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Careful, your sign may be subject to copyright bans from Hasbro.

Sometimes, neither the well-known Western and Eastern zodiacs nor the so-called "Druidic" Tree Birth Signsnote  will cut it for literary purposes. Inventing new zodiac and horoscope systems is a nice way to add depth to a world different from ours, and a completely new birth sign/horoscope system can be used to give a basis for foreign myths and superstitions.

Fictional zodiacs may be related to Constellations, an elemental system, Animal and Mythical Motifs or other themes. Astrology based on such a zodiac may, like the Western Zodiac used for the basics of astrology in the West, be used to inform character traits or a fated destiny for characters born under a particular sign; however, it is just as likely to amount only to a parody of those concepts that does not take them seriously. Regardless of which, twelve is typically the most common number for the signs, as both Eastern and Western variants are based on a twelve-sign cycle.note 

Subtrope of Fictional Constellations. Compare Eastern Zodiac and Western Zodiac.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Lucky Star once had a segment about horoscope sushi.
  • Played With in Pokémon: The Original Series with one of the Johto Journeys episodes. Specifically, The Fortune Hunters had a Pokémon Horoscope, as follows: Ash was a Bellsprout type, Brock was an Onix type, Misty was a Gyarados type, Jessie was an Eevee type and James was a Moltres type. James was hyped about his fortune until it turned out to be a scam by Butch and Cassidy, another set of Team Rocket members. Then it turns out there's a separate, legitimate copy of The Fortune Hunters.
  • The World Trigger universe has its own set of horoscope system.

    Fan Works 
  • Fan-written supplemental material for the Ravenloft setting gives it a zodiac based on the symbolism of the Tarokka deck, a Tarot-Expy published for use in Ravenloft games.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • In Discworld, the Disc has its own version of the zodiac. It involves such signs as The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars and Khefin's Eye 1-4. There are also a few other oddities:
    1. Because of the way Great A'Tuin travels through space, the zodiac is constantly changing.
    2. Because of the peculiar path the Discworld's sun needs to take in order for the seasons to work, all the constellations are in the zodiac.
  • Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex has an astrological table with an abnormal set of birth signs: Virgil (Jan. 15–Feb. 13), Aquarium (Feb. 14–Mar. 18), Neptune (Mar. 19), Leon (July 20–July 3), Psoriasis (Labor Day), Bob L. Hockmunster, Jr. (June 6 at around 2:30), and Sneezy (Giants 6–Dodgers 3).
  • The Tough Guide To Fantasy Land says that the Management of Fantasyland is free to keep making up more star signs and astrological events until the entire sky is filled with unlikely conjunctions.
  • Cantata in Coral and Ivory has different constellations from earth. The world also has four moons, which all affect a person's horoscope.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Orville visits Regor II in season 2, a planet ruled by astrology. Upon learning that two crew members were born under the sign of Giliac, and thus pre-disposed to violence, the planetary leadership decide to discard diplomacy and incarcerate them in a concentration camp. A child in the camp born under the sign of Wasanda, and thus destined for leadership, is taken from her parents for "proper" education. A few other signs are mentioned, but not elaborated on: Panaji, Corobahn, and Valeigh.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Eberron has the Dragonmarked Houses, with 12 Dragonmarked for each house. (Phiarlan and Thuranni both use the same Dragonmarked, The Mark of Shadow) and the 12 Moon.
  • Exalted has 25 constellations, each presiding over certain threads of fate (as well as lining up with one of the in-game skills). Sidereals use these constellations to create resplendent destinies and tell the future, and their charms also draw from the motifs of these signs. Interestingly, Sidereals have two signs under this zodiac — a birth sign, and an exaltation sign from their patron Maiden's house.
  • Dragon magazine #340, which had an astrology theme, based several of its articles around a zodiac comprising twelve Dungeons & Dragons monsters.
  • The anthropomorphic game Ironclaw has its own zodiac set that includes six objects and six mythical creatures.
  • Mausritter: A table of six birthsigns is used to generate personalities for player mice. For example, a mouse born under the Star is brave but reckless, while a mouse born under the Mother is nurturing but worrying.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition adds a zodiac to the Old World, dividing the year into twenty star signs with associated personality traits that are allegedly imparted to people born under them.

    Video Games 
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • The series has thirteen birthsigns that the player can choose during character creation for certain bonuses. Some offer passive stat increases while others allow for a special power to be used, typically once per day. In Morrowind and Oblivion player may choose one of the signs as his birth sign in beginning of the game, while in Skyrim player may find and activate one of the Standing Stones, representing each sign. The signs and their months are: Morning Star - The Ritual, Sun's Dawn - The Lover, First Seed - The Lord, Rain's Hand- The Mage, Second Seed - The Shadow, Midyear - The Steed, Sun's Height - The Apprentice, Last Seed - The Warrior, Heartfire - The Lady, Frostfall - The Tower, Sun's Dusk - The Atronach, Evening Star - The Thief, and 13th Sign - The Serpent (which is said to be formed of "unstars" and travels in a somewhat predictable motion around the sky, having no month of its own but taking over one each year).
    • The Magna-Ge, aka "Star Orphans", are heavily associated with the series' constellations and birth signs. The Magna-Ge are et'Ada ("original spirits") who, along with their "father" Magnus (the architect of Mundus, the mortal realm), fled Mundus part way through its creation after Magnus realized that creating it would severely weaken the et'Ada and forever bind them to the world. While fleeing to Aetherius, the realm of magic, they punctured holes between the realms now seen as the sun (Magnus) and the stars (Magna-Ge), through which magic and light flow into Mundus.
  • Hearthstone: The game uses a Zodiac symbol to designate each yearly rotation for Standard format. Each year is named after an animal (usually a fictional one from the Warcraft universe), and the animal typically has something to do with one of the expansions for that year. For example, the Year of the Kraken references the squid-like N'Zoth from Whispers of the Old Gods, while the Year of the Raven calls to mind the Gothic Horror setting of The Witchwood.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has the Twelve, a pantheon of twelve gods that correspond to an element, a month and a certain type of era. Players can pick one of them for an elemental bonus but this is more for flavor purposes.
  • Pokémon Black and White has introduced a fictional zodiac loosely based on the Western one. The mons incorporated into this are (in order of month) Sawsbuck (Capricorn), Simipour (Aquarius), Alomomola (Pisces), Whimsicott (Aries), Bouffalant (Taurus), Klink (Gemini), Crustle (Cancer), Braviary (Leo), Gothorita (Virgo), Lampent (Libra), Scolipede (Scorpio) and Fraxure (Sagittarius).
  • In Kingdom of Loathing, upon Ascending you choose one of nine "moon signs", three for each of the three main stats (Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie). These moon signs not only give different bonuses, but unlock one of three non-combat zones (a non-hostile version of Degrassi Knoll, Little Canadia, or the Gnomish Gnomad Camp).

    Visual Novels 
  • Endless Summer uses a zodiac that uses different constellations than those in the ecliptic, and each of them corresponds to a character, alongside symbols you can see on the stamps. It consists of Centaurus (Raj), Lupus (Jake), Serpens (Aleister), Delphinus (Quinn), Pavo (Michelle), Canis Major (Diego), Draco (Estela), Cygnus (Grace), Corvus (Zahra), Aquila (Sean), Ursus Major (Craig), and Andromeda (You).
    • The latter is unique in quite some ways. It is the only one indirectly referenced by a certain character's nickname note , is the Token Human in the entire group, and uses a symbol that's not made-up by the writers, but existed earlier.

  • The troll species in Homestuck was said to have 48 signs, but this was only briefly touched upon once. Later on, it is seen that there are more signs than just 48...

    Web Original 
  • Looming Gaia: Sylvanists believe that which star sign a child is born under dictates what they will grow up to be, and the exact signs vary by region. In Red Tundra, some of the known signs are the Boar, which means that they will be a warrior, the Whopper (Whale), a sailor, the Elga (Caribou), a caribou farmer, the Grupphund (Wolf), a hunter, and the Falika (Falcon) a traveller (such as a driver or scout).

    Web Video 
  • Critical Role: In Exandria, those born under a particularly bright flare of the world's secondary red moon Ruidus are said to have lives marked by a grand or ill fate. Confirmed or suspected Ruidusborn include The Raven Queen, King Warren Drassig, Imogen Temult's mother Liliana, and Fearne Calloway. Out of universe, creator Matthew Mercer has confirmed that cast member Ashley Johnson would be Ruidusborn by the Exandrian calendar. Critical Role: Campaign Three reveals that Ruidus has been flaring more frequently over time, and may grant some Ruidusborn strange powers.

    Western Animation 
  • Kim Possible has "Animology", an color/animal type personality quiz that gets treated like horoscopes (in that some people consider it BS and others don't). There is also an emphasis on "Soul-Mates" (with certain combinations considered to be particularly compatible with others).
  • The Winx Club official site has a fictional zodiac using mythical creatures such as Pegasus, Gryphon, Dragon, and Triton.
  • Gravity Falls has its own Zodiac centered on a picture of Bill Cipher. They represent traits or, y'know, what you happen to be wearing at the time. In the series finale the main characters try to gather all the people in the zodiac together to defeat Bill Cipher, but an argument breaking out between Grunkle Stan and his brother Stanford spoils the whole thing.
  • Transformers: Animated: The Allspark Almanac mentions the Cybertronian Zodiac, a series of ten signs such as the Key, the Core, the Golden Disk, and the Void (which is actually an area lacking in stars, save for one in the centre of the sign).

    Real Life 
  • Until it was revealed to be a spoof intended to highlight the gullibility of people who believed in astrology, a 1977 book by James Vogh entitled Arachne Rising; The Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac was taken to be a scholarly work revealing that there were, in fact, thirteen star signs. Arachne, the Spider, was there in plain view between Virgo and Libra. The fact it had been suppressed by the usual suspects did much to explain why astrology is subtly "out", why a lot of peoplenote  feel none of the standard twelve apply to them; why some people feel they belong with the next sign along, not the one they were apparently born into; and would fit perfectly with there being thirteen lunar months. The book was serialised by the Daily Mail and hailed as a world-altering revelation. People even contested the idea — arguing that while there were thirteen signs and one had indeed been suppressed in antiquity, the missing thirteenth sign was in fact Ophiuchus the Serpent and not a bloody spider at all. As arguments raged between the spider and serpent factions and more newspapers ran with the sensation, it was revealed that it was, in fact, a piece of inspired trolling, proving some things (trolling) are older than the Internet. As one review phrased it:
    Arachne Rising, the meticulously documented log of James Vogh's strange journey through the uncharted regions of mythology, archaeology, history, and language, will come to be recognized as a seminal work in astrology by those whose enthusiasm for the esoteric does not blind them to the need for sound scholarship, painstaking research, and rigorous application of scientific method.
  • Most online zodiacs like the "Egyptian Zodiac" using Egyptian gods, the "Celtic Zodiac" using "Celtic" animals or the "Mayan Zodiac" using also Mesoamerican fauna more or less associated with Mayan mythology are this, basically made by people with no historical or archeological bases or usage from those cultures at all. Do note that at least the Maya and Ancient Egyptians have what can be called "zodiacs" in their calendars, but they are wholly inapplicable to the modern ideanote .
  • The "Druidic Tree Birth Signs" mentioned above is actually another made-up zodiac made by Robert Graves (the author of I, Claudius) and has little to no connection with the historical Celtic astrology of which little is known. Graves just basically took an epic Irish poem and connected the dots as he saw fit. More on that here. Interestingly many Celtic culture aficionados and neo-Pagan practitioners really think this Tree Horoscope is real and comes from ancient Celtic cultures.