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Browser Narcotic

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Browser Narcotic websites are any one that results in you opening a dozen tabs in a single session and using up hours of your time. An example of such is This Very Wiki. Ending up on a Wiki Walk is common at such sites, but not universal. The trope name comes courtesy of xkcd's alt-text on this comic.

Compare Archive Binge, which is linear in nature and does not require opening dozens of tabs.

Notable offenders:

  • One of the many ways TV Tropes will ruin your life.
  • Wikipedia
  • 4chan
  • reddit
  • Any porn site. Admit it, you know it to be true.
  • Brazilians have a humorous blog that's just like Cracked.
  • Dark Roasted Blend
  • DeviantArt
  • Pixiv, thanks to its recommendation feature being a little too good, tends to induce Wiki Walks. Heaven help you if you start to browse for fanart of one of the more popular series, like Touhou Project, Hetalia, Pokémon, Vocaloid, or Inazuma Eleven, each of which will get you over 150,000 hits. Though the effect is lessened somewhat, as a large part of the website is in Japanese.
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  • Digg
  • Everything2
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • FanFiction.Net. The good ones at least... and badfic too, arguably. This also applies to most well organized fanfic sites like, say, Archive of Our Own.
  • Fark
  • Oobject
  • Damn Interesting
  • Forums can end up as these if there are enough interesting threads.
  • The Polish site is was a news service devoted mainly to various instances of citizens being screwed over by bureaucratic incompetence or corporate dishonesty. It's surprisingly fascinating.
  • The Let's Play Archive: Oh, you've just discovered the Let's Play phenomenon and spent several hours following an LP of your favorite game? No worries, we can recommend LP's from the same genre / author that are sure to interest you. And once you're done with those, we have more recommendations...
  • The Cheezburger Network
  • The SCP Foundation can do this, as some of the most popular articles include experiment logs involving other SCPs. The site is trying to minimize this, however. Just watch your step, because you're walking through a minefield of really terrifying stuff.
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  • Snopes
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twitter
  • Orion's Arm, hoooo boooy.
  • Uncyclopedia
  • Yahoo!.com (the main page that features news articles).
  • YouTube
  • AniDB
  • Most estate agent/real estate websites tend to provoke this. If you've come to one looking for property to buy, you'll no doubt be opening plenty of tabs to compare different listings, and if you're not... you're probably opening loads of tabs to dream.
  • Hardcore Gaming 101. Hundreds of in-depth articles on a staggering variety of niche, overlooked, or import-only games? Updated semi-regularly? Not only are the articles a fascinating way to waste a few minutes hours weekends, a whole new level of procrastination can be reached if one decides to make trying the games featured on the site a regular habit.
  • Everything Is Terrible
  • WeKnowMemes
  • Imgur: That is, of course, if we are to believe The Daily Derp.
  • BuzzFeed, particularly the list pages. That being said, though, any clickbait site could count, really. Buzzfeed just so happens to be the most well-known one.
  • Sports fans can have this on Bleacher Report and Page 2 \ Grantland.
  • MapCrunch takes you to a random location on Google StreetView. You can navigate on it as usual, or press a button that takes you to another random location. Now try to stop exploring the world.
  • Not Always Right. The effect is lessened due to only adding 5 or 6 anecdotes a day (easily read in 15 minutes), but increased due to its massive archive and eight sister sites, Not Always Working/Romantic/Related/Learning/Friendly/ Hopeless/Healthy and Legal.
  • The Polish equivalent of Not Always Right, .
  • Uberfacts, with a Website, two apps, and several Twitter accounts.
  • Any good webcomic with a big enough archive.
  • Fundies Say the Darndest Things i.e. an immense archive of all the insane things fundamentalists have said in this contemporary age. It even has an article on Rational Wiki.
  • Most .io Games can easily waste large amounts of one's time due to the ease of joining a game and playing a few rounds... and another...

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