Winter 2013 Anime

This is a list of the known TV anime series that are expected to air between January and March of 2013, along with their Laconic descriptions.

See Fall 2012 Anime for the previous season and Spring 2013 Anime for the following season.

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TV Series:

Ai Mai Mi
Airing from January 3 for 13 episodes

The four girls of the manga club deal with absurd situations. Based on a 4koma.
AKB0048 Next Stage
Airing from January 5

2nd season of the AKB0048 anime from the Spring 2012 Anime season.
Airing from January 7 for 12 episodes

An Otome Game adaptation. The female lead finds herself with amnesia, with a spirit guide named Orion helping her to get her memories back.
Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman (Bakumatsu Tale of the Selfless Man Roman)
Airing from January 7

It's about Roman, a phantom thief operating in the Bakumatsu era, retrieving unfairly taken items. Designs are by Monkey Punch, the creator of Lupin III. Based on the Pachinko game CR Genroku Gijinden Roman.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (I Don't Have Many Friends NEXT)
Airing from January 10

2nd season of the Haganai anime. Expect more Meat.
Chihayafuru 2
Airing from January 11

2nd season of the anime that introduced many people to karuta.
Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke
Airing from January 7

A spinoff of Zettai Karen Children, focusing on the eponymous Anti-Villain.
Cuticle Detective Inaba
Airing from January 4 for 12 episodes

The titular Inaba is part man, part wolf, and a private detective.
Da Capo III
Airing from January 5 for 13 episodes

The protagonist is part of the news club, along with the other main characters. One day, the members of the club get messages on their cell phones telling them to do something at the place where the sakura are blooming, with a timestamp of 1951. They set out to solve the mystery. Part of a fantasy/romance series.
DokiDoki! Precure
Airing from February 3rd

The tenth installment in the Pretty Cure Magical Girl franchise.
GJ-bu (GJ Club)
Airing from January 9

A comedy about a Nice Guy in a club with a bunch of girls, who may or may not be in a harem situation. Based on a "4 panel" light novel series(explanation) .
Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun (Eight Dog Story: Eastern Strange Tale of the Eight Dogs)
Airing from January 5 for 13 episodes

A female-oriented reimagining of a classic samurai novel that features supernatural elements.
Hetalia: The Beautiful World
Airing from January 25

5th season of the very popular series that features Bishounen anthropomorphized countries
Ishida To Asakura
Airing from January 6 as a series of shorts

A surreal comedy about high school boys.
Airing from January 10 for 12 episodes

A New Transfer Student who can read minds winds up joining the ESP Club. Based on a 4koma.
Love Live! School Idol Project
Airing from January 6

Nine high school girls form an idol group to promote their high school so that they can save the school from closure. Based on a series of fan-voted music videos.
Airing from January 2 as a series of shorts for 13 episodes

A group of female manga editors start their own manga magazine even though they don't have any actual experience editing manga. Based on a 4-koma.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Archenemy and Hero)
Airing from January 4 for 12 episodes

A hero and a demon queen are about to face each other in the final battle. But before they start to fight, the demon queen convinces the hero to stand down after explaining that the war between humans and demons would continue regardless of the deaths of anyone on either side, or even the entirety of either side. The two team up to avert this and end the war without a loser.
Minami-ke Tadaima (Minami Family I'm Home)
Airing from January 5 for 13 episodes

4th season of the Slice of Life comedy
Nekomonogatari (Kuro)
Airing on December 31st as a two hour TV special; equal to 4 episodes

Prequel to Bakemonogatari dealing with Hanekawa Tsubasa. Takes place after Kizumonogatari
Oreshura (Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, or Caught In the Battlefield Between My Girlfriend and My Childhood Friend)
Airing from January 5 for 13 episodes

A light novel adaptation about an Ordinary High-School Student who doesn't care about love being blackmailed into dating the most popular girl in school, to his childhood friend's chagrin. They start a club about becoming popular.
Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?)
Airing from January 11 for 10 episodes

Three problem children are transported to another world to help overthrow the devil.
Puchimas Petit Idolmaster
Airing from January 1st as 2-minute episodes for 64 episodes

The various misadventures of the 765 Production Idols and their Super Deformed counterparts. From a manga spinoff of The Idol Master franchise
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (Sasami-san@No Effort)
Airing from January 10 for 12 episodes

Akiyuki Shinbo directed comedy series from Studio SHAFT, about a female hikikomori, her brother, and the three Yagami sisters.
Senran Kagura
Airing from January 6 for 12 episodes

The premise goes thus: Ninjas secretly exist even in this age, and there are those who employ them for nefarious purposes. To counter this, the government founded the Hanzō Academy in order to train female shinobi, or kunoichi. Really, though, it's mostly about fanservice.
Airing from January 8 as a series of shorts

The comic adventures of a hero and a palace warrior.
Tamako Market
Airing from January 9 for 12 episodes

A new series from the director and screenwriter of K-On!. Tamako is the daughter of a mochi shop owner and lives a happy life in a colorful shopping arcade full of interesting characters, the newest being a talking cybernetic cockatoo claiming to be on the hunt for a bride to marry an island prince.
Vividred Operation
Airing from January 10 for 12 episodes

A sci-fi Magical Girl series starring an impoverished 14-year-old girl.
Yama No Susume
Airing from January 2 as a series of shorts for 13 episodes

Two girls, one who is afraid of heights, and one who loves mountains decide to climb mountains together.