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Atlus and Shin Megami Tensei megafranchise

  • In chapter 31, Aleph expresses surprise that Adam hasn't learned to use Zio or Tarukaja. In chapter 41, we see what Tarukaja does in this universe.
  • At Freeport S9, Bryce Lawson was accompanied by a pair of siblings called Elizabeth and Theodore.
  • Alpha, Beta and EL-115 show up on Noveria.
    • Margaret and Theodore belong to the Phantom Society.
  • Hein gives Edward a Demonica suit, which even looks the part.
    • The Warrior looks like Awake Jimenez.
  • Living alongside the Fiera in Xytegenia are Pookah, also known as Moogles, but the characteristics of the one introduced (one Alistair Montblanc) is more in line with the former.
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  • During the geth attack in Chapter 41, the Deep Eyes hole up in Paulownia Mall.

Bioware franchises other than Mass Effect

  • When fighting the Black Queen/Benezia, her response to Bau's order to surrender is to shout I cannot be caged! I cannot be controlled! Understand this as you die, fool! note 
  • There's a Volus named Sandal.
    • The area of Caleston where the aliens reside is the...Alienage.
  • Hein would name his crossbow Maria because Bianca was already taken.
    • In chapter 24 a reasonable Templar named Vael appears.


  • Chapter 3: "Look, You want to run this job?" "Actually, yes, I do want to run this job!" "Well guess what? You CAN'T. Now get behind cover and keep your mouth SHUT. Your constant yapping is harming my calm."
  • Chapter 4: "You were dead, Mister Vakarian..." said the human as he unhooked the cardio-stimulators from Garrus' flesh. "Too soon, too soon! Fist wants you to suffer at least two days, minimum!"
    • The salarian in that scene is also wearing Jayne's "cunning hat."
    • If you didn't pick up on it, the human is Niska.
  • Chapter 7: "Someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back!"
    • "They'll beat us, hang us, then burn our corpses, and if we're lucky, they'll do it ...In That Order."
  • Chapter 9: There was a Sergeant Reynolds involved in the defence of Elysium.
  • Chapter 15: Garrus rolled his eyes. "A shapeshi- oh come on, Jensen! Sounds like something out of a bad sci-phi!"
    "...You live on a space station."
    "...Yeah, so?"
  • Chapter 22: The 23-G Bellum Compound turns people into Reavers with shorter life-spans.
  • A salarian named Mister Weltall(German for Universe) took footage of Jensen's skycar chase.
  • Jules Leng's father was a psychotic Warrior Poet named Shan Yu.
  • Elysium was declared a "Black Rock" (an uninhabitable world) after Haliat's fleets bombed it with the Bellum gas.
  • Tali goes by the callsign "Kaylee" while on Noveria.
  • The entirety of "Interludes of Madness" is riddled with subtle references to River and the Academy.
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  • Chapter 30 has a passing reference to the "Griswalds," otherwise known as the "apple grenades."
  • In chapter 40 Ramsus is described as "leaping like a leaf on the wind".
  • In Interlude 3 Subject Zero is asked "Do you know what your sin is?" by a swordsman in a dark blue coat.
  • Chapter 48: "Forgive Coronis, Ms. Brooks," said the Asari in the red dress, beckoning Brooks to approach. "She likes to stand near doors and say boo."

First Encounter Assault Recon

  • Hein has a book titled Project Paragon.
  • Toomb's first name is Paxton.
  • "They all deserved to die."
  • Peak 15 had a Director Fettel.
  • 'For years to come the Triumvirate would try to explain to themselves — through science or faith — exactly what had happened, but suffice to say that a monster had been loosed, and that it wanted its maker dead.'
  • The director of the Subject Zero project was surnamed Aristide.

Metal Gear and other Kojima Productions works

  • The 108 was built by Shinkawa Heavy Industries. note 
  • Bioroids were hypothesised by a Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar.
    • Alenko's death posenote  and mention of Neo Kobe with Julian Seednote  makes it also a shout-out to Snatcher.
  • Bren is a giant whose Weapon of Choice is a 20mm rotary machinegun, like Vulcan Raven.
    • Red Raven's real name is Mey Leng.note 
    • In chapter 39 there's an Elevator Action Sequence involving invisible enemies.
  • Adam's daughter was named Sunny.
  • The slavers in chapter 20 took an Omar called Drebin.
    • Stabbing a guy with a blade embedded into your foot.
  • Adam pulls "a cord with glowing blue power cells plugged into it like bulbs of garlic on a string" out of a Geth.note  He does a similar thing to finish off Benezia.
    • "I heard he was as strong as a titan and lifted that damned Red Wanzer and threw it into the sun!"
    • "Nanomachines, son. ... How did this guy survive a gunshot wound to the head? Nanomachines. How come those missiles exploded spontaneously? Nanomachines. How did that crazy fucker regrow his head and arm? Nanomachines, nanomachines, nanomachines."
    • One of the Private Military Contractors under the WTO is World Marshall (sic).
    • "It's... It's a box."
    • "Jack the Ripper", superhuman Master Swordsman, and his robot dog, out on a bloody quest to fight the Government Conspiracy.
    • The robot dog surprises a bored guard at his checkpoint.
    • "Greetings, android. ... I am here to kill you."
    • Ramsus recreates Jetstream Sam's grand entrance on a Geth APC.
  • One of FRN-00's many names is Huey.
  • Also, the premise itself; A Cowboy Cop is turned into a Human Popsicle, and awakes in a world that has no place for him. After years of soul-searching, he travels to a giant Space Station where he discovers an evil conspiracy...
  • FRN-00's new body was codenamed Anubis.
    • Aleph calls Charge "Zero Shift".
    • One of the other terms Element Zero is known by is "Metatron".

Square Enix properties


  • Conrad Verner isn't a creepy fan of Shepard in this milieu. He's a creepy fan of Jensen that wears a green leather coat, round sunglasses and goes by the pseudonym "Jake Armitage". He also uses the terminology. It turns out to have In-Universe reasons - he found a pre-Collapse Shadowrun core Sourcebook, mistook it for a history text, and decided to become a Shadowrunner.
  • Also, Chad Dumier is a fan of the Tabletop Game, and has named the WTO's global exchange currency the Nuyen... which makes Conrad mistaking that sourcebook for a textbook somewhat more understandable.
  • 'This was what mercenary life was like in WTO Arcologies: A ten minute briefing. Three days of investigations, resource gathering, and planning. All culminating in an hour of pure mayhem...'
  • The Jester coins Omega a "flux state".
  • "Maybe some kind of anti-ghost insecticide gun?" suggested Conrad out of nowhere.
  • Glory, Eiger and Blitz get mentioned in chapter 42 as raiding a Europa Genomics facility.
  • Hacking, for Lunchbox, Spooky and Tali, at least. The interface you get largely depends on you... Seems familiar...


  • Manticore uses four-legged "Jackal" heavy mechs. A reader asked about it and had it confirmed by Word of God.
  • Krogans used the "HeK" quad-barrel shotgun.
  • Five of the bullets Sandal gives Adam in chapter 38 correspond to some of the elements from Damage 2.0: Blast, Electric, Corrosive/Toxin, Cryo, Magnetic.
  • Ramsus uses a "Nyx" hardsuit and pulls off Absorb at the end of chapter 40.
  • In chapter 41 Adam sees Promethean tablets containing Oxium.
  • A monster called Lephantis appears.
  • The Gaians were Precursors who could turn technology against their users.
  • Corrupted enemies controlled by devices on their heads appear in Interlude 3.
  • In that same interlude, when Subject Zero goes berserk, she is surrounded by red energy and is using "biotic claws" to tear apart everything in her path... which is pretty much exactly what Valkyr's "Hysteria" power looks like.
  • In chapter 47 a quarian named Darvo appears.


  • The "Rats" in Noveria's lower levels are long-limbed mutants with a taste for human flesh.
  • In Chapter 46, Manah is, for some reason, wearing an outfit similar to Moxxi's.



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