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The Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them are set in the same shared universe as the following...

- Keeper Of The Lost Cities (Book Series)

- Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic Park III (2001)

- The Mummy (1999)

- King Kong (2005)

- Cloverfield (2008)

- Transformers Prime (2010 - 2013) and Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising (2013)

- Super 8 (2011)

- Let Me In (2010)

- R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series (2010 - 2014, almost every episode with the exceptions of Poof De Fromage, Bad Egg and Spores)

- Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981), Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom (1984) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

- Saving Private Ryan (1998)

- Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003), Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (2007)

- Deathwatch (2002)

- Overlord (2018)

- Crimson Peak (2015)

- Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight (1995)

- Rome (2005 - 2007)

- Spartacus (2010 - 2013)

- The Shield (2002 - 2008)

- Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013), Better Call Saul (2015 - 2022) and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

- Sons Of Anarchy (2008 - 2014) and Mayans MC (2018 - present)

- Chronicle (2012)

- Solomon Kane (2009)

- Centurion (2010)

- Bone Tomahawk (2015)

- The Revenant (2016)

- Apocalypto (2006)

and finally last but most certainly not least -

- The Northman (2022)

The "Fairies" of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century French Fairy Tales, such as the Cabinet des Fees, are witches and wizards.
This is a look of wizard and Muggle culture transitioning into secrecy. The Masquerade made the Muggle authors use the name of an insignificant creature, "fairy" to describe the powerful, sometimes benevolent, often petty and vengeful beings, who seem to have more women in political power (like Rowling's wizarding world), as well as a separate society and sense of honor among themselves which the Muggle protagonists don't really understand, and live in fear of. The wizards are focusing less on helping Muggles and more on living their own lives now
Boggart sightings.
  • Colorado, The Overlook Hotel. A boggart lived in the hotel for decades driving one person after another insane. When the Boggart realized that Danny Torrance had magical potential it left the hotel afraid the wizards whiould come after it.
  • The Babadook was a Boggart!
  • Derry, Maine. Pennywise the Clown was a boggart.

some of the characters in Harry Potter have their counterparts in Agatha Christie's universe.
  • Ginny's counterpart is Ginevra "Ginny" Boynton in Appointment With Death. Both are Shrinking Violet that later transforms into the beautiful Fiery Redhead, both are the youngest sibling, and they have the same first name and the same nickname.
  • Fleur's counterpart is Flora Ackroyd from Murder Of Roger Ackroyd. They are both beautiful young woman that "quite a lot of people do not like", they have very similar names with the same meaning, and Flora insists on announcing her engagement to Ralph Paton even as Ralph is suspected to be the murderer, which surprises her mother. That may remind you of what Fleur has said to Molly near the end of Half-Blood Prince.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter exists in the Martix as another system of control.
the Matrix from the Oracle. 1, there are 'potentials', people who can use their minds to warp the Matrix and bend spoons and float blocks around. 2, anytime you have heard of werewolves or vampires or ghosts that's some program doing something it's not supposed to be doing. So the Architect had two problems on his hands, glitch humans and rogue programs. He created four programs to handle this. They created the Wizarding World and Hogwarts. They search the Martix for glitches, send them their acceptance letter and train them to be wizards who live in the wizarding world. The wizarding world is of course kept 100% secret from the rest of the Matrix. Then the 'wizards' are used to hunt down and either eliminate or control the rogue programs, the werewolves, the centaurs, the dragons, they are all rogue programs that the 'wizards' keep locked away in the dark forest and azkhaban and other secret aspects of the Matrix locked away in the wizarding world.

Merlin in Harry Potter is the same guy as the one from Merlin (2008)
I have seriously wondered all about this after I saw the finale, I believe that Merlin, despite being more like a Ravenclaw guy might have volunteered to take Salazar Slytherin's place after he left the school to guide them, because face it; they shouldn't dwell on the anti- muggleborn agenda and needed a good influence. Or Because he is immortal, meaning he might not age but use spells to look like an old guy or in reverse. went as a student and was sorted into Slytherin so he could pretty much protect the school during times of crisis, similar to how Harry Potter did. He probably went to guard Lake of Avalon from Voldemort during the Wizarding Wars. I mean seriously, we would NOT want Voldy getting his hands on Excalibur now would we?

  • As far as the crystal balls in divination, they could be made up from the crystals in the crystal cave. Likewise, the sand in the time-turner hourglass could be the ground up remains of The crystals in the crystal cave meaning that he sand has limited power as the crystals are obviously not exactly a renewable resource.

  • HIS PATRONUS COULD TOTALLY BE A DRAGON! Seriously, he is a dragonlord!

Time Turners are made with the sand of ground up Weeping Angels
Which is why the ministry can't replace the destroyed time turners: they need to wait for more of them to arrive on earth. Wizards could defeat Weeping Angels (relatively) easily if they knew about them, and they learned that a destroyed Weeping Angel retains some of it's temporal effects: the hourglass is mostly a focusing device.

In other parts of the world, the Statute of Secrecy isn't upheld
Or at least not very well. In many parts of the world, such as South Africa, there are openly practising witches and wizards. It's not that they're deluded muggles, or at least not most of them. Its' that the wizarding community doesn't have the resources to enforce the masquerade on the entire planet, especially when magic is an accepted part of the culture. Which isn't to say that they didn't ever TRY during the colonial period.
  • Unlikely, since it seems like something that Hermione would at least touch on during Harry's run-ins with the Ministry over violating the law against underage magic, perhaps noting that it wouldn't really be required in other nations where the Statute isn't upheld.

Lily Potter is related to Jean Grey and her protection was actually a piece of the Phoenix Force
Bright red hair - specifically red, not ginger - and green eyes is possibly the rarest hair and eye combination in the entire world. Furthermore, a considerable number of Jean Grey's canon ancestors were British. They're also described in very similar terms, both physically - beautiful, pale skinned, red headed and green eyed - and personality wise - kind, intelligent, protective and possessed of an extremely fiery temper. Both are notably powerful - in Lily's case, she's noted as a Charms and Potions prodigy and successfully defying Voldemort three times with James suggests that she was one of the most powerful witches of her generation. Jean kind of goes without saying. Also, they like dark haired guys with glasses who were in love with them since they were children (though Scott couldn't work up the courage to tell her, unlike James).

And then there's Lily's protection of Harry. Countless millions of mothers have died for their children. Granted, fewer would be magical, and even fewer than that have been explicitly given the choice to stand aside and turned it down. But still. It is unlikely to be completely unique in history. Unless you throw in a wild card. Lily's protection deflected a spell that is essentially distilled death and seemingly burned Quirrell to death. And then there's the facts that Harry has a phoenix feather wand, while Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes, both seems to like Harry and saves his life in the Chamber. Finally, Harry manages to come back from the dead, eventually becoming the Master of Death. All of this points to the involvement of the Phoenix - all that's missing is either Harry or Lily donning the skintight outfit and starting in on the traditional 'I am Life, I am Fire, I am Phoenix' gloating.

Needless to say, fandom has seen these coincidences and run with them, Child of the Storm (with Jean being Harry's second cousin and the relation between them being a key plot point) being one such example and Bobmin's Mutant Storm (with Jean being Harry's aunt and him coming into her custody) being another.

Non-European cultures have completely different spellcasting traditions
The wand and incantation system used in the European wizarding world is one technique for focusing a wizard's natural magical powers. But it's still essentially technology, not the only way it's possible to do things. In other cultures and in other times other power focuses exist, which are more in line with the traditional magic of those cultures. Some probably eschew focuses entirely to focus on meditation and potions. The reason wands are so popular now is a combination of an institutionalized schooling system and the legacy of European casters deliberately quashing native casting traditions to reduce resistance.
  • Semi-Jossed. Cherry wood wands are mentioned on Pottermore as being prized in Japan, a nation that had relatively limited European influence during the colonial era. Other nations aren't really elaborated upon.
  • Not necessarily jossed. Japan adopted all kinds of Western influences in the nineteenth century on its own.
  • Confirmed by J.K. Rowling in her History of Ilvermorny, which revealed Native American wizards did not use wands before European colonization.

Kire takes place in the same world.
The Harry Potter movies or books are never mentioned, although Star Wars is. It's not only that, there's a magic community, magical creatures and magic. Some of the characters was going to come to the magical community but a barrier prevented their energy from being caught up. There's an English wizard there who was sent there to see if there really was any magical people there. He went to an unnamed magic school in England which is heavily implied to be Hogwarts.

The Silents stalk Neville.

Magic works like Biotics from Mass Effect
All wizards work by chanting incantations. These incantations first have to be spoken, or the thought of speaking them must cross the mind of the wizard. This thought triggers the firing of nerves, thus producing the desired effect. If you know how biotics work, it works about the same way, except in Mass Effect, element zero is needed as a catalyst. In the wizarding community, since their ability is genetic, their neural structure allows them to create effects on the real world. Things like fire, simply the creation of a high density area where friction increases a great deal causing the oxygen to ignite. Unspoken magic? Simple. The non-verbal triggering of the neural structure.

Harry Potter and Bewitched are in the same universe and continuum.
Harry Potter is told from the point of view of the wizarding world and Bewitched is told from the point of view of the muggles.
  • Wrong way round, old bean. See, the witches of Bewitched essentially had a mortal writer come up with the stories of the Harry Potter books so that the next time somebody caught sight of them using their powers, they wouldn't immediately recognise the genie-like powers of the witch in question. That way, they avoid a kneejerk response for at least long enough to erase the mortal's memory or convince them to pretend that nothing happened.
    • Ah, but Bewitched is set in the United States, where magic is not supposed to exist; of course it would be downplayed, even officially denied. Anyone actually admitting to magic? Let's just say they're way overdue for a visit from (dramatic pause), THE SHOP. The Ministry of Magic was set up to, shall we say, forestall such things.

The house system is based on the Triforce.
Of the four houses, three of them represent the pieces of the Triforce: Slytherin for Power, Ravenclaw for Wisdom and Gryffindor for Courage. The fourth, Hufflepuff, represents the humility and balance needed to possess them all. The Founders knew the Triforce was the ultimate source of magic, so they designed their school around it to inspire their students to seek the Triforce.
  • This is rather funny, as it would mean that the color for Courage (Green) and Power (Red) somehow were reversed.

Luna Lovegood is a Claymore

  • Luna is noted to have blonde hair and grey eyes, and seems to see things that others do not. A possible explanation is that she is actually a Claymore and sensing the youkai of others. As for where her sword went...
  • If Luna is a Claymore, then who's 'her' Raki? Neville Longbottom or Harry Potter?

Severus Snape was reincarnated as Squidward
.Look at the nose! The nose! And they're both always ridiculously irritated by stupidity, and misanthropic, and trapped in jobs with people they hate!
  • After his life near the Pineapple under the Sea, he wandered the post-apocalyptic world for ages, until he got a job as a Beastman for Lord Genome! That's why he has that cameo for a few seconds in that one episode! Severus Snape -> Squidward Tentacles -> Beastman Cameo. Poor guy can never get a break...
  • – It just works!

The world in Harry Potter is a fantasy of Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Harry is a skinny Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette kid who is perfectly normal aside from being destined to save the world with magic. Shinji is the same, only he's supposed to save the world with the products of Science. HPverse magic causes Science-powered things to go haywire, and so the EVAs could never have been created. The entirety of the HP story occurred before Second Impact. Characters include Hermione (then later Ginny) being Asuka, Voldemort being the messed-up bit of himself that Shinji can't handle (soul-swapping, anyone?), and James Potter's death at the hands of Voldemort and later reverence is Shinji's lust for patricide and inability to accept it. Ron (replaced by George, because Shinji [but not necessarily Harry] was gay for Ron) is the kid from his school that gets himself killed fighting an Angel in Shinji's place, and the bit at the end of book 7 at wherever the mental King's Cross Station was had been a projection of Instrumentality and an aside to the entirety of Harry Potter being a not-quite death hallucination. HP contains only hints at Rei, and no direct references, because Rei, quite frankly, freaked the hell out of him.
  • Hints at Rei? Luna Lovegood is what Rei could be if she was in the magic world instead of being a disposable clone! And Cho Chang might be Kaworu - someone he trusted and loved who just was a traitor.
    • Uh, Luna is eccentric and Zen-like, not emotionless, and don't confuse Cho Chang with Boomer - Cho just has poor taste in friends (the book) and was slipped Veritaserum (the movie). Besides, a more appropriate allegory would be that young Dumbledore is Shinji (or maybe Asuka, he was that full of himself), Grindelwald is Kaworu (the poisonous best friend/love interest), and Ariana is Rei (emotionally stunted girl with access to uncontrollable power). Dumbledore's sincere attempts to change the world "for the greater good" nearly helped destroy it.

Each of the Houses correspond to each of the four main characters of The Wizard of Oz.
The Cowardly Lion/Gryffindor-Courage (Bonus points because Gryffindor's symbol is a lion)

The Scarecrow/Ravenclaw-Intelligence

The Tinman/Hufflepuff-Heart

Dorothy/Slytherin-Sociopathy & Ambition (in a world almost paradisical, she wanted only to go home - and would go great lengths to do it)

  • Which ones? There was the accidental murder of the Wicked Witch of the East and the panicked murder of the Wicked Witch of the West, but...
    • Killing East was at most manslaughter (unintentional killing, by most definitions,) and likely not that because the house crushing the witch wasn't caused by any action on Dorothy's part. But West was murder in the second degree (intentional, but not premeditated) by most legal codes in America. But West was in self-defense, so that would have been accepted as mitigation.
    • Maybe not even that: Dorothy has absolutely no idea what effect water has on Wicked Witches.
    • Wicked (far as it is from Oz canon) suggested that Dorothy sought out the witch in order to apologise for accidentally killing her sister.
    • Not to mention that East was killed by having a tornado drop Dorothy's house on her from another country/dimension. Pretty sure that Dorothy is pretty much faultless in that, legally speaking.
  • Guys. Slytherin represents the Wizard. Ambitious, morally ambiguous (at best), maintained his power through cleverness, guile, and bluffing shows of power, and obsessed with the color green.

  • More likely that both try parallel a four-division method of temperament/personality sorting. Kiersey references the Wizard of Oz characters in the first chapter of his book when describing the four basic temperaments. Brain=Rational, Heart= Idealist, Courage= Artisan, Home= Guardian. There have been attempts on his website to interpret the Sorting Hat as a temperament sorter (which would make sense if it were dividing up the student body). Of course, while most people seem to easily identify Hufflepuff with the Guardian type and generally identify Ravenclaw with the Rational type, they waffle between Artisan/Idealist for Gryffindor and Slytherin.
James Potter, Harry's father, is descended from family in the United States
  • This may explain why almost no immediate Potter relative is on hand to take in the newly orphaned Harry, as there seem to be none left in England, and no one thinks to check overseas. Yes the Potters were a known wizard family, but they may have been dying out due to inbreeding. James' parents had been part of the American branch, but may have decided to move back to England in order to take advantage of managing the affairs of the fading English Potter branch.
  • In particular James is kindred to the evil banker Henry F. Potter, who dominates Bedford Falls in It's a Wonderful Life. As that Potter was not known to have children, his wealth most likely would have been distributed among any surviving family, including the unknown parents/grandparents of James, possibly the true origin of the wealth ultimately left to Harry.
    • There may be more Muggles in the American line, and they may have been responsible for keeping their more magical relations in low profile.
    • James could be just as domineering as his distant uncle when he wanted to be.
    • The name "Harry" is often a variant on "Henry", James may have wanted to honor this wealthy relative he had never met.
  • James could also be related to the much nicer Sherman T. Potter who was a respected military surgeon, a POW in World War I and held the rank of Colonel in the Korean War. He later became the administer of a veteran's hospital.

The Evans sisters are kindred to the overly fussy Mrs. Bucket of Keeping Up Appearances.
Both girls, Lily and Petunia, are also named after flowers, not unlike sisters Hyacinth, Daisy, Violet, and Rose. Petunia is extremely particular about what the neighbors think of her, similar to Hyacinth's fretting about her social standing; both of them go to some length to keep peculiar relatives, whether magical or just low-class, away.

Wizards regularly get together and raid Japan for magic and magical artifacts
They torched a city or two last time they were in town, about ten years ago, covered in Fate/stay night.
  • "Saber Kills Dumbledore!"
  • ...Except the Magus Association is based in London, at the Clock Tower. And that we now know what caused the fire, as of Fate/Zero
  • Hey, how would Berserker be affected by the Killing Curse? A new standard of deadliness for the Killing Curse; how many of Berserker's lives can you take with one shot.
    • One. That's how God Hand works. No matter how powerful the spell, it counts as one kill.
  • Oh dear god, Bleach's Ichigo and the Reapers of the UG would have to work overtime to deal with that mess...

Wizards are Force-Sensitives
  • Wizards aren't Jedi, as they lack the knowledge and traditions that made the Jedi what they were, but they have still managed to find a different way to harness the force - through wands.

To build upon the above theory, Fate/stay night and Harry Potter take place in the same continuity...
But wizards and mages are fundamentally different. They were the same at one point, however after the HGW system was developed, the split occurred. Those that wanted to be a part of the system and adjusted their means of using magic accordingly became mages, while those who did not want a part in the system became wizards and retained the old ways of using magic. This is why mages are more equipped with dealing with the muggle world than their wizard counterparts. Depending on where in the world you are, you will see more of one than the other (the UK has both, namely the mages association as well as the ministry of magic, but wizards are more prominent, and Japan has only mages)Since both groups look upon the other with disdain (wizards think mages are too cutthroat, mages think wizards are a joke), they barely come in contact with each other.
  • Therefore, we can say that the timeline goes as follows
    • 1786 = HGW developed by three main families, wizards and mages split, 1970's: Harry Potter is born, Voldemort defeated, 1996: Battle of Hogwarts and Fourth War, 2006: A bit before Harry's kids go to Hogwarts and Fifth War

Sometime before the events of the final book, Neville runs into Noa Bright.
  • Possibly met in an accident involving Time-Turners. As usual for the bloody things.
    • Possibly during the raid on the Department of Mysteries, in Order of the Phoenix. (Did Neville get his nose broken in the text, or did he just show up with a broken nose? Bright may have had to slap him extra hard.)

Voldermort is a failed Kwisatz Haderach
Even though he's pretty nasty, he still hasn't managed to kill over sixty billion people.
  • And his physical appearance isn't from the Horcruxes. It's the long-term effects of Spice addiction.
    • Considering Spice won't be discovered for another ten thousand years, he's in a bit of a bind.
    • Alternatively, it's from mostly failing the Spice Agony test.
    • But failing the test makes you dead meat!
      • Alternatively again, after drinking the Water of Life, he had to resort to a Horcrux.

"The Other Minister" is Francis Urquhart
In the first chapter of HBP, the nameless PM refers to his predecessor as "him", even though the PM at that time would have been John Major, who was preceeded by Margret Thatcher. However, if the HBP PM is the protagonist of House of Cards (which takes place at about the same time as the Potter books), this allows for the short tenure of Harry Collingridge, F.U.'s immediate predecessor.
  • Furthermore, HBP also has a minor character named Urquhart - in Slytherin, the House of scheming and skulduggery, which are characteristcs both Francis Urquhart and the PM in HBP have in spades.
  • I love this theory so much I'm adopting it as my personal interpretation of canon. Thanks!

Voldemort is a lich.
Voldemort has a powerful mastery of magic (opposed by only Dumbledore by the fifth book and only by Harry in the seventh). He has semi-skeletal features (although liches might work differently in this game.) He even has a version of a phylactery: The Horcrux. Given that liches usually only have one phylactery, the fact that Voldy has seven of them makes him even more imposing.
  • In fact, Harry Potter's world is the inspiration for a lot of the fluff and rules of DnD. Inferi? Zombies.

Harry Potter is an AU Naruto
It might be possible. They live in a world where, apparently, their powers help in their very own technology. Harry is the chosen one and has a special mark that helps him out of troubles. Hermione is the curious girl that always is there to correct Nar— err, Harry. She never felt in love for Sasuke, i.e. Draco. Rony might be Neji or Sai, and Ginny is Hinata. Neville is either Chouji or Rock Lee, and Luna might be Ino, or Tenten. Snape is a traumatized Kakashi, and what would confirm the theory that the bigger villain is Orochimaru... Voldemort. Just look at him! Temporarily unable to fight until his loyal assistant/traitor recovers him. It makes one wonder if Minerva is Tsunade... Eww.
  • If Minerva is Tsunade, that would mean Dumbledore and Grindelwald were Jiraiya and Orochimaru, which raises some interesting questions. Like what the wizarding version of Icha Icha Paradise was. Karkaroff could easily be the Kazekage, but slightly more of a coward in that he didn't have to be made into a skinsuit to completely betray the main character's village/school.

Grindelwald is Kroenen
From the art book of The Movie: Karl Kroenen was blond, intelligent and curious, good at dueling (fencing), a skilled occultist, one of the men behind the man in the Nazi party, striving to enhance the human race (in a very gruesome way), most active during WW2, able to grow ridiculously old, and nigh-impossible to kill. From Book 7: Gellert Grindelwald was blond, intelligent and curious, good at dueling, a skilled wizard, perhaps was THE man behind the man (see above), striving to protect the human (muggle) race (in a very totalitarian way), most active around WW2, able to grow ridiculously old (in prison, granted, but still - he outlived Dumbledore by almost a year!), and very hard to kill (in his prime). That guy you saw in the Uber Wald prison tower? Just one of Karl Grindelwald's flesh puppets! He didn't die until a giant cog was dropped on him years later, and even then...!

Cobra Commander is totally Voldemort's alternate dimension counterpart.
Crossposted from the other WMG. Seriously, think about it. CC has a face that we never see but is said to be very scary and messed-up; he has a high-pitched, rasping voice; he's disturbingly obsessed with snakes; and he somehow started his own notorious, masked terrorist group from scratch, which became so powerful that it prompted the government to set aside a special group solely dedicated to trying to stop it. He also seems to come back no matter how many times he looks to be dead, and he is also a sadistic homicidal megalomaniac bent on turning the entire world over to his rule. He's exactly like Voldemort, except that he is a complete tool; but any number of factors in his universe could have caused that.
  • Such as his having started things as a used car salesman with a pyramid scheme, rather than a charismatic strongman taking advantage of racial biases.
    • Ah, but this makes sense. If Tom Riddle hadn't been a Wizard, he still would've been oily-charismatic. And what do people like that do? Sell Cars.
      • Are you all forgetting about The Man Behind the Man, Serpentor? Who was the one pulling Voldemort's strings??

The magic in the series is just The Force
The Force runs through all living things, but only Force-Sensitive people can harness it. The same could be true for wizards and muggles. And if I'm not mistaken it IS possible to preform magic without a wand, just very difficult. The wands may just be antennae for channeling the Force. The wands could be made from Force sensitive trees. The wands choose the wizard, so they would be sharing a force link.
  • Maybe the force is just really weak in this galaxy, so wands are almost always necessary.
    • The "Star Wars" galaxy is the next one over.
  • Palpatine tells Anakin in "Sith" that he knows how to keep people from dying, but some consider it "to be... unnatural". Sounds a hell of a lot like a Horcrux to me...
  • This is Canon to me.
  • Voldemort's robes are very sith-y, his facial mutation resembles that of Palpatine, and Darth Lord Voldemort would make a fitting (not to mention EPIC) Sith lord name. Head Canon.
  • Then explain some of the fundamental differences between the Force and Earth magic, like how with Earth magic, you can change into animals, teleport, and fly unaided, but the Force has nothing like this?
    • Star Wars and Harry Potter are set in different galaxies—magic/the Force might work differently depending on the location and users.
      • Either that or the behavior of midichlorians changed and evolved significantly over the course of however long "a long time ago" is supposed to be. The forces (no pun intended) at work responsible for humans migrating to the Milky Way from wherever Star Wars is set could be explained by a progenitor civilization similar to the Ancients of Stargate fame seeding life and both galaxies. Heck, it's not even hard to see the physical similarities between Yoda's race and the goblins.

Wands attract Dust, which is how they work.
They're obviously conscious. They choose their master, they switch about (or don't) between people after duels and deaths according to methods humans don't truly understand, and at times they almost seem to act on their own.

Their consciousness lets them make decisions as to what they'll do after a duel; wands don't always switch alliegances. They often make the same decisions, which is what has allowed humans to think up the body of seeming-rules that makes wand-lore, but at times they violate them because they are not actual rules, just the frequent result of the wands' free will.

Further, they can act as a focus for humans' consciousness and will, amplifying it with their own and providing the power for magic.

Fanfic exists.

The House Elves are descended from a relic population of Minions
Apart from the physical similarities (mostly with regards to the Brown Minions), both species are described as slavish in their devotion to their masters, and with few exceptions, happy to carry out whatever tasks are assigned to them without any regard to their own station. Most of the psychotic energy of the original Minion bloodlines was translated into an even stronger work ethic (with regards to menial labor) and a slight increase in IQ in the various groups of House Elf, at the loss of the Minion's tolerance for abuse. House Elf magic is an offshoot of the Blue Minion's powers.
  • At some point in the distant past, the last Overlord fell to a group of wizards. One of the spoils was the Brown Minion hive, as well as a few surviving Blues (the other hives were either destroyed or otherwise lost). The wizards and their descendants, through breeding and magical experimentation, developed the first house elves from this stock. The only major snag in this theory is the Blue's ability to ressurect the dead, something the HP canon states is impossible.

Voldermort's first attempt at a horcrux left him horribly crippled and possibly temporarily amnesiac
Deaf and blind, he spent his convalescence playing pinball.

Neil Cicierega is the online name for Peeves the castle ghost when he does the "Potter Puppet Pals" show on youtube.
Peeves uses these vids as to vent out his frustrations of the other characters along with being a satirist and uses the castle House-Elves to be extras in the shows.
  • This is now my new headcanon.

Parselmouths and the associated reputation for Dark Wizardry date back much farther than Salazar Slytherin, at least to to an age undreamed of, after the oceans drank Atlantis...
  • Voldemort is just the latest in a long line of snake-themed strangely compelling Dark Wizard warlords.
    • He'd honestly meant to kill Harry Potter in a more sensible manner, but he just was unable to make himself do it any other way.
      • It's a pity Harry was living in an modern industrialized nation; instead of rotting in the closet under the stairs, he could have been out in the fresh air, building muscle on the Wheel of Pain.
      • Hmm... that would make Ron a surfer, but Hermione would probably get killed by Nagini. And Cho or Luna would probably be some kind of Demon Witch.
      • Harry Potter and the Riddle of Steel!
    • And Voldemort's afraid of of Dumbledore...Dumbledore must have been absolutely ripped in his youth.
  • The Gryffindor's sword is the Atlantean Sword.
    • Empowered by a phoenix, no less...
  • Runespoors are leftover creations from some old Dark Wizard.

Harry Potter is the past (or future) of Fullmetal Alchemist

Has anybody noticed that the wizarding world has alchemists, like Nicholas Flamel? Magic also seems to work like alchemy, and the Philosopher's Stone was invented.

  • Erm... you are aware that alchemy and the concept of the Philosopher's Stone are very old concepts, right? And that Flamel was a real person from the 14th/15th century known for being an attempted alchemist who Rowling adapted for the series?
    • Sssshhh.

(if the above is true) Voldemort didn't do his homework

He went through all that trouble to get a philosopher's stone when it's not really that hard to make your own. All that's required is the sacrifice of human lives in the ritual. Had Volde actually did a bit of research he would've known this and would've probably avoided getting defeated by an 11 year old armed only with a limited knowledge of magic and his mother's love.

Barty Crouch Jr. is a Time Lord - specifically, the Doctor under the influence of a Chameleon Arch.
Firstly, Actor Allusion. Secondly, during the trial of Karkaroff, Junior is seen wearing a suit that wouldn't have looked out of place on Paul McGann (or possibly William Hartnell), complete with fob watch if I remember correctly.

The fob watch contains the personality of a close-to-regeneration Twelfth Doctor, who's become almost completely crazy by this point but still retains enough sanity to know that a) he can change history, b) if he regenerates he might well become the Valeyard, being close enough already, and c) if the Time Lords get a hold of a Valeyard who can change history so he wins, it will get worse.

So he's fobwatched himself. Being that this is the Doctor who will be distilled to create the Valeyard, the real Barty Crouch jr. is probably dead in a ditch somewhere. It would also account for his murderous tendencies throughout Goblet of Fire, during which his Valeyardine and Twelvish impulses leak through the reformat of his brain, as the sound of drums did with the Master even while he was Professor Yana.

Alternatively, Barty Crouch Jr. is the Doctor and is trying to prevent the creation of Edward Cullen, who is really Cedric possessed by an undead vampiric alien entity.
Again, Actor Allusion. The Tenth Doctor encountered Edward Cullen as a resurrected and brainwashed victim of alien "vampire" Carlisle Cullen at some point and went back in time to when Edward was created to prevent that horror from occurring. The real Crouch Jr. died in Azkaban, but the Doctor realized the similarity between the two and pretended to be him. His plan was to prevent Cedric Diggory from being entered at all in the Triwizard Tournament by entering Harry, but instead of fixing the Goblet of Fire so Harry would be picked as the Hogwarts champion, he accidentally made it so Harry was entered from a fourth school. Then he went out of his way to ensure that Harry would get the Triwizard Cup instead of Cedric. He still had to enchant the Cup because he had to act like Crouch Jr. or Voldemort would've realized that something was up. Unfortunately, Cedric still died and was resurrected by Carlisle, and the Doctor experienced Heroic BSoD when he realized that he had failed. Instead of being subjected to the Dementor's Kiss, he got away and used the TARDIS to get out of there.
  • This is now my personal canon. Marry me.

Sirius and Jacob Black are brothers.
It could happen.
  • Likely untrue, but if it were, it might finally bring peace among Harry Potter and Twilight fans.
  • It all makes sense now! Jacob isn't a werewolf, he's an Animagus!
  • Totally true. Jacob's name was just burned off of the family tree. And, in the Twilight books, Jacob can transform whenever he wants instead of only at the full moon(like a werewolf does), so it's also plausible that he is an animagus.

A boggart in a Muggle Trekkie's home could end the world.
We know that boggarts assume the powers of whatever form they take. So, if a trekkie's worst fear is the Crystalline Entity, the Planet Killer, or the macrovirus, well...
  • When Lupin's boggart took on the form of the full moon, it was only a mini-moon which didn't turn him into a werewolf. While boggarts do take on the abilities of their form as with dementors, there are clearly limits.
    • Yes, because a minature Crystalline Entity is so much less threatening.
    • It's possible that Werewolves don't really transform on the full moon. It's a magical virus that lays dormant for exactly 28 days, then springs up again turning the infected person into a werewolf. While dormant, the Virus is nontransferable. Everyone turns into a wolf on the full moon, because that's the only time they can get the virus.
      • Consider what happens in the home of an HP Lovecraft fan...
      • The HP wiki says that a shapeshifted boggart is as powerful as the form they take, so a Crystal-thingy boggart would be as powerful as a real crystal thingy.
      • Your forgeting that boggarts can only do things that are magically possible in the Harry Potter universe, which doesn't inculde destroying a planet, or whatever the Crystalline Entity does.
  • Now imagine a boggart in a Doctor Who fan's house (Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Daleks, that thing from "Midnight" and various other things on the Nightmare Fuel page)
    • Everything that catches the form of an Angel becomes an Angel itself...
    • There's worse. You know how Games Workshop is a British company....
    • Fanfic.
  • A Star Wars fan's boggart would be creepy - if it's not Palpatine, Vader, Maul, Snoke, or the Death Star/Starkiller Base, then it's probably something or someone from the now non-canon Expanded Universe.

If Tom Riddle had been sorted into Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin, he still would have been evil. Just a different sort
Imagine it. He wasn't, likely, as smart as the other Ravenclaws so he'd be looked down on by his peers just as much. He'd still turn to evil, but rather than having a burning need for power, it would be to show off his mind. Rather than taking a name that made himself sound like a pureblood, he'd have gone with something that was about his intelligence. Given his last name, perhaps something like 'The Riddler'. Now, without the Dark Lord acting as a terrorist force, there would've been no war, just more of the same corruption we see in the first few books.If James and Lilly were still to be killed, but not for a few years and in front of Harry while shopping in Diagon Ally, you have everything you need for... BATMAN.
  • No, that's Snape's job.
    • Actually, if there had been no war, then Lily probably would've realized she loved Snape, and married him instead of James.
      • No she wouldn't because canon evidence is that James eventually grew up and she realized she couldn't make excuses for Snape anymore. This is FACT.
  • Interesting theory, except there's one problem — The Riddler isn't a cold-blooded killer. It would've been someone like Greyback or one of the Lestranges who were killing people during attempted muggings, since they had no-one to lead them. Riddle would've eventually been deformed, not by dividing his soul, but by falling into a giant potions cauldron.
    • Not at all. Riddle would have found A Lazarus Pit in his quest for immortality...
  • I love this. Harry sees his parents' murder and is raised by Sirius. After finishing at Hogwarts he spends ten years travelling around the world, learning everything he can about the criminal mind, and honing the skills he'll need when he returns. When he comes back Sirius has moved on, and Lupin acts as the wise mentor, making sure no one suspects Harry Potter is more than just an Upper-Class Twit. His old muggle-born friend Hermione Granger acts as Mission Control (thanks to a number of inventions combining magic and technology together). And, of course, Neville Longbottom serves as Harry's contact at the Ministry of Magic, calling him when he needs with the aid of a mysterious signal. But he needs a disguise. Something... elemental. Something... terrifying...
    • I love this too. Here's a couple more WMGs for this timeline:
      • Year One (After Harry returns to Britain and sets up shop): The wizarding mafia lead by Lucius Malfoy finds its hold on London challenged for the first time in generations; Ginevra Weasley is inspired by the vigilante going around and creates a disguise of her own; a chalk-skinned, red-eyed psychopath begins his reign of terror by slaughtering a dozen Muggles as guinea pigs for a potion of unmatched deadliness and tops it off by scheming to use said potion to kill a large portion of London's population.
      • Year Two: Ministry Official Ronald Weasley gets a faceful of unhealable poison courtesy of a Pureblood Supremacist supporter, scarring half his face horrifically and driving him insane; Quirinus Quirrell, driven by greed and a desire to make a name for himself, begins a life of crime and leaves various riddles and puzzles behind in his wake; Dolores Umbridge, after getting sacked from the Ministry of Magic due to a scandal involving biscuits, finds herself with hungering for the fear she once commanded as a the Minister's undersecretary, and begins to literally frighten Ministry officials to death with various curses.
      • Alternately, Professor Severus Snape loses his job after he is busted terrorizing students, and starts taking revenge by using a fright potion he invented.
      • Year Three: Famed Quidditch Player Viktor Krum's wife falls terminally ill. In desperation, Victor turns to Dark Arts supporters to revive her, only to find himself the guinea pig of an experiment that turns him into a quasi-immortal ice elemental unable to feel any emotion; Hogwarts groundskeeper and Squib Argus Filch's latest attempt to learn magic transforms him into a nearly invicible shapeshifting golem made of a malleable clay-like substance; Draco Malfoy, desperate to restore his family's power and wealth after the fall of his father, organizes his own criminal group and begins to train a small army of owls to steal valuables all over Wizarding Britain.
      • You had to go and ruin it by making Ginny Batwoman/Catwoman/Batgirl. :( I thought she'd play the role of Rachel Dawes (that doesn't necessarily means she gets killed, she's just something Harry has to sacrifice in order to continue as Batman).
      • Ginny is Catwoman. Hermione is Batgirl who is now Oracle.
    • Ah come on! Gordon is definitely Arthur Weasleynote  with Ron as a possible successor. It ties in with most continuities having Jim's daughter as Batgirl.note  Also, the elder Longbottoms would still have been tortured or perhaps killed by Bellatrix (back in Year 1), and a desperate Neville would've been taken in by Harry. (And discovered his secret.) And Cedric Digorry is more the Harvey Dent type; Voldemort merely spared him from a Fate Worse than Death by AK-ing him. Which, incidentally, puts Cho Chang in the Grace / Rachel role. And for those of you that think that the Government Stole Your Toads, Luna's wacky enough to work (from what I've heard) as Starfire!
      • Yeah, see, this is where it all falls apart. First of all, Arthur Weasley wouldn't be the Commissioner Gordon, because he's not part of the Aurors or MLE. He works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and he probably stays there until retirement. He likes it there. Secondly, Ron is a potential Commissioner, but in most continuities Gordon is much older than Bruce. It would have to be an older character, like Kingsley, or an OC. Thirdly, Ginny as Batgirl: No. This goes for Neville as well. They were junior partners, decades younger than Bruce. Not gonna happen, though potentially they could be their own superheroes... and fail miserably. Harry was trained by the League of Shadows and is one of the most accomplished duellers in the country, not to mention being quite intelligent when he's not distracted by Quidditch or girls. He doesn't need a sidekick, he needs a Lucius Fox/Oracle, which is why Hermione serves that role. She's absolutely brilliant, a certified genius, willing to help but not willing to get in the line of fire herself. Fourthly, Cedric Diggory as Harvent Dent... dunno. Wouldn't Percy be a better fit? Older, something of a prat, but a lawyer would be perfect for him. All those rules to enforce... and when he turns into Dent, it's a transformation from a man who believed entirely in the system and the rule of law, to one who believes in nothing but chance. Fifthly, I don't know about Cho Chang as Grace/Rachel. Could work, I suppose. Sixthly, Luna as a superhero? GOD YES! Dunno. Maybe she takes the role of Intrepid Reporter and figures out Harry's Batman through an unironic Bat Deduction. Hell, maybe she's Harry's love interest?
  • Staying away from the Batman parallels for a minute...this makes a lot of sense. It's pretty easy to surmise (and widely accepted by fans) that each house is dangerous in its own way. Slytherins will torture you because they need something from you and you are "being uncooperative". Ravenclaws will torture you because they want to study it, which means they are much more thorough and will go torture ten more people after you to have a sufficient sample size. Ravenclaws are probably about as likely to be sociopaths as Slytherins. Also, in an average room, there are 2,724 things a Ravenclaw can kill you with, including the room itself.
    • On that note, Count Rugen would be an alumnus of Ravenclaw House, and probably went on to be Florin's equivalent to Minister for Magic. I can buy that.
    • Gryffindor villains don't torture their prisoners, they make them fight each other to the death. Hufflepuff villains don't even take prisoners. They just make a note of anyone who needs to die for insulting their friends, then that person's body is found the next morning, showing signs of the killing curse.

George Weasley becomes Willy Wonka.
According to a cut chapter from Dahl's novel, Wonka makes a certain line of sweets designed to help children fake being sick to get off school. He favours a fantastical more explodey type of invention over efficiency. He is slightly sadistic to those who really deserve it and will go out of his way to tempt people into their own punishment.
  • Brilliant!!!!
  • Oh my god.
  • He's a tad deaf in one ear.

Harry is a sorcerer.
The hallucinatory train station in the seventh book is some sort of boundary between the game board and the sea of kakera. By extension, he's playing against Neville, with the goal of beating Voldemort first. Ron and Hermione are his furniture.

The Salem Witches' Institute was a hopping nightclub formerly run by Salem Saberhagen.
And it wasn't in Massachusetts, it was just named after Salem.

The other stuff was just normal people thinking he was the son of a God because they couldn't think of anything else. He was infact a wizard trying to teach magic to muggles.
  • There used to be a fanfic in livejournal centered on McGonagall about the Wizard Version of Christianity and the Bible... I wonder where it is...
  • Alternatively, Jesus actually was the Messiah, and happened to also be a wizard or at least be part of the magical community. He raised the dead specifically to win them over, knowing it's one of the few things they'd see as a miracle.
    • That's pretty brilliant, play to your audience!
  • Which would explain why there are Christian wizards, or at least Christian references by them.
  • Or Jesus' death was the source of the "sacrificial love protection" magic that Lily and Harry used in the story. It's pretty obvious that JK Rowling wrote out the end of Deathly Hallows as a huge allusion to Jesus anyways.
  • For that matter, since Harry's sacrifice of himself out of love at the end of Deathly Hallows protects everyone at Hogwarts that means someone with sufficiently great compassion protecting the entire world from dark magic isn't even outside the system.
  • "Ron! You just offended everyone! Not just Christians. Everyone."

Kingsley Shacklebolt is yet another identity created by Zasalamel.
Think about it, a tall black man, versed in magic, who is a protector of mankind? He probably magicked himself a contact for that golden eye.
  • And Soul Edge is being held in the Department of Mysteries, along with Soulcalibur.

Dumbledore is a Time Lord.
Now the Killing Curse killed him before he could regenerate.

Also, for Movie! Dumbledore, he died sometime in the summer before Harry's third year and regenerated.

His beard is his TARDIS and Fawkes is his companion.

The sonic screwdriver is his wand, the TARDIS is his broom, the fob watch is a horcru—

OW, OW, quit throwing rocks at me! Okay, I'll lea—*CRACK*

Dumbledore is Gendo Ikari, or an expy thereof.

  • GENDO:
    • Deprives Shinji of all meaningful contact with adults capable of loving him, disrupting his psyche and making him easy to manipulate.
    • Proceeds to manipulate Shinji using Negative Tactics(e.g. Ordering a critically wounded Rei to pilot Unit One).
    • Is at least complicit with murder-by-oversynch of Yui Ikari's physical body. She was his wife.
    • Final Achievement: Kills everyone but himself.

  • ALBUS:
    • Deprives Harry of all meaningful contact with adults capable of loving him, disrupting his psyche and making him easy to manipulate.
    • Proceeds to manipulate the everloving ass out of Harry using Positive Tactics(e.g. Being apparently, really, really nice.)
    • Defeats Gellert Grindelwald and condemns him to a life of imprisonment and solitude. He was his lover. According to the Word Of Satan.
    • Master of the Thanatos Gambit.
    • Final Achievement: Effectively kills himself.

Wizards of Waverly Place is the in the same universe.
It is just the American way of doing magic. This goes with magic being a finite resource, but the whole one-wizard-per-family thing is how THEY deal with it. Also, the "muggle" prejudices show themselves with the rule of not being able to marry a non-wizard. The reason they don't show non-wizards being called "muggles" is that it's a British (or European) word, not used in the US. They use their "portal" to get into the parts of the wizarding world that is just hidden out in the open in Britain, and all the full wizard families send their children to bordering schools (such as WizTech).
  • If this is true, then so is the Magic makes Wizards dumb WMG.
    • Or at least makes them a Jerkass.

Harry Potter has nothing to do with Evangelion.
You'll hate me for this.

The cursed book in the Restricted Section that screams when you try to read it....
.... is My Immortal.

The Fwooper (as described in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them) is, in fact, the Aracuan bird as it appears in the Donald Duck cartoons.
Think about it. The cartoon Aracuan looks, acts and sounds nothing like a real aracuan bird, but the Fwooper can have pink feathers (the Aracuan is pink) and is described as having having a song that's enjoyable to listen to at first, but will eventually drive the listener insane... and, well, the Aracuan song is funny, catchy and initially pleasant, but imagine having to listen to "Aracuancuancuancuancuanbrava-dia, aracuan-TWEET-cuan-TWEET-cuan-TWEET-cuan, aracuancuancuancuancuan-cuan..." day in and day out... wouldn't you go insane too?
  • The fact that the Aracuan bird is a South American bird while the Fwooper hails from Africa can be considered either Disneyfication (literally) or yet another misconception by Muggles. Somehow someone at the Disney studios must have seen a Fwooper and mistook it for an Aracuan. Alternately, one of the people working on The Three Caballeros was a wizard, or possibly a Squib, and just included a Fwooper-disguised-as-an-Aracuan in the movie as a sort of inside joke.
  • Besides, Donald does go insane at the end of Clown of the Jungle, so Disney got that much right, at least.

Susan's husband and children died before her, because shes a Time Lord and can regenerate. Shes upset and uses a Tardis after becoming tired of waiting for her Grandfather. She lands in 1979 but her tardis is destroyed on the way and the tardis becomes a time-turner and can only use a little of Tardis's power, hence why it only goes back hours and we never saw her take a time-turner from the proffesor. Near death she regenerates into a tiny girl and is adopted by The Grangers, but the female Granger is actually the daughter of Susan's two teachers who became the Doctor's companions in the first series. So she regenerated into a witch at the time as well. Years pass and she regenerates again before her fourth year (the movies show this by having her transformation from a mousy brown haired child into a blonde gorgeous woman) Her new personality also becomes more let loose as the books describe as 'character devlopment'. The reason why she knows all of the knowledge needed was because she and the Doctor learned a lot about the wizarding world in their travels together. Her two companions are Harry and Ron and she modified the Granger's memories not only to protect Harry but also to protect her existance as a Time lord and her home planet. Also she has a bag thats bigger on the inside.

After the last novel, Harry is sent back in time to the 1800's
He names his son Henry.

The Veil of Death...

Harry Potter is similar to Wheel of Time
A school for people who can use their universe's version of magic? It's an ancient structure with a reputation for being magnificent and has a town directly outside it? The people learning there sorted into groups that are reflections of their personalities and possibly skill? No sir, this doesn't sound like Tar Valon at all. Death Eaters? Darkfriends? Would Voldermort be one of the Forsaken? The markings that Voldemort gives his followers bear a similarity to how Alviarin was marked ( although her mark isn't directly visible ), as well as everyone being afraid to say Voldemort ( justified in the final book ) - when the Dark One is given his proper name, his attention is brought upon the speaker. When Rand challenges Shai'tan, the author says how a presence was definitely felt.

Voldemort is an alternate-universe Tony Stonem.
When I first saw Skins recently, I could not get over how much Tony reminded me of the teenage Voldemort. He was charismatic, intelligent, good at just about everything he did, charming - and yet also a complete sociopath. (At least Tony was before getting hit by the bus. Maybe that's what Voldemort needed?) And while Voldemort didn't have the ability to love, it didn't say anything about how he felt about sex. For all we know, he was screwing every girl and/or guy at Hogwarts and then tearing their hearts to bits once he didn't need them anymore.

Magic was originally granted to everyone who was willing to make a contract with the Incubators on their first visit thousands of years ago. This was then passed down genetically, creating the current community of magic users. Voldemort's lust for power led him to become the only "true" wizard, with darkness consuming him entirely. The Second Wizarding War was the culmination of the Incubators' recent efforts, resulting in an abundance of useable energy. To support this, the orignal Death Eaters were called the Knights of Walpurgis, a play on the Walpurgisnacht.

  • This is now in my personal because canon 1) I find Puella Magi Madoka Magica to be So Cool, It's Awesome, 2) this makes Harry Potter creepier, which I like, 3) wands remind me of Soul Gems, 4) Dumbledore's hair resembles Kyubey's ears and 5) (spoilers if you haven't seen episode 8) that would make Voldemort the witch form of Tom Riddle.

Related to the above, Voldemort was formerly a Magical Guy.

Dumbledore is the Red King
...And Harry is Alice. In Through the Looking-Glass, the Red King dreams reality. Now, remember that King’s Cross scene in Deathly Hallows? Well, what if the reason that Dumbledore was there was because it was all part of his dream…except Harry was dreaming him dreaming Harry’s dream. Dumbledore’s death symbolised his waking up, so that means Harry is the one who’s dream it is. Or is it? Anyway, that means that NOTHING that happened in all the books leading up to the Kings Cross scene actually happened. The only real bits are after Harry wakes up. Perhaps Dumbledore is God, testing Harry so he can proceed on to reality. This would work, since Lewis Carroll was a very religious person. And I’m religious too, so I just like to work God into things. See? It makes perfect sense!

He that should not be named needs more rope.
  • Well you can't say either one of those names. They both have magic powers. And if I looked like that, I would wear a sack over my head.

Lily is Christine, Snape is the Phantom, and James is Raoul in modern times.
  • Both guys had an obsession with the same girl, one was an incredible stalker and very creepy, while the other was an obsessive, possessive jerkass. One was wildly accepted by society, the other severely ostracized. One watched from the shadows, while the other watched from nearby. They both bullied each other, mostly unprovoked, and both Phantom and Snape are given leather pants thanks to their actors, and both Raoul and James are hated and regarded as the worst choices between the two, though both have their share of fans. James was handsome and well-loved, while Phantom and Snape were the opposite. One lost his love forever, while the other scored that love. One made his love leave him by his actions, while the other charmed her. The relationships parallel those from The Phantom of the Opera, except that Raoul and SNAPE were the childhood friends, rather than Raoul and James.
    • All good parallels. Though, as I mentioned in another Snape conversation, these parallels only serve to emphasize that Snape had some seriously redeemable qualities in the way he loved Lily. While the Phantom tried to murder Raoul, (and blow up the Opera House, if we involve Book Verse), Snape willingly helps Dumbledore protect the entire family, as long as Lily is safe. We are going to pretend that Love Never Dies doesn't exist so my brain doesn't explode.

The Remus Lupin/Tonks subplot is a Take That! at Twilight
Think about it.Clumsy girl falls in love with supernatural creature. They reproduce, and the clumsy girl is critically injured.Now, what is it?a. A subplot of Harry Potter involving a certain Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks,or,b. Twilight
  • Yeah, I'm sure J. K. Rowling would have wanted to slam it to a then obscure book series which later just happened to become hugely popular.

Mister Chang's original name was Simpson
Interview of Flint asserts that Cho married a nameless Muggle. How did he lose his name?

When Homer changed his name to "Max Power", Grandpa whinged "I got the name 'Simpson' from my father, who got it from his father, who won it in a crooked poker game." Mr. Chang was nameless because his ancestor was the Simpson who lost that poker game.

When you combine the 3 deathly hallows they become the One Ring.
The One Ring gives you great power, makes you turn invisible and makes you "see dead people". These are also esentially the powers of the hallows.

In Harry Potter, Dudley is a spoiled kid who can get anything if he asks. He is revealed to know how to box (in the beginning of book 5). In Street Fighter III, Dudley is a boxer, with money which allows him to afford anything. They are both from England. The one problem is that the HP Dudley is white, and the SF Dudley is black. Most likely explanation: TAN!
  • Or the magical witness protection only altered the Dursley's race!
    • or he pissed off Ginny enough that she permanently changed his skin colour. (Harry's too passive to actually do anything if Dudley insulted him some more)
      • Is that your idea of a punition?
      • Nope, she did make him look black and tossed him in a crowd of skinheads affiliated with the British National Party in the hopes of him getting his ass kicked. But since he's good in boxing and has also some skills in street fighting, he escapes them more or less unscathed.

Grindelwald founded, or was affiliated with, the the Neighbourhood Watch Association.
I have no idea why, other than that it was for the Greater Good.

Mrs. Norris has the "Mrs." in her name because she actually is married.
To a lion, who is actually an Animagus, named Chuck...

Tom Riddle/Voldemort was an early attempt to create a Hitler clone, only in England instead of Brazil.

Cedric Diggory is Edward Cullen
When Voldemort "killed" Cedric, he actually cast a spell that paralyzed him, and allowed him to get lobotomized, take drugs and start drinking. Voldemort knew that the result would torture muggles even more! And he turned into Edward Cullen!

The Potters are descendants of the Baratheons.
Just as the Baratheons, the Potters are all dark of hair, and their heraldic animal is a stag.

The hate for Parselmouths stems due the Corinthians' propaganda against Medea/Medea's Roaring Rampage of Revenge going out of hands
In the ancient versions, Medea didn't kill her children, but devastated Corinth in revenge and ran away in a chariot pulled by giant snakes (how could she command the snakes if she wasn't a Parselmouth?). Also, she was a borderline positive figure, extremely dangerous when sufficiently provoked (and she was willing to let the Thebans chase her out of the town to spare neighbourhood problems to Herakles (to whom she had been a guest after leaving Corinth), so as long as you didn't threathen somebody she loved you were safe) but otherwise friendly and a powerful ally (an healer good enough to raise the deads and a combatant capable to either kill or drive to suicide an unkillable bronze giant by simply looking it in the eyes). But as the Roman Empire fell and her story was mostly forgotten, only Euripides' Corinthian-paid version remained well known, and that, coupled with the fact that the Greek Parselmouth Herpo the Foul created the first Horcrux and Basilisk, ruined the reputation of a power mostly suited for potioneers and healers.Alternatively, Medea's revenge went out of hands: in myth she caused an earthquake that destroyed Corinth, set the ruins on fire and struck the survivors with a plague. But what if the plague went out of control? After all, werewolves started as a Greek legend, and in the Potterverse they ARE a plague. Between her and Herpo the Foul, Parselmouths got a bad reputation in Greece, a reputation that in time was spread.In both cases, Parselmouths got an horrible reputation in Western Europe but not in some other parts of the world, particularly Georgia (Medea's homeland) and the rest of the former Russian Empire, where more positive Parselmouths are known and Medea is held in high regards for her works as an healer.Also, there's the strong possibility there're many Parselmouths around, but they hide it for fear of persecution.
  • I do like the idea of it starting from political propoganda, put it would have to be some crazy effective propaganda: parseltongue would be a sacred ability for priestesses and priests more likely. And werewolves were created by a different greek dark wizard, Lycaon. But creating a terrible plague is still enough to get Medea on everyone's 'Wanted Dead' list either way so...

Harry Potter is fictional and has nothing to do with other fictional works

It will be hilarious if this gets Jossed.

  • You win the internet, sir or ma'am. XD

The series takes place in a world where the Greco-Roman gods are real.
All the creatures are real (though some seem to have been replicated), and it's mentioned in some background material that characters such as Circe, Odysseus, and Polyphemus were real. It's possible, too, that the famed Deathly Hallows were literal gifts from Death (who could, depending on the circumstance, be Hades, Hermes, or Orcus). On an out-of-universe note, J.K.Rowling is a big fan and scholar of Greek mythology, so there's a possibility.
  • So Harry Potter takes place in the same verse as Percy Jacksonandthe Olympians?
  • At least during the mid-2000's, there was a tendency in brazillian fansites to actually cite this as truth, including a rather bizarre proto-ask-a-character blog in which Hagrid answered questions, giving the answer to the "egg or chicken" riddle by informing the reader that Epimetheus was the creator of animals.
  • Alternatively, Greek mythology is true but the people Muggles thought were gods and goddesses were actually really powerful witches and wizards. In those days, wizards and witches had considerably longer lifespans than now. They used magic to make themselves youthful-looking and convinced Muggles of their immortality and demanded worship.

Luna's husband, Rolf Scamander is Rolf from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Think about it. The wizarding world would justify Rolf's eccentric culture. being a descendant of the book on magical creatures' author justifies the amount of animals he takes care of, he's training.
  • His house is described as "Old-World Colonial" by Edd. There's no way that TV was made by a muggle company. Add in the fact that he tries everything to keep all the normal kids from entering his house or, God forbid, meet his family. He even has an underground sheep pen. Why would he need that unless he was studying something he can't risk slipping out in the open?

The HP-verse's Masquerade is the parent-Masquerade to all other Masquerades.
Or at least the stupid ones. Ever wonder why Red Shield doesn't just send a sample of Chiropteran DNA to independent scientists, or Buffy doesn't stake a vampire on live TV? Certainly it would make Hellsing's job easier if people knew who they should call in the case of a vampire or werewolf attack, so why do organizations and individuals like these constantly go against their own best interests to uphold the Masquerade? Because they know that if they tried to tell people that magic and monsters are real, they'd get a pack of aurors on their ass erasing their evidence. And whenever you come across a Masquerade where the how strains/breaks Willing Suspension of Disbelief, A Wizard Did It. Literally.

Jim Gordon is Sirius Black with Amnesia.
The Actor Rule. (Idea shamelessly stolen from here). This is what really happened after Sirius fell through the veil. He ended up lost and confused in a muggle city with fractured memories of his own life. He remembers the name "James" is important so he becomes "James" or rather Jim Gordon.

That was the real Voldemort that appeared in the Olympics opening ceremony.
The mutilated fragment of his soul that remained after his defeat made one final, desperate attempt to force its way back into the living world, and took possession of the giant puppet Voldemort used in the performance. Luckily, Trelawney had spoken her last genuine prophecy about his activities in time, so the Ministry and Order sent in a squadron of Aurors equipped with Polyjuice Potion to impersonate dozens of Mary Poppins performers, and they fought him off using the wands concealed in their umbrellas.

The Magicians is set in an American school in the Harry Potter verse
At first I thought they were hinting at this because Dean Fogg said there was a wizarding school in Britain and two in Europe. I thought he was referring to Hogwarts, Beauxbaton's and Durmstrang. Later on Quentin mentions having read Harry Potter implying that the HP books are fiction in this universe. If you take The Tales of Beedle the Bard into account which mentions that there's a seven volume biography series based on Harry's life that exists in the HP universe. Maybe it was these that Quentin read.

The events of Snakes on a Plane was actually a prank instigated by the Death Eater youth league.
Their aim of course being to terrorize muggles on their damned flying machines. They didn't count on Samuel L. Jackson.

The Doctor somehow came into possession of Sirius Black's flying motorcycle...
...And modified it so that it works with technology without issue.

Fred Weasley didn't die
He was transported back in time and became Willy Wonka

Fred didn't die during the final battle. Instead, he was attacked by a Weeping Angel which had been woken by the noise and confusion of the battle, or by all the stones/statues being destroyed. It transported him back in time 40 years or so. The 'body' was put there by The Doctor because he knew that he couldn't reveal the truth to the grieving Weasleys - it would cause too much trouble and confusion right after the battle, and the chaos of the wizarding world after the downfall of Voldemort and the second wizarding war could not discover the reality of the Doctor's existence or alien life. Therefore the Doctor was forced to watch the Weasleys grieving over what they thought was their son, and was unable to tell them the truth. Luna was the only one who knew. Just because.

Fred, waking back in the 1950s, did not know what to do. The Doctor had told him he could not return or attempt to contact his family in any way, so he did the only thing he could - adopting a false name, he continued his and George's work in the past, creating a magical sweet factory (Willy Wonka is never stated not to also have made jokes and tricks as well; it was just that the sweets caught on in the past). Secretly, Fred always hoped that some of his merchendise (which also became popular in the wizarding community) would be enjoyed by his parents, who were children then, and so in some way he could still reach out to them, and later to his siblings. Some of the sweets on the Train which Harry buys for Ron in the first book are Wonka's sweets, and thus Ron's brother's.

Oh, and the Oompa-Loompas? Clearly, they are House-elves; they are small, odd in appearance and are extremely loyal to their 'master'. The singing is a by-product of their obeying a master who was so carefree and cheerful himself - it rubbed off on them. The whole South America story was just what Wonka/Fred told people to explain the odd little creatures living in his factory.

Now, you may go weep into your pillows.

In Revolution, Harry Potter in all its forms is the bane of everyone's existence.
In episode 5, a rebel named Ken Hutchinson is handling a copy of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Later he ends up revealing that his wife was killed fighting the militia, and he is so obsessed with revenge that he stabs Nora Clayton in the gut when she tried to stop him. In episode 10, a flashback reveals that Sebastian Monroe's family were on their way to see a Harry Potter movie, and they all got killed off by a drunk driver. Monroe didn't take it very well and went on to become a Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds. Seriously, it's like this franchise causes tragedy for everyone exposed to it in the show!

The events of the Muggle fairy tale Cinderella actually happened in this world.
A witch became godmother to a muggle girl. When the girl's father died, the godmother tried to take her in, but the stepmother insisted she was a more suitable guardian. Possibly used her wealth and status as proof, though she had no intention of using either to improve the girl's life. The godmother could only use her magic in secret and tried to help Cinderella as much as she could without being noticed. When the Prince held his ball, the godmother saw an opportunity to change her goddaughter's situation permanently. She transfigured a gourd into a coach, mice into horses, a dog into a footman, rags into a ballgown, but put every transfiguration but the shoes under a charm to wear off at midnight. She may have even enchanted one of the slippers to fall off as Cinderella left. It was all a Secret Test of Character to see if the Prince would love a girl in rags as much as a girl in a ballgown. When Perrault heard the story, he had trouble believing in the possibility of a good witch, so they made her a fairy instead.
  • You, good troper, are the real winner of the internet. Enjoy your prize.
The Muggle Prime Minister in book 6 is Jim Hacker
He has a few of the same mannerisms, is similarly obsessed with votes (although that could be said of any politician) and shares most of Hacker's salient characteristics. Sir Humphrey is a Squib born into an old pure-blood family, and was placed in the Muggle government to assist in smoothing over any problems between the two governments.

The Veil is actually a portal in Kandrakar's Veil
And on the other side there's a room full of Whisperers.

Horcruxes are protected by an AT Field
Near-indestructible barrier powered by a soul? Sounds legit to me.

The bandaged stranger in The Hog's Head in Book Five ...
... Is [[Webcomic/Homestuck Wayward Vagabond]].
  • They are both shown in dirty gray bandages, and the stranger can drink things that seem unfit for human consumption ... implying inhuman biology. A carapacian, on the other hand ...
  • Of course, the best support for this theory is that it is completely ridiculous.

Voldemort and Thulsa Doom, is there a connection?
Both were typical dark lord's, both had a thing for snakes, both were killed by the child of the people they killed. Help me out here!

Carrie, from the Stephen King novel was magical
But her religious nut of a mother would not let her go to Hogwarts. Notice Carrie's mother treated her much like the Dursley's treat Harry, because she knew her daughter had this horribly powerful potential. When the Hogwarts letter arrived, her mother tore it up and began to emotionally abuse her daughter to keep her from discovering her magical potential.

Neville Longbottom is a descendent of Hobbits.
In The Lord of the Rings, Longbottom Leaf is a tobacco smoked by Hobbits. Neville likes herbology. Harry Potter must take place in the Seventh Age of Middle-earth.

Harry Potter and the Whoniverse.
In the Doctor Who episode "The Shakespeare Code, Martha and The Doctor mention Harry Potter as a book series. If the events of that franchise are fictional in the Whoniverse, then perhaps there exists an alternate universe in the Doctor Who multiverse in which the events are nonfictional, similar to the universe in which the events of Star Trek are nonfictional.

Alternatively, the books could be based on real events, though nobody would believe J.K. Rowling. What we see in the movies could be the events as they really transpired and it is the books that have changed the stories a bit.

  • So the Doctor tortured Neville's parents.
    • Or it could have been the Meta-Crisis Doctor. He could be the Valeyard or something similar to the Valeyard for all we know. Plus, I want to believe that Rose is dead...

The wardrobe in the Room of Requirement leads to Narnia.
It would have to be the Narnia that only appears in The Last Battle if you know what happens in that book and if you are aware of the chronology.

Hunters, ala Supernatural, solidified as a sub-culture and the wizard masquerade were established at the same time
The deal is, you wizards keep the things that go bump in the night away from us or we will kill them...and eventually you.

The Master of Death and The Shinigami King / King of Death are one and the same.
Harry will have to spend eternity looking after deadbeat Death Gods. It also explains why Death Notes resemble simple black journals Harry copied the tactic from Riddle.

Dudley Dursley is the maternal grandson of The Doctor.
Actor Allusion: Harry Melling is the maternal grandson of Patrick Troughton, who played the Second Doctor. Perhaps the Second Doctor also fathered Lily Potter, making him the grandfather of Harry Potter as well. He was under the alias of Mr. Evans, but eventually changed his alias due to the WMG below...

Mr. Ollivander is The Doctor.
Actor Allusion: John Hurt played both Mr. Ollivander and the War Doctor. Sometime during the Last Great Time War, the War Doctor returned to Earth to check up on his grandson, Harry Potter. He knew that Harry was too young to understand what Time Lords were, so he just gave him his wand and gave him information about the Elder Wand.

No one is a Time Lord.
  • my headcanon.

The Master is a Master of Death.
He did find a way to keep on living when he ran out of regenerations.

The Master is Lord Voldemort.
It is his real name, and speaking it only provokes bad things.


The Doctor is Lord Voldemort.
He would not want anyone to know that he was someone so evil, and the name "Voldemort" is jinxed.


The Doctor's name is jinxed.
Hence why it can never be spoken aloud by any living person.

Different countries have different ways of maintain the masquerade.
In England the Ministry of Magic uses rules and regulations to keep everything under control, not only do they keep up the masquerade they also stop demonic invasions and vampire outbreaks and stuff like that. In America instead of a Ministry and its rules and regulations there are the Hunters (from Supernatural) and home to the current Slayer who keeps all under control. There are some witches and warlocks here and there but in America they tend to hid in plain sight in suburbs and such but just keep everything under wraps lest they know a group of Hunters or the Slayer would come after them.

Dolores Umbridge's family originates from Innsmouth.
Having some ties there sure would explain her appearance.

Tom Riddle/Voldemort is Nyarlathotep.
  • And at the same time, due to Hitler being Nyarlathotep in at least one work of fiction, the Millennium organisation of Hellsing were active on his orders during at least one alternate universe account of the Wizarding War.
    • And Nyarlathotep being Nyarlathotep, what better to disguise that by looking like a Blitz Evacuee? Also, wouldn't that also give him the opportunity to, say, spy on the Royal Family just to find stuff that might be used to demoralize His Majesty's Empire, e.g. (then Princess) Elizabeth seemingly involved with a woman (actually Girlycard) in 1940's UK?

Minerva McGongall, Dolores Umbridge and Horace Slughorn's ancestors.
.Actor Allusion: Minerva McGonagall is somehow related to Violet Crawley through her Muggle father who is descended from a distant, poorer branch of the Crawley family.

Luna is a Chaos cultist
  • Specifically, a Nurgle cultist. She just misspells it.
    • Eccentricities make her sound more Tzeentchian than Nurglite, though.
      • Just as planned. She is a Tzeentchian spy in Nurgle's ranks.

The Malfoys are descended from Thranduil

There is a physical resemblance . Probably not directly from Legolas, but a sibling. And yes that does mean Draco is "a fucking elf".

The parody of Hagrid from Sluggy Freelance wasn't far off the mark.

On the And Call Him "George" page, the character of Homnigrits is described as accidentally hugging a few creatures to death. Not saying Hagrid actually did this, but it could be the reason he likes tough animals like dragons and hippogriffs is because they don't go squish so easily.

The mirror from Oculus is a Horcrux.

And it's a super-powerful Horcrux, made by a super-powerful practitioner of The Dark Arts. We all saw what the locket did to the trio, what the ring did to Dumbledore, and what the diary did to poor Ginny. And in all those cases, but particularly in the case of the diary, the Horcrux developed a mind of its own, independent of the magic user who created it. Well, this mirror is the logical extreme of what a Horcrux could become and do. Like the locket, it manipulated people's emotions. Like the ring, it brought severe illness to its owners. Like the diary, it possessed the bodies of victims. And like all those Horcruxes, it fought tooth and nail to preserve itself. But the mirror went beyond what any of those Horcruxes did. The mirror drained all the life surrounding it to make itself stronger. It manipulated people's perception of time and reality to the point of becoming a Master of Illusion. And it actually consumed its victims, imprisoning them within itself until it carried a collection of devoured souls. If the mirror is indeed a Horcrux, its creator be even more horrific. Maybe the creator is physically deceased but lives on within the mirror, along with the many victims from over the years. Or maybe there's still a super-powerful sorcerer out there, living in a state of decay even worse than Voldemort but tethered to life by that mirror and who knows what other Horcruxes.

Frank Bryce was a Squib... whose real name was John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
Tolkien lived in Little Hangleton and noticed the ape-like, long-armed, unkempt Marvolo Gaunt boast with an ancient ring of power. Going on a research, Tolkien discovered the legend of the Hallows. He wrote The Hobbit, in which he blended the concept of a magical ring with that of an invisibility cloak. Marvolo Gaunt was reimagined as Gollum. Later he witnessed the creation of Voldemort's horcrux from the same ring and wrote The Lord of the Rings, with the character of Gandalf being elaborated upon as a warning to wizardkind. He later revised The Hobbit and added Acromantulas when he heard of the spider colony at Hogwarts.

Horcruxes weren't just exclusive to the Wizarding World, but also to a galaxy far, far away.
Palpatine mentions to Anakin that Darth Plageuis' methods of cheating death were considered unnatural...perhaps Plageuis also tried to engage in some soul-splitting during his experiments.

The main characters' personalities are dominated by different Emotions.
While each major Harry Potter character's moods vary with circumstances, each one has a particular Emotion who clearly dominates his or her nature, much as Joy dominated Riley's:
  • Harry's persona is dominated by his Sadness. His earliest core memory - the loss of his parents - was one of grief, and his early life with the Dursleys didn't give him much to hope for or be pleased about. His memory-pylon's contents were mostly blue, with perhaps a red or green sphere to illustrate his frustrations and distaste for how he was treated. Harry didn't acquire any yellow core memories until the events of the first book, which is why it took him so long to muster enough happiness to conjure a Patronus in book three. What makes Harry so remarkable, as Dumbledore observed, is that his Sadness didn't make him morose or bitter, but compassionate: the positive side of that emotion.
  • Hermione's persona is dominated by her Anger. She's highly competitive, easily frustrated, and sometimes prone to making bad choices when she gets indignant about unfair practices or circumstances. This, like Harry's Sadness, isn't a bad thing: she stands up for what she believes in, and is forthright in her outrage over Trelawney's blather or the Daily Prophet's biased reporting. It's Hermione who speaks up for house-elves, who's attracted to the equally-hypercompetitive Krum, and who has the stubbornness to achieve payback against the likes of Rita Skeeter on her own, without even Harry's and Ron's help.
  • Ron's persona is dominated by his Fear. He's insecure in his status, his competence, his social interactions and (as Ginny taunts him for) his romantic aspirations. Unfortunately, his Fear is a bit of a butterfingers, and prone to error in high-pressure situations. Ron does well when he's relaxed or defiant, as his Joy or Anger take the helm, but performs terribly when his anxiety gets the better of him. Fortunately, when he has something worthy to defend against danger, Ron's Fear can buckle down and get the job done, and when offered external support - his friends' trust, the luck potion he thought he'd drunk - his Fear eventually develops the prudence to hand over control to others. Dumbledore was absolutely right to give a Prefect's badge to Ron: being entrusted with such a responsibility is exactly the sort of positive reinforcement he needed.

A member of the Ozu family trained at Hogwarts at some point
Specifically, a great-grandparent went to Hogwarts at one point attended Hogwarts, but sought more power, and created their own brand of magic, which became the basis of the magic the Magirangers use, but fell out of touch with the school. This also explains why Hogwarts didn't get called in to help during the battle against Infershia, and why none of the Ozu family showed up to help against Voldemort - the magic said great-grandparent had developed hadn't been taught at Hogwarts at the time, and the Ozu family didn't know about the threat of Voldemort, since they were too busy focusing on preparing for a possible return of Voldemort, but didn't know that Voldemort had already returned (and if they ever found out, it was too late, since the threat would've been dealt with).

The Peverell Brothers really did encounter Death...
...the Horseman. The one from Good Omens and Supernatural. No, that wasn't a spelling mistake, he's the same guy according to this troper. And also according to this troper, HP, GO, and SPN all exist in the same universe. Somehow.

Remus Lupin is part of that Lupin family...
The surname Lupin is exceedingly rare, and pretty much comes down to two families in the whole world of fiction : the master gentleman-thief from France and his descendants, and the werewolf from England, his father (only in supplemental material) and his son. Considering that Arsène (the first) frequently dealt with magical elements (most notably in The Island of Thirty Coffins, where the God-Stone sounds suspiciously like the Philosopher's Stone), and that a few tricks of wandless magic would explain a lot about the ridiculous heists that family keep somehow pulling off. Arsene was known for his many (many, many) dalliances ; and he ran at least one major heist in London in the early 1900s, at just the perfect time to father Remus's grandfather (Remus' father was born in 1929). That son grew up on stories of his father's exploits, and decided to use his name among wizardkind, resulting in the English Lupin family.
  • So that would make Lupin III Remus’s first cousin once removed?

Dumbledore got the Hogwarts Express from The Island of Sodor.

The Weasley cousin who became an accountant is Morton Dee, the protagonist of Robert Sheckley's 1954 short story "The Accountant."

And the reason why the Weasley's don't talk about him is not because Morton is a squib, but because he isn't. He's a financial wizard who's taken service with The Accountant.

Voldemort is Odin.
Powerful wizard? Check. Obsessed with staving off his inevitable death by any means necessary? Check. Leader of a group of similar beings of questionable morality? Check. Mutilated himself to gain power? Check. His actions to defy a prophecy are precisely what cause it to come true? Check.