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    Comic Books 
  • The second The Savage Dragon/TMNT crossover ends with a building falling on the heroes, while they exclaim: "Oh, sh-". The storyline continues in Savage Dragon #22, in which begins with them saying "-it!"

    Fan Works 

    Film — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Blackadder episode "Beer" ends with everyone very drunk:
    Lady Whiteadder: "Luck!" Wa-hey! Get it?
    Everyone else: No…
    Lady Whiteadder: Oh, come on! "Luck" sounds almost exactly like "fu–" [closing credits]
  • Heroes:
    • "One Giant Leap" and "Cautionary Tales":
      Claire/Noah: [having in both cases come back to life on a mortuary slab] Holy sh– [to be continued...]
    • Did it again in "I Am Become Death":
      Adam: [after being released from his coffin] Hiro, you son of a bi– [to be continued...]
    • "The Eclipse, Part II":
      Claire: [on seeing Hiro's comic and how it matches the scene in the past they're watching] Holy sh– [to be continued...]
    • Amusingly, in several of these cases the next episode's cold open repeats the final scene... except, obviously, the show doesn't end, which leads to unfortunate continuity errors like the scene playing out in the exact same way except for Claire saying "Oh my God" instead.
  • Every episode (at the very least most of them) of Lab Rats ends with the words "Oh, for fu—". In fact, it cuts off after "fuck" rather than in the middle, leaving the full phrase uncompleted but the Precision F-Strike intact.
  • Modern Life Is Goodish: The episode "I've Never Seen a Cat" centres around Dave pulling a prank on his wife by swapping out the insides of one of their son's "Toot-Toot" talking electronic toy cars. After he takes the prank too far, dragging several other couples into his shenanigans, he apologises on stage, singing along with the electronic bus toy that he introduced at the start of the episode. The final word gets cut off by the show credits:
    Dave: I apologise
    For my Toot-Toot car-based stunt
    I should have stopped it sooner
    But I'm such a Toot-Toot cu- [cut to black]
  • In the famed Spanish Inquisition episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, Cardinal Ximenez' Catchphrase gets cut short by the credits, prompting him to say "Oh, bug-" (presumably the beginning of 'bugger')
  • The Office: Michael ends one episode by saying "But I think this plan sucks ba-"
  • The Rockford Files ended one episode with Rockford hanging up the telephone and angrily declaring, "Son of a—" before a cut to closing credits. For The '70s, this was pushing the envelope.

  • Weird Al is notoriously clean in his lyrics, but he does push the envelope in a couple songs as they fade out. The first one is in "Phony Calls" where the final line as the song fades out is "...but you're just a pain in the..."
    • "Another Tattoo" is Even Worse, as the last thing heard before the fade out is "OW! Mother-"
  • Wilco's song "Monday" ends with singer Jeff Tweedy exclaiming, "Son of a—!"

  • This happens in Avalon, when Ceilidh turns around and unexpectedly sees a lot of student campaign posters plastered all over the school wall.
    Ceilidh: HOLY SH—
    Caption: To be continued...
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: There is a symbol (the elemental symbol for antimony) that is in the lower right hand corner of the last page of each chapter. On one occasion, the symbol was strategically placed over the last half of a curse word.
  • Nedroid once covered up Beartato shouting "WHAT THE FUCK?" by placing a "To Be Continued" sign over it.
  • Rage Guy, to the point when it has become so memetic that it's a subversion to end it with -CK.

    Web Original 

  • Atop the Fourth Wall: The ending of Linkara's Future 5 review is as follows:
    Linkara: (Goes to answer door) Oh hey, it's my student loan bill, did-wait what? MY STUDENT LOAN BILL??!! OH FU—
  • Bad Lip Reading of The Force Awakens:
    Kylo: "No,no I'm a Vulcan"
    Han: "Vulcan my a-"
  • Dad: In "Carl", we watch Carl sneaking into a black and white building while thinking to himself. Just as he enters the building, he starts to say "Yippee ki yay, motherfu-". The door slams shut and cuts off the dialogue for the audience before he can finish. Then the episode ends.
  • Four Swords Misadventures: "VAATI you NO GOOD MOTHER—" *Credits Music Plays*
  • A popular way to end an episode of Game Grumps.
    JonTron: Next time on Game Grumps! Order up! ORDER UP A NEW FU
  • The first season finale of the web series The Guild ends with Codex's "Oh, sh—"
  • In the Honest Trailer for Frozen Fever:
    Narrator: Do you remember when Disney actually tried to hide the innuendoes in their films? 'Cause those things [the snowgies] look like chubby little d— BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HONEST TRAILERS
  • How It Should Have Ended: The ending of "The Wizard of Oz" parody.
    Dorothy: Wh-wh-WHAT THE FUC-(ends)
  • Future!Lex Luthor in I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC after getting Deadpool and Green Goblin out of the past instead of Superman.
    "Motherf-" (credits)
  • One episode of The Legend of Neil ended with the line "Fu-" The next episode began with the line "ck!"
  • LoadingReadyRun's "Munro's Meats"
    Mr. Munro: What the f—[20 seconds of end credits]--uck is this? [continues rant]
  • My Little Transformer Black Friday has Grumpy bear say this:
    Grumpy: Son of a bi-[credits of tsubasa wa pleasure line plays]
  • From the Nigahiga episode "How To Run For President!":
    "I'm Ryan Higa, and I don't approve any of this shi—"
  • The Nostalgia Critic ended his review on Free Willy with:
    NC: "But like I said, it's not a terrible movie. I mean, it's not as bad as something like, A Troll in Central…- Nope! …Nope, nope! I know how this works. If I say the entire title, that means I have to review it next week. Yeah, I know this joke. I'm not doing it, mm-mmm. There is no way you're getting me to say A Troll in Central Park…!"
    Text: "Next Week: A Troll in Central Park"
    NC: FUUUUUUU- * cut to villain sinisterly eating popcorn, then end credits*
  • In ScrewAttack's Top Ten PS3 Exclusives list:
    Announcer: NUMBER EIGHT!
    Stuttering Craig: Now THIS is a game! Virtua Fighter 5: All the levels, characters, it's so—
    Handsome Tom: Wait, wait, wait. It's on the 360. It's not exclusive.
    Stuttering Craig: Fu—
    Announcer: NUMBER SEVEN!
  • Sonic for Hire: At the end of "Casino Zone part 3".
    Earthworm Jim: Wait a second... isn't Sonic on Ice cancelled? YOU MOTHERFU-(end theme)
  • In the SuperMarioLogan episode "Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!":
    (Long beat)
    Bowser Junior: WHAT THE— (cut to SML Question)
  • Ultra Fast Pony, "Random Eye Magic":
    Twilight: Son of a—
    [end credits]
  • Viner Thomas Sanders plays around with this in some of his Vines:
    • A couple take advantage of Vines being on infinite loop to make it sound like he's actually cussing.
      Uuuuuck... all of these expletives. *stubs his toe on something* FFFFFF—
      It... is ridiculous how many people curse. *drops his drink* Shhhhh—
    • In a couple of his Disney pranks, the Vine's timer cuts off the curse at the end, such as:
      "Disney Pranks with Friends!" "I'm a beautiful butterfly!" *dumps plastic bugs on a friend playing a video game* "AAAH! Those are fake?! Oh, you son of a bi—"
  • Yahtzee, of Zero Punctuation fame, spent his time ragging on that 50 Cent game exhaustively wording every phrase so that nothing could be misconstrued as racism. Then he ends the review with this gem: "Not that they'd know anything about work, the lazy nig—" *END CREDITS*
  • At the end of the Overly Sarcastic Productions "Animal Brides" episode, this is how Red (who usually plays a song over the end of her videos) reacts to a guitar string snapping. Doubles as Last Note Hilarity
    Red: "Oh F-!"

    Western Animation 
  • In BoJack Horseman: "Love And/Or Marriage" does this with Diane when she finds out she's pregnant.
    Doctor: Oh, and, uh, lay off the drugs. Especially now.
    Diane: Why especially now?
    Doctor: Oh, don't worry. Your baby's fine.
    Diane: What do you mean "baby"? Why do you say "baby"?
    Doctor: Do you not know? You're pregnant.
    Diane: MOTHERF— [episode ends]
    • Subverted in the following episode, which begins where this previous episode left off, with Diane audibly yelling "—UCKER!"
  • In an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Billy is taking a shower with the new "shampoo" Mandy gave him:
    Billy: (sniffing) Wait a minute this isn't shampoo, it's dog— [Episode ends]
  • In South Park: "Here Comes The Neighborhood"
    Mr. Garrison: ...and now we can sell all their homes and become millionaires.
    Guys: WHAT?!
    Jimbo: But then you had us all do all that for nothing! Don't you see, if you get rich selling these homes, then there'd still be rich people in South Park.
    Randy Marsh: Yeah, you'll become what you hate.
    Mr. Garrison: ... Yeah, but at least I got rid of all those damn ni— [South Park ending theme]
    • Mr. Garrison, now the President of the United States, finally gets to say the N-word uncensored in "Doubling Down".


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