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Manga: Shinigami Sama To 4 Nin No Kanojo

Minaguchi Kaoru is nothing special. Bad at sports, poor grades, not in any clubs, and certainly not popular. He has no friends and isn't even interested in any of the girls he knows. He's also bullied due to the fact that he loves shoujo manga. Unlike the harem daydreams of his peers, he dreams of finding his true love. Unfortunately, a shinigami comes to kill him, simply because he's a failure. But when he gasps out his intention of becoming a success with his final breaths, she takes it back! As long as he follows through on his intentions, he won't be harvested.

To convince the shinigami that his plans are genuine, he declares that he will confess to the girl he likes, the very next day. Expecting failure with confessing to random girls in his school, he sends out love letters to four different girls. To his surprise, they all agree to be his girlfriend. Now, this shoujo-manga-loving guy has ended up in a kind of harem story, quadruple-timing four girls.

Then the shinigami introduces herself as Airi, and sets a time of 3 months, during which she'll watch Kaoru (and his girlfriends) very closely in order to confirm that he can pull this off. If he fails, then his head will be hers.

Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no Kanojonote  is an ongoing manga by Suyama Shinya, the author of Gakkou no Sensei and Akuma Jiten, with CHuN (of Maou-sama no Yuusha Toubatsuki fame) in charge of art. At only 1 volume in Japan as of February 2014, mixes sweet, scary, tension and tactics like no other. Expect plenty of laughs and cold sweat.

Can be read here.

This series provides examples of:

  • Accidental Pervert — Downplayed.
  • All Love Is UnrequitedAll of the girls fall more and more in love with Kaoru, but in all honesty, he's more worried about saving his ass than on romance.
  • All the Other Reindeer — Kaoru has no friends. The concept is so foreign to him, the idea of a phone being used to contact people besides his family was very shocking for him. He is also bullied by every boy due to his love of shojo manga. But it is more limited to them calling him fag and such.
  • Battle of Wits — Between Airi (who wants to kill Kaoru and positions the girlfriends in places that would give his cheating away) and Kaoru (who wants to fulfill the conditions set by Airi for his release and strives to keep his cheating in secret).
  • Beneath the Mask — All the girls have 2 faces: their public image (always a positive one) and the intimate one (far more sinister).
  • Butt Monkey — Kaoru goes straight to this but barely avoids it due to his incredible ability to improvise.
  • Cat Smile — Airi pulls one of these in the first chapter.
    • Kaoru does one in chapter 9.
  • Chaste Hero: Kaoru actively attempts to get too physical with the girls, as he feels their feelings are wasted on him.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet — Kaoru did get 4 girls to like him enough to date him, without even personally knowing them.
  • Covert Pervert — Lisa Umikai's intimate face. She has no knowledge about relationships, and the first reference manual we see consulting is a porn magazine.
  • Class Representative — Lisa fulfills the place to a T. A perfectly cool, distant student that serves without calling attention to herself and stays at the top of her class.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen — Kaoru has this effect in Lisa and Emily. Whether this is good or not is left as an exercise for the reader.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness — It is used quite a bit, both for laughs and for drama.
  • Even the Girls Want Her — Aoi's outgoing, cheerful and all-around optimistic personality earns her popularity with guys and girls. Though this is her public personality.
  • Expy — Lisa resembles Shino quite a bit, as well as having a similar personality, the only real difference is Lisa has Gag Boobs, which would probably kill Shino
  • Forgotten First Meeting — At first Kaoru wonders if this happened between him and Airi.
    • Later hinted in chapter 6, that this occurred between Karou and Aoi
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Kaoru does quite a bit, mostly calling himself on his cheating, but also his lack of friends.
  • Gag Boobs — Lisa, a single breast is larger than her head.
  • Genre Savvy — Karou due to reading a lot of manga, is really good at making excuses towards the girls that raises their affection towards him.
    • Airi is as well, she and Karou usually converse in tropes.
  • Guile Hero — Kaoru has shown himself to be pretty good at getting out of situations, using lies and his knowledge of Shoujo manga.
  • Indy Ploy — Almost all of Kaoru's plans are pretty much "try to do damage control with what I can use at the moment". Justified because he has absolutely no experience dating girls.
  • It Amused Me — Airi cannot directly intervene in Kaoru's daily life, so she resorts to indirect manipulation in order to put him at risk of failure with his girlfriends. What she really wants is to reap Kaoru, but her real motivation is to amuse herself seeing how will Kaoru get his ass out of the troubles she sets up.
  • Kuudere — Lisa Umikai's public face, befitting of a Class Representative.
    • Her personality switch is romantic and perverted actions.
  • Loners Are Freaks — Kaoru is seen at this due to his deep shyness and cloudy mind (which would prove to be serious weaknesses in the days to come).
  • Love Triangle — Type 3: The 4 girls like Kaoru for their own reasons.
    • Becomes a Type 7 when the 4 girls accept his confession and start dating him (everything in the same chapter, no less!).
  • Manipulative Bastard — Airi fully expects Kaoru to fail and loves to exploit his 4 girlfriends' character traits in order to put him in dangerous situations.
  • My God, What Have I Done? — Since getting 4 girlfriends, a good chunk of Kaoru's thoughts are this. It's used to show that he clearly understands what he's become and how it contradicts his own ideals of love and romance.
  • NEET — For about a chapter Kaoru became this, planning to let 3 months pass by without having a chance to meet the girls. He quickly gave up when he realized the girls could come to his house and he would have no way to stop them.
  • New Transfer Student — Subverted, Airi enjoys playing around too much to transfer. Kaoru even asks if she was.
  • Nice Guy — Kaoru is actually a nice guy. He originally used dating as a last shot. He was surprised as hell not only did one girl accepted, but all FOUR did. You can tell he feels really sorry for the girls, and makes an effort to at least be a good fake boyfriend to each of the girls.
  • Not a Morning Person — Airi.
  • Off on a Technicality — Kaoru avoided certain death by stating he wants to become a success on his dying breath. Airi immediately stops and saves him because were she to reap a successful person (or one with that goal) she'd be punished with a severe pay cut.
    • Same for being a NEET, if Kaoru gives the appearance of being successful, Airi can't kill him.
  • Offscreen Teleportation Aoi does this in chapter 7, it was a pure, raw scare.
  • Oh Crap — Happens a lot to Kaoru due to Airi. But a great face is this
  • Ojou — Emily Oogawara's public face.
    • This helps explain her Tsundere tendencies: seeing that she has easy access to money, people in the past have tretaed her as a wallet. One of the direct strikes Kaoru unintentionally shots at her heart is paying for the net café himself in their first date and explaining that a gentleman cannot allow his date to pay.
  • Otaku — Both Kaoru and Airi are these.
  • Patient Childhood Love InterestIt is hinted that Aoi is one. It does not mix well with Yandere
  • Sadist — Yui's intimate face. Her first romantic encounter with Kaoru involved her biting Kaoru's ear intentionally and getting off on it. Kaoru admitting she was biting so hard, he was scared she was going to rip it off.
    • And it happens again in the infirmary.
  • School Idol — Yui and Aoi are these. Yui because she's actually an Idol Singer and Aoi because she's the best of the school's swimming team.
  • Shout-Out — An hilarious one to Death Note in ch. 8.
    • Chapter 9 had Airi going to watch a Madoka movie and somehow Homura is wearing Darth Vader's helmet.
      • This chapter takes some not-so-kind jabs at Madoka Magica. Especially hilarious is the scene of Homura with Madoka's panties in her head.
  • There Are No Therapists — The cast could certainly use professional help (with the exception of Airi).
  • Tsundere — Emily's intimate face, and she heavily leans on the "tsun" side. Notorious are her punches to the arm and her detached, offensive demeanor.
  • Unwanted Harem — For Kaoru. One of the few cases where it's actually and completely his fault.
  • Yandere — Aoi Sawatari intimate face. Her introduction on ch. 7 instantly reaches Paranoia Fuel heights.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair — Look at the picture, Yui has pink hair and Emily's blond. While Yui can be justified as an Idol, it can be simply dyed.
  • Your Cheating Heart — The Series.
    • In an interesting twist, Kaoru's only way to survive. Or not, if he doesn't play this the right way.
    • In his favor, he plans to come clean with the girls once the 3 month period ends. And he's willing to shoulder the consequences.

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