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Events in anime that are not supposed to be possible. Only list examples that fit the description.

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Trope Namer, fits this to a T. Kamina ain't kidding when he says this trope is his group's Standard Operating Procedure:
    • Death is more of a nuisance for Kamina who can infiltrate a Lotus-Eater Machine and escape with his buddies, despite the Anti-Spiral saying both of these events were impossible for "intelligent life forms".
    • It's literally only a nuisance for him in Episode 8 when he revives himself just long enough to avenge his own death by pulling the very first GIGA DRILL BREAKER.
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    • Simon creates a mecha with Lagann that can punch an enemy to the end of the Space Time continuum. It makes this big hole in reality.
    • Attenborough can use laser cannons to shoot points in space time. Not just one point but every point in the surrounding area from five years into the past all the way to three years into the future. He didn't build this weapon. He just willed it into existence because he wanted More Dakka.
    • Viral is a beast man who was created to be absolutely physically incapable of generating spiral energy, but he becomes so Hot-Blooded he can do it anyway.
    • One of their battles was calculated to have a zero percent chance of success. They succeeded anyway, because they altered probability itself by sheer force of will.
    • The Dai-Gurren Brigade made a gauge calibrated specially for the fact that Spiral Energy constantly goes off the scale. So Simon's energy went off the scale of a scale made to measure things that go off the scale. This is represented by the reading shattering the display and spiraling out into empty air. In a universe that literally Runs on Nonsensoleum, this makes as much sense as anything else.
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    • The series' premise plays this trope to the letter. As the OST says it:
      Do the impossible.
      See the invisible.
      Touch the untouchable.
      Break the unbreakable.
  • Black Jack. Tezuka in English sums it up best simply by listing a small fraction of the doctor's work:
    Among Black Jack's many medical accomplishments are full-body skin grafts, arm transplants, brain transplants, fingerprint transplants, grafting two people together to share one heart, extracting full-body parasites, operating at lightning speed, operating blind, operating in space, operating on a dozen patients at once, operating on dogs, cats, deer, bears, monkeys, birds, whales, aliens, ghosts, mummies, plants and computers, and removing a parasitic worm from his own intestines while under assault by a pack of wild dingos.
    • On top of that, one anime OVA has Black Jack himself meet a retired surgeon that sparks this by his own standards. Due to all the amazing things he did in one particular surgery, Black Jack dubs said surgeon the most brilliant medical professional Black Jack has ever seen.
  • Black Jack 21 shows that he is still doing this. Example scenario: Dr. Black Jack must save the life of the pilot (critically injured by a point blank grenade hit in the cockpit) of a turbulence-ridden and heavily damaged jet so that he may guide someone else into landing it before the plane runs out of fuel and dooms all of its passengers. However, before BJ can do this, he must first get into the cockpit via an emergency exit that can only be accessed by exiting the passenger cabin and climbing atop of the plane's fuselage, all while the plane is still thousands of feet in the air and flying at full speed.
  • Baccano!:
    • The rules of Immortality are spelled out and fixed but Fermet has defied one of the biggies. Namely that being eaten by another immortal is the only way they can die. He's recovered from it twice.
    • Claire Stanfield thinks he's God, and considering the stuff he does he may not be too far off the mark.
  • Bleach
    • During the Soul Society arc, Aizen states that there are rules separating Shinigami from Hollows and he wants to break them in order to avoid a limitation on his power. The Hōgyoku itself is not this trope. In the same speech where he describes how it works, he says that it can't do the impossible, only the improbable. When Aizen uses the Hougyoku to transform beyond the limitations of his power, he demonstrates his status is now "beyond reason" by destroying the Koutotsu. As a "being of reason", the Koutotsu is immune to the effects of reiatsu, but Aizen destroys it by using his reiatsu alone.
    • To ensure the perfect Heroic Sacrifice, Nozomi breaks the arc's own established rules on how swiftly modsouls die to ensure the canon characters can all swoon suitably over her heroism as they focus on how much she meant to them as she slowly fades away.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • The series is driven by an attempt to break Rule #1 in Alchemy: Equivalent Exchange. It turns out Magic A Is Magic A, and the best thing an alchemist can do is be creative with their price.
      • The series primary antagonists goal turns out to be obtaining the ability to do this on demand by turning the entire nation into a giant Philosopher's Stone and using it to bind God itself.
    • Kimblee acomplishes an downplayed version of this trope by not only surviving assimilation by Pride, but holding him back from fleeing into Edward's body. The reason most people would be assimilated is that the constant pressure of the suffering of millions of souls would break their minds, rendering them unable to concentrate enough to maintain individuality. Unlike Lin Yao, who survived through sheer force of will, Kimblee says that he survived because not only were the screams of the suffering not unpleasant, they were like music to him. Knowing Kimblee, he probably wasn't bluffing
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Cell surviving his own self-destruction is such a shock, that Cell himself is surprised.
    • The Supreme Kai thinks this when he finds out how powerful the Earth Saiyans are. To explain: this guy is the series' equivalent of God and yet he's only as strong as Cell before he came back stronger that ever from his own self-destruction. Despite Gohan becoming weaker from being seven years out of practice, he's still stronger than the Supreme Kai and Goku outpaces both of them since he can go Super Saiyan 3 and match Majin Buu, something that the Supreme Kai thought to be impossible for a mortal.
    • Buu surviving Vegeta's self-destruction is seen as this. Babidi and Piccolo thought Buu had died. When Buu returned, Piccolo could only run in terror.
    • When fighting Majin Buu, Goku's power is so great that it can be felt on the planet of the Kais. Kibito says that mortals' powers shouldn't be felt here.
    • Buu regenerating from vapor. Neither Piccolo or Gotenks saw that coming. They zapped every last piece of him to Make Sure He's Dead to no avail.
    • The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a separate dimension that can only be accessed through a single door. Piccolo's back-up plan in case Gotenks can't defeat Buu is to trap them all inside. Then Buu escapes by screaming loud enough. This example is promptly deconstructed. If one person can do it, then anyone of similar standing can do it, and thus, it was never impossible to begin with.
    • When Vegetto was turned into a jawbreaker by Super Buu, he revealed he could not only control himself in that state, but effectively fight him, and was even more dangerous as a candy drop, because of the small size and speed that made it harder for Buu to fight him. No other character has even demonstrated that they could become completely mobile when Buu turned them into candy. The implication with Vegetto is that he could by simply being that strong.
    • Potara Fusion is repeatedly stated to be permanent and irreversible by every credible source. Thus, it was expected that after they fused into Vegito, Goku and Vegeta would be stuck that way forever. Instead, after being absorbed by Super Buu, just being inside his body causes them to separate. Downplayed in Super where the Supreme Kai and Kibito demerged themselves just by using the Namekian Dragon Balls. Even later in Super it's revealed that the Potara are only "permanent" for Kai's. For mortals it's only a 1-hour fusion - and Vegito Blue manages to use so much energy he burns through that hour in 10 minutes.
    • Kid Buu catches Goku's Spirit Bomb and pushes it back. It is so shocking that the person who created the Spirit Bomb, King Kai, is surprised.
    • In Dragon Ball Super, it's originally believed to be impossible to combine Super Saiyan with the Kaio-Ken since the Kaio-Ken puts a lot of stress on the body and being a regular Super Saiyan is stressful enough. Goku not only makes the combination work, he did it with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan since the form requires a peaceful mind and near-perfect energy control to use. But the ultimate impossible feat, using this combination, is Goku being able to move while time is frozen. Needless to say, Hit is shocked by this... however, Hit counters by further improving his Time Skip to freeze Goku with said combo, which downplays the trope a little, because he just set a new upper limit needed to move while in frozen time. In addition, Jiren manages to move while trapped in one moment in time by Hit.
    • Also in Dragon Ball Super, towards the end of the Tournament of Power arc, Vegeta uses his Final Explosion technique against Toppo, who is throwing all-disintegrating attacks thanks to Destroyer Deity energy empowering him. Vegeta gets consumed by said disintegrating energy while performing the Final Explosion, and not only manages to overpower the destruction energy, but also manages to survive his own Taking You with Me technique. Vegeta Self-destructed inside a sphere of all-destroying energy and is still standing afterward.
    • Basically everything about Jiren. Through sheer effort and focus, he achieved a level of power so great, he surpassed his universe's god of destruction and potentially all universes' destroyers without any godly ki or known angelic training. Something no mortal has ever managed. So overwhelming is his might that Vermoud, his destroyer god, alongside everyone on his team, views fighting him as pointless and defeating him to itself be Beyond the Impossible. Unfortunately for them, Goku manages a feat which is said to be nigh-impossible for a mortal. He not only triggers the state of "Ultra Instinct" three times, but in less than an hour does what no known god of destruction has ever been able to, and unleashes the full power and skill of the ability when he fights against Jiren in episode 130. Goku's feat stuns every destroyer with sheer awe, even eliciting visible pride and jealousy on Beerus' part at the sheer perceived impossibility of Goku's achievement.
    • Beerus is impressed by how Goku defeated Frieza, even though the Supreme Kai says that he himself could kill Frieza in a single blow. Beerus himself easily beats Super Saiyan 3 Goku who can easily beat the Supreme Kai. Possible Fridge Brilliance as Beerus might have been aware that Frieza had never trained before as later in the series he Came Back Strong and could rival a Super Saiyan God.
  • Detective Conan
    • Movie 5: Countdown to Heaven. Conan jumps between two skyscrapers on a skateboard. It only gets crazier from there.(Warning: some spoilers for the ending.)
    • The main series has Kaito Kid's voice manipulation ability. He can perfectly imitate anyone's voice, even girls and young children. Conan requires a device created by a Mad Scientist to do that, and when he first witnesses Kaito's ability this is what he thinks.
  • Death Note: Light tries to do this with the Death Note's rules but Magic A Is Magic A and he can only fake it. It bites him in the ass later on.
  • DieBuster:
    • In episode 5, we find out that The last space monster is trapped in a black hole, and is attempting to break out of it. Not only does it succeed despite Nono's best efforts, but it OVERCOMES the black hole in size and uses it as its POWER SOURCE. Note that the black hole is the one created in Gunbuster with the self-destruction of the Excelion.
    • In the final battle in episode 6, Lal'c and Nono not only obliterate the space monster, which had taken a planet to the face and shook it off as if nothing happened, but they also CRACK a black hole. After that, what appears to be a giant pair or hands clasps over the black hole until it is subdued. Even the android military advisor on one of the remaining ships stated something to the effect of "It is pointless to try and explain. They are now beyond our understanding..."
    • Summed up nicely with this line: "The black hole is splitting....that's not allowed in this universe..."
  • Digimon Adventure commenced before the Mega level was introduced in the broader canon, so the level only first appeared within the last third of the series; as such the series generally called the Ultimate (Perfect in the original) level the strongest level and its members "fully-evolved" and "strongest Digimon". It was introduced by Myotismon (Vamdemon), an immensely powerful Ultimate who had already singlehandedly overwhelmed the heroes several times before being killed, being resurrected as the Mega-level VenomMyotismon (VenomVamdemon) and proceeding to wipe the floor with the heroes. Matt (Yamato) compares it to changing the rules partway through the game.
    • Digimon: The Movie (or the 2nd Movie in Japan) takes this even further when two Mega-level Digimon digivolve together to create a Digimon beyond the Mega-level. Possibly averted in the Japan version when the Digimon aren't evolving together merely merging into one, creating a Digimon at the same level just stronger.
    • They continue this in every season, with the heroes reaching Mega as soon as it becomes necessary... and every single time, it comes as a result of what can only be called divine intervention.
      • Season 1 - Two of the Main Characters get shot by holy arrows.
      • Season 2 - The Digital World's equivalent of a god lends them their power.
      • Season 3 - The Digimon merge with their partners to reach Mega, and require the power of the aforementioned god to do it outside of the Digital World.
      • Season 4 - The angels that rule over the Digital World give them the power. Twice. Takuya and Koji effectively had two Mega levels (Fusion Hybrid and Zeta Hybrid, the latter of which was much more powerful) and both times needed divine intervention.
  • FLCL It's kinda hard to tell if there are any rules to begin with but a few likely candidates are:
    • It's established early on and confirmed near the end that N.O. capability humans need to be hit by Haruka's bat to use their heads as portals. That never happens to Eri, yet she summoned a Medical Machinan machine after headbutting Naota.The director's commentary explains it was because of how Naota and Eri knocked noggins when Naota was hit by Haruka's moped earlier. There's some kind of transitive property to it but it's still weird.
    • How does Canti fly in the second episode? It's like he took fake decorative wings and made them magic when no one was looking. "It flies around like it's never heard of gravity."
  • In The Man Picked Up By The Gods, the main character Ryouma does things with slimes that the god of creation, who created slimes in the first place, thought were impossible.
  • G Gundam
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! features
    • Jack Rakan who does this regularly. For example: a particular villain had warped reality so that he ceased to exist entirely, prompting a Heroic BSoD and Super-Powered Evil Side relapse in the Kid Hero. Rakan immediately wills himself back into existing temporarily, for the sole purpose of smacking Negi upside the head. Chisame says he has 'infinite cheats'. This is subverted when Negi reveals that all of Rakan's supposed Asspulls actually follow the rules of their universe. It's just that Rakan understands magical theory better than most people and knows how to exploit the loopholes.
    • Vampires are stated to be weak to garlic but Evangeline adds it to her ramen. They're also weak to sunlight, and crosses, and running water, and all the other "traditional weaknesses"... there's a reason why one of Eva's titles translates as "Daywalker" and why she's the series' patron saint for Training from Hell.
    • A prerequisite of a Pactio is having a soul. Chachamaru believed she couldn't get a Pactio because she was an artificial construct. Either she really did have a soul, or Negi's magic is great enough to screw over the rules of the Pactio system and create a soul.
    • The Class Rep almost broke the Pactio system when she pacted with Negi; her love for him was so great she inverted the spell and nearly became the dominant partner in the contract, despite not having any magical power. This one of the only examples of love being quantifiably taken Beyond The Impossible.
  • Naruto:
    • Killer Bee can transform into his biju without going nuts, which the previous two jinchuriki (one of them The Hero) demonstrated to be impossible. At least until Naruto tames Kurama and can transform at will. However, due to the bond being incomplete, Naruto can only stay in full Biju Mode for 5-8 minutes at most.
    • Kushina Uzumaki survived having a Tailed Beast extracted from her, something that was assumed to be universally fatal.
    • The Third Raikage No Selling a Rasenshuriken, an attack that, up to this point, had pretty much instantly disintegrated everything else it hit. Even Kurama took more damage from it.
    • Chouji grows chakra butterfly wings without using the three soldier pills in succession, a feat that blows away his own father.
    • During the Fourth Ninja World War, Naruto's Shadow Clones become this trope. These are supposed to disappear after taking one direct hit, and yet Naruto sends them to several battlefields where they take down enemies who are supposedly immortal.
    • Madara Uchiha does this a lot. To start, he dies of old age but thanks to Kabuto, he is revived at a younger age, he pulls very large meteors out of thin air. He revives with his new body again despite dying of old age. He is able to terminate the contract with Edo Tensei, despite the fact that even the original creator of the jutsu does not know how to do it. He summons a Susano'o with no eyes. He even extracted the Bijuu in mere minutes despite the fact that previously 9 members of the Akatsuki and 3 days were necessary to extract at least one. He proceeds to casually turn himself into the Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki without even going through an Almighty Idiot phase like Obito and also use Kamui as the Ten-Tailed beast container despite the original wielder being incapable of doing such a thing.
    • Obito can use Kamui to warp out of the afterlife. Out of his body that has already disintegrated into ash and by all rights should not be able to hold chakra. And to top it off, he manages to make Kakashi into his "Jinchuuriki", giving Kakashi the power of both his eyes, which he uses to form a perfect Susano'o.
  • One Piece: Their creator says their 'heart' does it, somehow.
    • Zoro can talk with a sword in his mouth. He is also capable of getting lost while sitting down. (This actually happens in the Wano arc.)
    • Sanji can ignite his legs with stomping and not get burned. UNDERWATER, even. He kicked Wanze and Duval pretty.
    • A gun, a sword, and a teapot each ate Devil Fruits, allowing them to turn into a dachshund, an elephant, and a raccoon dog respectively. Inanimate objects gaining Zoan Devil Fruit powers is explained as a breakthrough by the series' resident Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Vegapunk. Oda has hinted that when he finally makes his appearance, a lot of questions will be answered.
    • In Thriller Bark, Chopper gives an passionate speech on how the zombies of Thriller Bark are not truly alive, but merely puppets animated by a Devil Fruit power, as real humans have more freedom. A nearby zombie is listening, and Chopper's words somehow cause her to start crying, even though her facial expression doesn't change. Robin would later suggest that the phenomenon was the only true miracle of Thriller Bark, and no amount of research could explain it.
    • Blackbeard managed to steal Whitebeard's Devil Fruit powers. Almost two hundred chapters prior, it was stated that anyone who tried to use the power of more than one Devil Fruit would explode, and it still hasn't been explained how he did it. Even in-universe this is considered inexplicable to almost everyone.
  • Durarara!!: Shizuo Heiwajima. First of all he's super strong in a show that (some elements aside) is pretty realistic. More impossible, he's broken so many bones it's amazing he can even walk. His buddy Shinra, a doctor, stopped trying to figure out how he does it. At one point, he punches a thug so hard he knocks him out of his clothing. It seems that every time he gets hurt, he heals stronger than before. The demonic blade Saika says that his strength has "literally no limit".
  • Slayers uses theurgic magic (meaning it draws from faith in gods or demons). Martina uses a curse, on raw willpower, drawing from the energy of a spirit that doesn't exist, since she made it up. Granted, it isn't nearly as impressive as nearly anyone's magic, but that she can use this at all, even for minor curses or dowsing is insane.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its Spin-Offs Puella Magi Kazumi Magica and Puella Magi Oriko Magica all demonstrate that the rules of setting can be rewritten.
    • Homura is an irregularity among Magical Girls because Kyubey can't remember making a contract with her. Kyokou notes that this should be impossible. Indeed it is. Homura made a contract with Kyubey in a previous time line.
    • Kyubey tells Madoka that her potential as a Magical Girl is so great, it's theoretically impossible. This is because Homura converged dozens of timelines on her quest to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
    • Madoka ascends to godhood, generates a new body, and kills her own witch form. This caused a Reality-Breaking Paradox that made her Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. In the end, she rewrote the rules of the setting by exterminating witches and is implied to have created magical girl heaven. Then it's stated that she did it in every universe and there's an infinite amount of universes.
    • Kyubey stated that his wishes, depending on a person's potential, can make the impossible possible. Considering the statement above, this is confirmed.
    • For instance It's possible to have two Soul Gems in the same body. Elfen Lied parallels are noted.
    • Then there's the ending of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion where Homura becomes the devil to Madoka's goddess and engulfs the entire universe in her barrier.
  • In Crest of the Stars Ekuryua's driving is so bad that she induces motion sickness in a shuttle full of Abh. This is supposed to be impossible because Abh are genetically engineered to fly in ships without inertia dampening.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Sakaki Shio, the "100-dan" karate master of Ryozanpaku, versus Akira Hongo, the "God Fist" of YAMI's One Shadow Nine Fists. They engage each other in battle and manage to knock each other unconscious at the same time after a grueling fight. They keep right on fighting DESPITE BEING COMPLETELY UNCONSCIOUS .
  • Marcus from Digimon Savers once broke an unbreakable shield with his bare fist.
  • Luke in The Sacred Blacksmith specializes in forging katanas. Eventually he forges a katana that is so perfect, so sharp, that he sticks it into a table and orders someone to take their sword and strike the katana. Remember, this katana is at rest. Absolutely no motion or force is behind it. The other sword is swung at full force and its blade gets sliced cleanly in half without so much as leaving a scratch on the katana. Impossible would be the katana surviving the strike. In this case, beyond the impossible is the striking weapon being cleanly destroyed without so much as a resulting blemish in the effort. This isn't even one of his magically forged ones (those break pretty easily). This one was made the mundane way with mundane materials and yet it still does the above.
  • Kämpfer: Natsuru marries himself and even more impossible he has a little girl with himself. Despite all this it could be averted as there was a lot of weird stuff in that episode.
  • Medaka Box
    • Despite a lot of extreme and reality-bending abilities, Aka Aoki has the distinction of an Abnormality that is impossible according to the series' own logic. She can infect any person with any sickness ...and she uses it to cure any damage done during Flask 13 and the subsequent trials.
    • Iihiko kills Anshin'in even though some of her skills include invincibility and guaranteed victory against a stronger opponent.
  • Averted in Midori Days. One of Seiji's classmates claimed he did this by punching out a car but Seiji sweatdrops and says that's impossible.
  • Heroic Age. Bellcross punches a BLACK HOLE.
  • High School Dx D.
    • Issei has a Power Fist that doubles his power every ten seconds, but resets automatically every five or six boosts according to how much power his body can handle. Then Vali unintentionally threatened to cut Rias's bust size in half prompting an Unstoppable Rage and dozens upon dozens of boosts far beyond Issei's previously-established limits. Issei then proceeds to pick up a fragment of Vali's Divine Dividing armor and incorporates it into his Boosted Gear to make his hand immune to its effects. Albion protests that this is outright impossible as they are equal and opposite and the very idea is patently ridiculous, but it still works.
    • There's also Issei accidentally summoning the breast god whose existence was completely unknown to other gods.
  • Fushigi Yuugi has a place in Kotou called the "Shrine of Seiryuu"; a Physical God that stands opposed to the god Suzaku. In this place, the warriors of Suzaku are forbidden entry by a magic barrier that specifically targets them and the priestess of Suzaku is paralyzed. Chichiri can get in nonetheless because "I'm trickery, you know?" while Tomahome is powered by love. To a native of the Universe of the Four Gods, this is as impossible as someone ignoring the laws of thermodynamics in real life.
  • Shakugan no Shana. Tenmoku Ikko can cut Fecor's Magnesia with the Nietono no Shana, a feat that no Crimson Lord has ever matched. He's just a torch with a treasure tool!
  • The Animatrix has three examples:
    • In World Record, Dan manages to run fast enough to cause glitches in the Matrix as it struggles to keep up with him. Even when the Matrix freezes the program, it doesn't stop him for long.
    • After the Machines manage to reconnect him and make sure he can never walk again, he briefly manages to glitch gravity and begin floating.
    Dan: FREE!
    • In Kid's Story, The Kid woke himself up from the Matrix, an act nobody considered possible.
  • The Air Tracks of Air Gear stretch the possible to its breaking point but it's subverted. It is easy to forget that tricks only seemed to be able to grant users flight, in the beginning of the manga. Over two hundred chapters in, and everyone with something roll-capable (including soda cans!) on their feet seems to put airbending to shame. The real kicker near the end of the series. Clashing the energies of the Sky and Storm Regalias somehow disrupts gravity for a moment on Earth that people and objects temporarily float in the air. They defied the laws of physics to do this.
  • In TV, Nuku rides her bike so fast that she winds up 15 years in the past when she finally stops.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: The price for sealing card #53 'Void' was the 'precious feeling' of the most powerful mage. This ended up being Syaoran due to the other candidate being exhausted at the time. The card was sealed and transformed but Syaoran didn't forget after all.
  • Code Geass: Emperor Charles said it was impossible to geass the world's equivalent to God, and when you think how Geass is referred to as 'the power of the king' it makes sense. Lelouch thought otherwise.
  • Cyborg Grandpa G doesn't agree with your interpretation of the word "impossible".
  • Gamble Fish screws laws of physics and biology because a gambler's soul transcends the body's endurance or something like that. How much of this is genuinely impossible, how much is excused by coolness and how much is psychological warfare is fluid.
  • Gasaraki: Yushiro frequently does things with a TA that are considered both suicidal and impossible.
  • GUN×SWORD in Super Robot Wars K. Van not only resists the overskill of Lionettor (which lowers pilot morale down to lowest possible value) but flat-over overpowers it and buffs his team to full. He does this by shouting his love for Helena.
  • King of Bandit Jing: stealing 'desire' from a personification of Greed.
  • MÄR: Phantom is the Number 1 Chess Knight for a reason. It becomes apparent during the fight with Ginta. He is shown to be capable of summoning up to five Guardians at the same time, a feat unaccomplished by anyone else, ever. Dorothy said outright that this is impossible, and Alan equated the feat to writing two dissimilar letters—one with each hand. Most people can only summon one Guardian due to the incredible stress on stamina, mental strength and magic power. Not to mention a summoner can't move much while one's out. He isn't restrained to using techniques of this level only once during the battle.
  • Rio -Rainbow Gate!-: The Sky Resort, a building that flies without any visible propulsion, defying all kinds of physics and gravity laws.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo: The second half of episode 13 looks like it's going to be the student council reflecting on their memories of the past year, but it quickly turns absurd when they flash back to events that never happened, never can happen and, in the case of Mutsumi, are in a completely different genre. It gets weirder: apparently Tsuda's souvenir changed to conform to Shino's warped memory, causing Tsuda to go into a short Heroic BSoD. In other words, it literally WARPS REALITY, which flies in the face of the rules of the rest of the series which is otherwise mostly a Slice of Life.
  • Fairy Tail: Gildarts broke a freaking black hole!
  • Campione!:
    • One of the main constants throughout the series is that normal humans cannot stand up to gods. Youth Form smashes this apart, as those given Protection have the same overwhelming life force and magical capacity as a Campione. Erica was able to defeat the possessed Ena using it.
    • To become a Campione in the first place, a mortal defies all logic and slays a god. For example, Salvatore Doni became one by stealing a god of swords' weapon and killing him with it, even though said god was supposed to be immune to swords.
  • Tiger Mask: A wrestler that is good in strength, technique and fouls is stated in-universe to be impossible, as a fine technician needs to have reduced muscle mass that won't hamper the fast use of techniques, a strength-based wrestler is prevented from using the finest techniques as he's hampered by his own muscle mass and weight, and a fine technician with enormous strength wouldn't have the time to learn the worst fouls (as shown by Mil Mascaras and El Sicodelico, physically very strong and masters of technique who bluntly admitted they are pathetic at fouls). Yet, Miracle 3 is one of the finest technicians of the series, in terms of strength he's inferior only to Gorilla Man and a freaking yeti, and, as a Tiger's Cave pupil, he's very good at fouls. In the manga, it's later discovered he's actually three wrestlers with a similar build, one being a very skilled technician, one being ludicrously strong and one being among the foulest Tiger's Cave pupils in history. But in the anime, he really pulls it off. And Tiger Mask does too, once he snaps.
  • Hikaru no Go: Downplayed for a mundane example. Akira playing four different games at once and ending all of them with tied scores. Deliberately achieving a draw with an opponent that is not also trying to do the same is one of the most difficult things to do in Go, and the skill level of your opponent makes no real difference. Akira doing this in four simultaneous games is treated as a superhuman achievement.
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard: Invoked. As seen in his quote, his Limit Break broke the limit. Platina Ezel is the first to reach Limit Break 5 skill.
  • City Hunter: At 1 km Ryo shot the barrel of Fumaguchi's rifle, then he shot it again to prove it wasn't a fluke, then his belt, his tie and the buttons of his shirt. A scared Fumaguchi, who is an Olympic champion and could hit a man-sized target at one km himself, remarked they were impossible shots...
  • Witch Hunter: Like Tasha's Song of Moirae, Ryuhwan can access a powerful, albeit weaker, form by allowing a large amount of mana to enter his body. Unlike Tasha's though, he can enter this state without being driven insane but can only use it in a limited amount of time before his body rebounds from the strain.
  • Beelzebub has Tojo; a completely normal human, no special powers or contracts, capable of fighting toe-to-toe with the most powerful demons. At one point, a demon (who is used to fighting other demons) uses a hypersonic sword to pull a Single-Stroke Battle on him. Except Tojo blocks and breaks the blade with his bare hands. The watching demons are stunned nearly speechless, and decide that they (read: powerful soldier demons trained to fight other powerful soldier demons) need to team up to fight him. He defeats them offscreen.
  • One-Punch Man: Saitama's strength training is absurdly simplistic, but it made him able to defeat skyscraper-sized monsters with less effort than Superman does. The other characters who have heard his explanation comment on how flat-out impossible his strength is when compared to what he claims to have done.
    • His speed is so far beyond superhuman it is ridiculous. During the first fight with Speed of Sound Sonic, Sonic performs a series of high speed dodges that would be impossible for any normal human to see, let alone keep up with. When Saitama finally decides to move, he moves so fast that even Sonic can't see it. This only gets crazier when Saitama meets a hero even faster than Sonic called Lightspeed Flash who attacks him with a sword moving at the speed of light and Saitama dodges it. Then, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, Flash tries again and Saitama blocks just by holding the blade between his thumb and forefinger.
    • While it had been seen before that Saitama could hold back enough to hit a person without killing them, generally, if he attacks to kill it's a One-Hit KO, hence the title. Then comes episode 11 where after being punched once, Boros survives a single normal punch from Saitama, having only suffered the loss of his Power Limiter. The whole fight from there was just one beyond impossible occurrence after another for both sides, culminating in the clash of a planet-busting Kamehame Hadouken and the first in-series instance of Saitama punching something "seriously".
  • In A Certain Magical Index:
    • Several characters note that Touma Kamijou's Imagine Breaker does not make any sense and breaks the rules of both science and magic.
    • Sogiita Gunha's esper power has no explanation. The one he provides is something he made up. Every feat he does, like punching a lightning bolt away or grabbing an aurora, completely defies the laws of physics and completely baffles everyone around him. Yes, all Espers are in some way Reality Warpers with the Level 5s (of which Gunha is a part) as the strongest of them, but Gunha is the only one who flat-out breaks the laws of reality and physics rather than "merely" bend them.
    • Fremea Seivelun manages through sheer willpower to hack the entire Academy City's AIM field to both end the Agitate Halation effect that was driving many of the heroes crazy and turn an AIM thought-being vulnerable. These feats are supposed to be impossible because Fremea is a Level 0 esper, someone with no power.
  • Sword Art Online notes several instances within the otherwise solid consistency of this death-game RPG's rules: When you die in game, you die in real-life, period. However, both lead characters have occasionally bypassed the rules of the game through sheer will, performing game feats that no others can do, albeit extremely rarely. Coming back to the game after being killed, to note one instance.
    • Sword Art Online: A really big moment when a character takes a killing blow from Kayaba Akihiko to save Kirito, while paralyzed. Even Kayaba couldn't believe that happened, and he made the game.
  • In Sailor Moon, having your Pure Heart Crystal extracted is an instant KO, as everyone loses pretty much their whole life force. Then Eudial does it to Minako, who proceeds to run away faster than Eudial's car right after having given blood...
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: A downplayed example happens here. Sleeping Giant Zushin is a card that can technically be summoned, but its conditions for doing so are so outrageous that it's widely regarded as an impossible feat (a Level One Normal Monster, one of the objectively weakest cards in the entire game, has to stay on the player's field for 20 total turns, when it's already rare for a duel to be even half that long). When Team Taiyou become the first duelists in history to summon Zushin, it's treated as an in-series miracle, with an entire stadium of detractors instantly switching to their side from the sheer amazement of them actually pulling it off.
  • Juza from Fist of the North Star. He fought Raoh and sustained lethal injuries doing so. In the middle of their fight, Raoh even noted that Juza should have been dead of his wounds already. Only after taking a second look did Roah realize that Juza actually was dead and yet had continued to fight on in spite of being dead. This means Juza managed to break the definition of death itself, especially since he died of injuries from a Hokuto Shinken user. The fact he didn't explode into Ludicrous Gibs is almost a defiance of the setting's norms. While he didn't win—his body stopped moving eventually—Raoh noted that if he had just kept moving for a little bit longer, Juza might have been able to kill him after he died.
  • This is one of the mysteries surrounding the Masked Man in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. He takes on Nanoha, and then sneaks up on Fate (who is on a completely different planet) less than nine minutes later, a feat that Amy says should be impossible due to the travel time between the two planets being twenty minutes at a bare minimum. Amy is absolutely right. It is impossible... if it was the same person who attacked both of them.


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