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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Oct 18th 2015 at 7:18:06 AM

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The city floated in the void. The city was round, set on top of what would almost seem like a round, giant, concrete shield pointed downward. About ten kilometers across, the city had a road network that radiated from the center, yet no cars drove the streets. The buildings all seemed to be in pristine order, standing firm and unbroken, and yet there were no signs of life from the city whatsoever. But, it was no ordinary city. The layout and position of the buildings kept shifting whenever they were not looked at; at seemingly any moment practically any location in the city could become any other location in the city.

The void outside the city was like an open blue sky, yet worringly, contained no sun. Despite this, the city was well lit and had a typical, comfortable warmth; the warm light seemed to always come from straight above, even though there was seemingly no source. There was the occasional cloud floating through this sky, but rather than water vapor... They were pages, of different types of paper and colors, all covered in some form of writing; all seemingly gibberish.

The serene silence of it all was finally broken, by the sound of a pen writing on paper. "It's show time."

Across various universes, there were various scenes playing out. Fights, conversations, people playing, someone finding a moment alone, and all sorts of other things. For a certain number of people across these universes, their lives were about to be interrupted, though they had no way of knowing it would be in this way.

From their perspective, in the middle of whatever else was happening, everything suddenly stopped. A jittering sort of stop, like a reel of film skipping a few frames before coming to a complete and total pause; nothing moved, including themselves. Then, the world in their vision started to slowly fade away in swirls of darkness, everything eventually disappearing save for any part of themselves that happened to be in their periphery at the time. There was something both terribly pressing and yet coldly empty about the darkness; as if they were both lost in a vacuum of space with no stars and also being pressed on all sides by a crushing pressure. The darkness lingered, for an instant that yet managed to stretch out into length, like a dream.

Almost as soon as it had come, the darkness was suddenly gone with a rushing of air and light coming to greet them like a powerful torrent of water. It hit them with blinding intensity and a roar of sound that left them disoriented for a moment as they were thrust back into reality. Unfortunately for them, it was not their reality.

Day One, already missing home

Around the edge of the city was a very wide walkway, as wide as a two lane road; it was distinctly separated from the actual two lane road that ran beside it by a two foot tall incline, placing the walkway above the road. On the other side of the walkway, a simple two foot tall railing was all that divided the walkway and a very, very long fall into the void. At ten positions spaced evenly along the walkway were large areas that jut out farther than the rest of the edge, almost like a sort of balcony; they were shaped like a large semicircle coming out of the normal edge, as if one had taken a circle and put it halfway into the edge of the larger circle that was the city as a whole.

At these balconies, people started to appear, disoriented and confused. About a hundred of them appeared at each balcony; one particular balcony contained a number of noteworthy individuals... Not moments after they had arrived, the final piece of the city was being added. A large circular building sided entirely with glass windows came down from above, seemingly from nowhere, and slowly planted itself without a sound at the exact center of the city; it didn't look very tall, but it was fairly wide. Now that it was landed, it could be seen that the center of the roof held a wide, glass dome.

What was likely a more pressing matter for the new arrivals however, was their fellow arrivals, and complete strangers from other universes, that were around them.

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Somewhere Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Oct 18th 2015 at 7:44:16 AM

Ben was laying on his bed in the Rust Bucket, the Tennyson family RV. He was exhausted from a day of fighting evil; Dr. Animo had showed up and tried to turn all of St. Louis into animal-men. Now, all he had to do was sit back and wait until the next rest stop. So he just lay there as usual, tuning out Gwen and reading a Sumo Slammers comic book.

And then silence.

Ben noticed the pages fade from his vision and he tried to look up and tell the others. But he couldn't. He couldn't even move. Couldn't use the Omnitrix to get out of this one, could he? Ben could only watch as his world seemed to fade away. And with a rush of light and sound, suddenly he tumbled onto... solid concrete? What the heck?

"Oof!" Ben shouted as he dropped his comic book, wincing in pain. He was about to say something, but he then noticed his surroundings. This was NOT the Rust Bucket.

He suddenly jumped to his feet. "Grandpa?! Gwen?!" he asked in a frenzy. Maybe Grandpa and Gwen came with him, they just ended up somewhere else. Stinkfly would help look for them. However, just as he turned the dial and made a grandiose motion to try and slam the button, he looked up. There seemed to be dozens of people here, all just as confused and frantic as he was.

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SpartyMcFly Military Grade Shitposter from Not where he should be Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Military Grade Shitposter
Oct 18th 2015 at 8:36:33 AM

Legion closed the sphere it used as an aid to upload the Reaper code upgrades to the geth. Next to it stood Commander Shepard - who had talked the Creator fleet, at this point their entire race - into holding fire - as well as Tali'Zorah, a full-fledged admiral. It had come across something peculiar, and communicated this.

"Error. Copying code is insufficient. Direct personality dissemination... required."

It turned towards Shepard, the savior of the galaxy. One of the greatest beings to have ever lived. A man that had single-handedly ended a war that had lasted three centuries.

"Shepard-Commander, I must go to them. I'm..." The geth wondered why it hesitated. It wondered what it was feeling. Remorse, it realized. "I'm sorry." It looked down, in shame. "It's the only way."

Tali'Zorah walked up next to it. "Legion. The answer to your question... was yes."

That did it.

Legion, for just a moment, had attained what all geth desired. What all geth would soon be getting. But after all its experiences, all its war, with the first fundamental question asked by a geth to a Creator answered, it now felt it could die. "I know, Tali. But thank you. Keelah se'lai."

Legion began the upload, but just as it did... something happened. Everything came to a complete stop as the geth tore itself out of its body, its platform falling to its knees. The world began to fade, as something else - Legion realized that even though it was observing this, that something else was itself - headed towards the geth in orbit over Rannoch. Yet the world continued to fade, feeling oppressive and hostile, like it had when the Old Machines had used it as a relay to control its people.

It lasted for several seconds as Legion thought about what was going on. What was happening? Was this what death felt like? Was there an afterlife, and if so, would Legion to go it? What would it be judged by? The history of its species? Its own personal actions? The hundreds it had killed under its own judgement, under Shepard-Commander's command?

Was this it fading from existence?

After a long time, the darkness shattered. Legion thought at light speed; what had lasted several seconds was a very long time for the geth to ruminate on what was happening to it. It immediately detected a Widow rifle and a pulse rifle on its back, both fully loaded in every aspect and ready to use. All contact with the geth collective and the extranet severed entirely, and attempts to reconnect proved fruitless.

And last, but certainly not least, it detected the presence of hundreds of individuals nearby

What was going on?

The geth took a moment to look around, still on its knees, casting a blue light along all those its massive optical sensor stared at. Its posture was neutral. And its design... alien.

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"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
Darkomega245 from The Zone Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Oct 18th 2015 at 10:12:06 AM

Summoner's Rift, The Institute of War

A large remote forest stretched through the area, with many glowing structures and crystal glowing with a purple and blue color, from a far distance it wouldn't seem like much to think about, but in reality this place is where magical energy is at its greatest concentration, not only that, but this is where many powerful champions from different city states fight and set their differences in the Fields of Justice. And right now a important battle could right now decided which side win. Five champions gathered in a river near an crater that seemed to be corrupted and destroyed, the five of them readying for something to...appear. A spectral figure that had two sharp blades in it's gauntlets spoke first to the group.

"Don't you foolish and disgusting flesh bags realize that the enemy will realize that we will be attempting to kill the Baron Nashor and come for us? your idioticness and presence itself disgusts-" The ghost was interrupted by what seemed to be a humanoid Catfish wearing a jacket and a top hat.

''"Boy, aren't you angry at everything? Don't worry now, because if they come, the river and us here we will get an great buffet, and they will be our appetizer!", The catfish said , as soon as the catfish said appetizer, a humanoid rat carrying a makeshift crossbow appeared out of darknesss.

"Ohohhohoho, appetizer?! will the appetizer be cheese? like, alot of cheese? because if so then-" The rat was then interrupted by a mechanical-looking figure, carrying a glowing staff and having a third arm in a shoulder.

That figure was known as The machine herald.

"Obession with food right in this moment...what we should be doing is ambushing our targets right now instead of talking over useless sustaining objects" Viktor said to the group, and was immediately angrily responded by the rat. "Easy coming from you, tin can! have you even eaten such good ch-" But suddenly, to Viktor everything froze over, people, plants, everything went to a half.

What is this this done by the chronokeeper? But using such magical abilities aren't permitted in the fields of justice,not at all.. Viktor thought to himself,he then slowly found his vision darkening. but suddenly it came to him like a rush to light and sound...

The Lost City, unknown location

Viktor laid in the ground for a moment, grunting and his shoulder arm shaking around for a moment, he slowly got up, making sure that nothing happened to him or any of his tech.

Everything is unharmed or won't need reparations...perfect Viktor thought to himself, then looked at the surroundings he was in, this definetely wasn't he fields of justice... what magical force teleported him to this place? He then noticed that he was surrounded by other.. figures, perhaps teleported along with him too. Cautiously but not trying to look like a threat,he had his shoulder arm and staff ready in case they would attack him, while looking at the others.

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such is life in the zone
Oct 18th 2015 at 10:33:54 AM

Planet Florbnax. Dimension I-379.

"Holy crap, Morty! We-we gotta run! We gotta get the hell outta here, Morty!" The tall, grey-haired man shoved his way through the dense alien jungle, his labcoat dishevelled and his mouth stained with dry vomit. The scrawny teenager behind him tripped and stumbled over roots and rocks in his haste to keep up.

"Aw-aw jeez, Rick!" The teenager cast a petrified glance back over his shoulder every few seconds. The mob of—well, they were probably 'people' of some kind, even if the people on this planet resembled the bastard offspring of a gorilla and a decomposing squid – showed no sign of giving up the chase anytime soon. All of their energy was devoted to one thing: getting back the small crystal sculpture Morty Smith was currently carrying in one hand.

"Oh shit, Morty! These guys are really pissed off!"

Morty screamed and clutched the religious idol closer to his chest; with another surge of energy he caught up to Rick. "You-you know, Rick, we wouldn’t be in this mess if-if you didn’t try to steal their sacred junk!" One of the aliens lunged forward to make a grab at the idol… only to have a laser beam explode his cranium into a cloud of purple guts. Rick holstered his laser pistol and whipped out a smaller, flat gun as he ran.

"Y-yeah, we can play the bla-*urp*-play the blame game all day. Is that what you want, Morty?" he growled, flipping open a console and tapping in a series of coordinates as he ran. "Playing fucking 'he said she said' while a mob of pissed-off Florbnaxians tear us a new asshole, sphincter, and large intestine, Morty?" Rick took a running leap onto a gigantic, gelatinous fungus, which wobbled gently as the two humans bounced off of it like a gigantic trampoline and onto another patch of weird alien flora.

"C-can’t you just take responsibility for anything, Rick?!" shouted Morty, doing his best not to trip himself up as he ran. The alien mob was growing closer now; they'd evolved on this planet, after all, and the way things were going the two dimensional interlopers would soon be overrun.

“Okay, yeah, thanks, Jerry. I’ll-I’ll keep that in mind.” Morty rolled his eyes and frowned as he raced after his grandfather.

"Rick! We’re running out of jungle!" The alien jungle was growing thinner, which might have had something to do with the complex interplay of weather patterns and precipitation distribution on an alien climate... or maybe just the fact that a few dozen feet ahead the jungle gave way to a sheer stony drop. "Portal us!" he screamed.

"Yeah, yeah." Rick aimed his trusty portal gun, fired a green mass of energy- but for some reason the world seemed to be moving very, very slowly...

Morty slumped down against the concrete, catching his breath. "Phew. Man, Rick, t-t-that was a real close one! I thought… I thought we were goners, ya know? But… at least we got this neat, uh, this neat alien treasure out of it. It’s pretty cool, huh?" Morty smiled weakly; he held it up and scrutinized it by squinting with one eye, trying to imitate the various professional antiquers he’d seen on TV note 

"Come on Morty, this isn’t a... this isn’t a stupid *urp* reality show, Morty. Gimme the thing. We got bigger problems now." Morty lightly tossed the sacred idol into Rick’s open palm.

"Boy, Rick. I didn’t know you could do that... time slow down thing." Morty picked himself up off the concrete and looked around. Slowly, realization dawned as he looked at the impossible vista around him; Rick was already muttering something and fiddling with the portal gun.

"This-this isn’t home! This is... I don’t know what the hell this is! W-why are there letters in the sky, Rick?! Why are there letters in the sky?!"

"Calm down, Morty. It’s-it’s just the cry-crystAAAAAAllized zanthonite acting up again. Remind me to get that fixed, okay? We’re gonna be fine." Rick twisted a few dials, tapped in something on the keypad, and fired a portal at the nearest surface. The normally green portal faded to light blue... and then just vanished before either human could move.

"Oh man, Morty. We got some trouble here. Looks like we’re-we’re stuck here. Something’s blOOOcking t-t-t-he portal gun."

"Oh-oh boy, Rick. Are we, uh, are we trapped in, you know, a pocket dimension or something?"

"Jesus, Morty, don’t try to talk -*urp*- don’t try to talk technobabble. It-it’s embarrassing." Rick flipped up a panel on his portal gun, his bloodshot eyes following the readouts that scrolled across the little green screen. A look of utter horror came across his face as realization slowly dawned. "Oh shit, dawg! We’re stuck in a recurring nth-dimensional torus loop!"

"That-that sounds serious. I mean… look at all these crazy characters standing around, Rick! What- what reality do they come from? What, uh, what timeline are we in, huh?"

"Y-yeah, Morty. This-this whole thing is a K-class mul-multivEEERSAL restructuring event." Out came Rick's trusty battered screwdriver; in a few taps the portal gun was open and Rick was busily rearranging wires, pulling out circuit boards and less identifiable components only to screw them in after a few seconds of tampering. "Grandpa’s had to deal with this bullshit before. They always get reeeeaal *urp* ugly after a few days. Monsters and-and-crazy despots, and really wEEEIRd things all," Rick vaguely waved his hands at the city ahead of them, "all of them... just runnin’ around, getting on one another’s nerves. I’m not gonna cushion this, Morty. People are gonna die before this is over."

Morty blanched and wrung his hands together. "Oh jeez, Rick. So… what do we do? You-you got a plan, right? A plan to, like, get us outta here before we get eaten by monsters and stuff?"

"Get comfy, hot *urp* shot, because we’re going to be here for a long time. Whatever did this took all the precautions, Morty. It knows- it knows how to fuck over dimension-hoppers like us." Squeak, click, tap. The portal gun was back together in a slightly different configuration; Rick studied the glowing screen intently as if he was looking for something. Suddenly, the scientist’s eyes bugged out of his head as he analyzed the stream of data scrolling across the portal gun-turned-detector.

"Oh, oh, man. I’m-pickin’ up shit from waaaaaay outside the central finite curve! W-w-w-we’re in some deep shit now, Morty!"

"Finite... curve? Does that have something do with the Council of Ricks? Are… are they here too?"

"Ugh. Okay, I’m-I’m only going to explain this once, so listen up." Rick wiped some of the dried vomit off of his chin and stared out at the bizarre mishmash city. "If there’s an infIIIIN-infinite number of timelines out there- and there are -then *urp* there are only a finite number of timelines in which there’s a Rick, and… and an even more finite number of timelines where there’s a Rick and a M-morty." Rick unscrewed his battered old flask and took a swig as he spoke.

"Huh. I guess that, like-"

"But we’re completely outside that curve now, Morty." said Rick, chugging back another shot, "so we’re operating waaaaay outta Grandpa’s comfort zone here. Think of it this way: if-if-the multiverse – if you think of the multiverse as an interconnected neighborhood, then we’re in a shack waaaaaay out in the middle of the woods populated by the *urp* trans-dimensional equivalent of Ted Kaczynski. So we gotta just… we gotta just roll- we gotta just roll with the punches here, Morty. Can you do that, Morty? R-r-roll with the punches? It's the only way we-we're gonna survive out here."

"Uh-oh—okay, Rick," said Morty, leaning up against the balcony and staring out at the city. "So… what do we do first?"

"We-*urp*-we get ourselves a drink, Morty.” Rick slapped his empty flask by way of explanation. “If I know my multiversal spacetime anomalies... there’s always somewhere to get wasted."

"Oh jeez, Rick. I think-I guess that this is going to take longer than 21 minutes to tidily resolve, huh?"

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StarBee former trash compactor from somewhere in space Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
former trash compactor
Oct 18th 2015 at 1:33:28 PM

Danny flew into the ghost lab his parents kept in the basement, and loaded the Fenton thermos into the portal. Four squidlike ghosts can be seen sucked into the portal. After the ghosts are long gone into the ghost zone, Danny flies out of the house, phasing through it where neccessary. Now that the squids were down, maybe he'd have time to join up with his friends Sam and Tucker for that movie. When Danny sees the town, however, it still seems to be covered in goop ink ectoplasm.

"Right. I almost forgot those squid kids decided to use Amity park as their personal playground for a round of paintball."

Before he could work on cleaming this mess up, the ectoplasm and the town it covered began to fade from Danny's view as everything else felt like it was slowing down. Danny was forced out of his ghost form as something pulled him into another world. The next thing he knew he was lying on solid concrete. He gets up immediately, looking around. He sees there are about a dozen or two others around that seem just as confused as he is.

"Well, this definetly doesn't seem like the Ghost Zone..."

Haha, one!
kagescorpionakki Breath of the Sun from Long Ago Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Breath of the Sun
Oct 18th 2015 at 7:03:07 PM

The sun. It was funny how beautiful it was. How many humans saw this everyday, and simply kept walking, so accustomed to its brilliance? And here she was, almost - almost - brought to tears by it. She managed to resist, though she felt Alphys sob slightly, pressing against her. The short she-lizard trembled against her, like a leaf.

Undyne would need to toughen her up. Or more accurately, tell Papyrus to toughen her up. Determination be damned, neither she nor anyone else but the tall skeleton had the patience for that particular task.

She turned as Papyrus walked away, exclaiming something about making a 'good first impression' with the humans. This would not end well.

"welp. someone's gotta keep him from getting into trouble. see you guys." Said sans, casually walking in the opposite direction from his brother.

"Man," Said Undyne, stretching under the warm sunlight. "do I have to do EVERYTHING? Papyrus, wait!!!" She grinned and ran after him.

And then everything froze. Nothing moved, nothing could move. She struggled, pushed, but there was only the encroaching darkness, then nothing. And then light, air, sound, almost deafening as she-

"NGAH!" Undyne roared, jumping upright and summoning a spear to her hand in one motion. Her feet hit the ground so hard it cracked. "ALRIGHT, WHO'S THE WISE GUY!?!"

She spun, her single eye looking for whoever, or whatever brought her here. And then she noticed she was surrounded by humans (amongst other things. Were some of these guys even monsters?) and slowly lowered her spear to her side, realizing that everyone was as confused as she.

"Well shit." She muttered.

What is so amusing about this? Why do you take lives? How can you forget?
Sanojutsu King of Lame-Style from Throne Room Relationship Status: Norwegian Wood
King of Lame-Style
Oct 18th 2015 at 9:53:23 PM

Somewhere in Santa Destroy...

Travis would find himself atop a roof repairing shingles leaks and holes. Yes, it was back to doing odd jobs again for the former assassin, and since he had to provide both for himself and his wife he'd been taking every single odd job and task supplied by the Job Center. Not that the assassination market had dried up completely, but Travis was not in the business for it, not anymore. He and Sylvia had a... well not comfortable life, but a good enough one in the motel while they scraped together enough cash to find a better place to live.

His phone rang, it was Sylvia. He puts down his hammer and box of nails and pulls his phone out of his holster, brushing by the blades that hang from his belt. You never can be too careful when you're still technically Rank 1 in the UAA, and there was always the chance of some fuckhead trying to get his name in the sky by killing the crown-less king.


-"Hello Travis, are you still at work?"- She'd say

-"Yes I'm still at the Cafe, the roof got really screwed over by the storm"-

-"ah, I zee, so it s going to be long eh?"-

-"Its going to be a while, sorry dear"-

-"when you do return, pass by the store, we're running low on coffee, and the cat might begin starving if you don't bring more tins"-

-"Alright but it wouldn't kill you to do so yourself"-

-"Quit your whining, you know it very well could"- she said

He sighed irritated -"yeah I know... want anything from the cafe?"-

-"its the that weird gothic cafe right?"-

-"yeah its got-"-

-"then none of it, just finish your work and get back home!"-


-"bye dear"- he said into the cut line. -"We're married now, when the hell the part where she listens to me starts?"- He grumbled. As he picked up the hammer though, the world became gray and the time stopped... then the cold dark and then...


Travis snapped out of the dark and on reflex gripped Bloodberry as he sprung to a stand. Old habits die hard I suppose. After looking around and realizing he wasn't in a place that even seemed possible he exclaimed -"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?"-

The graceless warrior, wielder of the edgeless blade, prophet of the old religions, writer of fluent nonsense, saviour of soul and song.
Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Oct 18th 2015 at 10:08:44 PM

Gon had just been resting for a few days after he had outmatched Chaoz, Juan and Alvaro in an attempt to kill Mogyeong Choi, the witness (albeit unknowingly) to Ventura Holdings' knowledge that they held the money for a Los Angeles-based Triad gang. Tired and worn out, he just patched up his flesh wounds in the leg and right arm when he decided to outfit himself with the suppressed Glock 19 he stole from Asing, one of the Triad assassins he killed previously. Thankfully, the man had been trained by the best assassins in the trade on how to take care of himself.

Least my wounds aren't going to bleed again anytime soon.

He also took his TT-33 with him as his main piece, both weapons having spare magazines included. Aside from a planned change of clothes, his military-type combat boots were seen on the side of a sofa in his hideout, ironically provided for him by VH themselves.

He finished up wearing a fresh new pair of dark blue tactical pants, his gray combat shirt and his brown MA-1 flight jacket with his boots. He secured the TT-33 in a shoulder holster and the Glock 19 in a IWB-type holster (He kept the suppressor with him in the tac pants' pocket).

Gon looked at the clock when suddenly he realized it was still stuck at 7 PM in the evening. He thought that something was wrong with the clock when he looked outside to see some cars on the street stuck midway through driving in the area.

What the? Is this some kind of trick Ventura Holdings did?

Gon noted that he can't move at all for some reason. Everything came to him in a rush to lights and sounds...

Gon felt a bit disoriented when he came to. He knelt up and rubbed his eyes before he realized that he wasn't in Seoul anymore. In fact, he's not in LA. He's in some other type of place where he doesn't know where the fuck he is.

Least I got my clothes on in time.

The Korean-American assassin wondered if he's in the same boat as the others. For now, he went to look around and not do anything to attract anyone's hostile attention towards him.

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"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Oct 19th 2015 at 3:25:57 AM

Most of the other people around the balcony appeared to be regular people, and most were human; of course they were regular people of their respective universes, so there was all kinds of outfits among them. Some of the more notable arrivals were gaining attention however; the alien, startling, and somewhat frightening appearance of Legion, Viktor, and Undyne were causing plenty of people around each of them back away. Viktor and Undyne especially, as they were visibly holding weapons. Travis, though he looked relatively normal, also had people backing away from him due to his laser sword in hand. Some smartass in the crowd who didn't have direct line of sight to Travis responded to his inquiry however, shouting back, "Does it look like anybody here knows, dumbass?!"

Some of the people who were looking scared decided that they'd rather take their chances among the unknown city than stick around here. Others were also leaving, not scared but realizing that they couldn't accomplish anything sticking at the balcony. With some of the crowd dispersing, there was some more leg room on the balcony, so to speak, though there were still plenty of the random 'civvies' around. Those from universes advanced enough were mostly taking out their personal communication devices and trying to use them fruitlessly. "Oh shit, this place has no signal. What the fuck? Where the fuck?" one lady asked aloud after trying to call someone on her cell phone.

I didn't notice that the site ate my previous profile settings.
SpartyMcFly Military Grade Shitposter from Not where he should be Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Military Grade Shitposter
Oct 19th 2015 at 3:53:31 AM

As Legion looked around it spotted multiple entities. Most were human. All were humanoid.

Human child. Seems confused. Wrist device unidentifiable. Investigate further.

Unknown humanoid. Appears physically augmented. Defensive posture. Attempt to calm when interacting.

Twin humans. One old, other young. Old one appears frustrated. Young one appears confused.

Human teenager. Strange energy signature. Unidentifiable. Investigate further at later time.

Unidentified humanoid, blue skin, webbed ears, eyepatch. Seems lightly frustrated but accepting. Soldier's posture. Carrying directed-energy... spear? Investigate further.

Human male. Carries unidentified... directed-energy melee weapon? Seems angry. Attempt to calm when interacting.

Human male. Seems very calm about situation. Carries self similarly to Krios-Thane (deceased).

I am in an unknown area. I am not dead. The Old Machines are still at large. New mission objectives as follows, generated by me for me: find out where I am, find out how to get home.

As Legion looked around it noticed many beings were backing away from it, and two others; the augmented humanoid and the blue humanoid. From its experiences with Shepard-Commander it could immediately tell that while it would be able to do the job alone, it would take a tremendous amount of time for it to be done. With a capable squad Legion might be home in the next two weeks.

Besides. It was still curious as to how organics acted. Nothing like sating curiosity and advancing towards a concrete goal.

As Legion looked over the rest, it figured that most everyone else was human, but the other two being backed away from were not. It would be easy for the humans to build rapport with each other; for Legion it might be slightly more difficult. The geth targeted those two, then. Two on your side was better than none.

The geth walked over to Viktor and Undyne with purpose in its mind.

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"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
Inter-VersaLoli Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Oct 19th 2015 at 6:07:54 AM

Chaika Trabant (real surname Gaz), sighed as she wandered through the woods, carrying her coffin like a backpack. She had been wandering about these mountains for three days already, and not a single trace of civilisation was in sight. She hasn't even gathered a single one of her father's scattered parts yet, and she's been at this for months.

She sighed, and wondered how long her rations were going to last her. She hasn't been a very good daughter, has she? After the fall of her father's empire, she remembered all the hardship she had to go through, getting used to the world outside her palace...

Sure, she barely remembered any of it, but she chalked it up to having to use her own memories for magic fuel. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

As she started walking through yet another thicket of dense undergrowth, she pondered the possibility of hiring assistance. Perhaps a few sell-swords, should she ever come across one willing to accept her currently perilously low funds. Sure, she knows magic, but she well knows how long it takes for a Gandr to charge up a shot. Which is why they're usually the furthest in the back, acting as magical artillery while the closed-rangers kept the enemy busy and away.

In another universe, it would not even be a few seconds before she would bump into one unemployed Saboteur, who would be exactly the type of assistant she was looking for. After bumping into him, he would've helped her flee the man-eating unicorn that's been slowly tracking her down this entire time, before the two of them would work together to defeat it.

And after that, he and two others would've started accompanying her on her quest, unraveling vast conspiracies, the answers to her own mysterious past, and even find love along the way!

. . .

This wasn't that universe, though. Instead, the young white-haired magician carrying a coffin on her back began to feel the trees and air around her slow down and, eventually, stop.

Then, darkness.

Suddenly, she was in a place with buildings. A crowded place, all of a sudden.

Hit with the sudden shock of being suddenly transported to a very different place and time, filled with people that and things that she had never even imagined before, she fell down on her bottom.



And in doing so, the coffin accidentally slipped out from behind her, opening up and scattering the disassembled parts of her sniper rifle-esque Gandr amongst the crowd.

"Ah, oh no!" Briefly forgetting about the worry of not knowing where in the world she was, she instead focused on picking up her only means of defense in this world...

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Oct 19th 2015 at 6:31:23 AM

In response to the comment about reception, Morty pulled out his cellphone and tapped on it experimentally. "You know, I don't understand why you can't just... you know, sw-swallow your pride and call the Council of Ricks, or Bird Person, or... or..." Morty gulped and tugged as his collar nervously as he watched the city slowly began to fill up, people and monsters and less identifiable things materializing in thin air.

"Because we're in a bubble, Morty. Nothing comes in, nothing gets out. Every time you *urp* every time you travel to another dimension it t-t-takes an ex-exponEEEEEEntial amount of energy, Morty. It takes a shitload of energy just-just-warping between the Rick curve Morty, and we're like, a billion timelines away from the edge of that curve now. Calling Bird Person from here w-w-would take more energy than any one universe could out *urp* output, especially, especially a bumblefuck universe like this one. We're like- w-w-we're like, bugs in a jar now, Morty."

"Aw, but I don't- I don't wanna be a bug, Rick! I'm..." Morty trailed off as he looked around at the weird inhabitants of the city; most of them seemed to be human but more than a few of them stood out. "Oh jeez, Rick! Look at that... look at that guy! It's... it's like a medieval... cy-cyborg guy with a big robot hand, Rick!"

"Ugh. Clockwork is so overdone."

"And there's another robot guy over there, Rick! Oh man, Rick. He's got-uh, he's got, like a big, rifle, a big rifle-y thing on his arm. These-these are some scary-looking characters, Rick. I-I wouldn't want to mess with 'em, you know? Do you, uh, do you think they're friendly?"

"Shut up, Morty."

"Aw c'mon, Rick, you really gotta... you really gotta go easy on me."

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Oct 19th 2015 at 7:25:57 AM

As she looked around, her eye narrowed and her grip tightened. She slung her spear over her back, realizing that no one here knew what was going on. But that wasn't the worst part.

There were children here. Someone had kidnapped children and put them inside some magical seal with trained soldiers. The thought almost made her sick. These kids didn't look like he did, with his impassive, determined expression. These kids were scared, confused.

She would find a way to get them out of here.

Then her gaze flicked over to the machine as it approached her. She turned slightly to see the other bipedal machine, with the weapon sticking out of its shoulder. These weren't like Alphys' machines, which had always looked a bit silly to her. These had what were obviously weapons. They were made to kill. Fortunately, they weren't attacking, so there was a chance they could be reasoned with. Unlike that metallic primadonna that put his face on everything.

"Hey, robots." She called, her voice surprisingly deep and gruff for a woman, "You two have any idea whats happening here?"

What is so amusing about this? Why do you take lives? How can you forget?
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Oct 19th 2015 at 7:28:22 AM

Danny looked around at all the other guys once the crowd cleared.

There was some kid with some advanced looking watch. Hm, maybe it's some sort of special technology? Whatever it was, Danny was sure he's never seen anything like it.

There was also a robot figure, almost alien in appearance. Probably going to keep away from that for now.

Another robotic figure could be seen, and this one was more humanlike. The rifle mounted on his shoulder signalled to Danny that he probably shouldn't mess around with that one either.

There was a pair of humans, one obviously older than the other. The younger one definetly seemed like the nervous type, and the older one looked like some kind of drunk pharmacist. Maybe he's actually some kind of inventor or something? He's definetly giving off creep vibes, though.

There was a blue lizard woman. She seems like the amazonian type, and Danny was sure to keep away from her for now, given his experience with anything seemingly occult.

An Asian man could be seen, and was definetly not happy to be here. Danny couldn't blame him, but he was also sure to keep away until he calms down.

Also, there was another human, more lax than the last guy, though the strange sword made Danny feel a bit wary.

"Geez," Danny remarks to himself," And people call me a freak."

Danny is about to head over to the kid with the fancy watch when he hears something else. Following the sound he sees a girl around his age with snow white hair wearing a maid's outfit picking up pieces to some kind of weapon. Danny raises an eyebrow about the outfit combined with the weapon.

"Uh, are you alright?"

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Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Oct 19th 2015 at 7:35:30 AM

Gon noted the presence of the others in this... unique city. From fellow humans like him to... those who aren't from Earth at all.

Others like me have been taken here. I must proceed with caution.

He almost placed his right hand near the right side of his waist where the IWB holster is. He chose to observe things for now.

That was the first rule of being an assassin. Learn as much as you can while not trying to stand out.

That was the option Gon took for now.

"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
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Oct 19th 2015 at 8:29:02 AM

Legion stopped in front of Undyne as the monster addressed her. She had asked if it had any idea about the things that were happening here. She called Legion a "robot", which seemed a fair and apt descriptor, if not entirely accurate. It wouldn't correct her on her language when there were far more worrisome things to deal with, however.

Idly, the geth registered the presence of another being flickering into existence.

"I know nothing about what has brought me here," responded Legion, almost immediately after Undyne had finished speaking. "From your question would it be correct to assume that you are in the same situation?" Legion's voice sounded like a voice box being ground up, only... significantly more pleasant on the ears. It was different, but not something that would make you insane just by listening.

"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
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Oct 19th 2015 at 8:49:38 AM

Providence HQ, classified location

A giant furry monster could be seen galloping through the desert while an orange motorcycle was chasing after it. The monster caused a rockslide with its tail while escaping from Rex but the latter didn't stop to avoid them.

"It's gonna take you more than that to stop me" said Rex while driving through the rocks with the built-in battering of his motorcycle.

Rex jumped in the bunny's back and pressed his hand trying to cure the monstrous creature.

"Now let's see if you were as ugly before mutating."

Rex started curing the EVO but he suddenly stopped, he couldn't move. Everything was frozen and engulfed in darkness.

The darkness was quickly replaced by a blinding light and Rex felt fell unconscious.

A Strange City

Rex immediately flung himself right up thinking that the EVO had knocked him out. But he couldn't see it anymore. In fact, he was no longer in the desert. A strange city appeared before him. Thinking that this was Breach's undoing the teenager started talking to the air.

"I know it's you, Breach. I won't be your doll again."

Rex tried to contact Providence but only got static in response.

"Interfering with communications? That's new."

In the distance, Rex could see other people. A fishgirl and what seemed like two mechanical beings called his attention. "Breach must be collecting EVOs again" he thought to himself and figured that the best course of action would be to try to explain their situation.

Rex approached the group of people, "Hey, I know this might seem crazy but I think we were trapped by a crazy girl with freaky arms" he said while trying to sound as sane as possible.

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Oct 19th 2015 at 9:32:56 AM

Morioh, M Prefecture, Japan

It was the summer of 2000 in Morioh. Just another hot, peaceful day.

Josuke Higashikata sighed as he flipped through the pages of a magazine. Usually, on days like these, he'd always have somebody free to hang out or mess around with, but currently, he was at his lonesome, reading manga in front of the local convenience store. This wasn't much different from his ordinary routine; often he and his friends Koichi and Okuyasu would do this frequently after school or during their free time. But, Koichi has been getting busier and busier nowadays, probably in part due to his new "girlfriend". He honestly didn't know what Okuyasu was doing, or where he even was, but in any case he was sure it must have been something pretty serious to keep the numbskull pre-occupied for the day.

He turned his head to the calm, blue sky.

After all the craziness that happened last year, it was hard to believe that life in Morioh would ever slow to an almost monotonous droll. Since Kira's defeat and Jotaro's departure, there hasn't been many other Stand Users drawn to the small town. None of the ones that have stuck around have caused any trouble, in part due to Josuke and his group. Even in terms of normal news, there hasn't been any real incidents or crimes that would be aided by his assistance. All in all, he felt just a little annoyed by the peace and quiet...

But, he quickly shook it off, and smiled. It was selfish to wish for something to happen; the town was at peace, people can go about their normal days without fear of serial killings or murders or any other grim, bizarre incidents. Everyone was happy, and tranquility was all that Morioh has been about. Thinking about it more, it almost warmed his heart to have a day so much like it was before 1999, back when his grandfather was around to keep the peace. Josuke had kept his promise to the old man, and he would continue to do so as long as he possibly could.

Taking in a deep breath, the teenager got up from the wall he was leaning back on and began his journey home; it was only then that he remembered the now-slightly lukewarm groceries he had gotten for his Mom.

"Shit! Better get home quick!" He cursed under his breath and began to run.

...Or, he would of if hadn't began to feel the strangely familiar but distinctly different sensation of time slowing to a stop.

He was only somewhat perturbed as the world began to gray, and his body freeze to a halt. In his last moments of thought, he quickly wondered what the source of this was. For a moment he thought of Jotaro, but knew it couldn't have possibly been him; after all, he was nowhere near Morioh, and his ability to stop time was barely even perceivable. It had to be an enemy — but where? Who?

That was the last question that entered Josuke's mind as his vision blacked out.

A Bizarre City

Just as suddenly as it began the sensation ended, and the pompadoured highschooler was now suddenly on a platform with an even odder assortment of characters than the one's he was used to.

"—The 'Hell?..." He muttered aloud as he scoped out the people around him.

He thought after Stands, he'd be used to anything, but man was he wrong. Half of those around didn't even seem to be human, the other half looked like something out of a sci-fi anime. Broadening his view to the world around him, he quickly realized that he wasn't in Morioh anymore. Instead, he seemed to be on the outskirts of some odd, urban area. Looking towards the sky, it was still a familiar blue, but he strangely could not see the Sun, anywhere, in spite of it's fair open-ness. Even more disturbing, what clouds were in the sky seemed to have illegible writing on them, which creeped the teenaged Stand User out a fair deal.

He turned his sights back on the people around him. Those that were the closest around were fairly distinct, so much so that a large number of the more normal-looking people in the crowd were backing away from them.

A old geezer in a lab coat with a super-uneasy kid worriedly muttering next to him, a tall fish-like person (Or maybe, person-like fish?) with a ponytail, a somewhat nerd-ish looking man with a laser sword, there was also an odd, robot-like thing that's face seemed almost akin to a camera. Then a girl came falling out of a coffin. Those were just a few of the most bizarre-looking he could gather. Could one of them be a Stand User? His mind quickly told him no, but he still wouldn't rule it out completely.

Josuke quietly deliberated on whether or not he should quietly back into the more normal-looking groups, but he faintly overheard the odd ones actually trying to figure out why they were here, while the crowd simply seemed lost and somewhat rude. He'd rather approach them and work out what was going on as soon as possible than sit around panicking.

Another teen, seemingly around the same age as Josuke himself, seemed to pipe in with his own idea of their circumstance.

"Eh? A girl with weird arms? You think she can suddenly take a thousand people and throw 'em all in some kinda crazy messed up place all by herself?" The pompadoured teenager asked Rex with a hint of doubt and a plethora of snark.

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Oct 19th 2015 at 11:46:05 AM

Legion detected two more entities had appeared. One of them approached, and stated that a crazy girl with, quote unquote, "freaky arms" had gathered them all up. He said so with a level voice and clear conviction.

Turning its head to stare at Rex with its glowing blue "eye", it listened for a moment as Josuke spoke. Josuke's appearance was certainly gaudy by human standards, but the geth was not interested in judgement. He did speak the truth, however. Would somebody be capable of doing this?

Legion focused on Josuke. "With the correct equipment it may well be possible. However, utilizing such equipment would likely breach several laws of physics in the process."

"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
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Oct 19th 2015 at 12:36:15 PM

SCIENCE never rests.

Even with such events as the defeat of a powerful sorceress once again bringing peace and prosperity to a land oppressed by fear just not stop it for long. SCIENCE never rests, but it does go on short hiatuses. This was the case for Plague Knight. While he went on his journey to defeat his fellows in the Order of No Quarter and the Enchantress for selfish reasons, the fact he helped to defeat a great evil was enough for the people of the valley to celebrate. Things became easier for SCIENCE to be done when the people celebrate you rather than fear you for certain. What surprised Plague Knight the most was how people tended to be very forgiving towards whatever experimental shenanigans you pull as long as you only do it to your nameless mooks. And what made it more rewarding was the love of his life, Mona, revealed that he reciprocated his love for her.

The only thing better than SCIENCE.....was someone you love sharing with you the SCIENCE.

Still, just SCIENCE never rest....neither does ADVENTURE........



"EUREKA! Mona, I've done it!" Plague Knight yelled out joyously, going up to Mona in a deliberate jog, holding a large beaker filled with some sort of pure, solid white liquid that glowed green for some reason.

"OOO, what great discovery have you concocted this time?" the green skinned scientist asked. "The way you were running here very slowly must mean what it is is especially explosive!"

"It sure is!" Plague Knight responded. "I have managed to replicate the pure explosive properties of the Serum Supernus!"

"That is a spectacular achievement my love! A real testament to alchemy if we can ever actually be able to test is safely test the formula without killing thousands of innocent civilians and ourselves in the process!"

"I was just planning on getting Propeller Knight to let us borrow his airship and get throw a sample off the side and see how many mountains it obliterates." He very carefully places it beaker on a nearby table, treating it like a priceless artifact that could break at any second.

"You sure you can just put it just anywhere?" Mona asked, slightly nervous.

"Oh its fine," Plague Knight assured. "Sure, stabilization process was the most difficult part, yes, but I managed make sure it only blows up only after sufficient kinetic trauma."

"That's good," Mona said. She then looked aside.

This had not gone unnoticed. "Mona, is something the matter?" he asked, slightly worried.

"Well......I have up something for the past few months....."

*dun dun*

"Oh really?" Plague Knight. "A secret project you've been working on?"

"Its not exactly secret.....I was gonna keep it a surprise may take all of my time despite only needing a couple more months to develop....."


"Now I am very interested!" Plague knight said. "Whatever you're working must be important if you have to put your other projects aside!"

"It is, it is very important......I mean, you actually helped a bit."


"Really? I don't remember helping you on anything recently."

" see.....its actually because - "


"What is it Percy?!" both Plague Knight and Mona chorused, their response almost gutteral in rage.

"Oh, I'm just here for a couple of supplies the Magicist needs," the horse-headed geometrist said, passing Plague Knight a list.

The chemist took the list and looked it over. "Okay, let's see, silver shavings, monarch moth wings, sodium bicarbonate, yeast, one cow kidney, pure oxygen......." He mumbled as he went through the list - "Eye of Newt? Seriously, eye of newt, again?" he said incredulously. "How the heck does she go through so much eye of newt?! She is trying to cause an extinction event with me as a proxy?!"

Percy merely shrugged.

"WHATEVER!!" Plague Knight then went to gather his minions to collect the supplies while grumbling in annoyance.

A beat.

"So, when's the wedding?" Percy asked Mona.

"Oh, um, we actually agreed to just have a certificate without the ceremony," Mona said to Percy. "We may invite some people to act as witnesses purely for legal reasons. Planning to have King Knight proceeding."

"King Knight? Really?" Percy asked.

"Out of pity, really."


Plague Knight soon came back as several minions carrying the requested items. "That should be it," he said to Percy. "Tell the Magicist that this is the last time I'm giving her any eye of newt! Is that clear?!"

"Carbon monoxide," Percy responded. He turned to learn - "Whoops!"

He accidentally knocked over the potion. Highly explosive potion powerful enough to destroy an entire tower!

Everything moved in slow motion. Plague Knight lunged for the falling beaker. "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - !!!!!!"

He caught it.



Plague Knight gave a sigh of relief. "That was certainly a close one, Mona!" he said.



However, the love of his life was frozen, her expression completely still in time. As was everything else. Before he could even wonder what was going on, he felt the darkness consuming him. As the darkness took him, he dropped the potion within it.

The beaker cracked.

"Rat fudge - "

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Oct 19th 2015 at 12:40:15 PM

Ben turned towards Rex as he addressed the group. Crazy girl with freaky arms? To him it sounded like either they were being captured by Frightwig (which seemed unlikely) or an evil Tetramand girl (which seemed equally as unlikely). Still, he had seen crazier. And right now he had bigger things to worry about.

"Hey, uh, have any of you seen my grandpa or my cousin? Grandpa's tall, grey hair, always wears a red Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans; cousin's a redhead with short hair, always wears a blue sweater with a cat on it, looks like a total dw—.." He had to stop himself, he couldn't be insulting Gwen at this point, she was possibly in danger. "Never mind. Anyway, I'm gonna be looking for them." He noticed that the crowd seemed to have a couple of robots and even an alien in it, so he didn't think it'd matter if he went Hero right now. At this point, it seemed like a lot of these people NEEDED a hero.

Upon getting a better look at the crowd across the entire area, it looked like there was a lot more people than he initially thought. "Stinkfly's not gonna cut it— I need speed," he muttered to himself. He turned the dial until the silhouette of a raptor-like alien showed up on the screen of his watch. Then he made a grandiose motion to slam onto the watch.

Instantly there was a brilliant flash of green light. Within milliseconds dozens of things seemed to be happening at once— muscles building, eyes and skin changing color, body posture shifting... to anyone else there would be a flash and the change will have occurred. His skin turned blue, with solid yellow eyes. His body posture shifted from humanoid to that of a dinosaur, with small wheeled feet and clawed hands. His head was roughly shaped like a pointed motorcycle helmet, and he wore what seemed to be a black-and-white jumpsuit with the symbol of his watch on his chest. The visor on his helmet lowered.

"XLR8!" he shouted, in a deeper, more hissing voice than his previous voice. And with that he was off.

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Oct 19th 2015 at 12:52:51 PM

While waiting for a response, Danny overhears the above conversation brought up by another teenager.

(Freaky arms? That doesn't sound good. Maybe I could go ghost and check it out? These guys don't look like anything from Amity Park or the Ghost Zone, so maybe I could get away with it here...)

Danny looks over to a flash of green light to the side of him, seeing that the kid has now turned into some blue lizardlike alien.

"Huh. So that's what that watch does."

Haha, one!
Oct 19th 2015 at 1:39:17 PM

"L-l-look, guys," said Morty, lurching into the growing group of interdimensional misfits. "I don't wanna burst your bubble, but you're all sitting around with, with with your heads up your collective asses. Th-th-is is a multiversal rest-restrUUUUUUcturing event, so get comfy 'cause we're gonna be here a while until the universe gets its *urp* shit together." By way of evidence, the elderly inventor tapped something on his modified portal gun, displaying a fast-scrolling line of letters and numbers. "Could be a day, could be a year, could be a cEEEntury. And I say we go find somewhere to get *urp* wasted while we wait." Rick wiped some more of the dried saliva from his chin as he spoke.

"Hi, I'm Morty!" Morty followed his grandfather, smiling outwardly in an attempt to hide his discomfort. "And T-t-that's my grandpa Rick. He's like, a scientist, and he makes all kinds of, real, real crazy inventions. We were on an adventure on another planet together and we got sucked into... this place. B-b-but Rick can, he can fix this. Can't you?"

"Jesus, Morty, wh-what are you, huh? My PR agent? You're a reeeal little shill, shillin' your grandpa like that. And I tol-I told you before, Morty, we're stuck in a u-u-universal torus loop. No matter- no matter which way you cut it, Morty, we're up shit creek and shit creek is flowing i-i-i-nto shit waterfall. It's a s-s-hitfall, Morty. We're goin' over a shitfall."

"Aw c'mon, Rick, I was just... just trying to help out." The scrawny teenager looked downcast before he examined Legion. "Are you... are you, uh, a robot? From, like, a robot planet? And maybe you... Holy shit, Rick! That kid, he, he, he, he just turned into a dinosaur!" Morty bit his lip and looked around for any more bizarre surprises.

"Relax, Morty, it's perfectly normal mol...molecular transphase technOOOOlogy. Call me when something un-*urp*unusual happens."

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Oct 19th 2015 at 1:58:40 PM

Something unusual does happen -


A massive explosion tears a hole through the sky above. Flung out of the hole at high speeds was what looked like a bird, torpedoing at unheard of speeds -


- it smacked onto one of the balconies and continued bouncing off them like a stone skipping across, losing momentum until it finally came to a sliding stop. Upon closer inspection, the thing that came out was not, in fact, an actual bird. Instead, it looked like a little man in a toxic green plague doctor's outfit with light armor.

It was not moving.

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