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Manga: Majo No Shinzou
When she travels in snow-covered forest, Mika, and her lantern, Lumiere, found a girl named Karen. They travel together, and then found a small church in a middle of the forest. A sister welcomed them, and offered them a place to stay. In there, Karen tell them about rumours of "Heartless Boundary Witch".

That night, Mika wakes from her bed, to find out....

That the nun is a criminal aiming to rob them, and already killed Karen. Then she stabs Mika....

Only to find out that Mika is the rumored "Heartless Boundary Witch". Heartless, in terms that "Her sister stole her literal heart and she's out to get it back... for about 500 years."

Oh, and she's a witch. Which means that the con didn't really work out....

After burying Karen's body, Mika continues her journey....

And that's for the first chapter.

Majo no Shinzou (Witch's Heart in English) is a Gaslamp Fantasy about a witch who tiredlessly seeking her heart, and her impact upon people she meets. Created by Matoba, it's published on Gangan Online. Has a beautiful artwork, and quite a captivating story.

This manga provides examples of:

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