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    Anime and Manga 

Apocalymon: Ha ha ha... Is that your best shot?
Matt: You know you're beaten. Face it like a 'mon!
Apocalymon: You think so, huh? Ha ha ha. Well, I may be beaten, but I won't go down that easily. I'll take you and both worlds with me.
Tai: What?!
Apocalymon: You still haven't seen my ultimate attack. TOTAL ANNIHILATION!

"You're a monster who deserves to die, right here with me."
Natarle Badgiruel, to Muruta Azrael, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

"I... I won't die alone... I'm gonna take your soul with me when I go! Camille... Vidan..."
Paptimus Scirocco, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

"Foolish hedgehogs. With the help of the Planet Egg, you have indeed prevented me from transforming the galaxy. But you can never win this battle! If the Metarex cannot rule the galaxy, then we will destroy it! Muhahahahahah...!"
Dark Oak, Sonic X

"Boy, this is the end for you. You thought you could beat me but you can't, hehehe. I'm going to blow myself up now, and I'm gonna take you with me! Say goodbye to your precious planet!"
Cell, Dragon Ball Z

Is he going to take himself out to get Jiren?! Would Frieza do that?!
Krillin, Dragon Ball Super

I'm taking you straight to Hell with me, Bradley! You bastard!

    Comic Books 

SUPERMAN... I... WILL... NOT... DIE... UNTIL... YOU... DIE... WITH... ME...
Anti-Monitor, Crisis on Infinite Earths

Right now five hundred drowned witches are clutching at my heels. They have me. They are dragging me down. But if I'm bound for Hell... I will not go alone.
Nimue, Hellboy: The Sound and the Fury

I have re-invented suicide as a group activity. Go me.
Dirk Anger, Nextwave

When they come to pull you down, don't let them drag you, son. You jump... and take as many of the bastards with you as you can.
Jamie Braddock, Secret Wars (2015)

I have failed to gain your powers, my world is at an end! There, I do not wish to live! By destroying you... I destroy myself!
Nightflame to Supergirl, Demon Spawn


    Fan Works 
Armisael: It hurts, doesn't it? Make it stop! Pull it out!
Rei: No.
Armisael: Are you willing to suffer just to watch me suffering? It is too late to go back! There is no more 'my pain' or 'your pain'! Only 'ours'!
Rei: If I have to suffer for you to be defeated, I will.
Armisael: Then you will have to die with me as well.
Rei: If I have to...

His hard face was emotionless. "Yes ... as luck would have it, you've been impaled by a piece of junk right in a vital point. You're bleeding to death." He paused, then went on, "I know I should be feeling happy that I've finally done it ... but you know, Ash, all I feel is emptiness. Yes, it took the suicide of my own pokemon - even though it had Forbidden qualities, there's no way it could ever come back this time. But I don't feel empty because of that. It's something else."
Brock, Pokémon Master

Kara struggled to bring herself up, to land a last blow that would take Darkseid’s life. She hated herself for doing it, but if she was to die, she would take the Dark Lord down with her.

Red Skull: Then let me show you a bit of the world below, my friend. Or, perhaps, only tell you about it. Within this cathedral, at its lowest level, is an incendiary device.
Captain America: A fire bomb!
Red Skull: Do not worry yourself. Less time remains than you would need to reach it. No man remains alive in this structure, other than ourselves. Within seconds, no man will be alive in it at all. I have taken the opportunity to retire us both from battle, Captain. The conflict is ended. Farewell.

    Film - Animated 

I can't send you back to the Spirit World. But I can take you there. Skadoosh!

If I'm for the Black Rabbit, there's one or two Efrafans that are coming with me!
Bigwig, Watership Down

    Film - Live-Action 

Ben Healy: Junior, 3rd grade is the foundation of a great education. If you don't go, you'll only hurt yourself.
Junior: Well, I'm sure I'll take a couple of others down with me!

We're not getting out of here alive, but neither is that Thing.
R.J. MacReady, The Thing (1982)

C'mon Tom. Let's finish this the way we started it. Together.

Leonardo: Shredder, you’ve gotta listen to reason! You’re gonna destroy us all!


James Moriarty: If you are clever enough to bring destruction upon me, rest assured that I shall do as much to you.
Sherlock Holmes: You have paid me several compliments, Mr. Moriarty. Let me pay you one in return when I say that if I were assured of the former eventuality I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept the latter.

Always take an honor guard with you. If you have to go, go down fighting. The size of your guard of honor determines your status in hell.
Lazarus Long, Time Enough for Love

Fleet: You can get away now. One chance, lion. Only kill to survive. Attack if you like, but we won't be breaking the Code when we kill you.
Fearless: Without that cub, I'm dead anyway. I might as well take you all with me.

"You’re coming with me. I’m not leaving here without one last kill."
Oleander de Merelands to October Daye, October Daye : Late Eclipses

"At least I’ll take you with me"
Samson to October Daye, October Daye : Ashes of Honor

"If I have to die, I'll take the Earth-Dog a gift—of foxes".
Lucky, Survivors

    Live Action TV 

"If I can't take the world with me, you will have to do. Die, you freaks!"
Mrs Gillyflower, Doctor Who, "The Crimson Horror"

"If we go, they go."
Major General George Hammond, Stargate SG-1, "Lost City, Part II"

Picard: What shall it be, Tomalak?
Tomalak: You will still not survive our assault!
Picard: And you will not survive ours. Shall we die together?

"If I am shall YOU be!"
K.A.R.R., Knight Rider, "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R."

"There will be companions for my death. I plan to raid the complex. To destroy until I am destroyed."
Cally, Blake's 7, "Time Squad"



I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me...'

I know I'm headed for the bottom
I know I'm headed for the bottom
I know I'm headed for the - !

But I'm ridin' you all the way!
Yeah I'm ridin' you all the waaaay!

Minkowski: Hera and I just shut down all the station engines.
Kepler: You... did WHAT? Minkowski, do you have any idea what that will do?!
Minkowski: Oh, I know exactly what it's going to do. You wanna go up to the red line? Let's go.
Kepler: No, you're not going through with this!
Minkowski: I already have!
Kepler: No! You are not going to sacrifice Eiffel and-
Minkowski: THREE PEOPLE HAVE DIED TODAY! This has gone far enough! Either no-one else dies...
Eiffel: Or we all go. Amen, Commander.
Wolf 359, Desperate Measures

    Tabletop Games 

When you decide to die, remember to give the enemy the same honour.

At the Battle of Harz, the Order’s last, climactic struggle with the Infernalist Tezghul the Insane, Hoffmann not only commands the Artisan contingent, he personally supervises a battery of very powerful rapid-firing cannon. Tezghul, seeing his vilest allies ripped to shreds by these guns, desperately sends a screaming horde of followers against them. Surrounded when the fourth wave of assailants finally gets through, Hoffmann and his crews calmly detonate their entire powder-stores, leaving that entire flank of the field empty of life (and undead).
The Artisans Handbook for Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade

    Video Games 

Unholy foulness! I shall take you with me!

Even in the book of lies, sometimes you find truth. There is indeed a season for all things. And now that I see you flesh-to-flesh and blood-to-blood, I know I cannot raise my hand against you. But know this: you are my greatest disappointment.
Does your master hear me? Atlas! You can kill me, but you will never have my city! My strength is not in steel and fire, that is what the parasites will never understand. A season for all things, a time to live, and a time to die. A time to build... AND A TIME... TO DESTROY!
Andrew Ryan, after rigging Rapture to self-destruct, BioShock

You will die with me...
Lev Kravchenko, pulling the pins on his grenade belt and surviving in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Ugh... I'm gonna die anyway... I won't have to be afraid anymore... But I'm not gonna die alone. You're all coming with me!

I'm ready! How 'bout you?!
Emile, stabbing the Elite that just stuck an energy sword through his chest, Halo: Reach

We shall go together.

If I'm going down, I'm not going alone.
The real Alex Mercer, [PROTOTYPE]

If I go down, I'm taking you with me!
Andross, Star Fox 64.

I won't let you escape. You will perish here with me!
Andross, Star Fox Zero.

Wesker: I'm taking the two of you with me!
Sheva: Like hell you will!

ENOUGH! I will not give you the pleasure! If I'm going to die, I'm taking you all with me. MY FATE IS MY OWN!
Vanessa VanCleef, before detonating explosives that can kill players after she is defeated, World of Warcraft

"Nex meus emanabit sicut pestilentia." ("My death will spread like a plague.")
— The verbal incantation of the Ancient Curse Wrath, RuneScape

"Solid Snake! I'm not going down alone. I'm taking you with me! Prepare to Die!"
Big Boss, Metal Gear 1

"Gha ha ha ha ha...! Isn't it painful to have to watch while others suffer? You can put up with your own pain......but can't bear to see others, especially Zero, harmed, can you? I'm taking Zero, the one most important to you... to the underworld! Goodbye, X... Gha ha ha ha!"
Sigma, Mega Man X5

"Brood-brother, thou hast doomed me... But if I must meet mine end, then all shall burn upon my pyre!"
Nidhogg, Final Fantasy XIV

Hypertuned Grynewaht, Final Fantasy XIV

Urzur: Wake up, Belial. [the dragon slowly gets to his feet] You don't have time to die. [Belial is silent] What's wrong? Obey me!
Belial: [after backing up a bit] Your words mean nothing. My heart has been pierced, and your spell broken.
Urzur: You impudent beast!
Belial: Indeed. I have been freed just before I die. Sorcerer, your time is up. Our contract has ended.
Urzur: W-wait...
Belial: My death is near.... let us go together!
[Belial then surges forward and eats Urzur whole]

Jim Hawkins: Attention Procyon vessels, you cannot win! Surrender now and you will be treated fairly!
Admiral Evar: Never, Jim Hawkins! All our plans were brought to nothing by you and that pirate cyborg! Neither of you will survive to enjoy your victory!

Subject Delta ... I know you can hear me. You have stolen my life's work, and with it — my only daughter. But Rapture is the house of monsters. The surface will not have us. Tonight, we shall be buried as a family. Side by side.
Sofia Lamb, Bioshock 2

Guard: Ow. Uh oh. NEVERRRRRR- (Leaps towards Henry with a grenade stuck to his face)
FAIL screen: If he goes down he's taking you with him!

"Looks like we'll be sharing sharing this last ride together! Heh. Eheheh!"
Reginald Copperbottom after shotting Henry's spine, Completing the Mission, Revenged route

"I pity Dwight. It's as though every action he takes brings the opposite of what he intends. Trying to help his fellow employees from an abuser he ends up shutting down the entire operation, leaving many in a far worse situation than they ever were in. Granted, spiking a narcissist's drink and watching him unravel was worth the price of admission. The many memories of Survivors struggling with narcissists have led me to the conclusion that there are only three possibilities when relating to a narcissist. Enable them. Run away from them. Or... destroy them. But beware, narcissists take everyone with them when they go down."
The Observer, Dead by Daylight


"If I am truly a god, then this body doesn't matter. If I am a mortal, life isn't worth living. In either case, I'm taking you with me..."

"I wasted five hours of hard fighting and a hundred and fifty of my best men bringing it down. Then it exploded."
General Yross of the Yellow Moon Brood, on fighting angels, Kill Six Billion Demons

Mike: I fucked your mom.
Blaine: mom is dead.
Mike: Then you can come watch.

    Web Original 

You think now that you're this so-called "Super Saiyan" that you're better than me? LORD FREEZA?! Well, you're not! I own you! I own your planet! I own THIS planet! In fact, F**K THIS PLANET!

Millennium Officer: How valiant of you, Sir Penwood, defending your post down to the last man.
Sir Penwood: Ah, but that's where I must rebuke you. Because where you see one man, I see four.
Officer: See four? [notices the room is lined with C-4 charges] Ahh...
Penwood: When you get to hell, tell them Penwood sent you. And then apologize on my behalf for the inconvenience. [detonates the C-4]

Bonesaw: Hey, plant geek! He kills me, you die! Think about that!
Blasto: Okay.

    Western Animation 

The people! This is all their fault! And they're going to burn for it. BURN!
President Lex Luthor of Justice Lord Earth, Justice League

Darkseid: Kryptonian! You are coming with me!
Superman: Like hell I am!

I'm never going back to prison! If I'm going down today, you're coming WITH ME!

Let's stay on this miserable planet! Together!
Malachite, Steven Universe

Stan: Oh yeah, you're going down, Bill. You're getting erased. Memory gun. Pretty clever, huh?
Bill: Y-you idiot! Don't you realise you're destroying your own mind, too?
Stan: Eh, it's not like I was using this space for much anyway.

Thrawn: Whatever happens next...happens to both of us.
Ezra: That's the idea.



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