Anime / Blood-C

"What do you think people are made of? I'm not talking about blood or flesh. We do care about what's on the exterior, but we want to focus more on what people even now still call the "inside." You can also call it "nature." I guess you are either born this way or raised to act this way. Are people born like this or do they become like this? The answer is..."

Blood-C is a Summer 2011 Anime series that was produced and collaborated on by Studio Production I.G and CLAMP. It is the second anime based on Blood: The Last Vampire, following 2005's Blood+, and the fourth overall incarnation in the franchise.

Kisaragi Saya is a High School girl born to a shrine family. By day, she's completely ordinary and enjoys hanging out with her friends. By night, she fights and kills the monsters called "Elder Bairns" who invade her town and attempt to feed on humans. But as Saya continues to fight for her life each night, she begins to notice something isn't quite right in this town...

The movie Blood-C: The Last Dark, which was out on June 2, 2012, is a sequel which continues the events of the TV series, one year later, and is set in Tokyo.

Funimation has licensed both the TV series (released in November, 2012) and film, which was released in 2013. A manga adaptation of the TV series and the movie was serialized in Shounen Ace. There's also a spin-off manga entitled Blood-C: Izayoi Kitan which is set in 1946. In July 2015, a stage play entitled, Blood-C: The Last Mind, was released which is written by Junichi Fujisaku and is an Interquel between the TV series and movie.

This series provides examples of:

  • Trademark Favorite Food: Saya always eats Guimauve (or marshmallows) and drinks coffee. Both are mixed with blood of the Elder Bairns
  • Trash the Set: Episode 12. Asides from the villagers getting massacred by the bunny Elder Bairns, the whole town gets destroyed.
  • Unorthodox Sheathing: Saya does this in the opening sequence by holding up her sword and having the sheath land perfectly in place.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Nobody comments when Saya brings her katana to school in Episode 6. By Episode 8, they start to take notice.
  • Unwitting Pawn:
    • Saya. Big time.
    • All of the unfortunate villagers who have no idea that they're meant to be slaughtered when everything's over.
  • Vampire Hunter: Saya, for certain values of 'vampire'.
  • Vapor Wear: When the multi-armed Samurai Elder Bairn from Episode 7 cuts up the back of Saya's uniform, no bra is seen.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Episode 6 throws the series into Anyone Can Die territory with the deaths of the Motoe twins.
    • Episodes 8 and 9 together formed another Wham Episode, where Saya's entire class was slaughtered, sans Tokizane and Itsuki.
    • Episode 10 has the death of Tokizane and the return, or not, of the dead Motoe twins
    • Episode 11. That is all.
  • We Will Meet Again: By the end of the last episode, Fumito knows that Saya will come after him which is basically the premise for the movie.
  • Wham Line: Two in Episode 10. First...
    Kanako: That's fine, but... How long will you play at this stupid game?
    • And after that:
    Nene and Nono: It's all fake!
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Throughout the series, the deaths of the Elder Bairns, however gruesome, are generally uncensored. At one point, an Elder Bairn is cut down the middle and you can see its brains split in two. However, the deaths of humans are almost always censored.
  • With Friends Like These...: More like, with a sister like this. Nono knocks Nene over, so she can escape the Elder Bairn in episode twelve. She doesn't get away though.
    • Also applies to Saya whose only real friend turned out to be Itsuki.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Tokizane, the Motoe twins, and Kanako in episode twelve.
    Fumito: Actors who refuse to play their parts, should leave the stage.
    • Itsuki is also killed by Fumito's hand after he betrays him for Saya's sake. Yuka actually gets exactly what she wanted, though