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Just your average, ordinary bunch of high school students.

Teekyuu (てーきゅう — lit. "Tennis") is a Slice of Life sports comedy focusing on four precocious school students as they deal with the typical lifestyle of the average teenage high-schooler: Struggling through class, making new friends, being part of school activities, playing sports, cooking, stealing panties, digging up mummies in Egypt with their withered, senile grandmother, befriending an alien and going to their planet...


Wait, what?

Teekyuu is the acid-induced love child of Earth Star Entertainment, creators of Yama No Susume. It was published in 2012 as a manga in Earth Star's self-published Comic Star Magazine, and was adapted the same year into a 2-minute, short format anime by Tokyo Metropolitan Station, currently at eight seasons consisting of twelve episodes each.note  The series is currently running on Crunchyroll.

Examples With Senpai:

  • Anime Hair: Kanae's fluffy, bubbly pink hair.
  • Art Evolution: While still very stiff and limited in its movements (see Limited Animation below), backgrounds have become increasingly lavish and the girls' designs have become increasingly consistent and even three-dimensional. Compare Episode 1 with Episode 84.
  • The Cartel: Referred to as the "Mexican mafia", they run a festival in one episode and end up in a shootout with the local yakuza.
  • Conversation Cut: A Visual Running Gag of sorts in a series that goes as fast as Teekyu, typically induced by some form of Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick. Within one second, a character will be having a perfectly normal conversation, relayed by still frames of the locations of what they're talking about, (i.e., a day at school), then, all of a sudden, they or another person will completely derail themselves by injecting with a non-sequitur that will transport the group to Mars or back in time.
  • Four-Man Band: While the personalities are flip-flopped, but Marimo will typically be the pervert and Kanae will usually be the Butt Monkey. Usually.
  • Genre-Busting: It's technically listed as a "sports comedy" and a "slice of life" series. While there is at least one or two episodes dedicated to showing the girls playing tennis, more often than not the series will have them travel to alien planets with their extraterrestrial best friend, digging mummies in Egypt, and hunting ghosts.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Each episode title is "X With Senpai", the X being the name of a famous movie. Some have included Ju-on With Senpai! and The Grand Budapest Hotel with Senpai!
  • Limited Animation: All of the Motor Mouth talking is done with only two mouth flaps per character.
  • Motor Mouth. HOOO boy. While most short-format anime, even Gag Series anime between four and ten minutes long, will go at a slower pace to let its viewers get an understanding of what is being conveyed, Teekyu takes and runs with this trope into the ground, having every character, even those who show up for a scene or two for one episode, speak their lines a mile per millisecond to the point where, if you blink, you've missed an entire episode.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: The four girls make up a tennis club...that does everything except actually play tennis. When approached for an interview, they do everything short of demonstrating a tennis match, including playing Pong and then doing a re-enactment of it.
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy: The gags come just fast enough for you to barely process them.
  • Widget Series: A good chunk of the humor may go over your head if you're not very familiar with Japanese culture.

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