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Whatever you might have heard about me is untrue. I am much more of a loser than those fools say.

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  • VANDALISM!! Hi, Troy. -desdendelle
  • -Runs in and sets fire to Troy's trope page- ...Oh. That's not what they mean by vandalism, is it? Heheh~ ^///^ ~ Kiri Ame
  • - No, it isn't. :p -beat- ...... WHERE'S THE WATER?!!!!!!!!!!!! - troydenite
  • Judo VANDALIZE! -Test Your Might
  • Jefferson Lives! -deathpigeon
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  • Books! Wherefore art such passions growing in the vines of thy soul? My Elizabethan sucks ^u^ See you in various R Ps! ~ Aralyn
  • FALCON.......VANDALISE! ~ Biomechtraveler (Eh? Wheres my link?)

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