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Most of the CollegeHumor actors play fictionalized versions of themselves along with various alter-egos, so on this page they are sorted by actor first name in alphabetical order. Tropes and comments in the list below refer to the fictionalization of each actor, unless otherwise stated.

Adam Conover

  • Serious Business: In "Sensual Harassment", his tendency toward public aesthetically and artistically sensual gestures (soft-focus photography of himself, strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, scented candles, tai-chi in a kimono, reading poetry on a bearskin rug surrounded by rose petals) are treated by Amy Schumer as though he were committing sexual harassment.
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  • Silent Scapegoat: Becomes one in "Fart Martyr".

Ally Beardsley


Amir Blumenfeld

Brennan Lee Mulligan


Brian "Murph" Murphy

Caldwell Tanner

Cynthia Kao

Emily Axford

Grant O'Brien

Jake Hurwitz

Kassia Miller

Katie Marovitch

Mike Trapp

Pat Cassels

Raphael Chestang

Rekha Shankar

Siobhan Thompson

Zac Oyama


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