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Administrivia / The Fic May Be Yours, but the Trope Page Is Ours

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We need to make this policy clear: The fact that you are the creator of a work gives you no special rights over how that work is handled on this wiki. The fic (song, video, comic, whatever) is yours, but the page here is ours. When you published that work, either online or otherwise, you released it into the world to be read, remarked on, and analysed.

You quite expressly do not have the right to have our page taken down because you wish to disown your work or because you don't like the tropes we have found in it. The fact that you have changed your mind about publishing now does not give you the right to throw away our work.


You also expressly do not have the right to remove tropes because you don't like them, or add tropes because you meant to use them. Nor do you have any right to expect that our editors will submit their edits to you for pre-approval.

Please do not even request that we cut a page on your work.

Be very clear that this applies to any work, not just fanfics.

For approximately the opposite end of the interacting-with-your-own-work spectrum, see Auto-Erotic Troping.


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