

  • GM: Stratofarious

  • In a previous Eclipse challenge, the overlords started to conquer earth. The seekers were sent int to stop them.
  • Seekers eventually lost after a pretty long and grueling battle by way of getting exploded by Tatu — literally, in Armani's case — but were brought back in secret with the new powers of comic superheroes, thanks to Loki. A year timeskipped while the seekers trained and the overlords just kind of took over the rest of the place with the power of timeskip.
  • They fought again, except they barely had time to before Tatu got killed by Tira and Gavril after being weakened by a suddenly angry Omega. Alliances came and fell, shit got chaotic, then everyone proceeded to endgame. Or at least that was the plan; see above for the endgame result
  • Fun fact: this was the last thing done in S2 for all three games

    Missions no one can remember if they happened or not 

Mission X: Tournament Time! (GM: Anura)

  • This challenge takes place in the world of Chrono Trigger, specifically in the Kingdom of Guardia, 1000 AD. The kingdom is holding a Millennial Fair to celebrate its thousand years of age.
  • The Fair includes many contests, all of which have had trophies granted to the winner. The Ship Piece has been re-forged into the trophy for the Martial Arts tournament, which must be won.
  • The champions will be in plain view of the locals nearly the entire time, and above all else, they must appear to be ordinary humans.
    • They will have to look human to a casual observer (illusions, polymorph, chameleon circuit/arch, doesn't matter how), to avoid being mistaken for a fiend.
    • The use of both magic and sufficiently advanced technology must be hidden from the locals.
    • Outside of the tournament, the characters must not fight each other directly, as that would draw attention to them.
    • The tournament itself is meant to be a martial-arts tournament, so using either technology or magic is cheating. Then again...
  • The Fair is enormous, and many events are being held in addition to the martial arts tournament. The characters are free to indulge in any event that catches their eye (read; any event you can think of), as long as it doesn't get in the way of any matches they have.
  • This challenge will run concurrently to the Infinities challenge Corridors of Time, and members of the Teams who pay attention might notice history change around them...

Please Save My Necromancer. (GM: Grey Star)

  • This challenge takes place within the world of Is This A Zombie?.
  • The world is in turmoil because Eucliwood Hellscythe (Ayumu's Master), a Necromancer of great magic power has been kidnapped. She is a Reality Warper whose feelings warps the world around her, and she cannot control it without effectively being mute, expressionless, and wearing special armor everywhere she goes. If she cracks, then the world may end...
    • In world location is Tokyo.
  • This world has an assortment of magical beings, ranging from Masou Shoujo (Magiclad Girls) to vampire ninjas to zombies to Megalos (monsters that are almost impossible to kill for regular humans- natural enemies to the other supernatural beings and predators to regular humans.)
    • It is possible to gain Megalo powers if one chooses to, if they can handle the corruption...
  • At around the time of Eucliwood's disappearance, the Door to the Underworld had been ripped asunder, freeing a veritable army of Megalos from within its depths. It has to close soon, else a massacre will take place in the human world...
    • The power of the ship piece is what is giving the kidnapper(s) enough power to subdue Eucliwood, so it's rather in their interest to help out with the investigation. It's also the source for keeping the Door to the Underworld open.
  • The challenge is lost if Eucliwood cracks under pressure or if the Door to the Underworld is fully open.
  • Magic's Objective is to rescue the Necromancer before her repressed powers are unleashed upon the world while Science's is to close the Door to the Underworld.

Doomsday in Manhattan (GM: Geek Code Red)

Magic and Science are forced together in defense of Earth. Will the forced truce last long enough to defeat the two invasion forces?
  • This challenge is set in New York, 2030, in the Doctor Who universe.
  • The two teams have been contracted by the United States Armed Forces and will be forced to work together to defeat the invading forces.
  • Each team will be split in two and combined with half of the other team to create two Taskforces, to which several NPC allies will be added.
  • Teams Gold and Silver will tasked with regaining two power sources, which have been bolstering each invasion force.
  • Team Gold will be fighting high-powered but low-numbered enemies.
  • Team Silver will be fighting low-powered but high-numbered enemies.
  • Friendly NPCs include: Various United States Armed Forces personnel, Sontarans, Raxicoricofalipatorians (Of the family Slitheen), Mechonoids and various others.
  • Challenge is failed if Manhattan falls to either invasion force.
  • Death in this challenge will not result in returning to base, but rather a nice sleep.

Eclipse of the gods challenges