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Everything2, (AKA Everything, AKA E2) is a cross between a wiki and a massive multi-user blog.

Each page of Everything2 is called a "node". A node is just a title — a topic for discussion or elucidation. Attached to the node are "writeups" — written descriptions, essays, reviews, anecdotes, fiction or poetry on the subject of the node.

A node without any writeups — that is, created in anticipation of some other user's writeup — is called a "nodeshell". It is surprisingly common practice for some noder to create a bizarre, contrived node namenote  without specifying a writeup to go with it, instead waiting patiently for some other user to write their own interpretation of that title. This (creating a writeup for an intentionally empty node) is known as a "nodeshell rescue".

(This explains those occasions where a node's title proclaims one opinion loud and clear, but has a corresponding writeup that has a more reserved opinion of the subject.)

Also contains categories — lists of collected nodes sharing a like premise or theme.

Home to such fiction series as New York Magician, Fine Structure, the Metro City Chronicles, The Man with the Terrible Eyes, and the City Magic series. See also tv

This website provides examples of: