Anime: Blood-C

"What do you think people are made of? I'm not talking about blood or flesh. We do care about what's on the exterior, but we want to focus more on what people even now still call the "inside." You can also call it "nature." I guess you are either born this way or raised to act this way. Are people born like this or do they become like this? The answer is..."

Blood-C is a Summer 2011 Anime series that was produced and collaborated on by Studio Production I.G and CLAMP. It is the second anime based on Blood The Last Vampire, following 2005's Blood+, and the fourth overall incarnation in the franchise.

Kisaragi Saya is a High School girl born to a shrine family. By day, she's completely ordinary and enjoys hanging out with her friends. By night, she fights and kills the monsters called "Elder Bairns" who invade her town and attempt to feed on humans. But as Saya continues to fight for her life each night, she begins to notice something isn't quite right in this town...

The movie Blood-C: The Last Dark, which was out on June 2, 2012, is a sequel which continues the events of the TV series, one year later, and is set in Tokyo.

Funimation has licensed both the TV series (released in November, 2012) and film, which is expected to be released sometime in 2013. A manga adaptation of the TV series and the movie was serialized in Shounen Ace. There's also a spin-off manga entitled Blood-C: Izayoi Kitan which is set in 1946.

This series provides examples of: