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The Rerun

  • Nicole apparently is too caught up in yelling at her son to realize that Gumball is walking away from her.
  • Rob attempts to eject Darwin, but instead he hits Banana Joe and he flies out of his peel and into the ceiling.
  • Nicole and Richard de-aging, particularly when they become teenagers and get acne.
    • When they become babies, Gumball and Darwin decide to leave them at a ball pit because they think their parents would do that. Well, they're half right...
  • The remote causing the camera to crash into Gumball and Rob.
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  • The new things trapped in the dimension of the world's mistakes include the E.T. Atari video game, "#YOLO", and an ejector seat for a helicopter.

The Stories

  • Molly's face when she's laughing early in the episode.
  • "What are we doing at school? NOOOOOOOOO!"
    • Explanation: Molly's story dragged on for so long, Gumball legitimately thought they were on the bus ride home.
  • The school floor is wet from Rocky's cleaning, so Gumball, Darwin, and Molly get to the library by blowing in the air, making them skid backwards.
  • Darwin covering Gumball's mouth, causing the latter's brain to blow out his head.
    Darwin: Bless you.
  • Molly talks so much that Gumball has to forget something he already knows to process the next thing she says. As he's talking to Darwin, he says that the next thing he'll forget is who his parents are and he's already forgotten who Darwin is.
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  • Gumball and Darwin tune themselves out of Molly's stories like a transmission. After doing it a number of times, they end up getting their brains damaged. Gumball then eats his napkin and uses his sandwich to wipe himself.
  • All the students would rather let Jamie hit them with dodgeballs than listen to Molly's stories, all in slow-motion. In particular, as Bobert sinks into a pile of dodgeballs he deploys a humanoid hand and gives a thumbs up.
  • Every other student hiding from Molly in ONE locker despite Gumball saying there are over 100 lockers in the school.
  • The sheer chaos that the school causes when making Molly a better story to tell.
    • Principal Brown pretending to be pregnant.
    • Mr. Small freaking out upon smelling green chemicals.

The Guy

  • Anais going crazy at the beginning, scaring off many of Gumball's classmates.
    • Tobias dumps his color out onto the ground as a liquid, turning him invisible.
    • Tina makes her tail come off when Anais grabs it like some lizards do.
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    • Carmen's spines preventing Anais from attacking her.
    • Hector falling to the ground hard after playing possum.
  • When Anais first sees Josh, she prepares to shoot him with a blowgun before Darwin stops her.
  • The Power Rangers-based transformation sequence, which turns out to be all in their heads.
  • Gumball (disguised as an Italian waiter) giving Josh a meat-shake opposed to a milkshake.
    • The reference to the "thumbs-up" meaning "up yours" in other countries when Josh does the action to Gumball.
  • Gumball's impressions of Marvin during "Spot and Burn".
    Gumball: (imitating Marvin) My face is so wrinkly that it takes me an hour to pull an expression.
    Marvin: Hey, I heard that! (takes several seconds to make a frown)
  • Gumball tries to make the sound of a lost wallet by saying "WALLET!!" in a weird voice. It's definitely funny in action.
    • On the other hand, Darwin manages to make a wallet sound perfectly.
  • One of the plans to make Josh friends with Anais again is to hypnotize him. Gumball says "bite me" to Darwin, then snaps his fingers. Josh then becomes demonic and lunges at Gumball.

The Boredom

  • Darwin has been sitting on the floor for so long, it became stuck to him and Gumball has to chisel the floor off his butt. Meanwhile, Gumball ends up growing roots on his backside and Darwin suggests he get it waxed.
  • When the Donut Cop is chasing his self-proclaimed worst enemy (actually himself), he breaks a traffic light that slowly falls toward Marvin only to stop an inch above him, then the light suddenly falls off and lands on his head. The Donut Cop then goes so fast that his hubcap flies off and decapitates Leslie.
  • Billy falling into a puddle, and Gumball and Darwin obliviously using him as a platform.
  • Hector getting struck in the head with an airplane.
  • The entire scene with Banana Joe trying out different things with a lightsaber.
  • Sal Left Thumb performing a musical number about the musical career he would have had he not turn to crime, contrasted by him singing off-key and annoying everybody.
  • Gumball and Darwin thinking they're going to see something interesting in the mall: Alison's mayonnaise jar falls and breaks, Harold slips and rips Miss Simian's dress off her body, Harold looks down at her, gets sick, and throws up in the Hexagon Lady's purse; The Hexagon Lady shrieks and tosses her ruined purse into some fans that Mr. Small is looking at — only for the end results to be covered by a drawn curtain. What's worse is that Tobias got it all on camera phone... but had it on selfie mode, so all Gumball and Darwin can see is Tobias' reaction.
  • The Crossover Punchline where the entire Watterson house gets hauled away with Gumball and Darwin in it. As the house exits Elmore, it passes by the sets of Clarence, Regular Show, and Uncle Grandpa (who winds up running over himself), with a flash of static separating each. Darwin and Gumball don't notice because they're already sure nothing interesting will happen today, and just decided to stare at the clock as hard as possible, and eventually, the movers realize they got the wrong house and move it back.

The Vision

  • Gumball sucking his butt to his chest, making it look like he has a buff appearance.
    • Not long after, it turns out Gumball mixed up his gym bag with Alan's, which only contains a single piece of string. He wraps it around his body and Darwin tells him that he looks like "a cross between a '90s R&B diva and a pork roast". Gumball then ties it around his ears and crotch and Darwin tells him that his crotch looks like "a really inappropriate birthday gift".
  • Idaho exploding when he sees Gumball nude.
  • Gumball and Darwin's jaws dropping all the way down the stairs.
  • Gumball attempts to assassinate Alan by dropping down on him through the ventilation shaft and popping him with a push pin, but his head gets stuck trying to exit.
    • Some of the other failed assassination attempts are funny, like Darwin trying to shoot a poison dart at Alan, though for whatever reason Darwin walks around in circles trying to aim at Alan, causing him to walk in place at the wall.

The Choices

  • To help her prepare dinner, Nicole told Richard to salt the potatoes, boil the carrots, and tenderize the meat. Instead, he mashed the potatoes with the tenderizer, poured a mound of salt on the meat, and tried to boil the carrots in a kettle that he also put in the oven.
  • Nicole's parents being disappointed that she got straight A's but put down an "F" in Gender. She says it's an F for female, but her mother says that being a girl is no excuse.
  • When Nicole chooses not to turn right and to go straight to the tournament, she goes from graduating top of her class to becoming a malevolent ruler of the Earth, and if the background of the rebels pulling down her statue is any indication, ending it.
    Nicole: ...Okay, I'll try not to dwell on what that says about me.
  • Choosing to marry Banana Bob eventually leads to Nicole going insane with his constant singing, so much she becomes a Basement-Dweller psycho who now sports Bob's eyes, mouth, and mustache.
  • When she decides to tie the knot with Harold, his criticism and demeaning comments to her drive her insane, and she's evidently gotten plastic surgery on her face at some point to appease him. When he criticizes the dinner for being cold, cut to her being apprehended by the police for setting their manor on fire.
  • Three of Nicole's life choices result in her death, all in a row: one from joining a hippie rally, one from swallowing a butterfly mid-flight that Mr. Small couldn't get out using The Power of Love instead of the Heimlich maneuver, and one from not wearing a helmet when asking for a motorbike ride. She notes to herself she needs to complain the park is too dangerous.
  • We see Nicole and Richard, parked in a car, about to kiss at sunset... only for it to become apparent that the parking brake wasn't set, as it rolls down the hill to their horror.
  • Nicole and Richard both left their houses. Nicole got sick of her parents and is actually enough to make her mother cry. Richard's mother got fed up with him, though.
  • The reveal that Gumball was conceived before Nicole and Richard were married, and the pair's Oh, Crap! reaction to the news.
  • When Anais was born, her name was spelled wrong (Anias), so they fixed it...or rather she fixed it. They all grimaced.

The Code

  • Gumball is so dependent on the Internet that he starts glitching like the video he was watching was.
  • Richard dressed as his character in an MMORPG, a female dark elf.
  • This:
    Richard: Kids. I have something to tell you.
    Darwin: (dramatically) YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!?
    Richard: (also dramatically) HOW DID YOU GUESS!?
    Both: (chuckling)
  • The Wattersons' credit is so bad that their refrigerator is coin-operated. When Richard drinks out of a soda can, it stops flowing and he has to put another coin in to make it start again, but the soda sprays him in the face.
  • The fake e-mail Gumball and Darwin send to each other of Richard getting stuck in a lawn chair and being hospitalized, which actually happened.
  • "What the hashtag, dollar sign, at-sign, asterisk is going on here?!"
  • When Larry bans Gumball and Darwin from the grocery store, Gumball attempts to reboot his IP address by whacking himself in the face with a plank.
  • Darwin getting crushed by a computer window while the duo are in cyberspace.
  • The fact that Gumball and Darwin imagined the cyberspace sequence. Highlights include kissing Hank's butt and mistaking Mrs. Robinson for an anti-virus.
  • One of the many useless search bars Mr. Robinson uses is of Cartoon Network, which Anais criticizes.

The Test

  • Gumball slapping his ass on the keyboard to redo the online test.
  • After the online test declares Gumball "The Loser", we get a hilarious montage of Gumball doing everything he normally does in reverse, which includes being naked at the bus stop. Darwin says that he has to stop him before he tries to go to the bathroom.
  • Gumball's mean-spirited personality being depicted as green little demons inside his body. Their voices are also chuckle-worthy.
  • The fourth wall shattering parody of sitcoms depicting Tobias replacing Gumball.
    • Sarah puts an end to it by throwing a guitar at the camera.
  • Gumball finally lets out how he feels about Tobias overtaking his life by vomiting green liquid all over him, burning the latter's face off.

The Slide

  • Gumball and Darwin's gaming faces.
  • Rocky's failed attempt at getting to Byrdie, the girl of his dreams. He trips on the scalator and flips a few times.
  • Darwin demonstrates the fine art of selfies for Rocky. Darwin shows how low angles are less flattering than high ones, which is shown by him looking down at the phone with a scrunched-up face, before raising the phone and suddenly becoming super-cute. Unfortunately, Rocky's selfies are so horrifying that they settle for using a live-action picture of a good-looking human guy instead.
    • Darwin's animesque reaction to the horrifying selfie he took of Rocky.
  • "I like cheese and Internet memes!"
  • The trio grimacing over an image of a beautiful woman, including Darwin mentioning she's made of meat.
  • Gumball mentioning that Mrs. Robinson is so nasty, she bit a dog and gave them rabies.
  • Rocky gets into a chat with a woman who has a masked avatar. Gumball checks Rocky's phone and sees that the woman's messages consist only of "meh" over and over, causing Gumball to realize that Rocky has been messaged by his own mother. Gumball slides up; cut to Rocky's mom flying through the Robinson's roof.
    • The message sent to her, courtesy of Darwin: "Are you a combination of my recent memories and my childhood traumas? 'cause girl, you are a dream!"
  • The sheer chaos the trio cause while trying to find Rocky's crush.
    • Gumball thanking Betty, who they injured for directions to Byrdie and then pushing her back down.
    • The trio getting in a car and crashing into Byrdie's house, running down her father.

The Loophole

  • Miss Simian replacing the suggestion box with a paper shredder.
    • When Gumball asks to file a complaint on it, Miss Simian tells him to put said complaint in the "complaint box", which is really a mailbox in the middle of the desert. Two skeletons are seen near it.
  • When Gumball says that he wants to be an adult already and skip the whole hassle of life, Bobert interprets the latter as wanting to just die and blows up Gumball's head, only for him to immediately grow a new one.
  • Bobert taking things literally, especially when Darwin asks him what he would do to give someone a hand. Bobert responds by turning one of his arms into a buzz saw and he attempts to cut off Darwin's fin.
  • Gumball getting hit by Bobert so hard, he's sent back one year in the cartoon's universe, landing at the beginning of "The Spoiler". Both Past-Gumball and Past-Darwin stare at him awkwardly as Present-Gumball tells them to continue with their events.
  • Bobert infects Gumball with so much radiation that the latter's tongue sports a hand and crawls about before returning to his mouth.
  • To save Darwin from choking, Bobert retracts an arm into a vacuum and jabs it into him, inflating him like a balloon. He is then popped by Gumball shortly after.
  • Bobert going on a rampage in the mall with his new knowledge on rules.
    • Bobert referring to the illegal act of singing off-key in North Carolina, where he then proceeds to change Gary's voice to auto-tune.
    • Bobert ripping the goatee of the security guard Nicole aged in “The Limit” clean off, where he then throws it on Billy.
    • When Gumball tells Bobert not to uphold the law, he responds by stealing Betty's purse.
  • Mr. Small and Larry argue over whether quinoa is pronounced "kwi-noah" or "keen-wah". When they try to look it up on their phones, they find that the network is down, so they get into a Wimp Fight. Later when they're buried under potatoes, Mr. Small pronounces it "potahtoes", making Larry angry again.

The Copycats

  • The fact that the episode is a Fake Crossover with the show's Chinese knockoff Miracle Star is hilarious in itself.
  • Darwin eats from a jar of cowboy caviar, not knowing what it is. Gumball tells him that it's eggs from cowboys when he reads the label, and Darwin decides to just take his word for it.
  • The website's poorly translated explanation on why Anais has no doppelganger is a hilarious jab at how she has no real life Chinese knockoff.
    "Woman no right to celebrate in republic of people."
  • When the Wattersons meet their counterparts, Gumball introduces himself. When Chi Chi tries to introduce himself in return, Gumball tells him to stop repeating everything he says and starts strangling him, while Chi Chi tries to explain that introducing himself is the proper etiquette.
  • Richard and his counterpart trying to run to each other in the fight sequence, but they easily wear out and collapse on the lawn, where they then try to poke each other, but accidentally stick each other's fingers in their mouths and start sucking them.
  • Everyone rushing home after trying to one-up their counterparts in risks: Nicole jumps through the window and onto the couch, Gumball and Darwin arrive home on a friggin' jet ski, and Richard stumbling to the couch due to wearing heeled shoes.
  • Richard donates one of his kidneys at the hospital as a way to deter his counterpart. He soon finds out to his dismay that his counterpart received his kidney and then donated it to someone else.
  • The Wattersons trying to escape the tanker truck by jumping out of it. They end up back in after rolling on a large lump of dirt (as the highway is under construction).
  • At the end Gumball and Darwin brag that they're irreplaceable and laugh, then stop once they realize that their voice actors have just been replaced.

The Potato

  • Darwin thinks he offended Idaho by eating a potato in front of him, and he emits a gasp so strong, he sucks a bunch of food into his mouth and streaks Gumball's face.
  • This:
    Gumball: What did you think French fries are made of?
    Darwin: French people?
  • The montage of Darwin accidentally offending Idaho: it starts with Darwin on the bus describing to Idaho in detail how potato chips are made, then it cuts to him giving Idaho a potato with a candle for his birthday that bursts into flames, back to them on the bus, then to Idaho asking Darwin what time it is and Darwin reading the time on a potato-powered clock, and back to them on the bus before Darwin offers Idaho a chip.
  • In order to take Darwin's mind off eating potatoes, Gumball suggests that he take up origami. They make several paper cranes when Teri comes in asking if they've seen her parents. There are two giant cranes behind them, but Gumball and Darwin deny having seen them.
  • Darwin tries to use hypnotherapy on himself, but the narrator puts himself to sleep.
  • The gag of Darwin unintentionally throwing a potato at a fan and having it splatter on his face.
  • Mr. Small describes the potato as "nature's taste grenade".
  • Sarah's facepalm in anger disfiguring her head.
  • One scene almost implies that Idaho is going to get run over by a large truck carrying a tanker of coleslaw, complete with the panicked driver trying to stop (due to faulty brakes). Turns out that Idaho was walking down a different street, and the truck continues to go out of control in the background.

The Fuss

  • The family miming to Nicole about why she seems angry at them.
  • Nicole thinking the mailman is a singing telegram for her, and the confused mailman awkwardly plays along with it.
    Gary: Hello my darling, hello my baby, this is from the IRS. You better pay it, they're getting serious, your home will be repossessed.
  • Nicole thinking it's a special day because of a bunch of balloons floating near the lawn, only to find out it's Alan and his family mourning a lost relative.
  • Nicole's sad musical number getting interrupted by the other Wattersons causing chaos. The timing is just perfect.
  • The subtitles contrasting whatever motherly thing Nicole says:
    Nicole: I'm only two minutes away (subtitled as "I'm still in my pajamas"). We should keep in touch ("I've already forgotten about you"). It's fine, honey ("You have five minutes left to live").
    • And a few seconds later
    Nicole: Don't worry about it, sweetheart ("May the universe have mercy on you").
  • For a party they are planning for Nicole, Gumball asks everyone to be bland as possible. They do this with a hilarious animesque expression that's nothing but two black dots for eyes and a line mouth.
    Gumball: I feel nothing. It's perfect.
    • The song they sing to Nicole at said party is a hilarious medley of various celebratory phrases set to four different tunes.
  • Behold: a Wham Line:
    Anais: Since when do swans have nipples?
  • While on the way to prevent Richard from getting a tattoo, Gumball thinks he accidentally felt someone's butt. The person next to him says it isn't, relieving Gumball until it turns out said person actually is Dr. Butt (it's his face)... and then he touches his butt for real.
  • Right as the tattoo artist is about to begin, Richard points out to him that he's holding the "10.11" paper upside down.
  • Nicole accidentally kicks the Jolly Hamburger in the face, and because of it, he can't even remember what happened to write her a ticket and he falls to the ground.

The Outside

  • This:
    Nicole: Frankie might want something from us.
    Gumball: Or sell something to us.
    Anais: Or sell one of us.
  • The Wattersons end up in Frankie's neighborhood, and what's the first thing that happens? Their car's tires are pulled off by two residents.
  • Nicole being snarky:
    Frankie: It may not be much, but it's home for me. And about 25 species of parasites.
    Nicole: (unamused) 26 including you.
  • "I've got a warmer reception at the Igloo Convention!"
  • When Frankie arrives at the Wattersons home, they turned it into a full-on prison because they assume he's used to living life in jail based on his living standards. And everything is done in such an over-the-top way, it's hard not to laugh at many scenes.
    • Frankie being forced by Nicole to hand over his luggage and clothes (except his underwear, which she finds to be too much) and she throws them away.
    • Spraying him with a hose when he asks for a drink.
    • Gumball throwing green hair gel on his back instead of soap.
    • Cuddling up and showering with Richard.
  • Frankie's thoughts on Gumball's lion tattoo.
    Frankie: It looks like a butt with a wig playing an oboe.
  • Gumball's tattoo is even funnier because a "butt with a wig playing an oboe" is the closest thing they can say to what it actually looks like without utterly demolishing the show's content rating.
  • Frankie tries to explain his situation to the police, but being with Gumball (someone he thinks is a prisoner) it comes off wrong:
    Frankie: So officer, allow me to explain why I'm running through the streets in a striped jumpsuit handcuffed to a tattooed delinquent.
    Doughnut Sheriff: (eyes him angrily)

The Vase

  • Nicole attempts to look away from the vase by sucking her eyes into the back of her head, to the disgust of the kids.
  • Richard wearing a girdle, causing his man-boobs to point downwards.
  • The kids' attempts to destroy the vase:
    • Dropping it from the window of Gumball and Darwin's room, only for it to slam into the pavement.
    • Trying to crush it with a bench vise in the shed, only for it to split the shed in two.
    • Using it as a piñata, only for it to hit Darwin and Anais in the face. When Gumball is surprised that it didn't hit him, it comes back and hits him from behind.
    • Darwin tries to break it with a hammer, only for the vase to send the hammer back at him and the resulting reverberations cause it to hit him in the face repeatedly.
    • Anais tries to use a slingshot catapult to launch the vase into a tree. It tears through the bottom of the tree and causes it to fall on her.
    • Putting the vase on a road to have it get run over by a truck. The truck flips over.
    • Mailing the vase to them and having it labeled as fragile so it gets destroyed in transit. Gary brings a package, drops it repeatedly, and uses it as a hackey sack before giving it to Gumball. Then it turns out the package was a tablet that Nicole got Gumball for his birthday, and the vase came separately.
  • When the kids are about to give up on destroying the vase, they imagine what the rest of their lives will be like with it:
    • Gumball takes the vase as a prom date.
    • Anais is holding the vase in her graduation photo. In her yearbook quote, she says that it got her through the hardest times.
    • Darwin has the vase by his side while he's on his deathbed. Then he says that that wasn't his vision.

The Matchmaker

  • The animesque face and hands Gumball acquires when he announces he knows someone who can help Darwin express love.
  • Teri calling Gumball a hypochondriac, then spraying the ground with disinfectant as she walks.
    • Even better, Gumball was apparently trying to bait her into the nurse's office - where he had Darwin duct taped to the wall with a rose in his mouth, surrounded by candles.
  • Carrie berates Gumball for dragging her along on his scheme when he knows she's into Darwin.
    Carrie: You know I like him! It's written all over my face!
    Gumball: Your face is literally two dots and a line. That's like Morse code.
  • The slow R&B that plays when Carrie makes a love potion.
  • When Teri and Darwin start making out, Carrie and Gumball quickly cover each other's eyes. Unfortunately, Carrie is translucent.
    Gumball: (horrified) I can still see...
  • In an effort to break up Teri and Darwin, Gumball charges Alan with static electricity and gets him stuck to Teri's face, making it look like they're kissing. As Darwin looks on in horror, Carrie appears offering him a baseball bat.
    Darwin: What's that for?
    Carrie: A crime of passion.
  • Teri looking at all the people Darwin has kissed and vice versa. She notices how often he and Gumball kiss.

The Box

  • Richard apparently attempted to call the credit card company to buy things online.
    Company worker: (through the phone; gratuitous laughter)
    Richard: It's been like this for three days. I think they're working in shifts.
  • When Gumball attempts to open the box, Anais grabs both of his arms, then grows a third arm and slaps him. Gumball's reaction sells it.
  • Richard talking to his family about how the more people tell you to not do something, "like look directly at the sun!" the more you feel like doing it, until Nicole informs he's facing away from them on the other side of the room.
    • He then turns back to face the wall instead.
  • This:
    Nicole: Try and do something to take your mind off the box. Just think outside the box, play some music on the boom box, watch a boxing match, or just open the box, open THE BOX! OPEN THE BOOOX!
  • The entirety of Gumball's portal gun fantasy.
  • Nicole's Imagine Spot with her being completely nonchalant with the threats of the dangerous hitman going after the family for the box full of money.
  • Anais's Imagine Spot where the contents of the box cause a Zombie Apocalypse:
    • Gary is in a phone booth surrounded by zombies and trying to call the police department. The person on the other end informs him that the police are already zombies themselves and are busy consuming the flesh of the living, so he'll have to take the law into his own hands. When the zombies break in, they give Gary some time to hang up and collect his change.
    • Tobias is in the school restroom and sees a zombie in one of the stalls, but upon the door opening he sees that it's just a pair of legs. Then he sees the torso washing its hands in the sink and it attacks him.
    • Earth itself is now a zombie, and the Moon is frantically orbiting around it to avoid getting bitten.
    • At the end, we see how the outbreak began: the box contained an injector and several vials of a green liquid. Richard mistakes the injector for a squirt gun, and the scene ends with a flower-framed still of him spraying the rest of the family with it. Anais is the only one that's rightfully freaking out.
  • Richard's Imagine Spot of the box being a phone call that transforms him into a hypercompetent Manchurian Agent, who upon completing his mission to save the president... ends up falling in love with him.

The Console

  • The game Gumball receives is called a Game Child.
    • "Made in Chainor?"
  • Richard lists some rip-offs within the Wattersons' home: the TV they own is from "Soppy", the superhero comic Gumball has is called "Badman", and their doctor was only taught fine arts, causing his appendix scar to resemble food.
  • The whole episode being a huge Affectionate Parody to Final Fantasy VIII and other common classic role-playing game staples.
  • After entering the video game universe, Gumball has to enter his name. He puts it in as MYBUTT, and the following dialogue occurs:
    Darwin: Please MYBUTT, tell me what's going on. (Gumball starts holding in laughter)
    Anais: A foul curse has been unleashed on our town by MYBUTT.
    Darwin: You mean the gates of doom were opened by MYBUTT?
    Anais: The fabric of the universe was ripped by MYBUTT.
    Darwin: MYBUTT has made quite a mess.
    • And this:
    "MYBUTT uses AXE, it is ineffective."
    "MYBUTT uses SAW, it is ineffective."
    Gumball: (frustrated) Can MYBUTT just use common sense and walk around it?!
    "MYBUTT uses SARCASM, it is ineffective."
    • And during the battle:
    "MYBUTT receives critical damage."
  • Whenever someone mentions the Awesome Store, they say it with No Indoor Voice.
    • When Leslie keeps repeating it endlessly, Gumball has to knock him out with a dialogue box to stop.
    Anais: We could've just walked away, but now maybe we should run.
  • When the kids go into the Robinsons' house, Mr. Robinson uncharacteristically lets them take anything they want, despite Darwin's objection that it's basically burglary. Gumball takes his VHS player, takes his wallet before taking the money out of it and throwing it on the ground, then says that he's going to sleep in his bed. Mr. Robinson sheds a tear, unable to move or stop smiling.
  • The kids bump into and battle Penny, who's possessed by a smartphone from the Awesome Store that turned her into a cyborg. Gumball can't bear to fight her and uses the item menu to try to give her the VHS player while saying "I love you!", but ends up throwing it at her and deforming her head. Immediately after, the trio does a victory animation... while making horrified expressions.
  • Alison asks the kids to go on a tedious sidequest to find her pigeons. Gumball can't refuse and after 400 packs of tortilla chips and 300 cans of energy drink he turns into a stereotypical overweight gamer and earns the "NO LIFE" trophy.
  • When they've beaten every enemy they could find and still don't have enough XP to take on the final boss, Anais, Darwin, and Gumball resort to continue grinding by beating up random people.
  • During the final battle, Gumball uses the cell phone to call various characters to attack (such as Nicole, Richard, Granny Jojo, etc). One of which is Banana Joe, who perfectly mimics the 10,000 Needles animation of the Cactuar Guardian Force.

The Ollie

  • At the beginning of the episode, Richard is trying to re-nail the roof but has the nailgun positioned in such a way that the nails go into the sky and shoot down a hot air balloon. Then he stares into the barrel, and when Gumball stops him from shooting himself in the eye he fires a stray nail that gets lodged in their window.
  • The various things Richard used Gumball's skateboard for: using it as a nail file and in the process disintegrating his fingers, using it as a cutting board and hitting himself in the face before falling to the ground, and using it as pants while he shops naked, leading to the mall cop tackling him.
  • Darwin points out that Gumball always has his head at a ¾ angle because he'd look weird otherwise. We see Gumball from profile showing the side of his head to look distorted, then he notices the viewer and turns his head back to its usual position.
  • At the mall, Gumball and Darwin get matching outfits to express their individuality and Gumball calls someone else a "sad, conformist drone". Right next to them are Tobias, Razor, Hot Dog Guy, and Colin, who say the same thing as Gumball and are wearing the same outfits as them.
  • Gumball's telling of how the skateboard was invented in Britain: a gang of gentlemen is about to beat up a street urchin. The street urchin sees a piece of wood and five wheels by a nearby wall, but before he can get the idea to make them into a vehicle and escape the gentlemen grab him and start beating him up offscreen. One of them gets the idea to fashion the piece of wood and wheels into a vehicle and it's shown catching on.
  • Gumball and Darwin go to a weird skateboard salesman to buy Darwin a board, and Gumball is disturbed that the salesman has no pants. The first board he offers is possessed and hits Darwin between his legs, the second is made out of bamboo and factory workers' tears and immediately breaks in three when Darwin steps on it (the salesman claims the tears rotted the bamboo), and when Darwin decides the third one is perfect the salesman tells him it's $199. Cut to Gumball and Darwin going to another store and coming out after buying Darwin a 99¢ princess board.
  • The Overly Long Gag of Gumball repeatedly gasping in disbelief after Darwin accuses him of not being able to skateboard.
  • Gumball shows Darwin a trick called "The Hospital". And Darwin is the one who receives the injury.
  • Apparently, Gumball thinks that in order to do skateboard grinding, you rub the board side to side on your ass. Darwin is disgusted.
  • During the Art Shifted sequence of Gumball chasing a runaway Darwin across town, Mr. Small offers to rescue Darwin but Darwin refuses, then Mr. Small crashes into a guy on a scooter and they explode.
  • After saving Darwin, Gumball wipes out when he drives his board into the path of a pebble.

The Catfish

  • The reason Gumball doesn't look up his name online anymore is that every time he closes his eyes, he sees fan art of himself.
  • When Gumball holds back his sadness for Louie's loneliness, it comes out in the form of Ocular Gushers that knock Darwin to the floor. Then it happens again, with the stream broken up by him blinking.
  • Gumball's phone refuses to show an image of Jojo's "cutie patootie" and jumps out of Gumball's hands and falls to its death.
  • At the end, Jojo allows Louie to have one friend on ElmorePlus: her. Gumball and Darwin groan in exasperation.

The Cycle

  • The Wattersons go to Dr. Literature to file a restraining order against Harold. She repeatedly stops mid-sentence until someone puts money in the money box on her desk, so when Richard runs out of money Anais gives her Daisyland money, which causes her eyes to suddenly grow and she starts singing a song about a woman filing a lawsuit in a high-pitched voice.
    Ongoing trauma due to workplace stress,
    Which had left her life in an awful mess,
    She built up evidence, and from that moment hence,
    She was given legal—note 
  • After Richard recounts the time Harold embarrassed him in front of the school on prom night, Gumball points out that Harold is his therapist. Harold also reveals that he was wearing a fake mustache that looks like the one he already has.
  • The kids and Richard's plan to get revenge on Harold is to put a blank check on the sidewalk, hide behind a fence and jump out to tell him that it's fake. Unbeknownst to them, the fence is behind the flood control channel, and when it cuts to them after Harold leaves it's shown that they all fell on their faces.
    • The things Harold does when he thinks that he's become rich: telling Leonard to become his butler and making him drop dollars, gold coins and diamonds on the ground as Harold walks, disrespecting his boss and destroying his office as part of his resignation, leaving Jackie for a Trophy Wife, hiring a skywriter to make a portrait of Richard saying "I can count to burrito!" and preparing to destroy his house to replace it with a 70-foot tall statue of himself. Rather than talk him out of it, Richard tells him that if he stacks the dynamite together he'll get a more intensive blast and leaves him to his fate.

The Stars

  • The Overly Long Gag of Principal Brown getting his haircut checked. And the piles of his hair clippings filling the barber shop.
  • Larry's restaurant going from fine dining to Greasy Spoon to Bad-Guy Bar whenever Gumball lowers his review score.
  • When Gumball is unsatisfied that the zoo has the same animals as always, he expects Larry to make a new animal despite Larry's objection that it's unethical to violate the laws of nature. In spite of this, Larry engineers a bird-like abomination with a mix of a beak and an elephant trunk, which it gives birth out of. Gumball and Darwin are understandably horrified.
  • Larry filling the role of the entire cast and crew in a romance movie.
  • Everyone becoming subject to getting reviewed by other people after Gumball makes a website for reviewing people.
  • Mr. Robinson's disappointment when the termites don't take his wife.

The Grades

  • Miss Simian's attempts to smile, then later her attempts to cry.
  • Principal Brown having a face under the hair on the back of his head that tells him to kill Miss Simian.
  • The school can't afford real food to put in the vending machines, so the one in the teacher's lounge just has printed-out pictures of food taped to it.
  • Gumball doesn't notice Miss Simian picking up his desk and taking him outside until he sees that he's outside and she dumps him onto the ground.
  • The reason Gumball's GPA was voided was that he answered a question on a test with "no self-control".
  • Gumball compares the kindergarten kids to British tourists.
  • Miss Simian finds Principal Brown crying from watching a video of an orangutan saving a baby bird from drowning to remind him that apes aren't just creatures that bite people's fingers off when they become enraged, because he just learned that Miss Simian needs Gumball back in her class or she'll be fired. She tells Brown that she understands... then squeezes his wrists and begins biting his fingers.
  • When Gumball accidentally tells Principal Brown that Miss Simian cheated in 8th grade, she's forced to retake it sat next to him.

The Diet

  • According to Gumball, the fridge is the only appliance in the Watterson house that Richard knows how to use.
  • Richard tries to lose weight by going on ten diets at once. This backfires and he ingests so many calories that he sleeps for 36 hours.
  • The mere imagery of Richard getting even fatter and tipping his car to the side when he gets in.
  • Richard's various hiding places for food around the house, culminating in him replacing his tie with a banana, which Gumball peels to find that it's an ear of corn, then he peels that to find that it's a corn dog.
  • As Gumball and Darwin are getting Richard to run down the street by following a trail of candy, Gumball says something's missing and Darwin believes it's that their bike has no training wheels. The bike falls over, but Gumball points out that they're old enough to not need training wheels and the bike immediately rights itself.
  • Alan throws a coin into the fountain at the mall and wishes for world peace. Richard jumps into the fountain and "saves" the coin, voiding Alan's wish.

The Ex

  • When Gumball is rapidly eating ice cream with Penny, she worries that he'll get brain freeze. Gumball claims that he can eat as much ice cream as he wants and never get brain freeze, but before he finishes it Smash Cuts to him and Penny in the restroom as she uses the hand dryer to thaw his head out of a block of ice, then he Un-Pauses and finishes where he left off.
  • Gumball gets excited when Rob sends him a threatening message. The message is actually intended for Banana Joe and Rob threatens to smoosh him out of his yellow skin, but Gumball thinks Rob is referring to him and assumes Rob is colorblind.
  • Penny tries to convince Gumball not to see Rob, but as the camera keeps alternating between them, Gumball somehow replaces himself with Darwin and puts his clothes on the latter. Darwin comments that he doesn't know how Gumball did it.
  • Gumball plants a bomb in what he thinks is Banana Joe's house, but it turns out it was actually Tobias' house. Tobias triggers the bomb and gets sent flying across the screen as he lets out a Big "WHY?!".
  • Darwin thinks that a blue sports cap on a shelf in his and Gumball's room is evil. When Gumball points out that Darwin is wearing it at the end of the episode, Darwin yells "He's got me!" and runs away yelling.

The Sorcerer

  • Because he has no special talent, Gumball thinks he feels like a superhero who can just convert oxygen and carbon dioxide, or just breathing.
  • Darwin suggests that Gumball should have the talent of art, but he reminds him of how it went last time. He apparently made a piece called "Global Warming", which is a model of Earth on fire. It soon fell down from the ceiling after being presented and caught the whole room on fire.
    • Gumball also apparently set up a fake fire escape as his other art project, which Mr. Small runs into.
  • Gumball's party trick:
    Gumball's butt: It's not so much a talent as it is a medical condition.
  • Gumball and Darwin enter Hector's cave and hear his mom do some cackling, freaking them out. They think something bad is happening until it's revealed she's merely using the Internet and laughing at memes.
  • Gumball and Darwin doing chores and occasional nonsense for Hector's mom while singing a cheesy rock song about gaining trust.
    • At one point, Gumball stuffs trash in a magical witch's hat. In a later scene, Gumball is informed by Hector's mom that he must use it to defeat a rampaging troll, and when he puts it on, all the trash dumps on top of him.
  • Gumball inhaling angrily at Hector's mom, only to sneeze on her afterward.
  • The ending:
    Darwin: I think we found your talent.
    Gumball: What?
    Hector's Mom: You're supernaturally annoying.
    Gumball: (derpy smile)

The Menu

  • The beginning; Richard is asleep on the couch when he suddenly hears something from miles away. He runs at 200 mph through several houses, through Mr. Robinson's boat while he's fishing on a lake followed by Mr. Robinson saluting as he sinks, runs fast enough to be caught on a speed camera, tries and fails to jump the unfinished bridge then runs up the canyon wall to the mall. When he makes it in he slides in and grabs Gumball, who screams as the mass amount of debris Richard pulled in on the way flies toward them, so they and Darwin hide from it in the fountain.
  • According to Gumball, the secret burger qualifies as breakfast, lunch, and dinner... for seven people... for seven years. And if you eat it in 15 minutes, the restaurant will pay for your hospital fees.
  • Richard considers the secret burger his Atlantis, his Montezuma's gold, and his Moby Dick, but not literally because he already ate a white whale.
  • Richard's excuse for why he can't work at Joyful Burger to learn more about the secret burger is that he has a "medical condition" that gives him an allergic reaction to effort. He then can't be bothered to finish his next sentence and offers to pay Gumball to finish it for him.
    Gumball: Wow, you've reached a whole new level of laziness. You've invented the reverse job.
  • When Gumball and Darwin get jobs at Joyful Burger, they're soon promoted to management and are told to halve labor costs, so they give Larry half a paycheck, half a uniform, and half an office. Then they're promoted to senior members and are told to double production, so they're shown monitoring genetically modified cows going down a conveyor belt (one with no head and two rears, one obese, and one extra-long). Finally, they become CEOs and are required to have their hearts removed.
    • After selling their company shares, Gumball and Darwin buy a lavish mansion and it's only during an interview does Gumball realize that they got completely sidetracked.
  • Gumball, Darwin, and Richard torture Larry into giving up information about the secret burger using a statue of Burgie, the Joyful Burger mascot. They take a picture of him eating chicken from another restaurant, one to make it look like he's hurting Darwin, one of him putting a chicken foot in a blender, which Larry is unphased by because it's how chicken nuggets are made, and finally Richard rips off Burgie's fingers and prepares to eat them. Despite Larry's objection, Richard claims that anything is edible if you deep-fry it long enough, then eats one of the fingers after putting it in the fryer and declares he was wrong.
  • The episode is a hilariously savage Take That! to fast food culture. The path to the secret burger requires the consumer to eat out at every Joyful Burger in the area. Elmore has so many Joyful Burger restaurants that Richard gets morbidly obese by the end of the quest, similarly to the results of his failed diets in "The Diet". At one point, Gumball and Darwin smell something burning; it is the friction from Richard's thighs rubbing together.
    • Gumball stops Richard from eating a toy that comes with one of his meals, only to say that the toy has more nutrition than the actual food.
    • In the end, Richard gets the burger, but he is so full of food that he can not even put the secret burger into his mouth.

The Uncle

  • Gumball and Darwin are late to school because their alarm clock went back to sleep mode and Gumball didn't have the heart to wake it up. Ocho is late because his alarm clock didn't dare to wake him up after what he did to the one before it.
  • When Ocho tells Gumball that his uncle is Mario, Gumball grabs Ocho and tells him "MARRY ME!" Teri and Masami walk by.
    • Gumball then backpedals and tells Ocho to adopt him, then to date him. Ocho assumes that Gumball is asking to be friends, followed by Gumball making an Animesque face.
  • Darwin tells Gumball that it's unwise to manipulate Ocho because of his Hair-Trigger Temper; the scene flashes back to the time Tobias simply brushed by Ocho, causing Ocho to look mortified and pursue Tobias to the end of a hallway horror movie style, with appropriate music. Gumball reimagines it with romantic music instead, giving it a homoerotic tone.
  • When Ocho is fighting against the detention gang, Gumball tries to fake-out a fight with the rotten cupcake bully. Needless to say, he gets shot down afterwards.
  • Richard tries to buy expired donuts for $1 but finds that there's no money on his credit card. Larry offers him a store card, which initially charges Richard $7,578 in interest and doubles the current amount every two seconds.
  • Gumball's song about how he doesn't want to be friends with Ocho anymore and the various ways he can get rid of him.
  • After the song, Gumball rates his stress caused by trying to befriend Ocho by raising his hand so high that he punches through the bottom of an airplane.
    • Funny enough, despite his reputation and Gumball's fear of what could happen, Ocho actually takes it rather well.
  • At the end, Ocho tells Gumball that his other uncle is Sonic the Hedgehog. When Darwin tries to convince Gumball not to try to befriend Ocho again Gumball walks offscreen, then comes back running after Ocho, Classic Sonic-style.

The Weirdo

  • Sussie's bizarre presents to the other kids: Carmen gets a retainer, Juke gets a can of air freshener, Masami gets a high-heeled shoe full of an orange mush, Idaho gets a drawing of two circles which Sussie claims is a map of an egg, Banana Joe gets a frog covered in glitter, and Jared gets a large tooth wrapped in a bow.
    • When Gumball demands a weird present from Sussie too ("I demand dissatisfaction!"), she gives him a handful of mayonnaise; according to Sussie, he can moisturize his elbows with it, write with it, or feed it to a car. When Gumball asks Sussie if she keeps mayonnaise in all of her pockets, she laughs at his suggestion because she only keeps mayonnaise in one; her other pockets are used to hold mustard, ketchup, and toothpaste. When Gumball tells her that toothpaste isn't a sauce, she reasons that it's tooth sauce, which is why it tastes like mint.
    • Sussie tells Darwin that her gift for him is a crumpled green picture of an old man. Darwin declines, and it turns out the picture was a $100 bill, which she tears in half. She then gives him her "dancing raisin", which is a live black widow.
  • After lunch, all of the kids throw their presents away, except for Banana Joe, who throws himself in the trash and his frog levitates out the door. But before that, Jared rips off his pants and tosses them into the trash.
  • Almost the entirety of Sussie's look into her daily life. One, in particular, has her fail to grab her google eyes for a few, leading to a repeat of:
    "The world is waiting."

The Heist

  • Richard buys a motorcycle helmet to use with an exercise bike and it's too small for him to take off. When Gumball declines his offer to take him and Darwin for a drive, Richard thinks he said yes and takes two couch cushions into the car instead. Gumball opts against stopping him and just closes the door.
  • Due to his lack of peripheral vision in the helmet, Richard ends up driving on the sidewalk.
  • When Larry and Martin think Richard has come to rob the bank, Martin tells Larry that they're more replaceable than the money.
  • Nicole removes Richard's helmet by karate chopping it in half. His head is compressed like when he got the bucket off his head in "The Prank".
  • Larry is completely outshined by Martin, who exaggerates and makes it seem like he's the hero.
  • Also, Larry, thoroughly exasperated by the police's antics, declares he's not going to pay his taxes. Cue him running and screaming as the other police run after him.
  • The Wattersons' fantasies about their plans to return the money:
    • Nicole's plan is to do a reverse heist, which works until she gets sidetracked and decides to take the money for herself.
    • Gumball's plan is to stuff the bills into an ATM, but the Donut Cop catches him doing so for three days and speaks in nonsensical slang that Gumball believes is how police talk.
    • Anais' plan is to become an intern, then work her way up to regional manager and deposit $1 into the bank a day. Gumball points out that since they have $2,000,000, she'd have to work there for 2,000,000 daysnote , and in her fantasy Anais turns into a skeleton and disintegrates.
    • Richard's plan is to bury the money, turn himself in, and tunnel his way out, which ends up being redundant because it takes him 20 years, which is the length of his sentence. By that time, the rest of the family already spent the money.
      • Also, when he hides the money, he leaves a very... conspicuous sign behind, while saying that it was secret only to him so he won't forget it.
    • Darwin just puts the suitcase containing the money back inside the bank. The police think it's dangerous and blow it up. Defeated, Gumball declares "Well, we tried."

The Singing

  • Teri's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-esque musical number is actually a bacteria-induced fever dream. As she's being taken to the hospital, one of the paramedics calls it the worse case of J-pop he's ever seen, and when the other asks if it's contagious the first paramedic says that it isn't, not knowing that he transformed offscreen to mirror Teri's fantasy. Following this, the second paramedic and the ambulance transform as well.

The Best

  • Gumball is so unwilling to look up from his phone when he's sitting in front of Carmen at breakfast in the cafeteria that when she asks him how is he doing, he texts her "Good, thanks." When Carmen tells him that he needs to make eye contact, he sticks his phone to her forehead so he can look at her and his phone at the same time.
  • Gumball's breakfast is entirely meat. When Carmen says that he has no greens on his plate, Gumball points out that all of the animals on his plate were vegetarian (he's not wrong, though).
  • Gumball draws an elephant around a door that Miss Simian is behind, so when she opens the door it will look like she's coming out of the elephant's ass. She makes him clean it with a cotton swab.
  • In the science lab, Gumball mixes some chemicals into a hallucinogenic gas that causes him to see Carmen as a bizarre, psychedelic mass. When he starts dancing, it shows that outside of his hallucination he's standing on his hands and burping, while the hazmat team is trying to secure him.
  • After being plugged into the computer, Gumball claims that he now knows "tongue-fu". When Anais asks for him to show her, he slaps her with his tongue, which grows a hand at the end.
  • The argument between Gumball and Carmen. That is all.
  • In the video of Carmen being expelled from her last school, an eyewitness looks like his face has been pixellated, but it turns out that's just how his face really looks, and Carmen mocked him for it.
  • Darwin's epic inner reaction to accidentally uploading the video of Carmen's apprehension specifically after he convinced Gumball not to do so.
  • Gumball and Darwin destroying everyone's phones:
    • Despite Teri's phone being made out of paper, its screen still breaks upon hitting the sidewalk like a normal phone.
    • Darwin slaps Penny's phone out of her hand, then gives her a kiss on the cheek he says is from Gumball. Elsewhere, Gumball slaps Carrie's phone out of her hand, causing it to phase through the floor, and gives her a kiss on the cheek he says is from Darwin. In response, Penny has Darwin slap Gumball and Carrie has Gumball slap Darwin.
    • Darwin tells Tobias' phone to divide zero by zero, creating a wormhole that sucks Tobias in.
    • Since Bobert is his own phone, Darwin sprays him with a water gun, shedding a tear when he does. The melodramatic zoom-out of Bobert then includes Harold suddenly jogging by.
    • Banana Joe's phone is set to Airplane Mode, which causes it to fly off like a jet, joining several other cellphones which apparently had the same happen.

The Worst

  • The beginning with the Wattersons all pissed off:
    • Banana Joe says hi to Anais, but she tramples him and he flies out of his skin. The Melted Cheese Guy trips on Joe and Anais walks through him, causing him to split in half, but he looks on the bright side and says that he finally got a flat stomach. Later, she walks through Rocky's bus, causing it to split into one and two-thirds, and walks through the front door of the house.
    • Gumball and Darwin both roar at a crop of flowers, causing them to instantly wilt, then they do the same thing to Idaho and the milk carton guy, who crosses out the "milk" on his chest and writes "sour cream" over it with a pencil.
    • In her car, Nicole just yells before punching the steering wheel, slamming her face into it, and pulling her seat back to kick it, before getting out, climbing onto a street light and jumping off to elbow drop the car and crush it before going into the house.
    • When the family all sit down at the dinner table, Richard angrily smashes their plates against the table, plants their knives and forks into it, smashes their cups against it, and throws spaghetti in their faces. He then pulls a handful of spaghetti out of the pot and salts it before slamming it in his own face. Darwin is thankful because being slapped with spaghetti was the nicest thing to happen to him and Gumball all day.
    • Nicole claims that being a woman is like playing one of Gumball and Darwin's video games, without the "stick of happiness".
  • Upon waking up after sleeping in Richard and Nicole's bed, Anais finds that she threw her back out. Richard, wearing a dinosaur shirt that's several sizes too small in order to emulate being a kid, explains to her that after turning 40, random parts of her body will start to hurt horribly for no reason, and there's no cure.
  • Anais takes one bite of a donut and instantly grows a roll of fat around her neck. She then grows another when it turns out even air is fattening.
  • Nicole's face becoming horribly disfigured without makeup.
  • Gumball and Darwin, dressed as women, go to apply for a job. When they take an elevator to the top floor, they're crushed by a literal glass ceiling that Gumball says prevents anyone who's not an old, rich dude from getting the best jobs, until they're sent plummeting through the elevator's floor.

The Deal

  • After Nicole's Gratuitous Rap about becoming Employee of the Month, Richard tries to rap about his day, but the only thing he did of note was that he found a fry under the sofa. Gumball says that it was the rap equivalent of British dental work.
  • On her award, Nicole's last name is misspelled as "Wertterson".
  • When Richard laments that the family has no pictures with his name on it, Anais points out that they have a framed newspaper clipping with a picture of him and the caption "Local loser ruins baby shower". Gumball questions why it's framed at all.
  • Nicole is so prideful of becoming Employee of the Month that she calls people in the phone book just to brag about it to them, then she sets off a fireworks display to celebrate. One of the fireworks gets lodged in the moon's eye and the raining sparks get in the eyes of several onlookers.
  • Richard's speech when he's considering standing up to Nicole:
    Richard: You can't lead a horse to water without breaking a few eggs. Judge me not by my thighs, but a one-eyed man is worth two in the bush. If they build it, I will come! And if you've got a problem with that, buddy, well, welcome to the Hotel California!
    Gumball: Dad, what are you talking about?
    Richard: I have no idea.
  • The kids help Richard practice talking to Nicole by having him pretend that a pumpkin with a face drawn on is her. He takes the kids a bit too seriously, and in his mind, the pumpkin brings up an incident where he thought the people of Turkey were actual turkeys, and he begs it not to leave him. When the pumpkin suddenly disappears after going offscreen, Richard says that it left him for a butternut squash.
  • The montage of Richard's daily care of the kids:
    • When Nicole asks Richard why is the backyard overgrown, he says that it's because the kids haven't had their breakfast yet. He sprinkles some Daisy Flakes and the kids suddenly develop goat faces and eat the grass.
    • At dinner, Richard gives the kids a pot of spaghetti and they start throwing it at each other. He explains to Nicole that with no plates or cutlery they don't have to wash up, and at least 30% of the spaghetti gets in their mouths.
    • Nicole complains about the kids and the tablecloth getting messy, so Richard uses the tablecloth to pick up the kids and then drops them in the bathtub. When she asks him if he's insane, he explains that the water is full of baby shampoo and fabric softener so their eyes don't sting.
    • To have the kids dry off, Richard pulls out a radio and puts on some heavy metal so they headbang themselves dry, and he tells Nicole to stand back because it also shakes out their head lice. Nicole complains that the lice are all over the floor, so Richard switches the music to an Irish jig so the kids change dances and stomp on them.
  • When Nicole admonishes Richard for the way he takes care of the kids, she says that she would stamp her feet in anger, but the bathroom floor is so sticky that she can't move from her spot. Richard claims that you can eat off the floor, but when he attempts to do so his face gets stuck, and when he pulls his body loose his face is still stuck to the floor and facing upward. Nicole then walks out, in the process prying out two small pieces of the floorboards.
  • When Nicole sees that Richard made good on his promise to go on strike, he says that he's been sitting on the front lawn all day. Nicole asks how is that different from usual, apart from him not being able to see the TV. He also has a "happy birthday" banner and balloons on the front of the house, because the store didn't have a banner that read "Fight for your efforts to be recognized by some heartless she-beast" (Nicole jokes that they must have been sold out), and the balloons are because he likes balloons.
  • Before going into the house, Nicole claims that she can handle an evening without "Nanny McFail".
  • Gumball, Darwin, and Anais turning into Gremlins thanks to being unsupervised for so long and destroying the house:
    • When Nicole enters, she's initially horrified seeing the house in ruins, until she's impressed by the Creation of Adam-esque mural of the Wattersons on the ceiling.
    • When she answers the phone, she's greeted only by the sound of a raw chicken in the garbage disposal that comes out liquefied and hits her in the face through the phone. She's relieved that none of it got in her mouth, only for exactly that to happen.
    • After getting the chicken mush in her mouth, Nicole tries to wash it out with water from the sink, but no water comes out. Then she turns to the fridge, and a blast of fire comes out of it and hits her in the face, burning off the chicken and her eyebrows.
    • When Nicole finds Anais in the pantry, the latter throws the toaster at the former and it sucks her face in, causing her mouth to get stretched out into a long U-shape and making her talk funny until she shakes herself back to normal.
    • Gumball threatens to push a grandfather cuckoo clock down the stairs. Nicole claims that it's a precious family heirloom... that she hasn't gotten around to selling online yet.
    • Darwin throwing a ghost party in Richard and Nicole's bedroom. Nicole scares the ghosts off, then finds Darwin making out with Carrie while she's in Nicole's wedding dress.
    • After going outside and being told by Richard that the gremlins are the kids, Nicole tries to walk back into the house. They immediately throw her back out and set the back of her head on fire.
    • When Nicole believes that there's nothing left in the house for the kids to destroy, they pick up and throw the entire shed into the front yard.
    • After Nicole submits and allows Richard to handle the situation, he says that his face is stuck because he's not used to pulling a smug expression for so long.
  • How Richard gets the kids back to normal: when they're about to launch Gary with a homemade catapult, Richard says that he won't let them do it, but he'll let them fight over who gets the privilege, and they fight amongst themselves until they tire each other out. Nicole kisses him, so he kisses her and suddenly starts licking her because she tastes like flame-grilled chicken. Their tender moment is interrupted by Gary asking if he can go home, and they get startled and accidentally launch him.

The Petals

  • Darwin dissing Gumball's new sweatpants, and Gumball dissing Darwin's new sandals.
  • Leslie's "high fashion phase".
  • Gumball tries to give Leslie CPR, but he's too disgusted by Leslie's shriveled face to do it without Darwin forcing him.
  • Gumball and Darwin convince Leslie "if you've got it, flaunt it", which Leslie interprets as meaning that he should take off his pot. He ends up being arrested by the Donut Cop for indecent exposure and the latter is shown flushing his burning eyes with a water bottle from the sight of Leslie naked.
  • When Gumball believes that Leslie needs more sunlight, he surrounds him with several mirrors. The refraction from the sun sets Leslie on fire, but Gumball stops Darwin from trying to put him out because he believes that the fire will improve his face. The result is that Leslie's face looks like Two-Face in The Dark Knight if he were burnt on both sides.
  • Leslie's hallucination of being a muscular humanoid when he's sprayed with pesticide.
  • After chasing Leslie across town and cornering him in the Wattersons' basement, Gumball convinces him that as a plant, he can fix his deformities by just pulling off his head and waiting for it to grow back, which Leslie does with more difficulty than when he previously did it in "The Gift". When Gumball points out that it won't grow back for six months, Leslie's headless body chases him and Darwin around the room with the hedge shears they were chasing him with.

The Nuisance

  • Darwin wonders if the city cleared up the legal gray area of whether or not he's a feral animal or a child. Nicole assures him that he's the same as all of her kids: a combination of both.
  • The mayor of Elmore is a very blatant Donald Trump caricature with a SpongeBob-esque body.
  • The various felonies the Wattersons have caused: public nudity (Richard horrifying Felicity at the pool because he was wearing trunks without a shirt), wasting 911 resources (Darwin calling because he's saddened by the fact that elephants can't jump), parking violations (Nicole throwing Harold's car into a recycling bin because he parked in a spot she was going to), and vandalism (Gumball using museum exhibits as a urinal, a sink, and a towel, then criticizing an art piece and shattering a statue of a tourist that he thought was real).
  • Richard successfully sucks the cheese off of a mousetrap, only for it to close on his finger.
  • The Wattersons attempting to perform good deeds to their neighbors:
    • Gumball and Darwin help Marvin move an antique cabinet. When they attempt to push it out the window so Richard, Nicole, and Anais can grab it in a tarp, it turns out they were below the wrong window.
    • Taking a guy to see his dying grandmother in Nebraska, only for Anais to point out that he said Nevada and Nicole performing an illegal U-turn going straight through the divider.
    • At school, Gumball offers Tobias to sit on a toilet with him. Tobias is horrified and closes the stall door.
    • Anais tells Jared to write "Shakespeare" on the chalkboard, but he ends up writing it bizarrely because Anais was contorting her body to form the letters. Mr. Corneille isn't amused.
    • When Sal Left Thumb breaks into their house, Gumball and Darwin give him the TV, Nicole gives him the warranty, and they all give him a hug. While doing this, they all have creepy looks on their faces.
    • The Wattersons manage to get into the newspaper: Richard for saving an apparently uncooperative snake from a snake charmer, Gumball for ending bullying by making himself the sole target for wearing sock suspenders, and Anais for bringing the metric system to Elmore. The scene ends with the editor being fired for obsessive coverage of them.
  • In their attempt to build up their image, the Wattersons spontaneously and painfully turn into a 60's-style human family (except for Darwin, who turns into a talking dog), and their car turns into a minivan. Gumball, in particular, starts talking in weird euphemisms.
    • At the mayor's office, every time it cuts from him to the Wattersons, they're in a different stock image-style group shot.
    • On the drive home, they shake themselves back to normal.
  • The Wattersons trying to lower their neighbors' housing values so the mayor can't sell the town:
    • Gumball and Darwin release a termite colony to eat a house, but the owner of the house is the tree librarian and they eat her as well. Mr. Small then appears, rips off his shirt, and bites Tony's ass; as it turns out, he went insane because Gumball spiked the water supply with bath salts.
    • Richard buries radioactive waste under the Wilsons' lawn. Harold doesn't notice when it makes him grow a third arm, a face on the back of his head, and a caterpillar-like body.
    • Gumball tries to break a window by throwing a rock at it. The rock does no damage and instead rebounds and hits him twice, so he throws Darwin at the wall.
    • Richard drives with three pickaxes tied to the back of the car to tear up the road, while Darwin sprays herbicide out the window.
    • Anais draws a corpse outline cut into pieces and plants an ax next to it.
    • Nicole and Richard steal and burn tires. The smoke causes the sun to cough and for a bird and Mrs. Jotunheim to fall from the sky before Richard succumbs and falls on his back, then the sun falls out of the sky, turning it into night.
    • Gumball looks like he's mugging Sal, who gives him his wallet, only for it to turn out that Gumball wanted him to use a bat to mug people. Naturally, Sal mugs Gumball first.
  • Though the Wattersons saved the town, the townsfolk aren't aware of this and the episode ends with them locked in stocks and pelted with fruit, right after Nicole believed that the townsfolk would be thankful to them. Richard, on the other hand, is trying to catch some of the fruit in his mouth and successfully catches a tomato.

The List

  • The commercial for the Stump Butler, a $500 Hook Hand where Gumball is depicted as being Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket whenever he tries to do anything that requires fingers before using the Stump Butler to just impale everything, except for gently petting a dog. After making $1,000,000 off of it, Gumball and Darwin give it all to the homeless guy, who is ecstatic until he's buried underneath all of the money pouring out of the ATM.
  • One item on the list is defeating a Shaolin monk. Gumball knocks out the monk (an anthropomorphic cup of instant noodles) from behind with a frying pan, which Darwin calls him out on, but Gumball points out that the guy is a quadruple black belt and his hands are legal weapons.
  • Gumball and Darwin climb a mountain until it's shown that they only climbed a few feet.
  • When Nicole tells Gumball and Darwin that the list was actually her dream list she wrote when she was 16, Darwin says that they wish she told them that before they let her high school crush take them to the prom.

The Line

  • When the Wattersons make it to the front of the line they find Banana Bob, who's gone insane waiting for the movie before production even began and eats himself.
  • Tobias Force choking Jackie when she shows no faith in the movie being good because it's a reboot.
  • At the end when Colin and Felix are watching the movie alone, they high-five when the Jar-Jar expy gets blasted in the face.

The Puppets

  • In the attic, Darwin finds a Tamagotchi-esque toy that doesn't turn on, so he assumes its battery is dead and throws it in a bag. The toy then attempts to write "clean me" on itself.
  • Another toy Darwin finds is one of those propeller toys that fly around the room when launched. True to its real-life counterparts, it's highly dangerous, cutting off the head of a fan, smashing the lightbulb overhead, cutting through a ladder, then flying out the window and cutting through some power lines, cutting off the top of a tree, and killing a bird. Gumball then rapidly quotes the disclaimer:
    Gumball: Mighty Flyz takes no responsibility for any limbs, eyes, or innocence lost while enjoying the Mighty Flyz line of products.
  • On the bus, Darwin messes with Rocky by having Howdy flirt with him.
    Howdy: Ooh, where have you been all my life?
    Rocky: Oh, sitting here, wondering what went wrong with mine, probably eating cheese...
  • After Darwin's puppets insult Gumball, Gumball retaliates by peeling the ham off Darwin's sandwich and slapping him with it.
    Howdy: At least you solved the problem of how to eat without your hands!
  • "You know who talks through puppets? Crazy people, and people who want to make a living as a ventriloquist... so yeah, crazy people basically."
  • "When I said 'grow up', I didn't mean go straight to the part where you're in a retirement home, screaming at chairs and biting the nurses!"
  • When Frank and Howdy trash the game console in revenge for replacing them, a horrified Gumball tries to give it CPR.
  • Gumball freaking out when he gets turned into a puppet.
    Grady: If that worried you, sir, I advise you not to look down.
    (Gumball looks down, and sees a pair of green-suited puppeteers manipulating him and Grady)
    Gumball: (weirded out) Okay, Gumball, focus on the task at hand... NOT HAND! Focus on the task at hand... AHEAD! Task ahead!
  • Frank and Howdy's "The Fun Will Never End" song, in true Don't Hug Me I'm Scared fashion, is quite ridiculous when it's not being creepy.
    Howdy: Dance around and sing a song!
    The fun will never stop, yay!
    Frank: We have fun all day long!
    It says so on the clock! (points to a clock where the numbers are replaced by the word "FUN")
    Howdy: So wear a hat, wear no hat!
    Frank: Or wear two hats, if you prefer!
    ...We only have two hats
    So those are your only options!
  • Gumball making his own dramatic Record Needle Scratch sound effect. It sounds more like he's blowing a raspberry.
  • When Grady reveals he's in on the ploy to capture Gumball and Darwin, the effect is somewhat spoiled by his Creepy Monotone making his "Dun dun dun!" sound a lot less dramatic.
  • After Gumball and Darwin escape, it cuts to a distant shot of the puppets letting out a muted Big "NO!". Gumball remarks that things were rather underwhelming, then Darwin reminds him that they're still in the imaginary realm. So, Gumball gets a "do-over" with a much louder Big "NO!" and the imaginary world exploding in confetti and felt as Grady swears revenge.

The News

  • The needlessly long Elmore News Channel intro.
  • Mike the field reporter is in a helicopter when the anchor says they'll go to an on-the-ground perspective to talk to people. Cue a ground view as Mike drops from the sky.
  • Daisy the Donkey's meltdown.
  • Gumball's explanation for how his house caught fire: "I saw a spider."
    • And Mike accepts that as a valid explanation.
  • The sports segment is just a puppet yelling "SPOOOOORTS!" over and over.

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