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Kire is a Norwegian young adult Urban Fantasy bookseries written by Tonje Tornes set to have 3 books but is ongoing with only the 1st book given out.

Erik's mother has killed a young woman, and he was the only witness to the incident. He refuses to talk about it, because the whole thing is quite impossible. It wasn’t a human being she killed, but a hulder. They both saw her, a hulder who tried to lure him away with her. Now his mother has been sentenced and put away, and other hulders are on the prowl for Erik.

Erik and a group of other teenagers are entangled in a web of subterranean forces in the small rural community, and soon Erik can hardly tell reality from imagination. His only guide in to this world of magic, is the seductive hulder Flora…

The official English page about it is here. And a review is here. Cover illustrator is Elise M. Syvertsen whose DeviantArt is here.

Kire provides examples of:

  • A-Cup Angst: Subverted, Trine isn't really ashamed of it.
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: When Trine reads her brother's mind while he's cursed by Flora she gets a headache and decides she'll stab Flora's eye out if she doesn't end the curse on Erik and Tore…
  • Allergic to Love: Trine feels truly sick when reading Tore's perverted thoughts.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: How Erik was treated in the past.
  • Alpha Bitch: Monica, if people doesn't call her the most beautiful in class will she raid one's backpack and reveal one's secrets from it.
  • Barrier Maiden: Flora protects her forest and the farm-house Erik lives in from her mother.
  • Big Bad: Rosalin, Flora's mother.
  • Big-Breast Pride: Monica again, she is hinted to have silicon even though she's really young.
  • Color Motifs: The 1st book is green, the 2nd is blue.
  • Cool Teacher: Jack Flink is considered this only by Erik. turns out to be a Badass Teacher as well as he's a wizard.
  • The Empath: The twins, Trine and Tore. They can read each other's minds but also feel other people's feelings.
  • Evil Brit: Mr. Flink is believed to be this by many of the students.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Well huldras aren't really evil but still dangerous and really, really sexy.
  • Freakiness Shame: Erik doesn't like that he sees things others doesn't as he's afraid of getting locked up as his mother...
  • Friendless Background: Erik and Flora.
  • Funny Foreigner: Subverted, the teacher from England, Jack Flink, is seen as scary by the students, expect for Erik whom finds the way he speaks very funny.
  • Half-Breed Discrimination: Flora is half-hulder, half- nøkk , which makes her discriminated among the magic creature society.
  • Head-Turning Beauty:
    • Flora gets this reaction from men who can see her.
    • Rosa in the first book's epilogue.
  • Hot for Student: Fjeldheim dopes Lena down and tries to get her to another hospital with only him to "care" for her, this is not played for laughs.
  • I See Dead People: Hears, in Lena's case.
  • Just Friends: Erik and Trine, although she seems to have some feelings for him.
  • May Fly December Romance: Flora and all the human men she flirts with. Rosalin also invokes this.
    • Vindfjell in the prologue of the second book refers to this with that he was in love with a human girl, but their lives are so short so she's probably dead already.
  • Out with a Bang: Vindfjell mentions that if he managed to make a young girl come with him to his mountain, would it be so damp in there that she'd die while they where making love.
  • Two-Teacher School: The only teacher appearing in-story is Jack Flink, a teacher from England, he teaches them maths, English, geography, pretty much everything, even Norwegian! And in the end of the 1st book, magic! But only too Erik, Tore, Trine, Lena and Flora.
  • Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality: It at least gives Trine enough Brain Bleach to make her exhausted for a week.
  • Playing with Fire: Erik's power, much to Flora's dismay as she can't teach him that and it's demons who has to teach him.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Flora can change her haircolor and eyecolor to the person she's looking at has. Erik notes that she looks just as sexy as a blonde with blue eyes (as himself), as a brunette (as the twins).
  • What Could Have Been: The second book Forbannet (cursed) was first planned to be called Demoni If the 3rd one still will be called Svarteboka (the Black Book, the nickname of the biggest Norwegian spell book) is yet to be seen.