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    The Triplets/Demigods 

About them all:
  • Freudian Trio:
    • Trigg — Hedonistic, emotional and impulsive: Id.
    • Dimyne — Calm, down-to-earth and flexible: Ego
    • Briskir — By-the-book, uptight and the most logical: Superego. (To the point he's even an atheist despite his Divine Parentage.)

Dimyne, aka. Dina Pedersen in Oslo.
Affiliation: The Guild
Age: 13
Godly powers: Super Strength, Super Speed and athletic. Has no need for air, so she can survive under water. Can also create earthquakes.
Dimyne is the oldest of the demigods. She is responsible, the mature, and the one often take the lead if needed. Before she went to Tiladnen, Dimyne was clever in school, but modest, and her only friends were her siblings. In Tiladnen on the other hand Dimyne has found her proper place, and with the guild member Askil is it her taking the tough decisions.

When the demigods got to know that their mother, god Maèl was dead, it was Dimyne who took the heardest. Fighting the syndicate is for Dimyne an important way to honor their mother's memory.

  • Bully Hunter: subverted, she is bullied herself, and doesn't really do anything when her siblings are, they're used to it.
  • Team Mom: being the most mature of the triplets.

Briskir, aka. Balder Pedersen in Oslo.
Affiliation: The Guild
Age: 13
Godly powers: Super Sight, does not have to sleep, but has prophetic dreams when sleeping.
Briskir is the middle child of the three demigods. He is a quiet and gentle guy, yet very inteligent and reflected. Briskir believe in reason, and peaceful solutions rather than violent conflict. The devine powers he inherited from Maèl, also bears evidence of this, as Briskir not have any powers that are suitable to fight. Though that, is he skilled with the sword

Briskir settled immediately at ease with life Tiladnen, and was probably relieved to not continue his teenage life in Oslo. He is the demigod's Tiladnen expert, and knows pretty much everything of the islands and the many races that exist there.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: his no need for sleep or prophetic dreams depends on how one see it. If he sleeps he'll know what'll happen in the future, but if he stays awake he can guard the group when they sleep.
  • Badass Normal: he can't fight with his powers, but is still badass with the sword.
  • Hypocrite: according to Trigg, he does not like the fact that Trigg likes Eld, but is blushing around Rasp a lot.
  • Likes Older Women: clearly has a crush on Rasp in the 3rd book. His sisters likes older men, and their father was in love with one of the godesses that created Tiladnen, so one can easily say it's genetic.

Trigg, aka. Thea Pedersen in Oslo.
Affiliation: The Guild
Age: 13
Godly powers: makes fire, and bleeds poison.
Trigg is the youngest of the demigods. She is stubborn, willful and and was a real problem child. At Nordseter middle school she often fell into trouble and fights, and there is little doubt that Triggs dangerous god powers reflects the rebellious mind her. She was also the one who opposed going to Tiladnen and it took a long time before Trigg finally accepted and embraced her new life.

Trigg has a very special look, with bright red hair and porcelain-like face, which makes her from day one was easy to recognize for the syndicate. Despite this - and the many teenager "problems" - Trigg is willing face dangers and can be extremely brave.

    The Guild 
The Guild (Trysfelderne in Norwegian) is a resistance group fighting to prevent the alliance from taking over Tiladnen. In addition, sometimes other tiladnese choose to help the guild. Here you will find information about the guild and several of their allies:

Tropes about them as a group:

Ramne Bridnill

Ramne is the leader of the guild. He has been in almost 20 years, and nothing means more to him than to stop the alliance. Ramne fighting for Tiladnen and Tiladnen's many races, and he's alliance's largest opponent. And the alliance knows who he is, and becauce of that he cannot move freely on Tiladnen, in danger of being killed by the alliance's people or their allies.

Ramne have seen with my own eyes the horrors of the alliance is able to. Yet he knows that the world is not black and white, and eyes still hope for many of the alliance's members - he would like them to see what is right and choose to leave the alliance, before he and the guild must fight against them. At the same time he knows when words are no longer enough, and must be replaced with action.

Askil Amirill

Askil is Ramne's right hand. He is in his 20s, idealistic and ready to battle. Meanwhile Askil wise and prudent, also a good backup leader for the guild when Ramne is out on unknown assignments. Askil's parents are dead, and it is believed that Ramne is the closest he has a father.

It is his family castle is the guild headquarters. The castle, is located atop a hill in Oden on Møyland, which represents the wealth that once existed in the Amirill family. Askil's ancestors owned slaves and was very rich, and this status has gotten great respect from the alliance - which is why they have never suspected Askil's to have a role in the guild.

  • Vague Age: one only know that he is in his 20s, hopefully younger or else is Dimyne's crush on him kinda squick.

Rasp Fande
Rasp is one of the devils that occasionally pops up among the guild. She is like most devils, lively, playful and unpredictable, but also know (sometimes) the difference between right and wrong, and she always grabs the opportunity to sabotage the alliance.

Rasp is actually a half-devil - her father is a devil, and her mother is human. Yet it's the devil in Rasp who mostly wins out, in spite of that she has grown up in her human family in Våll on Møyland.

Like other devils Rasp is immortal. Because of her childish and playful nature is difficult to estimate how old she is - especially because Rasp rarely reveals it.


Drekjild is an avid young guild member and is particularly keen to fight for devil rights. She has close friendships to several devils, which is very unusual - but Drekjild has a history with the devils (which is told about in Rasp's story).

Drekjild's family died in a fire at Åshíld and Drekjild has since switched staying with the devils or with the guild. She is a loyal friend and is one of the most important members of the guild.

The cat Leon is coming from a cat colony on Ysar. Leon is the son of the colony's head, the big male cat Durum. Despite the fact that he is the boss's son is not Leon very respected in the colony, for a cat, is he both a bit too fat and too lazy.

Leon has originally orange stripes, but he is also a chameleon cat. This means that he can change color by the environment, which is a powerful ability to have when alliance steps up its pursuit of the cat colonies. Leon is, like most cats, very wary of all people - especially because of the alliance's rampage.

Despite his skepticism people have Leon learned to befriend them when Briskir saves his life in the 2nd book.


Udun is a young female faun, and one of the few fauns that sometimes helps the guild. She is sweet, shy and subdued but still very sharp - and she has faun-intuition, which gives her an added advantage in most situations.

Udun is good friends with Askil and thrive in the guild headquarters in Oden.


Look at The Alliance


    The Alliance 
The alliance(Or Forbundet in Norwegian) is the name of the powerful organization that attempts to control Tiladnen. The alliance is primarily concerned that humans should be the only intelligent race on Tiladnen - and they would thereby destroy all other races, the devils, the wolves, the cats and the fauns to name a few.

In addition, the alliance obessed with the Tiladnese gods, and often use the gods - and especially divine queen Céndel - as a pretext in their attempt to "purge" Tiladnen. Because the association is so concerned about the gods, is therefore the demigods of particular interest to them, and wants more than anything to get the demigods to fight on the alliance's side - if necessary, by force.

Tropes about them as a group:

  • Irony: they're called the alliance on the english description on the books, but they're more or less nazis.

Baron Frytilgor
Baron Jurkjil Frytilgor is the alliance's leader. Although the guild, particularly Ramne, has spent years following the alliance's movements, do they still know very little about Frytilgor. He often stays in the background and are never seen at the scene if the alliance has been around. Frytilgor is obessed about the Tilandnese gods, and does what he believes is a "cleansing" of Tiladnen in the gods' names. Frytilgor is ruthless and power-hungry, and can seem unstoppable. He has a powerful and frightening radiance, and is also in possession of a special sword, a sword even Dimyne didn't manage to fight, the first time she came face to face with Frytilgor.

Frytilgor have followed the demigods for 13 years - ever since he first learned about them. He wants them to join the alliance's side, and if not, he is more than willing to either force them or kill them. Once the demigods joined the guild, they also became his enemies.

Thifage Grulgne

Thifage Grulgne is one of Frytilgors most trusted and one of the alliance's main researchers. She, like Frytilgor is a believer og thifel Jibidnes theories that the demigods' godly powers of can be acquired by eating parts of their body. Grulgne is very faithful to the alliance, and to Frytilgor.


Eld is a 18 year old boy and has all his life dreamed to rise in the ranks of the alliance. He is loyal to Frytilgor and very confident that the alliance does is the right thing. But Eld's beliefs are put to the test in the 2nd book.

Grine Grulgne

Thifage Grulgne's twelve year old daughter. Grine is spoiled and isolated, she has grown up in the alliance and know only their view of the world.
  • Hide Your Children: even hidden from most members of the allies when she's there. It's implied that her mother performed experiments on her. When the guild saves her and other members of the Allies, are the others in the dunegon while she has her own room, guarded 24/7. Implied to protect her from Prison Rape.
  • Meaningful Name: the name it resembles, Trine has some fitting meanings for an Alliance member.
  • Punny Name: while it resembles Trine, does Grine mean weeping in an annoying way, which fits her personality.
  • Rescue Romance: gets a crush on Briskir after he saves her.
  • Split Personality: implied, one day she is really afraid of her mother and what she did to her and does not to see her or the Allies again, another day she hates the guild and wants to see her mother.
  • Upper-Class Twit

    Different Races 
This is a small section of the many different races on Tiladnen.


The predominant breed Tiladnen are the humans. They are found in all cities and on most islands, and thei community is the most developed. People live their everyday lives on Tiladnen mostly in peace and harmony.

Despite mankind's more organized society, this race also has its dark side: the alliance, the organization that wants to take control of Tiladnen, composed entirely of men, and they also want to wipe out all other intelligent races on Tiladnen. Fortunately, there are people like trysfelderne, a group fighting fiercely to stop the alliance.

The Gods
There are over 60 gods of Tiladnen who created the universe and all the different races. In thousands of years lived gods also on Tiladnen, but in year 5553 decided the god queen Céndel that the gods would retreat to the god realm of Tjeldúm'su Ølonu. She also created a rule for the gods, saying that no longer gods did should intervene directly in tiladnese cases.

God of Mystery Maél broke this rule when she fell in love with the human Jone and bore the demigods with him. As punishment Céndel ended Maél's life.

Worship of the gods is no longer a practice Tiladnen, they have become symbols, and is no longer an actual religion. Nevertheless the alliance using the godly faith, and committing horrific crimes in Céndel's name.

Famous gods from Tiladnen:

  • Maél
  • Céndel, the god-queen
  • Ed (appeares in the skjelka-agenten book)

The Devils
The devils(fande in Norwegian) is a race of immortal troublemakers who has always been a mystery for Tiladnen - they are in fact not created by the gods, and no one knows where they came from. The devils are the second most numerous race Tiladnen, right after humans.

The devils are strong, fast and athletic, and they are very impulsive beings. They like play, fun, fight and adventuring, and have rarely time for chat and serious matters. It is widely known that one should rarely rely on anything a devil promise you - the day after he or she has probably forgotten it. Sometimes devils moves and gather together to fight injustice, and then they're really dangereous.

The Fauns
Fauns are among the more laid back races on Tiladnen. They will do best for themselves, but may occasionally choose to help people, would they be especially needed. Fauns are peaceful and has a strong intuition often gives them an idea of ​​what fate will bring them.

Fauns not live in houses themselves but are still very skilled builders. Cities they have built include Etele on the island Ysar. Fauns prefer spring and summer islands over the autumn and winter islands, and are most often found in large, open forests.

The Cats
The cats on Tiladnen are arrogant and keeps mostly to themselves. After the alliance began to hunt them, joined the cats together in large colonies and disappeared partially underground.

The different cats on Tiladnen is divided into several categories. There are both common forest cats, snow cats and last but not least chameleon cats. Most cats on Tiladnen is elegant and eloquent animals. But as always, are there certain exceptions - the chameleon cat Leon is a good example.

The Wolves
Tiladnen's wolves are really dangerous. They are very large, powerful and extremely hostile to all but other wolves. They often refuse to talk to people - even if they can - and usually quicly attackd. The wolves live in large packs with an alpha leader, and they are often hide in deep spruce forrests on Tiladnen.

One of Tiladnens's wolf tribes located in the woods on the hill at Oden, where the guild's castle is. As long as the castle has been there, there has existed an unwritten rule: the rule of peace of old there is that the wolves remain in the forest, and humans stay out of the woods. If a human venture into the woods, they are fair game - as Dimyne get experience in the first demigods-book.


Mara are really similar to the legendary mares. If they bear grudge torwards a person, they'll sit on the persons face as they sleep and bite them, causing nightmares. If the person falls too deeply into them, she or he will die. They are small, furry and has glowing eyes.

Mer People
The merpeople are extremely shy and does only show themselves a few times. They are all siblings, and their leader is elected by the others. The leader is called either Mother or Father, after the leader's gender.

     Oslo Characters 
Characters who are only in Oslo during the story.

Jone, known as Jostein Pedersen in Oslo.

The triplets father whom ran away to Earth with them.


The bully who bullies the siblings, always wanting the worst to happen to them.


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