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Dethroning Moment: Videogames
"What were they THINKING?!"
—One of The Angry Video Game Nerd's catchphrases.

Sometimes, it feels like the Disappointing Last Level is oncoming within these games, but it's really the bitter aftertaste from these moments. Sequence Breaking is perfectly acceptable if it means not having to view these scenes.

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The following series have their own pages:

  • Namco: The last 10% of Suikoden V. While an otherwise refreshing game that wonderfully shows the implications of leadership of a queendom, the last bit is a horrid, horrid, Asspull to the story. Just after the last War battle, and fighting Allenia and Zahaak, the story spews out Ass Pull so Creator Pets, Gizel and Marscal Godwin are redeemed. I expected that after having every last of his plans destroyed, all of Falena agianst him after their Genocide plot, and even losing his home, I expected resident Smug Snake Gizel to go out into one of the biggest Villainous Breakdown in video game history. Instead, he goes off on a tangent about how the sun rune warped his and his father's minds into doing the worse things they did, and before you can call them on it, he then says they still knew what they were doing all along and were doing it for Falena's prosperity. There is so much wrong with this namely, they say the rune affteced them because they were near it. There are many, many, times where you see scholars in the same room as the damn thing, and they aren't afflicted at all! and the Godwins spend maybe 5% of the time they are in the room with it. Hey, if it afflicts those near it, how could anyone ever approach the Queen without being influenced themselves? Gizel's death after his duel with the Prince is handled in such a way that Tearjerker is impossible. After everything he did to screw with every citizen of Falena, players are supposed to feel Sympathy for the Devil which is very hard to do after watching the Meanwhile scenes: his Smug Snake personality is Up to Eleven as the new Knight Commander. Despite the fact the game could have ended there (Lym even points out how dumb it is that there's still more to do), developers felt the need for a textbook example of Xen Syndrome with Ashtal Mountain. It is the Scrappy Level of the game (Minus Twilight Forest) with Let's Split Up, Gang which, filled with Demonic Spiders and while done before in ruins, this time apperantly, the game needed padding for the dungeon of a boss (All That One Boss for bonus points) for each of the three parties (when you likely have maybe a party and a half of leveled characters to this point) and an extremely unsatisfying final boss which is a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. Marscal taking the sun rune here is an absolute Wall Banger The final boss comes about because he's testing whether the Prince will be a good royal...except there's only ending in which he even becomes Knight Commander, and most probably shelled out for the 60-107 star ending. Afterwards, Lyon will die if you didn't 60 or more stars, or they will have a Disney Acid Sequence, and see the Prince's dead parents. What makes even this a fail? Zahaak and Allenia are there, and happy for them. The same girl who was going to kill the prince for Gizel is clapping for him. It is such a jarring Character Derailment for her after that it ruins the whole scene. Worse still, Gizel and Marstal are there, and happy as well, as if the whole thing was just for the Prince to be a better himself. This almost ruins the entirely because of how Out of Character everyone is. The final nail in the coffin? The Antaganists are five feet away from Ferid and Arshtot, and they don't even so much as repremend them, let alone call them out on everything they've done and how they haven't the right to act as if every death was just so the Prince could beat the Sun rune.
  • AnarchyBalsac: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne has the True Demon Ending. You kill everything and everybody just to help some emo kid who's sore about getting his ass kicked grind his ax with God. Granted, God is supposed to be evil up until and through this game, but clearly you are too if you did this just to go after him.
    • JayJuJayMeMan: Made worse by the fact that you have to work hard to get this ending. You must complete a Bonus Dungeon, and face the game's True Final Boss.
    • Grumpy Old Man: I agree. Though Atlus may have been trying to make the point that working hard for someone who seems to be the good guy could backfire and turn you into a brainwashed monster, it was probably better presented in a way that didn't require long sidequests and an extra end boss.
  • Lord TNK: Resident Evil 2 may not have such Narm howlers as the first game, but that can make the bad acting even worse. It's not even So Bad, It's Good. Sherry frantically shouting about her father getting caught by the monsters, and the very next sentence having a neutral tone, was probably the worst for me.
  • ShinyVulpix: In Resident Evil The Dark Side Chronicles Alexia is ultimately responsible for Alfred's death, instead of Steve. Alexia killed him because "he didn't wake her up on time". This felt as a slap in the face for me. In the original game, ''Resident Evil: Code: Veronica", Alexia genuinely loved her brother and even tried to avenge him. It was this particular thing that gave her character some depth. Instead, they made her another hollow villain with no redeeming qualities.
    • Tropers/legomaniac90: If you think that's bad, wait until you see the bad end of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, where you kill Leon and Claire in front of poor Sherry, and no, fading to black before it happens doesn't help. But that's not the DMOS. The DMOS comes when the game ends there, with no look on how this could affect the future of the franchise. Nothing.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: In my opinion, Resident Evil 6 was the weakest of the series and the one who ticks me off for his ludicrous story; a major understatement in my part: mostly the Ada's doppelganger's subplot. Long story short, Ada has a clone who is in fact Carla Radames being injected with the C-Virus. Now, most clone stories I've heard has the people learned somewhere of the clone's existance and, if it is the Big Bad, stops his plans. But there, nobody except Ada acknowlege the clone's existance. Sure Jake is out of the case since he didn't see a lot of the clone and Chris is blinded by vengeance and, for all we know, the fake Ada is the one who considers like the real one. But, it is inexcusable in Leon's case since he saw a video showing the birth of the doppelganger. Considering that he knows Ada for a long time, why didn't he say to Chris before they splitting up in Chapter 4 "By the way, there's an Ada clone roaming in the boat. You should be careful and not confuse her for the real one."?
  • Redhead64: When I completed the Nintendo DS version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter I began to wish I hadn't. Why? Because of the ending. In short, what it shows is that the whole thing was All Just a Dream of minor character Mike, and everyone else (Save for Heather) no longer exists. All those characters and towns I saved over the course of two games and You just erase them all from existence?! This is how you end the series?! It's quite possibly the most jarring, infuriating, depressing and pointless ending I've ever laid my eyes upon! At least there's fanfiction...
  • TheMustachioedOne: Alright, it seems unneccessary at this point to even bother going into this one, but no Dethroning Moment of Suck page featuring video games would be complete without that one moment in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). After clearing all of the characters' stories, you unlock Final Story. And Sonic dies immediately after the chapter starts. You then have to go through the Very Definitely Final Dungeon... without the main character, the one whose name is on the fucking box. They still need him to defeat the final boss, and then comes the greatest Ass Pull the series has ever indulged in. The Chaos Emeralds apparently can bring one back to life now, something that's never been either established in previous games nor this one, so long as they're coupled with True Love's Kiss. Who delivers the kiss? The human princess, of course! The scene wouldn't be so squicky if the game's design didn't make the humans and the main cast look like they're from completely different universes, and if Sonic, of course, weren't a goddamn corpse. The game literally needed to write itself out of existence in order to avoid having to make Sonic commit to that sort of relationship.
    • InTheGallbladder: For me, it was Blaze's Heroic Sacrifice. I didn't like Silver, and turning a character I actually liked and thought they could do more with into his personal martyr didn't help.
  • Enchanter468: Let it be known that thus far I love StarCraft II, but one revelation really frustrates me. During The Reveal of the Bad Future, we learn that the Overmind, the world-devouring nightmare from the first game, didn't do any of said world-consuming of its own free will. Instead, it was forced to do that by its masters, and the Queen of Blades, implied in the first game to be the Zerg's ultimate weapon against the Protoss, was really created because she was the only way the Zerg could hope to be free of their enslavement. Not only does this Retcon contradict the way the Overmind acts in the first game's Zerg campaign (where it seems to be quite happy about its mission and never angsts about its children being "slaves"), but it turns an extremely cool Big Bad that turned against its masters and ate them before tearing across the galaxy with the desire to absorb the Protoss, into a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds with no free will of its own, which inevitably brings on a large amount of Villain Decay. I like the way the new Eldritch Abomination Big Bad is shaping up, but did Blizzard really need to neuter the Overmind to get us here?
  • Jerrik: In the Neverwinter Nights module, Maugeter - The Keys to the City, the final mission. And what's truly a shame is that everything before it was pretty good. It was a module with a unique premise, with your character moving to a city divided into seven districts (kind of like Ba Sing Se), and slowly establishing yourself there. You are contracted to complete tasks, most often to deal with all the criminals robbing everyone in sight, even though the city guard is everywhere you look. You use the money, reputation, and opportunities you get from this to buy houses, join the mercenary guild, and most importantly, obtain the gate passes that give you access to the more important and prosperous districts. And then with the final mission, it all goes horribly wrong. When you are investigating a possible criminal hideout, you are suddenly knocked out, taken prisoner, and strapped to a machine that drains you of your power, with no chance to avoid this. Some wizard you've never seen before turns out to be behind this, and he also turns out to be responsible for every criminal in the game. He did all this, you learn, because he used to be a hero, but he overestimated himself and got beat up by a Beholder, so he started draining peoples lives for power so he could be strong enough to 'save the world' (from what exactly is never established), the criminal activity was just to supply him with money, and the whole thing seems to be some kind of poorly thought-out Take That to every RPG ever. You are freed by one of the criminals you had fought earlier, and after helping you the guy goes to try to and kill his boss, dieing in the attempt, without ever explaining why he's doing any of this. Then, after you kill the wizard, you are taken prisoner again, this time by the totally incompetent city guard, and thrown in prison. You get some weird dream sequence of waking up in prison and escaping repeatedly, only to wake up for real to find out that city officials, being totally embarrassed that they didn't notice one of their heroes going crazy and eating peoples lives, have decided to charge you with everything from trespassing to murder in an attempt to cover up what happened, have decided to exile you from the city, and will send you to fight in some pointless war they're having with a neighbour of theirs. You are given no opportunity to do anything about any of this, you lose everything you gained, everyone you helped just abandons you with a "It was nice knowing you" attitude, and the game ends with you being sent to fight and most likely die in some war you don't care about. Also, you never get to see the seventh and last area of the city.
  • SomeNewGuy: The "Blue Hard Mode" ending for Gunstar Superheroes. Congratulations on completing the highest difficulty setting with the more difficult character! As a reward, you get to see the entire Gunstar crew die horribly in a random ship accident, making the entire game *ding dong* entirely pointless.
  • Videogmer314: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. The Perfect Apples incident. You're supposed to go to Apple Forest to collect Perfect Apples because Team Skull ate the stock while the guild was sleeping. Team Skull, being the jerks they are decide to give you a hard time (again) and follow you. When you get there, Team Skull has beaten you to the punch and ambushes you, then steals the apples. Chatot decides this is somehow your team's fault, and he punishes you by making you go without dinner and face the wrath of the Guildmaster, only to find that Team Skull has saved one apple just for Wigglytuff just to rub salt into the wounds. The next morning, Ted Baxter Chatot pretty much tells you "Don't get your hopes up" when asked about being picked to go on the upcoming expedition. This is what solidifies Chatot's status as The Scrappy of Time/Darkness/Sky by the way...
    • fluffything: Aegis Cave. There's a very good reason why the entire dungeon is considered a Scrappy Dungeon. But, the absolute DMOS-worthy moment is that the whole thing was little more than a glorified treasure hunt. That's right, you just went through several hours of tedious puzzles and the same dungeon over and over again just for some treasure. Isn't that great!? About the only saving grace is that you can recruit the Legendary Golems (Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Regigigas) afterwards, but is it really worth going through the whole mind-numbing boredom again?
  • Arcadiarika: And speaking of Pokemon, its other spinoff series, Pokémon Ranger, has the infamous Yellow Gem incident in Shadows of Almia. After going through Hippowdon Temple and defeating one of the Gem Masters, Heath shows up and offers the gem for your partner. The kicker when you say "No"? "Oh? You not care about Keith? Not a very good friend?" That's right, you have to give the gem up for your partner despite him/her not being in complete danger. All that hard work ruined. Nice work, GameFreak, Creatures, Inc., etc., for doing such an infuriating scene.
    • So We Ate Them feels your pain. That was the one major WallBanger in the entire spinoff. I mean, Keith pretty much stated outright that he was less important than the Gem, and yet the game itself contradicts him. It just comes off as really contrived. Chugga chugga chugga chugga...
  • Lily Nadesico: The end of the June mission in Valkyria Chronicles II, with Cosette going through a sudden Heroic BSOD for reasons that, while reasonable, end up seeming contrived and artificial within the plot of the game (she had healed people before, where does that fear of blood come from? And she's a medic who has a fear of blood? What gives?) and Avan shooting himself in the gut just to make a point and motivate her to get over her demons. Thereby irresponsibly removing himself from the chain of command and diverting medical attention from injured civilians and soldiers who needed it more than him. And we're supposed to consider him heroic and admirable for that. Geez, and people get all worked up over the infamous Faldio debacle in the first game...
  • And Thus Discord: Vanquish. The ending. So, Burns dies. The Heel-Face Revolving Door antics were annoying, but okay. Killed off the only memorable character, but okay! We get to the end, we get a phoned-in Token Romance. Not unusual in a game with a mostly Excuse Plot. Suddenly, Remote-controlled robot suits! Winters commits suicide! The Big Bad is winning! What climactic final confrontation will round off this epic - oh. Roll credits. What an utterly transparent Sequel Hook. I'm not falling for that ploy.
  • Lord Daddy Funk: Jade Empire has a pretty big one, all game other characters have reported seeing a flaw in your fighting style, The reason for this is that Master Li purposely put one in that he could exploit later on to kill you, after roughly 12 hours of gameplay, with all this build up and foreshadowing, you finally kill the Emperor who you've been lead to believe was the real villain, and how does the scene where Li betrays you pan out? With your techiques being quickly exploited in a fight and him defeating you? Nope, you get distracted by something shiny and he kills you without anything save your attention span being exploited
  • Gyrobot: While the DLC for Star Wars Force Unleashed was always letting you be the bad guy. It seems that the Endor DLC proved to be a complete sacrilige to everything Star Wars stood for as you play as Starkiller as he takes out everyone in Endor in a tasteless matter that is stoking the creator's ego and the Kratos inspired sith sadist who indulges in the slaughter of not just Ewoks and Chewie but the entire Star Wars franchise.
    • Happy Man: I've never seen a single videogame moment/scene that enraged me so much as the scene where the Dark Apprentice kills both Chewbacca, Han, and later Leia. It's like a very, very, very, veeeeery bad fanfic brought to life. Even if it wasn't canon, seeing a God-Mode Sue (regardless of being the player) killing three beloved characters of the franchise was something beyond awful, and not fun at all.
  • SDRim_6: The Tenpenny Tower quest from Fallout 3. The quest revolves around a pre war fancy hotel that a group of ghouls (mutated people that are immortal and look like zombies) want to get in while the owner Alistair Tenpenny refuses them entry. Throughout the entire quest it paints the ghouls as the downtrodden good guys who just want a home while it paints everyone in the tower as racist assholes. But that isn't the real moment of suck. The real moment is taking the peaceful resolution to the quest and letting both the ghouls and the humans live together through negotiating. However, when you return a few days later, all of the humans are dead including the ones who were indifferent to, or even liked ghouls. Ok, grey on grey morality, I guess I can kill their leader who committed mass murder... The game begs to differ. When you kill their leader Roy Phillips you take a hit to your karma therefore making it bad that you killed a mass murderer. It's just one of those moments where someone tries to shove black and white morality in a place that has clear grey on grey, black on grey, or even black on black, (depending on how you view the situation) morality. It's safe to say I'm not the only one who hated this moment.
  • The Dragoness: Duke Nukem Forever. Now this game was a dozen years in the making, and at best it was decent. There was a Capture the Babe mode that leaned towards Black Comedy Rape, and there was the Disappointing Last Level creeping in. However they're not on the list. What makes this the Dethroning Moment of Suck, I think we know where this is going, is the Alien Hive level. Now alien rape is something I'm fine with in the context of the story, however Duke comes across the twins he was with at the start of the game, who have been kidnapped, raped and are about to die a horrible death. For as much of a misogynist Duke is he's always been portrayed as genuinely loving and caring of women. How does he react to their plight?
    "Guess you're...fucked."
  • Fofa: In Heroes of Might and Magic V, it turns out Biara was disguising herself as Isabel all along. Then it's shown in the Dungeon campaign after the Dwarf missions that the real Isabel was with Raelag all this time, giving many players the impression that they were "spending quality time together". Later Word of God statements only served to send this further into WallBanger territory: they answered that only Raelag caught on to Biara disguising herself as the fake queen, so he went to rescue Isabel by himself and it escaping from Sheog is a time consuming affair. First, this wasn't even implied at all in the cutscenes, so that could've been re-written, and second, why the hell didn't Raelag say anything?! If he told the other heroes who were with him at the time, all those innocent people might still be alive and averted most of the damage that was done. Definitely the lowest point of the series' writing, reminding me why I rarely play the campaign modes.
  • Jicragg: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors: While the vast majority of this game is superb, good story, good characters, good puzzles, it was wonderful. The full/True/100% ending had one horrific reveal that ruined this almost perfect game. I am quite happy with the background of the story, that Young Akane needed to connect with future Junpei so she could save herself in the past from being burnt to death alive. What completely destroyed the entire sturdy plot was what held it all together. The reason why Young Akane ended up in the incinerator in the first place. She, "young" 'Seven' and other people, including her own brother, were escaping from the incinerator and a group of insane maniacs forcing them to do life or death puzzles. She was ahead of them on the stairs when she realised she dropped something... a doll. So she went back down to get... a doll... and got caught by the then Big Bad and forced to do the puzzle before she burnt to death. Seriously! The whole story hinged on a piece of fabric! A meaningless piece of fabric shaped to be a doll! I had absolutely no intention of saving her. All that the other characters had been through (and since you need all the endings to get this one, you see everybody die at least once) because she wanted her doll. The sad music plays over all of this and the final puzzle and you're supposed to care and feel sorry that a Too Dumb to Live girl would go back to where she's been running away from to get a doll she got from a friend when another one could be bought easily. She even says she mustn't let anybody see her get it back because they would talk her out of it. Of course they would! They're smart! Any feelings I had towards the characters (cute and likeable) was replaced with utter disgust. I felt robbed and cheated. I bought this game, spent time on it, expecting something great and wonderful... and it all ended with a doll. And since the game is all about not judging things by its covers I think it worked out ironically for them. The game is great but was shattered by that... one little thing...
    • Capitaine Schizo: Yup, the ending was horrible on many levels. One particular problem stands out too: the heroine does her retarded move and walk back willingly in an incinerator, what the hell? Of course, she is found by the Big Bad, get trapped again, only to finally manage to tap into the morphogenetic field. Something, may I add, that brought nothing but confusion in a game whose strengh was in the investigation and puzzles, not in wacky superpowers. She has five minutes to find a solution before her demise. Being in love with The Hero at this time, she creates a contact with him. The player has then to believe that the six paths he went through happened in five minutes. Five short minutes where Akane narrated absolutely everything. Needless to say, the Willing Suspension of Disbelief shattered immediately and no one could collect the pieces anymore, ruining what followed afterwards. It ties in with another problem: the awful storytelling during the Coffin Ending. So, you're here, investigating a good mystery since hours and getting closer to the truth. At this point, the player is likely to want to know what happened nine years ago. Hell, he went through a whole game (probably several times) to reach that point. And then, the game just... stops. For absolutely no reason. Apparently, Akane pushed the reset button during those five minutes just because she felt Junpei didn't have the necessary clues to keep going. Don't expect the game to tell you why.
  • The Dog Sage: The ending of Castle Crashers. You rescue the orange princess and she removes a veil revealing Tricky The Clown who does a dance during an Acid Trip Sequence. Now, if this was a free flash game, that'd be fine, but not for something I coughed up money for. Honestly, I expected better than that. Doesn't stop me from playing the game, but still.
    • Tropers/Marioking98341: A similar mistake happens with the end of BattleBlock Theater". You beat the game, rescue Hatty, and it is revealed that Hatty is in a vegetable state. Ok, that actually works, it is actually a effective Tear Jerker. But than, the Buckle Your Pants'' song happens, and as catchy and ridiculously hilarious it is, it completely ruins the mood of what just happened. Thankfully the moment right after that was a bit of a Author'sSavingThrow with the reveal of the hat growing green now, possibly giving life back too Hatty. If the 2nd and 3rd scene switch around, this ending would have been a LOT better. The game is still fantastic though.
  • Jicragg: The ending of don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story, a good free western Visual Novel about a teacher who oversees all of the students conversations and part way through a student kills herself. He starts getting creepy messages saying "why didn't you stop her?" etc, day and night, and eventually a woman will start talking to him asking him why he didn't help her. Throughout the story there's some other drama evolving a girl being a homophobic bully — the anvil is dropped onto your face that both of those are bad. Then at the end it all turns out that the students had set up a prank for the teacher to believe the girl was dead so he would lighten up and not take things so seriously... This is apparently okay! It was so... in your face that it wasn't just the darn characters! It was such a stupid prank! For starters there was a parent involved and she was fine with the possible mental and emotional scaring the man could have got from that, but no everybody was completely okay with such an outcome. It wasn't so bad that it was a free game but it felt like a waste of my time - after such lovely characters.
  • F: I really liked God of War, but the ease in which Poseidon and Hades get killed off is seriously awful. Zeus gets a long battle culminating with being impaled repeatedly on the Blade of Olympus, leaps away essentially unharmed given an opening of about a second, oneshots Kratos when he makes it to the top of Olympus, and then needs two equally epic battles in quick succession followed by a No Holds Barred Beatdown to actually kill; and his brothers are supposed to be almost as powerful as him, which they demonstrate quite admirably against the Titans. Instead, Poseidon is appearently essentially helpless without his Leviathan and Hades can be killed by an almost totally depowered Kratos; both of which happen in the first hour or so of the game. Not only is this doing a colossal disservice to two of the greatest of the Olympians, but it also means that none of the other boss fights are ever going to compare with them in magnitude; seeing as how Helios, Hermes, and Herakles aren't even close to their league. The almost total lack of a boss fight against Helios, the bizarre absence of Artemis, and the anticlimactic ends to Hephaestous and Gaea are one thing; but this is just too far.
  • F Mfan: The ending of the otherwise great expansion pack for Command & Conquer: Generals, Zero Hour. Basically, the GLA launches a counter offensive against the USA after they got the hell beaten out of them by the USA in not one, but TWO campaigns in a row. Their attack is successful beyond belief; not only do they completely obliterate US Forces in Europe and wreck the USA itself (due to the American leaders picking up the idiot ball), causing them to withdraw from all their strongholds in the world, but the GLA actually manages to launch a full scale invasion of Germany. What does NATO, the USA, and the EU do? Absolutely fucking nothing. They just sit on their hands while the dirt poor Middle Eastern / Central Asian army marches on Europe, leaving China to pick up the slack, which ends with China beating back the GLA and becoming the new world superpower. Regardless of your stance on current world politics, this ending is so improbable (requiring the US and EU to lose all semblances of competence and power, while making the Chinese a nation of Mary Sues) and unnecessary (completely negating the Crowning Moment Of Awesome that was the Zero Hour US campaign) that it is ridiculous.
  • McJeff: Red Dead Redemption. Yeah, kill off the main character. Fine. Great artistic statement. Wow, what a great way to make me feel like I wasted the last 30 hours of my life. I don't have much tolerance for Downer Endings and Shoot the Shaggy Dog in the first place, but pulling it in a videogame, where I've actually done something as opposed to sat there and read/watched, just really fucking pissed me off.
  • L Dragon 2: Prototype2. Much like the ending to Mass Effect 3, the ending here makes the whole series feel rather limp. Without going in too deep, you kill Alex Mercer, the main protagonist of the series. That alone is a rather poor story choice, but what makes it worse is just how they handled his character. In the ending of the original he had saved Manhattan, truly cared for his sister, was disgusted at the depravity of Blackwatch and Gentek, and was overall starting to become more human. 2 completely does away with all this, turning him into a generic villain that is too easily defeated, all to make way for a generic character to be the hero who doesn't even care about PARIAH or any of the evils of the corporations. To put it simply, They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
    • AB Lb0y: Worst yet, the fact that when you kill Mercer, you magically shoot out a load of black tentacle thingys which somehow kill every infected person in Manhatten. Biggest. Cop-out. EVER.
  • InTheGallbladder: Can Your Pet? is ostensibly a lighthearted, if simple Ridiculously Cute Critter Raising Sim. However, the ending completely ruins it. I won't go into detail, but simply put, the game suckers you into invoking Videogame Cruelty Potential to the nth degree and gleefully metes out its Videogame Cruelty Punishment. That's right, it exists only for a Player Punch built around a juvenile "dead baby"-style pun.
  • Midna: Abobo's Big Adventure is made out of equal parts Rated M for Manly, Ludicrous Gibs, and Refuge in Audacity to begin with, so maybe the ending shouldn't have been a surprise. But it was - it almost looked like a montage of clips from a snuff film, for Christ's sake. Aboboy drinking from Shredder's bleeding arm was pretty funny in a Crosses the Line Twice kind of way, admittedly, but that doesn't come until after you're forced to watch Samus getting curb-stomped American History X-style. The game itself is pretty fun, but I still sort of have to question the sanity of whatever mad genius came up with that ending.
  • Gyrobot: Spec Ops: The Line, White Phosphorous. Now I understand it was meant to mercilessly attack the player for what he usually does in UAV style missions. But not even No Russian had done something like that. Actually, now when you think about it... How would you feel if No Russian had a "Infilitration Meter" where in order to keep your cover you are forced to kill civilians rather than walk menacingly with your Light Machine Gun? That was what the White Phosphorous event felt like.
  • Mightymoose101: I'd be more comfortable saying that everything Dragon Age II went out of its way to annoy me, but the revelation that Orsino worked with and aided a serial killer truly struck a bad chord. Bioware, we get it, the world of Thedas is oh-so-much darker and edgier than most fantasy settings. but hamfistedly shoving nonsense like this into every nook and cranny in a desperate attempt to invoke Gray and Gray Morality doesn't make the game any better, it just makes me lose all motivation to continue.
    • ManInTheMoon: I think I was one of maybe 10 people who actually loved this game - not just "tolerated" or "liked," but LOVED. I can rave about it for a few hours, in fact. Had it's flaws? Sure. Departed too much from Origins? Absolutely. Still a top notch game in it's own right IMO. But, as with all things, I have some major complaints. And my biggest complaint is how poorly Fenris's return to the team after his switching to the Templars (given the player's choices) is. I found him as one of the most interesting emo, jerky, hypocritical characters, and well-done deconstruction of said characters. And yet, the scene mentioned above happens with one freaking line. "You...are right." Not said dramatically or anything, just matter-of-factly. We have this HUGE buildup to Fenris being a morally conflicted character - having to choose between hating mages and hating slavery - and all we get is "Oh darn, I guess Hawke has a point. So sure, why not."
  • Treb: Bully for the most part is a fantastic sandbox game. However, there is a mission in the fourth chapter that is a horrible case of Gameplay Story Segregation. Stronghold Assault. Jimmy, seeking to take down the Jocks, comes and asks Algie for assistance from the nerds in the library. Now, I spent the entire game doing all the side quests for the nerds, having 100% respect from them, and it just doesn't make any sense that they would be so hostile towards Jimmy. From a gameplay standpoint, the mission involves fighting some enemies up to the observatory, before you finally face off with Earnest (Who Jimmy helps with his campaign earlier in the game) and what ensues in a repetitive, pattern based boss fight. This is a huge Out of Character Moment for the nerds who have, at this point, been built up as friendly and sympathetic characters.
  • matohibiki: Halo 4's ending. Reducing the final battle to what amounts to a cutscene, and a pair of one-button QT Es is just incredibly underwhelming. Not to mention the fact that the framework of the QT Es was stolen from Modern Warfare 2, and incredibly watered-down.
  • Mightymoose101: Dante bragging about murdering a women and her unborn child (even if said child was the son of the Big Bad and a horrible abomination itself) in Devil may Cry just to get a rise out of Mundus. The fact that Dante never even called Vergil out for this horrific act angered me enough, and I don't give a fuck if it was actually Vergil who did it, this was the Moral Event Horizon of the game which fully cemented Dante as a vile, disgusting little shithead whose sole existence pisses on the character's legacy and the entire franchise.
  • Sam Max: In WarioWare: Touched!, after Red fails to capture Orbulon (who was supposed to be an ingredient for some sort of potion or something, I don't remember), he apologizes, and Ashley forgives him. Sounds fine and dandy...but then she goes on to say that she would use Red instead. Okay, I recognize that this is a Widget Series with quite a bit of random humor, but didn't her theme song (nice song, by the way) imply (or in the case of the Japanese version, outright say) that she wanted more friends? I recognize that she's a little kid, but I imagine that even they know this isn't the way to do it! At least Red appeared alive and well in later games, so I am hoping she was just joking (helps that although she appears to be an Emotionless Girl most of the time, they never said that she didn't have a sense of humor). Too bad the game itself never clarifies that (and no, the moment that follows immediately afterward where they go to the Hawt House (yes, that's the name) isn't Canon, as far as I can tell). Maybe I'm just overreacting, but it still rubbed me the the wrong way.
  • Maxaxle: Far Cry 2's ending, from the bit where you kill every surviving friend you had to the ending cutscene. At the beginning, I was feeling fairly positive about the game and thought that GTA-esque vehicles, explosive weapons, and incendiary weapons (considering the novel fire system) could make the game extremely memorable, nevermind the original driving force of the main character (to kill an immoral arms dealer). I quickly became jaded about it, however, having done dirty jobs for the two equally oppressive sides (and doing so was actually mandated by the plot to be necessary), blown up scores of mounted-gun-trucks, and killed easily a few thousand Mooks with relative ease, and found that most non-plot-related gameplay was useless unless you needed diamonds (and even then, the plot missions pay extremely well). As the "plot" dragged on (it consists entirely of you exploiting people for diamonds to pay for weapons, doing delivery missions for malaria medicine, and being revived by your original target every so often as a result of your own plot-mandated actions), I came to realize that, although the original intent is still in the Player Character's head, and supposedly the two employers are to be used for information on the target, the whole game is the protagonist going to South Africa to earn loads of diamonds, with the player along for the ride.
    • Cynical Bastardo: For me, the true low point is when the Player Character finally catches up with the Jackal.......and decides to side with him. True, the UFFL and the APR are complete bastards, but to renege on the game's main objective seems pointless and a huge letdown to me. Furthermore, if you take the diamonds across the border to bribe the guards to allow the civilians to escape, he expects you to shoot yourself afterwards. Why anybody would do that at the behest of a man they were sent to kill in the first place defies all logic and reason.
  • Gameite2260: XCOM: Enemy Unknown has a very horrible and cliche ending. The psionic volunteer soldier you selected makes a Heroic Sacrifice to pilot a temple ship, to stop it from destroying the earth when it blows up. But after all, this was only one ship of theirs. Maybe the aliens will finally be mad enough to raid your base just like in the original ga- Nope! The game ends right there. Not only is this an unrealistic ending to the alien attacks, but it also left a lot of plot points unanswered. What was up with the Outsiders? They're never mentioned again. And why was the XCOM government leader guy so creepy?
    • Sensemaker It's also ridiculously bad science, the ship suddenly starting to act like a black hole isn't even wrong, it's nonsensical. (A black hole has the same gravitational effect as any other object of the same mass unless you are very close.) The rest of the game had been "somewhat plausible-ish", now we descend into comic book science.
  • nerullralishaz: An older game that always infuriated me was Shadowrun on the Sega Genesis. Without spoiling too much, you get to the final boss and fight him in a tough battle. Then at 25% health here comes an ally who you saved in a previous mission. He tells you the bad guy is too strong to defeat (despite having already knocked him down to 25% health). He then tells you how to trap the boss. Do you actually get to do so? No! Instead, it immediately goes to a (poorly animated) scene where they show you trap the boss. Game over, roll the credits. Huh? Just a little hint to a game designer: players might actually want to click a button or something to get to the ending. Not just have it handed to them out of thin air and then go to credits. Terrible ending to an otherwise entertaining game.
  • Tropers/sanfranman91: Even though Batman: Arkham Origins was a obvious cash-in rush job, it was not the bugs or the repetitive gameplay that convinced me to return the game to Gamestop. Rather, it was the campaign's poor decision to crank a plot twist that damaged the Arkham franchise's image. What is the twist in question, you ask? The Joker is revealed to the main villain. Not only that, he impersonated Black Mask so he can order the assassins to hunt Batman down. Look, I understand that The Joker is Batman's unquestionable Arch-Enemy. That said, this is now the third Arkham game that features the Big Bad and the way Origins introduces the Joker instantly ruined what was once an interesting plot. Adding insult to injury, when Batman meets the real Black Mask, he turns out to be a tortured, weak-hearted Flunky Bonus Boss. Given that the assassin was hyped to be a dangerous and clever adversary for Batman, this left a bad taste in my mouth. I for one would like to explore the psyche, traits, and motivations of other members of the Rogues Gallery and perhaps have them be the center of the story. It would certainly lead to more creative stories and challenges than if the player was duped into playing yet another game of stopping the same villain over and over again. In short, it's a predictable twist that wastes an infuriatingly high amount of the plot's potential.
    • Sam Max: While I actually enjoyed Batman: Arkham Origins for the most part, my big problem is the battle against the Electrocutioner. Granted, it wasn't too far into the game, but I expected him to put up more of a fight than "taunt you and get defeated by one hit." Now, I don't know the most about his character, but the game itself portrayed him as a deadly assassin, so I don't know why WB Games couldn't at least make him a proper boss fight.
  • Purple Shirt: The ending of Fable. No, not the XBOX game - I mean the 1996 adventure game. I mean we have a plot that is actually pretty interesting. So now Quickthrope is going to get the knowledge of the ancients... So what happens next? Oh no the game pulls an just a dream twist and it reveals "lol it was all a book Quickthrope was reading in hell. Dude, that just came out of left field. twists like that only work when you don't just pull it out of nowhere.
  • A Splashing Koi: In one of the routes in "The Last Hope I Had Left," (a Puella Magi Madoka Magica tie-in for the PSP) Kyouko and Madoka go to save Witch!Sayaka, like they did in the original anime. This time, though, Homura has already killed Oktavia. What does Kyouko do? She turns into a Witch. Yeah, the girl who watched her entire family die before her eyes all because of her wish despairs and turns into a Witch over someone she had known for less than a month.
  • Troper/Capa: I liked Dead Space 3, but the Dethroning Moment of Suck for me was When Ellie finds out that Isaac killed Norton in self-defense, even though Carver told her that he betrayed them and tried to kill Isaac, she still gets angry at him and basically accuses him of wanting to kill him all along. That makes no sense because even after he found about his betrayal, he still saved him from both Danik's men and the Nexus. If he wanted to kill him, he could just let one of the Unitologist soldiers or the Nexus kill him. This was the point that just ruined completely ruined Ellie's character for me and spoiled it.
  • Shadow200: Asura's Wrath. The disk material doesn't so much as end on a sequel hook. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't essentially mean that in order to see how the story ends, or even how an incredibly large portion of the plot unfolds, you'd have to shell out even more money for their DLC. Keep in mind, Asura's Wrath isn't a freeware game. In my eyes, it was basically the point were Capcom decided that The Almighty Dollar was more important to them than their dwindling fanbase. It's not a good business practice in the least, and if anybody else implemented it, their clients would be ticked off over it. Capcom can calmly pucker their lips and kiss my ass cause I will no longer buy anything of theirs.
  • philipthepatsy: Animal Crossing : New Leaf is a fantastic game. However, there's one thing that really upsets me. When you receive a request to put in a police station, you are given two options. One option will give you Copper, the other will give you Booker. In every game before this, Copper and Booker were a team. Now they have to be split up?! Why would they do that? It may not seem like that big of a deal, but it's a big slap in the face for fans of both Copper and Booker.
  • Sam Max: I liked Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time as a whole but Penelope's betrayal is a Base Breaker for a good reason: it practically came out of nowhere. Especially since Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves has her spend a good chunk of the game having a crush on Sly, yet here, she hates him because she felt her potential was being wasted, even though she didn't have that many missions in Sly 3, and seemed to have no problem with that. It's just frusturating all around.
  • Thragg Lootrippa: Long-time fan of the Dawnof War series here. Soulstorm already has a good deal of infamy for being a barely working game released as the last gasp of a bankrupt company. That's understandable. But the one moment that breaks the willing suspension of disbelief is the Chaos hero for the campaign, Lord Firraveous Carron. Carron is a Chaos Lord, a superhuman that betrayed his makers and has been killing other superhumans and aliens, scheming to bring more death and seize more power, or fighting other renegades for anywhere up to thousands of years. Being a Chaos Lord means being tougher then all the other traitors, being evil enough to conquer galaxies for one's goals. Invade his stronghold, blow up his dark temples and he starts crying. A Chaos Lord that has been in the business for anywhere up to thousands of years cries over destroyed temples. Sobs. Defeat him on his territory and he flees the battle while having an emotional breakdown, only to be crushed by the opposing commander. This is the behavior of a pathetic cult leader. Are you kidding me?
  • Dark Super Shadow 64: Kid Icarus: Uprising is awesome, but what I didn't like is the ending. Well not the actual ending, but the implications of it. The DMOS in my eyes is that Viridi didn't learn ANYTHING. Hades, Medusa and their commanders tried to murder everyone to feast on souls and make their army dominate. They all got killed. The Aurum harvested chunks of the planet and brainwashed one of the Gods. They got killed. Chaos Kin possessed Palutena and sent Centurions to attack the land. He (or... it) got killed. Viridi bombed a population of humans, and was attempting to do it more. She got off scot-free and went back to doing it more. Granted, I never liked Viridi to begin with, but could we at least see her comeuppance and gain satisfaction? She doesn't even need to die! I just want her to have a change of heart or something.
  • Slimbship4: Ambition by Zap Dramatic is full of So Bad, It's Good moments, but the third episode made me outraged to no end. The player is in charge of conducting a psychological exam on Ted Hartrup who spent the previous two episodes as a suicide bomber, threatening to "blow us all to hell". As suicide bombing is considered an act of terrorism, you'd expect to win by declaring him psychotic. But that's not the case. You win by declaring him sane despite the aforementioned suicide bombing and his claim that God is talking back at him. The game even says that he should not be held criminally responsible just because he had an amoral wife who didn't do much by that point. That completely cemented him as a Creator's Pet for the author, Michael Gibson, and a representation of his religious and social views. It's even more rage-inducing when you consider that Gibson intended for his games to be realistic. If they actually were, then Ted would actually be held criminally responsible if he was declared to be sane. What a total waste of $5 a month!
  • Crashnburner187: I like Grand Theft Auto V but the scene where Trevor kills Johnny Klebitz really rubbed me the wrong way. I understand that the writers needed to show that Trevor was an unhinged homicidal maniac, but having him kill the main character from a previous game in the series only just cemented my dislike for this character. Especially so, since Johnny was a much more likeable protagonist than Trevor is. It just seems like a bad Revenge Fic was picked up by Rockstar and made canon
  • Silverblade2: The end of Prince of Persia (2008) Big Time. First Elika sacrifices herself to seal Ahriman which already feels like a cheap Tear Jerker but wait there's more! After the credits rolls, you have to destroy the very trees you have grown through the game because the prince would curse the world in order to revive Elika so everything goes back exactly like it was at the beginning of the game What a wonderful reward!
  • InTheGallbladder: I've played games that depressed me, games that disappointed me, and games that left me utterly infuriated. However, not once have I ever played a game that's left me feeling as though I was totally stolen from. That is, until Dark Matter, which ends all of a sudden on a white-on-black Wall of Text (sans BGM) which doesn't resolve or explain jack shit beyond the fact that the game has just ended, although it also gives you the friendly reminder that you can explore a bit if you want. I should note that this game was billed as being complete and sold for $15 USD on the market.
  • SomeNewGuy: The ending to BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma is easily the single most horrific instance of a Sudden Downer Ending I have ever seen in a video game. In the course of only a few minutes, the heroes lose everything, all their victories are rendered pointless (Oh, Terumi's dead and Relius is left powerless? Here, have a villain that was never mentioned or foreshadowed who pulls story breaking powers out of her ass in order to destroy everything we've worked for for 3 games), all of the heroes are either dead (Platinum), Face Heel Turned (Nu, Ragna), beaten to the point they can't do anything to stop Izanagi (Noel, Jin), utterly broken by everything they've gone through (Bang, Litchi, Carl), utterly powerless to do anything to save the world (Rachel, Valkenhyn, Hakuman), or so consumed by their desire for revenge they're no better than the actual villains. (Kokonoe, Tsubaki). It is fairly safe to say that nothing was accomplished except giving the Big Bad exactly what she wanted.
  • Ecclytennysmithylove: My DMOS would have to be the death of Emma Emmerich in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. After Emma dies, Otacon decided to leave her corpse on the Big Shell, which is going to flood. ...what? I'm sorry, Otacon, but what you just said sounded like you don't care for your sister. Leaving your dead sister in the offshore facility that's going to be flooded does not solve the problem. A better solution would be to bring your dead sister safely to your hometown and give her a proper burial. Even worse, neither Snake nor Raiden called out on Otacon to make him change his mind. Although the security camera did not show Emma's corpse when the flooding happened, I had a hard time falling asleep because I was completely shocked and couldn't believe how uncaring Otacon was. However, I have high hopes that maybe Emma will be Spared by the Adaptation if, by chance, the game gets adapted into a film.
  • Fofa: Soul Calibur V, I have a problem with your writing. Pyrrha and Patroklos are the Spotlight-Stealing Squad and none of the other characters get any real story time. The Replacement Scrappy levels are too high, and the games' story could have just ended at IV. But I draw the line at how you wrote out my favourite character, Cassandra. Bascially, She was shocked into a one-blow submission from Sophitia's forced Face-Heel Turn and somehow ended up in an alternate dimension, unable to return. Come on Namco, Cassandra was more badass than that! I'm calling Fanon Discontinuity on this one.
    • Storm Kensho: What really teed me off about SC 5 was the developer justification for why Taki(longtime series Ensemble Darkhorse) had retired from her mission of hunting the evil of Soul Edge: Apparently, Taki being 46 years-old meant she was too old to be a ninja and, like a proper woman, retired and trained a successor. Talk about massive Values Dissonance! For one, anyone, especially a woman(who generally age a good bit slower than men, especially if they don't put their bodies through the stress of pregnancy and childbirth) will be more than capable of performing physical acrobatics and possess above-average flexibility into their fifties if they're vigorous enough with training and keeping themselves in shape, which Taki undoubtedly would due to being, y'know, Taki. Secondly, Mitsurugi is the exact same age as Taki in SC 5 and is just as skilled and as capable as he was 17 years prior despite being in a similarly-harrowing profession.
    • Animeking1108: What turned me against the game was Patroklos' Establishing Character Moment, where he murders an innocent man suspected of being Malfested. What made it even worse was the smug smile he had while saying "It's a shame you can't prove it" after the man claimed his innocence. Really, Namco? Designated Hero doesn't even describe him. I give Hank Hill, Carly Shay, and Haruhi Suzumiya crap for being in the Designated Hero trope, but at least they never killed anybody.
    • WRM 5: I agree with Animeking1108, but I'd like to expand on it a bit. See, the bit that immediately precedes that moment is actually fine. Patroklos arrives in a town torn apart by war and is beset by three people who are fighting to end the bloodshed. He decides that they must be malfested and kills them. That's a great sequence and perfectly establishes what I think they wanted to say about Patroklos: he killed three people who weren't actually evil, yeah, but it was understandable: he was being misled and they did attack him first. If THAT had been Patroklos' Establishing Character Moment it would have been tremendously effective. Unfortunately, as has been mentioned, that wasn't the end of the scene because immediately after that Patroklos stops a homeless man on the street and declares him malfested because he's pale and filthy. First off, what? I thought the point of the preceding scene was that Patroklos doesn't actually know what a malfested is. The three guys he killed weren't pale or filthy. If being pale and filthy is a factor in determining who is malfested than that means he knew those three guys earlier weren't malfested and killed them for no reason. More than that, the smug expression and "pity there's no way to prove it" line is what really drives the point home: Patroklos knew full well that this guy was almost certainly not a malfested and he didn't care. He's not a champion of justice who's being misled by the villain, he's just a murderous bigot who enjoys killing people for little to no reason. So why is he the hero again?
  • ilovedededeAGAIN: I love Super Mario Sunshine, being one of my favorite Mario games, but the one scene I never liked was when Mario was on trial. There are so many things wrong with this scene. 1. A normal trial in Real Life would last a few hours to even a day. This one lasted only a good two minutes before Mario was deemed guilty. 2. What absolutely pissed me off the most was that the judge and the jury simply deemed Mario guilty: that part in particular left an absolute bitter taste in my mouth because the court had no evidence that Mario was the culprit, they deemed him guilty simply because they thought he was the criminal. They didn't even give him an attorney and there we're no witnesses called either, so this is a fail (even Chuggaaconroy pointed this out). To make it even worse, Mario wasn't even the criminal in the first place: it was a clone of him called "Shadow Mario" who is actually Bowser Jr. in disguise, and if you see him throughout the game, he has a light-blueish color to him - not like Mario. Are the judges idiots or what? Finally, they even didn't give Peach and Toadsworth to object (granted, they did try to object, but the judge automatically ruled it down before they could even say anything aside from "Objection!"), which just flat-out made me pissed because Peach is royalty - the judges should not be able to rule her down. And in the end, Mario is wrongly deemed guilty, gets put in the Delfino Plaza prison for the rest of that day, and is forced to clean up the entirety of Isle Delfino - while on a freaking vacation! And to make it more cheesy, the police said told Mario not to slack off as they'd be watching him. I've "slacked off" so many times in the game, even right in their freaking sight, and they don't even give a crap. As if they forgot that they we're supposed to be watching Mario! Poor Mario was nothing but a Butt Monkey woobie in that scene?! What?!
    • Ninetails2000: Agreed! The worst part of this is that the court mentions that the graffiti was part of a crime spree that's been going on for months. Mario arrived that day and before he even left the airstrip (After the plane he was on nearly crashed, no less), he had already set to work cleaning graffiti that was already there! And if you walk around and talk to the NPC's about it, they all immediately blame Mario for the problems. This becomes especially stupid given that Shadow Mario has (intentionally) made himself visible enough during his crimes for people to recognize him on sight. There's even an artist sketch that clearly shows that whomever it is is a solid blue individual with red eyes. Also, as the previous poster pointed out, where do they get off dismissing royalty like that? If a friggen' princess is coming to the defense of Mario, then maybe you should hear her out! F.L.U.D.D. even lampshades this during his talk with Mario by pointing out that the real criminal is still running rampant while they're busy throwing Mario under the bus.
    • Ecclytennysmithylove: Thirded. I expected some Character Development from the judge, the jury, and the Isle Delfino residents (i.e. they feel remorse for what they done after being informed that Bowser Jr. was the imposter, and then apologize to Mario for the misunderstanding). But no, in the end they just cheered for Mario for defeating Bowser and Bowser Jr.. Some friendly citizens they are!
    • Maths Angelic Version: Fourthed. The whole Kangaroo Court mess rendered the Piantas utterly unlikable to me. Either they're complete idiots, or they're cruel enough to realize that Mario is innocent, but decide to frame him anyway because he seems to be an appropriate scapegoat and a nice solution to their problems. Not that it's a great solution in either case. If I were Mario, you could bet I'd be trying to escape from Isle Delfino anyway (and rely on Peach to bail me out later if I got a criminal record). Not out of pure selfishness ("these idiot Jerk Asses don't deserve my help"), but also out of genuine fear for my safety ("if they'll throw me in prison for a crime I obviously didn't commit, what about harsher punishments?"). The worst part is that this idiocy is in no way necessary - the plot would have worked if Mario had simply arrived at Isle Delfino, been told that the Piantas needed his help, and decided to help them because he's a good guy.
  • Troper/Silverblade2: I don't usually care for "plots" in Mario games, but - god - the opening intro of Yoshi New Island is one big insult for fans of the original game. The beautiful ending is retconned for the sake of a cheap joke: the parents who were brought Mario and Luigi are actually not their parents. Makes even more pointless with this game's ending that recycles the opening verbatim.
    • Falcon Pain: In addition to the above observation, it raises an additional bit of Fridge Horror. So Mario and Yoshi defeat young Bowser and save the stork and Luigi, and then Kamek's back to kidnap them again and bring them to a new set of Bowser's castles before the night's over? As much mileage as the series gets out of the idea that Bowser kidnaps Peach "every other week", the rebound time has never been so low that you have to wonder if the period of freedom is less than the period of captivity, or if it's even possible to call it "defeating" Bowser. Also, the stork was so far off that he had to cross an ocean (complete with island of Yoshis) on the way between the wrong home and the right one? At this point, the Here We Go Again factor is so confusing and unrewarding that it would have made more sense to just make the game a remake of the first one with new levels and bosses.
  • Julayla: Now I would like to bring in one game no one expects that I believe has a moment that sucks: Conkers Bad Fur Day. I enjoyed the game very much. Heck, I like to play it again or watch playthroughs of it. However, there is one thing I find that sucks: Conker's Idiot Ball when it came to Berri's resurrection. It happened when the game froze and Conker was talking with one of the programmers. With the help of the programmer, he should have been able to resurrect his girlfriend while getting some weapons and arriving to the throne room to finish off Heinrich. But no, it was not to be. When I played the game, I was like, "Did he actually forget about Berri?" Well, yes he did. Because after the final boss is killed by kitana, when the people he dislikes begin appearing, Conker finally realizes that he forgot to bring back Berri and tries (and fails) futilely to get the programmer back, thus the Downer Ending we get. All I can say afterwards is, "What an Idiot indeed."
  • Lil Maibe: This troper loves Etrian Odyssey 4 to bits. So naturally I was looking forward to the european release of Etrian Odyssey Untold. And oh boy, was I disappointed. I wouldn't have expected a game that plotholeriddled after the excellence of the fourth one. But the bit that takes the cake, the point where even without thinking about the plot as such I stared at my 3DS half-blankly, half-ready to throw it came in the Story-Mode when you confront Visil in the 5th Stratum. How exactly can Visil, the father of Yggdrasil NOT know about the site the main character was summoned to investigate? This was the final straw for me because there's already been not a single element to the story in the new story-mode that would not have been there purely because the plot demands it, but too much is just too much.
  • Enigma Lobo: I have been enjoying the story of The Walking Dead: Season 2, watching how Clementine grows as a character and interacting with the new cast of characters. Everything seemed to go well right up until Amid The Ruins, where suddenly characters started dropping like flies and characters barely to seem care or even remember them. The deaths of Sarita, Nick, and Rebecca were forgivable, but the cruel treatment of Sarah, if the player chose to rescue her from the trailer house than leave her to be eaten by walkers drew the line and made me sick to the stomach. No matter what happens next Sarah is killed by the walkers after the conservatory deck collapse under her feet and traps her under the rubble. What makes Sarah's death unnaturally disturbing in the first place is the other character's lack of reaction to Sarah's death, the character's lack of effort to prevent Sarah's death, and how the game ignores the brutal death of Sarah a few seconds later to show a heart-warming scene of Rebecca's new-born son arriving to the world, shortly after a fifteen-year old girl being torn apart by walkers a few feet away from them, and no-one seems to care. The brutal death of Sarah from the conservatory deck felt mean-spirited and unnecessary, and made the surviving characters appear apathetic, selfish, and unlikable, to the point where it's getting harder to root for the remaining survivors to live in the final episode.
    • Pigeons: This! This was by far the worst moment of the entire (otherwise brilliant) series for me. It was so disgusting. The actual death itself I can handle - if the aftermath had been written well, in fact, it would have been the most effective player punch I'd ever seen. But... Sarah was a 15-year-old girl, possibly somehow disabled, who had gone through more than anyone in the group with what happened to her dad from episode 2 onwards and how much she'd had to cope with. My Clem was really close with her and protective of her, and watching her get eaten alive by walkers while screaming for help, and for her dead dad tore me apart, and then... Nothing. We're just supposed to enjoy the 'heartwarming' scene immediately afterwards. Sure, we got to tell Jane off briefly... But when she leaves the group soon after, because boo hoo, she's the only one affected by Sarah's death, and only for her own selfish reasons, we're supposed to be torn up about it. No way. I wanted to grab Jane and throw her down to the walkers, not be forced to feel sympathy with her. Every death afterwards left a bad taste in my mouth, and I couldn't get into the sadness of it. Sure, episode 5 was heartbreaking, but whenever someone died, I was sitting there grinding my teeth, because I kept thinking "oh sure, we'll be sad for Rebecca/Luke/whoever. Sarah mattered much more to me, so can we please stop mourning these people when the sweetest and most innocent character in the season (who's been with us since episode 1!) apparently didn't matter whatsoever?" Absolutely disgusting. As much as I love these games, I'm never getting over how awful that was.
    • Noa JM: A moment in the otherwise stellar Episode 5 of Season 2 stands out with myself. Firstly, Mike, Bonnie and if you're nice to him, Arvo. You're forced into a railroaded plot where no matter how nice you treat Arvo or how much you agree with Bonnie and Mike you're gonna get shot by Arvo and have to go with Jane and Kenny. Bonnie's attitude towards Clementine also forces her into Jerkass territory if you cover Luke instead of saving him, as she decides to blame her for Luke being dead and is willing to leave Clementine behind to bleed out from her gunshot wound. Mike is a painful example of Lima syndrome, as he disregards all sense of logic and is constantly sympathetic to Arvo (which, to be honest, can make sense if you robbed him). But still, taking the truck and all of the supplies knowing that there's an 11 year old girl and a newborn baby that needs it? Ultimate dick move, you three. And due to the story's penchant for open ended interpretation of characters that disappear offscreen, one possibility is that they Karma Houdini'd their way out of the situation.
  • Maths Angelic Version: I love Professor Layton. Well, I did until the ending of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future made me swear off the series. It's revealed that Celeste is actually Layton's girlfriend. It was thought that she died when a time machine exploded ten years ago, but for reasons that don't make sense note , she was sent ten years into the future and is doomed to die soon. Claire won't let Dimitri continue his attempt to save her because she thinks tampering with time is too dangerousnote , so she says goodbye to Layton and goes back to get killed in the explosion. Then the writers shoehorn in Snow Means Death even though the weather conditions imply summertime. What a stupid ending that only serves to give the player, and poor Layton, a slap in the face. How hard would it have been to give him a Happily Ever After after all he's been through? If Claire would get in the way for new plots after these events, just put her on a bus or something. The fact that time travel is actually possible also reeks of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, which is particularly jarring because the game has already wasted an interesting Bad Future plot. Oh, and just to rub salt in the wound, Luke moves away from Layton. Shame on you, Level-5. After the first two Professor Layton games, I believed you'd write a satisfying ending for the trilogy.
  • Noa JM: Another day in Team Fortress 2 has the release of 'Blood In The Water' which features more hilarious hyper masculinity hijinks and more much needed backstory, but the most egregious example of all is that the fact that the Sniper is revealed to be not actually Australian, but New Zealand..lian? Anyway, this is annoying because his character was designed to be based on the stereotype of how an Australian was seen by the general American public and this is the TF 2 Team giving the finger to the designers and artists who had spent many years of hard work designing his character. Which, to be fair, was thrown out the window when Valve decided that the Chuck Norris and 'Australians are manly' meme was funny despite it being out of date for several years, and introduced Saxton Hale and the subsequent comics that say that Australia is full of manly things and mustaches and who knows what else. But the point is, the comics are just unnecessary filler and now that they've destroyed an integral part of the Sniper's character, it is hard to look at the game and its community any more who insist on shoveling in lame jokes hoping that it would reach meme status, like their earlier works. Do note that this is merely the straw that broke the camel's back - I had thought that the game was slowly sliding downhill for years ever since the Sniper Vs Spy update. To summerise, what an insult to nine years of work - people toiled to bring a funny and stereotypical representation of a nationality, and it was changed in a heartbeat despite all evidence to the contrary. Shame on you Valve. Stop focusing so much on TF 2 and bloating the plot with stupid, pointless backstories and let the cash cow rest.
  • The Meteor King: One thing I absolutely despise about "Professor Laytonandthe Miracle Mask" is how at the ending it's revealed The Masked Gentleman is a pissed of Randall Ascot who hates how everyone moved on with their lives after he died. It has to be the weakest villain motive I've ever seen for someone who's been assumed dead for years would be so pissed off that his girlfriend moved on and married someone else, or that his family's fortune went to someone else. How spoiled and whiny can you possibly be to cause so much damage over that? Worse still is how in the end he's forgiven and it's revealed that the people he was mad at actually were just holding out for him being alive, despite having no obligation to believe he was. The ending just left a sour taste in my mouth altogether.
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