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The three protagonists and main Love Triangle: JianHao, Denise and Vincent

Class T1T5 (alternatively called The Titan Academy), is an ongoing web series made in 2018 by Singaporean YouTuber JianHao Tan, who started as a normal YouTuber in 2010 until he exploded in popularity and managed to create his own company called Titan Digital Media, using this series to become the top content creator of Singapore.

The premise is pretty simple: JianHao would describe the types of people that could be found during certain times at school within Singapore, in which several students would act as those stereotypes, often to hilarious effects. However, since he's using a more consistent group of friends, a recurring cast of characters began to form and the series evolved from a plot-less slice of life story into a slice of life story with a more consistent continuity.

The series takes place in the fictional school of Titan Academy in Singapore, where JianHao Tan's character, also named JianHao Tan, is the rebellious rich kid enrolled in the school and a student of the titular Class T1T5, dubbed as "the worst class in existence" that seems to get worse and worse... with the sole exception of the star student, the overly studious genius Denise. The series follows the misadventures of JianHao with his group of friends, consistently consisting of the aforementioned Denise, self-proclaimed "cool kid" Vincent, nerdy bookworm Ren Yi Xiang, chubby emotional Kevin, awkward and nerdy girl Debbie, his (possibly twin) sister Nicole and many more; as they encounter various school hijinks, archetypical characters, varying types of teachers, daily life of teenagers and most importantly and the most dreaded...exams (everyone is worried as heck to just pass, while Denise is concerned on getting perfect scores).


Eventually, Class T1T5 also got a junior class enrolling, dubbed as Class N4T1, with its own cast of characters and varying personalities. There's also a short film titled I Am A Teacher, which chronicled the tales of the former Class T1T5 Sadist Teacher Madam Soot Beng after a certain difficulty affected her career.

JianHao Tan's channel, and consequently, most of Class T1T5 can be found here.

Class T1T5 provides examples of:

  • A Day in the Limelight: I Am A Teacher serves as one for Soot Beng and Vicky, as the short film delves into their home life.
  • Accidental Dance Craze: While trying to shoo away some flies, Kevin accidentally created a new TikTok dance craze dubbed "Kevin D'Meal" and became filthy rich because of it.
  • Accidental Kiss: During an earlier brawl, Kevin got his ass literally kicked by Pei Shi, but that ended up pushing him right onto Ren Yi Xiang, and thus stealing his Sacred First Kiss.
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  • Accidental Murder: Ms. Siti, without knowing what's in her glass, swallowed the water inside along with Chloe's goldfish 'Ploop-Ploop' (her best friend) in it, traumatizing Chloe about her and any ensuing fish jokes.
  • The Ace: Denise is the top student and overachiever of Class T1T5, where they're mostly filled with unruly rebels and underachievers.
  • Actor Allusion: JianHao mentions that Debbie is "wife material", and Debbie notes that it could maybe happen in another universe. There's an Alternate Universe where they are married and have a daughter, like in real life.
  • Aerith and Bob: Most of the characters have Westernized names (Denise, Kevin, Nicole, etc.), so any of the non-Western names (JianHao, Ren Yi Xiang, Vicknesh, etc.) really stand out in comparison. This is, however, very justified since it's a Singaporean series where many people of multiple nationalities come together. You can actually spot some examples where the name is just something a normal parent wouldn't name their kids, like Cleverly.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parent: JianHao's mother Sylvia is often loud and embarrassing to react with whatever he replied, acting like a Drama Queen when her offers get rejected and JianHao has to calm her down. Later episodes from late Season 2 and Season 3 onwards downplay this, while she could get embarrassing, she showed why JianHao and Nicole sometimes fear her in case they got bad grades.
  • All Love Is Unrequited:
    • As part of his Butt-Monkey status, Trev's crush on Abbey is constantly ignored or unnoticed by her.
    • Kevin has a crush on Ren Yi Xiang, who doesn't seem to notice (it could also just be a case of Incompatible Orientation).
  • Alpha Bitch: Jasmine is the 'Queen Bee' of Class T1T5, being a popular influencer using Instagram or TikTok to get her as the most popular girl and form a Girl Posse group, most usually Vicky and Cherylene, and spreads bad influence towards them... and her Establishing Character Moment is in 'Back to School: Expectations vs Reality' when she group-bullied Yutella and then threatened her when Vincent, that time her boyfriend, just offered to help. It's small wonder that when Vincent decided to hit on Denise, even if it was for his own benefits, Jasmine considered Denise her Arch-Enemy and gossiped about Denise probably using her intelligence to get attention; and she had Vicky and Cherylene agree with her out of influence, when they otherwise would still try to maintain good relations with Denise. However, she's also genuinely friendly to her group and juniors.
  • Alternate Universe: Some episodes like '11 Types of People Stuck At Home' and '10 People You'll Meet at Every Birthday Party' take place in another universe where there are some similarities between the characters, but more closely following the real life, where Jianhao is married with Debbie (their actors were married IRL) and featured their newborn daughter Starley (who has no counterpart in the School setting).
  • Anti-Hero: A majority of the characters, with the sole exception of Denise, basically fit into this: They tend to be average to underachiever or unruly rebels and a lot of them would bully the others or laugh at their expense, but when push comes to shove, they will stand up for each of their friends and exhibits great teamwork. Debbie came close not to being this for the fact that her grades fluctuates between 'really good' or 'average' and she tends to participate in whatever crazy shenanigans the class came up with (as long as it's harmless) that usually Denise wouldn't participate in, but Debbie's overall still a Nice Girl.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Mr. Lakosh's full name? "Pablo Diablo Lakosh". Goes well enough with his flamboyant attitude.
  • The B Grade: Exaggerated. Denise getting 99 was enough to make her try to hold off her tears.
  • Badass Boast: "The bell does not dismiss you. I dismiss you." By Madam Soot Beng. Later on, the whole class used variations of this quote to throw Mr. Lakosh out of the loop.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The show has a tendency to show a sad moment, but suddenly switching it to an unrelated comedy that could happen in the same place. For instance, Denise was crying because her own classmates gossipped her behind her back... but in the same time, Kevin snuck into the girls bathroom because he 'sometimes identifies himself as a woman', and Denise's sadness is switched into the girls, after deciding that they're okay with Kevin's orientation, offered help by giving him a makeup so Kevin wouldn't look too suspicious for coming out of a girls' toilet.
  • Beautiful All Along: Debbie is a typical nerdy homely girl, but during the photo shoot, she let her hair down and put down her glasses and she turned out to be so drop dead beautiful with the only flaw that she had a cringy smile due to her awkward, nerdy personality.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Denise has a crush on Jianhao because he's the only one that treats her well, not just as a super genius girl only good for copying homework (though he is not above asking to copy her homework, and in fact, she feels more comfortable when Jianhao is copying her homework instead of anyone else)
  • Big Damn Heroes: In the climax of the 16 Types of Students in Picture Days, Mr. Lakosh has finally gone past his Rage Breaking Point after Jianhao messed with him one too many and went on a rant on how much Class T1T5 was the definition of failure and was about to give up the whole Picture Day for the class. However, it turns out, Jianhao's messing was only stalling for time so Denise could get his message, revert back to her Nice Girl self and properly take her portrait, restoring Lakosh's mood and thus saving the class in the most crucial time.
  • Big Little Brother: Class N4T1's Zhi Kai is... actually Jianhao and Nicole's little brother, and he sports a big and tall build and Stout Strength. Unfortunately, Jianhao and Nicole can easily bully him back.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • Miss Sherly is usually a very friendly teacher that got to the good side of her students, making her well-liked. However, it was later revealed that she only cared about nurturing the ones she deemed worthy while ignoring the less worthy or leaving them to be expelled, as opposed to the hard-ass but fair Madam Soot Beng, and absolutely had no problems when Soot Bang took the heat of being the one who gave the cheat sheets to the students. Later on, the quirkiness and shenanigans that not only Class T1T5 but also Class N4T1 provided eventually started getting more on her nerves that she cracked a lot more that she could mutter that she's in a nightmare, more or less revealing her sourness on the inside. Partially because she's also remorseful of causing Madam Soot Beng to get fired and tried to honor her last will to protect the students in her stead, but old habits die hard. She eventually grows out of the trope once the Wham Episode kicks in.
    • Terry was at first introduced as a quiet bookworm whose grades could rival Denise and looked like he could be a good pair for her when compared to the other more unruly suitors (like Jianhao and Vincent). Shortly after, both Jianhao and Vincent caught on his more manipulative side, culminating to his exposure at the Online class, where it was revealed that he took pictures in girls in toilet and spend his freetime photoshopping him into a harem with him ontop paired with both Denise and his ex, Lydia of Class N4T1.
    • Pei Shi at first was introduced as a diligent, sweet student and someone that Ren Yi Xiang rightfully has a crush on. However, not only she's cheating on him for Hamza, her true colors were shown during the Group Project video, where she ordered her group (Kevin, Ren Yi Xiang and Juhi) to do tasks insisting to aggressively and competitively crush the other groups while she plays MapleStory M alone and when they decided to do nothing since she's not doing anything, Pei Shi complained hard, especially when Ren Yi Xiang, who has been hardened no thanks to her cheating, talked back against her more assertively and exposed her.
    • Madam Soot Beng's husband, James, as revealed in I am a Teacher short. He's sweet mannered and nice to Vicky, using words that endears her to him when Madam Soot Beng usually defaulted to being a strict Education Mama to her. However, in the face of his new lover, James immediately drops his nice attitude to Vicky and becomes more or less uncaring to his own daughter.
  • Bookends: In I Am A Teacher, Madam Soot Beng does the title drop at the beginning and at the end.
  • The Bully: Everyone from Class T1T5 are not above bullying others from their classmates, which can be Played for Drama (Denise was being bullied at times when several other girls gossip on how she might be using her intelligence to get all the boys) or Played for Laughs (anything to do with Kevin). However, the class B00B5 is a class full of bullies whose sole appearances were to gang up and viciously bully the victim at their weakest spots. They only had two appearances only to bully Ren Yi Xiang when he was an awkward nerd, and Trev after he was revealed to be a crybaby. In their case, it's always Played for Drama.
  • Butt-Monkey: Everyone takes turns to be a Butt-Monkey. But chief amongst them include:
    • Kevin, whose fat body, gluttony and tendency to be a male Drama Queen makes him easy to pick on, though the show does not make fun of his gayness.
    • Trev, especially when he tends to cry at the drop of a hat.
    • Vincent usually had his schemes backfire on him because of not thinking very through on it.
    • Mr. Dan, the resident P.E teacher, because nobody in Titan Academy seems to like the P.E subject and even other faculty members ridicule him with how he has no papers to mark or how P.E is often considered 'not a real job'.
    • During the second exam, this spectacularly hit Julynn pretty bad. After her lucky charm got taken away, she lost all the confidence she built up, lightning suddenly struck her test paper, Jasmine accidentally ruined her paper physically and her attempts to fix it ended up making it even more unrepairable to the point that it's just a crumpled ball, and she got no marks for it.
  • The Cameo: Aside of Yutella (who only had one appearance) and Diana (who eventually transferred to N4T1), Class B00B5 consist of guest actors from a different group than Titan Digital Media, the Night Owl Cinematics, so they're not used often (except one of them, Sylvia, but that's because her actress played another recurring character (Jianhao's mom))
  • Camp Straight: The very flamboyant, fashion-conscious Mr. Lakosh is straight (or at the very least bisexual), given that he's in a relationship with Trev's mom.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: One glass of slightly heavy drink and Denise had a 180 in personality into an aggressive party girl. This ended up sticking a bit to the start of Season 2, where she Took a Level in Jerkass.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: "I am a Teacher" and "Welcome to Titan Academy" are emotional dramas that are serious in tone, and lack the series' trademark comedy. They're also more of a slow-burn, compared to the rest of the show's fast pace and even faster-paced humor.
  • Character Development: Due to the recurring cast, many characters evolve or got their depths more revealed as the series goes on:
    • Denise at first looked like the 'Miss Perfect', but after an incident where she got totaled with a drink, she suddenly Took a Level in Jerkass and became rebellious, but it revealed that she's also insecure about her real sweet self. When she did come back as her sweet self, the show revealed just how isolated Denise was due to her intelligence.
    • Ren Yi Xiang at first was just the typical awkward nerd and almost like a Distaff Counterpart to Debbie, but after being shocked that his crush, Pei Shi, was in a relation with Hamza and then thinking it still continued, he ditched his Nerd Glasses and became more confident and joining in some bullying, overall being more cynical. The development sticks, but rarely his passive nerdy self tend to resurface like a Split Personality.
    • Trev at first was one of the aloof, popular boys because he's goddamn rich. But during the second exam, it was revealed that he was an easily panicked and super emotional boy who cries at a drop of a hat when things went badly for him. This development stuck with him and made him easier to blend in with the class.
    • After I Am A Teacher, Vicky stops being so embarrassed with her mother for being a super strict Education Mama after she took a job as a waitress to provide for her while her dad was revealed as a two-timer that cared only for his next crush and less about her, and as a result, she became happier with school life in general. And that was because Madam Soot Beng learned to be less egotistical about her status as a strict teacher and learning that she DID love her daughter not just as a teacher, but also a mother.
    • Miss Sherly was at first introduced as a teacher who displays a nice and caring facade for students that she saw to have potential, but wouldn't think twice to expose students that she saw no hope on and get them expelled. Over time, she starts to crack on the wackiness of Classes T1T5 and N4T1 and growing to care about them for real. This was no doubt because of Madam Soot Beng's final request to her to protect the students in her stead, something she wanted to take heed to because she felt horrible that her actions caused Soot Beng to get fired. And when the Titan Academy is in danger of being in the hand of nebulous organization that absolutely has no best interest to the students, only in their own revenue and profit, Miss Sherly quickly changed her mind about resigning and stays to protect her students, good or bad.
  • Cool Pet: Jianhao has a crocodile named 'Gong Gong' as a pet and another symbol of his rich status (though he doesn't flaunt it). It doesn't bite, but it sometimes proved useful if Jianhao wants to dispose some bad-marked exams of his.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: As an antagonist, Vincent really came off as a creeper towards Denise, trying so hard to score with her. But eventually, when an actual pervert (Terry) showed up and he managed to caught wind of his darker side, Vincent immediately lowered the level of his perversion and teamed up with Jianhao (his love rival) and friends to expose Terry's darker side to Denise.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Vincent misinterprets the very thinly-veiled, subtext-laden trigonometry poem that Denise presents to mean that she wants to go hiking.
  • Comic-Book Time: Despite having gone to school for four years, Class T1T5 is no closer to graduating then they were at the beginning. Nicole lampshades this in "13 Types of Students Back to School", wondering if they're in a never-ending loop.
  • Crazy-Prepared:
    • Usually during exams, Jianhao is seen prepared with a lot of ridiculous tools that probably would help him pass the exams (he brought slime or flute to a test, the latter could be used to summon a CGI cobra that puts people to sleep, which has nothing to do with exam answers), but he usually falls short of one or less points of passing anyway. And he also packed his clothing and belongings into a travel bag he brought to school just in case he got disowned by his mom for failing his exam.
    • Denise is always preparing for whatever next exam is even from months or week before the time comes. She ends up with a THICK note book because of it.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Cherylene is a cute, and occasionally nice girl, but has a tendency to ask a lot with a very shrill voice. "Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly! Miss Sherly!"
  • Darker and Edgier: Invoked and yet also downplayed with I am a Teacher. Jianhao's videos are lighthearted and humorous by nature, while the short film is instead... more serious and dramatic, but not to the levels of grimdark and edgy (and they still even slipped one tiny humor in that). It's only once in the whole video series, though. After the short, it's back to humorous skits again... But then Played Straight with the events of "Welcome to Titan Academy"
  • Dance of Despair: During the second exam, Juhi felt so hopeless with her test that she, being a TikTok obsessed girl, did a TikTok dance to showcase it, and the rest of the class followed suit.
  • Daydream Surprise: Used several times, and occasionally 'Daydreamer' is a label often given to certain students.
    • In one of the first episodes and in the middle of a test, Jianhao daydreamed of having to handle Mr. Tan O.S (actually Thanos in CGI), and ended up getting him beaten by Denise and her paper plane, only for the teacher Mr. Muthu Raja to pick up his Infinity Gauntlet and snaps half of the Academy to oblivion.
    • In the second exam, when Jianhao and Nicole realized they failed their test, they daydreamed burning their exam papers and then exiting while blowing the whole class up. They're so into the daydream that they started giggling and freaked out Julynn.
    • In the '13 Types of Mobile Gamers', Jianhao daydreamed having a date with a player named BabyK77 with the avatar Odette... but later got a revised daydream when he learned that BabyK77 is actually Kevin. The revised version is how Jianhao, to his horror, had to date Kevin in Odette's costume.
    • In one of the N4T1's classes, Chloe suddenly daydreamed that a Reactor sabotage straight from Among Us happened in the academy, and that Vicknesh was the Impostor. When she woke up, she immediately claimed "You're sus!" to the usually quiet Vicknesh.
    • In "Normal Exams vs Online Exams", Kai takes a nap during his exam, then is woken up by a few students asking if he was sleeping well. He is then given a blanket and proclaimed the best student in the class and the whole of Titan Academy, and everyone around him starts clapping. Cut to him alone in a dark classroom; the exam had ended and everyone else had already left.
  • Detention Episode: '12 Types of Student During Recess' is basically this for Jianhao and Ren Yi Xiang, since in the previous episode they were involved in an accident in which Ren Yi Xiang accidentally cut an Absolute Cleavage into a teacher's cloth.
  • Depending on the Writer: Kevin's relationship with Ren Yi Xiang varies per episode: in the beginning, they were rivals but later became friends, but in some episodes, they're just friends, in others, Kevin has a crush on Ren Yi Xiang, and in others, he's a full-on Crazy Jealous Guy trying to compete for his affections. The latter ones (about having a crush and occasionally dipping into Crazy Jealous Guy territory) eventually stuck as Kevin's characterization, mostly.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Ren Yi Xiang's actions tend to be less thought-of and so it tended to backfire on him, which is why despite his nerdy appearance, he kept failing his tests (although in the second exam, he would've passed if it wasn't for Kevin switching their papers), but most prominently, when he decided to stop being nice and tried to ditch his glasses, he forgot he's Blind Without 'Em (although between that and the next episode, he got enough time to figure out how it worked).
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • Vicknesh had several minor appearances as a member of Class T1T5 being The Quiet One or in the Portrait Day, just slipped in to get a photo for his own job interview. Season 3 reveals that he's transferred to Class N4T1 and becoming a regular there.
    • Diana was one of the members of Class B00B5 that was a bully, but only appeared for one episode, the rest of the Class B00B5 appearances were filled with guest cameos from Night Owl Cinematics. By the 3rd Season, like Vicknesh, she's revealed to have transferred into N4T1.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The 'first Season' can be rather weird to look at when you compare with the more recent videos. Such as Madam Soot Beng not being pregnant, Miss Siti (the principal) occasionally standing in as a teacher, students that looked like Mr. Dan and Mr. Lakosh being featured... The more known characterization haven't been mostly established by then.
    • The comedy in the earlier videos were very over-the-top and based on implausible situations that could obviously never happen in real life. In later videos, while the humor was sometimes over-the-top, it was a bit more realistic and grounded, and could reasonably happen in reality.
  • Eating Lunch Alone: Denise couldn't find a clique to eat with her, so she usually eats alone, not in the cafetaria but in the toilet.
  • Embarrassing Relative Teacher: Downplayed or overall defied. There are two students whose parents were teachers in Titan Academy:
    • Trev's mother is Mrs. June, who was supposed to be Class N4T1's teacher until she somehow got changed into Miss Sherly (while the rest of class T1T5 is under Mr. Lakosh or had to stay at home online with various teachers). June rarely interacts regularly with Trev, but what embarrassed him the most is when June went utter Fangirl on Lakosh.
    • Vicky's mother is none other than Madam Soot Beng. However, she still gets a fair Sadist Teacher treatment from her mom, defying the trope. At least until I Am A Teacher short.
  • Emo Teen: Vicky is a gloomy gus, and tends to get put with 'Emo' type of characters of the video. Some of her more exaggerated actions tend to look like an Emo person trying to do harm on self, although that tends to be given a Bait-and-Switch treatment that she actually meant harmless. Jianhao surmises that this is because she's Madam Soot Beng's daughter.
  • Epic Fail: In the second exam, there are few moments of this:
    • Trev somehow managed to score -30%. Emphasis on Negative. Because he tried to emulate Denise in 'making her own questions and answering them correctly', but Trev got his extra questions wrong instead. This sends Trev into an utter crying wreck, hence he held the label 'The Cry Baby'.
    • In the last minute, in order to help the stressed out Ren Yi Xiang, Kevin switched their papers altogether, since last time Kevin got 100 mark, Ren Yi Xiang would get good score, right? When the result was received, Kevin got Ren Yi Xiang's score, which is 65, while Ren Yi Xiang got Kevin's... 100! Until Ms. Sherly realized that she made an error in the way of giving an extra 0, so the actual score was 10.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Vincent is a Jerkass and something of a creep, but he's disgusted by Terry being a pervert and teams up with Jianhao to expose his actions.
  • Everything Sounds Sexier in French: Mr. Lakosh has an exaggerated French accent and it matches up with his Large Ham and tendencies to make everything look fabulous.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Downplayed, since nobody was evil in this series. However, when Ren Yi Xiang was still an introverted nerdy boy early in the series, he has higher pitch in his voice, which enhances his nerdy image and he tried to be one of the good students. After he Took A Level In Cynicism and stopped being an awkward nerd, his voice became considerably lower pitched, which signified that he's a much more dour character.
  • Fangirl: Some characters are giant fans to others.
    • Debbie really has hots for Ben, the star basketball player of the class. For the earlier parts, Ben continued to reject her and consider her annoying, but he opened up to her eventually.
    • Sunny enrolled in the Titan Academy in order to meet his idol Jianhao. Though we're not sure if it's Jianhao the character or Jianhao the producer of the series.
    • Mrs. June (One of the teachers and Trev's mom) has giant hots towards Mr. Lakosh.
  • F--: Trev manages to score a -30 on his exam since not only did he get all of the questions wrong, he added his own questions and got those wrong too.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Jianhao and Vincent remained as best buds and the latter being the former's other main partner-in-crime aside of Nicole, all despite both of them in a Love Triangle trying to win Denise's affection.
  • The Gadfly: Jianhao is very much into pranking and messing with everyone across, but he never had truly malicious intentions.
  • Gamer Chick: As the setting is that of a High School, many girls are also gamers as shown in either 13 Types of Among Us Players or 13 Types of Mobile Gamers, with the only possible exception being Denise who's too busy studying. Chloe is able to daydream about her class encountering a scenario ripped straight from Among Us.
  • Genre Shift: What began as one-off comedy skits with a few recurring characters became a full-blown series with an established cast, all of whom have specific characterizations, and several recurring subplots. As time went on, the series became more tightly plotted and went through a pretty jarring Tone Shift, but without losing its comedic origins for the most part.
  • Hate Sink: This series is a humorous school series, so most of the time, No Antagonist is at play here. However, eventually, two stand out examples come in:
    • Madam Soot Beng's ex-husband, James, who only appeared in the I am a Teacher short is made with this trope in mind, since he's designed to be someone who's using sweet words, but actually incredibly selfish and only cares for his own pleasure, dating another woman and callously tries to sell Madam Soot Beng's house and taking Vicky (whom he manipulated with sweet words as opposed to Madam Soot Beng's super strict attitude) with him to China, while prioritizing his new lover than his own daughter. Soot Beng really had a good reason to divorce him.
    • The unnamed nebulous organization with only their representation being Alan and Regna. It's the typical 'evil corporate that seeks nothing but profit and revenue' that aims to make the students of Titan Academy help them gain money without any care of their future and welfare, making up harsh rules that will make the students' lives look like Hell while also guilt-tripping Miss Siti to accept the deal or else she'll take the blame for the Titan Academy's downfall due to financial troubles that they could have helped.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Vincent ended his tenure as an antagonist the moment he and Jianhao discovered that Terry has been taking pictures of girls in their swimsuit and realized that he has to be taken down and Denise should be notified of his true nature, which only bore fruit in the middle of Season 3.
  • High School: While the faculty's name is 'Titan Academy', it worked more like a high school. It also contains many classic high school stereotypes and events, like exams, group projects, or coming back to school.
  • I Am the Noun: When everyone threw around Mr. Lakosh with Madam Soot Beng's Badass Boast, suddenly Debbie said "I am the bell!". Everyone looked at her in bewilderment.
  • Intelligence Equals Isolation: Denise's intelligence and kind nature means that she's more or less befriended by her friends to be used to copy her homework and no one wants to be friends with her, if she is not allowed to use the class in recess, then she is forced to eat alone in the toilet because no one wants to accept her in their clique, and then she might hear her classmates freely badmouthing her for using her intelligence to grab all the boys. Cleverly downplays this, while he still has friends who treat him more normally, he's still looked as a weirdo because of his over the top big brain.
  • Insane Troll Logic: How Jianhao tries to justify how he think that 1+1 = 7.
    Jianhao: Well, you see, if you add one bunny with another bunny and they have, what, five children? That makes seven bunnies. So one plus one equals seven.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Jianhao is a rebellious boy who'd insult and make fun of his teammates whenever situation arises, but he also cares for their well being and uses unorthodox ways to help them. This is best exemplified when he cheered up a dejected Denise after she got into trouble for trying to be the 'bad girl', and all he did was just say it's just his turn to get to the photo shoot, and also hands a label with the same message within the bottle, indirectly telling Denise to stop faking and be proud of her true nice self. He's also the only one who treated Denise normally and gave one extra worried blink when Denise was crying after the second exam before completely blending in with Trev's birthday congratulations.
    • Madam Soot Beng checks on every check list of being an obnoxious Sadist Teacher, but she willingly took the blame of making the cheat sheets for the students, so the students wouldn't be expelled, which would make them have no more places to go, she truly cared for the welfare of the student, good and bad ones, no matter how sadistic she may be.
  • Leet Speak: While officially, Class T1T5 means a shortening of 'Titans' and the 5 standing in for the original 5 crews of Jianhao's team, it has another spelling that it could be spelled into 'Class Tits', and then there's the class of bullies Class B00B5... or 'Class Boobs'. Also, a recurring math equation that got shown earlier in a recurring manner is P3=N15.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Add three classes, with varying student personalities, multiple faculty members, people appearing outside the school and you've got yourself a HUGE cast.
  • Lovable Jock: Any non-nerdy male students show themselves to be pretty good at sports, with Ben being the ace basketball player, and they showcase a varying degrees of lovability, none of them are full-on Jerk Jock.
  • Love Triangle:
    • Season 2 features such relationship with Jianhao and Vincent aiming to win Denise's affection. Denise herself personally picked Jianhao and would have concluded the situation if it wasn't for the tons of Moment Killer interrupting them. Season 3 toned this down, when Vincent put aside the triangle with Jianhao in order to expose Terry.
    • Another triangle within the same season is Ren Yi Xiang-Pei Shi-Hamza, also serving as a catalyst to Ren Yi Xiang's Character Development. However, Hamza tends to get Out of Focus and it was later noted that Pei Shi broke up with him, so a new triangle is formed between Pei Shi-Ren Yi Xiang-Kevin
  • Malaproper: Jianhao has a tendency to misplace some words in an idiom. Most famously, instead of "There's a lot of fish in the sea"; he says, "There's a lot of sea in the fish."
  • Meta Guy: The lines of fiction and reality blur a bit when JianHao takes this role when he shows off his presentation to the class, as it's done very similar to the style of the real-life JianHao's videos, with heaps of Lampshade Hanging and then telling his classmates to subscribe. To top it off, Miss Sherly tells JianHao if he's ever thought of becoming a YouTuber.
  • Moment Killer: Everytime it looks like Jianhao and Denise would get closer as a couple, there will be something to interrupt their sweet moment.
  • Momma's Boy: Timmy from Class N4T1 just can't seem to go a lot of places without mentioning his mom and being so dependant over her. Kind of justified that he spent 16 years of his life studying at home with his mom. His name may be an indicator since 'Tim' is a name often used for kids in fiction (most popularly Tiny Tim), and adding -'my' on it indicate a more endearing relationship.
  • Mondegreen: One of the recurring jokes in the series. Such as Kevin mistaking Ren Yi Xiang's words about 'negative thoughts' to be 'negative thots'; or Jianhao misinterpretating Kevin saying 'Fish in the sea, man' into 'Fish in the semen'.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In I Am A Teacher, there were several:
    • Miss Sherly was horrified that her actions caused Madam Soot Beng to be fired. She tried to help her get her position back (though it would mean getting some students expelled), but Soot Beng told her to instead protect the students in her stead. The moment to prove it comes during the "Welcome to Titan Academy" video.
    • Madam Soot Beng had one herself when she slapped Vicky for considering to quit school and moving with her soon-to-be-revealed-as-neglectful father. It was at that moment that Madam Soot Beng realized that she's about to lose her daughter.
  • Nervous Wreck: Vicknesh's title in his "Show and Tell" segment. He's usually The Quiet One, but he's so nervous to tell anything that he's sweating waterfall that in the end, Ms. Sherly told him to just sit down without telling anything.
  • Not So Above It All: For all she is as a Sadist Teacher and the super strict mom of Vicky, Madam Soot Beng actually learned some TikTok dances and can show it off in the middle of scolding Vicky.
  • Obnoxious Entitled Housewife: Parodied during the '20 Types Of People In Face Mask' video, where Madam Soot Beng stands in as a Karen-type mother character refusing to properly wear a face mask and asking to meet the clerk's supervisor (this clerk's the supervisor), then manager (this clerk's also the manager)... and the clerk's mother (the clerk obviously can't be her own mother).
  • Peer Pressure Makes You Evil: Or at least just makes you look like a jerk. Ben continued to belittle Debbie because he's afraid that his own clique will ridicule him for hanging out with a nerd. Eventually, though, he realized that he's the bad guy and started treating Debbie more nicely and stood up for her more.
  • The Perfectionist: Denise is obsessed in getting 100 marks. She just cried alone if she thought she failed to get that score. It's implied from the Picture Day episode that she's obligated to live up to such high expectation by someone, most likely her parents.
  • Product Placement: To match up with the students' gaming hobby, Jianhao Tan (the producer) collaborates with many existing game companies to blatantly showcase and promote their games by having the Titan Digital Media actors (and characters in-universe) play the games. There's been Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, MapleStory M, Saint Seiya Awakening, Dragon Raja, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Among Us, State of Survival to name a few...
  • Rage Breaking Point: Denise is always the calm and kind girl that bore being pushed around silently, until eventually Vincent's insistence that they're a couple made her snap and she delivered a huge rant about his attitude.
  • Ret-Gone: There used to be a teacher named Mr. Papadum, but Jianhao (the producer) and his actor removed the character after learning that he came off with rather strong racist stereotyping. And hence, the videos were edited to remove Mr. Papadum's segments or whenever it's unavoidable, the majority of his body were blurred out.
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator: Jianhao likes to just procrastinate when it comes to studying for exams or other studying stuffs. The latter he studied, the fresher it was in his mind, or so he claimed, in truth he's just lazy. His sister Nicole is no better either, it runs in the family.
  • Running Gag: People taking note on how Madam Soot Beng has been pregnant for God-knows-how-long and the baby refusing to come out.
  • Sadist Teacher: Madam Soot Beng is infamously harsh and sadistic towards Class T1T5 and earlier on, her threats were accompanied with a Vincent Price Evil Laugh, but in the end, revealed that she meant very well in her sadism for the students' future.
  • The Scapegoat: Many cheating pranks ends with the actual cheater managing to pin the blame to someone else and getting away with it, and the latter's pleas fell into deaf ears. Played for Drama in the case of Madam Soot Beng, who willingly became The Scapegoat to protect the students from getting expelled.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Jianhao's schemes occasionally take form in briberies in order to cheat on something. Some other students, like Chloe, also picked up this strategy even without interacting much with Jianhao.
  • Ship Tease: "17 Types of Students in a Class Presentation" has some between Kevin and Jasmine. They work together on a presentation and have apparently spent the entirety of quarantine playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang with each other, and have a close partnership. At one point, they get a bit competitive and attempt to one-up each other in a way that's reminiscent of Belligerent Sexual Tension. This is quite strange, since before Kevin had never made any indication that he wasn't gay and still seems to have a crush on Ren Yi Xiang.
  • Shout-Out: The '12 Types of Students during Recess' video contains a big one with Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • First, Jianhao and Ren Yi Xiang take turn in acting like Dr. Strange finding a way to beat Thanos, and since the characters in-universe also watch real, ongoing movies, Ren Yi Xiang reveals the spoilers of Avengers: Endgame to Madam Soot Beng, who was deliberately avoiding social media to avoid spoilers. It worked in Jianhao and Ren Yi Xiang's favor, Madam Soot Beng got out in frustration of being spoiled, and the boys are free from detention.
    • Second, when Ren Yi Xiang was about to get bullied, he re-enacted the scene of Avengers, Assemble! ("Class T1T5, Assemble!")... but then played it for Epic Fail, because nothing came out of the portal except a pile of trash. Ren Yi Xiang then decided to get back up and wielded the trash lid like Captain America, but he forgot that he's closer to pre-Super Soldier serum Steve Rogers; namely that he's skinny, unathletic and pretty much a perfect bullying target.
  • Signature Laugh: Mr. Lakosh's signature "Hor hor hor".
  • Slimeball: Vincent's tenure as the antagonist of Season 2 involves him being a really toxic and domineering (self-proclaimed) Bastard Boyfriend towards Denise, all while proclaiming themselves being a couple as well as taking her for granted and claiming all her credits to himself.
  • Straight Gay: Kevin is revealed to be homosexual and has hots on Ren Yi Xiang, but while he's also the Butt-Monkey and Drama Queen, his sexual orientation never became the source of comedy or drama and he's perfectly able to interact with others. He took offense on something else though.
  • Teen Genius:
    • Denise from T1T5 is a genius beyond her peers, being able to expertly identify anything right down their models and making 10 plane designs for a paper plane project. And for homework project, she's implied to be making some sort of cure... widely joked to be the cure of COVID-19.
    • Cleverly from N4T1 takes this to another level, with his brain enabling him to make devices that wouldn't look too out of place in a Science Fiction genre and would require a LOT of Techno Babble to explain.
  • Token Good Teammate:
    • Within a class full of rebels, bullies, pranksters and what have you, Denise is a sweet model student beloved by all, but also deconstructed that she ended up with no true friends and a majority of her classmates got close to her so they could just copy her notes.
    • Yutella is the only member of class B00B5 who is not a vicious bully, and instead being bullied herself. But she only made one appearance in grand total.
  • Took A Level In Cynicism: Ren Yi Xiang, after witnessing his crush Pei Shi actually being in a relationship with Hamza twice, became less nerdy and a lot more cynical and rude, getting into more cynical 'type of student' categorization. This actually lasted a lot longer to the point he takes another level in jerkass later.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass:
    • At the start of Season 2, Denise suddenly became much more rebellious and standoffish due to getting drunk once during the holiday party. It lasts with only for two of her appearances, until Jianhao gave her a pep talk and she resumed to being the sweethearted angel.
    • Ren Yi Xiang's prolonged increasing cynicism also makes him more prone to jerkass bully attitude later. By the time he comes back to school, he acts like The Bully to Timmy.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: A partial example. Madam Soot Beng ended up getting fired because in joy of the well-treatment, Ren Yi Xiang confessed to Miss Sherly on how much of a Sadist Teacher Soot Beng was and accidentally spilled up about Soot Beng having the answer sheets for the student to copy, which made Sherly realize what's going on and use it to her advantage. But on the other hand, Sherly was already checking the student's answer sheets and noticing that something was off for the class' reputations and would be on the way to report anyway, so it's not exactly that she needed Ren Yi Xiang's confession.
  • Up to Eleven: Exams here can have marks that go beyond 100% mark, but to do that, you have to not only get a perfect score, but also make up your own question related to the subject and answer correctly. Only Denise could pull this off correctly. Trev, inspired by her, tried to do the same, only to find out that the inverse applies: If you do that while getting 0 marks and get your own questions' answers wrong... you could get a negative mark. Do not attempt this in an actual test/exam at your school, normal schools mostly do not allow this, and in rare cases that they do, the rules might be different.
  • Upper-Class Twit: Trev is introduced as the flexing rich kid earlier, but after the second exam, it shows that when he panicked, he turned into a crying wreck closer to an elementary school boy.
  • Wham Episode: "Welcome to the Titan Academy" episode. Sounds like an innocuous episode title, huh? Well, turns out the COVID-19 Pandemic did a number to the Titan Academy's finances that Miss Siti is forced to resort to selling the ownership of the Titan Academy to a nebulous organization that wanted to take over the Titan Academy and turn it into something closer to a Boarding School of Horrors in exchange of funding. The direness of the situation forced Miss Sherly to take back her decision to leave the Academy and stay to protect her students, and this sets for a set of darker, more serious situations for the whole academy.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Madam Soot Beng showed her true colors when none of the students were looking: After learning that her students were in danger of being expelled and having nowhere else to go, she decided to take the blame and get herself expelled instead to protect them. Miss Sherly, the one who caused the expelling, had her turn when Titan Academy is being bought by a nebulous organization due to financial troubles, and yet the management team clearly doesn't have the best interests of the students and will most likely doom them, so Miss Sherly cancelled her plans to resign and stayed to protect her students, and also influenced with Madam Soot Beng's advice in her departure.

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