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  • In a Vat19 ad for Caffeinated Marshmallows, there is a scene where a scientist mixes chemicals and the beaker overflows. He says "Oh shi-" before cutting to the next scene.
  • A couple of commercials for Volkswagen showcased the car's safety features. Both had the car's occupants engaged in conversation just before getting into an accident. Cut to the occupants standing outside the car unharmed and looking at the wreckage. One says "Holy sh-" Cut to the slogan "Safe happens".

    Comic Books 
  • Minor example in ''Joker:
    The Joker: I'd like your crew to run it for me still. They can be trusted, right? 'Cuz I get a whiff of skimmin', it's like my boogers are turned into sh—
    Johnny Bang Bang: —You ain't gonna smell boo from us.

    Comic Strips 
  • When talking about the candidate for Sports Jerk of the Year, the title character of Tank McNamara mentions that nominations have to be individuals, not teams, not organisations, "Not even the BCs, not matter how much they b-" TEMPORARY LOSS OF JOURNALISTIC OBJECTIVITY - ONE MOMENT PLEASE...

  • Advice and Trust: Combined with Foreign Cuss Word at the end of chapter 6. Asuka has just won a battle and she is surrounded by a squad of armed guards who inform her that Commander Ikari has ordered her arrest and confinement. In reaction she exclaimed “EURE MÜTTER-" (meaning "You mother-" in German) before cutting to another scene.
  • Played with in Clear Skies 3. Turns out Sol was calling Charlie a "Fundamentally Flawed Individual."
  • Done in The End of All Things when Zach realizes he could have taken a gun with him to Hyrule while he is in Faron Woods. It cuts to Midna hearing him from the Gerudo Mesa.
  • In Captain Proton and the Planet of Lesbians, Queen Sapphia is about to do something obscene to a captive Constance Goodheart...

    Film — Animation 
  • The final scene of Batman: Assault on Arkham has Amanda Waller notice a laser dot on her and then cuts to Deadshot aiming a sniper rifle while his daughter plays with a toy in the background with headphones on.
    Waller: Motherfu—
  • The Emoji Movie: In the scene where Gene does the wrong face while getting scanned, the Poop emoji is about to say "Oh sh-" before the scene cuts to the Flashlight emoji saying "Shut it down!, shut it down!".
  • In How to Train Your Dragon we see Stoick mouthing "what the—" before cutting to another shot — though he probably would have just said the Viking equivalent for "hell" anyway.
  • In Incredibles 2, Lucius/Frozone sees Jack-Jack's many powers, including turning into a monster when he throws a temper tantrum, and shouts "What the f-?!" Before he can finish the sentence, it cuts to later, when he and Bob have finally gotten Jack-Jack to calm down.
  • Moana: After he leaves her stuck in a cave, Moana calls Maui a "lying, slimy son of a..." but before she can finish the sentence, the scene cuts to Maui strolling on the beach getting ready to leave the island on her boat. Hilariously, the next word clearly started with a B.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The sci-fi B-Movie spoof Amazon Women on the Moon is repeatedly interrupted by "technical difficulties", naturally providing a good opportunity for this trope.
    Moon Queen: Men are useless! Several thousand gamma-spans ago, all men were banished from the lunar surface because they couldn't— [cut to black title card with PLACE COMMERCIAL HERE]
  • In The A-Team, Hannibal gets cut off while saying motherfu- as the helicopter that was following them is destroyed by fighter pilots.
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me:
    • A comically drawn-out sequence of this, after various people all over the world noticed Dr. Evil's phallus-shaped spaceship returning to Earth.
      Radar Operator: Colonel, you better have a look at this radar.
      Colonel: What is it, son?
      Radar Operator: I don't know, sir, but it looks like a giant-
      Jet Pilot: Dick.
      Co-Pilot: Yeah?
      Jet Pilot: Take a look out of starboard.
      Co-Pilot: Oh my God, it looks like a huge-
      Bird-Watching Woman: Pecker!
      Bird-Watching Man: [raising binoculars] Ooh, where?
      Bird-Watching Woman: Over there. What sort of bird is that? Wait, it's not a woodpecker, it looks like someone's-
      Army Sergeant: Privates! We have reports of an unidentified flying object. It has a long, smooth shaft, complete with-
      Baseball Umpire: Two balls! [looking up from game] What is that? It looks just like an enormous-
      Chinese Teacher: Wang! Pay attention.
      Wang: I was distracted by that enormous flying-
      Musician: Willie.
      Willie: Yeah?
      Musician: What's that?
      Willie: [squints] Well, it looks like a giant-
      Colonel: Johnson.
      Radar Operator: Yes, sir?
      Colonel: Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this.
    • It goes on like that for about 90 seconds.
    • At the end of the film:
      Basil: Did we get Dr. Evil?
      Radar Operator: No sir, he got away in that big spaceship that looks like a huge-
      Teacher: Penis. The male reproductive organ. Also known as tallywhacker, schlong, or-
      Friendly Dad: Wiener? Any of your kids want another wiener?
      Friendly Son: Dad, what's that?
      Friendly Dad: I don't know, son, but it has great big-
      Peanut Vendor: Nuts! Hot, salty nuts! Who wants some... Lord Almighty!
      Woman: That looks just like my husband's-
      Circus Barker: One-Eyed Monster! Step right up and see the One-Eyed Monster!
      Cyclops: (roars, then points upward) Hey, what's that? It looks like a-
      Fan: Woody! Woody Harrelson? Could I have your autograph?
      Woody: Sure. (notices the rocket) Oh, my Lord! Look at that thing!
      Fan: It's so big.
      Woody: I've seen bigger. That's-
      Dr. Evil: Just a little prick.
    • The exact same gag was used in the next film, Goldmember, with a satellite that looked like a certain part of the female anatomy, leading to this Lampshade Hanging:
      Ozzy Osbourne: Boobs!
      Sharon Osbourne Boobs, Ozzy?
      Ozzy Osbourne: These filmmakers are just f*cking boobs.
      Kelly Osbourne: What do you mean, Dad?
      Ozzy Osbourne: Well, they're using the same f*cking jokes as they did in the last Austin Powers movie.
      Sharon Osbourne: What f*cking joke?
      Jack Osbourne: You know, the f*cking joke about the long smooth rocket that looks like some guy's-
      General Clark: Johnson.
      Johnson: Yes, sir?
      General Clark: Any sign of that satelite?
      Johnson: No, sir. It's gone.
    • Dominic Deegan does this same routine, only much shorter, in one comic to blot out the Atomic F-Bomb.
  • The 2002 Back to the Future DVD set uses this on the menu screen for the first film when it shows a clip of Biff's car slamming into the manure truck.
  • Battleship has this gem during the final battle:
    Old veteran: Let's drop some lead on those mother-
    (cut to Alex)
    Alex: FIRE!
    cue the battleship's BFGs firing
  • A variation happens in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - while watching Mike Teevee's interview, Grampa George breaks out in a long string of insults, all of which from Charlie's point of view are muted because his mother has covered his ears. (Though, one supposes, someone who can read lips could figure out what was being said.)
  • A variant in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where the sexy nurse gets cut off with a door slam:
    "I'm here to help restore your pluck, 'cause I'm the nurse who loves to—" (slam)
  • In Living in Oblivion, during Nick's imagined award acceptance speech.
    Nick: To all these people and many more, I would love to say thank you... but I can't, because what I really feel like saying is... go fu— [cut back to reality]
  • In Monster-in-Law after Viola throws her dress out of her car.
    Charlie: Mother—
    [cuts to the rehearsal dinner]
  • In New in Town, where Renée Zellweger's curse is unheard when the doors close behind her, muffling out all sound. However, her tantrum is still seen through the glass.
  • Done in the trailer for Red, if not in the actual film. The trailer closes with John Malkovich's character reacting to being called an "old man", and he proclaims "old man my a-" before the trailer cuts to credits and "Coming soon" bit.
  • In this trailer for Robot Jox.
    Pilot: I'm gonna get in this thing, and I gonna kick! Your! (cuts to a Robot's head exploding)
The cut was made to make the trailer age-safe. It's not cut in the actual film, which has a PG rating.
  • Scotty's reaction to seeing the Vengeance for the first time in Star Trek Into Darkness. He is interrupted by the scene changing to Kirk and Spock entering a room.
    Scotty: "Holy sh—" *swish of doors opening on the Enterprise*
  • Home Alone: When the Santa that Kevin talks to in order to get his family back has his car stall after turning it on.
    Son of a (cut to Kevin walking down another sidewalk).
  • In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Brains gives us this little gem when he and Wheelie crash land within one of the Decepticon shuttles before the scene transitions to Epps and his crew:
    Brains: This is a total clusterf—
This might also be seen as a bit of Lampshade Hanging as the movie had unusually brief scenes.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock: In the episode "The Funcooker", Jenna Maroney falls asleep from exhaustion while hosting the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Tracy then shouts at her "Wake up motherf-". At that point the television that the program is being played on is turned off.
  • Arrested Development has a variation on this in "Afternoon Delight". One scene starts with Gob talking about his "-king six thousand dollar suit." We later get a flashback to the first part of the scene, where he starts the "fu-" before it cuts away.
  • Black Books, after Bernard is locked out of the shop by the fancy security system and its soundproof door:
    [outside shot]
    Manny: [runs off and writes on paper, then brings it back to show to Bernard] I think I've locked you out!
    Bernard: [withering stare] Yes! Yes!
    Manny: [runs off and writes on paper again] Oh no<
    [cuts to (silent) interior shot where we see him continue his tirade]
  • The Burn Notice episode "Blind Spot":
    Sam: Ah, sh—
  • Castle:
    • In "Boom", Castle's rant gets cut in the end.
      Castle: Ryan and Esposito have a better car than you do. I'm just embarrassed to have criminals in the back of that thing and I don't know about your seat, but mine has a spring that hits me in the...
    • Played with beautifully in the mockumentary episode.
      Esposito: [hamming it up for the cameras] We've got you now, you son of a bitch. [Pauses, looks up at the camera] I'm sorry, can I even say son of a— [scene ends]
  • In Cobra Kai, Daniel is driving to work one morning when his wife calls warning him about their billboard. He looks up to see a giant dick has been spraypainted onto his mouth.
    Daniel: MOTHERF— [cut to the dealership]
  • In the pilot episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Grissom arranges a prank in which the team's new recruit gets scared by some corpses in the morgue. She leaves the room in momentary panic and runs into Grissom, at which point he turns to the porthole-style window in the door she's just come through. The scene cuts from the hallway to inside the room she exited, and we see Grissom through the window, calling through the glass to "scold" the corpses for scaring her. His voice is muffled by the closed door, and his lips obscured by shadow, but there's just enough of an audible murmur to make it clear he's saying "You assholes!"
  • Played with in the December 11th 2013 episode of The Daily Show, where correspondent Jason Jones is reporting on the latest budget deal in the US Congress, in the style of an action movie trailer.
    "Yippie-ki-yay, motherfffff-" [Pauses, looks up at the camera] "Come on guys! You've gotta cut there!"
  • Doctor Who:
    • Also from "New Earth":
      Cassandra: At last I can be revenged on that little b—
      [cut to Rose and the Doctor]
      Rose: Bit rich, coming from you.
    • "Thin Ice" has this gem:
      Bill: No sh–
      [cut to a horse whinnying in front of a mansion]
  • Firefly
    • From "Serenity":
      Wash: Oh, motherless son of a bi—
    • Also done in "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Both Mal and Inara get their curses cut short when Saffron's knockout drug takes effect.
  • In the Stargate Universe episode "Time":
    Eli: What the f—-
  • Heroes Reborn (2015). When Noah Bennet, Quentin Frady, and Taylor Kravid discover the room with "evos" hooked up to machines Matrix-style, Quentin gets out "Holy sh—" before it cuts to a commercial break.
  • An episode of Holmes on Homes had Mike Holmes, astounded by the bad job a house builder had done, start making a comment, and then cut to Damon while he was in the middle of a sentence.
    Mike: Holy shi— [Cut]
    Damon: ...ims missing from around the door like the shims missing from the window.
  • Leverage:
    • Eliot has been getting the mark to say certain sounds into his mic so Parker can pick a voice lock.
      Parker: I still need "ef", "uh", and "kuh".
      Eliot: Don't worry...
      Mark: This is shrimp, you stupid f—
      Parker: Oh! There they are. Really loud too.
    • In a different episode, The Experimental Job, Sophie calls a mark with news he doesn't want to hear.
      Sophie on the mark's phone: Merry Christmas, motherf—
      The mark slams his phone shut in frustration
      Sophie to the rest of the gang: He hung up.
      Nate: No kidding.
    • And another one. Quote Eliot, after beating up three mooks: "Yippie-ki-yay, motherf-" "Found it!"
  • Parodied by MADtv in the PAX TV presentation of The Sopranos, alongside Edited for Syndication. At several points, Tony and everyone around him are just saying "fu-", "shi-" or "Why don't you stop breaking mah ba-". Oh, and someone gets wacked.
  • My Wife and Kids: Junior is stupid enough to try playing "The Name Game" with the name "Chuck", pretty well established as something one doesn't do anyway, in front of his parents.
    Junior: Chuck, Chuck, bo-buck, banana-fana fo- *Cut to Junior with a bar of soap in his mouth*
  • NCIS:
    Abby: [typing] Hello, you twisted little piece of s— [Cut]
  • NewsRadio: "The Trainer":
    Matthew: So, Catherine, where in Africa are you from?
    Catherine: Shut up, Matthew.
    Matthew: Say something in African.
    Catherine: Shut the — [cut to Establishing Shot]
  • New Tricks:
    Shaun Doherty: [replayed on TV in the team's incident room] I would nail your arms to sunset / and pin your legs to luck / when you treat me to your crimson lips / and make me want to f-
    [Sandra stops the recording]
  • Red Dwarf. In "Back in the Red", Lister realizes they're not escaping, but are actually in a virtual reality program that Rimmer is editing to cover up his own guilt — most noticeably when obvious jump cuts start happening, whereupon Lister says he's going to cut off Rimmer's (jump cut) with a blunt knife!
  • One sketch in the Jerry Seinfeld episode of Saturday Night Live was more or less built around this. A man almost forced off the road on a busy highway sees a sticker on the offender's bumper reading If you don't like my driving dial 1-800-EAT-SHIT; he actually calls the number and finds a real call center, staffed by a single man (played by Seinfeld) who repeatedly brings the conversation around to telling the caller to eat shit. The kicker is that the word "shit" is never actually used onscreen; every time one of the characters is about to say it, it cuts back to the other character reacting. There's al big logo sign on the wall behind Jerry, but the camera never zooms out far enough to show the whole thing; 1-800-EAT-S is as far as it gets.
  • An instance in the Scrubs episode "My Fifteen Seconds" most closely resembles the above Charlie and the Chocolate Factory example than anything else. Kelso is temporarily deaf. When Turk informs the rest of the staff of this, everyone in the room immediately starts cheerfully cursing him out. The first to do this is Dr. Cox who says, "Bob, you stupid mother—" and it cuts to Kelso's muted perspective. It's not very hard to read Cox's lips.
  • Sherlock: Subverted repeatedly in the Series 3 premiere "The Empty Hearse", in which a scene of someone (usually Sherlock) beginning to swear is cut off by a cut to a scene of John in his surgery... saying something innocuous that nevertheless completes the curse.
    Mrs Hudson: [regarding Sherlock's reappearance after two years] What did [John] say?
    Sherlock: Fu—
    [cut to John in his surgery]
    John: [to patient] Cough.
  • Starsky & Hutch: When Starsky sees his tires have been slashed, he says, "I'll kill those..." The scene ends before he can finish the sentence.
  • Top Gear:
    • While Jeremy Clarkson was reviewing a new Ford Fiesta in an attempt to do a "proper" road test, the segments kept ending when he tried to say that an aspect of the car was sh-
    • In the Top Ground Gear Force comic relief special, there was a hard cut to Richard Hammond just as James May was about to call Clarkson a fu-
    • While introducing Jeremy and James' "Classic Luxury Car" contest, Richard Hammond states the disclaimer that, unlike the "Cheap Car" challenges, the Mercedes and the Rolls Royce shown are actually owned by Jeremy and James, something which prompts him to call them both stupid tw-
    • In the Ashes Special, the Australian Top Gear show send them a letter, saying that they're coming over to sort out which one is the best Top Gear. They'd better prepare themselves, the gigantic bas-
  • White Rabbit Project: Tory was interrupted halfway through cussing during the "Bat Bomb" segment in the "Crazy WW2 Weapons" episode.
  • In an episode of The Young Ones ("Sick") during a sort-of parody of Grange Hill, one of the kids says:
    Mr. Liberal: Hang on, you pair of young scruffy tearaways! Don't you realise the way you act is influencing millions of children to talk Cockney and be insubordinate?
    Pupil: Well, come on Sir, don't be silly, we're the only kids in Britain who never say—[Cut]
    • While the cut happens before he utters the word, it's clear from the movement of his lips that it would've started with F.

  • If any Christmas-themed episode (especially in the UK) plays "Fairytale of New York", expect the scene to cut before the infamous "scumbag" verse, and definitely the word "faggot".
    • The decision of Radio 1 to censor the song in precisely this way caused a great deal of controversy, and was reversed very quickly.

    Video Games 
  • Borderlands 2 has extra material with the overly chatty and opinionated Claptrap, including a humorous wedding proposal where he misinterprets the purpose of what they're trying to ask the girl to do. It very quickly cuts to a fresh recording take before Claptrap can get (completely) obscene.
    Director: He's gonna ask his girlfriend to take things to the, uh, next level.
    Claptrap: What, like ana—
  • Brütal Legend: Lose a race against Fleetus.
    Eddie: Lousy demon son of a—
    Game Interface: Retry?
  • Clam Man: The opening song cuts to the next scene when the singer is about to say that Clam Man's life is turning to sh-
  • In Half-Life, the last of the panicked broadcasts of government troops you can listen to while they retreat is:
    "Forget about Freeman! We are cutting our losses and pulling out! Anyone left down there now is on his own. Repeat; if you weren't already, you are now fu-(static)"
    • Barney in Half-Life 2 does this when Gordon Freeman is about to sneak into the Citadel. As soon as he jumps down, Barney says to Freeman "If you see Dr. Breen, tell him I said fu—-ou." Most of the profanity is cut out from a large explosion above ground. If you listen closely you can in fact hear him say "fuck you".
  • Mass Effect 3: Joker catches Jack censoring herself in front of her students, leading to this scene:
    Joker: What, does she have a swear jar or something? I bet we could empty that out and have enough to buy a new cruiser!
    Jack: Cover your ears, kids. Hey, Joker! Fu— [loading screen]
  • From the newly released trailer for an in-progress MechWarrior game:
    Main Character: "I can't hold them off. Yeah! Take that, you son of a-"
  • In Mega Man X: Command Mission, where the fight begins just as the character subverts a Heroic BSoD and goes berserk:
    Massimo: "FEEBLE" Massimo?! You Sonnova— [battle scene transition]
  • No Straight Roads: After being rejected and belittled by the CEO of NSR, Tatiana, Mayday has a few choice words for the woman before the scene cuts to black.
    Mayday: "Oh yeah!? Well, how about you take all these Xs and SHOVE 'EM UP YOUR—"
  • Not for Broadcast: In Day 296, you can put this trope into play, thanks to the Live but Delayed nature of the broadcast feed. Toward the end of the second act of the National Nightly News, Jeremy Donaldson, holding the newscast at gunpoint, tells Alex Winston to "Play the fucking tape," but look closely at the live feed and the timer. At the moment Jeremy says "fucking" under the two-second mark, that's your cue to cut to a commercial break at the right timing once the timer reaches zero at the moment he's about to say the word at broadcast, enabling a Mood Whiplash.
    Jeremy: Alex. Play the f— [cut to commercial break]

    Web Animation 

  • In 8-Bit Theater, Thief's reaction to Black Mage's Boatdoken. See it here.
    Black Mage: *On the upper deck* BOATDOKEN!
    Thief: What the fu-
    * Cuts to White Mage and Black Belt*
    • Also in 8 Bit, when Black Mage is unwillingly brought back to life after he was briefly was ruler of Hell, his reaction is as follows.
      Black Mage: Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-
      next panel: -UCK!
    • And on this one
      Fighter: Silence, Red Slave.
      Black Mage Wait. So does that make me the black sla—
  • Subverted in Dominic Deegan, the curse is filled in with the end of another word:
    Dominic: ffffFFFFFFF-
    Gregory: (singing) -UUUUUCK! I say oh baby that's just me LUUUUCK!
  • In Explorers Of Souls, Mel, who had just been transformed into a quadrapedal, fuzzy animal and unused to walking on four legs, crashes violently into the ground when she first tries to run. As she is about to fall, the vexed Eevee shouts "SON OF A-". It is left on that note.
  • Happens in Furthia High, where Bruce's profanity at having spent three days getting through a dungeon in an MMORPG, and finally being able to sleep, only to be told to get up because of school, gets cut off by a picture of kittens.
  • El Goonish Shive:
  • Multiplex: In this strip, the last half is actually cut off by the edge of the panel.
  • The Order of the Stick #478:
    Haley: Damn it! You know what that means, right?
    Belkar: Yeah, that they're almost certainly in deep sh—
    [cut to a giant octopus and an army of hobgoblins attacking Azure City docks]
  • BACK: This strip provides the page image.

    Web Videos 
  • Lonelygirl15
    • "Men Are From Mars":
      Bree: What annoys you about Jonas?
      Daniel: Everything. He's a piece of sh— [cut]
      Jonas: He didn't say that. Did he really say that?
    • "We Have A Plan":
      Spencer: I wonder if I'll meet a doppelganger Spencer. Holy sh— [cut]
    • "How My Parents Met":
      Bree: My mom listened for a few minutes and decided that pretty much everything my dad was saying was wrong. So she thought it was time to open up a good ol' fashioned can of whoopa— [cut]
  • Markiplier, as Wilford Warfstache, attempts to interview Phone Guy from Five Nights at Freddy's. They exchange an increasingly long series of 'hellos' until he finally snaps at Phone Guy and tries to get some answers out of him.
    Wilford: Oh for f*beep* sake, hello, hey, howdy, greetings, bonjour...
    Phone Guy: Oh, well hi there!
    Wilford: Yes, well, could you briefly explain what it is you do at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?
    Phone Guy: *four second long beat*...hello?
    Wilford: MOTHERFU*cuts to a "Please Stand By" test pattern*
  • StacheBros: In "Goomba's Revenge", when Goomba finds Mario asleep:
    Goomba: Hey, you, mustache! Take this, motherf-
    [cut to a reader holding the Mushroom Kingdom Storybook]
    Reader: What's this? The effin' last page is ripped out!
  • In Welcome to Night Vale, local radio host Cecil usually tries to keep his language restrained, but when his pet cat is attacked and badly injured by a strange creature, he stops holding back.
    Cecil: You come here, you son of a– [Cue the weather].
  • What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?: Nash attempts an epic Atomic F-Bomb in response to Doctor Who and The Daleks' research failures, complete with searing, white-hot nerd-rage erupting from his eye-sockets, only to be cut off by a "We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties" message.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Mystery Train", Finn screams this when he finds out that Dr. Donut was (supposedly) killed:
    Finn: Son of a...
    [scene is cut to train whistling]
  • In the American Dad! episode "Hamerican Dad!", when Roger is being interviewed by the Ham club he's so nervous he keeps saying "clam" instead of "ham", eventually he gets so frustrated he yells "motherfu—", it then cuts him shaking the members hands at the end of the interview.
  • Biker Mice from Mars:
    • In an episode, upon hearing that Lawrence Limburger got himself elected Mayor of Chicago:
      Modo: That makes me more than just mad. Now, I'm mad as— [cut]
      Limburger: Hello, fellow citizens of Chicago.
    • Also-
      Vinnie: I'd like to unexplain his—
      Charley: Shhh!
  • In the Codename: Kids Next Door episode "Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.I.V.E.", Numbuh Ninteenth Century's misguided attempts at chivalry lead him to take an ice cream blaster from Numbuh Five with the words "Careful m'layd, you might hurt yourself playing with weapons. Allow me!" This earns him a swift kick in the rear from Numbuh Five, with the line "Allow me to kick you in the—". Cut to the next scene, one of the villains starting a sentence with "but".
  • Family Guy: At the end of "Pilling Them Softly", Peter and Quagmire try to get their new cooking show cancelled by violating N-Word Privileges. As they're about to say the word, the scene cuts to them looking awkwardly at Cleveland, who angrily tells them "You could've just quit the show."
  • In the Green Eggs and Ham episode "Mouse" when Guy tells Sam he wouldn't eat green eggs and ham with a mouse, Mouse replies:
    Mouse: "I don't want to eat them with you either, you son of a—" (cut to Sam and Guy's reactions where all they hear is unintelligible squeaking).
  • In the 1991 Looney Tunes short (blooper) Bunny!, Daffy goes on a rant about Elmer loading his prop gun with real bullets and nearly shooting Bugs (and more importantly, Daffy). Bugs keeps trying to cut the shot but Daffy insists on capturing his dressing-down of Elmer on film. When Daffy is done, he steps on a loose floorboard Bugs complained about in an earlier take and whacks himself in the face:
    Bugs: Now can we cut?
    Daffy: You smug son of a... [Bugs gives the cameraman the "cut feed" signal and the video promptly goes to another take]
  • Metalocalypse does this in the first episode.
    Skwisgaar: [to old lady] Hello. You are a GMILF, that is a Grandmother I Would Like To- [scene change]
  • In one episode of Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion, when Nate and Shakes are annoying Turret with their game of Smashball.
    Turret: I'll smash your—!
  • Rex the Runt: The polite and helpful bank teller Mr. Formal receives a decidely unhelpful form letter from the police apologising for not being able to do anything about the bank robbery that just happened. His response: "Oh, fu-"
  • In Rick and Morty, the head Zigerion yells in episode 4:
    Zigerion: This is going to be such a mind f——! [hard cut to advertisement]
  • The Simpsons:
    • "Who Shot Mr. Burns?, Part 1":
      Homer: Kids... do step outside for a second.
      [they run out of the room]
      Homer: [inhales deeply] FFFF
      [Jump Cut to outside; a loud F-minor chord from a church organ pierces through the air as Disturbed Doves fly out of the destroyed treehouse; the local neighbors look out their windows in utter shock]
      Ned: Dear Lord! That's the loudest profanity I've ever heard!
    • An entire cavalcade in "Bart the Lover" when Homer tries to give up swearing by using a swear jar.
    • In the "Bart Simpson's Dracula" segment of ''Treehouse of Horror IV", Burns mysteriously invites the family for a evening dinner at his mansion. When they get to the door...
      Burns: Welcome. Come in. [under breath] Ah fresh victims for ever-growing army of the undead.
      Smithers: Sir, you have to let go of the button.
      Burns: Well, son of a bi—! [doors to the manor open]
    • In "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge" Marge writes a letter politely asking to cut down on the cartoon's violence:
      Roger Meyer: [dictating a reply letter] let me close by saying...
      [cut to]
      Marge: [angrily reading] ...and the horse I rode in on??
  • In Total Drama, Duncan is talking in the confessional:
    Duncan: Payback's a— [scene change]
  • Batman and Harley Quinn has an Interrogation Montage when the heroes are searching for Harley.
    Man: Haven't seen her.
    Bum: Would have liked to!
    Landlord: Dame owes me three weeks back rent! If you find her, you tell her she can eat my sh—
    Old man: Sheee had...the cutest smile.


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