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Manga: Pupipo
Wakaba Himeji is a 5th grader with a peculiar problem: She can interact with spirits and ghosts. Her ability has made her an avoided outcast at school, and victim of verbal bullying from a gaggle of mean girls.

Walking home from school one day, she looks out at the sunset...and then notices a box on the street. Inside this box is Po, a bizarre little pink blob creature. Turns out Po can see these spirits too. And more importantly, beat them up when they pester Wakaba.

Rounding out the bunch is new student Reiko Azuma. A bizarre bespectacled girl fascinated by the occult, who quickly becomes Wakaba's best friend.

The three go about their routines, while Wakaba wishes there was some way she could be free of her pesky powers...


  • Back from the Dead: Azuma is rescued from crossing over by Wakaba and Po when she is hit by a car.
  • Badass Adorable: Po. An adorable pink blob who can beat down giant and mean spirits.
  • Foreshadowing: The brief image of Wakaba holding a babies hand when she touches Po in episode 5.
  • Opaque Lenses: Azuma typically sports these. Though occasionally her eyes are visible.
  • Reality Warper: As the Frog explains in the final episode, Po pretty much bitch-smacked reality to go back in time and ensure he would be born.
  • Stable Time Loop: Po. When demons caused future Wakaba to miscarry, the babies primordial spirit became Po. Who violated the laws of reality to go back and free Wakaba of her powers so he could be born.
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