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The Return
  • Richard calling Principal Brown to tell the kids that they have the plague which is why they're not in school. But he'll be sure to get them there before the end of the day!
  • Richard is so distant from his kids that he has difficulty remembering what they look like, so when he has an Imagine Spot with them in it they're all badly-drawn and off-voiced caricatures. When he tries to imagine them again they're drawn on-model, but their eyes and the shapes of their heads are now screwed up: Gumball has Anais' head and one eye, Anais has Darwin's head and three eyes, and Darwin has Gumball's head and an eye in his mouth.
  • When Richard realizes that his kids are be exported in a semi, it cuts to the semi exporting them honking the horn as a representation of what would have been Richard's scream.
  • Richard's insistence that he punch out the windows or windshield on every car he comes across, at one point rolling up the window on one car just to do so.
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  • The end, where Richard lets loose the balls in the ball pit that flood the school and spill Gumball, Darwin, and Anais out in front of Nicole's car. When Nicole asks them how their first day back was, all they can do is look on in stunned, horrified silence.

The Nemesis

  • When Rob slides a car on a oil-coated road to run down Gumball and Darwin, Gumball (who has been ranting about how adults are too soft on kids these days) and Darwin managed to get inside the car while they have a deep breath, the car spinning around, went on the other side of the road and the duo safely landed without being aware while they're relaxing.
  • Rob tries to cut down an electrical pole and drop it on Gumball and Darwin, only to find that the wires are leaving it dangling in the air. He then knocks it into a tree, which breaks and falls on him, then the pole comes back and hits him again.
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  • The send-up of anime and action cartoon transformation sequences, where it's revealed it's just Gumball and Darwin throwing pieces of Dr. Wrecker's costume at him while he's spinning on a computer chair. Dr. Wrecker wonders why this is necessary and Gumball replies that no one wants to see bad guys struggle to get their pants on like a normal person for ten minutes.
  • When Gumball and Darwin throw Dr. Wrecker a party to congratulate him on becoming a villain, their plates, cups and decorations are all stuff for a girl's birthday that they've drawn on with marker, because they couldn't order anything more evil than that without checking off a box that confirms that they're over 18.
  • Dr. Wrecker and his Wrecking Ball.

The Crew

  • When Gumball and Darwin are trading suggestions on which crew to join, Gumball suggests the bullies, but Darwin disagrees.
    Darwin: It's too late for us. [grits teeth] DARN YOU, LOVING PARENTS!
  • The flashback of Gumball and Darwin catching Principal Brown working a second job at the car wash — as one of the brushes.
  • The senior citizens' introduction, presented in the style of an over-the-top hip-hop video where they look SO cool. Counts as a Moment of Awesome and Visual Effects of Awesome as well.
  • Gumball and Darwin's various attempts to make themselves look older to join the senior citizens' "crew":
    • First, they try to get wrinkles from wallowing in nuclear waste, but it ends up giving Gumball the power of telepathy and Darwin the power of magnetism.
    • Second, they coat themselves in salt and hang themselves from the clothesline to roast in the sun. Richard smells them from inside, licks them back to normal and laments that he can't eat them.
    • Third, they attempt to make themselves prune from keeping their heads underwater in the bathtub then blow dry their faces, but they fall off and give way to live-action baby faces. Their voices also appropriately get higher and they cry.
    • Lastly, they age themselves the way they caused Nicole to age, by yelling at each other until they turn white and wrinkled, followed by going skateboarding in high heels, which destroy their bones and joints.

The Others

  • The very beginning, where Gumball tries to become a Super Saiyan (which becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when he succeeds in "The Pest").
  • The freaky head trip when Gumball opens his mind and realizes how many other students there are. His head also literally splits open showing his brain with a face on it.
  • Gumball and Darwin's every attempt to make every sad moment in Clare's story have a sudden sweet outcome...mostly with them in the center and how them being there makes her happy.
  • When Anais calls Gumball out on his need to force himself into Clare's life so he can stay the center of attention, he phases her out of existence by sheer force of will. Invisible Anais promptly kicks him in the ass.
  • Darwin impersonating Clare and whining. Gumball then pretends to be life while Darwin is still Clare. Darwin grabs Gumball and throws him out the window with no change in expression from either of them.
  • After Clare tells Gumball and Darwin that this is a story written in her diary with tears as ink, Darwin takes out a pen. Clare promptly smacks it away before continuing.
  • The "about you" gag where Gumball and Darwin have no clue what Clare is saying due to her (very subtle and easily understood) accent.
  • The ending: Gumball and Darwin chase down Clare's bus on Tina Rex to knock it over and force a happy ending onto her.
  • Gumball's extremely manic happy dance.

The Signature

  • Louie's fatherly advice to Richard.
    Louie: You need to stop eating things that aren't food... and also eat less food.
  • Richard places their new family vacation photo along with Louie when they were in Florida on the wall that was drilled to the gas pipe unknowingly. When Louie tells him the news about him marrying Jojo, he tries to contain his anger but he grinds his teeth so hard he makes a spark that creates a gas explosion because of said pipe.
    • After the explosion, Louie comes back in the house after dusting himself and told Jojo at least he didn't say no casually. Gumball, Darwin and Anais, who were also caught in the explosion, come upstairs as they knew it was because of Richard knowing the big news.
  • Gumball, Anais and Darwin doing a triple Face Palm in reaction to Richard's plan to stop the wedding... but unfortunately for Darwin, he smacks himself unconscious with the pipe he's holding.
  • Louie has Nicole sign adoption papers so he can adopt her to forbid her from seeing Richard. Louie had to ask her for a shirt so he can celebrate by ripping it off of himself and when he starts celebrating, he sees a quarter on the floor and twists his hip.
  • The Watterson family having to go through the Kingdom of Bureaucracy where everything happens in its own time usually too late in order to get Jojo and Louie their marriage license before Frankie takes away their home. Gumball uses this as an advantage by bumping into Frankie to get him off the line... which goes into effect as the line goes forward.
  • The Watterson family trying to stop Frankie from notarizing the form that gives him ownership of their house and get Granny Jojo and Louie married, but get stopped by Martin who's not doing his job.
    Nicole: We're here to get a marriage license!
    Martin: Uh huh... One minute. (Making clicks on his computer)
    Nicole: Are you playing Solitaire?
    Martin: (sighs and he starts to watch videos with cat noises)
    Nicole: I can hear you watching cat videos.
    (the computer makes a chiming noise)
    Gumball: What the?! That's the sound of the Elmore Plus Messenger!
    Martin: No it's not... (types in) #Job4Life.

The Check

  • Gumball, Darwin, and Anais remember about how Jojo was with food, fun, and presents in caution of Louie wanting to show them something as he's old like her.
    Gumball: Ugh, what is that?
    Granny Jojo: It’s herring surprise.
    Gumball: What's the surprise?
    Herring: Boo!
    • Perhaps funnier is that this flashback is triggered by Darwin.
  • Darwin's Imagine Spot on using money for charity:
    • Darwin's commercial ends with him ranting at others to give money to the poor.
    • Darwin naming his charity the Coalition Of Really Really Useful People Together... Or C.O.R.R.U.P.T.
    • Darwin's dream ends with him not making any money due to expenses... ending up in toxic waste management where he ends up encountering zombies.
  • Anais's Imagine Spot starts with Anais getting all of the money in the world then destroying it all so the economy gets destroyed and the people can live blissfully in nature... ends in disaster due to being open to predators in nature.
  • Gumball's Imagine Spot on using money for a suit and tie to become President:
    • He posts a campaign video of him promising in a Ted Kennedy-style voice for seven-day weekends, state-issued mobility scooters, to replace water with soda, and to make pizza the fourth emergency service. When Anais asked him how can he get votes? He squeaks his hands in the song of the "Star-Spangled Banner" which succeeds in him getting elected.
    • When pressed by Anais on what to do if people get all obese from the free pizza, his solution is robot servants... who end up rebelling against all of humanity. How does Gumball put an end to all this?
    Gumball: (in Ted Kennedy-style voice) My fellow Americans... (in normal voice) I think we all know where this is going, so let's just skip to the end. (Presses button to nuke the entire country)
  • The entire invisible-car-chase sequence...and how Mr. Small is just riding his hippie van and not finding any of this out of the ordinary.

The Pest

  • Anais doing her best audition for PlatinumGames by practicing kick-boxing in the attic.
  • When Gumball and Darwin find Anais beating up her stuffed animals while blindfolded, she nearly punches Gumball and her fist stops just short of his face. Gumball thinks she's angry with him, so he admits that:
    • He swapped her smashed pills for turtle flakes, which is why everyone at school calls her "Kraken Breath".
    • He kept messing up her sunscreen when she was born and she didn't really have a facial birthmark in the shape of a goat, because he thought if she looked cursed Nicole wouldn't love her more than him.
    • He put stones in her pockets when she was a baby because he was worried she would grow taller than him, which is why she's medically classified as a cephalopod.
  • When Anais says it's not Gumball she's angry with, it's shown that Gumball was planning to have Darwin hit Anais over the head with a shovel and he was telling him to abort it.
  • The whole scene with Gumball and Darwin explaining the effects of violence to Anais:
    Gumball: Okay, first I want you to learn what it means to hurt someone.
    Anais: I'm the one who—
    Gumball: No arguing! You wanna use violence? Then, first you need to understand how it makes people feel!
    Anais: Wait, what?
    Darwin: Hit him.
    Anais: Guys, you don't understand.
    Gumball: DO IT! (Darwin grabs Anais' hand and makes her slap Gumball) Ohhh, I feel pain! But also sorrow. Isn't there a better solution to our problem? (Darwin picks up Anais and throws her on top of Gumball, then grabs her by the ears and pulls her back) AAAHH! The violence inflicted upon me has instilled a rage, that can only lead to more violence. (Gumball picks up Anais by her left leg and hits Darwin with her)
    Darwin: AUGH! As an innocent bystander, I feel unjustly hurt. The violence has now become... a vicious circle. (Darwin makes Anais slap Gumball again, Gumball makes Anais slap Darwin, Darwin prepares to make Anais slap Gumball a third time but she starts spinning around in mid-air slapping both of them)
    Gumball: See what happens when you let yourself be an instrument of violence? Everyone gets hurt!
    Anais: You don't understand! I'm the one who's getting picked on!
    Gumball: (grabs Anais and stops her spinning) Then forget everything I said. (goes Super Saiyan with appropriate Art Shift) LET'S NAIL THIS GUY!
    Darwin: C'mon man, we both know this is just posturing.
    Gumball: (powers down) Yeah, but I thought you might buy it if I went big.
  • Anais tries her hand at the other characters' penchant for weird similes but doesn't fully understand it. She says that every word that comes out of Billy's mouth makes her angrier than a goat on fire, which confuses Gumball, then that he's more annoying than dancing in a shoe that goes [weird squeaking sound].
  • Gumball trying to meditate, unaware of Anais and Darwin trying to get his attention, which leads to him getting trampled by the football team and punted into the air when one of them tries to kick the ball. In the next scene, Anais and Darwin are trying to put him back together again, and Gumball's disembodied arm waves to Penny when she walks by with Carmen.
  • Ms. Simian showing Gumball and Anais her scars that she's acquired from her millions of years on Earth; they come from getting hit in the head with a rock by two Homo erectus parents for teaching their child to make fire, getting chased out of her tribe for trying to introduce the wheel into their curriculum, falling on a wet floor on the day Christopher Columbus discovered the New World (the timing was just a coincidence), and the Salem witch trials.
    • Darwin, watching in through the window on makeshift stilts, witnessing Ms. Simian showing off the scar she got on the day of Columbus' arrival (which is on her rear end) and going white and blank-eyed from shock.
  • When the Watterson kids have no nonviolent solutions left:
    Anais: I guess I'm back to destroying my enemy!
    Darwin: And you know the best way to destroy an enemy?
    (Anais does a karate chop)
    Darwin: No, I mean to make sure they stop.
    (Anais performs a knee to the chest motion)
    Darwin: No, I mean to get rid of him forever.
    (Anais mimes performing an orbital strike)
    Gumball: Wha-was that?
    Anais: A tactical satellite attack.
  • Gumball challenges Billy to a duel with a Glove Slap. Billy, in turn, hits Gumball with Bobert's arm, giving him a black eye.
  • Gumball believes that Billy will be at a serious disadvantage against him, so he handicaps himself by tying himself up and plugging his nose. When Billy puts up a fight, Gumball tries to cut himself loose with a pair of safety scissors; they aren't sharp enough, but a stale French fry that Darwin throws to him is.

The Sale

  • Gumball and Darwin's Demon Heads that scare even Nicole! Nicole even took her words reverse.
  • Mr. Robinson unraveling after Gumball takes a load-bearing thread from his body as a keepsake, followed by Gumball taking his unibrow.
  • Their musical number that ends with them flying away... courtesy of Mr. Robinson's leaf blower.
  • The picture montage of Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Robinson. With Mr. Robinson Mooning while Gumball and Darwin have cool poses.
  • Gumball and Darwin's methods to prevent Mr. Robinson from leaving.
    • The failed attempts to make the house too scary to live in by making Darwin into a Japanese girl ghost who ends up getting the door slammed on him and thrown out the bathroom window.
    • Gumball's role as a criminal and Darwin's role as a brutal cop... who took his role way too far that makes the buyers think the officers are scarier than the criminals.
    Darwin: Sorry dude. What with the badge, the uniform, the unchecked sense of authority, I got carried away.

The Gift

  • Masami's invitations for Gumball and Darwin are in the form of an exploding metal bird that gives off a blinding flash and burns their retinas. Larry, who's working as a delivery man, says he's been exposed to it so much that his sight won't come back for another ten years.
  • When Richard is lifting off the things to enjoy at a birthday party, he lists cake three times, the third time saying in the derpiest face possible.
  • Gumball's completely insane story about how he lost his and Darwin's invitations involving raccoons and sharks.
  • Alan attempting to talk about love to the viewer, only for the camera to move away on him.
  • The race to get to the mall to get Masami a painting and the ways Gumball and Darwin sabotage the other students: Gumball shorts out Bobert with a drinking fountain and the latter hits a wall and explodes, Darwin pins Tobias' headband on a door handle and it doesn't break until he reaches the mall, kicks Idaho into Principal Brown's lunch leading to their Reactive Continuous Scream when Brown picks up Idaho with his fork, then simply blows Teri away, Gumball jumps on Ocho video game-style and uses him as a projectile to knock out Tina, Carmen, and Jamie, and Darwin uses a light shaft from a car mirror to melt Sarah's head.
  • When Masami insists to Leslie that she'd be fine with him giving her a flower, he rips off his own neck and presents himself to her while letting out a long scream, followed by a series of shorter screams, then another long scream. After Leslie, Teri, and Carmen leave, it's then revealed that they were standing on Gumball and Darwin while they were camouflaged into the floor, and Gumball admits that Darwin was right that they should've camouflaged into the walls instead.
  • The reason the other Wattersons weren't around to get Gumball, Darwin, and Masami out of the basement is because they were at the hospital after Anais got sick and mostly covered in warts from kissing frogs.
  • When they attempt to contact Masami's father to help, they end up making it seem like Gumball and Darwin have kidnapped her by accidentally sending a picture of her recoiling in terror (it was actually from the flash of her phone's camera) and that they need to follow a set of instructions to get her back, and that he needs 3M to get her back.
    Darwin: As in three million dollars!
  • When Darwin finds a flare gun in the basement Masami questions if it's safe to fire it, but Gumball insists he and Darwin have been in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and have always escaped unhurt. Darwin and Masami stare at him incredulously, so he says they sometimes escape unhurt. They still don't buy it, so he admits they've escaped unhurt once, and hurt themselves on the way home.
  • Masami revealing that she has retractable legs.
  • Gumball and Darwin get ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to Masami, only for the cops (Frank and three French fries in riot gear) to burst in and arrest them for allegedly kidnapping Masami and holding her for ransom.

The Parking

  • Gumball, dressed as a Wall Street tycoon, accidentally stabbing the milk carton parking attendant with Nicole's car keys, then taking them out and causing the milk carton to nearly bleed out milk (in the next scene he appears in, he's seen alive with a bandage over his wound).
  • When Nicole asks the kids to turn their frowns upside-down, they turn their entire heads upside-down and their frowns remain the same.
  • Richard using the spray-paint can man to create a parking space. When he claims innocence to the milk guy security guard, the spray-can man rats him out. Then Richard accidentally makes a line go to the wall, which a continuous line of cars follow off the building, even several scenes later.
  • Nicole scribbling on Marvin's car after he takes the spot they're after...only to learn that it's a handicapped spot...and Marvin isn't even out of his car.
  • Betty the chalkboard lady tricking The Wattersons into giving her a lift to the bus stop by pretending to be a dotty old woman looking for her car.
    • Betty describing the bus as smelling of "damp laundry and despair."
  • The Wattersons park at the junkyard and their car gets snatched up by a magnet. As they're about to get lowered into the crusher, another car takes their spot, everyone in the car yells, "Oh, COME ON!"
  • The Wattersons somehow go inside the movie playing at the local theater just to find a parking space.
  • When Nicole tells the kids to hold on to their hats, they and Richard each pull out a hat and hold on to it.
  • The episode ultimately ends with the Wattersons parking next to their house after finally getting their parking space.

The Routine

  • The narrator describing Richard as "The Oncoming Wind" and "The Reason House Prices Are Going Down in the Area".
  • The one thing on Richard's chore list is to get mayonnaise because Nicole has never seen him accomplish anything beyond that.
  • Richard thinking that LOL means "lots of love" and Hector's mom using it in a text to a guy whose mother isn't doing well.
  • Richard's journey to the supermarket is sidetracked by repeatedly going through the Joyful Burger drive-thru, which the Mako-esque narrator describes as "getting caught in the deadly vortex of the drive-thru window, where your worst enemy is yourself."
  • Richard and Larry's exchange outside the burning grocery store.
    Larry: Surely you don't intent to fight it?!
    Richard: MY QUEEN REQUIRES ONLY A JAR OF MAYO! NOT THE HEAD...OF A BEAST! *suddenly normal* I don't know how you do burger night at your house...weirdo.
  • Richard defeating the toll booth trolls and Papa Rex by preparing to battle them, then yelling "SIKE!" and running away.

The Upgrade

  • Gumball and Darwin wait 17 hours for Bobert to update to the newest version of his operating system, and in that time their eyes become bloodshot and they collect cobwebs.
  • Gumball compares Bobert's newly-downloaded incredibly loud music to cheese being grated through a guitar by a bunch of rich, smug old people wearing leather pants.
  • Bobert's Siri-esque voice recognition software getting everything Gumball and Darwin say wrong, so Bobert ends up sending Granny Jojo a list of nursing homes and pictures of camel butts, then he kicks Leslie and gives him an impromptu wedding to Alan, both of whom don't mind.
  • Bobert repeatedly freezing up, at one point doing so in midair and staying there as Gumball and Darwin collide into him, then later while conducting during a recorder recital, causing the class to play at such a high tone that they all deflate from playing so hard.
  • Bobert's updated GPS software gives Gumball and Darwin ridiculous directions to the Bobert store, which ultimately ends with them going underground. They burst out from under a grave in the cemetary and in the process horrify Gary because they look like zombies, then Gumball asks him for directions.
  • The Bobert store is a sharp jab at the interior design of Apple stores, where everything is completely white including the employees ("This store is whiter than an arctic fox in a wedding dress", says Gumball), whom Gumball has to feel around to find. He's then revolted not when he accidentally grabs the clerk's butt and puts his fingers in his nose, but when he ends up grabbing his ponytail.
  • When New Bobert flies Gumball and Darwin up to the plane Bobert is being transported on, Gumball's pants come off. When Bobert stops Gumball from hitting the ground he expresses relief that he wasn't wearing pants, then his underwear comes off.
  • While skydiving down to save Bobert, Gumball takes the time to turn into a semi-realistic cat and curl up on a laptop with a live-action cat wallpaper, then admits he just loves doing that.

The Comic

  • Sarah cosplaying as herself, and when she takes off the costume's head she takes off her own head in the process.
  • Darwin claims that the only people into superheroes are fedora-wearing neckbeards.
  • Gumball shines a flashlight with a Valentine-shaped shade, but a fence obscures the bottom and makes it look like a pair of buttcheeks. Dr. Butt sees the Buttsignal and suddenly rips off his shirt to show his superhero costume.
  • Sarah's drawings of Laserheart perfectly parody the infamous "boobs and butt pose", generally looking like something from The Hawkeye Initiative.
  • After getting mugged, Darwin asks Gumball if they should go to the police. Gumball says, "And what? Tell them we were dressed like Eastern European pop stars and got mugged for $7.00 by a shadow?"
  • Gumball getting crushed by Molly, causing his face to be splattered on the lockers.

The Romantic

  • Rocky driving while reading a poem as Penny holds on for dear life.
  • In the chemistry lab Penny is told to mix two chemicals, which form into a hostile brown blob. As she's reading Gumball's message on the blackboard, it then tells her that they both know he can't be trusted around chemicals.
  • When Penny goes out into the desert, it turns out that Gumball meant to write "dessert", as in the mall where they shared their first dessert, and he left her an apology written entirely out of old bones. Cue Penny trying to laugh at the situation before she turns into her gorgon form and her laughing turns manic.
  • Penny goes to the mall and is now incredibly dehydrated from the desert heat, and Larry gives her a sundae on the house. Unfortunately, as stated in Gumball's message, he forgot about her allergy to blueberries and neglected to tell Larry to not put blueberry ice cream in, so he decided to balance it out by putting an allergy pill in the cherry. Penny takes the cherry, which stops the swelling but causes her head to look like a near-deflated balloon. She can't tell that her head looks that way because she was looking at her reflection in a spoon.
  • Penny attempts to see if she's capable of Voluntary Shapeshifting instead of just shapeshifting based on her emotional state, with a Sailor Moon-style Transformation Sequence. It doesn't work.
  • Gumball drops down off a cliff to come to Penny's aid, and sticks a perfect landing... only to immediately double over in pain because he twisted his ankle.
  • Penny finding Gumball's insults about her mom and sister funny.

The Uploads

  • Jamie's camera phone video "William Exam Fail": William makes several attempts to flip his test paper over until he picks it up with his eye, then Teri doesn't notice that he already flipped it and flips it back over, causing William to rage and psychokinetically make everything combust.
  • Alan attempts to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, but the bucket just has a block of ice in it so when Bobert dumps the bucket, the ice falls out and crushes Alan. And because of him being crushed before he finishes saying the three people he is passing the challenge onto, Gumball plays the part where Alan gets crushed several times in a vain attempt at figuring out who the third person was supposed to be.
  • Richard reviewing Calculator like a video game as a Let's Play video.
    Richard: My only criticism is that there's no female characters but there's no male characters either so it's okay I guess.
    • Then he divides by zero, blowing up the computer in his face but he was able to give it his rating to conclude the video as if nothing happens until the end.
    Richard: So yeah, pretty good game. 8 out of 10, would play again. (his head falls on the desk)
    • Special mention goes to the ad before the video, it has a 30 second cooldown for the skip button but Gumball keeps clicking the man in the ad until...
    • Note that by the time he finishes that sentence, the 30 second cooldown just expired.
  • Tobias tries to prank his dad, Harold, by putting a skateboard at the bottom of the stairs. Harold mistakes it for a home invasion and calls the police while Jackie pelts him with objects. When Tobias explains what's happening, Harold (after he and his wife have a laugh over it) grounds him, then when Tobias signs off, the Donut Cop arrives and tackles him.
  • Gumball repeatedly getting tricked into clicking on links to a video with a picture of a chihuahua playing a saxophone with appropriate music.
  • By the time Gumball and Darwin are done looking at videos they're now teenagers, and when they try to leave the room they just get sucked back to the computer like they were earlier.

The Apprentice

  • Patrick trying to tie his tie and commenting how pointless it is because he doesn't have a neck.
  • The police immediately appearing after Patrick tries to leave Gumball in his car unattended, which is considered a criminal offense.
  • Gumball removing strands of his DNA, causing him to mutate in various ways until the elevator on the next floor opens, revealing he became a giant, multicolored blob.
    Lenny: I'll...uh...
    Patrick: Take the next one?
    Lenny: No, I was gonna say I'm gonna wear my eyes the other way around and bleach my brain.
  • Patrick telling Gumball that he's worried about the Watterson DNA because Richard was sent to the hospital the previous week after trying to find out what lightning tasted like.
  • The head of Chanax telling Patrick that Gumball makes him laugh and that "...[I] haven't laughed like this since my last bailout."
  • The various absurd things Gumball sees when he's knocked unconscious by a golf ball to the head, such as his thumb popping off his hand and dancing to steel drum music before firing off in the air like a bottle rocket.

The Hug

  • The implication that Gumball has stood on the lunch table and slapped his ass so much that there's a sign on the wall specifically forbidding it.
  • The delightfully awkward "legend phone" exchange between Gumball and Hot Dog Guy.
  • Gumball thinking Hot Dog Guy is so lonely that he counts brooms in the janitor's closet.
  • Gumball burying his head into his seat on the bus like an ostrich and talking out of his butt like Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura character.
  • Everything about Gumball's awkward sleepover with Hot Dog Guy, from Darwin and Anais bailing on him in favor of a sleepover with Banana Joe to Gumball trying to put Hot Dog Guy's hand back at his side and ending up straddling him to Gumball coming into school the next day sleep-deprived and traumatized.
  • The sequence of Gumball and Hot Dog Guy playing cruel tricks on each other so one of them will break off the "friendship," most notably Gumball turning the shower water in the locker room so cold that Hot Dog Guy comes out shrunken and speaking in a high voice, Gumball inviting Hot Dog Guy to a hot dog lunch and Hot Dog Guy forcing himself to eat it while his internal monologue is screaming and spitting in disgust, and Hot Dog Guy giving Gumball two venomous snakes as a present.
  • Gumball getting his revenge on Darwin predicting everything he does by getting Hot Dog Guy to hug him.

The Wicked

  • The episode opens with Mrs. Robinson offering nuts to some squirrels, and Gumball and Darwin appear acting like squirrels hoping for some nuts. When she points out that she's feeding the squirrels, Darwin comments he didn't know she liked squirrels, or outside, or daylight, and as Gumball adds, anything that doesn't involve other people suffering.
    • The nuts turn out to be coated in coffee, which causes the squirrels to attack Gumball and Darwin. When they throw the nuts away, the squirrels start attacking everyone else. Darwin later adds that they were also soaked in prune juice, which he considered overkill.
    • The squirrels store Gary for winter, eat Fenton (the corn guy) turning him into a live-action leftover ear, and burst through Hank's chest.
  • After Mrs. Robinson blames the squirrel attack on the boys and they're sentenced to community service, Gumball is trying to describe how evil Mrs. Robinson is. First, he calls her "heart so dark it's a black hole" evil, then Wall Street evil, then "ads before your video loads" evil. When Darwin insists that no one is truly evil, Gumball tells him to jump because Mrs. Robinson was about to run them over from behind.
  • The montage of Mrs. Robinson causing suffering throughout Elmore is accompanied by an upbeat Villain Song version of "My Favorite Things" with fittingly sadistic lyrics.
  • Darwin lures Mrs. Robinson to the hospital by claiming that there was a power outage, which would've killed the patients currently on life support. When he tries to use Charlie-Ann, one of the babies in the nursery, to remind her of her own youth, Gumball finds a tag on her head saying she's 70% cotton, 30% polyester, and made in the fiery pits of the underworld.
    • Darwin tries to get through to Mrs. Robinson again but finds she's got into the nursery while he was talking. She swaps the nametags for the babies of two couples to make it look like they had an affair, and the fathers get into a fight. When Darwin tries to explain to Mrs. Robinson why what she's doing is wrong, it cuts to her P.O.V., where Darwin is speaking the same way as her. When he decides to actually speak to her the way she speaks, it comes out as nonsense.
      Darwin: Three times did the cheese move sideways to Switzerland by radio. But, she never licked that parking permit.
    • Mrs. Robinson takes advantage of Darwin being distracted again to squirt the hand sanitizer dispenser near the entrance all over the floor, then when the Band-Aid doctor comes in he slips. When Darwin laments that she doesn't understand, Gumball states that it's not that Darwin doesn't speak her language, but that she doesn't have a soul.
  • Gumball and Darwin try to get into the Robinsons' house by offering Mr. Robinson a free house-cleaning.
    Mr. Robinson: On one hand I don't trust you, on the other hand I don't trust you!
    Gumball: (extends his arm through the bottom and out the top of Mr. Robinson's shirt) But on the third hand, free child labor!
    Mr. Robinson: Mmm, okay.
    Gumball: Thanks. (honks Mr. Robinson's nose)
  • When the boys find Mrs. Robinson's diary, Gumball reads it imitating her way of speaking again. When Darwin tells him to read it properly, he shows him that's how it's actually written.
  • Mrs. Robinson's photo album: first, she's laying in a boat on a lake while her brother drowns nearby, on her first day of school, she set the building on fire and the fire department is putting it out in the background, and on Christmas Eve, Santa is about to fall into her active fireplace while she holds a bellows. Darwin is horrified, but Gumball insists they look at her baby pictures; first there's her being sewn, then the picture right after that is her a few years older ripping the head off a teddy bear.
  • When Mrs. Robinson is getting out of her car, Harold greets her on his bicycle and she Toyota Tripwires him.
  • Gumball and Darwin's plan to get revenge on Mrs. Robinson by taking a photo of her stealing the Wattersons' car goes pear-shaped and she drives it through the mall.
    • When she drives through the grocery store, she goes through the cherries. Gumball is unimpressed until Darwin points out that they're genetically-modified, and they turn out to be giant.
  • Mrs. Robinson's Laser-Guided Karma in the end: she pins the event on the boys again and drives off in her car, but a streetlight she crashed the Wattersons' car into topples causing her to crash into a billboard, an electrical pole, another car, and a hydrant. The water from the hydrant launches her into the road, where her car gets crushed between a tire truck and a gas tanker, the latter of which gets punctured creating a pool of gas, and a wire from the electrical pole ignites it. The resulting explosion launches her into the air, where she gets hit by a plane before hitting the ground. The episode ends as it cuts to Gumball and Darwin recoiling when the ambulance backs up into her.

The Traitor

  • The HowToBasic way Gumball prepares his lunch for Alan.
  • Gumball's plan to get revenge on Alan is to grab him and have Darwin cover him in maple syrup and feathers—which Gumball plucked from chickens himself. Instead, they accidentally do it to Billy, and when Gumball tries to explain the situation it cuts to security throwing them out until Gumball tells them that he can do it himself, then throws Darwin out the door and exits after him.
  • When Darwin tries translating the ducks' quacking:
    Darwin: Bread bread bread, bread bread bread bread, bread bread bread.
    (duck quacks)
    Darwin: Wait... hold on!
    (duck quacks again)
    Darwin: No, he said "bread..."
  • Gumball briefly gets Super Speed that he uses to chase Alan in his family's car, and everyone he runs past explodes, except for Julius, who doesn't immediately explode and only does as Gumball is talking to him.
  • Gumball attempts to kick open the door to the hospital room Alan's family is in and deliver a one-liner, but gets the wrong room twice, and botches the one-liner when he opens the right door.
    Gumball: YOU BUT GUSTED! (whispering) Aw dagnabbit I messed it up...
  • Gumball accidentally popping a white smiley-face balloon that turns out to be Alan's uncle.
  • The whole scene with Gumball and Darwin trying to perform an organ transplant between Alan and his mother:
    • Gumball putting on a glove, only to find he accidentally used Alan's uncle instead.
    • All of Alan's organs are made of air, ergo they're invisible. Darwin pulls out his heart, which beats.
    • Gumball looking at a biology book showing the anatomy of several characters: The Jolly Hamburger ("The Burgensis"), Hot Dog Guy ("The Salsicia"), Sarah ("The Glacies Crepito") whose ribcage runs down her cone, Richard ("The Richard" or "Richardus") whose body is composed primarily of intestines, and Rocky ("The Pupulus") whose body contains only a human hand.
    • Darwin re-inflating Alan as the Band-Aid doctor comes in, only for the Band-Aid doctor to leave in disgust.
    • The anesthetics they used on Alan wear off as Alan's air is coming out, and when Gumball asks Darwin how does he know, Alan yells with a live-action face "MY INSIDES ARE POURING OUT!"
    • With Darwin in distress about what to do as Alan deflates, Gumball simply plugs the hole with his finger while Darwin tries to find where they dropped his flatulum and ends up stepping on it.
    • The operation is a success, but Alan's mother is now speaking out of her knot. When Alan questions this, Gumball suddenly loses his cool and goes on a tirade about how nothing is ever good enough for Alan and the episode ends before he can say something inappropriate.

The Origins (parts one and two)

  • Nicole walking in on Richard taking a shower and thinking Gumball was the one who filled the bathtub with grape soda, when it was, in fact, Richard.
  • Nicole tells a young Gumball that if he wasn't so cute, she'd have sold him to a freakshow by then. When Gumball asks what a freakshow is, she tells him that it's like their family, except people pay to see it.
  • Nicole gets the idea to get Gumball a pet, Richard's idea was to "go back in time and make sure we never...", but instantly cuts himself off and suspiciously laughs in agreement to get a pet instead. Richard's nervous smile and Nicole's annoyed expression says all about what he was going to say.
  • Gumball names his first fish Darwin after seeing it in his alphabet soup, but when Nicole looks at it, it turns out that the soup spelled "Jpxfrd" and suggests that Gumball be put in school as soon as possible.
  • When Nicole can't turn off her alarm clock and Richard starts screaming, she yells when the alarm's still going even after she unplugs it, then it turns out Gumball was making the noise. He then gives them two flaming bowls of cereal, which Richard nonchalantly eats.
  • Richard going to the store to get the first replacement Darwin wearing a balaclava, a cleavage-baring aerobics top, and one roller skate.
  • The montage of Richard buying new Darwins each time they die; it includes when Nicole forgets to take the fish's bowl off the car and it falls off when they pull out, when Richard sees that he accidentally bought a carp, attempts to paint it orange, and the paint in the water poisons it, when Nicole accidentally puts a vitamin tablet in the bowl, and when Leslie (who back then still hasn't bloomed) mistakes the bowl for a ball and kicks it. In the end, Larry can't sell Richard any more fish because the last two escaped when they saw Richard coming.
  • When Richard enters the Awesome Store and finds Darwin, the shop owner tells Richard not to get Darwin wet, to which Richard points out that Darwin is a fish and is, by definition, supposed to be wet. He then tells Richard not to feed Darwin after midnight, to which he points out that it's technically always after midnight. The owner also tells Richard the fish is not for sale, only for Richard to point out that Darwin's bowl is sitting on a pillow beneath a spotlight. The owner then mentions how they're supposed to do a whole thing about how Richard asks about the fish, he says it's not for sale, and they discuss it before eventually reaching an agreement.
    • Richard also manages to talk the shop owner down from $100 dollars to $10 dollars, only to then immediately raise the price back up to $100 dollars himself.
  • The dramatic camera zoom in crashing into Gumball.
  • Gumball's Super Speed which he uses to stop Richard from flushing Darwin down the toilet.
  • The Previously On… at the beginning of part 2, which is a rapid-fire Clip Show of intense scenes from previous episodes before the announcer gets to what really happened.
  • Richard trying to cheer Gumball up by painting Darwin on his mouth.
  • Darwin asking Sussie's parents if they've seen Gumball and Sussie's parents being so scared that they dropped her, which turned Sussie from a Brainy Baby, who speaks coherently and tells her parents that she has dreams of being a lawyer, to a babbling idiot who can barely form complete sentences.
  • When Darwin is trying to catch up to the other Wattersons while they're driving to the mall to replace him, they accidentally back into him to get his bowl and Nicole adds that it costs 15 times as much as him.

The Girlfriend

  • The beginning where Jamie makes Banana Joe let her eat the top of his head, causing him to act brain damaged, then upon seeing her Anton makes himself into a sandwich and cuts off his own crust, but Jamie doesn't want to eat him so she makes him eat himself.
  • When Jamie realizes she needs a boyfriend on the bus ride home, the bus explodes and everyone (except her and Darwin) is seen fleeing among the wreckage.
  • Jamie gives Darwin the gift of giving, as in she gives him a gift box with another gift box inside meant for her. She opens it, finds that it's a bottle of perfume, is under the impression that Darwin got it for her because she smells bad and mauls a locker door in a rage, and Gumball comes out of the locker, bruised and cut up into pieces.
  • The kiss Jamie blows to Darwin being depicted as a Japanese throwing star that nearly misses Darwin's head.
  • Gumball distracts Jamie by asking why, if a coconut has both hair and milk, it is not a mammal. After droning in place for about half a minute, she suddenly snaps out of it by shouting "NIPPLES!".
  • Richard coming to school to give Gumball and Darwin their gym-dodging kit: two pairs of crutches and a heart monitor Richard somehow acquired without an explanation.
  • The suggestive and annoying sounds Richard makes when Gumball tells Richard that Jamie is Darwin's new girlfriend.
  • When Jamie assumes Richard doesn't approve of her relationship with Darwin even though he does, she shoves a lacrosse stick into his mouth that sticks out from both sides of his head.
  • Gumball's vision of him and Darwin being married to Jamie. It's similar to the vision of Gumball imagining himself dressed in Nicole's wedding dress and married to Darwin as seen in "The Dress", only more hilariously depressing: they get married on a beach, they're still living in their childhood home, which is now filled with wailing babies who look like Gumball or Darwin mixed with Jamie, and Darwin looks like he's given up on life.

The Advice

  • Gumball not understanding Darwin's metaphors describing Mr. Small's depressed moaning.
  • Coach banging her head against the wall in the teachers' lounge.
  • When Gumball and Darwin cover the hallway floors in oil, Teri ends up doing a split on them that tears her in half, and when Bobert flies her off to the infirmary the exhaust from his jets ignites the oil, creating a massive explosion throughout the school.
  • Gumball and Darwin trying to entertain the injured students and faculty in the infirmary Patch Addams-style, only to end up ripping Teri further, inflating Tobias, and flatlining everyone.
  • Gumball pulls the "got your nose" joke on an injured Rocky, who thinks he has his actual nose. This gets his hopes up, because his nose was torn off and the doctor said they could reattach it if they found it. Gumball responds by putting his clown nose on Rocky, who cries a Single Tear.
  • The sheer Black Comedy of Gumball and Darwin accidentally sending Banana Joe on a gurney out the doors and into an ambulance, only for him to fly through the windshield and the ambulance pulls out and drives over him.
    • Gumball and Darwin trying to prop Rocky and Teri up and make them dance during Mr. Small's musical number.

The Signal

  • When the interference affects Gumball as Darwin is trying on hats, Darwin puts on a hat that covers most of his body and when Gumball tries to give his opinion, the bottom of the screen is replaced with a talk show hosted by Jack Dingle note  with Mic Graves note  as the guest and a subtitle reading "Mic Graves ate my hamster".
  • Richard moving the couch into the kitchen so he can watch the refrigerator like it's a television set.
  • Darwin trying to lift a barbell, only to drop it on himself sending his shoes flying through the window. He then drops it again, crushing himself and the weight bench.
  • Darwin slamming the bedroom door on Gumball, which breaks against his head.
  • When Gumball turns to Richard for comfort, the latter's dialogue is replaced with speech from La Casa De Las Lagrimasnote , speech from Win or Don't Win, and a sitcom laugh track.
  • Darwin and Gumball end up in their car, barreling down the highway due to no one being at the wheel:
    • On the way through their neighborhood, they end up shearing off the front half of Patrick's car.
    • Darwin warning Gumball not to take the wheel and before he can explain why, we get a clip of a Claymation car crashing into a wall, a diagram of a brain from an aspirin commercial, and footage of a watermelon exploding.
    • The car slows as it reaches the peak of a hill, and Darwin raises his arms as if on a roller coaster.
      Gumball: What are you doing?
      Darwin: I don't know. It just feels right.
    • Before crashing into Joyful Burger, the signal cuts to a commercial for it, and Gumball and Darwin end up screaming with food in their mouths.
    • When the car comes to a stop at a payphone, it cuts to a commercial for Panther Treads tires that replaces the bottom of the car and puts it back into motion, driving through the mall.
    • When the car almost hits Larry, he faints.

The Parasite

  • The brief Freeze-Frame Bonus when Gumball and Darwin have listed off the pros and cons of them reading Anais' diary, but the pros list is incredibly short and the cons list extends beyond the paper, out the front door and across the town and across Alison in the grocery store:
    There might be something we need to know
    We could eventually learn things about life
    She wouldn't do this to us
    There could be something she doesn't want us to know
    She will use it against us
    We might feel terrible about it
    It's bad karma
    We should respect her privacy
    There might be something that will hurt our feelings
    She bites
    She only has one tooth but it's big
    She knows how to keep someone alive and in pain for a long time
    She will eventually grow taller
    She will one day be old enough to buy power tools
    We might need money one day and she will definitely have more than us
    [the rest of the list is illegible]
    • Even more hilariously, it actually paid off that they read it.
  • Gumball turning into a fungus and merging with Darwin a la The Last of Us, followed by Darwin attacking Tobias.
  • Gumball attempts to hurt Jodie by making her eat a poison sandwich while serving Darwin, Anais, and himself normal sandwiches made by him and Richard. Anais catches on and attempts to switch the sandwich away from Jodie until Rocky has enough and switches ALL the sandwiches around to make it fair, unintentionally making it a Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo for all four. They all try to eat their sandwich while fearing one of them could be poisoned, then they take a bite. Who had the poisoned sandwich? None of them... but Richard, who is now on the floor at home, gurgling with the telephone off the hook and a 911 operator on the other line.
  • Anais kicking Gumball in the shin for reading her diary, kicking him in the other shin for judging her friend, hitting him in the face with a locker for stalking her...and giving him a kiss for being concerned about her.
  • The real montage of Anais giving Jodie her pen, her lunch, and her science project has Anais creepily moaning "Frieeeeend" every time. When Jodie says that she can't accept her science project, Anais barks "FRIEND!" and Jodie begrudgingly accepts it.

The Love

  • Darwin trying to explain love to Bobert.
    Darwin: Well, love is in the air. It's in your heart, it's in the eyes of others. It's in the way people touch, the way people talk. And it's all over the universe.
    Bobert: If I understand you correctly, you have narrowed the definition of love down to everything and everywhere and everyone. Does not compute.
  • "A one, a one zero, a one, one zero, one one, one zero zero."
  • The Hexagon Lady ending her date with the Internet by pressing Control+Alt+Delete and the Internet returning to his room and yelling, "Mom! I got friend-zoned again!"
  • The scene where love at first sight is explained by a Lemony Narrator. When it initially looks like love between a man and a woman, the two figures instead run to members of the same sex.
    Narrator: Oh. Oh well, scratch that. There are no rules to love, so let's just dance. (figures break into dance while music plays)
  • The utterly indescribable Love Can Be Messy scene between Sussie's parents.
  • Richard trying to spread love by hugging people — which gets him in trouble with Felicity for touching Billy, arrested for sexually harassing Felicity and hugging the Jolly Hamburger, tried in court by the judge who almost looks like the one from The Wall, and punched into the hospital by his cellmates in jail.

The Awkwardness

  • On the way to buy ketchup, Gumball sings a rap about it having dozens of uses.
  • Hot Dog Guy somehow ending up in Gumball's Happy Place.
  • In the elevator, Gumball attempts to press the second-floor button but sees Hot Dog Guy is about to press it too, so to prevent them from touching again, he makes his arm do a U-turn, then he laughs triumphantly and jabs himself in the eye, all in slow-motion.
  • While handcuffed together, Gumball and Hot Dog Guy attempt to escape from the hand-headed mall cop by using a flag cable as a zipline to go down. Hot Dog Guy then points out that the escalator was nearby, so they go back up the cable and take the escalator back down.
  • Gumball throwing Leonard (the short, lightbulb-headed man) in the trash to avoid a repeat of his ordeal with Hot Dog Guy.

The Nest

  • Gumball, Darwin and Richard don't know who Gary, the elderly purple moose, is despite him being their neighbor.
  • Gumball gets attacked by Gary's non-anthropomorphic cat, Kitty, prompting him to say that it's why he's not a cat person. Darwin tries to point out that Gumball is a cat himself, but decides to ignore it.
  • The family's reaction to Richard's comment about how the pregnant turtle could be a male.
  • Larry stealing Mr. Small's hippie van, Janis, to escape the turtles, only to crash into a telephone pole and set fire to a gasoline trail, which blows up the gas station.
  • The green goblin CEO getting bit in the crotch by a baby turtle while showering.
  • Kip blaming foreigners, feral teenagers, and the Internet for the Elmore disappearances despite a lack of evidence.
  • Mike the Microphone Guy thinking the turtles are out to take people's jobs, outright admitting that they will find worse news stories to exaggerate in the future.
  • Mike the Microphone Guy tells Cam to continue rolling as he's being eaten alive after surviving the helicopter crash.
  • Hot Dog Guy throwing cans of peaches, hot dogs, and turtle food at the baby turtles, which they all avoid. They attack him and he says, "But you didn't want them!".
  • Anais discovers how to stop the turtle rampage, but they need to convince the cockroach town exterminator to release the Evil Turtle. When he hears the story, he accepts their explanation and prepares to release her. Unfortunately, Nicole is so used to everybody declining their requests that she knocks him out.
  • When the turtles are released out to sea, Gumball says that the mother turtle was never evil and was just looking after her babies. The turtles then immediately turn and sink a nearby freighter, causing Anais to add that it might've been both.

The Points

  • Gumball and Darwin's attempt to get Tobias an A in science apparently resulted in them creating a noxious chemical cloud in the science lab that knocked out Sarah, Carmen, and Juke.
  • Gumball breaking into the teacher's lounge so he and Darwin can hack into the computer and change Tobias' grades...only to discover that it's the broom closet and Rocky spends his time there in his underwear eating pizza and spray cheese from the can while listening to rock music.
    • When Gumball gets to the computer he finds that the grades are read-only, so he has Darwin hand him a crayon to change Tobias' F to an A.
  • Gumball waxing Harold's car the same way an aesthetician waxes someone with body hairright down to waxing the undercarriage.
  • Gumball being tossed through portals created by Tobias' imaginary portal gun.
  • Gumball paying Harold in invisible Watterson dollars to pay for damages done to his house.

The Bus

  • Harold using a Phantom of the Opera-style costume ball mask as a criminal mask.
  • Alan's dad, Dexter, dressed as Walter White's alias, Heisenberg.
  • Banana Bob trying to jump on the bus as part of the hijacking plan...only to hit the asphalt and get run over by the bus.
  • The Donut Cop trying to give the ransom money to Richard, Principal Brown, Harold, and Dexter, only for it to fly into a cruiser's windshield and cause a multiple-car pile-up.

The Night

  • Sarah's method of sleeping involves putting her head in her freezer.
  • Richard having a plate of spaghetti before going to sleep, which he collapses into.
  • William freaking out after the pixie dust that puts everyone to sleep gets in his eye.
  • Gumball has a dream incurred by him having a hypnic jerk in his sleep and is falling out of space. He thinks he'll wake up before he hits the ground, but as he's falling he burns up on reentry, then he collides into a satellite, a plane, Mrs. Jotunheim on her broom, Hector's head, the Chanax building, the scaffold outside the building, and the Watterson house's roof, then he wakes up right before he hits the ground.
  • Mr. Small screaming quietly during his nightmare of being stuck in a small room.
  • Banana Joe dreams that he's chasing his other end like a dog chasing their tail, then he splits in half. The halves turn into a Joe with two heads and a Joe with two tails, and the former bites the latter before he wakes up and screams when he sees that he split in half in real life.
  • Of all the things that he can dream of, Darwin's dream is simply that he has a larger fish bowl.
  • Nicole's dream of her being on a beach getting interrupted by a foghorn, which is caused by Richard blowing on her face in his sleep, then the world leans forward 70 degrees, caused by Richard pulling the mattress toward his side, then she gets swept up by a tidal wave, caused by Richard rolling over her in his sleep. It's then shown that Richard is dreaming of himself as a live-action ball of dough singing about being kneaded into a bun.
  • Larry taking Dream Within a Dream to its logical extreme; he doesn't allow himself to sleep, but when he dozes off he sees Richard as he was in his dream before suddenly exploding. This is followed by a dream where he's in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and his future self tells him that he's wasted his life, then he has a dream where he's naked, one where his mouth melts shut, and one where he finds that he's overslept but realizes he's dreaming because he doesn't get to sleep, until he wakes up and finds himself back in the convenience store with the Donut Cop, thinks that he's in a dream where he's tortured by customers giving him insipid demands and flips out. Cut to him in jail, thinking that he's still dreaming.
  • Hector dreams that he's normal-sized (with an appropriately higher voice) and can do the things he can't do normally, then it reveals that he's sleepwalking and destroying the town, with the police trying to stop him.
  • Carrie's nightmare of her being trapped in an overly-cheerful candyland.
  • Teri's nightmare of her being naked at school. When she tries to draw her clothes on herself, she finds that it's not working, then it shows that she's drawing on herself in her sleep.
  • Sussie's fourth wall-shattering dream, where her physical actress gets up after production of an episode and freaks out saying that she's a monster, still in character, with the show director asking someone to check on her.
  • Juke dreams that he can talk normally, but everyone else talks in different instrument sounds.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robinson's dreams are right next to each other and they're able to interact with the other. They use this to annoy each other, culminating in them going into Super Modes and engaging in a Beam-O-War that explodes, knocking them out of their bed.
  • Alan having a full-blown nightmare, with skulls, clowns, rotting strawberries, eye-hands, balloon animal-making and chalkboard scratching... and is still smiling in his sleep.

The Misunderstandings

  • When Penny told Gumball that they would meet at Dinner, it turned out that was the name of a diner at the mall. Upon being told this Gumball lets out a long, comical-sounding scream, then holds their conversation while bathing and dressing himself (and putting his pants on his head when he does the latter) and in the process getting the home phone's cord tangled throughout the house. When he attempts to go out the front door, it snaps back and sends him into the wall, and when he pretends that he's a recording Penny sticks her eye out through the receiver of his phone to see that he's on the other end. When Gumball says he'll be there in 10, she sticks her lips out through the mouthpiece and kisses him.
  • Darwin attempts to show Gumball that he learned how to wiggle his ears, oblivious that he doesn't have any.
  • Banana Joe being Too Dumb to Live and thinking that Gumball's command to stand there and do nothing applies to breathing.
  • Gumball accidentally setting up a lunch date with the hairy homeless guy.
  • Gumball trying to teach Hank, Steve, and Gray Construction Man to try a friendlier approach in their catcalling...which comes off as very skeevy.
  • Gumball tries to communicate with Ed, but due to Language Barrier, he ends up unknowingly insulting Ed's family and calling him an anemic chicken. He also gives him a thumbs up, which as it turns out is culturally insensitive to him. Ed later prepares to take revenge on Gumball, only for Richard to drive into him twice.

The Roots

  • Anais thought the family was going to the zoo when she heard the words "depressed, out of shape creatures", but Nicole informs them they're going to the mall.
  • Nicole mentions the "cutthroat area" of the mall, where people attack each other for just a dime:
    Richard: We're going to Wall Street?
    • Gumball and Darwin were discussing whether or a crocodile or bear would win in a fight at the start of the episode. Once they get to the mall, we're treated to a slo-mo fight between Alison and Mowdown.
  • The parrot insulting Richard at the pet store.
  • Gumball gets upset over a live-action cat (his own species) caged at the pet store:
    Nicole: I know, sweetie. Don't think about it too much.
  • When it turns out Nicole is tech-savvy enough to know how to look through the web history on Gumball and Darwin's computer, it cuts to Gumball, Anais, and Richard outside destroying a desktop, a notebook, and a tablet so she doesn't look through those.
  • The Wattersons freaking out when they might have to release Darwin back into the wild.
    • Nicole destroying the computer.
    • Richard tearing off his clothes, tooth, and ears.
    • Downstairs, Darwin turns the volume on the TV up to drown out their yelling.
    • Anais with her little hands punching Gumball very quickly.
  • When Gumball suggests they make Darwin feel more at home, it cuts to the Wattersons eating live worms, and Gumball pretends to eat his. Richard offers Darwin a bowl of fish hooks, eats some, looks to be in intense pain for a few seconds, then drinks a cup of salt water, which pours out of several puncture wounds on his chest and he passes out. Before passing out, he also says that the salt water stings his insides.
    • Gumball's attempt is no better:
    Gumball: Aren't you hungry? We also bought plastic bags and some mercury. "You guys" love that, right?
    Darwin: What do you mean "you guys"?
    Gumball: (stammers, mimes pressing two buttons)
    Darwin: What was that?
    Gumball: The ejector seat.
    (Gumball flies through the roof)
    • When Anais suggests they skip to dessert, Richard offers that Darwin eat the dead skin off his foot like a cleaner fish.
    • When Darwin goes upstairs, Richard sadly looks to Nicole, who looks to Anais, who looks to Gumball and sees that he's still gone, then she looks to him out the window.
  • Gumball reads a book on connecting to your roots, which it turns out was a book about plants and he ended up burying Darwin outside, upside-down and up to his legs, and he admits the book being about plants made sense because step 2 involved fertilizer. Step 3 is to dress appropriately, so Anais is in swimwear with a floatation ring, Richard is in a wetsuit, flippers, and snorkel, Nicole is an aquarium treasure chest, and Gumball is a mermaid.
    • When Anais says that Gumball's mermaid outfit looks very wrong, he admits she's right and they need to look at themselves in the mirror; they do exactly that, but Gumball decides, "Nah, we're nailing this." Darwin, on the other hand, isn't impressed.
  • When Darwin goes to the mall with Banana Joe, the other Wattersons are behind him swimming through the air in a school. When Darwin and Joe get a banana split, the family suddenly devour it like piranha, then when Darwin leaves, it's shown they also ate the lower half of Joe's body.
    • As Darwin is walking in through the front door, everyone is trying to clean him like suckerfish.
    • When Nicole says they'll never be real fish, Richard suggests they learn to forget everything every 3 seconds, and he does exactly that so he keeps repeating himself.
  • The Wattersons try to talk to Darwin with a load of fish puns which he can't decipher. Anais then puts on a CD of whale cries, which is subtitled as "Help me! I have an IQ of 160 but they make me balance a ball on my nose and throw coins into my blowhole."
  • Gumball suggests that they keep Darwin away from the sea, and rivers, and swimming pools, and water altogether, and also other fish, and mirrors, and fish-related things like chips, lip surgery, and Japan, and daylight in general so he can't see anything else Gumball can't think of at that moment. Anais jokingly suggests that they lock Darwin in a box and put him in the basement, and Richard takes her seriously.
  • The exaggerated faces everyone has while crying, starting when they drive Darwin to the lake.
  • Gumball throws a walkie-talkie into the lake, causing an electrocution that kills many of the fish.
  • During their tear-filled goodbye, Anais admits to Darwin that he was her favorite brother. When Gumball tells her I'm Standing Right Here, she sheepishly says she was kidding - then gives Darwin a very serious nod.
  • The whole scene with Darwin chasing the oblivious Wattersons back home after they abandon him, particularly when they go to Larry's ice cream cart outside of Joyful Burger and he lands on their windshield.
    Darwin: You abandon me, then go for ice cream?!
  • At the end, it turns out that Darwin wasn't envious of the fish at the mall, he was just trying to guilt Nicole into buying him an aquarium. The family first looks disapprovingly at him, then it turns out they're proud because him manipulating them means that he's a real Watterson. They then have a group hug, but when Nicole still says no to the aquarium and sees Darwin's sad face, she decides that she can buy it if she works even more night shifts and stops eating dinner, then promptly out-guilts him.

The Blame

  • Billy saying that his mother says that video games are a bad influence, like rock and roll, long hair, and vaccinations.
  • Billy's reaction to the game. He's left foaming at the mouth and unconscious on the library floor after his 8-bit visions.
    • Gumball reveals he wasn't even past the loading screen when he freaked out.
  • Darwin accidentally throwing a Wii remote into Anais, who ends up swallowing it.
    • Nicole then uses her as a controller afterward.
    • Darwin then gets whacked into the TV, destroying it.
  • A majority of the musical sequence:
    • Colin appearing, mentioning how Piggy from Lord of the Flies was murdered by the kids who went savage in the story, followed by Leslie, Carmen, and Tobias eating him.
    • Sarah turning Billy into a pie in a reference to Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
    • Gumball trying to prove that "The Tortoise and the Hare" is a terrible reading experience with actual tortoise and hare. Of course, it doesn't work.
    • Gumball and Penny remaking the ending to Romeo and Juliet with fittingly cheesy lyrics in the rap number.
    • The song going nuts by the end, including the references to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.
  • The fact that Richard of all characters mentions that people should take better care of children.

The Slap

  • Gumball getting butt slapped by Hector, causing the former to fly and crash into the camera.
  • Gumball hiding in books (butt in one book and head in the other) to get the butt slap.
  • Gumball stretching his butt to Tobias, and when it flies back, it hits Darwin.
  • Some of the lyrics in Gumball's ballad.
    Gumball: I just needed someone here, to gently touch my rear.
    • Darwin himself is creeped out by the time its over.
    Darwin: I'm not sure that warranted a song.
  • Gumball and Tobias make an S.O.S message on the roof. It doesn't work.
    Chopper Pilot: "Need help?" No, I'm fine, thank you!
  • Gumball and Tobias chewing each other in an attempt to survive on the school roof.
    Tobias: We're not gonna make it. And we're in this mess because of you! You're a...a fool!
    Gumball: Yeah? Well, you look like a clown's armpit!
    Tobias: That's hurtful because it's true. Well, your legs are so short, you hover when you break wind!
  • When Gumball and Tobias are dehydrated, Tobias hallucinates Gumball as having an Uncanny Valley human-cat face. Gumball, in turn, sees Tobias as a live-action rainbow alpaca.
  • Tobias mistaking Rocky for The Grim Reaper, whom he thinks looks like a "high school drop-out". Rocky gets offended, because he didn't drop out of high school; he flunked out.

The Detective

  • Anais has placed police tape 8 inches from the floor. When Richard questions this, she remarks her arms are too small to reach any higher.
  • Richard apparently has the ability to hear Anais' monologues:
    Anais: (In voice-over) Another small-town yokel who wasn't enough of a man to prevent his sons-
    Richard: Hey!
    Anais: Whoops! Haha... did I say that out loud? Sorry, that was supposed to be internal monologue.
    Richard: Well you better be nice with your lomonogues, young lady!
    Anais: Sorry, Dad. (In voice-over) Another decent man whose sons ran off the rails and were beyond his control.
    Richard: That's more like it.
  • Anais imitating Matthew McConaughey's character from True Detective, complete with bizarre facial expressions and incomprehensible Southern accent.
  • The rather large amount of dust that falls from the computer keyboard after Anais digs it out.
  • Anais tasting the upturned cereal, and almost fainting from a sugar rush. She then thinks of the effects it had on Gumball and Darwin. What follows is a short, surreal sequence of the boys eating the cereal and laughing in slow motion like they're on a drug trip.
    Anais: There was enough sugar in that bowl to turn their brains into jelly.
  • Anais interrogating Darwin.
    Anais: I've got an outstanding warrant with your name on it!
    She produces a piece of paper that reads "Outstanding warrant for Darwin Watterson"
    Darwin: Hmm, that is well-written for a four-year-old, but I wouldn't call it outstanding.
    • And after she kicks down the door:
    Anais: (menacingly) If you tell me where Daisy is, I'll negotiate your time in the naughty corner down to four minutes. With good behavior? You might be out in two.

The Fury

  • Not only are the animesque designs on the Watterson kids and Masami cute, they're utterly hilarious, too.
    Masami: (sees the kids coming in) What took you guys so long?
    Darwin: (in Chibi form trying to run) Takes ages to get anywhere with these legs!
  • Nicole swerving around on the highway to get the kids on time for school. It causes their breakfast (which they took in the car) to fly over the place until landing in their bowls.
  • Nicole bursting out of a bank with three robbers (Spray-Paint Bottle, Butterknife, Dolphin Man) tied up. When the Donut Cop asks for the money the culprits stole, she throws it in his face. His lack of shock seems to imply that this has happened before.
  • When Nicole drops the kids off at school, she tells them to have a nice day, but since she was running and carrying them faster than sound, it takes a few seconds for them to hear anything.
  • During Yuki's first attempt at provoking Nicole, Gumball has an Oh, Crap! moment that leads to him warning everyone to run or cover their eyes, since the result he's anticipating is going to be rated "R for gore".
  • Yuki destroying Nicole's car.
  • Yuki flirting with Richard of all people (though namely to get Nicole angry at her... and arguably not as funny since Richard is clearly uncomfortable about it.)
    Yuki: You look more handsome than ever! What's your secret?
    Richard: Uh, I got old and fat. Er.
    • When Yuki slyly asks Richard why he's with Nicole (to get a rise out of Nicole), Richard shushes Yuki, telling her that he "doesn't think that she knows she could do better." Possibly a mild form of Black Comedy since while it does show Richard interpreting the opposite of what Yuki intended, it also shows Richard is insecure about being good enough to be with her.
  • The Oh, Crap! reaction that Masami, Darwin, Gumball, and Anais give after the fight between Yuki and Nicole is over. They even flinch when their mothers go to grab them. The two just simply shrug it off as a "fight between friends".

The Compilation

  • Felicity being interviewed on the news for enforcing speed limits, until Marvin comes along and runs over a speed ramp from the Mario Kart games and crashes into a group of cars.
  • Gumball attempting to make a funny video of himself with the Evil Turtle as his head. As Gumball picks up a spoonful of cereal, she bites his arm.
  • Banana Joe's attempts at acrobatics.
    • On the first try, his banana gets stuck in his peel. It's then revealed his face is now where his butt used to be.
    • On try number two, his banana splatters on the floor.
    • On the final attempt, his banana is squeezed into the ceiling. And to add insult to injury, his father sees the peel on the floor, picks it up and takes it to wash with the laundry.
  • Principal Brown's overdramatic reaction to a fur pelt in the store, which he thinks is his grandmother.
  • Darwin screaming at a pitch so high that he literally breaks the fourth wall.
  • Tobias' video of him unboxing a phone, where he finds that the postal service mixed it up with a kidney that was meant to go to the hospital.
  • One video claims that it's footage from a Missing Episode titled "The Grieving" ... then it's just Saxophone Chihuahua, who shows up again in the last few seconds of the episode.
  • Sussie singing in "Nobody's A Nobody"... AND EVERYBODY IS WEIRD JUST LIKE SUSSIE!! BLRRRR!

The Scam

  • For Halloween show-and-tell, Tobias comes up to the front of the class with a deformed face. Miss Simian thinks it's a very impressive mask until Tobias replies that it's an allergic reaction to his face paint. Miss Simian tells him to go to the school infirmary, then he falls over on the way out.
  • Some of the reactions to the beginning scare from the students count, most notably Sussie's dress flapping upward to reveal her actress's face underneath.
  • Darwin initially claims nothing will convince him to go along with Gumball's plan. Gumball responds by doing an excellent Kaa impression, literally wrapping himself around Darwin and reminding him that Carrie might need to possess his body in order to eat her share of the candy.
  • The scene with the parody of the Ghostbusters theme. ALL of it!
    • The things sucked out of a possessed Coach, aside from Carrie, are a cow and a boatload of trash.
    • Tobias flopping like a fish after the pool water is suspended in the air.
    • Mr. Small paying the trio with raisins opposed to candy. They deny his payment and leave him to be shredded by a ceiling fan in his office.
  • When Carrie asks Darwin if she can use his body to eat their candy stockpile, Darwin tries to apply breath spray but misses and sprays Gumball in the eyes.

The Disaster

  • Rob discovering how the remote works by using it on the Awesome Store, causing it to crash everywhere.
    • The remote itself is a fourth wall demolisher, allowing Rob to rewind himself through the episode, the opening and ending credits, and a "coming up next" bumper until he reaches the events of "The Void".
    • Rob again uses it when he confronts Gumball to change the TV definition to a movie-style screen to fit the mood.
  • This:
    Nicole: I'm so angry I can't think of words so I'm just gonna make sounds! BLAR GHAR HARGH!!
  • Gumball and Darwin reading the bad reviews from the bargain bin video games.
  • When Gumball fights Rob for the remote, the two roll over it and change the intense fight music into highly-suggestive jazz music. Gumball stops and asks Rob if he too notices that the music gives the fight scene a different vibe to it.

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