Manga / Shindere Shoujo To Kodoku Na Shinigami

Wakanae, stop feeding

Wakanae Akira wakes up to a normal day on her boring island home, only to learn that a new student is going to be transferring to her class. Much to everyone at her middle school's disappointment, the new kid, Nishigami Matsushirou, turns out to be an incredibly concentrated ball of pure angst. He introduces himself as a shinigami and tells the class that everyone who gets close to him dies.

Nishigami proceeds to alienate his classmates to the best of his ability, but ends up class president alongside Wakanae to their mutual displeasure. However, as they interact, they begin to develop feelings for one another...

And then Wakanae dies.

Shindere Shoujo To Kodoku Na Shinigami (The Dyingnote  Girl and the Forlorn Death God) builds off of a generic premise to become anything but, as Wakanae and Nishigami weave their way through dubious traditions, xenophobic natives, and desperate foreigners in search of the truth behind the island's greatest secret.

At the end of March 2013, Gangan Online announced that the manga has been put on indefinite hiatus due to the author, Yuki Shinkiba, coming down with a sudden illness.

On September 24, 2015, said author was reported to have died three months ago, on June 17.

This manga provides examples of: