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"‘I am not of this world,’ their father said seriously. ‘And neither are you.’"

Halvgudene (lit. "The Demigods") is a Norwegian Young Adult fantasy series written by Mari Moen Holsve. Its heroes are the triplets Dina, Balder and Thea, three ordinary teenagers from Oslo who one day find out that they are from the mysterious island kingdom Tiladnen, and that their mother is a god from this kingdom. Which makes the triplets Demigods.

Dina, Balder and Thea—or Dimyne, Briskir and Trigg, as they are actually called—go back to Tiladnen, where great danger awaits them: A powerful group calling themselves the alliance wants to gain control over Tiladnen and wipe out all intelligent races but the humans.

While the alliance attempts to get hold of the demigods, the demigods ally themselves with the resistance organization the guild, and decide to join the battle against the alliance.


So far only translated into Icelandic. Completed with 3 books.

Halvgudene provides examples of:

  • Equivalent Exchange: if you want to go to another world, 14 items of the same kind will be taken with you. One can't chose what it'll be, but it will be from the world one travel from, be it toy light sabers from StarWars, The Big Bang Theory season 3 dvds, bloodbags, left side boots, forks, carriage wheels etc. It can be quite dangerous becauce size doesn't matter...
  • Green Aesop: Our heroes fight against a group whom wants to wipe out other beings and animals and ruin places that are naturally beautiful.
  • Magic Mirror: Serves as a portal between earth and Tiladnen's world, one in each world. Apparently there was more of them before but only the one to Tiladnen hasn't been broken yet.


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