No Glasses, No Life!

Akira Souma believes there are three kinds of people: those who wear glasses, those who don't, and the ladies. He's so convinced of this, that he has founded Meganebu, a club for glasses wearers, at his school. There are a total of four members: Akira, Takuma, Yukiya, Mitsuki, and provisional member Hayato. Together, they will... show glasses wearers' superiority to the world, or something like that. And build X-ray Glasses.

Meganebu! started as otome Drama CDs, later adapted into a Slice of Life Comedy anime for the Fall 2013 season with a different cast. It is directed by Soubi Yamamoto (Kono Danshi series) at Studio DEEN, with character designs by Atsuko Nakajima. This article focuses on the animated version.

Meganebu! provides examples of: